Elias Braelynd

Age of Appearance: 26 | Date of Birth: 19th February 1721 | Actual Age: 296

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Athens, Greece

Family: Willow Braelynd | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Perseus Constellation

Face Claim: Dominic Sherwood


Throughout the centuries, many generations of people have looked up onto the stars to help them navigate across open oceans or featureless deserts, but no matter what people use the stars for, they never would have guessed the truths behind these magnificent pinpoints of light they see in the sky under the cover of darkness.

It was under this cover of darkness the night provided where Nikolas, a young married man prayed to the stars above for the gods to help him and his family. His youngest child of three years had fallen ill and the family had been told there was no hope of recovery. Nikolas had never felt so helpless when he received that news, knowing there was nothing could do so he reverted to the only option he had. He prayed to the skies above, to the gods, in hopes that someone would hear his prayers for help and fix the problem his family were facing.

To Nikolas, all he could do was hope and believe the gods above would hear his prayers, so when he opened his eyes to look at the starry sky above, the male could barely believe his eyes as a shooting star shot across the sky. Surely his prayers had been answered and that was what Nikolas truly believed as he watched with amazement at the sky. However it soon became clear to the Grecian male that it was no ordinary shooting star moving across the night sky, it was falling to Earth.

Nikolas was starstruck at the sight in front of him as he watched the star falling from the sky, squinting as the light brightened with the closer it got to the ground. When the impact finally happened, Nikolas couldn’t help the curiosity building up within him as he wandered closer to the crash site of what he assumed would be a meteor. Upon reaching the crater, Nikolas was more than shocked to see a young man lying in the centre, unconscious from the fall into the Earth’s atmosphere and the impact of hitting the ground. The Grecian had heard tales and myths of that type of thing, people falling from the sky but it was exactly that: a myth. It wasn’t real but the sight before his eyes proved that wrong and he took it as a sign that the male was a gift from the gods.

There wasn’t anything to think about for Nikolas as he moved down into the crater to check if the young male was alive, which he was. Nikolas knew he couldn’t leave the unknown male there in the crater, so instead, he did the only thing he knew he could - he took the male from the crater and to the home he shared with his family. The arrival of the unknown male who fell from the sky was unexpected to Nikolas’s wife, Malina, though she made room for the male to recover after hearing her husband’s story.

It was a week before the unknown male started to show any signs of waking up after recovering in the small house of the people who took him in when he most needed it. There was an occasional twitch of the fingers or furrow of the brows after that week where he was out out cold, unconscious and recovering from the fall. At times, Nikolas didn’t think the male would survive due to the bruising on his body and how still he’d been since first arriving to the house, though a week and a half later after being taken in, he finally woke up.

The news that the mystery male had woken up to Nikolas was a miracle. After everything he seemed to have been through with the fall, Nikolas had begun doubting he’d ever wake up but then he remembered how the male came to be in his care in the first place. It was the doing of the gods above and he shouldn’t have doubted the fact that the miracle sent to Earth would wake up. Nikolas and Malina, no matter how relieved and excited they were to see him awake, knew they couldn’t bombard the male with questions having just woken in a unknown place.

However, no matter what questions the male had been asked by Nikolas and his wife, he had no recollection of any life he could have had before the crash. He didn’t remember his name, if he had any family or where he lived or was from, all he knew was that he was still in pain and in a place foreign to him. This in question, frustrated both Nikolas and the mystery male. Nikolas didn’t want to give up his hopes that this man was sent from the skies above where higher forms of beings lived to help his family, help his daughter but with the male remembering nothing, it seemed useless to hold onto those hopes. The male though, was annoyed at the fact that he could recall nothing of his life. It was life everything had just been erased from his mind and that was it.

With nowhere else to go, Malina offered him to stay with them until he figured out what he was going to do and with having nowhere else to go or anybody else to turn to, the young male accepted her offer, though with one condition being that she allowed him to help her around the house so he wasn’t taking advantage of their care for him. With that being agreed, on a daily basis he would help Malina with the children, cooking and cleaning as well as anything else he could offer to do to thank them for taking care of him when he needed it. This also helped him gain knowledge of the things that happened around him, picking up on techniques from Malina and Nikolas that he was shown.

This continued for various weeks, helping around the house that Nikolas and his family owned to return the favour of letting him stay with them. On some occasions, he would venture into the main city of Athens with Nikolas, eager to learn more or even try to find something that would trigger his memory. All through these weeks however, he’d failed to remember a single piece of his life. No name, no family, nothing. Though that all changed four weeks after waking up from the fall.

He’d been helping put away the dishes after a meal with the family when the stack of plates he’d been holding dropped from his hands. It all happened very quickly to the people around him, but to him, everything happened slowly as he spoke the one thing he’d been wanting to remember most. The plates shattered on the ground in front of him as he whispered the name that came to mind. “Elias Braelynd.” It was as if something inside of him just clicked, leading him to remember his name and he knew it was his name, having a feeling in his stomach that just told him it was his.

After this, Elias felt he had a piece of him back which he did with remembering his name. It was as he came back to reality after his little daze of finally remembering a piece of him, that the stares on him became too much. His gaze was frozen on the shattered plates that littered the floor but as he looked up, he met looks of confusion and shock from Nikolas and Malina. Elias couldn’t help the grin that worked its way onto his face as he repeated his name to them and when he did so, the two were pleased that Elias finally remembered something after weeks of struggling to.

Elias, after remembering his name, hoped that he would remember more, though he never did get any flashbacks of his life before or of any people he’d have knew. This disappointed him in a way, though Elias knew he couldn’t hang around thinking about his past seeing as the possibility that he would never remembered anything else was fairly high. With this in mind, the male offered his services to Nikolas and Malina for a longer duration of time so he could gradually get his life sorted, knowing he’d need money before he could leave the family that had so gratefully taken him in when he needed it the most.

Due to his offer, Nikolas suggested taking Elias to work with him, so the male could learn some trade of sorts and use it in the future to find a job when he moved on to start his own life. It took Elias a fair few days to get the hang of what Nikolas did for work, which was blacksmithing. The Grecian male was a skilled Blacksmith and eventually, after some serious training and getting the hang of what was to be done, Elias would be too. Along with this, came the promise from Nikolas that he would teach Elias the ways of using a sword, never being able to know what could come around the corner at any given time.

Nikolas and his family weren’t oblivious to the natural glow Elias seemed to have to his skin, though they never questioned why, knowing it would be an unanswered question giving Elias’ backstory. It was something Elias questioned himself and no matter how much he willed himself to remember something, or he researched into it, the male never found any specific answers. Everything he found was brief and in general, wasn’t helpful in his search which left him questioning things more than he was before.

Elias, in time, caught on to being a Blacksmith and was soon enough working daily alongside Nikolas, making many different tools. This continued for months, and before Elias could realised, months quickly turned into years as Elias mastered Blacksmithery. Not long after he’d started the job, he’d offered to find his own house so he wouldn’t burden Nikolas and Malina any further than he already had, but they turned that idea down, telling Elias he would always be welcome in their home.

Things however changed a year later and not for the best. Nikolas’ daughter had turned four but the festivities didn’t last long as the illness she’d been living with worsened. Elias had heard the tale of his arrival from Nikolas plenty of times, how he’d praying to the skies and heavens above for a miracle to come for his daughter, Freya, and that when Elias fell, Nikolas believed he was their miracle. This put a huge weight on Elias’ shoulders and the sudden pressure was overwhelming for the male. He felt as though he had to do something for the young girl, to help her but he didn’t know what would help.

The pressure of feeling he had a duty to fulfill became too much for Elias and he often found himself away from the house and the people who had taken him in. He began questioning himself more, wanting to know something more than just his name and the things he’d learnt since he first joined the family. Elias had been taking a walk away from the pressure when it first happened. It was unexpected and at first he didn’t even realised it had happened, but for a very brief moment, it felt as though everything stopped. The gentle wind that had been pushing lightly against his body disappeared and the calls from the birds halted, though only for a short time. Elias almost missed it all, having been caught up in his thoughts though he caught the last few seconds. However, he shook it off as him imagining things under the stress of trying to find a solution to Nikolas’ ill daughter.

Only a few weeks later was when the unimaginable happened. It completely broke the family to see their daughter in her last moments and Elias couldn’t help the feeling of guilt that built up inside him. He felt so helpless watching as the light slowly left Freya’s eyes and watching as the family begged for her to hold on for a while longer. It all became too much for Elias as he looked at Freya one last time, whispering a small prayer that she would live on in the stars with the gods above. That was the last time he ever saw Nikolas, Malina and their family. Under the cover of the night,  Elias took everything he had managed to pull together in his year living and working with Nikolas before leaving Athens, making his way to another city and never looking back.

It was as Elias travelled across Greece that he made himself the promise that he would never feel as helpless as he did in that moment back in Athens. He never wanted to feel like that, feeling as though there was nothing he could do. That was when he changed. He closed himself off from most people, only talking to those he had to and on the occasion, those he wanted to. He had to prevent himself from growing close to anyone, in the fear that one day, history would eventually repeat itself in the way it had done with the young girl he’d come to care about as a younger sibling over the year he spent in Athens.

Elias mainly stayed within Greece for a while, slowly making his way around the island whilst building up his skills in many different roles of jobs. He mainly stayed with Blacksmithing, though ventured into other jobs when it was necessary for him to do so. Eventually a few years after moving from place to place, Elias stopped in the town of Thessaloniki, a Greek port city. He found himself a small home to live in and managed to get himself a job. It wasn’t long before he became content with the place, enjoying the time he spent there with the people around him. He let down his walls and let a few people in. Though it didn’t last long, as it soon became obvious a few years after living in Thessaloniki, that Elias wasn’t aging like everybody else was around him. This brought up questions about his past once more and knowing he couldn’t continue his life in the Greek port city, Elias once again packed up all of his belongings and fled, leaving no evidence of him ever being there.

Over the years, Elias travelled from place to place, only ever staying a few years at the maximum, in case anyone picked up on him not aging. He moved from the home he made in Thessaloniki, to cities and town throughout Bulgaria before making his way through Europe in which some places, he also managed to find different stories and myths of what he was, some which came at a price and others which left him on the run once more. Soon enough, fifty odd years had past and Elias had lived in many different cities of many different countries before eventually landing in Germany. To Elias, the town had a different feel to it. It was like somehow, he was supposed to be there and so he stayed, waiting out the days to see if anything would happen, in which it did.

It happened around a week after his arrival. Elias had been walking through the town, passing by a small restaurant when he ran into someone, knocking them both to the floor. He’d begun to mutter his apologies to the woman when he looked up at her, feeling as though he’d seen her somewhere before. There was confusion written over the both of their faces about it and as Elias looked over her, he noticed the glow across her skin that was similar to his, which was when he knew they were the same species. Curiosity soon took over and Elias agreed to having lunch with her, wanting to know more about the woman who looked so familiar to him.

Upon introducing himself to her after talking over lunch, Elias could see the surprise in her eyes, which he soon mimicked when she told him that Braelynd was also her last name. After this discovery, Elias went on to tell Willow all that he knew about what they were which wasn’t actually that much, considering the risk it took to get what he already knew. He told her of the myths of a race of people who fell from the sky, stars sent to Earth by the heavens above and that no matter where they were, there was always a danger around the corner from the people who wanted to take their gifts from them. Elias could tell that Willow wished to know more but was grateful that she didn’t push the subject further. Quickly the two became close, sharing a sibling bond with each other which grew with the more time they shared.

Neither of the two were wanting to stay in Germany for any longer, though without any money to do so, they were stuck in the town for a while longer until they had the funds to leave and move on once again. Elias managed to come up with the funds they needed though, being able to easily con people into thinking that they needed money so they could get back home to their parents, having been separated from them on their journey. Having used this trick on quite a few people, they soon had the money they needed to leave Germany from the help of the people who willingly gave money to help the two.

Although Willow didn’t like the methods Elias used to get the money so they could move from place to place and eat, he reminded her many times that it wasn’t actually hurting anybody and it wasn’t him stealing from them. Everybody he asked could have said no but they didn’t and instead helped the two by giving them enough money to last another day or two as well as a meal for them to eat. Elias was grateful to every single person who gave them these things, thanking them plenty of times before he moved on with Willow to another town or country.

The years easily passed and soon enough, by 1837, the two Braelynd’s had moved to England, specifically London seeing as it was the place to be. Elias could see that his sister had fell in love with the city and he couldn’t blame her for doing so with everything the city had to offer them. It wasn’t long before Willow had gotten a job as a governess, so Elias followed suited, taking up a job to train under a cabinet maker. He picked up quickly on the job, having taking various different jobs that were similar throughout his past. Elias liked the fact that for once, they could settle down without having to move continuously away from places. They were finally able to be happy, even if it only lasted for a short time.

This lasted for a few years at the most, though it soon came to people’s attention that the two siblings still looked the same age as the day they first arrived in London, England. For a while, they could both play it off as that looking young ran in the family but people’s suspicions rose and Elias knew they wouldn’t be able to keep the act up for any longer than they already had. He insisted to Willow that they leave before more questions begin to surface on their looks and why they don’t age everybody else does but Willow felt as though they still had a few more years before that. It took a lot of convincing from Elias’ part, telling her that they had run out of time to stay in London and eventually, Willow agreed knowing he was right.

Once more, the siblings left the City under the cover of the night as they moved onto what would be their next destination. They fled to a small village away from London, far enough that nobody knew them there, but no matter what they did, it wasn’t easy to start their lives over again, knowing that there would always be threats lurking around the corner. That was where the two siblings met Ophelia Dreyvalian, one of their species. At her offer for them to join her, to be protected and live a safer life away from trouble and danger, Elias knew he couldn’t accept it though he knew Willow was tempted to but happened to be stuck between her brother and Ophelia.

Elias reminded Willow of what their lives had been like so far and that no matter where they went, or who they went with, that would never stop and there journey would be over. He’d never been one to like the feeling of being enclosed or trapped, so with Willow on his side of not yet joining the group of Celestials and Ophelia, the siblings told her that they would one day find the Wayfinder again and that would be when they joined her, though for now, it would continue to just be them two.

After their meeting with the Wayfinder, the two left with passage to America, where they were hoping to start a fresh. No one knew them or knew of them, it was a fresh start for them both and they hoped it lasted longer than in all the over places they’d been. The trip there had both siblings uneased, not feeling safe with how the boat rocked though they made it through, using each other’s strength.

Their arrival to New York, America wasn’t the best. The residents of the city weren’t the best hosts towards the two immigrants which made it hard for either of them to find jobs or even find a place for them to live. Thankfully, an Irish family of immigrants took pity on them and helped them both get jobs in the City. Whilst Willow worked in a hospital, Elias was set to work in a factory and having done similar work beforehand, he quickly caught onto what needed to be done.

Whilst they weren’t the best jobs to have, they did provide the two siblings with enough to survive so they could eat. It wasn’t long before Willow had become smitten with one of the patient’s brother, Brant. Elias didn’t necessarily like the man, but he made Willow happy and that was enough for Elias. As long as Willow was happy, then he was fine with their relationship but if anything were to happen that threatened Willow, Elias wouldn’t think twice about protecting his sister.

When Willow suggested to Elias about telling Brant about them, Elias immediately turned down the idea and reminded her of the people that were after their kind for the power they possessed. He wouldn’t risk anything happening to Willow by her telling Brant about what she was. Elias knew she loved him but the risk was too high, putting both them and even Brant in danger. Willow eventually agreed to keep their secret from him though things changed when Brant proposed to her. Elias knew that with the proposal, he would have to try get along more with Brant, for Willow’s sake.

Elias had been on his way back from a late shift at work when it happened. Although he didn’t remember much, he did remember the pain spreading throughout his body before passing out with the last thing on his mind being that he hoped Willow was safe and okay. When he next woke up, Elias was very confused and tried to make sense of everything that had happened though the last thing he remembered was making his way home. Being trapped in a cage wasn’t ideal for the Celestial, not liking the idea of being confined to one space for long amounts of time.

It was as he started looking around the room that he took notice of the cage next to his, which happened to have his sister inside. Elias in that moment, felt as helpless as he did when he lived in Greece. Everything came flooding back to him, to the moment as he watched the light leave Freya’s eyes as she died with Nikolas and the rest of her family surrounding her. He’d promised himself he would never feel like that again and yet there he was, in the exact same situation, although this time, it was his sister that he couldn’t help as he reached through the cage and held onto her hand.

The days spent in that cage quickly turned into months and soon enough, Elias wasn’t sure what day it was, what month it was or even what year it was. Time passed and everything blurred together, though the male kept hope that someday, things would change and they would be freed. Although at the time it all seemed hopeless to think of a day where they would all be saved, it gave him something to think about in the time where he had nothing else to do. The more days that passed, the more his hatred grew towards their captives. They’d ruined their lives and it was something Elias would never forget.

Years passed before any sign of being saved came and when it did, it was the moment all Celestials being held were waiting for. When Ophelia arrived and the barrier around the isle fell, releasing the Celestials from the captivity they’d been held in, Elias was straight out and on the search for Willow. He pushed past the people who were ready to leave the isle, but Elias wouldn’t leave without his sister.

Soon enough, Elias had found her and pulled her into his embrace, calling to her that they needed to leave. It took him a few tries to get through to her and bring her back to reality but once he did, he urged her that they needed to leave and get off the isle with the rest of the Celestials. Elias could tell she didn’t have the energy to walk by herself, so instead he lifted her into his arms and left whilst they still could.

It was a few weeks before any of them physically recovered from the trauma they’d been put through and even then, it wasn’t easy. Elias was constantly checking on Willow and checking how she was, worried incase anything were to happen to his sister. He insisted that they should leave again, just them two, like how it was before everything that happened but after listening to Willow’s side of the argument with how that was how they ended up in the situation they got in, Elias knew she was right. They would be better off with the rest of the Celestial’s, so the two went with Ophelia and the others, hoping for something better to happen than what had previously passed in their lives.


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