Edward switched off the tv as he sighed a little as he rubbed his eyes as he rose out of his seat as he looked down at the things others had called a Cell phone the small device had been buzzing and making funny noises all day as he picked it up he carefully placed it into his pocket as if it would bite as he remembered that a member of the guard had mentioned Sapphire might be able to help you as he looked up at the cold, wet day he thought he would visit where this Sapphire frequented as he grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger he made his way towards the door.

Edward opened and closed the door quickly as the rain dropped on to his skin as he closed his eyes enjoying the sensation on his coat before placing his jacket on as he made his way down the path into the street as he began to walk in the crowds scanning his surroundings the smells the roads were very different as he walked up to a burger van as he looked at the menu ordering a simple burger as he paid the cash he took the burger as he began to eat as he walked down towards the address.

Edward looked up as he pulled the wet address out of his jacket " would so much be. easier if the fast rider was here " Edward finished the burger as he began to look for the number he was told as he had reached the address he knocked on the door " Hello I'm looking for My " Edward stopped before rephrasing what he said, " I'm looking for Sapphire Rizzoli."

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Sapphire looked at him as she nodded and listened to him. The phoenix looked at him and chuckled. "Wow that is along time for having hamburger." She said as she looked at him and smiled as she looked at the food once it got to their table as she looked to him when he looked at her. His question made her heart beat hard against her chest as she glanced to Akira. "Yea there are is something I would change." she said softly as she then looked at him holding back to the tears at the thought of her parents being here with her and watching her how wonderful and powerful she has gotten. "I would make sure my parents lived in the car accident so they could see how I am now.

The phoenix smiled at him as their cutlery was delivered to their table. "I would love to help find a puppy for you." She said as she chuckled. "I know they wont get into your supply because I can help train them with you. As for the pups being on a strict diet... I have them on a raw diet but they are allowed to have some treats like bacon." She said as she giggled and smiled. Noticing his reaction to things as she smiled. "Its ok, I can understand that." She said to his moment before she looked at him. "I have been good, I am heading on a trip soon with someone special so I will be gone for a while." She said with a smile. 

Edwards face turned sterned a  little  as he looked to  Sapphire  “ i need a little advice I ended up in a situation  that i'm not sure is due to our current problem  and should i make Damien or at least an Aspect aware “ he stopped  as the  meals were brought out by the waiter before continuing “ about a month   go there was a letter waiting for me  at the manor  asked for me specifically “ Edward  reached into his jacket pocket pulling out a  crumpled letter  passing it to Sapphire I was told to mee a lab technician at the 32nd Precinct and that  i was expected so I turned up at the set time 

Edward stopped as he  picked up a fry as he munched on it a little  before speaking in a quieter voice “ he more or less hinted he knew I was a Valkyr and throughout a journey, he was hinting it till we arrived at an abandoned building and it  was overwhelming with the 

the smell of blood “ Edward stopped as he recalled the smell which made him almost want to puke before he munched on a few more fries”  we investigated the  site and there were remains and skeletons a plenty “ he stopped as he looked around before he gently patted the dogs.

“ anyway, unfortunately, we were interrupted by the suspects with a new captive, of course, my code couldn’t leave her so we went to the rescue a small firefight broke out ill the CSI blew it all up and we made our escape  “ he stopped as he twiddles a loose fry “ I know it wasn’t Sanctioned by Damien or  Aspects but I felt I had to go to see what was wrong but my concern is now I fear Ivar may be involved as the hostage and the  Csi I helped has disappeared and from what the desk sergeant told me they’re not the first a detective has disappeared as well do you think I should Damien or at least an Aspect “.

Edwards fast soften as the light topic was mentioned again “ yes i would be grateful as it wouldn’t be fun having him run around the manor with my supplies “ he laughed “ but I would be very grateful if you could help me “smiled gently.

Sapphire looked at the paper, reading it as her food sat infront of her. She looked at him as she listened to his words as she looked through the letter once more as she took in all the information. Her smile had changed once he had handed her a letter as she was in a serious manner now as she looked at him. "So at this abandoned building, you think that there are some Valkyr feeding on people around town?" She asked in a quiet tone as she took a bite from her food. She looked at him before looking at the letter as she was alittle worried if there were some valkyr feeding on people or could be something much worse but as she handed the letter back as she looked at him. 

"The Aspects and the Guard should hear about this, they may know what to do about it. As for the police officer that suspects you being a Valkyr, I would just act normal and also try to get caught up with this time period so there isnt any more suspicion on you or any other Valkyr." She said in a hush tone as she made sure no one was listening but him. She then smiled as she then heard him talk about dogs again. "Very true. I would love to help you train your new future friend." She siad as she smiled once more. "Plus I can also have him or her hang out with Akira and Nala to get them used to other dogs. And possibly teach them some new tricks that I have been training the girls to do." She said as she smiled. 

In the back of Sapphire's mind, she was wondering about what Edward told her as she knew she would need to tell at least the head of the Guard or a Aspect about it as they would want to know. She could even accompany Edward to tell Damien or an Aspect to make him more comfortable and also she if she could help in the matter.  

Edward  looked at  her " the issue is the victim and the detective is missing   the safe house they went to is empty  and nobody at the precinct can get hold of him " Edward  thought for a moment "   it could be maybe but   the two I had a firefight with were definitely  smelt the blood as I shot one on the ankle   his eyes  revealed the demon hiding within his shell as he shook it off “ he  gently leant down as he stroked the dogs again    as he looked around hearing  the voices  walking up and down the street before eating some more of his meal “ would you be able to ask  your Aspect if I could speak with her 

He  moved back to his meal  as he had a few  fries  as he  thought about things he laughed” who thought in my day potatoes would turn into fries  “ he smiled as he  examined it “so you think you know who could be involved “ Edward was not familiar with Ivar but the guard  had mentioned  him a few times 

Sapphire looked at him and smiled softly as she listened to him. The phoenix kept her eyes on his expressions as she listened to what he said. Noticing he was uncomfortable as he spoke about the so called demon as he stroked the dogs. The two pups noticed his discomfort and kept close to him as that was what Sapphire had them for. Sapphire ate more of her meal as she noticed more people walking around as she looked at him when he asked a question. "Yea, I can see what I can do. I will talk to her about meeting you and for you guys to talk about things." She said as she nodded.

The phoenix chuckled as she looked at him. "Very true about the fries. And they are a lot easier to eat on the go." She said as she looked at him. "Yea I know." She said as she smiled and continued with her meal as she moved and got the girls some water and also shared some of her meal with them as she smiled softly.


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