Nightmares. Everyone had them right? Yeon was pretty sure everyone must have experienced the unwelcome feeling of a dream turning dark, memories you'd rather forget seeping in and playing on a loop in your mind but he was also pretty sure it wasn't normal to have the same one each and every night without fail. It was always the same one, the sky was dark, he found himself running desperately through the streets, tears piercing in his eyes as he struggled to accept what was now his reality. And then that scene played out again, watching as his mother cried for the son she had lost that night, the son he would never be again. Because he was dead and he could never go back. Never go back. Those words would repeat in his head like an alarm bell until he felt like he couldn't breathe and he would suffocate on the words themselves and then he would wake up, sweating and panicked.

It was one of the reasons he never let anyone see him through to the mornings, he could stay and play for a while but before anyone could get a glimpse at his weaker side he would be gone. And it really was one of his only weaknesses, Yeon was endlessly confident and very much in love with his life, it was hard for people to get him down, but his past was definitely his Achilles heel, the thing that sent him spiraling. Lucky for him, most people didn't get close enough to him to ever figure that out. He sighed as he gripped the sheets he was laying in and wiped the sweat from his brow, he was getting tired of never getting a proper night's sleep and it was starting to make him grumpy. Or maybe it was because he hasn't been able to really let his mind relax, not since he had met a particular snowy haired male who had ruined everything he ever thought about a good time.

Yeon grumbled groggily as he got his feet and headed into the bathroom not even giving his reflection a glance as he undressed and climbed into the shower. Twenty minutes later and he felt more alert and awake, though he still felt the urge to grumble. He had seen a few professionals about his nightmares but all of them told him the same thing because he was a valkyr most medicine wouldn't really have much effect on him so he was left just trying to deal with it naturally. He knew nothing about natural treatments and nothing he Googled made a lot of sense to him but he did find the location of a little apocathary in Evermore that was worth a shot. He had to try something if he had any hopes of making it to NYC and back over the next week without passing out. 

With that thought in mind he headed back into his bedroom and changed into tight-fitting black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer, that was about as casual as you would see Yeonseok Lee dressing, he liked to make an effort, even if he was just wandering around the city where no one knew him. He grabbed his phone and tucked it into his pocket before he headed out onto the streets ordering an Uber and getting into it to take him across the city to where this little shop was supposed to be. When he pulled up outside it he thanked the driver before getting out and heading up to the place. It was so dark that it looked like the place might be closed but when he tried the door it did open. He pushed it open and stepped inside. He didn't see anyone but he heard someone shuffling around somewhere in the back and called out "Hello?" he asked as he headed up to the counter. The place smelled really interesting, a mix of floral scents and herbs which was odd but also nice to the senses. 

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"You're right. I think i'll be figuring things out for another lifetime from here" she grinned, but it was true. IT seemed as if the moment Mirae figured the next step out to take in her life, she lost her way on something else. Life was always throwing her curveballs, and lately she wasn't sure how to bat them away. Mirae smiled, a pearly white genuine smile. It was crazy to say that his words were gospel to her, the way she felt about Daehyun's words, but the things Yeon said, were heartfelt, meaningful things. She'd never experienced conversation with someone that meant so much, that it made her just kind of keep wanting more. Except for Daehyun himself. Dae didn't speak much, but when he did, it was always powerful

"I like the way you think Yeon. And maybe making a few mistakes will build character, I could afford some mistakes anyways. Because while I was always a rebellious rule breaker., Ive never done anything too crazy. I feel like i'm not living up to my role" she chuckled and flashed the Valkyr a smirk. "And yeah, I suppose if we never try at all, we'll spend a life time full of regret.. and a lifetime for people like us, is way too long regretting what we didn't do" she added, smiling faintly.

Mirae nodded in agreement to his statement about humanity, finding that statement one of her favorites yet. 'I think about that all the time. How I still have human tendencies, and it makes me happy. Fear, doubt, worry, insecurity.. it lets me know that even if I can freeze someone and make them shatter, I still have my humanity" she stated, flashing him a playful wink. Mirae wasn't usualy one to make jokes about things like that, but she had also never really found anyone to talk to who made it possible for her to be herself., until Yeon. So, her dark sense of humor had definitely surfaced.

Mirae poked her tongue out playfully when he said he didn't trust people who didn't like hugs. Yeon was a very down to earth, open minded person. But, Mirae had a feeling that he was only that way with people he let in, and she felt as though she'd gotten lucky enough to count herself as one of them now. "Well then, that means youll always be able to trust me. I like hugs.. yours are exceptionally amazing" she smirked, but they were, and plus, Mirae needed someone like Yeon to keep her balanced. He was the friend she'd always wanted. As much as she had searched for this kind of friendship before, and never found it, she'd been close to giving up. It was only a miracle that someone as great as Yeon existed in this cruel world they lived in.

A thin dark brow rose, when he said he made it as a professional, so why not her. OF course there were reasons that even her filterless mouth couldn't say, but to be a professional dancer? It just seemed so surreal, like it was something never meant to be part of Mirae's story, because she didn't deserve something that great. That was only the pesimisstic side of her telling her that though, because she knew deep down she deserved happiness. A life where she felt complete and whole as the person she is. Not a life where she constantly wondered what she was meant to be doing, and who she was supposed to be now that she had her freedom from that evil bastard Coldren.

Mirae blushed, and wiped her mouth, realizing Yeon found amusement in her need to guzzle her drink down like a grown man would have. "Yeah we can agree that im nervous" she stated, chuckling a little. "And true, I definitely wouldn't expect no one to pass an opportunity like that up. Im glad you invited me" she smiled, and gazed back over to the stage he had pointed to earlier. Mirae sighed happily, she couldn't have said it better herself. "Well, I guess you have a point. "It's just so weird to take something that was started as a punishment, and end up loving it so much that you create your own version of it"

Mirae then nodded, smiling more genuinely "Yes it is Yeon.. it damn sure is a good time to be alive" she giggled cutely. But, for whatever reason, Yeon kinda brought Mirae's cute, bubbly side right to the surface. Naturally, she was a bubbly female anyways, but his presence kind of heightened her happy go lucky personality. She was happy he felt that too though, the fact that she said she had craved affection and someone to care, and notice her.. it was nice to not be in that boat alone. "Seems you know exactly what I mean. If it's any consolation, It's safe to say I care about you" she admitted, with a hesitance in her tone. She didn't want to seem as though she may be coming on too strong, but she couldn't really help but to feel the way she did about him.

Mirae gave the Valkyr a playful eye roll, but her smile probably couldn't have radiated anymore happiness than it did when he dropped that one single like 'stick with me kid'. "You can count on that.. I find it very hard to believe that you only have a few friends.. seems people would be lining up for a dose of you" she grinned, unsure of why she said it that way, but either way, she knew what she meant. "You're like coming up for air, is what I meant" she confirmed, clearing her throat, before running her hand over her blushing face again.

Mirae arched a brow, fascinated that he shared the same dream with her, with seeing the Northern Lights "Well, sounds like we each have a travle buddy to look forward to now" she expressed, and definitely wouldn't mind a road trip with him in the future, if his work actually ever allowed it. "One day indeed. You need that break, you deserve a change of scenery and just some time to unwind and let go" she added, and grinned at the carpe diem comment "I need to get that tattooed on myself somehwere" she said, chuckling.

Yeon expressing the things he'd love to do, put him in such a different light. He was so sweet, that she was sure she'd end up with a toothache right now., and she figured she'd cling onto this moment, because she wasn't sure if he was always like this.. or if these moments of the real him only came out to play once in a blue moon. Either way, she really liked Yeon for who he was. Every little thing about him. "You should get up one day, and just go do it. I know you of course have to prep because of your job, but youll still know how to dance when you come back from a much needed break like that.. we all need to take those moments in life. So many people talk about what they dream of doing, and it never goes any further" she stated, frowning a little. She too had so many dreams, and had never fulfilled a single one yet. All that was stopping her truly, was air and opportunity.

"Swimming with dolphins.. that would be so amazing" she added, before putting some thought into his next question. Three things she hated.. "Hmm, that ones tough. I'm such an easy person to satisfy" she chuckled and pursed her lips. "But, I suppose I'd have to say confrontation, the unknown, and the dark" she said, laughing at her fear of the dark, but it was a real one. "I don't hate many things.. it's hard to have me hate anything.. I do kinda hate betrayal and lies as well though.. the unknown is more of a fear I suppose" she stated, which helped her with her next question for him. "What are three of your fears?" she then asked in return, enjoying this more than she'd enjoyed anything so far.

"That stage is looking a little more compelling now" she smirked, and waited for him to answer her last question. She was sure that he'd take her out there when she least expected it. She wasn't nearly as nervous as she had been earlier.

“A rebellious rule-breaker who’s never done anything crazy huh?” he wigged his brows at her with a laugh, he definitely had some funny stories of crazy things he had done because he was an opportunist, if he saw an interesting opportunity he was likely to take it and so he had done things like paragliding and riding roller coasters and there was one time he swam with sharks in a cage thing. “Sometimes you gotta learn to say yes more” he spoke softly with a grin, he found if you went through open doors, interesting things happened. “Experiencing is one of the best feelings in life, just those small moments where you think to yourself, wow, I’m alive” they tended to be rare and precious but every single one he did his best to hold onto and cherish, whether it be getting to spend time with those important to him, doing something that was once in a lifetime or achieving something he had worked on for a very long time. “Preferably no shattering people though, that sounds messy” he chuckled softly.

He grinned slightly when she complimented his hugs, he had always been a petty tactile person, he liked leaning against people and holding onto them and just generally being close with them “I will take that as the ultimate compliment” he commented and winked leaning back in his chair “Sometimes nerves are a good thing, a fear of failure can make you work harder, makes you want to do better and to perform perfectly, it means that it matters to you and that’s important” he nodded slightly “But the key part is feeling that fear and doing it anyway” because the moment fear consumed you was the moment that it won. “But you’re here so, you clearly know how to do that” which was alluding to the fact he was quite an intimidating person to be around and yet she’d come anyway. “Well, I always thought having to eat vegetables as a kid was a punishment until I eventually grew up and realized they actually pretty damn good if you cook them right” he shrugged slightly and smirked.

He smiled proudly at the way her optimism began to shine through, it was a really good time to be alive, seeing the progression in culture and acceptance was a really nice thing to see and he felt more at home in his own skin than he had when he was younger. He hoped that would continue to be an upward trend and he would continue to take care of himself the way he did now “That’s the spirit” he spoke softly and then his eyes softened a little when she said she cared about him “You know, surprisingly, not a lot of people have ever told me that” he admitted with a half-smile. Mirae seemed like a reliable person, someone you could look for and she’d be there if you needed her and somehow he’d been lucky enough to meet her today. He was going to cherish this. “Well people do line up, in an orderly fashion” he teased with a low chuckle “But most people want things from me I’m not willing to give” he grumbled slightly “Mostly money” he shrugged “But then there’s some people you find that have an actual air of genuinity to them” he pointed at her for a moment and smiled.

He chuckled and nodded, there were a lot of places he wanted to go in the world but it was more than just going to a place for him, it was about experiencing the place and the culture, it was about taking time to experience the amazing opportunities that came along, he imagined things like sailing, seeing shows, trying amazing foods, experiencing natural phenomenons, seeing the wonders of the world. “I think the problem is that I talk the big talk but I only have so long to be in the spotlight you know, so there are things I feel like I need to achieve before I go anywhere” he shrugged softly, he very rarely took a break for that very reason. “Oh you’re a tattoo person?” he asked curiously and smiled “I have one on my back” he spoke with a slight nod, tattoos had always been considered taboo in Korean culture but after he moved to America he decided to get one because he wanted one.

“I intend to one day, I want to see everything, I just need to find the right time, it has to feel right or my heart won’t be all the way in it” and Yeon didn’t want to take that trip until he had the chance to feel and experience every single part of it. He was strange that way, he was good at letting himself go and just enjoying something but it had to be on the right terms or it wouldn’t feel right to him. “You however” he could see the conflicted look in her eyes “Deserve to go out and see everything you didn’t get the chance to see before” she had said she was basically trapped before, taken away from her brother, forced to work in the apothecary and while she had found a love for that, he was a big believer in freedom and choice.

He looked back at her as she talked about the things she disliked, he found you could tell a lot about a person by the things they were honest enough to admit they hated “My fears?” he asked with raised brows and thought about it for a moment “Well certainly letting people down, not a lot of people’s opinions matter to me but those who do, I really do ponder over them” which also applied to the family he was forced to leave behind and the sister he had never even met. “I really really don’t like snakes” he commented with a laugh, they just freaked him out a little and made him jumpy, he held one when he was much younger and had been put off them since them. “Annnd” he thought about it for a moment “I think not getting to achieve everything I hoped, there are many things I want to do with my life, you know?” the fear of dying before he achieved what he wanted to was always looming.

“That’s the spirit” he spoke softly and downed the rest of the drink he was nursing with a smirk “We’ll wait until the music picks up a little though, need something that makes you wanna get up and dance” he grinned slightly at his new friend “Did anyone teach you to dance or is it all self-taught and just feeling the music?” he arched his brow, she had a natural rhythm which was great because it tended to be something you either had or you didn’t and without it, you would struggle to make it, no matter how hard you trained.

Mirae smiled genuinely. Their conversations had been some of the best that the Niveis had ever had in her whole life. The only other that compared was her brother, and Mirae had always considered Daehyun's words to be gospel, hanging onto everything he spoke. And now, it seemed she was doing the same thing with Yeon. He was uplifing, and encouraging, but he also made her smile and laugh a lot. "I think you might have a point there. But, I need some fun things to say yes to.. I guess my real problem is that ive not been given many big opportunities" she admitted, hell, half her life had been robbed away from her, and the other half spent starting over. 

"Well, you should. I don't compliment many people when it comes to their hugs, because I simply refuse to hug anyone" she chuckled and smirked at him. She supposed that was mostly true too though. Mirae didn't get psychical very often, such as cuddling and hugging, but when she did, she was a very touchy, intimate person, and sometimes, it was hard to pry her off. Mirae bit her lower lip, listening intently, loving very much what he said about embracing fear. "I think that's the very thing that holds most of us back. When we feel fear, it's just natural to run from it, but those of us who run face first into it, normally come out knowing a lot more. The experience is always worth the little bit of fear we have to get past" she expressed. Mirae loved experience, so it was something she knew about all too well. "We're a lot alike Yeon.. I think fate slapped us together" she chuckled, because Mirae didn't really believe in Fate. She believed that if two people wanted something to happen bad enough, then it would. So this friendship, was simply forming because of two people who reaqlly enjoyed each other. Not Fate. She just couldn't think of a better word. 

After she'd spoken of how she cared for him, it did her some good to see his eyes soften to her for a moment. IT meant he acknowledged what she said, and appreciated it all the same, and sometimes a person didn't need to say they appreciated something for it to shine through the way it did with him just then. "Well if you haven't heard that often, then people just genuinely suck. I'm surprised  to know that" she frowned, because someone like Yeon should have had a line of people who cared for him. She'd already seen what he was about, and she knew he had taken care of plenty of people, and that the majority of them didn't stick around to let him know they appreciated him for it. They got what they could and ran. Morons. It really disheartened someone like Mirae, who, when she let someone in, she'd walk through flames for them. "Im happy to hear that" she winked playfully when he pointed at her, referring to those that had actually stuck around to see what he was about rather than getting something from him and leaving the moment after. 

Mirae nodded completely understanding what he meant just then. She didn't have anything like what he did to keep her behind or hold her back from doing things, but she knew with any dream, it was all about timing. "I get that. You have so much going though, im sure there was a time where you used to dream of making it where you are this very second" she added with a genuine smile. "Youll get there though" she then said reassuringly, she knew Yeon was the type of person to achieve his goals. Where they sat in this very moment proved that. He wouldn't be here, if he hadn't achieved his goals with dancing. The Niveis shrugged a little "Not so much that id be covered in them, but to an extent yes. Id love to have a couple" she said in response, narrowing her gaze on him, more specifically around him, to his back. "I have to see it" she smirked, obviously meaning later. She was sure she'd have to knock people off of him with a bat if he lifted his shirt in here with how some of them seemed to be staring at him. 

"Noted" she poked her tongue out playfully, but then looked to him with a more serious expression when she said she on the other hand, deserved to go see everything her past had deprived her of. "Thank you Yeon. I really would love to start living now that my life is mine" she said truthfully. "I guess ive just been too afraid to take that dive" she added with a playful pout adorning her features. Shocked by his fears, Mirae found herself in awe of his response, smiling brightly at the Valkyr, "Snakes? I would have never guess you were afraid of things like that" she chuckled, but cringed at the thought of spiders. So she understood. Reaching over, Mirae patted his shoulder "I think youll achieve all that you want to, you have the heart for it, and the right mind space it seems" even though he had nightmares and plentty of reminders that he'd had a traumatic past, Mirae could see how devoted he was to every little thing he did. 

Mirae watched as he downed the rest of his drink. Amused, she chuckled. "Sounds like a plan!" she said a little louder than she'd been all evening, or perhaps a little more perky for someone like Mirae. But, she was a bubbly person typically, it's just that the alcohol had finally began taking effect on her and for that she was thankful, it made it much less terrifying to get on that stage later. "Self taught mostly. But, with the help of certain videos .. ive come a lot further, even with you" she smiled, giving him a nod of appreciation. Mirae clutched her next drink and sipped from it causally, feeling herself loosen up the more she drank, and now she'd even began swaying a little in her seat each time an upbeat song came on. "What's something you'd like to learn but haven't gotten to try yet.. if anything?" she asked, before tapping her chin "and when do you feel most out of place?" she finished off, swaying to the music, and never missing a beat, blushing as she realized it. 

“And fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fears there is” Yeon responded with a shrug of his shoulders “I like to think that someone who has been through death and come out the other side is able to face a little of the unknown” he chuckled softly and shrugged his shoulders, it was scary sometimes, not knowing what would come next, not knowing who to trust or whether tomorrow was going to be a good day or a bad day but he often found the world surprised you in good ways as well as bad. He chuckled when Mirae said fate brought them today and he smiled “I do believe sometimes that things happen the way they do for a reason” and lately he had been meeting a lot of good people who enriched his life so he couldn’t say he could complain.

He watched her reaction to him essentially saying he didn’t have a lot of friends and he chuckled, rolling his shoulders back a few times and then shrugging “People are greedy and self-centered mostly” he found that statement to hold true in most cases, people rarely made friends with someone or tried to get close to them simply because they liked them, it was because they thought they could get reputation, or money or often in his case sex. But it wasn’t all bad and he was being a little dramatic when he said he didn’t have many friends, actually he had quite a lot of friends, from the people he had helped out with loans to start their businesses to those he hadn’t spoken to in a long time but knew would be there if he asked them to be. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that it can be lonely sometimes, always being surrounded by people but never really feeling like they see the real, full and complete me” and he didn't expect someone he just met today to see that yet either but he was optimistic about their friendship growing.

She was right, it was kinda like a hamster wheel, whenever you made one feat you suddenly saw the next and you could end up running all night chasing dreams. It was good in the sense he never wanted to stop running which meant there was always something driving him forward and giving him motivation but it was also bad in the fact he often didn’t know when to stop running and take a break he probably desperately needed. “Man if he could see where I am now he’d probably call you a liar” he commented with a laugh, he never believed for a second things would erupt the way he had and he’d have the opportunity to teach, mentor and nurture so many people. “I actually don’t think I will get there” he admitted with a sheepish smile “Because I don’t think the goalposts will ever stop moving” but maybe they would shift with time, become less work focused and more personal focused. Hearing Mirae say she wanted tattoos made him grin “Any idea on what you’d get?” he asked it curiously, his was a very personal message to himself “Maybe if you’re lucky” he commented with a playful tone when she said she wanted to see his tattoo.

“From everything I’ve heard so far it sounds like you deserve it” he admitted with a genuine smile. She deserved to live her life however she wanted and to be happy, it felt like she put a lot of good into the world and probably spent too much of her life til now following orders and worrying about the thoughts others had on her. He liked the idea that she wanted to seize the day. “There’s that fear of the unknown again, what do you know” he teased with a laugh knowing he told her before she had to recognize that fear, feel all of it and then make the decision to do it anyway. He chuckled lightly when he said he was afraid of snakes, always been a thing for him, not really sure why they just kinda freaked him out “Well we’re all afraid of something and those weird-ass worms just creep me out” he shuddered at the very thought of them and grimaced slightly.

He went up to the bar and ordered himself another drink, as a valkyr his tolerance was naturally higher so he tended to go through alcohol pretty fast and all at once to help him feel buzzed, thankfully he started drinking before Mirae arrived so he was making good progress on getting there already. “Videos are good, it’s amazing how many resources you can find for learning nowadays, just load a video and boom you’re learning in your own home” though using things like that was all about self-motivation. Something like dance took a lot of repetition and practice before you could do anything serious with it and even then the master it could take years of hard work and determination. But he definitely saw a spark in her he liked. Seeing the way she was moving to the music he got to his feet holding his drink as he swayed slightly to the beat just because he couldn’t resist seeing someone dancing and not joining in some way “Hmm...well it’s kinda a cheat answer but I’d really like to try foods from around the world, in their authentic countries” he had quite the adventurous palette and he really wanted to experience them in their rawest state.

“Alright, it seems neither of us can resist moving so it seems like we should hit the floor already” he chuckled lightly and downed the next drink he had gotten before he held his hand out for her and led the way over to the area where there were flashing lights swirling all over the floor. No one else was really dancing because it was early in the evening but that was the perfect time for them to get started. After all, he had been giving free rein to bring dancers to the club knowing they would help to hype up the mood of the place and give entertainment for the clientele. “Just like before, except this time with an audience, don’t pay them too much mind though, I’m going to be here with you” he took her hands and fell into a rhythmic repeated step with her to the music and smiled.

"Id like to think you're right. Somehow I think if a person has came out of death, and been given the chance to live again.. to start over, that they can face pretty much anything. But, i'm definitely not saying you're invincible. Nightmares is your reminder that you still have some humanity left in you, so maybe you can look at that as a positive" she commented, giving him a genuine smile while leaning over against him, listening intently and sighing softly "I guess so, I found myself obsessing over trying to find a reason for the things that happened to me and Dae long ago.. but It's safe to say, we're in a good place with each other now, so i don't ask that question much anymore.. It happened, and maybe it happened so that we could come out stronger. We're even closer now than before.. so yeah, I suppose everything does happen for a reason" she smiled, it felt good just to admit that.

"No kidding.. we need to load people like that up, and ship them to an island" Mirae grinned. Itseemed no matter what the topic was, the two of them found a way to just click with it, and they could go on for ages. Mirae loved listening to him more than anything though. Yeon was such an uplifting person. And while he had his down moments, they were slim to none, and it let Mirae know that someone as amazing as Yeon, still had issues to deal with, which made her feel a little less alone with her own baggage. "Yeah, i'm guessing you're always waiting for whoever you're talking to, to show their true colors, like maybe they all have an ulterior motive" she started, and locked eyes with him "But, while I can't say ive had the luxury of knowing you for years, this last little bit with you has been plenty enough for me to see what a great person Ive gained in my life.. a person I'd always try to protect from those who aren't sincere or loyal enough, those who simply don't deserve one second of your time" she grinned, and reach down, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, but one that implied her words were meaningful. "When do you feel most confident about yourself?" she asked, wondering what really made a person like Yeon feel good about himself. "Aside from when you're dancing of course" she added with a knowing grin, figuring that it was likely when he did feel most confident. But, Mirae was trying to dig a little deeper than what she'd seen so far, which said enough, because she had never put this sort of effort in to get to know anyone else. 

Mirae laughed and shrugged a little when Yeon said she'd be called a liar "Still though, just from listening to you talk about your experiences along the way, you've come far enugh to brag on yourself.. and there's so much more room to grow in a business like this i'm sure" she added with a faint smile. Mirae perked up to the question about what she'd get for a tattoo "Actually yes. I'm gonna drag my brother to a shop with me, i'm making him get something small and matching.. I don't think hes as much into the idea of having a matching tattoo as he is seeing a smile on my face. I swear, I think that boy would do anything to make me happy. I'm lucky in that sense" she admitted, having a brother like Dae.. most people could only dream of the loyalty she and Dae shared. It's something she would cherish for a lifetime.

"Ohh? Well what does a girl have to do to be considered lucky Yeon?" she asked, glaring at him teasingly, with her arms folded, giving him a playful pout look. "Thank you. That does really mean a lot to me, you deserve a bit of happiness too.. just gotta allow yourself to accept that. Like I know dancing is your passion, your one true love and such, but besides that, have you done anything like really for yourself beyond that?" she asked, wondering if he'd even had the time for such luxuries. And Mirae wasn't even referring to anything extravagant, she meant the simple things in life that usually turned out to mean the world to people,

The Niveis chuckled and shook her head "heyyy" she said playfully as he reminded her about that fear he was seemingly trying to get her to rid herself of. "I think worms are creepy because they're disgusting mostly. Slimy, nasty , slithering .. ugh.. just no" she blushed, finding herself venting about such a thing. "Mirae followed his lead, grabbing herself another drink against her better judgement. "Figured I may as well" she held the glass up at him smiling before taking a large gulp. "You should see me sometimes, I get lost in the music, im guilty of basically blanking out to everything around me when certain songs play, ive made a mess of my shop so many times doing that. But yes, ive self-taught for a long time now. It's nice to finally be around someone who can show me so much more" she winked, and took another sip of her drink.

Mirae sighed. There that thought was. That one nagging thought she didn't feel like dwelling on tonight, the one that reminded her that she basically lived in her herb shop. That when she and Yeon parted ways for the night, that she'd be alone again, because she had no idea where Dae was, and Mirae was that girl who couldnt' be alone. Her dark optics fluttered up, and a huge grin adorned her features as she just watched him for a moment. Like magnetical force, Mirae was on her feet before she knew what she was even doing, and after finishing her drink, she took his hand, giving him a nod, to say she was ready, but her smile probably spoke in volumes.

Mirae look to Yeon like a lost child. When he said 'just like before' she thought to herself "yeah ive got this" until he mentioned except this time, with an audience "Yeon" she said, a little fear-stricken, but his promise to be there with her, eased her right into taking his hands, and moving in sync with him, after watching the way he did it once. Mirae felt herself shaking a little, but it felt more natural, the more that she moved. "This isn't so bad" she smiled, and began moving more freely than she could ever recall doing in front of a crowd. Hell, she couldn't remember even dancing this weightlessly around her own brother for that matter. Mirae grinned at him before twirling herself outward then back in, and continued to follow his steps until she had perfected it. "I don't wanna be to confident, but let's give them a show" she winked, and picked her game up a little, using what moves she knew he could fall in line with, and as they began to move as one, Mirae's heart raced to the sounds of applause. She'd never been cheered for or cheered on, so she couldn't help but find this an emotional moment in a sense. 

"Oh my gosh, this is nuts!" she called out,making sure only Yeon could hear her as she complimented one of the craziest, but best moments in her life. Her smile grew, as did her passion for dancing. To think all these people were cheering for her and Yeon.. was something more than she'd ever be able to express, but it was the dancing itself that made her heart pound with joy. She figured he had a few moves up his sleeve, so Mirae left things open ended enough for him to test her if he wanted too. 

Her question about feeling most confident made him ponder for a moment, of course when he was on stage was when he felt at the highest of his self worth but how would he define the rest of the time “I guess for me it’s about being sure of myself, sure of my work, of my worth, even how I look sometimes” he shrugged a little “You have to admit when you dress up real nice if gives you that extra boost from the knowledge of self-care” at last that was how he saw it anyway.

He laughed softly rolling his shoulders back slightly “I’d say I don’t like to brag but I guess that would be a lie considering my slightly narcissistic nature” he grinned a little sheepishly because he knew he could across overconfident at times but that was the secret to success in his opinion, to keep acting like you knew what you were doing until you figured the rest out. It had worked for him so far anyway. “Oh matching tattoos huh?” he nodded approvingly “Well as long as it’s with family and not a boyfriend huh? That could get awkward in the end” his tattoo was a personal thing he got for himself to remind himself of what he went through and where he was now.

He gave a coy smile when asked what someone had to be lucky “Well firstly you have to get me on the right day, I can be very temperamental and then bribing with food or alcohol also helps” he chuckled softly and shrugged “Though to be honest if I drink enough I’ll quite literally do anything, it can get pretty crazy” though his tolerance was pretty high so he rarely needed to actually worry about that happening. He chuckled when she called dancing his one true love and pressed his lips together “I mean I don’t limit myself on having nice things, nice clothes, nice car, pool in my apartment” he laughed and smiled “I just don’t really like to flaunt my success either, I knew what it was like to have nothing once so” she shrugged a little bashfully.

The look on her face as she talked about worms was almost priceless and he was practically cracking up in response because he was picturing how crazy she might act around a real one “So no fishing for you then, got it” he grinned slightly, never had much of an issue with bugs though he’d prefer to steer clear of spiders where possible. “Music is just one of those things that really speaks to you and while I’ve never had much of a knack for singing, I found something of my own to relate back to music” the kind of music that made you want to move, made you do so without you even realizing sometimes was his favorite. “Self-teaching is more effective than most people give credit for, it takes some serious determination to learn something well without any help of guidance” he nodded slightly “Hell even having someone who motivates you to continue” he learned most of his himself because his parents had seen it as a side project. Man if they could see him now.

When Yeon was on the dancefloor, it was kinda like a whole different demeanor took over him, he went from a confident but semi humble person to a character who essentially owned the stage, he’d always been good at putting on that front well and standing out, he was bold and confident with his movements and he let stares only spur him on rather than making him feel nervous or troubled. It wasn’t an easy state of mind to achieve but it was incredibly effective.

The look on her face when he said with an audience made him chuckle “Don’t worry, before long you’re going to realize the audience actually helps” for someone outgoing and confident like her he was sure of that, the cheers and encouragement from the crowd would only spur her on further. He started off slow, with simple steps that got them into the rhythm of the music and set the tone for the dance, as he twirled her out he gaze just enough pull to bring her back in again gracefully as he moved in closer to her. It didn’t take long for them to fall into a confident routine with the music and when she suggested they spice it up a little he grinned, he turned her around in front of her and came up behind her, letting her take the lead on the steps while holding her waist from behind.

“It’s a little overwhelming at first but before long you come to love it” he laughed softly as he spun around her to face her and then placed both hands on her hips as he settled into a natural back and forth and then every so often lifted his hands so they would switch positions. He patted his thighs as though to signal she should jump and raised his brow “Jump up and I’ll catch you” he spoke softly and when she did he dipped her back slightly in a circling motion while looking her in the eye with a knowing grin “Sometimes making things up as you go along is fun” he stated mischievously as he set her back down lightly.

Mirae grinned, realizing she was really starting to get to know him, because his answer ended up being around what she figured it would be. "Well, you always look amazing, no matter what you're wearing"  she said with the nod of her head, and smiled genuinely.. By now, Mirae was as open with Yeon as she was with her own brother. Though, her and Daehyun spoke about some pretty wild shit. She wasn't sure any other conversation she'd ever have in her life could compare to some of theirs. "You're right though. When I looked in the mirror after getting ready tonight, I nearly drooled. Like who is that sexy bitch?" she laughed playfully. "It does give people the confidence that they probably normally lack though." she added, grinning from ear to ear, and gazing out to the dance floor, watching people sway together as a slower song came on. 

"Hey at least you admit it" she said in response, and hummed along to the song playing. Mirae had always been approached by people when she sung out loud, so she tried to avoid it. Often being asked why she didn't pursue singing, instead of what she actually did, got a little aggitating. She enjoyed the compliments about her voice, but dancing and singing, had been two things she hadn't been allowed to do, and when she got to the city, where she was free, she felt as though it was too late for any of that, until meeting this Valkyr beside of her. Thanks to him, she had actually been thinking about getting into dance. Singing was another ballgame for her though, and she didn't wanna add too much to her plate. But, she did wonder if she was missing out, by not trying. 

Mirae nodded with a genuine smile on her features when he asked about the matching tattoo's, laughing at the comment about as long as it's not with a boyfriend. "Yeah, I think putting a guys name, or even a girl's name on your body, is just asking for failure. Things always seem to be okay until you go branding yourself.. either that, or marriage seems to make things go down hill" she shuttered, because as much as she cared for Ha--joon, she wasn't sure she'd ever have his name tattooed on her skin. That was a pretty insane thing to do. "What about you? You have a tattoo?" she asked, she was sure she'd seen one when he was stretching and such, but perhaps not. Mirae's widened eyes stared over to him, and she couldn't help but blush as her mind travelled to a place it shouldn't have "Anything huh?" she asked, grinning playfully at him "so getting you drunk is definitely on my to-do list now" she smirked, and took one last shot for herself. 

"Food and alcohol are the best bribes. Same for me, you bring good food and alcohol around me, there's not much I won't do" she laughed, and shrugged a little. Mirae had always been a likable person because she was open minded to most things, with or without alcohol. "Well experiencing both sides of life, having nothing, to having everything, usually makes a person pretty humble. But, feel free.. anytime, to flaunt that pool to me. I definitely wouldn't mind using it during the winter. Summer ending is a shitty time for me, because I do kind of enjoy swimming.. but the water always gets to fucking cold with me in it" she gave a playful pout, but her supernatural abilities made it nearly impossible for someone to actually go swimming with her. 

"Glad you find amusement in my pain" she joked, and flashed a playful wink at the Valkyr. She enjoyed seeing him laugh and smile. It definitely looked good on Yeon. "I don't know, I think i'd give it my best shot. Fishing seems like a lot of fun, as much as camping does. Both of which, ive not gotten to try yet. Maybe you can teach me the whole fishing thing" she stated, wondering how adventerous he really was outside of his dance enviroment. "Seeing you fishing, or hunting though, that would be fun, it's so different from this world here" she commented, making a small gesture with her hand, referring to the dance world. 

When he mentioned not having a knack for singing, Mirae waited until a song came on that she knew, and decided to share that part of herself with him. The only other person who'd ever heard Mirae sing, was her brother, others heard her every once in a blue moon, especially when she had one too many drinks, but she never sang for anyone on purpose. Once 'Officially Missing You' ended, Mirae gave a playful bow. She loved singing, it just wasn't something she wanted to be a professional with. She would do it anywhere people asked her too, but for free, and only because deep down, it was probably the one thing she found herself doing the most. She sang in the shower, sang in her shop, sang around the house as she cleaned, and even in the shopping centers right in the middle of the isle's.

"True.. I enjoy the self taught experience, because when someone else tells you how great you've done at whatever it is, it's pretty rewarding" she admitted with a bright smile. "A lot like when you told me how good I was at dancing. It really made me feel like all the practice and stuff, and all the times i pushed myself .. was worth it" she added, and looked into the Valkyr's eyes. Mirae had closed her own eyes a few times, her nerves had been haywire, but admittedly, seeing how calm and confident that Yeon was, helped her a whole lot. He looked like such a natural on the stage. It was pretty mesmorizing,. something you'd wanna see. 

Mirae had finally got into rhythm with the Valkyr, and before long, they were dancing as one. Before she had even mentioned spicing things up, the crowd watching them were cheering them on. People really seemed happy to see them dance, and for Mirae, it was a first, but it was so exciting. Adrenaline took over, and the next thing she knew, she only saw Yeon and the dance floor. Nothing else even mattered except what they were doing. The way he came up behind her, made her skin dance with gooseflesh, but she didn't mind it, it was the effect he had on her. Sadly one she couldn't fight. Mirae glanced over her shoulder at him, smirking as he came around to face her, and moved with him as if they were meant to be one. "This is kind of amazing" she smiled brightly, and he didn't even have to tell her twice when he told her to jump and he'd catch her. As the Niveis jumped up, and was caught by him in a flawless motion, but the way she had her legs around his waist, made her a little weak. 

Mirae then glared back into his eyes, returning the same look, and finally grinned back at him, shaking her had a little to let him know she definitely understood that knowing grin of his "Such a brat" she whispered, but she had been having the time of her life, and dancing like this, just made her want more. Maybe dance was something that she would make part of her future. Especially after tonight. "Oh Ill definitely agree to that. Let's keep making things up, if it looks anything like this" she teased, but kind of meant it all the same, because the whole straddling position she'd been in, was one a lot would only dream of being in with him, so she definitely wasn't about to complain. Dropping one of her legs, she kept the other hooked around his waist, and allowed her hand to travel the length of his torso, before dropping her other leg, and spinning around quick enough to bend over in front of him and do her own thing. She was shocked that even then he knew how to follow in sync. 

Mirae knew plenty of grinding dances, and all the one on one dances, because she was an intimate person; and liked touchy feely kind of stuff. But, she enjoyed the choreography she'd been learning from Yeon just in the short amount of time she'd been paying attention to his moves. To make things a little more surprising, Mirae decided to use one of the moves he had showed her earlier back in his studio, and after nearly executing it perfectly, she couldn't help but gasp. She surprised herself, because it had been the very same move she had stumbled on the first time he showed her. "Practice always makes perfect" she grinned, and switched her own rhythm as a slower song played in the background. "Wanna sit this one out, or are you okay with it?" she asked, but didn't figure he'd mind, as she placed her arms around his neck. She'd definitely drop them if she sensed him becoming uncomfortable. "So Yeon.." she breathed a little heavy, chuckling some "What are some of your guilty pleasures, that you're willing to admit?" she questioned, giving him a knowing smirk. 

She enjoyed the questions more than anything, because it seemed that they each were openly honest about everything they answered, and it allowed her to get to know all different sides of Yeon. "Well, let me ask a bonus question, since ive got a good feeling of what your answer is about to be" she started, chuckling a little. "Ooo i know one.. a funny one. What would I find if I went through your browser history besides music obviously?" she asked, waggling her brows as if she knew he got into much more than just music, and laughed playfully as she continued to sway her hips slowly to the beat of the song. "You really are an incredible guy Yeon, I'm really happy we've met, and i'm even happier that we got this chance here" she stated, referring to how they've basically spent their entire night hanging out. "We need a movie night" she finished off with a shrug. Tonight sounded like the perfect night to do that. "Ive had a lot of fun tonight, thank you for inviting me here, and letting me get a little taste of your world Yeon. We should hang out again, I may want more" she added with a grin, feeling a certain sadness creeping up on her as the place became less and less crowded. It probably meant that this amazing night was coming to an end soon, and she wasn't sure she wanted it to. 

“Honestly I think doing anything to impress someone else and not for yourself is a bad move, things are going to end in tears and then you have a permanent reminder of it” he shuddered a little and sighed “I do” he responded with a grin and shrugged “Though it doesn’t see the light of day too often because it’s for me, not anyone else” though people he slept with got a glance obviously. “You can try” he teased when she said she wanted to get him drunk, he had a very high tolerance thanks to all the bars he frequented and how much time he spent around other Valkyr “I’ll be impressed if you manage it” he jested, though she seemed like the determined girl so he wouldn’t count her out either. “I like to think so” he spoke nonchalantly and then shrugged “But sometimes even I need someone to remind me when I’m out of line” people weren’t perfect after all and he certainly wasn’t and privilege was a real thing too.

“I need to use it more, it’s one of those things everyone says they’ll have when they have money and then you just forget it’s there half the time” part of having such a busy schedule he supposed. “Fishing and camping are fun but they take so much patience and time, things I don’t really have a lot of anymore” there were some things you just eventually got out of touch with he supposed. He had to admit he was surprised when she started singing along to the music which echoed throughout the club and gave an impressed gaze “Damn, girl’s got pipes” he teased and clapped a few times not caring if anyone looked at him strangely, she had this soft and gentle voice which you wouldn’t really expect from someone who was quite confident and brazen the way she was but then he couldn’t say her voice didn’t suit her either. “You’ll hear me belting tone-deaf to singalong type songs but that’s about my limit” he commented with a chuckle, it would be unfair to have it all he supposed.

“It’s a lot of work though, I see the benefits of both but it takes some serious self-motivation to be able to learn something to industry-standard without a professional to guide you” Yeon had studied under trainers when he was learning to dance but a lot of his choreography and business skills were learned from experience and he enjoyed that form of self-exploration. As they danced, he made sure to match her pace and the style of her moves, he was an adaptive dancer and happy to change the things he was doing to fit with his partner. She was good at the slower more sensual type dances which was okay with him as it focused around accentuating each move and showing the point between every single thing done during the dance. “It’s hard to describe” he responded when she called it amazing, catching her and seeing the way she held the position strong.

The way she responded to his knowing look made him chuckle under his breath and winked “I know what I know” he responded in a teasing manner before he slowly eased her down to the music letting her take the lead on where she wanted to go next, he stared back at her as she ran her hand against his body and then put on a bit of a show in front of him. He ran a hand through his hair, feeling the sweat coming off of it because while the movements were slow, the lights on the tiny stage were bright and hot and any kind of performing always took it out of a person. Her dancing wasn’t polished or what most people would expect but it worked for her and by the time that the song came to an end the crowd was clapping loudly for them. He made sure to stay back towards the end of the music to give her a moment in the spotlight so she would know how it feels. As he said before, it was one of those feelings you just couldn’t describe but it felt amazing.

Once the performance was done he grinned to the crowd a little giving a few enthusiastic bows before he grabbed a hold of her hand and tugged her off the stage with him, he heard her question as they started heading back towards the table and laughed “I mean I’m not sure I have much to be guilty about, kinda an open book” he responded with a laugh and smiled “I’m impartial to a little Taylor Swift?” he responded with a grin, not that he was ashamed by that or anything, the songs were upbeat and catchy. “My browser history?” he asked with a laugh “I mean asides from adult websites, probably me hopelessly googling my way through adult life, especially cooking” he laughed, guilty, but the internet always seemed to find the answers he needed in the end. They’d just got back to the entrance where they got their drinks earlier and he grinned when she said it had been great to meet him “You too, you brought a lot of energy to a previously bad day” he reached out and squeezed her shoulder slightly “You have my card, give me a call sometime and we’ll hang out again” he smiled, he wanted to keep people like this close. He grinned, dropping his head and headed towards the door, saluting as he did so.

"Forgive me but i'm definitely wondering where it's at" she stated, smirking and giving him a knowing look. She pretty much had figured it out when he only responded with the words 'i do'. It was definitely hot to even think of that, but she should probably slow those thought down, at least for now. She and Yeon had gained a pretty great friendship in such a short amount of time, that she didn't want to mess it up by seemingly diving head first into her seductive ways. Though, she could admit she didn't act this way with just anyone. How could you not with something as gorgeous as this Valkyr? She smiled when he said every now and then he needed someone to remind him when he was out of line "I think we all do sometimes. It just takes a certain amount of courage to tell someone that they're out of line, but I definitely would tell you.. especially if i felt like i was saving you from embarrassing yourself, or saving you from a bad situation" she nodded, being the true friend she wanted to be. 

Mirae gave him a look, almost a frown when he said he rarely had gotten to use his pool "Maybe that can be the next thing we do. Your pool" she grinned, and gave him puppy eyes. "I wanna keep in touch after tonight no doubt" she added, only to further drive her point that she wanted to visit him at his place in the near future with a bikini. Swimming in an inside pool had always been a lot more fun for Mirae, she loved the outdoors, but found that  public pools brought a lot more people around, and she had dealt with her fair share of dirty men who nearly drooled at the sight of her. While she maybe didn't know all that there was to know about Yeon, she felt safe with him in a sense that she knew he'd never be the way others had been with her. "That's definitely a bummer though, to have all that amazing stuff just sitting around unused. IF you ever need a house sitter, i'm your girl" she grinned playfully, but hey, it was an actual offer all the same. She knew he had to travel for his career sometimes, and wondered how he felt about leaving his house unattended. 

"We'll just have to make some time. Because if you never make tijme for the things you enjoy outside of dance, then you may very well start to despise the dance world, and that would be catastrophic for someone like you" she mentioned, but maybe that was just her opinion, because he was possibly content with just this lifestyle, and nothing more. But, she had a feeling that him liking things like fishing, camping, etc, meant that he missed doing such things. Mirae blushed pretty heavily, and shook her head as he commented on her singing "thank you, i don't show it often, because ive been asked so many times why ive not pursued it as a professional hobbie.. I mean don't get me wrong, it would be amazing to see my face on some kind of music label, but it's just not for me. It's almost sad to admit that my herb shop means more than that" she chuckled, and shook her head as he admitted to what his own singing limit was. 

As good as he danced,  it would definitely be an overpowering gift to be able to sing as well. She nodded in agreement, "yeah, it is, amazing is just the one word that tends to keep coming to mind around you" she grinned teasingly, and shook her head. She hated how she knew that this night was ending. It was almost heart breaking. She'd not had this much fun with really .. anyone. The lights shined brightly on them, and she could see that he was a little exhausted as the song finally came to it's end, just as she was. She didn't expect him to leave her standing in the spot light alone however. And for a moment, Mirae got consumed by it. She'd never felt such a thing, and she wasn't even sure how to feel about it. She gazed to the audience who had been cheering them on, and then to the lights above her, a bright smile adorning her features, and when she finally snapped out of her trance like state, she gave a playful bow. 

Mirae grinned at him, it was more of a thank you kind of smile she had on her face, giving him a look, because she was sure he knew how good it felt to be underneath a spotlight, and it was an incredible thing for him to do for her. As he tugged her off the stage, she walked hand in hand with him, and even gave the audience a wave with a pearly white grin on her face.  "That was more powerful that I would have ever imagined, being in the spotlight, thank you" she smiled genuinely. Mirae's mouth fell open, and she pretended as if she were shocked when he said Taylor Swift was an artist he enjoyed. "Well, we can agree to that, I do love her song Blank Space" she laughed and shook her head. She figured as much, with his browser history at least. "Yeah, I think i should probably look into some cooking tutorials on youtube" she stated, "I mean i know how to fix a lot of stuff, but baking isn't something i'm good at. Ive smoked the house up more than once now" she admitted, blushing slightly as she grinned at him. 

Mirae sighed, but pulled him close for a hug as he told her she'd brought a lot of energy to a previously bad day for him. "Happy to have helped" she spoke softly, and kissed his cheek before pulling back. "Definitely count on me calling you soon:" she smirked, because she was dead serious about using his pool. It sucked to watch him walk to the door, saluting as he left, but Mirae decided to hang back for a few, and wallow in what an incredible night he'd given to her. 


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