Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and making funny noises all day as he picked it up he carefully placed it into his pocket as if it would bite as he remembered that a member of the guard had mentioned Sapphire might be able to help you as he looked up at the cold, wet day he thought he would visit where this Sapphire frequented as he grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger he made his way towards the door.

Edward opened and closed the door quickly as the rain dropped on to his skin as he closed his eyes enjoying the sensation on his coat before placing his jacket on as he made his way down the path into the street as he began to walk in the crowds scanning his surroundings the smells the roads were very different as he walked up to a burger van as he looked at the menu ordering a simple burger as he paid the cash he took the burger as he began to eat as he walked down towards the address.

Edward looked up as he pulled the wet address out of his jacket " would so much be. easier if the fast rider was here " Edward finished the burger as he began to look for the number he was told as he had reached the address he knocked on the door " Hello I'm looking for My " Edward stopped before rephrasing what he said, " I'm looking for Sapphire Rizzoli."

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Sapphire smiled as she looked at him as he looked for his paper with his email. The phoenix guard watched him put his email in and chuckled as she read it. "Well we can make you a new one before we start on making the accounts if you want." She said as she smiled at him. Sapphire leaned over to the computer and smiled as she opened a tab for google to make a new account for him as she could tell that the gmail was kinda embarrassing. The phoenix continued to start to make him a new account for him as she smiled. "Okay here is your new email. Its edward_valkyrstarhawk@gmail.com, its much cooler than the one they gave you." She said as she smiled at him.

Once he finished with the details, Sapphire had helped him setting his Facebook account and his other accounts as well with his new email. "There all your accounts should be ready now." She looked at him and smiled. "Yea Computers and the internet can be compromised with the weather since the lightening could take the power out which could cause the computer to mess up if we leave it on and the power goes out." She said as she looked at him. "Yea," She said as she smiled. When he talked about the bank account she nodded. "Yea that isnt really normal to do that." she said softly as she chuckled. "Yea we can take a break, would you like a drink?" She asked as she looked at him with alittle concern.

Please I would love one  " Edward nodded as he rose to his feet as he began to    walk  back and forth between tables a  few times before stopping "    sorry all of this is new and remembering  it all  takes me a few minutes  remember it all when I was human all I needed to remember was to put the  wax seal on any letters as he  smiled gently "  when you turned  into a phoenix how did you cope  with things I know lord Erytheus  mentioned the war, and if you lost family members I am sorry battle is tough  not just on the warriors 

Edward turned to look out of the window before his head snapped back remembering " and what is animus and what is the assassin order people have mentioned to me how is the war against the assassins, but as far as I know there was no faction of our order fighting  Assasins " Edward followed sapphire " its either a  story or something that was made to discredit the templars and thank you for helping me with  these accounts  i think i would be  here till the year 3000  if i had to do it 

Sapphire smiled and got up as she headed into her kitchen to make some coffee. "No its fine, I can completely understand that." She said as she smiled at him as she continued to make coffee. When he mentioned about how she coped she froze for a moment as she then rubbed her neck. "Well I had my first rebirth before the battle..." She said softly as she looked at the coffee pot as it brewed the coffee. "I was 18 when I had my first rebirth, I remember it like it was yesterday..." She said softly as she sighed a little. "I do remember the battle but the first rebirth kind of takes it in my top memory. I wasn't in the battle but I did hear of it." She said as she closed her eyes and took deep breath before exhaling as she then turned her head to him.

When Edward spoke, Sapphire watched him for a moment when he followed her. "I-I do no know Edward. I just don't know." She said softly when he mentioned the assassin order and other things about the war as it was a little fuzzy for her to remember. "No problem, Edward. I am always there to lean a helping hand to anyone including a fellow guard." She said softly as she smiled at him. The coffee finished brewing as she turned the pot off and poured it into two mugs, putting some creamer and sugar in hers. Sapphire brought the mugs along with creamer, milk, and sugar on a tray by the counter. "I didnt know how you take your coffee so I brought everything just in case." She said with a smile.

Edward smiled gently " just black is fine for me thank you " Edward carefully took the mug " do you like a specific type of coffee or do you just go with what's popular " Edward took a sip of his cup as he looked up listening about the battle " do you find that some of your experiences help you when designing your games? Edward tilted his head as he thought about a few things " if you could say what job would suit me in something called the PD or an adventure instructor—helping people get into the wild?

Edward smiles as he watched Sapphire "best advice I could give is use your past as you will some times. It helps the person you are today, but some choose to forget there past as it brings to much pain and earn to vent it in other ways lets see if can remember  " Edward sat back down at the computer desk as he began to move the mouse clicking the search bar beginning to type in youtube.com but at a pace like an old person was typing as he got onto the screen he moved to the youtube screen typing in easy listening music as he began to press play " think I got it right?

Sapphire nodded and smiled as he took the mug carefully. "You're welcome." She said as she smiled at him. "Its normal type of coffee unless you want to make specific kind of drink like a cappuccino or a latte." She said as she sipped her coffee. Sapphire looked at him and smiled. "Some of them do inspire me to make games similar to some of the scenery. As for the other inspiration, I get it from Evermore. I just walk around and look, taking in details of everything from people to buildings." She said as she smiled alittle. When Edward started asking about a job for him, the phoenix guard smiled and looked at him. "Well a PD is a Private Detective, which I can see you doing, same goes for the adventure instructor too. I can most definitely see you as a adventure instructor. Helping people through the wild and how to survive in the wild." She said 

The phoenix guard smiled as she looked at Edward. "I sometimes do." She said as she continued to listen to him as she nodded in agreement. She watched him sit back down at the computer and smiled as she followed him over and sat in a fold out chair next to him. She watched him and chuckled when he looked at her asking her if he got it right. "Yea you did it right. Might want to get more help about typing and also learning about to play a playlist that has music." She said as she smiled and sipped her coffee.

" Well if you're interested in trying different types I have an Arabian blend of coffee that comes in once a month if your excited I can. Bring you over a bag if you like " Edward smiled gently as he took a sip of coffee as he sat back feeling accomplished with what he had just done " so if I wanted to add music to my phone for example when I go jogging. I could download songs to play from my phone " Edward stopped a little as he smirked " my day you had to. walk around with a lute fiddle or drum and played when the music took you

Today's music is not like the music of our day or the 40's and 50s brass band and orchestra and perfect sized snacks " he chuckled a little as he thought about. both roles " maybe i could both as well I have a lifetime to do it " he chuckled as he turned his head to Sapphire "I might head to the city hall do you know if I would need anything in particular " he smiled as he took another sip of his coffee " but would need to finish here and bring me to the 21 century I think I'm in the 1950s at the moment " he laughed as he put his coffee down."

Sapphire looked at him as he talked about coffee. "Yea there is different types, which I do have but I am normally using the normal type of coffee. I would love to try Arabian, I don't think I haven't had that one." She said as she smiled softly. The phoenix took another sip of her coffee as she smiled as she listened to him. "Yea you can do that." She said as she then chuckled a little. "Well I think that would be a little difficult in this time." She said as she helped him get to downloading music for him. The phoenix pulled out a drawer in her desk to pull out some cords, Sapphire found one for his phone and plugged it into her computer. 

"Yea music has changed a lot over the years." She said as she smiled softly at him as she let out a small chuckle. When he talked about the jobs again, Sapphire smiled. "Yea maybe you can, but that is up to you." She said as she smiled softly. Sapphire finished downloading some music to his phone. "Hmm I don't know really about that." She said as she smiled at him. "I think you are a little bit more ahead of the 1950s at the moment." She said as she chuckled and sat her cup down to continue to show him the ropes of how to get to know how to use a computer and his phone.

" Well, when your back at the manor pop up and see me or I can. drop some in when I about trust me you won't need half the amount you put in ordinary coffee " Edward stepped aside as  Sapphire took out some cords as he watched her as songs were being downloaded "I think for me most types of music died in the 00s  but like you say everyone has there owned. tastes and styles  and fashion " Edward chuckled remembering the very colourful gentleman  he came across on the way here 

i did enjoy  Abba Waterloo i  was there at the battle " he smiled gently " so much. the loss for no reason "  he smiled as he watched  "  when you  heard about these war  humans went through  did you ever want to  just finish it in one day with  your abilities or did you   just ignore  it   or  help where you could    during ww2 i found sitting with the dying helped " as well as the once a month  snack " he listened to Sapphire " ok thanks i may  ask  some one at the town hall " he smiled as sapphire  continued to shop him the ropes  

Sapphire smiled softly as she nodded. "I will." She said as she smiled as he talked about coffee. When Sapphire continued to download more music for him as she smiled. "It might have but I am going to download some that are still around and also some new music you might like." She said as she smiled and looked at him. "Some of the music now isn't too bad." She said as she looked at him as she continued to download music to his phone as she hummed softly. Sapphire smiled as she downloaded at least about twenty songs onto his phone before glancing at him. "Lets leave your phone plugged in so the downloading will get done." She said as she looked at him, taking a sip of her coffee.

The phoenix listened to him as she smiled. "Wow really?" She asked as he mentioned the battle. When he continued, Sapphire looked at him as he asked her a question. "Well to me I would want to end the war so no more people lose their lives, but I also just want to ignore it so I wouldnt have to see all the bloodshed or people dying." She siad as she looked at him with a sad look. "I would sit with dying people if they didnt have anyone to be there with them but it would still be sad that they wouldnt have someone in their life." Sapphire said as she looked at him as she then nodded. "Youre welcome." She siad as she helped him show more about how to use his computer while the songs downloaded.

True but it is the music that goes Boomboom boom  they might as well  try  poetry in  time to the music “ edward chuckled a little  as he  nodded  “ would you allow me  to buy you some lunch  as a thank  you and then  get use to using a debit card” he watched as he listed  to Sapphire humming  “  i  have gotten into   the singer Alfie boe but not everyone likes him but like you  said everyone  has their own tastes.

Edward nodded as he thought about the battle “ yes I came across any Valkyr  during the conflict feeding  off the dead or dying but watching the battle it was like lambs to the slaughter  they would march up in  a line and they would stand there till they were injured or shot dead I was glad when the   rules of combat changed  during the great war and world war 2 “ he took  sip of his own drink as he watched her  before turning his heading noticing the printer “ now i know that is a printer i saw several at a library   how do you  go about getting the information from it

Sapphire chuckled when he talked about music. "Yea they should try that." She said as she continued to download a few more songs onto his phone. Her eyes glanced at him when he asked about buy her lunch as a thank you along with getting used to a debit card. The phoenix smiled softly at him as she then nodded. "You dont have to do that Edward, but I will allow you to." She said as he then talked about a singer. "I never really heard of him, maybe I should." She said as she smiled and continued to finish with his phone before unplugging it from her computer. Sapphire handed it to him as she noticed him speak once more. 

As Edward talked about the battle, Sapphire felt her heart shatter hearing about all those people dying when the battle shouldn't of happened in the first place. She noticed that he looked at her printer and asked a question. "Well with that, you can find things on the internet and then print them onto paper. I can show you." She said as she turned and went to google to search up things, like she searched up a recipe on how to make spaghetti and meatballs. "So you find the information you want and then right click on it, go down to print and it will print it onto paper for you." She said as she smiled and printed the recipe out for him. "Here you can keep this if you would like to." She said as she handed him the recipe to him with a smile.

Edward chuckled a little as he smiled “ please i Insist  as I don’t see us going into battle soon “ he chuckled “  when I was human tanking someone when they reached the battlefield was not stabbing  them I the back so this is kinda  nice  and something new for me and I would like to learn these new customs” he looked over to the  pups” and  be a chance for  our dogs to have a stretch as well if they’re old enough to  go for walks that are allowed to 

And thank you for the recipe “ he smiled gently   as he took the piece of paper as he looked  at the ingredients “  do you know anyone in the fire department “ he chuckled a little “ they may be needed after I’ve finished as  well um I haven’t cooked in  four hundred and 40 years give or take and the cooker has changed a lot and we had servants do most things while we were homeland we  cooked the bare essentials while we were in the field “ Edward raised his hand “  before you ask  I’ve been surviving on my  blood allowance and a nice  Chinese fellow has been making me a  noodle soup and a rice dish   every day for me  all I needed to do was to exchange a few gold coins I don’t even ask now and they know my order 

Edward ran over in his mind  how he would use a printer as he  went over a recipe he had as child care following the instructions  before turning his head to see the printer come to life “  and it is your choice  where we eat but another time you must allow me to  make a meal  my other made  for me as a child  i can’t believe  they have the recipes for that  you will love it and whoever called an eatery  Mc Donalds  need to be committed meat in a bun “ dwarf shook his  head


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