Slipping passed the guards weren’t very hard. Everyone was so busy with their own problems, their own lives. Problems that were partly Erythreus´ fault. Some of his decisions had lead to the fall of Skye and many of the guards death. It was years ago but since then things had only gone south. The aliward and their guards found a home in Evermore where the supernaturals activity seemed to thrive and the peace hanging on a loose thread. The moody aspect isolated himself more and more feeling that his presence only burdened. The people he called his family suddenly felt like acquaintances and his duties that hadn’t been very joyful to begin with felt undoable.

The faint ghost with its empty judge eyes stared at the aspect of death, as it had done the last few days. Ery couldn’t seem to keep up the barriers to keep him from seeing the souls of the dead still seeking redemption. ”Go away” the giant harshly muttered trying to wave it away but without success. From a by stander the beardy male must look like he had one to many mumbling and gesturing to himself like a crazy person. None dared to say anything tho and he still had ladies throwing themselves at him if he was in that mood. One night stands had lost its charm but relations were even worse. Memories of his last still hurt to thing of threatening to tear a big hole in his heart if he gave it too much thought.

The blonde drowned the last of his booze, which didn’t exactly help with keeping the ghosts away rather the opposite, before throwing some money on the table and leaving the bar before any of the guards released he wasn’t in his room mopping  or whatever they believed he did in there. However he wasn’t ready to go home just yet. The only thing awaiting him was his messy room and more booze. So he found himself wandering around aimlessly around with the ghosts as his only company buzzing around his head making it hard for him to concentrate. ”Hey leave me alone I can’t help you” The aspect had come to an alleyway and heard footsteps approaching causing a sigh to slipp out, but it was a familiar face that had caught up to him. ”So you found me Dom, Points to you I guess. Sorry for going out unannounced … again” he chuckled a stiff joyless sound. 

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It had been over an hour of searching. First Dom has started with all the usual spots, but it was slow going. Finding the Aspect of Death wasn't exactly easy when he didn't want to be found. Reus had been worried as it seemed Ery was sliding down a slope of despair that would eventually fall out from underneath him and crash. Dominic wasn't exactly sure why he would be the best option to pull anyone out of a shit mood given his own temperamant lately, but he was assigned to him still obviously. Duty above all. It was something he believed in wholeheartedly at one point, but given how his life had turned out currently, he wasn't so sure it was a motto he could keep marching to. 

The chaos of the bar he'd just walked out of dulled slightly now that he was outside with still no sign of Erythreus. His eyes landed on a strip club much further down the road, but he knew that wouldn't be the place Ery would go now. His mood was far too low for even that. Dom put his cell to his ear and figured he would try the number again, but still, it went straight to voicemail. "Goddammit, Ery," he grumbled when a voice drifted from the alleyway.

He decided to be far more nosey than he should've been, but finding the Aspect was dire. Being one of the most powerful things on the planet meant making sure everything was in working order or at least some form of functioning. Functioning being a loose word when it came to Erythreus. Hell, when it came to himself too. The further he walked, the more powerful the familiar scent was that came to him. His therian senses were of some use it seemed when he finally saw the familiar form of his friend in the darkness. He looked like shit and was clearly well into a few bottles given the smell coming off him that was tied in with the usual scent. 

Dom leaned against the opposite building from Ery and sighed. He didn't reply right away and instead pulled a bottle from his jacket and shook it as an invitation. Unscrewing the cap, he took a long swig of the whiskey before offering it over to him. "Believe me, I mostly can't stand being in that manor either," he finally replied, smirking. "Can't imagine living there." The therian put his head back on the brick and spoke after a few moments of silence between them. "Talk to me. What's going on? No bullshit either. Not with me." They were too close to try and sugarcoat anything going on in their lives like they would to most others who would ask. 

There had been a time when Erythreus and Dom would confide in each other about everything. Fight every battle together. They used to hang out as friends and stir up trouble even when both were off duty. Dominic had join the guard after the fall of Skye and quickly became a loyal and cherished member. Most of the aspects had an assigned guard who had the over all responsibility for their security and Dom had offered and been assigned to him. Which he was grateful for. It would’ve been awful to be forced to be followed around by some nosey rule follower.

However as Erythreus got more and more drawn back Dom did as well troubled by his own problems which lead to the duo slowly drifting apart. Resulting in them not talking for months both wanting to spare the other from their hell. ”I know they just mean well” Erythreus sighed ignoring the bottle the terrain offered him. He’d had one too many already and the world was spinning. The other residents at the maner had given him concerned looks and friendly advice , Erythreus shouldn’t you guide souls, Ery why aren’t you…, a while now and he really had tried but he couldn’t. So keeping away, being drunk was the easy way out. He knew it was the coward way to flee from his problems, and he hated himself for it. 

”Why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you instead, brother?” Erythreus countered with a raised brow. His town just a tiny bit accusing. It took two to tango but Erythreus couldn’t help but feel a little bit let down by Dom whom he’d considered one of his closest friends for not reaching out when he saw him starting to stumble after both breakup and ghost problems. The broody aspect could’ve done the same he realised and tried to remember that and not be too hard on his guard who also had had a rough couple of months. 

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