Today had been a long time coming. Since the birth of the new peace contract 3 years ago, there had never really been much consideration for what would happen if a new faction wanted to join the roster but a few months ago she had been approached by both the leader of the Celestials and the leader of the Niveis to express their interest in signing the peace contract. It had been a lot of work for the human ambassador since then, as the leader of the organization and the figurehead of the ambassador council, it was ultimately her responsibility to negotiate terms with the new factions who wished to join the peace agreement. It was also her job to mediate the communications with the other ambassadors and ensure everyone was in agreement with the forward movements being made.

And now, after months of deliberation, going through contracts and reviewing every little detail on there, the day for both factions to sign was here. She had brought Giselle in on the negotiations a little while into them, while she knew the other woman had a lot on her plate having just been elected mayor, she was the one the whole of Evermore chose as their leader and therefore she was one of the most important people to seek council from. She was proud of the both of them for getting through all the long meetings, going back and forth on little details, ensuring the Celestials and Ailward factions, in particular, were able to find common ground and ensuring that every species got their own equal share of protection from any harm they might experience in the city. 

She entered the room in the city hall, flashing her ID badge to the security guards and then heading inside the room, on the table were two copies of the amended treaty contracts and two pens, one for each woman to sign with. The original contract was underneath them, in the glass case where it had been placed after all the original ambassadors had signed it, herself included. It detailed how no faction would cause harm to one another and that each faction would assume responsibility for the actions of their designated group. All those who broke the peace and sought to harm another faction would face the laws of the city and would be at the mercy to the other factions in the city, who would seek that justice is done. It was big talk and it had to be after all the misery this city had seen, she had been here to see the war, how blame was thrown, she had seen the Ailward mourn the loss of their entire home and she had seen the phoenixes ousted from the city for refusing to comply with the rules set out for them. It was another new dawn for Evermore, a positive one, which would bring two more factions into their ranks. 

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Giselle felt a swell of pride in her chest when the other species leaders in front of her along with her own leader seem to give a nod of approval. It felt like the air in the room shifted from one of uncertainty to one of certainty as she watched the Niveis write her name along the line. Giselle pushed back from where she sat and moved to sign the second witness line. It was an important moment for them all. There was excitement and fear that surrounded this but it was a dawn of a new long awaited era in Evermore.

Giselle watched as Sariah took the documents over to the case and watched as she placed them there. And she herself took in a soft breath before she looked to the leaders for a long moment reading their faces. Then the reporters came into the room and Giselle put on her best fake smile as the people with cameras around their necks came into the room. She looked to the other leaders for a moment. “This way.” She said as she moved around the room to where Sariah was standing.

Standing on the outside of the group of women as the flashes of the camera came. Giselle did her best to keep her smile on her face even though the flashes made her uncomfortable. Moving around as they shook hands with the leaders for some of the photos. After what felt like an extremely long photoshoot she found herself shifting and pulling at her jacket looking to each other. “See that wasn’t to bad.” Giselle chuckled as she looked between the other woman before looking to the reporters.

Once it felt appropriate to do so, Ophelia reached forward, signing her name along the bottom of the document and allowed a faint smile to cross her lips, this was it, this was how she started the process of getting her people an equal and happy life in Evermore and just the simple act of writing her name on the line was enough to fill her with a sense of permanency, she glanced over at Anivia to see if she seemed to feel the same way. They were both now essentially the two new kids at school and it wasn’t going to be easy to fit in, that was for sure.

It all went by a lot faster than she was expecting it to, she supposed all those long meetings talking about fine details back and forth gave her a certain expectation but Sariah was right, they had done the hard part already and this was more of an opportunity for press more than anything, the agreement had been made, the moment she signed it she agreed to uphold it and she would do so with every breath she gave if it let her people have the life they truly deserve in return. She followed Giselle wordlessly and moved in to stand beside her as the group of people rushed inside.

She had to admit she was a little intimidated by it all, she was a leader but she never really felt like she was a charismatic person or particularly good at speaking. Taking pictures was easy enough, she gave a polite smile for the cameras until the flashes died down and then allowed herself to be taken off to the side to answer a few questions, confirming she had signed the treaty, denying that there was any current animosity between herself and the Ailward faction and telling them she was looking forward to seeing a new dawn in Evermore. After a while, they cleared out and she headed back to the table to drink down the last of her coffee which had gone a little cold “I really can’t believe today is finally here” she mused slightly more lightheartedly now the pressured part was over.

Anivia watched as Ophelia signed her name watching the smile graced her delicate features caused Anivia to smile softly before looking down to her own paper watching the other two woman sign witness before the papers were taken and added to the case. It was a feeling of relief that washed over the frosty ambassador. As she knew she could return to her tribe and state they are officially part of the city. It brought a nervousness to her but she knew everything was going to be okay in the end, it was the optimess in her even being a small fish in a big pond.

As it was clear it was time for Press Anivia stood up adjusting her jacket to make sure that it was in place so that the markings upon her wrist where not to be seen as she followed and stood in place as Giselle made an effort to pose them before getting in her place also. Anivia was just thankful this day came sooner for her then it had the Celestials. Anivia gave her best smile as the camera flashed. She moved around shaking hands as the photographers demanded and then finally the flashing seem to stop Anivia gave a gentle rub with the back of her hand to her eyes as she moved back to the table.

After answering a few questions about how they were different from their phoenix counterparts and how they will get along with the Initia. Anivia answered as honestly as she could and stated all she wanted was peace and hoped to bring the community together. She picked up the last of her coffee finishing it and then choosing to eat the ice from it, where she smiled to Ophelia. “I can’t believe it either but I have to say I didn’t have to wait as long as you did.” She chuckled softly and reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear. “I hope that with all of us we can build a wonderful community for all of our species.” She said as she looked to Giselle and Sariah. “Is there anything else you need from us?” She asked anxious to get back to her tribe and tell them the good news.

The end of a very important moment in Evermore’s history came and went in the blink of an eye, or rather many flashes of cameras. Sariah held the papers up as they took photos and then once everything was done she placed it back into the case with the others. This was it. The moment when Evermore went from a 9 faction peace contract to an 11 one and that filled her with a sense of unity that hadn’t been there before. As she looked to the other three ladies in the room she was proud for the work they had put in and proud to see more progression in the city.

“Nope, that’s all for today, from today you are expected to honor the terms of the treaty, attend ambassador meetings whenever you are summoned for them and become explementary members of the city” she nodded curtly as she watched all the reported empty out the room now they’d got their quotes and their shots. She took the moment to finish her coffee before she went over to both Ophelia and then Anivia in turn and shook their hands “I look forward to seeing what the two of you bring to the table” she smiled sweetly and headed to gather her things from behind the desk but she didn’t go to leave because she wanted a moment to think.

She cast her eyes over the case seeing her own signature on the original treaty and smiled, she still believed in this cause as much as she did when it was first drafted up, it was her and the Ailward faction that had crafted the idea of the new peace contract and it really had brought that to the city in the past few years. It was just a piece of paper in the physical sense but it was basically her life’s work in the other sense and so she couldn’t stop herself beaming with pride as she looked down upon on it.

Giselle was thankful when the photos where over, as she wasn’t the biggest fan of the Evermore daily but she understood the need for them. It was rather interesting how the paper was charmed so that the news of the treaty signing could be known to all those with had supernatural knowledge. She looked to Sariah and offered a smile as the reporters were leaving before focusing her gaze over to Anivia who seemed antsy to leave, yet held a big smile so made the Mayor believe it was because she wanted to go to her people.

Giselle stood closer to the door as Sariah let them know what their duties are expected of them one last time smiling to both the Ambassadors shaking their hands as they made their way out of the door “If you have any questions or need anything please don’t be afraid to reach out to my office.” when the door shut she walked over picking up her coffee along with her bag moving to leave the room behind Sariah pausing behind her. Giselle looked to the blonde then over to the glass case. 

She may have only been Mayor as of recent but she knew how long this had taken Sariah to pull together. How many meetings she had to go through, how she spend nights awake over if the city would truly have piece. Giselle moved closer and placed her hand gently on the blondes back.  “You did it, you should be so proud of yourself. I think this for sure calls for wine or celebration.” Giselle beamed at Sariah.


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