Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and making funny noises all day as he picked it up he carefully placed it into his pocket as if it would bite as he remembered that a member of the guard had mentioned Sapphire might be able to help you as he looked up at the cold, wet day he thought he would visit where this Sapphire frequented as he grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger he made his way towards the door.

Edward opened and closed the door quickly as the rain dropped on to his skin as he closed his eyes enjoying the sensation on his coat before placing his jacket on as he made his way down the path into the street as he began to walk in the crowds scanning his surroundings the smells the roads were very different as he walked up to a burger van as he looked at the menu ordering a simple burger as he paid the cash he took the burger as he began to eat as he walked down towards the address.

Edward looked up as he pulled the wet address out of his jacket " would so much be. easier if the fast rider was here " Edward finished the burger as he began to look for the number he was told as he had reached the address he knocked on the door " Hello I'm looking for My " Edward stopped before rephrasing what he said, " I'm looking for Sapphire Rizzoli."

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Sapphire smiled as she looked at him. "Yea me too." She said when he mentioned going to battle. She listened to him as she smiled alittle. "Yea it is kinda nice to not in battles currently." She said as she looked at her pups as he then smiled. "They are most definitely old enough to go on walks. Plus it would be nice for them to get out of the house for a while besides being in the back yard." She said as she stood up and grabbed their leashes for them. "No problem." She said as she listened to him. Sapphire let out a chuckle as she nodded. "Dont worry I can be there to help you out when you want to make it so you wont burn anything down." She said to Edward as she got the pups into the house and started to leash them in their harnesses. 

"Well I wasnt going to ask but its nice to know." She said as she smiled softly as she noticed him looking at the printer again as he looked over the recipe. "Well then that will be the deal. I have heard of a nice restaurant with outside dining." She said as she smiled at him as he talked about McDonalds. Sapphire let out a chuckle as she smiled. "I have been to McDonalds and it isnt too bad but I rather prefer some home-style cooking really." She said as she handed Akira's leash to him. "You can walk Akira if you want to." She said as she slipped on her shoes.

Edward smiled as he held Akira’s leash “ well if you would like to lead the way and I insist that you have anything you like as a thank you for helping me “ he knelt down as he patted  Akira before he made his way outside “ hope you like this kind of weather  Akira as I do ! he smiled as they waited for Sapphire outside as he looked around at his environment wondering what the city would have been like in his day or even if it existed.

Edward slipped back into an old habit he uses to do when he was on watch with a watchdog and began to speak like he was talking to someone “ you know when I was a knight we didn’t have cars motorcycles walkways or traffic lights we just had to rely on ourselves not to get run over by a charge of knights on horseback or a horse and cart and fast food where do we get started on that “ he chuckled a little “ use to take 12 hours on a spit before we could eat “ Edward snapped out of it as he heard the door close turning his head to see Sapphire “ you ready? 

Sapphire smiled as she followed him outside with Nala as she lead the way to town. She smiled as he talked to Akira as she barked happily at him. The phoenix locked her door as she listened to Edward talk as she looked at him. As the two walked, Sapphire smiled. "Yup." She said as she noticed that he wasnt talking to her earlier. She even noticed that he was zoned out when she had walked out of her house. "So who were you talking to before I came out?" She asked as she looked at him worriedly. "Was it a old habit you had before this time?" She asked as she walked with him. 

As the two walked, Sapphire listened to Edward if he wanted to answer her questions as Nala walked along Sapphire's legs and Akira walked next to Edward as both were alert and happy as their tails wagged as the group walked. Besides hearing the sounds around them, Sapphire listened to Edward and heard the jingle of the dogs' tags against their collars. 

Edward looks at Sapphire a little shocked hearing she had heard him” well when I was human 2 Knights were always awake to lead men in case of attack and I often found this dog stayed with me after a few weeks I found i was talking to it like he was my best friend “ Edward smirked a little as he looked to Sapphire “ my 477 years on this earth I found I always got on well with dogs “ he knelt down as he patted Akira in the desert it may be hours till you saw the sentry and talking to the dog was my way of staying sane “ he rose to his feet as he continued to walk. 

Edward stopped as he let Sapphire lead the way “Believe it or not  Dogs made me the person I am today  “Edward stopped a little as he thought back “I had an issue with blood around 1750-1800s  and this dog found me in a drunken haze and he just watched me and after a few days I got up and started feeding him and it got me having a   reason to get up and to change my routine it helped me to control the hunger as i knew i had someone to look after.



Listening to Edward, Sapphire looked at him as she walked with him with Akira and Nala on their leashes. "Oh I can completely understand talking to animals." She said when he mentioned about talking to a dog from his past. "I used to do that with my dogs back in italy when I was younger since I didnt have many friends, so animals were my only choice of companionship really." She said as she glanced at him. She continued to listen to him as she smiled. "Well I am glad dogs are in your life and made you the person you are today." She said as she smiled as she listened to his story about the dog he took care of when he had a bad experience with blood. "So the dog saved your life back then?" She asked as she looked at him.

"Well have you ever thought about getting another dog?" She asked as she looked at him. "I mean like to have a companion around your house and also have someone to talk to when you are home alone." She siad as she looked at him. "I am sorry if I push the boundaries of that, but maybe getting a dog could be good." She said as she looked at him with a small smile. "Plus I can also help find a dog or a puppy for you." Sapphire said as she loved looking at puppies and dogs along with helping them get forever homes. "I have also been thinking about adopting more dogs and moving to a small farm so I can have horses and dogs." She said with a chuckle as she looked at him.

Edward chuckled a little as he looked to  Sapphire “ yes but in my day if you were seen talking to an animal you were called demon traitor and an unholy knight “ Edward smiled as he continued to walk with Sapphire and dogs” yes you can say that “ he smiled gently “ the  Valkyr that turned me said never do things that you have done in your past as it will cause a great sadness but really the dogs didn’t bring me sadness more saved me “  he knelt down as he patted both the dogs gently “ how did you find out about the dog-friendly restaurant

“ yea they made me get up each morning to hunt for food.   And   plus if I had to much blood they would hide my blood cups till I really need it “ he listed as he smiled “I would like that as I don’t know anywhere apart from where you work and the guarded territory “  make the top of the stable your computer lab and it should work “ edward stopped as he raised his hand “ wait your not planning on becoming the guard crazy animal lady “  he chuckled as he returned to walking slowly   letting Sapphire  lead the way .

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