Lachlan had gained a whole new outlook on life, after realizing the woman he had once loved wasn’t lying to him, was in fact being the one hunted. It restored his fate in good things. Something he had been struggling with since he had believed Irene had used him to get away with murder. He was thankful that he could call her his friend now. He had made it a personal mission to keep her safe from harm. He knew well how much of her past had affected her, yet she had been strong through it all. It was something not many could do. She would probably cast some kind of spell on him, if she knew he was still protecting her from afar. Such a strange relationship to have, he mused in his own mind before the beeping from his computer drew his attention back to it. He had almost completely forgotten he was on the trail of someone who seemed to be hacking their way through the Evermore Security System.

Cracking his knuckles, his fingers got to work, clacking away on the keyboard as the darkness of the room around him gave the Therian a sense of calm and control. This and his job in the ECPD is what gave him relaxation. Since fighting had become an utterly mute point for him. The dulling of his pain had come to a point that he could no longer feel the hits. For some that may sound great yet for him, it was terrifying. As his eyes stayed glued to the screen he gave a gentle hum out for a moment. He hadn’t seen this userhandle before, was this a new hacker on the scene? As Lachlan threw up more and more blocks he could sense that the Hacker known as DARK0N3 was growing annoyed. It was a thrill of a chase that gave Lachlan a smirk on his face, though the smirk quickly faded when another hacker entered in the game. This one seeming to be not only blocking DARK0N3 but himself also. “What in the fuck.” he muttered out as he clacked away on the keyboard.

Lachlan groaned out as this new player seemed to be placing blocks around him keeping him from tracking DARKoN3 location. “Who the hell are you!” he felt the annoyance rise in his blood. S3R3N1TY was this DARK0N3 helper? Maybe they would be so busy blocking him that they wouldn’t notice if he penpointed their location so he shifted gears and worked on a backdoor to get S3R3N1TY location. As he worked on that he still tried to throw up walls for DARKoN3. Finding S3R3N1TY location itself wasn’t hard, he wrote down the Longitude and latitude down. See it was in Evermore itself, which was surprising some. Closing his laptop and placing it in his bag he rose from his home office desk and made his way to his car. The night air was cold and refreshing as he took the deepest of breaths to fill his lungs. Placing his gun in its holster before he started his car making his way to the location.

As he pulled up to S3R3N1TY house it wasn’t what he overly expected. His eyes scanned for a moment before he got out and made his way to the door, making sure when he knocked not to knock too hard, after all couldn’t quite explain to whomever was beyond the door why it busted off the hinges. When the door opened his eyes met that of a blonde woman whom he had met in passing. His eyes blinked rapidly as confusion crossed his face. “Serenity?” He asked with a slight tremble in his voice trying to process and understand. How the leader of the humans was a hacker, he was more than sure now he didn’t have the full picture.

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The blonde bit her lips softly when he said the right person would make things fall into place “I’ve met a lot of the wrong kind then” she commented and laughed almost in an amused manner “One I thought was an exception but in the end he turned out just the same” it was honestly exhausting to keep putting herself on the line when she’d been hurt in many ways. “I think we all started that way…” she mumbled softly, not that she was going to confirm any details of her own wrong paths “Sounds like he led you right” she commented and smiled, she could sense easily from the way he spoke that he cared a lot for his father.

Sariah averted her gaze at the mention of Orion, he didn’t name him specifically but she was fully aware that the shoes Lachlan was filling were his. “You do better for them by sticking around, that’s a good start” she mumbled and shrugged her shoulders slightly, she knew he had his reasons but in the end, the last alpha had chosen to leave his pack behind. And her too. It still stung. “And remember that you’re just one person, no matter how badly you want to fix everything for everyone…you can’t” she had learned that the hard way and often stretched herself too thin.

“True” she agreed with him, some people had an easier path than others but no one was immune to struggle and everyone of all backgrounds and ages, went through hardships “I guess what’s really defining is how you choose to face that hand” you couldn’t control the cards you were dealt but you could indeed be savvy with how you chose to play them. “Well I won’t turn down the offer for help…god knows we need all the help we can get around here” she agreed and nodded her head slightly.

She continued writing lines of code as they talked “No one should live in fear, that’s Evermore’s whole prospect, everyone equal” that wasn’t something easy to maintain by any means but they had to keep trying regardless. “Okay..I think that we’re ready, as soon as I push this we’ll have to look closely….it could take minutes but I would suspect hours” they had no idea if their suspect was even awake right now. “Hope you were prepared for a stake out” she teased playfully.

✧ dark0n3 ✧
Lachlan had met many wrong people in his life, being on the wrong side was something he knew all too well. So he could only sympathize with her in finding the humor in this all. It all led them to who they were now and that is what really mattered. “He tried. I only wish I would have done so when he was alive.” He said softly. He knew bringing up her ex out right may breed tension but the fact of the matter was he was a part of both of their lives one way or another. “The plans of going anywhere are nonexistent for me.” He had nowhere else to be, this had become his home, his life. “I feel like you knew there was a perfectionist inside of me you just spoke to.” He always wanted to make everyone else’s life easy because he knew how rough others could have it stretching himself too thin.

A cocky smile came to his face “and I for one chose to face that hand with a cockiness daring anyone to call my bluff, if I am bluffing I will use my teeth.” He chuckled at the idea of playing poker in such a way. “Happy to help, besides I think maybe we could strike a deal also. I have been thinking that we need to allow the humans on the force to have the weapons at their ready also. Yet I feel they need proper training with them also. Maybe we could form a task force on the force together and train them together. If you are open to it.” He offered, feeling like they were making a great team in their current mission so future ones weren't out of the realm of possibility in his opinion.

As the code was finished and she was ready to push it he nodded as he looked at his phone, “The pizza just got here so we are more than ready for a stake out.” He teased standing up to run out to get the pizza he had ordered to a door a few blocks down where they were. He returned after about fifteen minutes, his long legs giving him a swift advantage in getting the pizza. As he came back into the lair of coding for the good he found himself settling back into his seat. “Drinks and snacks are all in the fridge and cabinet.” He nodded his head having just about anything one could think of ready to be consumed.

He offered her pizza before staring at the screen. “Here we go, hopefully we can catch this person and set the fear of Evermore to rest.” He gave her a hopeful smile and looked back to all the screens around the room ready to read the code to see when this DARK0N3 returned for their trap. Hoping they would fall for it hook line and sinker. “I also have a nice selection of coffee and teas if you prefer that over water and soda.” He spoke before taking a mouthful of pizza.

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