It was a clear  night as the  moonlight shined down on the streets of Evermore as the daily nightlife lived its usual routine  Cafes   serving  late-night  needs of coffee  and  people having fun and merry and a little drunk Rhydian sat watching  a small little cafe across the park hoping the information  he was given was accurate as he had wanted several days  watching  the one spot for a  rumour of a new nivels in town as he pulled out his cell  as the time showed 10:30 as  he took a packet of cigarettes  out of the left breast pocket where he kept  his Cellphone   flipping the lid open he  took one out  as he placed it  in his mouth as he  rose to his feet and began to  walk  in the direction of the  exit 

Rhydian sighed as he  began to pat down his pockets  looking for his lighter the one thing he  missed  about being a phoenix   no need for lighters or matches as  he  searched his trouser  pocket he felt the familiar shape  of the lighter as  he pulled  it out  the usual silver glint hit his gaze   the item has been with him since he was a  phoenix a joint present from Roman and Esmeralda as much as he wanted ride of it he couldn’t  as  the  lighter  clicked to live he stopped  lighting the cigarette as  he  took a puff before returning the lighter to its normal pocket  as he  stepped out of the park into the bustling crowds of  the nightlife of Evermore  as he made his way down the  normal street  to his  city accommodation  as the normal  smells hit his nostrils  of  beers, oriental foods and fast foods  as  the frustration of a failed mission annoyed him  he diverted  down another street moving towards a  bar he frequented  often  he stopped  quickly dropping the  cigarette and squashing  it with his boot  as he stepped inside

The door open  there were  a few normal faces as well as  new  as he stepped inside the smell of  chicken wings hit his nostrils as he made his way to the bar “ scotch bottle and a glass”   for once he wasn’t planning to get drunk but he knew he would be here a while as since the first time he  had  entered the pub  Caspian made him aware  of species and their allies  the guard  drank there   as  Rhydian took the bottle and glass as he made his way towards the corner booth  the only one he ever went for as  he  took a seat he looked around  listening  for  any mention of his target  as he unscrewed the lid of the bottle he poured his first glass “Ypa “(cheers )” he downed the first glass  before  slamming the glass down as he sat back in the booth 

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Peyton's life, as of late, had been nothing but a whirlwind, and she was still so stuck in the aftermath and shock of it all she had not even come to terms if she was okay, if she liked what her life was suddenly. She was pretty used to running on empty, living for other people but but over the past few years being away from The League of Assassins that had raised her she found the importance of just living for herself. Telling herself repeatedly she would have to take a moment, a step back from things just to process it all and make a decision on her okay-ness, or lack there of. That moment had not happened yet sadly and from the moment she opened her eyes long before sun rise her phone would not stop buzzing. 

I knew what it was... 

I just... longer I could avoid it the more unreal it felt, and my mind knew that was a lie. I just was not ready, I hit ignore on my phone once more but eventually it would pop back up. The violent screeching from my phone as it gyrated in my hand over and over was beginning to draw the attention of the other guards and Aspects around. Which meant it was time to go, I did not want to talk to any of them, their curiosity into me not a mutual feeling on my end. With the years I had live in Evermore now and all the missing people's cases I had solved I could say I knew all the districts and territories well enough. The establishments however were a hard no. 

Peyton walked away aimlessly for a little, her phone now on silent attack her thigh with vibration from inside her pants pocket. She found a spot in the city just in time to watch the sun rise again her phone ruining the peaceful moment. She growled under breath ripping her phone out, but freezing her hard breathing from her temper snapping the only part of her that moved. Today was the annual of her sisters death. 

Today was the only day that had succeeded in making me a failure. My anger telling me I should have never promised I would save her and my heart hating myself for such a thought. Before I knew it the day was gone, the night and the people it bore were here. I could not even move, I had come back to the manor hours ago and had been locked in my room while laying on the floor all day, avoiding world. In my past I would have handled, or rather avoided this pain with violence. As a guard I feared doing that would cause me to lose this position. And there it was, how I felt about becoming a guard and everything it bought into my life. I cared about it more than the things in life that made me... well hell..  me. So what did that mean? 

Peyton had found the strength to scrap herself off the floor of room and head into the world again. Only so she could avoid her identity crisis, settling into a bar she felt she could he left alone. In one breath she had all the species in the room figured out, one standing out as she only recognized it because another guard was this same species but she had no clue what species it was. To be fair it was only recently she had just learned Dragons were real. She kept to herself sitting at the bar, had only ordered one drink of there hardest liquor, to which she drank like water. Sadly remembering why she never turned to drinking before, her tolerance was high for someone so petite. 

I let a hard huff from my nose as I came out of my thoughts, the sound of the fellow patrons behind me dragging me out of my contemplation. I clicked my tongue "I can guarantee a fun time to me... will not be fun for you." It was clear the men behind me were talking to me, I was the only women in the bar at the moment. I was going to ignore, I swear, I promise I was... but one of them touched me. I grabbed his wrist, and bent him off of me, I could literally feel my self control slipping the more I held his wrist, but I let him go.. for now. I waited until the two men left, paying for my one drink and then followed in suit. The perks of having been raised an assassin is that when I wanted you to see me you did, when I did not? Mmm. I isolate them in a matter of seconds and after I thought yeah I will just rough them up a little bit, teach them a lesson for touch a women without consent. But who was I kidding?

Violence was in my blood......I was going to kill them. 

An hour or two later Rhydians eyes scanned the room as new faces entered most he recognised apart from one or two including one female as he raised his glass to his lips deep inside he could sense something was off as the words  Esmeralda once said to him played in his head as the music began to change to a calmer quieter tune but was soon interrupted by loud voices further down the bar as he rolled his eyes “ always people that never know when to stop “ Rhydian removed his cell phone from his pocket as he reviewed the information he had as he kept looking at the female at the bar as a  group from the rowdy table came up talking about her behind  Rhydian thought if he was in her shoes what he would within minutes of that what he thought would happen as he sighed he put down his glass as he moved out of his booth

Rhydian found it easy to slip into a fake drunken state as he spent most of the years after he turned drunk as he stumbled over to the group drunkenly grabbing the girl. “

эй, любовь, я задавался вопросом, где ты оказался, почему ты здесь

(hey love  i wondered where you got to  why are you  over here  ) he turned to   give the woman a glare  which last time he gave  to his friends that turned on him a   don’t try it  look  as he grabbed the  guys wrist  “  Сдай жену или у нас проблемы” ( Handoff my wife  or do we  have a problem ) he watched  as the guys grip lessened as  they walked away  back to there  booth  Rhydian turned  sitting on the stool  beside her “  now  what was that about  or why are you drinking this early “ Rhydian knew  that people were  drinking  to hide pain like he often did  to hide the loss of Esmeralda “ and my apologies  that group tend to avoid  people that are married  it will save you the hassle “ Rhydian looked towards  the  barman as he lifted his finger  and the barman  returned with  two glasses and a bottle of scotch “

Rhydian poured two glasses of scotch as he  raised his glass “славным мертвецам” ( To the glorious dead )  Rhydian  raised his glass to his lips as he took a large gulp before placing the glass down “ are you new to the city I haven’t seen you here before  im Rhydian “ he offered his hand as  he relaxed in his seat

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