Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

 Henri could feel the sounds the leaves are making with every step he took, how couldn't he? When the night has already set it and the moon was taunting him from above because even it knows and he knows, he couldn't do anything about this. His hazel hues stared at the moon as he continued to go on with his journey, he has been trying to get to the mountaintops since yesterday but it wasn't an easy feat when not everyone would take it lightly for a whole snow tiger to walk around in the middle of the day. There shouldn't even be a snow tiger here in Evermore. Not that it is a real one, but he is as real as it can be. The only difference between him and an actual snow tiger was that he doesn't pounce and tackle humans for his prey, one, because he knows better. Two, human meat doesn't fit his diet. Kidding. His white fur had been covered by snow and the mountaintops should be a nice enough place for him to settle for a while because he needed to stay off sight. He's been sighing heavily for a while now, he couldn't remember what happened. 

Only that a few nights ago after he transformed into his ailuranthrope form to do his perimeter run every week around the borders of Evermore to see if there was anything new or out of the ordinary because there hasn't been a shortage in the Evermore General to stop accepting patients because a lot kept being admitted. At this point, he knew they would be more short staffed than they already were. Something was going on and he was going to check if it was anything done near the borders that separated any ties or deals done in the name of peace for Evermore. He couldn't find anything weird that night so he came back to the manor using the woods as a shortcut but realized he couldn't morph back into his human form. His chances to revert back to human had been the only thing that's been stuck in his head for days and he couldn't exactly walk into the diviner territory demanding for a diviner. He's a freaking tiger. 

Henri initially had a bag filled with his clothes with him since he would be needing clothes once he turns back per usual but since he's stuck in this form, he's been dragging it with him by having it hung around his mouth as he trudged through the woods. Unfortunately, while he was walking towards the mountaintops, the grounds were a bit slippery and it had resulted the therian to stumble on his steps and rolled down. A whimper escaped him when his body hits the tree, but that wasn't his main concern now. His bag was nowhere to be found. It must've dropped somewhere when he fell. Goddammit. With no energy left he could spare just to find his bag, Henri was left to choose whether he would continue to use the remaining energy to settle in somewhere there even though there's a risk of Niveis finding him or he could continue his journey by rerouting them to somewhere he could search for help. He can't return to the manor in this state, for sure. In the end, Henri chose the latter. 

It was better to find solutions instead of hiding. So he made sure to go back to the city using routes not many would use, the woods provided good access thankfully and after a while of walking, he came across a shop that was still open. That wasn't what caught his interest, it's the antiques put up on display. People who own places like this usually ends up being a diviner so for once after a while, Henri's eyes lit up and rushed to the entrance door, nudging his head against the doorknob. Stupid paws. Fortunately, the only light there was a lamp post not far from where he's at. It was quite late so no one would come. Please, he pleaded, open up.

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“Yeah I’ll bet, though I’ve never had the experience of shifting into an animal so I have no idea how it feels” he tilted his head slightly, that was a good question actually, how did it feel to be a tiger? Were there some impulses that were animalistic and hard to control or was the shift purely a form and not actually linked to the animal itself at all? Still, it felt odd to be asking someone he just met all of that so he let his wandering mind rest and didn’t ask any of it out loud. “Well I’ve yet to see a spell that couldn’t be undone with some kind of method or charm, the only hard part is trying to figure out what will actually help” given that magic could come in lots of different forms, some were stronger than others “One thing I’m pretty sure of though is that magic and freewill aren’t friends which means we have a shot of not needing magic to change you back” at least he was gonna hope so anyway.

The Niveis raised his brow a little surprised when the other male said he wasn’t part of a pack, from what he knew about therianthropes they were much stronger when they were in one so that seemed bizarre to him “An omega huh? Don’t think I’ve actually met one before” even if the pack was only made up of a few people, they all seemed to be part of one and making a pack meant having someone with alpha powers which he was sure were useful too. “Did you have a falling out with your pack?” he wondered thoughtfully, maybe the fact he was an omega had something to do with why he couldn’t shift back, if his power was draining due to his lack of connection to other therianthropes, though he wasn’t an expert in his species by any means.

Kal stood back for a while as the other male finished the food he put out for him and wandered around the shop a little just to ease his restlessness because this was hardly what he pictured to be doing with his night. It occurred to him that he had a lot of weird times like this lately, this city definitely was one of a kind when it came to the supernatural. “Either, both, anything which can ease your consciousness to allow you to separate or even visualize that blocker in your mind” it had to be some sort of blocker right? Like he was reaching for the switch to change himself back but something was staying his hand before he could take a hold of it and pull it. He gave a raised brow in the other male’s direction and then shrugged slightly “Well I don’t see you coming up with any better ideas” he responded a little defensively and sighed.

“There’s more floor space in the apartment upstairs, though please be careful on your way through to the stairs” because there were many things he could run into or knock over if he wasn’t careful and the hat stand had already fallen prey. He headed into the back room and over to the stairs, leading the way up to them until they reached the lounge of his apartment and he stepped inside. He faced the other male and sighed softly, this may possibly go down as one of the weirdest and most surreal moments of his life. He headed over to the dresser and grabbed his pocket watch from on it and then gestured for Henri to sit down “Okay, I am going to try and distract your mind with some words and the cheesy watch the swinging clock trick, just try not to think too much about it” he knew plenty of Diviners so he knew hypnosis was one of the best counteractions to magic so it was worth a try.

A snort escaped him when Kal talked about the experience of shifting into another animal, "Believe me, it's not as big as people would rave it to be. Media definitely sugar coated things, said the shift would be so cool when all you actually feel are the bones breaking and the excruciating pain following you for a while." It does get easier, thankfully. But then again, Henri's had centuries of experience when it comes to shifting so he couldn't say much for others either. "You're right, if there was anything I've learnt from my time around, it's that everything must have a loophole somewhere, especially spells." Oh, when you live in the manor filled with plenty of other species, you learn to pinpoint their specification. Especially when you have a diviners roaming around the space too.

 When Kal said freewill and magic doesn't match together, Henri found himself nodding knowingly, he wasn't wrong, "You're right. If it was meant to control my head and cut off my freewill, that's not happening. I have control over my body except for the shifting part." Perhaps, he was grateful that he still retained that freewill. "Uh… yeah, you can say something like that." He didn't have a pack, true. There's not really much of a pack in the Guards, he's seen a few therians but the one he ever actually see all the time was Dominic. Some of the others either got killed during the fall of the Isle or they unfortunately lost their lives under certain circumstances in missions. When he said he's never met one before, Henri chuckled and pursed his lips, "Can't say you've actually met a live tiger walking into your place asking for help either, huh?" Under different circumstances, it was a rather humorous night. "No, I didn't have any falling out…" Before he joined the Guard, he had been an omega his entire life too. 

He was a bit famished earlier so the meat managed to curb that hunger, in which he was immensely grateful for the offer. "I tried looking for a blocker… but I'm not even sure what I'm looking for" he mumbled softly, he didn't despise his form, obviously, but he didn't want to be stuck in this form any longer than he needed to. He had stuff to do. Henri got up on all fours and decided to follow Kal upstairs because he also wanted to settle this. Every step was carefully planned, and it was at this moment when he realized he missed being human so much. His hues followed the pocket watch in his hand and tilted his head to the side, "Are you… going to try to hypnotize… me? Kal, really?" He slumped against the floor and blinked, "Oh well, worth a try. Go for it." He didn't have any room to complain, anyway.

He naturally winced when the other male explained the process of turning and how painful it was, he couldn’t imagine being forced to go through something like that every month “It must have been so alarming the first time” he commented softly thinking how someone might literally believe they were dying because of it. “But it must get better with time right?” he almost sounded hopeful because he didn’t like the idea of them being miserable because of their very existence for their whole life, that didn’t seem like a fair matchup. He nodded a few times when the other mentioned every spell having some kind of loophole “Precisely, balance has to provide some kind of undo because otherwise the power is too much” he nodded slightly, it was why you couldn’t use magic to just kill someone on the spot, because that would be an imbalance of power and not something of real nature.

Kal nodded thoughtfully, Henri was right, aside from the fact he couldn’t trigger his body to shift back into human form he seemed completely in control of himself, or as in control as a tiger in a pawn shop could be anyway “And you’re not showing any signs of being under any kind of influence, magic or otherwise” he seemed healthy, of sounds mind, generally well. For a tiger anyway. He glanced up at him when he talked about his pack situation which made Kal curious as to what he was hiding because it was evident he was dodging the subject. Regardless, he let it go, they only just met tonight and it wasn’t like Henri owed him his life story, Kal certainly wouldn’t be offering his own out. “I mean it’s definitely not top of the things I expected to happen list” he admitted with a chuckle, the situation was quite peculiar when you thought about it, he doubted anyone would believe him if he told them it happened “But then this Evermore city, what even is surprising anymore?” his tribe showing up here? Comet’s which gave people new powers? They really had it all.

“Well I’m no trained psychotherapist but we can give it a go anyway, not exactly like you’ve got many other options this time of night” if things didn’t work out then they could always go search out a Diviner in the morning but for now it was probably wise that Henri stayed out of sight and didn’t get chased down by an animal control unit. After he settled himself, he was questioning his own sanity for a moment because it seemed bizarre to be here with an actual snow tiger and debating the idea of hypnotizing him “I suppose I am” he responded with an amused grin “Maybe if we can get you into a more relaxed state we can figure out what’s blocking that mind of yours” he shrugged, like Henri said, it was worth a try. He swung the watch in front of his eyes for a moment “Okay focus your eyes on the watch and try to relax, let every worry and concern fall from your mind, just focus on the way it moves, left, right, left, right, perhaps even count the rhythm in your head” he had done hypnotherapy before in his time so he knew this drill pretty well.

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