Today was any other casual day for Daehyun Stormwind. He's chilling inside his cabin, his legs crossed and placed on the other chair as he skimmed through the pages in the file. He's been very careful so far, taking in small particles and pieced them to be a bigger note. Recently, he's gotten information regarding the valkyrs since he met one for the first time. A very particular valkyr that really caught his attention wholly, not that he'll ever admit it. He knew he should've at least went down and scour the city for any occupation instead of just keeping an eye out, but Dae wasn't sure what he'd find that would suit him. He's good at reporting but does that mean he'd have to work behind the screens in an office? What qualification did he even have? He remembered studying a few courses in the last 20 years but just studying with no actual interest in anything.

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, he huffed and blew the few strands of his hair away from his forehead and transitioned to another page. It continued in a cycle until he eventually stopped at one page, in particular, the one that held a few information about someone he's had the chance of meeting last time, Josefine Dietrich. He remembers stumbling across the Danish-born blonde while he was just strolling around during the New Year’s Festival in NYC earlier this year. And now she’s gone AWOL all of sudden, it doesn’t help when he had her brother breathing down his neck too. Spying was within his forte, an expertise he mastered after a while of training, so it didn't take him long to find what he needed. A few strings here and there, and he was able to get what he wanted.

While the niveis knew how to work under pressure, it didn’t mean he prefers it. It made him doubt the competency of his work whenever he was not able to achieve the maximum level and Daehyun is big on being a perfectionist when it comes to his spying. It’s the only thing he’s known for a while, and it’s one of the only things he’s even confident on doing. How many months has it been now ever since they settled in Evermore? At least up to 4 months, for sure. That’s long enough for him. Thoughts of leaving came across his train of thoughts more than once, and it’s been occurring a lot more frequently as of late. It’s just an excuse to get away from all of this, Daehyun has never been good being in a community, he’s a loner. You either seek him or he seeks you out, that’s it. The only reason that held him close for the next 40 years after Coldren’s defeat, was Anivia. He trusted her to lead the tribe and she’s shown exceptional leadership traits. She didn’t need him any longer, per se. Or at least, that’s what the elder Stormwind thought.

Just a few sweep ins on the celestials and Ailwards, and he should be done with all of this. An hour in his research, he suddenly felt sleepy. Dae yawned a few times and took off his glasses and placed it on the table, as he leaned against the chair for more comfort. He probably should go outside, he thought. Closing the curtain blinds covering the windows, he tied the ribbon around the file and hid in under the floorboards. Shady, probably. But he had to make sure the location of the files that held private information such as that is kept a secret from everyone else. The elder Stormwind wrapped himself with a jacket and exited the cabin, as he slowly surveyed the area momentarily before he went off his way to finally get that fresh air. There was no reason for him to even wear an overcoat since the pale-haired male loves the cold breeze, but it’s just a habit he developed when he went out for recon missions elsewhere for the last 40 years.

Staring at the pathway that leads her around the entire mountain, he passed the main cabin and stared for a while. Will he miss them? This was what made him conflicted. Without realizing, Daehyun was pursing his lips in contempt as he stared at the cabin longer than he was supposed to, reminiscing the memories they’ve made together as a tribe for the past years. It wasn’t as if he hated it here, he just didn’t find the joy anymore. It’s petty but how long is his responsibilities going to tie him down, leaving him with no room to speak?

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“No, no, no. I don't need any more books. I need my order of tarot cards and the shipment of skirts you promised me.” Lita stood in the middle of the library, pacing around the new area rug that had been acquired by one of the residents. The Niveis faction house was nothing more than a glorified cabin, built sturdy with more rooms than it had a right to. Anivia had fallen in love with the place and while maybe only half of their people called the place home it served its purpose. Sighing as the man on the phone tried to dissemble and blame his mistake on everyone but himself, the female store owner had heard enough. Joel had convinced her to give him a chance, to use him for her buying needs and the Male had proven himself more trouble than he was worth.

“No, you know what I'm done. Cancel my order, refund my money. I am taking my business elsewhere. No. No! Joel just stop. This is the third time you haven't filled my order and pushed useless merchandise I don't need. I can find my items elsewhere for a fair price and not near as much hassle. Goodbye Joel.” The warrior pulled the phone away from her ear and hit the end button, cutting off the quiet litany that was no doubt a string of useless apologies. The device began to vibrate and without looking at who it was the raven-haired female sent it to voicemail. Truth be told she had already found another distributor, a little more expensive but they were locally sourced which meant more opportunity to ensure the quality of the products.

Slipping the cell phone into her back pocket, ignoring the constant vibrating Lita turned to head back into the living room when movement caught her eye. Turning fully to the window her almond shaped eyes narrowed for a moment until recognition flashed through her mind. She watched him for a few minutes, trying to gauge why he was just standing outside the house. The expression on his face was pensive, wistful even which spurred her into action. Curiosity propelled her through the house and put the backdoor where she circled around to where Daehyun stood looking at the cabin as if the weight of the world rested on his squared shoulders.

“You look as if you are contemplating the mysteries of the universe and the answers can be found in the grain of wood.” She gestured to the wood planks that made up the bones and foundation of the cabin. A slight smile on her face as she walked up to stand next to him, pondering the cabin in a reflection of his own stance and repose. “What exactly are you doing out here?” There was a touch of amusement and curiosity to her tone, as she knew Dae never did anything without a solid and valid reason.

Unyak had been his place of shelter for as long as he could remember, that’s a given when it’s the longest place he’s been at. But it was nowhere near home. When they moved, the island was supposed to be their place of refuge for a few days, or a week, at most, considering it wasn’t the most idealistic place for phoenixes to reside in, especially with no heat to accompany them day and night. They allowed the whole tribe to mourn over their sacrificed, their fallen ones that were ruthlessly butchered by others that eventually forced them to flee from their home before Unyak. It was supposed to be a new beginning, but now that place only serves Daehyun as a bitter memory.

It’s where he would remember as his prison, nothing more and nothing less. He died there, in the hands of the person he trusted the most; the one he had so many high hopes for. Watching his sanity go away, he couldn’t fathom how much it hurts him internally. He could still feel the pain in his chest, just above where his heart lies, when it rains. Ironically. It’s the same spot where he had a mark over, alongside their tribal marks that trailed from his wrist up to his arm and shoulders, spreading through his torso. No one ever saw his marks up close because the snowy-haired niveis always made sure to cover himself up, a personal trait from his old life for Daehyun was forced to cover himself since childhood after his phoenix marks started to appear to avoid suspicion from his former tribe.

After moving to Evermore, everything was slowly looking up, they had more addition to their tribe, and Anivia was prospering as a chief. The elder Stormwind was elated to see how far she’s come from 40 years ago. So his faith and hopes were not misplaced, after all. But perhaps, the time has come where he puts his mantle down and dismiss himself. Not entirely out of the tribe permanently but Dae needed to find himself again. The pale-haired male felt as if he’s been inside this vessel for so long feeling lost. Shortly after he was brought back as a niveis, he coped with it by enduring the stakes of a soldier. Every order Coldren barked, he would comply without any questions raised. It didn’t take him long to realize that being someone’s lap dog was not what he wanted, especially under such a tyrant. From there, his journey as a spy began.

He kept staring at the main cabin, delving too deep into his own train of thoughts, so much that he didn’t even realize another presence crept up behind him. Hearing her familiar voice, the younger male turned around to face her and cleared his throat a few times. “Maybe I am contemplating it, the world is a mysterious place, isn’t it?” Lita Okada was one of the Elder that of course, he had information on. During their rebellion against the tyrannical niveis that ruled over them, Daehyun communicated the most with Thomaz, who was also one of the Elders, one of the wisest and oldest too. He wasn’t all close with everyone else, but who is actually close with the elder Stormwind sibling, really? You find him or he finds you, either way, it’s not as if they could barge into his home and demand to see him, even Anivia understood that.

Lita is one of the greatest warriors he’s ever witnessed, of course. He respected her greatly but never went as far to talk much, not to anyone. When she asked what he’s doing there, he shifted his stance slightly and shrugged casually. “Just looking around, I’m almost never home, thought I’d stop by and see how things are going. Everyone seems to be settling well.” Home, why does the word feel so bitter when he said it? “How are you holding up? Good?” He wasn't above to just tell her out loud that he's planning to leave, especially when they both know another member's departure would upset Anivia greatly.

Stepping off the porch her boots made very little sound as they transferred from wood to compact Earth, her dark almond-shaped eyes studied the snowy-haired male. He looked pensive as if the weight of the world were resting upon his shoulders though he couldn’t find an adequate place to set the globe down despite his efforts. It made her wonder if that were his plan if that far off look in his eye wasn’t a desperate attempt to try and escape something he couldn’t seem to shake. It was a tad concerning given what his main job was and the fact that most of his profession was built upon his ability to spot details and keep up with people. Yet here she was sneaking up on him, practically in front of his face and under his nose and still unnoticed.

The Niveis had a sordid and complicated past, many of their stories were riddled with blood and betrayal. With that sort of beginning, it was no wonder many of them were so closed off and suspicious, even of each other. Those who were older, however, and had lived through the tragedy and somehow had managed to stay connected to one another; through Anivia. Their Chieftain had kept them all connected, bringing them to Evermore and carving out a place for them among this community of misfits and abnormalities that inhabited the city. Since coming to this mountain city in the middle of Colorado their people had begun to thrive again, growing in numbers and influence as well as once again beginning to enjoy life.

Daehyun had never been the type of person to simply wander aimlessly. As a spy everything he did had a specific purpose in mind, a specific goal be it a piece of intelligence he meant to gain or something he needed to attain. Seeing him outside simply staring off into space was so out of character for the male it set Lita on edge and made her immediately suspicious. Tilting her head to the side she considered his words slowly nodding her head as he acquiesced her statement about the world. It wasn’t like him to do so readily, or in such a forthwith fashion. Narrowing her eyes he seemed to be deflecting from something which raised her suspicions even more.

“Perhaps.” She responded, watching as he began deflecting and asking her rapid-fire questions that were inane and meant next to nothing. Dae never asked how she was, nor did he care. There was something up, something he was trying very hard to hide and now she was almost certain of it. Pursing her lips together the warrior slide her hands into the pockets of her jeans and sighed, “You know I didn’t take you for one to act like such a fool. Or to think that I would be taken in for one so easily.” Shaking her head she sighed, looking around to make sure they weren’t going to be overheard before she leveled her gaze at him. “Out with it, what’s going on?”

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