Lachlan had gained a whole new outlook on life, after realizing the woman he had once loved wasn’t lying to him, was in fact being the one hunted. It restored his fate in good things. Something he had been struggling with since he had believed Irene had used him to get away with murder. He was thankful that he could call her his friend now. He had made it a personal mission to keep her safe from harm. He knew well how much of her past had affected her, yet she had been strong through it all. It was something not many could do. She would probably cast some kind of spell on him, if she knew he was still protecting her from afar. Such a strange relationship to have, he mused in his own mind before the beeping from his computer drew his attention back to it. He had almost completely forgotten he was on the trail of someone who seemed to be hacking their way through the Evermore Security System.

Cracking his knuckles, his fingers got to work, clacking away on the keyboard as the darkness of the room around him gave the Therian a sense of calm and control. This and his job in the ECPD is what gave him relaxation. Since fighting had become an utterly mute point for him. The dulling of his pain had come to a point that he could no longer feel the hits. For some that may sound great yet for him, it was terrifying. As his eyes stayed glued to the screen he gave a gentle hum out for a moment. He hadn’t seen this userhandle before, was this a new hacker on the scene? As Lachlan threw up more and more blocks he could sense that the Hacker known as DARK0N3 was growing annoyed. It was a thrill of a chase that gave Lachlan a smirk on his face, though the smirk quickly faded when another hacker entered in the game. This one seeming to be not only blocking DARK0N3 but himself also. “What in the fuck.” he muttered out as he clacked away on the keyboard.

Lachlan groaned out as this new player seemed to be placing blocks around him keeping him from tracking DARKoN3 location. “Who the hell are you!” he felt the annoyance rise in his blood. S3R3N1TY was this DARK0N3 helper? Maybe they would be so busy blocking him that they wouldn’t notice if he penpointed their location so he shifted gears and worked on a backdoor to get S3R3N1TY location. As he worked on that he still tried to throw up walls for DARKoN3. Finding S3R3N1TY location itself wasn’t hard, he wrote down the Longitude and latitude down. See it was in Evermore itself, which was surprising some. Closing his laptop and placing it in his bag he rose from his home office desk and made his way to his car. The night air was cold and refreshing as he took the deepest of breaths to fill his lungs. Placing his gun in its holster before he started his car making his way to the location.

As he pulled up to S3R3N1TY house it wasn’t what he overly expected. His eyes scanned for a moment before he got out and made his way to the door, making sure when he knocked not to knock too hard, after all couldn’t quite explain to whomever was beyond the door why it busted off the hinges. When the door opened his eyes met that of a blonde woman whom he had met in passing. His eyes blinked rapidly as confusion crossed his face. “Serenity?” He asked with a slight tremble in his voice trying to process and understand. How the leader of the humans was a hacker, he was more than sure now he didn’t have the full picture.

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She grinned slightly when he said he had a van which was basically his baby “Let me guess, you spend nearly every weekend working on it?” she grinned slightly, as an engineer she was better at working on cars than the average girl. She often noticed people got surprised when she changed her own tyre or popped the hood and looked for the problem herself when there were problems “My dad taught me how to tinker, it’s kinda addictive” she grinned playfully.

Before long they had arrived at the police station, the ride was silent for the most part but it didn’t make her too uncomfortable. When they arrived she looked around “In hindsight, if the press saw me being escorted to the station who knows what stories they’d run” she laughed under her breath, thankfully she didn’t see any media around. She got out of the car and followed him inside “Secret lair” she commented and laughed under her breath in response to his words, following him down the stairs to the basement.

“Your secret technical lair seems to have a lack of technical security” she commented, noting the door was made up of a lock and nothing electrical. Still she followed him inside, looking around and grinning at the room he showed her “Looks like we’re about to kick off some superhero crime-fighting” she teased as she found a spare chair and sat herself down on it, spinning slightly “So this is your little hidey-hole” she grinned and placed her laptop on the desk and turned it on.

“And most nights I couldn’t sleep.” He said honestly with a chuckle from his lips as he glanced over to her. “Though she is meant to be a surveillance Van she gained a special place in my big heart.” He placed a hand on his chest for a moment before taking in her playful grin and his own memories dripping in. “My dad taught me also before his life was taken. It became even more special to me after that.” He said with a gentle sigh before shaking his head to clear the memories that haunt him. “Additive is truly the right word.”

“Could you imagine the stories they would run.” He shook his head at the idea of it. “I have thankfully managed. to stay out of the paper but now that I have become alpha of alpha I feel that will no longer be the case.” He gave an annoyed groan as he moved with her down the stairs. As they entered his lair he gave a gentle chuckle at her words and sighed “Well one can only do so much with government funding. Yet everyone that works in this office alone is supernatural, and well there are many things that would keep the information safe.”

His eyes looked towards the door for a moment before he waved his hand for  her to take one of the three other seats in the office. “Into Superhero crime-fighting?” He chuckled softly for a moment as he smiled back to her before giving a gentle nod. “This is where I do some of my best work. He flipped on the power to the computers in the room and waited for them to warm up. “Think all the tech talk makes some of the cops up above us uncomfortable so they placed me down here.” He gave a chuckle.

She laughed under her breath when he added an additional reason he would work on his van “Which ends up being most nights” she commented and shook her head slightly, insomnia really was something that managed to get you. “Sounds like the perfect little hideout when you need some space too” she commented and offered a half smile, she definitely always loved hanging out in her dad’s caravan when she was younger, sometimes they would just hop in it and drive down to the beach, those were some of her best memories. She gave him a sad smile when he said his dad had passed “So sorry for your loss” she spoke empathetically “Working on it brings good memories though so I’m sure you’re glad you have that” it was something after all.

She sighed, pressing her hands against her face when he spoke about potential headlines they might run on her “I swear it’s gotten so often now that I could actually make a decent guess at what they’d say” she shook her head slightly, it was one of those things that came along with being an ambassador but it was certainly something she didn’t enjoy, there always seemed to be eyes on her. “Just keep an eye out for them camping out on your lawn, I swear I almost hit someone with my car when they were hiding at my place” she shook her head slightly, she really did miss her privacy in that manner. She groaned when he mentioned government funding “We’re so lucky to be part-funded by investors because I swear with the budget we get given, nothing would get done” she commented and grumbled slightly, securing funding was one of most tedious parts of her job.

She laughed softly “Everyone likes a good hactivist story right?” even if most of them were overdramatised and certainly not realistic she liked the idea of a hacker being able to save the world somehow “Alas, we both went for the legitimate route” she teased playfully, their roles when it came to protecting the city were very similar which hopefully meant they would make a good team. “I like the dark labs too, when it’s just my screen in front of me, more things seem to get done” she laughed as she opened her code terminal and started building up the framework for an AWS website that they could purposely leave backdoors to “The high rise is fancy and all but before long I have everyone and their cat bugging me” she laughed “One time we actually did have a cat wander in and no one knew how to get it to go back where it came from...climbed up the elevator and everything” she shook her head in an amused fashion but reminded herself to focus.

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