Run, run, run. His body moved in his therian form as he looked up to the night sky letting out a low roar to the burning, not full moon. He loved his shifter form, it made him feel utterly alive. Yet he knew the night was growing shorter and he needed to be able to function at work the next day. So he found himself making his way towards the main road, he assumed no one would be out and around the road at this hour. So It would be easy for him to get home taking the shortcut. As his paws padded their way to the main road he stopped picking his head up looking around. Screaming… He heard screaming… Help… he heard that ring out clearly.

Lachlan turned towards it and took off, the pads of his massive paws pounding along the damp cold ground. Not that he could feel the crunch under his paws. As he drew closer he saw the men shoving a girl into the trunk. Letting out a roar letting his already dark body shift into its shadow form. Making it so the man who turned to face where the sound came from wouldn’t be able to see him. Yet his companion took off towards the drivers side door and took off. ‘Shit’ Lachlan thought to himself as the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting in his direction. Even in his shadow form the guy got too close for his Lachlan.

Bolting towards him, he used all the strength he could to tackle the man, hearing the crack of his skull to the ground. He didn’t stop moving though seeing the burning tail lights. He kept pushing his form of beauty in his genetic disorder, he could never feel himself over doing anything, or the fact he had been shot through one of his legs. No pain stopped him from tracking that car. As it slowed down he didn’t miss the chance to get on the roof of the car. As he jumped thankful for the balance he was blessed with he dug his claws into the roof as the driver slammed on the breaks.

When they got out and moved around to open the trunk, thinking the girl had escaped is all he could think. He took his chance. Click the latch of the lock was undone and Lachlan was tackling this man to the ground like his partner. The crack of the skull on the pathment echoed out before he turned to his human form pulling the clothes from the rubberband that didn't snap pulling them on as he made sure the man was out cold. As he shifted from his black lion form he was a large male, slowly getting to his feet looking to his arm with a bullet wound that was working on healing. He turned towards the trunk and locked eyes with Jasmine. “Are you okay?” he asked in as soft of a tone as he could.

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Jasmine isn’t generally the cursing type but this time she thinks is worth an exception. Why is it always her that gets into these situations?! She glances around swiftly at the several people closing in on her, all wearing masks like the cowards they are, all carrying guns because they know facing her without them is a bad idea. No one moves, she barely even breathes. The last time this had happened she’d been locked in a room for days and had nearly been killed, all over money. She gets the feeling money is what this is about too, people do insane things when money gets involved.

She has several guns trained on her and she’s out of breath from the run it took to get here. She’d been stupid and hadn’t noticed they were leading her to a dead end, though to be fair she still hasn’t learned all the streets in the city. She could fly out but she’d be an easy target and couldn’t defend herself as well. Oh well. If she goes down here she might as well take a few of them out with her. The first couple didn’t even know what was coming, she doesn’t have to move to use her powers like this. They’re taken off their feet and flung, hitting the walls of nearby buildings and falling hard into the dumpsters there. That action sets things into motion, the rest of the men opening fire on her but none of the bullets get through the field she just threw up. She can’t hold it forever… but they’ll run out of bullets eventually. She can only hope it’ll last long enough for either that or for someone to respond to all the yelling she’d done earlier when she was running. She doesn’t really get the chance to see though, there’s a pinch at the back of her neck and a few seconds later everything goes completely dark.

The space she wakes up in is pitch black, cramped and tiny. Her arms are tied but they’re in front of her so whoever did that was a moron, or at least they would be if it weren’t for the fact that she cannot focus. Her head is swimming, the movement of the car almost making her nauseous in combination with the dizziness. The sudden jerking halt doesn’t help and her body hits the side of the trunk, causing her to groan a little right as the trunk is jerked open. She misses most of the commotion outside, only just noticing a very unmasked man looking at her when she finally calms her spinning head enough to open her eyes. He’s talking. Her head’s throbbing too bad for her to make it out though. She tries to sit up, practically dragging herself on the edge of the car though she sways a little once she is up. It helps though as the dizziness starts to settle. They must have drugged her somehow, to keep her from using her powers. Otherwise she would’ve slammed the car to a stop and they knew that. “What’s going on..?” Her words are a little slurred and she grimaces, though her body is working to clear itself of whatever they used there’s still some effects.

As Lachlan took in Jasmine state, it was clear something had happened to her. She had to have been drugged. He reached out slowly as he spoke, focusing on her eyes, to make sure she was looking at him. “I am going to pick you up and get you out of here okay? I am a police officer.” He moved scooping her up in his arms and looked around the forest for a moment. He could tell she was going through what he could assume was a reaction to whatever drug they gave her. “Fuck.” He muttered as he turned towards where his home was, he could at least get his car and drive her back into the city. He looked down at her, she was tiny compared to him, though most people were not six foot eight.

Not leaving much time he started running as fast as he could with her in his arm through the woods. The beauty of being a therian was that he was blessed with the balance of the giant cat he took after. So no matter what he jumped over he landed smoothly on his feet. His inability to feel pain made it so he could push himself past limits others would need to stop. Take the fact he had been shot in the arm and acted unfazed by it. He was at his home within ten minutes of running, barely out of breath. 

He walked inside of his home and laid her on his couch. He went to fill up a glass of water for her along with his medical kit he kept around. He moved to check her vitals and once he confirmed that she was stable he moved to clean up the bullet wound in his arm. Wrapping it up as his eyes looked her over taking a deep whiff of the air. She wasn’t fully human that much he could tell. After a moment of patching himself up. He moved to get a rag and wet it, returning to press it to her face gently to see if he could wake her gently.

She’s clear headed enough to know that something’s very wrong with her but she can’t focus well enough to figure out how to go about fixing it. Not that there’s really a way to beyond allowing her naturally advanced healing factor to fight it off. The man in front of her is still speaking but he’s moving slowly enough that he doesn’t seem like a threat to her addled mind so there’s no resistance from her as he pulls her from the trunk. Being in the open air like that actually does help a little and she finds her voice enough to mumble out a response to him. “M’kay… Think I was drugged..” Okay it may be stating the obvious to him but she thinks she’s being helpful, at least as much as she can be in this state.

She doesn’t fight him as he takes off running, though the motion does seem to bother her head as she squeezes her eyes shut. At some point during the run she dozes off, her body dragging her down into the darkness of sleep so it can help her heal instead of spending energy fighting to be awake. There’s no fever to her skin thank goodness and there doesn’t appear to be any swelling, so she’s not having an allergic reaction or anything which is always a bonus.

When she comes to it’s with the feeling of a cool cloth against her face, causing her to drag her deep brown eyes open slowly. Her head is far more clear now allowing her to actually figure out what’s going on, though she’s careful not to move too fast and risk sending herself into another dizzy spell. She sits up slowly, her eyes remaining on the man in front of her as she does, though she seems to recognize she’s in no danger as there’s no panic or flight response from her. “... Well that’s something I never want to happen again..” she rubs her eyes while she clears her throat, the raspiness falling from her voice when she speaks again. “Uhm… thanks for the help.. What… what exactly happened?”

Lachlan being an officer of the law you think he would know how to handle a situation like this. Yet looking at the drugged girl on his couch all he could think was where were her parents, or anyone to help look out for her. Though in Evermore people were often not how they seemed. So the Therin took a deep whiff of the air and a confused look crossed his face. As she didn’t smell human but there wasn’t a true scent he could place. It smelled of air but as if there was a heaviness then a fluctuating lightness to it. 

A hum left the darker males lips before he pressed the cool cloth to her face. After a moment he saw her deep brown eyes and he gave a gentle smile towards her in hopes to help her realize he was a friend not a foe. After all he couldn’t be sure how much she actually remembered. As she moved up slowly his hand moved to help her sit straight up on the large couch that she was upon. His house was mostly simple design but the tech in his home was far beyond the years a single man such as himself would normally have.

Lachlan cleared his throat for a moment as he focused on her after a once over making sure he smelled no blood. “I don’t blame you for not wanting that to happen again. I was terrified for you.” He said as he held the glass of water towards her and thought how to answer her question. “Well I was out for a run and I saw you being shoved in the back of that car and well I reacted.” He said not overly sure how much she saw of him being a black lion or if the drugs took that part of her memory. If so he wouldn’t explain what he was since he didn’t overly know what she was.

She takes the water from him and drinks greedily, though she is aware enough to stop herself before she overdoes it and makes herself sick, slowly lowering the glass from her lips as she looks around. She’s not entirely sure where she is but thanks to the fuzz slowly leaving her head she’s able to evaluate things better now. Whoever this man is, she owes him thanks. Obviously he’s not out to hurt her so she returns his little smile in part to reassure him that she’s okay.

Thanks to the water her voice is mostly back to normal when she speaks again. “Well… thanks for the save. There’s no telling where they might have taken me.” Which is true and from the look in her eyes it seems like she’s speaking from experience. This has happened to her before and the last time she hadn’t escaped unscathed, having to spend several weeks in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Distracting herself from all of that is simple enough as she casts her gaze around, finally taking in the house she’s woken up in. It’s certainly not the manors and marble she’s used to but it’s cozy and obvious to her from the tech around that he’s better off than first appearances might suggest. Not that it really matters to her, right now the comfy couch is more important than any of that. She’s still tired but at least her head is clearing up.

The next time she looks at him he can see the clarity returning to her eyes. “So uh… who are you? And where am I?” Her tone remains friendly but as she fiddles slightly with the glass it’s easy enough to tell she’s being cautious. Which is only natural considering the just attempted kidnapping. “I’m Jasmine.” Another small smile graces her lips as she finishes the glass of water, finally swinging her legs around to sit more normally. Then she raises a brow at him, a smirk pulling at the corner of her lips despite everything. “What’s with that look? You look worried. I’m alright, promise, whatever they shot me with is mostly gone now.”

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