Svetlana hadn't been living in the INN long now. But, it'd been long enough for her to realize just how much control these rogues truly had over her. She hadn't been the same since age 14, when she was captured by the second group of them. The first was slayed by her father, and after they reformed, they reformed bigger, smarter, and much more wicked than the ones her father got rid of. Svet loved her father, even if she would never truly know him. The last time she'd laid eyes on him, was at her feet, as he burned into a pile of ash. She had been lured into the compound by a group of rogue species. Shape shifters, Vampires, Therian's, Phoenix, and more and for years they tortured her, waiting for the moment that her father came looking for her. Some day Svet would lie there praying to die, that she wouldn't live through their brutal actions another second longer. As the days grew longer though, her heart grew colder, until it was nothing but ice.

As a Nephilim, Svetlana felt out of place. She knew her kind were of light nature. But, not her. She didn't even feel like she belonged to the rest of them. She'd been searching for ways to cope for so long now, that it consumed her every single second, making it so that she had nothing normal left to her every day routine. Dominic had been the only exception ever; and he had helped her slay at least a dozen of the rogues not long ago, but, it had caused Dom some of the Therian's that the two of them had hired onto their security team at SS (Sinister Sounds). Her and Dom's club had been closed down the night of the attack, and Svet hadn't been through it's doors until tonight. This place was her baby though, and she had made so many amazing memories in here with Dom.

While Thaddeus ran his usual errands, Svetlana had left him a note to inform him of here whereabouts, and decided she'd spend tonight inside her and Dom's club. The music blared loudly in the background, the lights flashed on the dance floor, and Svet sat here serving herself drinks. She'd simply been too afraid to open it back up unless Dom was here with her. So, she would use it tonight for personal business. It brought back frightening memories too however. She could still feel his hands on her body, and the weight of his own body crushing her as he tried having his way with her. The rogue Vampire that tried to take Svetlana's innocence, would never leave her mind. At times, she still felt him all around her, all over her. The way his warm breath stung her skin as he breathed agaiinst her neck before he pierced her flesh with his hungered fangs.

She'd been lost in a sea of torment when her phone finally vibrated her thoughts away. After wiping the tears away, the Nephilim fished her phone out of her leather jacket pocket and entered her passcode to unlock it before swiping her finger down, to view her notifications, only to see an alert from one of the few people she'd hired to keep an eye on her house. It seemed the rogues had completely left her property the moment she'd moved out, which made her wonder if they had followed her to the INN, and she couldn't bare thinking that she may of put Thaddeus in danger. Svet had never wanted to reach out to her species ambassador, but many had asked her why hadn't she, and at this rate, maybe they were right to ask that. Maybe it was rude, and short sighted of her to not have told Clarissa Bradford what was going on with her. She was a part of the Nephilim's whether she felt it in her heart or not, but she needed to tell her ambassador that her heart had grown darker, and that she'd gained more black feathers since the slaying of the rogues with Dom. She needed some guidence. Possibly just a shoulder to lean on, but if anyone could tell her what to do, the right thing to do at least, she hoped it would be Clarissa.

She was embarrassed to admit that she'd not spoken to the ambassador in ages now. Most of the faction were closely knit.. all of them but Svetlana, but Svet had heard many stories, and Clarissa had been in some of them, and from what she'd heard, Clarissa had a pretty dark past trailing her too, so maybe she would understand, and maybe she would become someone Svetlana could rely on. Who kenw? Either way, here she sat, hoping to get drunk, while waiting to see if Clarissa would show up. She had sent a note to Clarissa by another member of the faction with the address to her club, and a time to meet her. The letter also had in bold letters the word 'Urgent'. So now she waited. Svet stood and walked to the very spot her and Dom had danced in when Incubus played for them, smiling at the memory of how Dom's face lit up when Svetlana requested a special shout out from them to him, a special message from herself. It had been their grand opening, and that was one night she'd never forget.

Svet hated being alone like this though. Especially in a place she had already been attacked, and couldn't help but feel as if something were looking over her shoulder, which caused her to flinch and tense up nearly every five seconds. She silently prayed to herself, that if the ambassador was coming, that she would show up soon.

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If someone told Clarissa that this was how her life would turn out, she would have laughed; and told them to quit lying - she was not a person others relied on, not really. She was leader material as she was so used to being the lead Assassin on many missions, but to lead a group of Nephilim in a city was not what she excelled in. It wasn’t just the concept of leading others that unnerved her, many of the other Nephilim in the community had learnt of her troublesome past and because of that, were not happy to have a murderous angel as their Ambassador. After the death of her baby sister, she had stepped up to the mark; Jonathan, her older brother seemed to have been the perfect match for this spot, but soon after the death of Cornelia and Isaiah, his path went a different, much darker way. Not to mention, she was now becoming a more prominent role in Jem’s life - her adopted Nephew; the changes were huge and she felt her whole being changing, and she couldn’t tell if she liked it or not. 

Rissa was always rebellious, she loved getting herself into chaos, she loved the rogue life where she could come and go as she pleased; in fact, she never really saw herself as being part of the Faction - she often attended Faction meetings in the past because Cornelia made her. Perhaps that was foreshadowing, and in fact her baby sister was moulding her into becoming an important member; either way, she could feel her freedom slipping from her, but alas, she had finally found a home and she people she cared for - she simply could not run away from the responsibilities which were presented to her. Of course, these responsibilities hit her at a very challenging time, when she simply wanted to stay at home with her black labrador puppy, Cerberus and drink throughout the day; only to pass out and repeat her actions. Yet, she found herself completely dissociating from her emotions, she suppressed them to the very back corners of her mind where they would remain dormant until she was home alone. People needed her, and thus, she would step up; despite sometimes coming off cold hearted. 

At first, things were tough and there were still challenges but she believed that the Faction were slowly accepting her as their Ambassador; yet that didn’t stop her feeling confused when a note slipped beneath the door of her apartment. Sculpted brows pushed upward as she read it - it was from Svetlana, a member she was aware of; she remembered Cornelia speaking of the Russian Nephilim and from what she understood, this woman also had a challenging past. Clarissa scratched Cerberus behind his ears as he rolled onto his back, revealing his stomach which made her smile softly. “I take that as a yes, that I need to go to Sinister Sounds, hm?” She spoke aloud before leaning down to press a kiss to the lab’s head. “You stay and guard our Kingdom, okay. And if I find you’ve nibbled on more of the walls, I swear I will stop with your favourite treats” She lied, she couldn’t deny his puppy dog eyes; winking at the pup, she moved to get dressed. 

Clarissa stood outside of the club for a few moments and glanced up at the bright sign; it had surprised her she had never been here - after all, it did sell her favourite drinks and she was sure she could get VIP benefits with being friends with Dominic. The bouncer on the door eyed her before grunting her name. “In the flesh” She grinned at the male, her eyes flaring a vibrant lavender to prove she was who she said she was. Clarissa assumed he was a Therian as he let her through the front doors; loud music greeted her, along with the smell of alcohol. The flashing lights caused her eyes to squint for a moment as they adjusted before they fell upon the slight figure which stood in the middle of the room. “Svetlana” She murmured softly to herself, before walking closer to the dance floor; wondering how she could approach the woman without making her jump out of her skin. Clarissa cleared her throat loudly and extended her arm out so she could tap the dark haired Nephilim on her shoulder. “Hey, hey it’s only me” She reassured, seeing the other girl tense up. 

Rumors had circulated throughout most of the city, when the first ambassador had died. Truthfully, it had hit Svetlana pretty hard. While she didn't know Cornelia personally, Svet had planned to finally meet her, and reach out to her for some help, knowing that if anyone could lead Svetlana to redemption, that it would be Cornelia herself. She couldn't help but wonder where the notorious Clarissa Bradford would lead her. She had also heard rumors of the new ambassador. She couldn't deny that her nerves were wrecked as she waited, memories flooding her mind of the night she had been attacked and nearly r***d in her and Dom's club. Svetlana had been reliving that moment, since the night it had happened, and often, she found herself tracing her fingers over the spots on her, that the rogue had touched, places on her she forbid any other an to ever touch again. While that was sad, it was true. She had hoped that with meeting Thaddeus, that she could finally move on from that horrific event, and become a decent girlfriend.

A few of the security team had offered to come out tonight, merely to keep an eye on Svetlana, since she had made sure the club would be just hers and Clarissa's for the night. Besides, she figured Dom wouldn't mind using the club for business purposes such as this one. She'd known he was pretty close to her ambassador, so he was welcome to come if he pleased. Other than that, Svet was thankful to have had the place all to herself for once. Ever since Sinister Sounds grand opening, there hadn't been a single night that the place hadn't been packed to compacity. When Incubus - Dig began playing in the background, Svetlana smiled, and closed her eyes, swaying as she relived the night her and Dom had Incubus come and play for their club, and how brightly the Therian had smiled when Svetlana had gotten them to do a special shout out from her to him; simply to let him know just what he meant too her.

While the Nephilim had been stuck in those particular thoughts, with her eyes closed, and the music blocking out any sign of someone entering, she'd nearly jumped out of her skin as a feather light touch against the back of her arm scared the life out of her. The soft spoken tone that followed however, set her at ease just enough to calm her. Any other time, Svetlana would have done something completely irrational and likely struck out at the person. Thankfully she hadn't done so this time, but that was only because she was expecting company. Svet eyed the tall, sculpted brunette, and couldn't help but grin. She was more gorgeous than Svetlana would have ever imagined, but she looked so much like Cornelia, that it was almost haunting. "So.. we finally meet" she gave a faint smile before reaching out with a shaky hand to shake the ambassador's hand.

"Please, join me" she then said, making a gesture with her hand as she turned, and began walking towards the bar. "I figure the best way to start this off is with a drink" she giggled nervously and approached Tailia - her most promising bar tender. "I'll have a grey goose gingerbread martini, and she will have whatever she likes, on the house" Svet gave a simple command, and Talia went straight to making her drink, while keeping herself close enough to be able to hear the ambassador's drink of choice. "With the holidays and such, there's a few signature drinks on this ('menu'). she smiled while handing it to her, and sighed contently when a song she liked began playing in the background. While Svet waited for Clarissa to order herself a drink, she gazed to her from the corner of her eye, nervously. "I hope I wasn't disturbing any of your plans for the night, but the matters I have to bring before you are ather urgent" she swallowed harshly, because in order to tell Clarissa what was going on, she'd be forced to relive it all over again and that's something she didn't wanna go through. "But, we can chat over a few drinks before things get to serious. I can only imagine that letting the alcohol loosen us up a little, will be of great help" she laughed darkly, because it was rather amusing that Svet felt one needed to be drunk in order to even hear her story, much less help her.

"I'm so sorry for your loss by the way" she added, her smile twisting upside down into a frown. She knew it wasn't a good conversation starter, but she felt it was only right to give her condolences. "It must be hard, stepping up to lead at such a time" Svetlana finished off as Talia made her way to her with Svet's requested drink, and turned to Clarissa to get hers. Since the club was technically closed for right now, they wouldn't have a DJ to mix live tunes, so it meant that Svetlana had to use the control pad to manually play music, and with that, she put it on something she found pretty ((Catchy)), humming along as she waited for this nerve-wracking night to begin. But who knew? This night could very well turn into one of the best.

To say the responsibility she now had was manageable was an understatement; she had rather big shoes to fill, and personally, she did not necessarily see herself as one capable of doing what needed to be done in this situation. The venomous attacks she got from some of her own Faction when it was announced she would be the new Ambassador simply added fuel to her demons and insecurities who taunted her with the same thing; of course, she was not the same woman she was two years ago when she entered the city, nor did she kill for payment any longer - in fact, she had come to care and love for others, even in her own funny little way. Yet, nevertheless, she was still an Assassin, the craving for blood would always boil within her veins and no matter what she did, that was who she was deep inside. She was forged into a killer, and it was only a matter of time before that side of herself revealed itself; however, whilst she was in control of her old self, she made a promise over Isaiah’s and Cornelia’s grave that she would do good by her Faction and fellow Nephilim. 

Thus, when she stood within the grand walls of Sinister Sounds, she had to take a few steadying breaths to compose herself; it wasn’t that she didn’t want to care, but at times, she found it incredibly hard to empathise with other people’s issues. She was taught to cut away from her emotions, to suppress them until she forgot about their existence, but now being in Evermore, those were the very lessons she had to try and counteract; it was in a city like this that being cold-hearted would get her nowhere. And if she were to be a successful Ambassador, she would need to show she cared for her Nephilim - even if, perhaps, at first it was all an act. Clarissa quirked a brow at the fright which radiated from Svetlana when she placed a delicate hand upon her shoulder, that itself was a rookie error in her books; always be aware of your surroundings. However, a welcoming smile soon graced her lips as she took a hold of Svet’s hand. “Better late than never, huh” She mused silently. “Although truth be told, I’m not a fan of lateness” Rissa joked, in an attempt to make the other Nephilim relax. 

Clarissa nodded before she followed the woman towards the bar, an exhale bypassing her lips in amusement. “The best way to start most things off is with a drink” She commented and began to flick through the menu to see what tickled her taste buds; typically she was not much of a cocktail drinker, but as it was the holidays, she would make an exception. Rissa waited until the waitress was back before ordering the Lilypad; her gaze watching with such interest as the mousy like waitress began to work on her drink. “No, not at all. It was a pizza, beer and some shitty horror film for me this evening, it’s a nice change of scenary” She mouthed a thank you to Tailia before turning her back against the bar and leaning on it; it was only then she really took in the actual size of the bar. Rissa could see that Svet was nervous, which surprised her; if appearance was to go by, she would assume the woman before her was confident, not in the way she handled herself but how she spoke to others. Trauma. She thought to herself before she raised her glass. “To shitty conversations before it gets real uncomfortable, huh” She laughed and clinked her glass against Svet’s. 

Upon hearing Svetlana’s condolences, she took a swig of her crimson drink in aid to swallow back the bile which wanted to make an appearance at the flashback of her siblings death which clouded her gaze. “Thank you, but there is no need to apologise. Death and I are old friends.” She mused, death was there when no one else was, but to say she knew how to handle a family members death or death of a loved one… well, that would remain unsaid. “Its… It’s like leading men into battle, without the battle. And of course, there are the ones who are anti Clarissa Bradford being leader, they’re fun to handle” She wriggled her brows before motioning towards one of the booths to sit down. 

Clarissa seemingly slipped off into thought and Svetlana remained silent while she did. She had heard plenty of rumors within the faction, so when Clarissa stood before her trying to catch her breath, Svet couldn't help but chuckle. "Sorry. That wasn't supposed to be out loud. It's just ive heard you struggle with this sort of thing.. or more so, that coming to you was worse than taking matters into my own hands, which means slaughtering a bunch of people" she shrugged nonchalantly. Svetlana knew the consequences of that, so she had finally done what everyone had told her to. 'Reach out to your ambassador, and even the Valkyr ambassador. They'll be able to guide you to a better path'. So, here she sat, squirming under the intense gaze of Clarissa Bradford herself. Though, she couldn't deny how nice the woman seemed when she grabbed Svet's hand and mouthed the words 'better late than never' and attempted to even make a light joke.

Svetlana inhaled, and let go of what felt like a breath she had been holding the moment she laid eyes on the Nephilim ambassador. Looking over to her from the corner of her dark set optics, the other Nephilim grinned "I prefer the late night hours .. though it seems to be when my fans are at large" she sighed. She was only referring to the rogues who were hunting her, but she knew Clarissa didn't know that much yet. Or did she? She was the Nephilim ambassador. It seemed likely that all the ambassador's would know about a situation like this. After coming to the city, Svetlana had quickly found her place within the Nephilim community, and Cornelia had even helped her acquire a job in the Government. She couldn't help but wonder if Cornelia had left any kind of files on Svetlana and others like her who may of had tragic, troublesome pasts that she'd want her sister to handle. Now that Cornelia was goen, she felt a little sympathetic to the fact that it was all left on Clarissa's shoulders, and likely suddenly.

Svetlana smiled when Clarissa said the best way to start most things off, was with a drink, nodding in agreement. "Cheers to that" she chuckled softly, and watched Talia hustle to make Clarissa's drink. "Thanks Talia. Keep it up and you'll get a raise soon, I promise" she expressed to her most promising bartender. Averting her gaze to Clarissa again, the Russian Nephilim chuckled when she spoke of how she appreciated the change in scenery because it had been a pizza, beer, and horror movie type of night for her "Honestly, that sounds like the perfect night to me. Though me and beer don't really get along. I go straight for the hard shit. Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon" she shook her head, amused at her list of favorites when it came to alcohol.

Svetlana appreciated the easy going personality Clarissa seemed to have, it certainly made meeting her, a little easier. After she clinked her glass against Svetlana's, the Nephilim gave a simple nod of her head, sighing softly. She didn't wanna drop a huge bomb into Clarissa's lap. Even if she was the ambassador, that didn't mean she owed Svetlana anything, so really, Svet was just thankful that she had even agreed to come out and meet her tonight. If she listened to her, then great, giving her advice and guidance? That would have definitely been a bonus. Svet could see how used to it Clarissa actually was, when she responded to her saying she was sorry, by saying her and death were old friends.

Clearing her throat upon hearing her use the words 'anti Clarissa Bradford being leader' Svetlana couldn't help but arch a thin dark brow in her direction, following her to a booth and sitting on the opposite side of her. After leaning forward and propping her elbows on the table, the Russian Nephilim sighed "So, I guess you're dealing with some backlash of becoming the leader of our faction then. I mean, I suppose that's to be expected. Ex assassian and all" maybe she said that a little too bluntly, but Svet was a blunt female, nervous or not, she still seemed to have no filter. "I guess it's been hard enough for you without having your faction members calling you out in the middle of the night, to inform you that they're being hunted like an animal" she added, and chugged the contents in her glass, before waving over Talia, requesting the whole bottle rather than a refill.

"I suppose i'm just not sure who else to turn to. And, while I have plenty of black feathers on my wings already, I fear that i'll lose them all together someday.. Ive finally embraced who and what I am.. after years of torture and abuse from rogue species who wanted me dead." she swallowed harshly, and gazed out into the distance because it was easier than making eye contact with the person she was spilling her guts too. "I just thought that if anyone could relate to having a dark soul, that it might be you" she finished off, and used the tablet that controlled most of the club, to switch the song, and even played with the lights a little, for the sake of amusing her ambassador.

Clarissa tilted her head momentarily as she listened to Svetlana; she knew it was no secret that she was not very good with emotions, feeling or understanding them but it always took her back a little when someone else commented on her slight downfall in this new city and new lifestyle of hers. “I’m learning, I can’t always be a hermit. Although every instinct in me these days tells me that perhaps that is the right way to live.” Her words were laced with slight amusement, although the temptation was very real she knew she couldn’t leave the city behind; not now, not now that she had some people to live and fight for - plus the immediate danger of her Father was gone, albeit he could have men still wanting to revenge his death after they found out what she did. Rissa quirked a slight brow at the final comment of Svetlana slaughtering a bunch of people; and she knew she would come off as a hypocrite when responding, but she would always rather make herself out to be the bad guy if it meant saving another. “You did the right thing. Slaughtering them could have made more of a mess if they had other followers or supporters” She responded, speaking some of her own concerns about Abraxas. 

Fans. Now, Clarissa wasn’t 100% sure what the background was with Svetlana, but she had recalled reading it or hearing somewhere that she had people hunting her down for whatever reason. And in all honesty, she quite liked how the other Nephilim allowed that word to linger and to allow Rissa to make her own judgement on what she meant - and for now, she would leave it as a possibility; besides, she didn’t know many people that called their punters, fans. Possibly fans of the club, but who was she to say, Svet could be famous in the clubbing industry. “I’ve found that the majority of this city comes alive at night time, I tend to stay up much later too, but then, sleeping doesn’t always come easy” She shrugged a little and glanced to Talia and Svet regarded her. “Damn, if you get raises that quickly, perhaps I need to leave my job and join here” She mused and took a swig of her drink which caused a pleasurable exhale to depart her lips. “A beer is good for just casual drinks, but when things get a little rough or whatever, then the top rack is always needed.” 

Rissa placed her drink down upon the table as she took a seat, yet unlike Svet, she leaned back into the booth; her fingers wrapped around the stem of the glass, however, as a smile slowly formed. “It’s the background that is causing the uproar. And I get it, I really do. Why would anyone truly want someone as their leader when at one time, they turned against their own?” She offered up part of her past in a very discreet manner as she recalled her and Isaiah murdering their boss at the league so they could be free from them to find the rest of their family. “And well, we all know what my Father was like, perhaps they think I’ll turn into him” Rissa snorted, but hey - anything was possible; she believed he wasn’t always the monster that everyone believed him to be - he was capable of love. “No actually. I’m glad you gave me a shout, it means you trust me enough to lead and support you.” Clarissa reassured her, she knew very well how difficult it was to ask for help and if the shoe was on the other foot; Rissa probably wouldn’t have reached out so for that, she admired the Nephilim sitting opposite her. 

Upon hearing about Svetlana’s black feathers, Rissa felt a sadness loom over her and the memory of her own and how they were cruelly taken from her; they were part of her identity but now? She didn’t know. A wingless Nephilim in the world is a lost soul, she knew that and because of it, she didn’t and couldn’t allow Svetlana to feel the same great loss of her wings. “You won’t lose them, you’re in Evermore now. The past is the past, even if some of the beings from there are chasing you down.” She wondered if she would have lost her wings eventually without the help of a certain Diviner cutting them off; eh, she probably would have. “We will figure it out, I promise Svet. And in that promise, includes you not losing your wings. They are Valkyr? Or their counterparts, the vampires that are hunting you?” Rissa asked, despite her gaze being diverted to the lights which flickered here and there in the club; distracting her. 

Empathy. An emotion unfamiliar, foreign and even scary to Svetlana, yet here she sat, feeling just that towards Clarissa. If Svet knew anything, it was the feeling that life would just be better if you shut everything down and become a hermit. In Svet's case, it would certainly have been much safer and less of a burden on people like Dominic Howlett, who had lost plenty in order to keep her safe and put the Russian Nephilim first. But, she imagined that was exactly what loyalty was supposed to look and feel like. It just hurt to think she had caused him so much, and even hurt him psychically herself. Though she wasn't herself that night, and not in control of her own actions.

"It takes time. Don't feel te need to rush right into living a completely different lifestyle just to assume you're being a good leader. I think if you believe you're doing your best, then that alone makes you a good enough leader. We don't need perfect, we just need someone who's gonna be here" she was obviously referring to the other Nephilims more so than herself, because until now, Svetlana had never really reach out to anyone, or felt that she needed anyone.

When Clarissa said she had done he right thing by coming to her, Svetlana quirked a brow as well "First time that's ever been said .. by anyone" she chuckled some, amused that she somehow found humor in it, but Svet really hadn't done 'the right thing' in years now. She had went from turning 13 years old, to being abducted, and up until she was 18, she spent all her time chained to a slab of stone, enduring torture of all froms from many different species. When she was able to break free after seeing her father killed right before her eyes, the Russian Nephilim began that day making bad choices, and it had carried on until this very moment. She guessed she was happy to hear someone tell her she did something right for once. "I guess you make a valid point too.. the last thing I want is for more people to become aware of my existence, especially any kind of followers to these rogues"

Svetlana knew Clarissa was the daughter of Abraxas Bradford, but she had no idea how severe that matter was for Clarissa. The rumors had always spoken loud enough, and admittedly, it'd taken some courage to call on Clarissa tonight, but so far so good, it seemed. The Russian Nephilim gave Clarissa a faint smile when she spoke of how the city seemingly came alive more during the night time hours, knowing exactly how she felt to not get much sleep during the late hours. "I don't sleep very much myself. Whenever I do make the feeble attempt, it seems like every little thing that has done wrong in my life, haunts my dreams.. so I developed a shitty case of insomnia that not even a fully stocked bar of booze can help with." she recalled the last time she tried drinking herself to sleep, and all that did was cause her to make a series of poor choices in men for an entire night.

Svetlana chuckled when she mentioned the raise Talia got. "She's been one of the best so far, bartenders, especially in a popular club like this one, come and go. Most of them can't handle the club scene and everything that happens inside these walls, but she's a true champ" Svet flashed a wink towards Talia, and averted her gaze back to Clarissa, giving a simple nod of her head to agree that beer was only good for casual drinking. "When shit hits the fan, your only true friends are the three wisemen" and while they actually served a drink called The Three Wisemen,  Svetlana was referring to Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Johnnie Walker. "All of them together at once.. trust me, your night is bound to get better.. even if you wind up behind bars" she shot a playful smirk in Clarissa's direction before tipping her drink back up and chugging it down.

The Russian Nephilim grimaced when Clarissa explained that it was the background which was causing a war. "I guess I kind of understand it though. Nothing good ever comes from a background story like this, especially in your case" She wasn't judging, hell her own background story made most people run the opposite direction and scream for help. But she did understand why the rest may not want a leader. "I on the other hand, couldn't have chosen a better person for this job.. you just have to believe in yourself, even if the rest don't. There's only so much you can do to prove your worth, and once you've done that, brush your hands off and call it a day. At some point you'll have to do this for you too.. if not, then you'll only get so far trying to lead others, if you can't do it for yourself"

Svetlana wasn't a shrink, and at times, words were beyond her, something she usually struggled with, but there were the rare occasions she could offer a piece of advice. Before settling into the club life, Svet had thought about opening a place to counsel people, she imagined that she had done better by not going through with that though. Being in the run, and wanting to kill a bunch of rogues didn't make her psychiatrist material after all. Svet glanced to Clarissa momentaily when she mentioned her father, and shook her head some "I don't think he reflects on you as much as people assume. It's a legit fear though, your father had quite the rep" she chuckled, hoping to make light of a moment that likely was a pretty sore subject to Clarissa herself. "It's bittersweet irony, but I would have rather had a father like yours, who seemed to be a complete monster .. a parasite even.. than to have the father I had, a hero .. but someone I never really knew, someone so devoted to saving other people, that I didn't even matter enough for him to come looking. He saved everyone but me" she allowed the anger of that statement to radiate from her as she slammed her glass down, making a loud thud against the table before refilling it.

It was mad that Svetlana was admitting she would have rather had Abraxas Bradford for a father, just to have had someone there, even if it was to make her life hell as she imagined he made Clarissa's than to have the humble man she had as a father, who had devoted his last breath to everyone but his own daughter. "The first and last time I saw him was the day that they drug him in to kill him in front of me.. so I guess i'm pissed off at him" Svetlana frowned, and blushed a little after realizing she let herself get carried away with venting. "Sorry, I don't do this often.. It's strange for me to open up.. I certainly hadn't planned this" she gave the Nephilim leader an apologetic look before taking a drink from her fully filled glass again.

Svetlana nodded when Clarissa said she was glad that Svet had reach out to her "Its a first, trust me. But, ive heard so much about you, and often I found myself sitting there pissed for the way people speak.. I doubt anyone truly knows you, because from the very little ive seen so far, you're nothing like your rumors paint you to be" she gave a genuine smile, and watched as the lights continued to distract Clarissa, which made Svet's smile grow a little brighter. The club was her baby. And, while her and Dom figured out a game plan for another opening night, she didn't mind sitting in it now. It was the one thing she knew no one could take away.

The promise Clarissa then made to her, caused the Russian's eyes to fill with tears. Emotions were something Svet usually didn't show, she had spent so much time crying as a teenager, and pleading for them to just kill her and be done with the torture, that she was sure she'd cried all the tears her tear ducts could provide in an entire lifetime, so to feel that now, was a little much for her. Maybe her past didn't strip her of everything after all. "That's a heavy promise.. getting involved with me may just bring you a whole new world of pain and drama Bradford, but if you think you can handle it, then all I can say is hold on tight. It's gonna be a bumpy ride" But, if for once in Svetlana's life, someone genuine would be here to see it through that Svet didn't die, nor lose her wings, then she would happily accept the help. And perhaps with how this was going, and how they seemed to have much in common, a new friendship would follow.

"They are Vampires, the counterparts of Valkyr indeed. I -" she swallowed the lump in her throat, and wiped her eyes. "They are souless creatures, but they're lost.. and it sucks to think that they can't be helped nor saved.. there's only one thing that has ever been able to be done with them.." it always sounded too much like putting a do down who was to vicious or a dog that was slowly dying from illness the way people described Vampires who had fallen into blood addiction. "An attack on me happened right in this very club actually.." Svet's gaze averted to the dark corner, where a few private rooms were, and she could feel the weight of that Vampire's body pressing against hers, making it so that she couldn't even breathe properly right now. Every time she relived that moment, she felt every single thing he tried doing to her. She could still see how hurt Dom was to see her in the floor with her clothes ripped off of her. Svetlana cleared her throat, and looked down to the digital pad that controlled the club, and smiled as she began toying with the lights that Clarissa seemed pretty interested in. After cutting the ceiling lights on, she grinned and passed the ipad over to Clarissa "You can try it if you'd like. You can't hurt anything, this thing controls literally everything in this club. The worse you can do is put us in the dark" though she could do a lot more than that, Svet didn't imagine anything would go wrong.

"Have you ever had to deal with this before? Or let me rephrase, since becoming our leader, have you had to go out of your way to help in a situation as bad as mine?" Svet felt guilty to involve Clarissa, but she felt that she had to. Svet's curious nature often got the better of her and now that she was finally sitting here with their new leader, she couldn't help but ask. "Did you like being a follower more than you do a leader? Or do you feel like this might be exactly where you need to be in your life?"

It was nice to hear some reassurance from Svetlana regarding how she shouldn’t have to change her life dramatically to try and fit in her late sisters shoes of being a good leader; but in all honesty, her life had changed dramatically without her permission and there was little she could do about. Over the three years of being in The Eternal City, her personality had changed, she was no longer as cold hearted as she once was and despite still being very much afraid - she was much more open to letting others in. “That’s reassuring, thanks love” Rissa made a mental note of this and gathered that Svet was perhaps speaking for other members of their faction rather than just herself and if she truly gave it thought, she suspected there were more supporters of her being Ambassador than those who opposed it. “I’ll make sure not to be the overbearing leader” She responded with a slight laugh before tilting her head, hearing that no one had ever told the Nephilim in front of her that she had done the right thing. Hell, even Rissa had those comments thrown at her throughout her life. “There is a first time for everything, no?”

“It’s for the best, and not just for your own existence, if you want to make a home here in Evermore, which you clearly do - you also have to think about the people that live here also” Rissa advised, as if she actually knew what she was talking about; but she was aware that some of these bad people liked to make themselves at home when the home looked good - and the people inside the city walls were typically good souls too. It made for easy pickings to black mail and bully and she feared these people that Svet was running away from could easily abuse those already living in Evermore. Rissa couldn’t help but allow her features to crinkle up at the thought of drinking a full bar away just for a peaceful night sleep; she of course had done so herself, but unfortunately for her, she was still found in a sleep paralysis rather than a handful of different men in her bed. “Sometimes you gotta do what you need to, even if the habits become toxic.” She noted, although she suspected that Lana was more of a relationship kind of being that to have hookups after hookups; thus hating what had happened throughout that time. 

Rissa diverted her gaze towards Talia as she busied around behind the bar, and inhaled softly in an amused tone that not many people could work in a place like this. “I don’t think I could, perhaps a quieter bar but a club, not really my thing” She slowly turned to face Lana again before nodding, a smile forming at her lips at the idea of having all three of those drinks at once; the thought actually caused a shiver to run down her spine. “This time I don’t really have a get out of jail free card so I may need to pass on those three wise men” She laughed softly and brought her drink up to her lips; sipping at the red liquid which she was sure would leave a red taint around her mouth. “You gotta do what you need to, to survive. Not every angel has an angelic background” Her muscular shoulders gave off a shrug. “But they’ll soon see that I’m not really the monster that I once was, although that monster does very much still live within me - I just have it on a tighter leash these days” She replied, and listened to how it was very probable that some people would fear she would become her Father. “Well I mean, not many people know, but he didn’t know if my existence until perhaps, four years ago?” 

That alone was a good enough reason; she was not brought up by him nor did she had his influence over her throughout the years because she too, did not know of Abraxas Bradford until her twin brother appeared. Rissa could see the anger radiate from Lana and she smiled sadly, a good Father was never quite good enough. “It may be hard to see, but perhaps he had so much faith in you he believed you could live on, you were stronger than the others” She tried to see what the better side of Lana’s story was, but she doubted that to be the real cause of her Father’s actions. Clarissa waved her hand in dismissal as Lana apologised for going off on one regarding her Father. “Better to get it out than erupting further down the line on someone completely innocent” Again, she was being so hypocritical but she was no longer that person, not fully anyway so perhaps she wasn’t? She didn’t know and nor did it worry her. 

Clarissa glanced downward at the compliment that Lana gave her, and because that her reputation got around and that people spoke about her without her knowing. “People don’t truly know me because I don’t really ever let them in” Which she was trying to change but that sort of change didn’t come easy to her. She grinned at her heavy promise and the fact she was in for a wild ride if she were to help Lana out. “Trust me, there isn’t much of a ride that I haven’t been on in my 31 years, I’m sure we can handle it… Together” She pushed herself forwards, her forearms resting upon the table top as she listened to what was chasing Lana. Vampires. Of course, although she was happy that Lana came to her, she felt that Gideon also needed to know about this. “Have you spoken with Gideon? He is probably a bit more equipped with dealing with those bloodsuckers” She asked, although she suspected he was probably aware of them if they were going to be headed towards the city. 

She followed Lana’s glance to the back corner of the club and quirked a brow; she had no idea what was over there but she guessed whatever it was, was the location of where Lana was attacked. “Mm, thanks” She laughed, and reached out for the remotes to have a little play with the lights - sometimes it was the simple things that could create the most amount of pleasure. “First time as Nephilim leader, yes. I’ve obviously gone out of my way for others since arriving in the city, though” She confirmed, and glanced upward at the new light sequence. “Being a leader is nothing new to me, and I quite like it - I’m not typically one that likes to follow another’s orders so. But this is a new type of leadership for me, and although it was handed to me in quite a shitty manner, I’m curious to see where it takes me” 

In most cases, Svetlana never had the right words to say to someone, nor was she of any comfort to whoever she was talking to, simply because of how damaged and broken she was herself. She had tried to move on, and had even sustained a pretty decent ranking in the Nephilim faction when she first moved here, after Cornelia got her a job in the government, but, she still always felt that she was an outcast, out of place, and not the same as the other Nephilim's in her faction. Darkness. That's what Svetlana lived in, and she was sure her heart had grown pretty black, and even cold at this point in her life. When you live in the shadows of monsters who want you dead, you usually turn into the very thing you hate. And, Svetlana had sought Clarissa out in a feeble attempt to avoid that from happening to herself. Clarissa was somehow a breath of fresh air to Svetlana. She felt as if maybe, the two of them related in more ways than they didn't. 

Svet offered a friendly smile, and the nod of her head when Clarissa had said there was a first time for everything. "I guess there is afterall" her grin grew a little more broad across her features because she felt a little more relaxed than she had at first upon meeting the Nephilim ambassador. Svet then frowned again however, and was sure her face looked like a bipolar train wreck with how quickly she went from frowning, to smiling, to frowning again "I just don't know how possible it is to make a home here, based on the people who live here.." she began, in response to Clarissa saying if she wanted to make a home here, she needed to think about the people who lived here. "Because in all honesty, the people who live here, also include a group of murderous rogues who want revenge for my escape, and the fact that I slaughtered many of their screwed up organization members" when Svetlana had escaped that compound she was held prisoner in, she'd left tons of bodies in her wake. It was horrifying for even Svetlana, but it was the only way out. Plus, they killed her father before her very eyes. 

Svet tilted her head, almost intrigued the more Clarissa talked, and smirked rather smugly to her statement about doing what you have to do at times. "It doesn't go without saying that Ive not had my fair share of flings and one night stands to numb the pain, but let's face it.. men.. and even women are just as much of a headache as the problems i'm trying to escape, so alcohol has been my real go-to" she admitted with a slight hint of blush covering her cheeks. Svet didn't blush often, nor did she come off as the girly-girl among females, but to admit that, definitely did it for her. Svet found herself shuttering as Clarissa's expression changed as well when the topic of all threee drinks, aka the three wisemen came up "God, that does sound awful right now though huh?" let's face it, one of those drinks alone had a bite to it, add all three and you're just asking for trouble. "Unfortunately I know you're right. It's just tragic that our species, of all the species I know of, seemingly have very dark pasts behind them. As Angel-children, most would imagine purity, innocence, etc.. but that's so not the case.. not with many of us.." Svetlana realized that she hadn't been the only Nephilim with a traumatic series of events to take place in her life. 

"Well, I admie the courage.. because it must have took a lot of that.. I mean you know, to basically take the darker side of yourself, and put it on a leash, for the better of your people" Svetlana smiled genuinely, it took more than courage to have done that, she was sure. But, here Clarissa sat, able to tell it and live it. After all the rumors Svetlana had heard, among actual facts, it nearly floored her hearing that Clarissa's father had only known of her for four years. "That sounds pretty rough, to but I guess four years ago was the day your life turned upside down" Svetlana couldn't say she knew every detail about the woman before her, and she didn't take rumors as the gospel truth, nor did she poke at people to get their version of the truth. All that she did know, was that she'd met Clarissa's not so sane brother, and if his father was anything like him, then yeah, she definitely felt for Clarissa. Though, knowing Clarissa had a dark side of her own made Svetlana curious. "You couldn't possibly have been as bad as the two of them. Your brother and father I mean. Or was he your brother? Isaiah I mean.." she knew she may be crossing some lines here, and asking too personal of questions, but she was a curious female, so naturally, she couldn't help but ask. 

Svetlana had been holdingback tears for plenty of people in her life, and she had even tried to make sure she did that now, but she lacked the strength she normally had. She couldn't help but let her emotions escape as she began shedding tears when Clarissa expressed that her father maybe thought she was strong enough to live on, that she was stronger than the others... "For so long I really thought that.. but then I look at my life, and the chance I gained when I escaped that compound, and ive not lived at all" she had either been spending every day that she lived, looking over her shoulder fearing that she may draw her last breath, or spending her time fighting rogues .. either way, someone had accessed a file long ago that had brought more pain and chaos to her present life than she ever imagined the slaughter that took place so many years ago, would bring her. "I know eventually I have to start living, even if I'm still being hunted / followed, whatever, it's just hard right now.. I feel like they're every where I turn" Svet had even left her own home because of those following her. 

"Together.. that does sound nice. Thank you Clarissa. I have faith that you're just the woman I need right now, as flirtatious as that sounds, it's totally innocent" she shook her head, chuckling some before giving a nod of her head. "Gideon .. the Valkyr's ambassador right?" she didn't know if Gideon dealt with rogues, Valkyr who turned into blood lusty Vampires with no ability to control themselves. It was a sad case, but she was happy she'd reach out about the matter either way. "I guess he does need some kind of a clue as to what's following and hunting me down. It's not just Vampires, but at the very least, maybe Gideon can do something about the small percent of the group that is Vampires" the rogues weren't as largely formed as they had been years ago, when it consisted of Phoenix, Shape Shifters, Vampires, Therian's and more. At least now Svetlana had peace of mind in knowing the only rogues she had to deal with, were the very few species that had learned about the sick, twisted organization she and her father had single handedly stopped twice now. Not together. But still. 

Svet smiled and watched the lights above them, listening intently and grimacing some as Clarissa explained a little more about her leadership responsibilites. It really did sound quite tragic to have to step into a position like that, when you've lived the way she had, or at least, the way Svetlana had heard she'd lived. "I can guess that you'll need some time to adapt to it all. What's been the hardest part about leading us so far? Things like this? like.. Nephilim's needing your help? or just leading in general? I'm sure the pressure has been applied and that you feel that you have big shoes to fill." Cornelia had been a great leader, but that didn't mean her sister couldn't grow, and become better than her. "Do you have any plans set in stone yet, as to how this faction will run, or do you plan on keeping things the way your sister had them?" Svet didn't even know much about how the faction ran as a whole, sadly enough, but she hadn't been part of her faction at all really, and perhaps that was the next thing she should do. 

"Maybe after we're done here, we could go to the faction house. I'd love to see it. Is there an actual faction house?" she chuckled, embarrassed slightly to not even know that information since she was a Nephilim herself. 

It was surprisingly nice to see that the other Nephilim was starting to feel a little more relaxed in her presence; Clarissa was well aware that at times, her presence could be overwhelming, evening frightening for some people and now that she had stepped up - she hoped that perhaps that vibe was lessening from her. It did, however, amuse her somewhat about just how expressive Svetlana had become - but then, it was not surprising given the fact that the Nephilim kind were subject to their ever changing and over emotional feelings; with that in mind, the constant change of expression was a given. It was actually quite sad to see that the Nephilim before her didn’t quite know how she could make a home here, particularly when some of those who were after her, also lived in the city. 

Clarissa rolled her lips in thought. “If they attacked you, then they would then pay the consequences by the given Ambassador of their Faction” She went on to say, perhaps blagging it a little bit, but she had been surrounded by Ambassadors ever since she entered the City. “There would be no way they could get away from the fact they had hurt someone within the city.” Which was true, all those who had caused issues for Evermore residents have been folk from out of town; at least from her own experience that was. “You do want to make a home here, Svet, I can see it in your eyes. Plus, you would have left the city by now if you didn’t” She counteracted, besides, Svet would not have called her otherwise. “Have they, the ones that live here, tried to reach out to you yet? In any shape or form?”

A smile began to tug at her lips, Svet spoke the truth that sometimes dating caused more of a headache that any kind of alcohol could give you. “Isn’t that the truth, Yet I suppose there is some kind of addiction to those headaches” Rissa went years without dating, but since arriving in Evermore, she had been a little more open to the idea of that - after all, whoever she brought into her life now, didn’t necessarily have the threat of TLoA after them. “Well, relying on either one of those two headache inducing things isn’t always a good thing, but you can’t live with them, can’t live without them” She mused, the pad of her finger running across the rim of her glass. “It is, what it is” Rissa confessed, it was very rare that someone’s backstory had the power to upset her. “And with our kind anyway, we attract darkness, look at the Dragonkin for example that our ancestors fought” God, she truly was becoming a book nerd - it wasn’t until she came into the Ambassador role and had access to The Divine Chronicle had she learnt about the true past of The Nephilim. 

“When a large group of Nephilim contrigate in a community, they are drawing in more darkness than what a single Nephilim would.” She wasn’t sure if Svet knew much about that. “But then, it’s a catch 22, we’re safer in numbers but we bring in more danger that way” Clarissa shrugged and downed the rest of her drink; she was surprised there hadn’t been more threats to their Nephilim community - but she supposed they also had the other factions on the lookout for threats too which automatically protected the Nephilim. “When I found Isaiah, there was comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone; then the same with Cornelia and Jon. But Abraxas, that was complicated. They all saw him as this monster, but I? I just wanted a Father and would have probably done whatever it took to get his approval.” She shrugged her shoulders. “So you could say, I’m on par with how dangerous Isaiah and Abraxas are… Were, I mean.” She laughed a little, noting the hesitancy Svet had when asking the question. “Isaiah, yes. He is my twin, funnily enough.”

Once Svetlana had released the tears which had been bordering for a good while, Clarissa felt her muscles tighten for a moment and she shifted in her seat discreetly. Her own eyes were wide and she looked around uncomfortably before catching Talia’s eye and waved down for another round on drinks. “Well. Um. It looks like you have been living. You managed to get this place, no? Not many people can say they own and run a club?” Clarissa tried to be reassuring, despite her own lifestyle, she had lived - she had seen the world and that itself at times was a backward compliment. She saw the world for the death of others. “But are they everywhere you turn? Or is it just all a fabrication of your mind?” Rissa queried, it was probably not an appropriate question nor was it sensitive, but Svet had to wonder about that too? Trauma played a horrible game - and sadly, Clarissa was also going through the same thing. 

She chuckled at the flirtatious undertones the comment had and winked at Svetlana as Talia brought over the round of drinks that Rissa had called over to aid the tears. “Gideon often deals with the rogue Valkyr and Vampires, what he does with them is up to his discretion. He may help rehabilitate or he’ll get rid of them. I know which one I would do...” She left that comment hanging, as she knew that would be how Svet and herself would deal with them if they were ambushed or attacked at any point that they were together.   

“It’s more… Abiding by the rules that I’m struggling with” Clarissa confessed and let out a breath which almost deflated her shoulders. “My freedom, I guess. Before, I could do what I wanted when I wanted, and if any issue arose I could deal with it my own way, but now. I have to think not just of myself, but my community and the law which has been put in place to keep the peace” She glanced up at Svet and smiled. “The leadership part is probably the easiest for me to do, not to sound big headed or anything like that” She mused. 

“At the moment, the faction is running smoothly, so I don’t suspect I’ll make any dramatic changes as of yet” Clarissa announced before smiling at the comment of a Faction house. “So there was one of my changes. There wasn’t a faction house before, but since I took over, I want any Nephilim to feel at home here, never mind what their past looks like. So I set up a house, I guess some could call it a sorority house but mixed with males and females.” She grinned somewhat proudly at her achievement. “People have a right to a home, you know? But yes, I can definitely take you there, it could even help you with your sense of home?” 

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