The Brunette couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. It wasn’t often that Artemitra felt nervous. She didn’t have a reason to. Being at the Celestial castle, with her people-whom were like family. They were safe, living the life they wanted before. Yet, the prospect of training made her nervous. Artemis couldn’t recall the last time, she had used her Celestial energy; not to it’s full potential anyways. It would be a lie, if she said she felt confident. It was quiet, the opposite. She felt out of touch with her own energy and talents. And for a Star, it was quiet sad thought really. As Drunk, as she may have been when she agreed to accept O’s training classes. Artemis knew she also needed them. So, she wasn’t sure why she was feeling nervous.

Phe, was one of her longest friends and leader. Artemis trusted her. And knowing, how much Phe was helping the younger one’s, come into their own light and abilities. Surely, it’d be no problem in helping her get back in touch with her own. The elder Celestial tried to remember the encouraging words of Hanseol. If he could do it, so could she. Whilst, the Elder was used to giving advice to the younger Celestials. It felt kind of nice and heart-warming, that one of the younger one’s was the one giving her advice and had encouraged her to go for it. Who knows, maybe it might go a lot more smoother than she knew. Telling herself, not to worry too much. If she worried, stress wouldn’t help her project her energy. Hopefully, she had nothing to worry about. And she was just over-thinking for no reason.

As she stood in her room; looking at herself in the mirror; wearing a tank top with some leggings. It seemed decent enough for a training session. At least, it was comfortable and seemed easy around to move in. Artemis didn’t want to be too constricted in her clothing, if she was wearing anything tighter. “It’s time to embrace, that shine once more Artemitra Bluemoon.” The Celestial told herself, as she pulled her hair up into a tight ponytail. After slipping on her shoes. Artemis made her way out of her room and towards the training room in the castle.

It seemed like she was a little early, as Ophelia wasn’t there yet. So the Brunette decided to to try and warm up a little bit; whilst waiting for her. Trying to see if she could summon a little of her energy. But the Celestial’s energy was a small flicker. A little glimmer, before it faded away. Artemis sighed slightly. “Okay, maybe this might be a little harder than I thought.” she muttered to herself. If something was blocking her, she hoped that Ophelia would help her figure it out. Spending 100 years locked away in steel cages, and then few years scared to use her energy; no wonder her energy was mere of a flicker right now. It had been suppressed for so long.

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Ophelia hadn’t exactly been surprised by what she read in the peace contact, she expected as much, drastic measures had to be taken if the idea of peace was ever going to become a reality, people didn’t just fall into line out of the goodness of their hearts most of the time. She had 2 years to read over it, consider it, gauge the people involved that she needed to place some level of trust in and come to the decision. She was of the opinion that it was in their best interests to be on there and frankly, it may be the only thing that truly protected her people in this city because right now anyone could attack them and not be held liable for it “He’s in the same boat as me, he knows the reality of how tricky it is for a celestial to truly have peace” she nodded “He has a volakiri too and I think that influences all of us, the valkyr are on the treaty and so it feels like we should be too” she pursed her lips, as long as everyone in the faction could keep their feelings in check.

And perhaps the Wayfinder had a bit of a bias for the city herself, not just because she had met the man she loved her but also because it was the first place where she truly felt like there was some kind of optimism and future for her people. Not one where they were cooped up and hidden away from the world but shining, as stars were meant to do. She really hoped she could give them that, a chance to live their lives and explore their passions, find jobs, find friends, learn new things and maybe even find a love like she had if they so wished. The first step was to make sure everyone was strong enough to hold their own against their threats, the second, get their name on the treaty so they were appropriately protected against any rogues and then work on strengthening alliances for the inevitable day they may need them.

Phe glanced over at Artemis who was laying out on the floor and laughed softly “Yeah I’m feeling it too, sucks the energy right out of you” she commented with a laugh considering how ironic that statement was. She could probably go for a while longer but she had been practicing every day for as long as she could even remember “I feel like a lot of us, don’t want to be what we are” she commented thoughtfully as she turned her eyes up towards the ceiling, looking at her reflection in the mirrored wall “I can’t change that for them” she spoke softly and nodded her head and she couldn’t exactly blame people for feeling that way either.

Ophelia pushed herself to her feet and rocked on her toes a little as they talked, she found the best way to battle the exhaustion tended to be by keeping moving so that the energy that flowed through her didn’t go dormant. “Everyone has their limits, nature’s way of balancing out the supernatural elements inside of us I guess” she commented with a nod of her head, celestials truly would be unstoppable if they had unlimited use of their powers because it was a very strong and powerful power source. No one would disagree with her when she said it was one of the most powerful supernatural forces in the world, it had managed to undo an aspect’s magic after all “I think you’ve already started taking control just by leaving this castle from time to time” she admitted with a soft smile, sometimes it was hard to acknowledge the smaller feats but they were significant.

Ophelia laughed at the other celestial not being sure what she needed “How about a homemade smoothie, we can put in ginseng for extra energy” she laughed softly, she’d been on a bit of a fruit obsession lately and had loads of different ones in the fridge which she had been using to make drinks, so much so that she’d seen a few others using the blender too.

Knowing a little bit more about Atticus, and where he stood. Artemis nodded her head in understanding. She really didn’t know much about the eldest Celestial, in their Colony. Only that he spent about the last 900 years or so, dead. So everyone was still getting to know him. “I think, if most of us agree...then you should do it.” Artemitra told Ophelia softly. It didn’t make her worry any less, about any hidden catches. But it needed to be done. And frankly, with most of the Celestials being bonded to a Valkyr; she agreed, it as a good reason for the Celestial’s to sign the treaty also. It added an extra, layer of some sort of protection.

Fingers crossed, that it would all work out well and in their favour. As she knew, how many of the other Celestials wanted revenge for what the Ailward had done to them. But they also wanted peace, a normal life. And this city, was that chance for them all. Hopefully, they’d all realise that. But quite a few of them, were doing well in trying to move on. Jobs keeping them preoccupied. And that had been one of the things, that Artemis herself, loved. New era, new opportunities for a new life. And it was very much needed so.

Phe’s Ironic comment, made the Brunette giggle. “Mhh, don’t you just love the irony?” Artemis asked with a smile. If her surge of energy hadn’t died down, she could have kept going. But that would have exhausted her even more. The subject of being themselves, and not wanting to be a star, was something she was a little familiar with. Artemis nodded, with a slight sigh. “For a while, I felt the same way. Wishing for a more normal life. We after all, are always hunted down so easily...I can’t say, I blame the rest of us either for thinking that way.” Artemis acknowledged softly. But, they couldn’t change what they were. Even if it was hard. They either accepted it, and tried to embrace what they were and learn to control their energy and glow. Or not. Artemis chose to embrace, that side of her again. Because, it was whom she truly was. There was no use hiding from her own identity.

It took her a few moments, before Artemis scrambled to her feet. Stretching out her tired legs slightly. To get them working again.”Mhh, smoothie sounds good.” Artemis nodded in agreement. After getting her legs a little warmed up for walking. The Brunette walked out of the training room, with Phe by her side.

Once they made their way into the kitchen. Artemis opened the fridge, looking through the stash of fruit, that Ophelia had for smoothies. The fridge was quiet colorful with all sorts of vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, milk. You name it. The Fridge was always full of food and snacks for the Celestial's. “What shall we have? We have Bananas, All sorts of different wild berries. Water Melon. I think we got Pears and Apples somewhere too, if I remember seeing them, and peaches.” Although, she didn’t think she ever had Pears or Apples in a smoothie before.

Atticus’ arrival had been completely out of the blue for Ophelia, she had always known that a Wayfinder was supposed to be paired with a guardian, the Ursus major and minor constellations working in tandem to provide leadership for their kind had been a known fact since the beginning of time. But after never finding hers for 300 years of life, she had finally come to accept that perhaps she was different and perhaps this time she was truly alone. Now things finally made sense, but the adaptation wasn’t any easier for her, she’d finally made peace with her reality only for it to turn around again “I think it’s time” she agreed with a nod of her head, she was sure now that they wanted to stay and that was so crucial.

She had to believe in her people and the way they expressed what they wanted, for the most part, what she heard was want to finally be able to settle down and have lives of their own, to not need to run or lie about who or what they are. That took bold leadership, there wasn’t anywhere they could just go and run and hide and she got the feeling most didn’t want to, they wanted a fulfilling life, where they got to work and find friends and maybe eventually have families and homes of their own. She would try with everything she had to give that to them.

She didn’t even realize the irony of what she said until the other woman commented on it and she laughed too “I didn’t even realize the wording” she spoke and then shook her head “The world reminding us we aren’t superheroes I suppose” she did find that everything supernatural did find ways of balancing itself. Sometimes she felt the scales were tipped somewhat against her favor but she had made it this far and that definitely had an element of luck to it. She could understand wanting a normal life though, she often questioning why her and why did it have to be like this “I’ve had those moments, wishing I could just live my life without the pressure and constant need to put duty above everything” she gave a sad smile “But acceptance is the only way to make peace with it all, can’t keep asking why forever” she pursed her lips and then smiled a little.

Now they were agreed on where to go next, Phe pushed to her feet, letting the other woman lead the way towards the kitchen “You should keep the training up, before long you’ll be able to get your control back without feeling completely wiped out doing so” she assured with a nod, Phe felt like you might do after a moderate workout but she wasn’t so wiped that she couldn’t keep going. Her heart rate was increased a little though.

Now they were in the kitchen, Phe hunted down the blender she had bought from in the cupboard and plugged it into the wall socket before glanced over to Artemis and gave a thoughtful look “Well make sure to get the bananas, can’t have a smoothie without bananas, the rest you can pick, though I’m feeling a little raspberry today” she smiled softly as she opened the freezer and grabbed some ice which she put into the blender and then into the spice cupboard where she took out the ginseng she had been putting in her smoothies lately for the extra energy boost it gave, she crushed some in her palm and then tipped it inside. “Man I am so glad we got this kitchen remodeled, I can finally find everything” she laughed remembering the mess of cupboard space they used to have and how everyone would just throw things in different places as they never knew the proper places.

It didn’t take long for O, to realise the irony of the previous comment made. Artemis nodded. “Yeah, I suppose that is a fair point.” Every specie, had to have some kind of a balance. Although, she was sure some species might have thought themselves to be more superior than others. Ego getting to their heads. It was normal with people. “Is anyone, a Superhero really?” Artemis asked, mainly out of wonderment. The question had been on her mind a few times. It might be silly, but hey. Silly thoughts were somethings lingering inside of her mind. Listening to Ophelia’s experience, Artemis knew a little of how the Wayfinder felt. Job, duty above everything else, including her own happiness. “I hope, that one day you might find the balance Phe.” Artemis said softly. “If other Ambassadors, can find happiness and still focus on their duty, for their factions. I am sure, you will too, one day.” It definitely, wasn’t fair that Ophelia always had to think of them first. Which is why Artemis was always lately, encouraging her to enjoy the little things, have some fun, and one day to find happiness for herself. Everyone needed that, in one way or another.

Artemis smiled softly, as Ophelia reassured her about not feeling so drained, after more training. “I’ll definitely keep it up.” She nodded. It’d just take a while, to get back into routine. But she didn’t intend, on going back to her previous way; of cowering away from using her own energy.

The fridge was quiet spacious and big. Artemis felt, like one could get lost in there, trying to search for what-ever hidden goodies one might find. But with so many of them living in the Castle. Big fridge was a must. Smiling as she heard Phe. “Of course, Bananas are a given.” The brunette took out a few Bananas and a tub of Raspberries, setting them on the counter. Artemis also took out a small lemon, which she always used for preserving the taste and colour of the smoothies, when she made some herself; so it’d last the whole day...if she made it in batches. Before taking the Mango, which needed to be eaten in the next few days anyways and a tub of Blueberries. After setting the other ingredients on the counter. She closed the fridge. Laughing at Ophelia’s comment, whilst she took a knife from one of the draws. “I don’t think, it could have been called a kitchen was madness.” Everything was disorganised, a chaos. No wonder, no one could find anything twice. If you found what you were looking for,on your first were lucky.

Peeling the Bananas. Artemis put in chunks of the Bananas into the blender. Before she proceed in peeling the Mango. After the bigger fruit was peeled. Artemis cut it up into blocks, before sliding the chunks of Mango into the blender, from the chopping board.

“I noticed, we still have that Lamb in the Fridge. It should be used up soon.” If she seen the date on it. They had a few days to think of what to do with it, before cooking up a nice dinner. Artemis’ mind was already searching through some recipes already. “How about, either a Lamb stew? Or I could do my famous roast dinner, with Lamb.” She knew, a lot of the Celestials liked her roast. And it lasted about two days. As she always made quiet a big batch. "Or, there's something called the Slow Roast, Persian Lamb. It's a different recipe, than I am used to for roast...but it sounded quiet tasty."

The way that Artemis asked if anyone was a superhero made the Wayfinder ponder for a moment in thought before she pursed her lips and nodded gently “I think there are superheroes of sorts” she admitted with a wistful look and shrugged her shoulders “People who go through hell and back and somehow still manage to get up with a smile on their face in the morning, I’d say that’s pretty spectacular” she nodded a little, there were people who were so stronger, cancer patients who looked death in the eye and still managed to find some kind of happiness, it took a level of strength she could only describe as extraordinary “But I don’t think any supernatural power makes anyone a hero, that’s down to what they do with it” at least that’s how she saw it anyway. The way Artemis spoke about finding balance one day made Phe smile “I hope so too” she admitted in a soft voice as though she felt like it was bad luck to say it out loud “Guess all I can do is wait until things settle” which meant them being official members of the city and living in equality to the other factions.

“Good, cause you might need to kick someone’s ass one day” she commented with an amused chuckled, definitely not the reason she was teaching everyone to control their energy but the thought had crossed her mind that it would be much harder to take and contain a celestial who knew how to handle their abilities and shield themselves from attacks, especially if they practiced often and weren’t quickly worn down. Ophelia helped with the fruit that Artemis had chosen, grabbing a knife from the chopping block and cutting up some of the fruit before putting it in the blender “True, it was a whole mess” she commented with a shake of her head, she remembered coming back to find the entire place turned over one night because someone couldn’t find the serving spoons, that had been the final straw “I swear I’m redesigning this place one room at a time” she teased with a laugh, it was much more modern nowadays.

Ophelia furrowed her brow for a moment at the mention of lamb because she didn’t remember buying it but then she remembered Otto had brought it back from his ventures to the market and Artemis was right, it seemed like a waste not to eat it before it went off. “I haven’t had one of your roasts in months” she drew out the words and hummed softly just thinking about it “You should teach me” she spoke eagerly, she had been meaning to learn more recipes lately and break out of her mold of the few dishes she seemed to cook on repeat. She was working on it though, she had gotten a lot better at baking and people didn’t completely avoid eating the cookies she made nowadays which had to be an improvement right? The Wayfinder glanced over at Artemis and smiled “Any new hobbies lately?” she asked curiously knowing she had spent a lot more time out of the castle lately and certainly had new friends.

Artemis wasn’t really expecting, an answer from Ophelia. Her question, was more of a thinking out loud to herself. But The wayfinder came back, with quiet the interesting answer to her question. But somehow, what Ophelia said made her smile slightly. Thinking off those, who found the inner strength and courage, to live another day and get through the tough things in their life. Coming out stronger for it. “I think, I have to agree there. That is something extraordinary.” she said with a nod. And it was a rarity, those type of people existed.  The brunette nodded towards the Wayfinder,as she expressed her own hopes, in a very quiet voice. “You will, just have faith.” she said, giving her a warm smile. Hopefully, once all the madness in the city would die down, there would be more time for Ophelia, to find some sort of balance in her life.

Her words made her laugh slightly. Of course, she knew it wasn’t the sole purpose of Celestial Energy training, but it would certainly be an advantage; if she was in danger. Hopefully, once she’d be in the full swing of things again, she wouldn’t feel undermined in her own abilities. Even though the Celestial, knew physical sense defence, to a certain degree. Having control over her abilities, was more of a plus.  As the two worked on the smoothie together. Soon all of the fruit was in the blender. Artemis chopped the lemon in half. Squeezing out some lemon juice into the blender. Only a little, enough for it do the job it was meant to, and not ruin the flavour. Before she poured some water into a glass and poured it into the blender. So it’d give the smoothie, a bit less thick of a texture. Once everything was ready, she put the lid back on.

“I don’t know how we coped with the Kitchen being so messy.” Artemis said with a laugh, before turning on the blender. But the Castle was certainly looking better, with the re-decorating that was going on.

Artemis laughed softly, hearing how Ophelia dragged out the words. “Seems, like someone is missing my roast.” she teased playfully. As much as she loved making the roast, it was also quite time consuming. And she didn’t want to feed it to the castle, all the time. Or they’d get sick and tired of it. But none of them, had it in a while. “Well, you’re more than welcome to help me cook dinner, and I’ll teach you.” Artemis said with a soft smile. It seemed like the two, always picked up things from each other. The Brunette was also helping Ophelia perfect her baking skills. Which was a good thing, as Ophelia’s cookies were now edible. Not like the first few disasters attempts.

“Well...if getting lost and finding new places to explore, counts as a hobby.” Artemis said with a playful smile. The Celestial seemed to have a bit of a track record, in getting lost still. As there were so many places, she still had yet to discover in the city. “But, I did get into hiking. Get away from the madness of the city. It’s quite relaxing, being out in nature. Good scenery for more photos also.”

Phe smile when Artemis responded to her thoughts, she had definitely met some extraordinary people in her life, the ones where it was just hard to understand how they did it without completely falling apart “Very rare though, most of us fall somewhere in the middle” she noted with a shrug of her shoulders, things she did could be seen as heroic but villainous to others, it was difficult to walk that line without hurting someone, no one was perfect, especially not those in leader positions. Phe nodded slightly when Artemis said to have faith, it was evident that the other woman was more of an optimist than she was, the Wayfinder often let things she knew she shouldn’t get to her and she often dwelled over decisions when she probably needed to let things go and start over. Easily said than done when you have nightmares about it every time you slept though.

She helped out with making the smoothie, watching as the blender spun around and getting out two glasses from the high cupboard where she left them. She wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out, it had a very big mix of different fruits and she’d never put lemon juice into one of her smoothies before but that was kinda the fun part of it all, trying different combinations and seeing what did and didn’t go together. Once it was done she took off the lid and poured out the two drinks for the both of them and then slid one across the table towards Artemis “We didn’t, we played a game of kitchen utensil musical chairs” she teased with a shake of her head, some people seemed to do that with their stuff in their rooms but she definitely wasn’t gonna go around and arrange everyone’s rooms for them.

The raven-haired celestial laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders “I miss food I don’t have to cook for myself, to be honest” she response responded with an amused look, she had been trying to avoid take out as much as she could because she wanted to stay healthy, it wasn’t easy in a city which had a lot of easy ways to get food though. “Sure, it can’t turn out any worse than my second batch of cookies right” she laughed remembering how hopelessly bad she had been at baking but thanks to Artemis’ advice she was getting better and things were actually edible now. It was nice to live with so many people and have so many skills to share between all of them.

“I guess it counts” Phe responded with a laugh, she had done a bit of that herself, exploring the city and finding new places to love within it, she wished she had more free time to spend doing that because there was so much to see “Never been much of a hiker myself” the Wayfinder responded with a laugh “Or a sightseer to be honest” she got bored too easily she supposed, she preferred to have things to do, liked keeping busy she supposed “I imagine you can get some pretty great shots up in the mountains” she commented as she pulled the lamb out of the fridge and placed it into one of the baking dishes “What do you normally season with?” she asked as she scanned her eyes over the spice rack trying to find what they would need. She picked up her smoothie and took a hesitant drink of it before nodding a little “Hey not too bad actually” she spoke with an approving smile.

Over the centuries she had lived. It was safe to say, that Artemis had met plenty of people. The good, the bad, the in-between...and everyone was certainly interesting and different in their own ways. Every experience was different. And if anything, one can learn from each and different person, something new and different. “Yeah, not everyone is perfect or can fall in the top category for sure.” Artemis agreed. If everyone would be perfect, or considered Heroes. The world would be predictable. And that didn’t seem like much fun. Artemis tried to be an optimist. Most of the time. Even in moments of doubt. Maybe, some of her new friends were a good influence on her; in that aspect.

Artemis could see how Ophelia was watching the blender. She gave her a soft smile. “Don’t worry, it’s not gonna bite.” she teased her, playfully. “The lemon juice, only helps preserve the flavour and color of the smoothie.” she explained. Artemis always hated, when the smoothie color went off and looked gray and dull, if it wasn’t drunk quick enough. In the mean time. Artemis got out a chopping board, with a knife, cooking tray, some onions, one big orange. Laughing as she heard Ophelia’s teasing. “Is that even a game?” she asked, with scrunched up eyebrows. Taking the glass, she gave O a small nod. Before taking a few sips from her glass. It was refreshing. And made quite a good combination of flavours.

Hearing her excuse, made her laugh softly. “I guess, I can relate to that in some ways.” If Artemis wasn’t the one cooking. She always enjoyed what Ophelia or Willow cooked up.  Certainly, if they found some new recipes. “Well, I should hope. I mean, if we keep an eye on it and follow the recipe...we should be good. But, mind you. The new recipe I found...I have no idea, how it’ll turn out taste wise, as I haven’t tried it yet.” Artemis hoped, it would taste as good as it sounded and looked. The Celestial had quite a good memory, of what went in it.

Artemis loved exploring, it was always quite fun. And meeting new people along the way, certainly added to the adventure and experience of the city. “The diviner territory, has quite nice views...especially by the River banks.” Artemis said with a soft smile. “I have yet, to venture up into the mountains.” she acknowledged. It was always so cold up there,especially the higher you went up, and remote. Artemis needed to wrap up warmly, before he’d venture up there. But she had to agree, some stunning views would be there for sure.

As Ophelia placed the lamb onto the dish. Artemis shook her head smiling. “Hold on a moment O, we can’t forget a few of my few favorite tricks first, before the lamb comes on.” she joked, as she finally found the oil she was looking for in the cupboard. It was her own mixture of olive oil, garlic and herbs that she used for roasts. “I normally use Rosemary on top. But I am about to try the new dressing, from the new recipe I found. So I’ll be needing Honey, Pomegrante and Cummin as well. The Pomegranate should be in the fridge, among all the fruit somewhere.” Artemis said with a soft smile. As Ophelia approved of her drink, she gave her a bright smile,nodding.

Turning on the oven, Artemis put it up to 160c, to start pre-heating it properly. The brunette set the lamb aside for a few moments. Before she peeled the onion, before cutting it into rings. Setting the rings of onion on the tray. Artemis than washed the knife and peeled the orange. Cutting it into small chunks. Putting it on the tray among the onions. It was one of her few tricks, to give it a nice flavour. Before opening up the bottle of her mixed oil. Sprinkling some over the onions and orange chunks. “If you ever want to attempt a roast on your own. I always use this.” Artemis waved the small, long blue glass of the oil. “It’s my special mix of Olive Oil,Garlic and Herbs.” Artemis was no doubt, giving Ophelia a few of her tricks away. But Ophelia wanted to learn, how to make a good roast. So she didn’t mind sharing those few tricks, with her. “But, once you have something like this.” Artemis gestured to the base. “You can put the lamb on top. Then comes the dressing on top usually, and seasoning.” She explained with a smile. Placing the lamb on top again. Before taking a few more sips of her drink. The energy boost, was good. It made her feel bit more awake and alert. Especially, since she was teaching Ophelia how to make a roast dinner.

“Not even close” she commented with a slightly sarcastic tone lacing her voice as she thought about a lot of people who painted themselves to be better than they were, she kinda saw the Ailward faction that way, people who claimed to be bringing balance to the world but the truth was they were just as flawed as everyone else, perhaps even more so thanks to the experiences they had been through and the pressures they put on themselves. Still, she did believe a lot of people were well-intentions, even if they went about it the wrong way and that merited some credit.

Ophelia laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders “Actually I find it pretty entertaining to watch things blend, probably a psychopathic trait but you know” he laughed and winked, well if it tasted awful they could always just tip it down the drain and start again after all “though preservation is the last of my worries cause I finish these things way before they get anywhere near the fridge” it was better than constantly drinking soda though, at least fruit was mostly healthy for you. She rolled her eyes when she heard her ask if it was a game “If it is, it’s not one I ever wanna play again” she teased with a shake of her head, she hated not being able to find things and it easily got her frustrated.

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders “Well at least people are usually grateful for the food” she teased with an amused smile, cooking and baking was fun for her but not something she wanted to do constantly and not something she wanted to become a chore. The three cooks in the castle were pretty good at alternating between them and giving some variety of food though which was nice, Phe was definitely more for cooking pasta or pizza rather than traditional foods. “Me and recipes are in a complicated relationship, sometimes I feel like they underestimate how much a person can actually eat” she laughed thinking about how small portions tended to turn out so you had to add an extra percentage of each ingredient.

“I’ve made it to the river a couple times, sometimes it’s nice to sit there and watch the city rush by” she’d normally sit at the river backs on one of the benches and read a book if she had a free afternoon and didn’t feel like being surrounded by walls. Phe did a lot of stuff alone and was generally pretty content in her own company but she definitely wanted to take more time to actually see and explore the city a little “I only visited the hot springs about a quarter of the way up but it was really gorgeous, you should go if you get the chance” she smiled softly and nodded, it was a good way to relax at the very least.

She let Artemis take the lead on teaching her to make the food, doing as she was asked and studying the amounts that she applied and what different seasonings she used “Oh that sounds like an interesting mix” she commented as she delved through the fridge and took out the pomegranate she asked for and left it on the side. “Such a weird fruit, not really smoothie eligible but it seems we have an alternative use.” she laughed softly watching the different food she put together and leaned in to smell the mix of herbs and oil that she was using “Oooh that smells so good” her mouth was watering just from the smell. She let the other woman do her work and leaned on the side looking at the meat and drinking down some more of her smoothie “How long does it usually take to cook? A few hours I’d suppose?” at least that’s what she remembered from the few times she’d had it in the past anyway.

Artemis tried not to laugh, at Phe’s comment about watching thinks blend. It seemed, unusual. As she called it a little psychopathic, she ended up laughing. “That’ word for it.” she said teasingly. “I probably savor smoothies more than you do.” She took her time, if she made a big batch of smoothie in the mixer. Hence the fridge, if she wanted another dose later in the day. As she enjoyed the fruity mixture. It left the usual tingling at the back of her tongue, from the coldness and slight bitterness of the lemon. Artemis laughed softly. “It wasn’t the best game, I give you that.” The Brunette had never seen so much chaos in the kitchen,until that moment. It wasn’t exactly pleasent, ransacking the kitchen to try and find anything.

She had never known, anyone that was ungrateful for food just yet. “Well, if they weren’t...I would think, they’d be very very rude and don’t appreciate our efforts for feeding them.” Despite it being an honest comment, it was said with a light teasing tone. Even if she liked cooking, finding new recipes. She still wanted to do other things around the castle; than worry over everyone and what they’d be eating. The brunette ended up giggling. “You were never the best, at sussing out portions huh?” Artemis asked teasingly, before sipping on her smoothie. Artemis tried to remember, how much each Celestial tended to eat. Some of the guys ate more. Otherwise, she asked; or let the individuals themselves grab extra’s if they didn’t have enough.

As she worked on the meat; Artemis was still paying attention to what Ophelia was saying. Nodding. “Mhh, I agree. On a hot day, it’s nice to cool down a little bit by the river.” As Phe suggested the hot springs. The brunette nodded. “I’ve heard about the hot-springs. But haven’t ventured up there yet. I’ll add it to my list, for sure.” No doubt, it’d also make some good photographs, with the scenery around that point. The Celestial just had so many, places on her list, to explore yet. The mountains being one of them.

Artemis smiled, at Ophelia’s words. “Mhh, Indeed it does. I don’t think, I’ve ever tried a roast with pomegranate being involved in the seasoning.” It indeed wasn’t smoothie material. “I always found it a bit of a pain, to deal with. I like the taste though.” Artemis admitted with a giggle. As Ophelia commented on the scent of the oil. Artemis smiled. “I gotta admit, I love that scent also.” Artemis nodded as she heard Ophelia’s question. “It varies. Some recipes say 2-3 hours. But I usually leave in the meat for about 4 hours, and a bit. Just so it’s more tender and juicer.” Of course the veggies and potatoes, didn’t take as long. But over-all...a few good hours. The roast dinner was cooking.

Pulling out a small bowl. Artemis double checked she had the Honey, Cummin, Rosemary at her hands. After cutting open the fruit. Artemis spooned out the small red balls into the bowl. Leaving the skin shells empty. Putting in 3 large spoonfulls of honey into the bowl. Artemis stirred it up slightly. Crushing the small fruit bits ever so slightly, with the back of the spoon. The juice from the pomegranate seeds and honey slowly were mixing together. “At least it smells nice.” she commented. Sprinkling in a bit of Cummin into the mix. Artemis then poured the mixture over the meat. Making sure to spread it evenly over the entire leg. Placing some fresh Rosemary bits ontop.

“For about the first 45 minutes. I have the meat on a higher heat. Then I usually lower it a bit and leave it in for the rest of the time.” Informing Ophelia. The oven by now, was heated up properly. After the meat was in the oven. They had some time to kill, by preparing the veggies and potatoes. Taking a few more sips of her smoothie. Artemis had finished not long after, the meat was in the even. "Mhh, I have to say. We have to do this smoothie mix a bit more often. I like it." She licked her lips, free of any left-over droplets.

Ophelia laughed softly, Artemis was right, it was a really big challenge trying to feed a whole castle of people and with all the different tastes and likes and dislikes between everyone it was near impossible to make a meal everyone would love, on those days where there was something someone didn’t like, they would usually order take away or make something for themselves “Well I never really imagined I'd be making full-on meals for like an entire castle of people” he shook his head laughing softly “I more imagined just cooking for me and significant other in my future and being done with it” she gave a mock eye roll “at least everyone helps out with the cleaning otherwise I may actually go insane” she teased with a laugh.

She shrugged a little “Not the biggest fan of swimming myself but in summer even I can be convinced to take a little dip” she just didn’t really like being cold, to be honest, she would much rather stay wrapped up warm than risk getting hypothermia for the sake of swimming but she supposed that was just her preference more than anything. “Don’t forget to take your camera if you do, I demand to see your shots from up there, it’s absolutely stunning” she smiled brightly able to picture the exact place and view she was talking about in her mind, even though she hadn’t been there in a few months.

“Can’t say I’ve ever tried to infuse meat and fruit combinations before either but if the recipe says it’s good then it would be rude not to try right?” she laughed a little, come to think of it, you did normally have apple sauce with pork so she supposed mixing other fruits wasn’t that strange. She has eaten in so many places in her long life and it certainly wasn’t the weirdest combination she had seen at the very least “Yeah I always find leaving the meat longer than needed never really does any harm as long as you don’t let it burn” she chuckled softly “and who doesn’t want roast meat that falls apart when you chew it” she felt like she was drooling just talking about it.

The raven-haired Wayfinder followed Artemis around the kitchen as she worked and paid attention to what she was doing and how, she did what she could to help here and there but mostly she was just taking notes of the steps she took and how she measured out what she needed. “It smells pretty damn amazing” she spoke in response and shook her head at herself, she had really gotten hungry just watching the way she prepared all of the accompaniments to the meat and she was really excited to see how it turned out, and to eat dinner, honestly.

Watching as she placed the meat into the oven she went into the cupboard and pulled out the sack of potatoes she had bought the other day and then grabbed a knife and started peeling them, at the very least she was very good at this, probably the fastest in the castle which was a really odd flex but she supposed it was something. “Yeah I’ve been trying to get more fruit and veg into the fridge because mostly everyone’s been eating crap” she laughed “me included” she glanced up at her between working on the veg “Who taught you to cook?” he asked curiously realizing she’d never really asked before.

As the pair spoke about feeding, the entire castle. Artemis had to agree with what Ophelia was saying. “I am sure, you’re not the only one who’s had thoughts like that. If only everyone else, would learn how to’d make our job a bit easier.” But of course, not everyone knew how to cook, or they created a mess of the kitchen; that the others had to come to the rescue. So it wasn’t so easy. “Yeah, I guess it’s a good thing, they pitch in with other kitchen duties, if they can’t cook.”

The brunette giggled, as O reminded her to take her camera with her. “Of course. You know, I barely leave without it, now-a-days.” Artemis mostly took her Camera with her. Unless, she was heading out for a different purpose. Than her camera stayed home. But she looked forward to seeing what spot Ophelia had told her about, and taking some photos of it all. Artemis could tell, it would be a worth-while trip. New scenery and beautiful photos.

“You’ve never had Pork with Apple Sauce or Beef with Cranberry Sauce?” Artemis asked curious. Those two combinations, were more of the well known fruit and meat combinations. And it would really surprise Artemis, if Ophelia hadn’t yet tried either; given she had lived for a long time. But this combination indeed, would be a first for them all. Laughing softly, at her teasing comments. “Well, I certainly hope it’ll turn out as delicious as it looked and sounded on the recipe.” The way Ophelia talked about the meat melting, it made her stomach growl. “Now, you’re just adding more to the hunger, with those comments.” Artemis giggled. But she had always preferred the meat, to be well done,bit crispy skin. But so soft and juicy on the inside, it’d melt.

The Celestial was glad to have Ophelia’s help in the kitchen. Certainly made preparing dinner a bit easier and faster. Not to mention, it was a good way for Ophelia to learn how to make a dinner like this for everyone. “I have to agree. I am liking this new recipe already.” nodded in agreement.

Proceeding to look in the fridge again for the veg. Artemis laughed softly at her comment. “Yeah true, we all got to stop eating take-away so often.” Even if it saved them time and cooking everything from scratch. It wasn’t healthy. Pulling out some Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Sweed, Parsnips. Broccoli and Peas. Artemis set the load on the counter. They were the usual mixture that she used for the roast. Artemis began to prep the vegetables, washing and peeling. “When I first fell, a young couple had found me and taken me in. Isabelle and Ricardo. It was from them, that I learned a few life-skills, including cooking. Back then, meals were a bit more simpler. But one day, I wanted to help out in the house, as a way of thanking them for taking me in. So Isabelle taught me how to make soup. That’s how it began. But over my years of travelling. I met a few chefs...I suppose, I picked up on new recipes through-out my travels.” New Modern recipes. Internet or cook books were her friend. Artemis spoke of that time, fondly. With a smile. “How about you? Who taught you?” Artemis asked curious.


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