Name: Dallas Porter

Age: Looks 28, Real 54

Species: Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Japanese Tanto

Colour Affinity: Cobalt Blue

Profession- Firefighter/ Ex-marine Biologist

Face Claim: Ronen Rubinstein

Dallas was born into the aristocratic Porter family.  His parents, Kayla and Roger Porter, lived a lavish life of luxury in the city of Sydney, Australia. His mother was the kindergarten teacher at the local school for nearly eight long years, and his father was a rather successful businessman in the city. However that all changed when the Porter family won the lottery two months before the birth of their son. After their son was born, the Porter family bought a large yacht and decided to travel the world’s oceans and see many of the earth’s beauty. Even though his mother had given up her teaching position at the school in Sydney, she put all of her knowledge into homeschooling her son in both general studies as well as the studies of the supernatural world. Kayla was a Dhampir and she taught Dallas not only the normal subjects but began steering him towards physical training.

As the years passed, young Dallas grew up to be a rather smart individual. He loved the sparkling blue waters they travelled over every day and was amazed by all the marine life that he was able to see along the way. At the age of seven, Dallas began learning all he could about marine life; the habitats of the animals, their eating patterns, and even their migration routes. His parents were overjoyed by his enthusiasm towards marine life and all the mysteries it held. Even though he was very interested in the study of oceanography and marine life biology, Dallas never once turned away the teachings of his mother. She continued to train him, as well as teach him languages and everything he would need to get his diploma when he went to do his grade twelve equivalent.

When the time came to choose a career, no one was surprised that Dallas decided to become a Marine biologist, his parents supporting his endeavour wholeheartedly. He concentrated on both his studies and learning the art of the various weapons. On his eighteenth birthday, his parents assembled in the family dojo and his mother watched with pride and anticipation as Dallas handled each weapon. It was when he picked up the Japanese Tanto that he felt the connection, a cobalt blue light emerging, the colour of his beautiful ocean. His parents were overjoyed and since then, he began learning all the techniques of handling the weapon and continuing with his profession.

It was there that he met the vivacious Catherine Astor, a fellow Marine biologist and together they went on various missions and explorations together. He smart nature combined with her innocent charm and vibrant laughter had captured Dallas’heart completely. He was to go on a mission with her exploring the marine life near the Arctic ocean but he got a call from his mother who had needed his help with a family matter. So decided not to go on the mission. Catherine who always wanted to travel near the Arctic ocean wanted to continue on. Just two days before she was to leave, Dallas go down on his knees and proposed to her and she joyfully accepted. They spent their time together before he saw her off on the ship promising to help her plan the wedding when she returned.

Only she never did.

Dallas had been at his family home when he got the call. Apparently, Catherine and three of her fellow crew members had drowned due to an accident while exploring the icy waters. At first, Dallas couldn’t believe the news but as it began to sink into his head that his dear Catherine was no more, he retreated into himself in grief. Though he never said it aloud, a part of him blamed his parents for this tragedy for he would have been there, he was certain he could have prevented the entire thing from happening and he would now have been planning for his wedding. Unable to bear staying with them any longer, he packed his bag and travelled back to his camp, to the place he had first met Catherine. 

Daniel had never been more confused about what to do with his life than he was then. The profession that had given him so much joy, the thing that he loved to do had now been responsible for taking away not only his love but all the joy in his life. He couldn’t stay, he couldn’t continue with his profession so making up his mind, he resigned his job and packing up his bag went travelling a bit and doing odd jobs here and there, finally settling on being a firefighter. It wasn’t a life he had dreamt off, but for now, living had become more like existing to him and he just didn’t know how to change that.

He had been staying in Brooklyn for a bit, working with the crew there when he heard about this city called Evermore in Colorado. Intrigued by the description and desperately needing a change, he bought his ticket and landed there. Upon his arrival, he noticed a lot of preparations going on for celebrating the new year and while at first, he didn't wish to take part in the festivities, curiosity won out and he decided to go see the celebrations for a short while.

Wandering around for a while, he was about to leave when a girl directed him to witness the lighting of the lanterns. As she handed him one, he remembered Catherine and almost every moment they had shared from the first time he saw her, her bubbly grin and bright eyes to the last kiss they had shared..he held the lantern high above, almost wishing for a change and with one last wish and an expression of love in his heart, let it go. It was there that he realised that the city was home to many supernatural species including the Dhampirs and decided that maybe staying there would help him gain back his sense of purpose.

 With this state of a mind, he packed his bags and decided to finally introduce himself to the Dhampir ambassador Astoria. Explaining his situation, she invited him to get to know the other dhampirs and train with them and Dallas accepted it. He didn’t know what destiny held for him, but whatever it was, he wanted to make sure he was fully prepared to face it.

~Personality Traits~

Good: Calm, Focused, Realistic

Bad: Introvert, Detached, Temperamental

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