Inevitably, Autumn finds herself drawn to the river. It's been like this since she arrived in the city. She's not entirely certain why, if it's that her new self is just drawn to the water, if it's all that time she spent on the water before coming to Evermore, or if it's the memories of all she's lost being so connected to the water. It's probably a combination of all three if she's honest with herself. The water has been tied to her life since she was born, in ways she doesn't even know. It's taken so much from her but given back just as much.

She wanders the shore of the water for a while, looking into the waters as the cool wind whips off of the surface. Her jacket is mostly for show, she doesn't feel the chill anymore, but as she comes to a stop and sits down on the bank she finds that she's grateful for the protection it brings. This is probably the first truly still moment she's had since waking up in the ocean. She's finally starting to truly get settled into the city and doesn't have the pressing matter of figuring out what to do to survive here weighing on her anymore. It's thanks to this, this finally still moment, that her thoughts start to wander. She picks up a nearby stone and skips it out across the water as she wonders. It's been a couple of months now since she heard his voice and she wonders what he would think of what she's managed to accomplish. Would her grandfather be worried by what she's become? By her finding herself alone in a strange place?

More than anything she wishes she could talk to him again, to ask him his advice about what she should do. They had never stayed in one place very long but now she has no reason to run, right? Now that she's different there's no one that would be out to hurt her, no one that she might accidentally hurt herself. Her fingers dig into the soft cotton of her jacket as she stares into the waters. "What would you want me to do?" Perhaps at this time it would seem better to stare up at the sky, that's what she's seen in all the movies, but it doesn't feel right to her. It wasn't the sky that took her family away, not really.

"I miss you, you know? It's not fair... none of this was supposed to happen..." She wonders if he was as scared as she was the night that storm hit, feeling their boat being tossed like a toy by the waves. She can't remember him ever being scared, but that sort of thing is enough to scare anyone. Her jacket shields her arms from the tears falling and she doesn't realize she's crying until one falls on her hand. Then it's as though someone let the floodgates open and she ducks her head, burying her face in her arms as sobs start to wrack her body as it finally starts to hit her that her only family is really gone. She'd been forcing herself forward on pure willpower and necessity and hadn't allowed it time to sink in. Now that it is, it's rushing over her just like the waves that capsized her ship a couple months ago.

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Ommin has been walking the river bank trying to find some herbs called Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)  - This herb Medicinally it is used internally to combat fluid retention and jaundice and externally for inflamed eyes and haemorrhoids. It is said to repel ants and aphids from lettuce and repel slugs. Her garden had been over run with ants and she needed a natural way to keep them at bay. She walked in the shallows of the water, her pants rolled up to her knees as she swished around the water. Enjoying the fresh air. 

Aurazin's had not have a human body for a very long time. No air, no food, and no need to sleep. Her lungs welcomed the fresh smells and scents of the human world. Always something new for her to explore as she had died roughly almost 500 years ago. She couldn't even remember the year she died or how overly. Just knowing it was not pleasant. She pushed these grave thoughts from her head as she walked deeper into the water pulling the herb our by their roots, careful not to damage them so she could re plant them in her garden. As she was elbows deep trying to unearth roots, she felt it, the tears hitting the water. The emotion flowed through water as it soaked up through her feet and over took her body. Her Eyes began to swell with tears as well. Death... an emotion she knew all to well. 

She picked up her little plant holder and got out of the water. Her feet carrying her along a path toward where this young woman had been sitting. The sun shinning on her back lightly as her golden hair reflected sunlight as if it was the sun itself. "Oh...found you" She whispered to herself as she observed the woman speaking to herself assuming no one was around. She spoke loud enough for the girl to hear as she began to lean against a tree about 7 feet away

“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

"I love this quote by William Shakespeare.  Such elegance we can find in death, don't you agree?" 

Her voice was soft enough she didn't startle the girl. Her eyes fell as she turned to look at her. She wore forest green leggings she has pulled up to her knees, a light blue t-shrit with a black choker around her neck. Her natural hair down in tight curls. Her ears decorated in different earrings and gems. She walked forward "May I sit?" 

Autumn had come to the river for a quiet moment alone. The mountaintops, while peaceful, is also home to the rest of the tribe and they've been doing a wonderful job of checking up on her. Between them they've been incredibly supportive and she's grateful, truly, but she'd thought she needed a moment away. Maybe she did, but right now she regrets it. How do people handle this?

The sound of someone talking catches her attention, the voice soft but clearly speaking to her. She takes a moment to try and stifle the tears, wiping her cheeks with her sleeve before turning. She doesn't recognize the woman standing there so she's definitely not one of the Tribe. She does recognize the quote though. Her grandfather was a scholar and taught Autumn all about Shakespeare. At this point she imagines she's read all of his plays. The gentle reminder of something he'd loved and taught her to love as well brings a smile to her face, even if it is a small one.

"O, I have bought the mansion of a love, but not possess'd it, and, though I am sold, not yet enjoy'd." Romeo and Juliet, one of the most famous tragedies of all time. She's aware of the fact that her face is probably a mess but she can't bring herself to care too much. A lot of that ability feels drained all of a sudden. "Shakespeare was a brilliant writer. I always found I preferred Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet though." She's not surprised to hear that her voice is on the hoarse side and she clears her throat, hoping that it will help some.

Perhaps she's a bit too trusting, but she finds that she welcomes the company even if she doesn't know the woman. As she walks closer Autumn scoots over a little, silently agreeing to let her sit with her. As she approaches, Autumn quickly wipes her face of the rest of the tears that had fallen to her cheeks. "Sorry. I didn't realize there was someone else around, I didn't mean to bother you.." Autumn takes note of the little herb basket the woman is carrying and raises an eyebrow. "Gathering river herbs? What are they?"  

Ommin glaceed down at the basket she held, walking forward she sat down next to the girl. "You did not bother me child. If anything I am the one who stumbled my way down here. I'm pretty sure i'm no longer where I am meant to be..."  Her feet drifted back and forth in the water as she kicked lightly. Not making a splash but causing many ripples. "These are river herbs called Chervil, its fantastic for keeping snails out of my garden. Little bastards keep eating my lettuce. I got a tribe to feed. Can't have them around eating it all." She reached down and let her fingers wade through the water as well. "I won't be coy about it. You feel grief. Recent grief. Lost of a loved one dear to your heart." She let her eyes drift up from the water and locking with autumn. "It was once my job to comfort those like you. Those I did it from the shadows and in many forms other then my own..."

Ommin had not meet any other species or persons yet since being on the earth again. Except those from the Ailward guards manor. She was told she could not speak with humans still about her kind but many supernaturals had heard of the Aurazin kinda new arrival. She could feel the power rifting from Autumn. Making it so she knew she could speak freely about who and what she was. "It is never easy to let go and it's ok if you never let go" As she spoke she raised her hand, a blue butterfly settles onto her hand for a few moments before taking off again "Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures....Wouldn't you agree..." She paused as if thinking "Forgive me but I never asked your name."    

Autumn offers the woman a small smile as she joins her, then looks down into the water again. "I always used to find the water so comforting. In a way it still is... It's why I came here." After a moment she kicks off her shoes, joining her new company with her feet in the water. "So if you're not where you're meant to be I'm sure the river can help. As for the snails, I've read that certain mint varieties are wonderful for keeping all manner of pest out of your garden... though the catnip might cause a cat problem instead." She hasn't heard of chervil but she doesn't doubt the stranger about it's effectiveness. Despite her soured mood, her joke about the snails does bring a small smile to her face.

The smile slowly fades as her current emotional state is brought up again. She knew it would be, when someone finds a stranger crying on the riverbank it tends to be the topic of discussion. She doesn't deny it, doing so would be pointless. Instead she stares down into the water, only glancing up when she can feel that she's being stared at. "So that's why you came to me..." Her words confirm what Autumn had already suspected, that her guest is not human herself. "My grandfather. He died about two months ago now. Drowned in the sea, the same night I changed. There's been so much to focus on..." she stops before her emotions boil over again, turning back to look at the sun glinting off the water.

Since neither of them are human she supposes it's okay to speak of things more openly. Keeping what she is a secret hadn't really been a problem, not with the way it was grilled into her before to never let anyone know of her heritage, so she hasn't struggled with it so far. She doesn't really recognize what the woman is but considering she hasn't met many people yet that's no surprise. "I'm trying to keep moving forward. I know it's what he would've wanted for me. Coming here has helped a bit I think, even though I haven't been here long." Autumn smiles some as the butterfly lands for a moment on the woman's hand, watching it flutter off. "They are beautiful. So many creatures are though, I find it hard to choose which one is my favorite. Forgive me, I should have introduced myself. I'm Autumn." She stretches a little, raising her hands above her head and popping her back with the motion. She finds that just talking to someone has helped her feel better. "I'm sorry you had to meet me bawling my eyes out. I promise I'm not usually like that..."

"It's ok to lose someone close to you. I lost my entire family. My Life. My identity became one thing. Helping others. It is OK to lose yourself or feel empty but know one day that will fade and you will be full of love once more." Ommin watched her aura colors flicker fast and rapidly as she spoke of her grandfather. "I will keep your emotions with me child. I will share the burden with you" She reached out her hand laying it on her shoulder. Autumn felt her emotions shift lightly. Nothing grand but they felt lighter. Calmer. Not as over powering. Ommin has always had the 'Magical' touch. Her mother said it was her natural born ability to feel and connect with people. She credited it to centuries in the veil. Tho she did have somewhat of a similar effect on people in her first life. 

She took Autumns had in a shake and laughed a deep belly laugh. "No worries miss Autumn. I Am often found crying In my green house! No need to feel ashamed. I would rather see people in their true emotions owning them Vs suppressing them." She glanced down at her feet as she kept swishing them around. "Miss Autumn would you like a snack and something to drink? We have plenty at the Ailward guards manors. They have been kind enough to let my kind Stay there for the time being as we are trying to establish a home for our tribe!" She smiled sweetly but she was also unaware that not everyone know of the Aurazin's or their kind yet as they had just arrived. She also was not aware of alot of things. She was the most laid back of he tribe. 

She proceeded to stand up brushing the dirt off her clothes. She offered her empty hand to Autumn to help her up. "I believe it would be rather fun to invite someone to the house. You would be my first guest! I do not speak with many yet. I was a lone wolf while I was in the veil. Now I find socialization rather comforting." She was rather candid about her life and blankly open about it, She held her herbs in her other hand which dripped lightly with water. Her bare feet covered in dirt. As Autumn took her hand she began to walk along the path. "We have almost all fresh food at the manor. Do you like apples? water melon? any kind of melon?......" She trailed off listing other things to eat as they walked the path. It seems Ommin was all about that food life. 

Autumn turns her eyes to her company as she speaks and allows a little smile to her face. It seems like so far she’s gotten through everything by keeping herself busy and not allowing herself to think about it, but what Ommin says is true. Time will eventually make even this okay. “It sounds like we had about the same experience… My grandfather was all I had and… well I actually died in that storm too.” It’s funny to think about now, but what they had been running from is the very thing that ended up allowing her to come back, dying a phoenix and coming back a niveis. She’s still as Ommin reaches over and touches her shoulder, welcoming the easing of her mood even if it is a bit surprising. She isn’t sure how she managed it, but figures it has something to do with what faction she’s part of. Autumn is still learning about them, so it wouldn’t surprise her if there’s a faction out there that can ease emotional burdens. “Thank you.” Her voice is quiet but her smile is genuine as she finally feels like breathing is easier.

Ommin’s own smile and laugh actually goes farther to bringing Autumn’s mood to a happier place than anything though, the contagious quality of it causing the blonde to giggle herself as she shakes her hand. “Well I’m glad to hear that. It seems like most people think crying is weird for some reason? Or at least in my experience. Anyway, you don’t have to call me ‘miss’, just Autumn is great.” Miss makes her feel old for some reason, and besides friends don’t call each other miss. Now, Autumn is never one to turn down company, so the offer to go get a snack is one that she accepts without hesitation. “Sure. I have no idea what the Ailward manor is, but if they’d be okay with me imposing, I’d love to.” That was a lot of terms thrown at her that she doesn’t know, but she takes a moment to think. Apparently Ommin’s tribe is new to the city, which would explain why Autumn hadn’t been told about them. Interesting.

She gently takes Ommin’s offered hand and gets to her feet, lightly brushing the dirt from her jeans as well, and taking a second to get her shoes back on. Once again Ommin starts throwing around words that Autumn has no idea what they mean, but she gets the general gist of it. “Well then, I’m honored to be your first guest! I’ll make sure to be on my best behavior.” Autumn was always a lone wolf herself, though not by choice. Much like Ommin, she’s finding socializing and being around people to be a lot of fun, especially with how much she’s learning. She has lots of questions for her companion, but for now holds off on asking just in case it’s considered rude, she doesn’t want to accidentally offend her. Her question about food gets a soft laugh from the niveis and she nods. “I am about the least picky person on the planet. Everything you just listed sounds amazing. I did most of the cooking before so I’ll eat just about anything.” So would the guys on the ship, they were all quite kind about her experimenting with dishes. Sometimes they really shouldn’t have been. She’s letting Ommin lead the way, mostly because she genuinely has no idea where they’re going.

As they walked Ommin continued to talk. "Then Autumn is it!" She clapped her hands together in front of her chest excitedly. "Oh! Forgive me. I get ahead of myself a lot of the time. The Ailward Guard manor is where the Ailward Aspects and the Guards live. A faction species that live here in Evermore city! I am  part of the Aurazin Faction. The Aspects have been kind enough to give us shelter while we  have been kicked from our original homes." She says this all in one breath. Taking a deep breath she smiled. "I need to learn how to slow down again. Find myself always rushing now. So much to say, do and see!" She let out another deep bellied laugh at her own mind racing a hundred miles an a hour. "You are not of the Ailward faction that I can see and I can feel the coldness radiating from you. Do you mind me asking indeed what you are?" 

Ommin had helped many species into the afterlife - helping them let go of the life that no longer served them. This always came with its challenges. She had to realize not everyone was going to know the information she did. She gave her head a little shake. "Sorry for my blabbing. I've yet to meet anyone outside the Ailwards yet. So this is rather exciting news!" Ommin's smile never faded. Her spirits high. They walked along the banks of the Niveis territory. Ommin holding her basket swinging it lightly back and forth listening to what ever Autumn has in response to her words. 

As they rounded a bend after a bit of small talk and getting to know  each other a bit better. Ommin gives a little skip in her walk. "Here we are!" She waved lightly to the manor in front of her. It was rather large - Easily big enough to fit a couple hundred people inside it's walls. She walked past the garden area "One moment please!" She ran into the garden shed. She quickly moved a pot onto the counter and filled it with soil. Plopping her new found pest control into them. Patting the soil she nodded with satisfaction .She placed the filled pot into a bucket that was filled with water. The pot floated just barely as it soaked up water. She nodded and brushed the dirt off her hands and popped back out of the shed. "Okidoki! We are all set! Now I have some small cakes I baked and some refreshing juice inside! Shall we?" 

Ommin walked up to the steps of the manor and held the door open for Autumn. She lead her to the kitchen. She motioned for Autumn to sit at the bar area where stools of multiple colors sat."So Autumn - what do you like to do for fun and entertainment in there area's?" She was ruffling through the fridge. Grabbing some fresh watermelon and grapes. A couple cheese kinds and meats as well, She cut them all up rather fast and with grace. Like the kitchen knife was an extension of her body. "When I was younger my mother and I, we would cook for the whole village. I learned rat her fast how to be speedy" She winked toward Autumn as she set the large plate in front of Autumn. Listening to what Autumn was saying, she grabbed two cans out of the fridge. Not noticing the labeling as she could not read. She had grabbed a Canadian alcoholic iced tea's called 'Hey y'alls.' Pouring them into two glasses she placed one in front of Autumn and one beside herself as she took a seat on the  bar stools. Looking at Autumn. 

Ommin seems quite excitable, which is quite cute and refreshing. Most of Autumn’s life was spent around surly, quiet men. Of course she can’t help but feel like the woman might need to slow down and breathe sometimes, the rush of words coming fast enough that Autumn has to take a second to make sure she understood everything. “Ailward Aspects and Guards, huh? They sound important… but it was awfully nice of them to take your faction in!” Autumn’s own smile is bright as she says this, though she doesn’t speak in as much of a rush. “It’s okay. It’s nice to meet someone that’s so happy,” she waves off Ommin’s explanation with a friendly smile, hoping to assure her that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying things.

“Oh! Sorry. I’m a niveis. We’re pretty new to the city ourselves and most of us live up on the mountain tops.” Autumn gestures then toward the colder areas farther up, where snow covers the peaks of the mountain. With attention brought to that she’s apparently radiating cold, Autumn makes a concerted effort to bring her body back to normal temperatures. “We prefer the cold and no one else can live up there so our tribe claimed it.” At that, Autumn holds up her wrist, showing Ommin the icy blue markings that circle her wrist and denote her as being a niveis. “There’s no reason to apologize, I’ve never met an Ailward or an aurazin before so you’re far from alone.” She doesn’t realize it yet, but she actually has. They just didn’t tell her.

As they come to the manor where Ommin has apparently been staying, Autumn can’t quite help her shocked expression at the sheer size of the place. It’s huge, obviously designed to hold many, many people in its walls. As Ommin runs off to take care of the herbs she’d gathered, Autumn takes the time to look around the outside. She’s sure not to wander too far from where her host had gone into the shed, but she seems perfectly happy just walking through the garden and looking at all the different plants. She’s half bent over, looking at a flower, when Ommin comes back out from the shed and she makes her way back over to her, the promise of cakes and juice a relief from the heat of the day which she can feel sapping at her strength.

Despite her desire to help out, she does as she’s asked and takes a seat at the bar, leaning over to watch as Ommin starts to cut up some snacks for the two of them. “I can help if you’d like? I did most of the cooking before and all of it now.” She knows her way around a knife pretty well,  but she also knows some people prefer to do things themselves. “Uh, well I’m pretty new to the city myself, so most of the fun stuff I’ve only heard about. I know there are concerts held pretty often if you enjoy music and I think I was told a festival was coming up some time soon?” She thinks for a minute but nothing else is coming to her right now, she’s sure it will before too long though. “Oh wow, that sounds like fun. What did you make with her?” Autumn never knew her own mother, so any stories like the one Ommin just mentioned tend to catch the girl’s attention. As the plate is put in front of her she wastes no time grabbing a piece of cheese and a grape from it, two of her absolute favorites. She notices the tea tastes a bit strange, but she just puts it down to being something new and shrugs it off, having not seen the can that Ommin poured it from quite yet. “This is all really good. You grew it yourself right?”

Ommin had found herself in the company of the shattered girl. Ommin watched Autumn for every flinch, reaction and emotion flowing from her. "No dear Autumn. You are a guest. Please sit while I do the prep! Next time tho you can help" She gave Autumn a wink. She felt connected to this girl. It was not because she wanted to heal her - Well she did want to fix her but that was her old job and as thje saying goes. Old habits die hard. She sat beside Autumn as she mentioned the festivals. "Music festivals? Like large gatherings? Is this spiritual or....?" She seemed slightly confused. She really was lost in these times. SO much going on in today's world it made her head spin! 

"What did me and my mother make?" She seemed slightly taken back by such a genuine question about her life. "Well... We made a lot of Labouyi Ble. Which is basically Bulgur wheat ground up. Great for feeding people who are malnourished. Tho a village favorite was always Lambi Guisado. Also known as Spicy Stewed Conch for white people" She gave a little laugh at that sipping her iced tea. A tingle started to form in her toes and finger tips. She giggled maybe a bit too much at her own joke. "It's considered a delicacy now a days in my home land but originally it was poor mans food, Funny how times have changed" She sipped her iced tea this time with more of a gulp. She let her eyes drift as she snapped back to looking at Autumn. "I'm so so sorry. I just realized you don't know my age....I'm just under 500 years old... So i lack a lot of base knowledge" She reached her hand out and placed it on Autumns knee. "I was...I mean am An Aurazin. We carry people to the afterlife, We also help those who are carrying grief in their hearts from losing someone close to them. That's how I saw you. That's how I found you. I know I already mentioned being a Aurazin but I thought maybe explaining a bit more might help." She removed her hand from Autumns knee. 

"But if you'd like I can refrain from speaking more of the dead. After all. The dead have no place in the land of the living....Except us I guess. Tho Un-being dead isn't being alive. It's just a pause on our duties" She finished off her tea and she was sitting  with autumn. Hoping she hasn't offended her. Her speech seemed to becoming a bit more harsh and honest when speaking. She felt a light blush raise to her dark cheeks. Remaining invisible to Autumn but Ommin felt it for sure. 

Autumn seems much better now, after having gotten most of it out of her system. There’s still a twinge of sadness coloring her emotions but considering how recently it all happened, that’s not too strange. “Fine, but next time I get to cook for you. Sound good?” Autumn’s gentle smile is sincere but perhaps a bit teasing. She finds that she likes Ommin. She’s never really had a genuine female presence in her life before so she’s really hoping she’s not coming across as awkward. She pops another grape in her mouth as Ommin questions her, chewing the question around in her mind a bit before answering. “I’ve only ever been to one before myself. There’s all different types of festivals though and yeah, some are music. Most have a mix of things though. Rides, games, music, food, even some dancing… some are spiritual I think? But most just seem to be for fun.” She hadn’t been allowed to look around during that festival either, her grandfather had been looking for someone and so it was purely business. No fun allowed, but even then she’d loved the atmosphere.

It’s amazing to Autumn the difference in perspectives and experiences that she’s encountered since coming here. It really drives home just how isolated she had been before as she realizes she has no idea what any of the dishes Ommin’s talking about are but none of that seems to curb her genuine curiosity. “You would feed your whole village? That sounds like a lot of people but… it also sounds pretty fun.” A small smile comes over her face as she recalls nights of laughing and merry making on board the ship and then she imagines it being not in the freezing cold and with more people. She notices that the tea still tastes weird and eyes the can but doesn’t get up yet. She’s curious about what may be in this thing. Then she realizes just how distracted she is when Ommin’s voice snaps her back into focus, almost causing the blonde to jump. “500? You’re almost the same age as Mik then…” she’s mostly talking to herself, though if she recalls correctly Mik still has a good chunk on Ommin. Always one to enjoy learning new things Autumn listens intently as Ommin speaks, taking in the information about her people with small nods. “So… you’re sort of like guardian angels?” How nice that would’ve been the night she drowned. “I suppose that would make you interested in the fact that I died. That’s how a niveis is born. We’re phoenix that have drowned or died somewhere really cold. Instead of being reborn, we turn into niveis and gain control of water and ice.”

Ommin certainly hasn’t offended her and she actually giggles at her remark about the undead as she gently waves off her concern. “Don’t worry about it. I enjoy learning new stuff.” With the way she’s starting to feel a bit funny and a touch warm, as though she’s flushed, she feels she has to check the can. She gets up and grabs the can that the tea had been poured from, raising an eyebrow a touch when she reads the label. Hard iced tea, something she’s never touched before. That would explain why she’s feeling a bit funny. “Interesting choice for a drink.” She giggles, not angry over the whole deal at all, in fact she seems to find it amusing.

Ommin could not help but be joyful around this girl. She made note to stop talking about those who have past and push forward to the present. Which is something she was rather bad at. Being the fact she lived in a timeless void for so long. This was her time for redemption tho. To become human once again and thrive with people, to learn and to grow. "Well maybe one time we will have to throw a festival" She nodded. Not really knowing the effort that went into something like that but she was rather excited to do something for a community again. She laughed lightly at Autumn remark about her feeding the village. "Me and my mother were mambo's back in our time. Voodoo priestesses that cared for our village. Which included but not limited to healing, feeding, helping and doing ceremonies for our people. It was rather nice. I believe there was about 50 or 60 people in our village before the Spaniards grew to large and pushed us out. Tho that is a story for another day" She nodded lightly to herself keeping herself from going into a rather unpleasantness of a flash back. 

She nodded at Autumn again when she mentioned they are like guardian angles. "Yes and no. My faction of my species was more like guardian angles. We are called empaths. We help those who lost love ones, help them move on. The others are called shepherds. They help lost souls in the void to the afterlife. Like ferry men of the dead. They are very nice people." She smiled brightly as she spoke of her kind. Her work meant everything to her. Giving people a chance to grow and remember their passed family members." She listened to Autumns explanation on her species and nodded. "Due to your rebirth - No Shepherds look for you. You species dose't hit the void even. Tho It is strange no empaths came to help sooth your loss of your grandfather..." She looked at  her empty can and frowned lightly. She was wanting another one. As Autumn stood up Ommin tried to as well but stumble ever so lightly. Grasping the counter for balance. 

"Interesting? What do you mean?" Ommin looked toward autumn completely dumb founded. "Would you be a dear tho and hand me another one of those?" 

Autumn will admit to still being awkward around people, but even with the short time she’s known Ommin the woman brings her a sense of comfort. She’s happy in a way that Autumn has very little experience with but it’s nice to see. “You might want to talk to someone with a bit more knowledge of the city than me for something like that,” she chuckles, “I don’t know enough about how it works to be of much help.” She’s sure there has to be some red tape of some sort to jump through, that’s just how the world works nowadays but she wouldn’t even know where to start. “Voodoo priestesses?” Autumn cannot quite help the way her brow raises and Ommin can almost see the way she’s thinking back. “Wow, I’ve only ever read stories. For the most part I was taught that you functioned as a type of medicine woman. My grandfather was always like ‘Autumn you can’t put your trust in that magic!’ but I thought it was really cool. Never imagined I’d meet someone who lived it.” For all that her grandfather was a smart man, he sometimes took his distrust of others too far. To claim not to put any trust in stories of old magic when you can move rocks with your mind always felt disingenuous to her.

Autumn listens with interest as Ommin explains, immediately beginning to make connections in her mind to help her remember things better. She’s been learning so much since moving to the city that she has to if she wants to keep up. “Like Charon, the river-man. You’re all very close then? You talk as though you know all of them personally. That must be nice. I still haven’t met everyone in the tribe, but the ones I have met are like family.” Most of them are connected in a way beyond just being niveis, all of them having died rather painful deaths. Hers wasn’t murder like many but drowning is a very painful way to go regardless. The new information she’s given about her kind is interesting but the confusion on Ommin’s face prompts her to give her own guess. “I died in the middle of the arctic sea, during a really bad storm. After I woke up I was taken in by a native tribe and then came straight here and haven’t really let myself… think about it much. Maybe that’s why?”

She quietly grabs another can and brings it over to Ommin before answering, chuckling softly as she takes another sip of her tea. “Here you are. It’s hard tea. Alcohol. I’ve never actually drank before so I was wondering what it was.” Fortunately she’s drank less than her companion, meaning she’s not stumbling around quite yet so she’s still navigating safely.

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