With her years of travelling; some places Elle had visited left more of an impact on the young Therian. Evermore was one of those. It was a place, she now called home again; but her stay permanent, unlike 5 years ago. And the people that were in her life back then; were in her life again. Another Place that sometimes creeped up into her mind; with fond memories was New Zeleand. Even though her time there, was short lived with only a few months. Elle still remembered a certain young Dhampir; that she had befriended at the time. The pair getting into some mischief and adventures; when she was getting to know the place she was staying at.

Despite his lack of confidence; Elle was sure that he would find his own purpose in life and eventually come into his own. The young Therian had to admit; his presence in her life had been refreshing/and he had been somewhat of a help to her, when she was going through a bad time in her life. Deep down, she missed him. It was strange, how someone she knew for such a short time in her life; made a bigger impact than she first realised. Sometimes finding herself wondering, what he was doing with his life now and in general; if he was having a good life.

It was a bit of a stormy afternoon. And Elle was currently sitting in one of her favorite Evermore Restaurants for lunch. She had been running errands, most of mid-morning; and now having time to stop. The Therian felt hungry, so instead of heading back home, she thought she would eat out. Plus, it just happened to be the closest shelter near by. Elle wasn’t complaining. As the fire place was crackling merrily; helping keep the restaurant nice and cozy. Elle couldn’t help but think, that there was always something merrily and appealing about the fire place going. If she could; she could watch it crackling all day long. Just something about the sounds, along with watching the fire dancing; it looked soothing.

“What would you like to order?” A young female’s voice, snapped the young Therian out of her thoughts.

Looking up, at the waitress. Elle was still holding the Menu in her hand. “I’ll have the Chicken Mushroom Risotto, With a Side-Salad. With some extra cheese on the Risotto. And a Glass of Water please.” Just as she finished giving her order. Her eyes landed on a familiar looking Dhampir. Elle tilted her head slightly; wondering if it indeed was whom she thought it was. It couldn’t be, could it? Where her eyes deceiving her?

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That morning at the Cohort house was in chaos, Nikolas didn't know he would wake up to everyone piling in. As the police came to clam everyone down all the lawyers such as himself made files of cases that were now in their hands. Scheduling after talking, picking up the phone and writing down information. Nickols never thought it will get dull. The Dhampir did get a nice short visit from a certain blonde that was giving him new information from her office along with a folded up paper telling him she is for their date tonight and to see at their place at six o clock. He never could figure out why a woman such as Audrina could catch his eye, he really would like to know since she fell in love with him first. 

When lunch came close for him is when the crowd was now handled with watching the police leave seeing heir job was done. Nikolas didn't understand how many people need lawyers at the same time. It like some people are going to in chaos and for what is ensure him. Nik knew he was eating at the place he has his mind on all day as he talked with people. His blue eyes looked at the files not wanting to count them at the moment. "Are those all of yours?" one of the females asked him nodding seeing her tagged them for his workload. "I wonder why is everyone going chaotic like someone is going on within their minds. Go ahead can get lunch early. Get a lot of caffeine you're going to need it." Nikolas chuckled nodding knowing that is what he needed right now. 

Getting his jacket and umbrella, he watches his step walking down to the restaurant knowing he is not checking his phone as he wanted to be alone and rest his head.  He is looking forward to his date tonight if the evening would let them, there is always the office dates they don't complain much due to their work. That is what the Dhampir liked about the blonde, they both work at the same place and they both understand how stressful it can get along with them having their different creative way to see each other under the radar of her mother.

Stepping into the warm building he looked around being welcomes by the waitress that took an order from the redhead. Nikolas didn't know why his eyes looked at her but in his mind questioned is that who I think it is? He sat down near the window as he sighed getting himself relaxed. he left like he was beaten up with brinks and sandbags. He wanted to know why everyone acted the way they did this morning. 

For a few moments, she was lost in the sound of the fire-place crackling away. It always reminded her off back home, when she was still a young child. Especially during the winter time. How her father would get the fire-place going, to help keep everyone warm.There was just something comforting, yet nostalgic about a fire-place. It was distracting, watching the flames flickering. But it caused the young Therian to smile to herself, at the fond memories. It felt like things, were a bit more simpler back then; when she was still a child; before her family began to crumble. But when it came to her and her brothers; she was the glue that held them all together. Now, it just seemed to be her and her elder half brother Phoenix...as their baby brother, was once again out of the picture. She still found it hard; that Justice bailed...again. It was a cause of concern. He was her baby brother, after all. Whilst she was waiting for her order; they had brought her a cup of coffee. Elle had a liking for the coffee in this place. Seemingly, it was always her usual, anytime she came here. So they knew it well by now, that they didn't even ask, if she wanted the coffee. Usually they just brought it to her, when she was waiting for something else. It always tasted so fresh. Holding the cup, she took a few sips of the hot beverage.

For a few moments, Elle thought to herself, that it couldn’t be whom she thought she had seen. Looking back towards the fire-place. But she could feel eyes on her. Someone was watching her.

Shifting in her seat. Elle looked over her shoulder once more, towards the young Dhampir that was looking her way. So, her eyes weren’t deceiving her, like she first thought. “Nik...is that you?” Elle called slightly, across the room, towards his table. Of all the people to run into/spot in a restaurant. She didn’t think, she’d run into an old friend of hers. It had after all, been a long while, since the pair had seen each other. But he seemed to look just about the same, as she remembered him. Maybe a little bit older.

The times he had with his family were the only time he felt part of his family. He missed his brothers and sisters, really he did. It seems he is the only one who cares since when he left not one but his father and mother had called him. He was fine not like it's the end of the world. Ever since he meet Audrina, Life had meaning and showed him he can be someone he wants to be. It's the best gift that Nikolas gotten over the years is Her. 

Ordering his mind keep a telling him to look at the redhead but was he someone knew? The Dhampir didn't like yo stare due to that is rude but there was something telling him to look. Forgetting about the female he looked down at his phone to see nothing yet from his Little Dove. It’s weird she also messages him around this time of the day. Nikolas has been worried about her since her changes had started, he does not know to reach out to her without saying another that can hurt them both. Nikolas knew it’s something for him to figure out for himself. 

As he looked back up to the female, this time she is looking at him now not feeling weird at all. When she spoke his eyes widen, “Elle?” he asked for confirmation as he walked to the female. Nikolas didn’t know where he could start or ask since it’s been so long. Out of all days, it looks like luck for both of them really showed up today. “How long has it been?” he asked looking at Elle giving his old friend a hug. “Looking beautiful as ever. I don’t know where to begin. So much has happened.” he said hearing his name being called out for his order. “Let me get that and I will come back and maybe have a talk and catch up?” Nikolas asked.

Elle had been close to her brothers; despite their never-ending war with each other. And there weren’t many people, she’d consider ‘family’ outside of her biological family itself; only a few people. She was lucky, to have a few close friends, in her circle. Made it a bit easier, when dealing with family drama; when her brothers got too much to handle at times. But that didn’t mean, she loved either any less. Families were just a complicated subject.

The young Therian smiled, when the male recognised her. “The one and only.” she stood up, from her seat to greet Nikolas. Wrapping her arms around the male, as she hugged him back. “Much too long.” It felt like a long time indeed, since she had last seen him.He seemed to have grown in that time. His flattering comment, caused her to wave her hand at him. “Oh please.” she smiled. Elle nodded slightly. “Of course, we can catch up.” She was sure, he had a lot to tell him, and visa versa. Letting him go back over to his table. Elle took her seat once more.

As she waited for Nikolas, it wasn’t long before a waitress brought over her own order. Setting the food and glass of water in front of her. Thanking the waitress, Elle took a sip of the cold water.

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