The Brunette couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. It wasn’t often that Artemitra felt nervous. She didn’t have a reason to. Being at the Celestial castle, with her people-whom were like family. They were safe, living the life they wanted before. Yet, the prospect of training made her nervous. Artemis couldn’t recall the last time, she had used her Celestial energy; not to it’s full potential anyways. It would be a lie, if she said she felt confident. It was quiet, the opposite. She felt out of touch with her own energy and talents. And for a Star, it was quiet sad thought really. As Drunk, as she may have been when she agreed to accept O’s training classes. Artemis knew she also needed them. So, she wasn’t sure why she was feeling nervous.

Phe, was one of her longest friends and leader. Artemis trusted her. And knowing, how much Phe was helping the younger one’s, come into their own light and abilities. Surely, it’d be no problem in helping her get back in touch with her own. The elder Celestial tried to remember the encouraging words of Hanseol. If he could do it, so could she. Whilst, the Elder was used to giving advice to the younger Celestials. It felt kind of nice and heart-warming, that one of the younger one’s was the one giving her advice and had encouraged her to go for it. Who knows, maybe it might go a lot more smoother than she knew. Telling herself, not to worry too much. If she worried, stress wouldn’t help her project her energy. Hopefully, she had nothing to worry about. And she was just over-thinking for no reason.

As she stood in her room; looking at herself in the mirror; wearing a tank top with some leggings. It seemed decent enough for a training session. At least, it was comfortable and seemed easy around to move in. Artemis didn’t want to be too constricted in her clothing, if she was wearing anything tighter. “It’s time to embrace, that shine once more Artemitra Bluemoon.” The Celestial told herself, as she pulled her hair up into a tight ponytail. After slipping on her shoes. Artemis made her way out of her room and towards the training room in the castle.

It seemed like she was a little early, as Ophelia wasn’t there yet. So the Brunette decided to to try and warm up a little bit; whilst waiting for her. Trying to see if she could summon a little of her energy. But the Celestial’s energy was a small flicker. A little glimmer, before it faded away. Artemis sighed slightly. “Okay, maybe this might be a little harder than I thought.” she muttered to herself. If something was blocking her, she hoped that Ophelia would help her figure it out. Spending 100 years locked away in steel cages, and then few years scared to use her energy; no wonder her energy was mere of a flicker right now. It had been suppressed for so long.

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She laughed because knowing her she would probably get covered in fabric and tie herself up in some stupidly intricate way “We have a lot of empty rooms in this castle so I don’t see the harm in purposing a few of them, seems like a waste to have so much empty space” the deeds to this castle had definitely saved them in a pinch and Ophelia had been so thankful to Emilia for that but the place was very large and spacious and they didn’t always need all that space “At the very least this is all gonna keep my busy” which was a good thing for the Wayfinder who hated sitting around doing nothing.

Artemis mentioned this Ridley person a lot which made Ophelia smile because it became quickly evident that she had made herself a very close friend in the city, which, considering how lonely life could be for a celestial, was a truly wonderful thing to hear “Maybe once you figure it out you can give me some tips” she spoke the words and winked, after all, if she was going to make dresses for a living she needed some way of showing what she could do to potential customers. She was thinking something along the lines of ballgowns and wedding dresses considering her specialty was in older style garments. She smiled brightly at the offer to take pictures of the dresses she made “And if you ever need someone to practice your photography on, you know I’m not camera shy” they helped one another out, that’s what friends did after all.

“And that is why there are so many fake ID businesses in Evermore” she commented with a laugh, actual legal ones too because the supernatural secret was a more important thing to keep than some untruths about actual age. The IDs were specially spelled so that they showed physical age to anyone oblivious and real age to anyone who it was safe to share the knowledge with. The same magic was used with Evermore daily so that news could be distributed safely out to those who needed to know about it. Very clever.

“Good and bad ways” she repeated after Artemis pointed out that she had seen a lot of the world “Though I have to say that nothing has changed more rapidly than technology in the last 20 years or so, it’s honestly quite astonishing” and scary too, who knew what they might be dealing with in another 20 years if everything just kept moving faster and faster, maybe the idea of robots and teleportation wasn’t too far off in the future after all. She smiled softly at Artemis, there was a lot they didn’t know about the future right now but Phe had a good feeling and those were rare so she was doing her best to ride the wave “We will, I’m going to say it because then it has to come true” she snickered slightly.

She smiled when Artemis agreed to her idea and headed back to her room, going through the closet for the best examples of clothes she had made in the past, she picked out a few, a red one with pretty intricate beadwork, a white one which could easily be a wedding dress which was trimmed with pretty white lace, a pink one which had train like detailing on the skirt and was a lace-up at the back and finally one of her favorite blue dresses which was somewhat more modern in style but still matched her general collection. She pondered over them for a while before she changed into the red one and paired it with a pair of red pumps and gold jewelry.

When Artemis walked in she smiled softly and swept her arm to show her what she’d picked out so far and then she gestured to her current outfit with raised brows “So how do we go about this?” he asked curiously “I have no idea about good lighting or settings, you’re gonna have to take the lead on this one” she prompted as she glanced to the window and then back to Artemis.

Artemis just hoped Ophelia wouldn’t get herself in a pickle with all the fabric; as it would be rather amusing to try and detangle her out of it. But The wayfinder had a good point. The Castle was filled with so many rooms, too many rooms maybe. After all. Artemis herself found a spare room, to use as her dark-room for developing photographs. So at least, that was her little work space outside of her own room, to use to her heart’s content. “If everyone thought like we did...they would all, their space/study/hobby room.” Artemis spoke. It was a shame to see rooms empty and unused. But for the castle tours, it was something for the guests to see.

The Celestial had a habit of talking about the people closest to her. Sometimes, she didn’t even notice unless someone pointed it out. But she was grateful for all of the people, she had met/be-friended since moving to the city. Old and new friends alike. “I’ll let you know, as soon as I accomplish something with Instagram.” Artemis said with a soft laugh. Of course, that’s what friends were for. Helping each other, giving each other advice, helping figure things out. “You’ve always been very I’ll keep that in mind.” Ophelia did always make a good model. Or just a good friend, to share few silly photos with.

“Yeah, smart move on Evermore...for that.” It was something that did baffle Artemis at first. But with some magic; things were protected from the eyes of the mortals. Smart thinking indeed. At least, they were protected from being exposed, to unwanted eyes.

Technology was something, that indeed was ever expanding, improving, and growing. It seemed like every month, there was a new brand of a phones, ipads, laptops. It was shocking really. “Yeah, that is something that is both fascinating...and a bit scary. A lot of people always have the need to get the latest phones...I don’t get that..if you have a phone that still works, why buy a new one?” Artemis was more practical. She tried to repair things, make use of them; till their final days before replacing/or buying new things. Or she’d never stop spending money on things.

After finding Ophelia in her room. Artemis saw that she was already ready. Smiling as she took Ophelia in that red dress. “And you said red was my’re totally rocking that.” Artemitra smiled warmly. It seemed to suit Ophelia rather well. It was very regal. Artemis always thought, that Ophelia gave off that royal-like vibe, with her being a Wayfinder. It was fitting. Glancing on the bed. Artemis looked over the dresses. “They indeed are beautiful...they’ll do nicely, for the shoot.” Variety of colors, and designs. The last one, had a modern touch to it; but it was eye-catching.

As Ophelia debated about the lighting. Artemis was silent for a few moments in thought. “I think, I have a room in can use this, as your changing area.” The brunette lead Ophelia out of the room and down the hallway. It was a short trip, around the corner; before Artemis opened the door to one of the day rooms. It was a spacious beautiful room, with different tapestries, a bay window with a window seat. Overlooking the Castle grounds. Artemis sometimes used this, as her reading room. There were many books tucked away on the shelves in one corner. The lighting was good in this room. And gave quite a good scenery for the shoot. “How about you go and sit on the window seat first. I’ll get some nice snaps of you there, before you can stand and do a few poses.” Artemis suggested smiling; as she switched on her Camera. It took a few moments for the Celestial to set it up, so she could get high quality photos.

The sound of clicking of the camera was soon heard. Artemis began to take snaps of the Wayfinder. Getting Ophelia from various angles. Like predicted, the lighting done her good in this room.

“That would be nice, seeing the castle be used to make everyone’s dreams that little bit closer” it was probably a bit of a pipe dream but the idea of seeing everyone have some kind of passion and getting to explore it in the comfort of their own home was encouraging to her. Considering most of these people probably wouldn’t have had the chance to explore their own talents and interests before, because they were either locked away or forced to leave everything behind constantly. “Though some of the rooms are off-limits because of the history in them, you know the royals that liked there back when the castle was first made” Ophelia was happy with her room, she had everything she needed her and while it was quite small, it was cozy too.

She nodded slightly, Phe had been trying to get her head around social media too, Hanseol had shown her Facebook a couple of times and she had a profile on it, though she very rarely used it because she wasn’t really sure what the hype was about. She did follow a page about cute puppies though because it was nice to have cute videos pop up every now and again “I’ll give it a go too, it can’t be that difficult right?” she found every time she asked that question the thing ended up being very difficult but then everyone seemed to use these things.

“Evermore has been set up with longevity in mind, something I’m sure many people who are supernatural appreciate” because even if she could stay in one place in another city, it was always for a limited amount of time before people started realizing she wasn’t aging and then she was forced to move on to a new place where no one knew her. It was clever, casting spells which made the humans just forget the supernatural things they had seen and it protected everyone involved, something many other cities really needed to take heed of. When Artemis talked about replacing a phone before it was broken she shrugged slightly “I think everything is treated like it is disposable nowadays, worth isn’t something considered as much anymore” she pursed her lips “And I suppose everyone wants the new features that technology companies make” she nodded slightly.

Artemis’ reaction to the dress she was wearing made her blush slightly and she looked down at the dress, smoothing it down under her touch “I remember making this one, I’d been given the chance to purchase the fabric from a noble girl, it was very expensive but I worked several extra shifts at the bar I was helping at until I could afford just enough to make it” it was special and she always got compliments on it which is why it was the first one she thought of when she thought about showcasing what she could do. “Thanks” she spoke softly as she looked over each one and remembered the stories behind all of them “Hopefully they all still fit right and don’t need to be tailored” she laughed softly.

It was nice, seeing the way Artemis went into her artistic mode and got thinking about the different places in the castle they could take photos and what would look best, Ophelia had never really had an artistic eye for things like that, she liked making clothes and thinking about how they would look on a person but when it came to scenic stuff, she had no clue. She followed the brunette through to the room she had in mind, stepping inside and smiling brightly as she saw how brightly lit the place was “Okay sure” now that the actual modeling part came around she was a little nervous but she did her best not to crack under the pressure as she moved over to the window and posed herself as she sat against the sill, she smiled a few times, staring out the window, across the room, just to the side of the camera and also into it. She closed her lips for some more serious looking poses, staring off into the distance thoughtfully “This is harder than I thought it would be” she spoke softly with a gentle laugh ducking her head slightly.

Artemis nodded. “Yeah, Maybe if we suggest the idea enough...someone else will finally get the hint.” She said with a soft giggle. Of course, she knew not all rooms were for use though. “Yeah, I and stuff.” she nodded, in agreement. “I am sure, there’s a few rooms that can be spared though.” But she wondered, how many Celestials truly knew their passions? As far as she knew, she, Phe and Hanseol were in touch with their creative/hobby sides, unlike a few of the others.

There came Ophelia’s question, how many times did she hear it? Too many times. She ended up giggling slightly. “Mhh….pretty sure, you asked that the last time, when you were learning how to use the microwave for the first time...and it didn’t go so well.” A couldn’t resist teasing. “Or there was that time, of playing rock, paper and scissors...and you thought we needed actual items….” Artemis giggled at the memory. “Teaching you that game, was...interesting.” The brunette didn’t mean to tease so hard, she just found it rather amusing, the pickle that those situations caused.

“Yeah, I think it makes it easier to stick in one place, longer...instead of constantly having to pack up and leave.” Although with humans living in the city; surely they notice odd things. Like people not aging,after a certain amount of time. The Celestial frowned at the subject of technology and how people treated it. “Yeah, but the newer one’s cost more…If I kept buying new brands of everything...I’d have nothing left. I don’t know, how some people can afford it.” she shook her head.

It made her smile, as Phe recalled the memory. It was nice hearing about how, Phe could afford the fabric. “Well, it’s very beautiful. I do like the fabric.” She was admiring the patterns on it. “Phe, you’re slim...I am sure you’ll fit into them, no problem.” Artemitra didn’t think, Phe would have much trouble, squeezing into her dresses. They’d fit perfectly no doubt.

Artemitra always tried to envision the best outcome for the photos. How they would look, when finished. Which areas would be better for photoshoots, where scenery was concerned. Sometimes, places were hard to pick out than others. The Celestial smiled, as Phe was doing all sorts of different poses. The moment, Phe ducked her head giggling. Artemis captured that natural reaction, in a quiet good moment. “You’re doing good, you know?” she said smiling. Walking over to the book shelves. Artemis picked out a random book, handing it to Phe. “Here, let me get a few shoots of you, with this. Just act natural, pretend you’re reading.”

So the photoshoot carried on. After Artemis was done, with focusing on Phe by the window. She asked her to pose around the room. Some photos were more flirty, some more fun. Once she was satisfied she got enough photos of her in the red dress; she let Ophelia go get changed into the next one. In the mean time, flicking through the current photos on her camera. Making sure of the qualities, to see which one’s would be best to share with Phe once this was over. Smiling to herself, as she was quite pleased with the results.

She laughed at the way Artemis talked about the other stars, sometimes Phe worried that they were too afraid to really live their lives, a lot of them stayed in their rooms a lot and only came out when necessary, many were afraid to use their celestial power despite the many reasons she had tried to get across that they should “Oh absolutely, it’s such a big place, I swear sometimes I come back and the place feels practically empty because everyone is in their rooms” but since the revamp of the kitchen and living area, people definitely ventured out more than they did before.

Ophelia blushed softly, okay she could be a little slow when it came to modern things but she did manage to learn them eventually which is more than could be said for some people “Alright, alright, I’m old and slow, I get it” she jested back at her with an amused shake of her head, there was just so much going on constantly that sometimes it was hard to process it and take it all in “Though in my defense, there is no way on earth that a piece of paper would actually be able to defeat a rock, if someone throws a rock at you, paper is not going to save you” she narrowed her eyes playfully.

“Packing up and leaving was the killer, not only did I have no idea where to go most of the time but it always seemed to come with a painful goodbye” there was nothing fun or glamorous about a life on the run, it was hard and it was emotional and often it didn’t feel worth the safety you got in return. After all, it hadn’t been any use for her people when they went up against the Ailward faction who managed to capture them all one by one. “People have more money than sense it seems” she commented with a thoughtful look, there had been a time when she had literally nothing so she had learned the value of having something very quickly.

“Thank you, there’s stories behind all of my dresses, though I think they speak for themselves mostly” each one definitely had a style to it which could be tied back to the time it was made, she supposed they were vintage but in a way that could still be acceptably worn today “This one always got me compliments because of the cost of the fabric, people thought I had noble blood” she giggled softly and shrugged “Oh I know but you lose or gain a few pounds and the dress doesn’t sit quite perfect anymore and I want them to be perfect” she nodded slightly, these kinds of dresses didn’t work if you looked too small for them.

The photoshoot itself wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be, she pulled a few poses and Artemis gave her some suggestions here and there, she took any of the props that she suggested and did her best to be a convincing model. She’d never actually done something like this before but it was actually pretty fun and she was looking forward to seeing the final results. Each time Artemis prompted her to try another dress she went back to her room, changed into the next and they chose a new spot in the room to take pictures. She swore he head was a little dizzy from all the flashes by the 4th dress but she soldiered on regardless.

“So how am I doing?” she asked as she walked out in the final blue dress, which she had to say, probably suited her best out of all of them and looked like something she could even pass off wearing to a club here in Evermore if she wanted to. “This is the most recent one I made, it was supposed to be something that reminded me of my roots but still fitted the modern world, I finished it about a month ago” she turned to look at the way it fitted and then nodded “Alright where do you want me for this one?” she was excited to finish it so they could look through the photos together and also go and get the food, because this little impromptu photoshoot had managed to while away a few hours on the countdown.

Artemis tried not to laugh, at Phe’s remark about the game. Unable to contain her laughter; as it burst out of her. Shaking her head “ not part of the game, Phe.” she teased. “Paper beats Rock, as it wraps around it. Rock beats scissors as it blunts them...and scissors beat Paper as they can cut it.” she explained. But regardless, if the game had other tactics; Phe would have a point. As she spoke, she showed her the signs for Paper, Rock and Scissors. Hoping, it’d give her some perspective on the modern game.

“Yeah, leaving was always hard.” The Celestial agreed. It was hard not to get attached to one place/people you meet along the way. But she was sure, they all had the same issues. Growing close to certain people,you meet along the way. Artemitra tried to remember her time in different places with fondness; even if some people she’d never cross paths with ever again. “Yeah, times have changed...I remember, the people I stayed with.They were commoners...they made their money honestly...even as little as they could afford...they were comfortable.” Now-a-days, people made their money in some bad ways too; and didn’t value the little things, if they had a lot of money.

Hearing Ophelia talk about her dresses;made Artemis smile. “You could certainly pass for a noble lady, with that dress for sure.” She nodded, with a warm smile. It gave Phe a certain look, that Artemis liked about her. “Maybe you should wear it more often. Especially if you got more meetings between Ambassadors.” It’d fit, the regal like...Celestial leader,imagine at the meetings. Phe’s remark about the dresses being perfect, made the other giggle slightly. “I am sure, they’ll look perfect on you.” she assured Ophelia. Artemis didn’t think Ophelia gained or lost anything; the Wayfinder looking the same weight to her, as usual. So she didn’t think there would be an issue.

The photoshoot took time away from them; making the wait for the food go by much quicker. It was quiet good experience for Artemis; it had been a while, since she took photos of actual people. So she appreciated Ophelia’s patience and help, in this little project.

“You’re doing amazing.” Artemis said smiling widely. “One of the best Models, I’ve had. Some people get impatient and fussy.” Not everyone had it in them, to be a Model. Or got the artistic mind behind her job. As Phe told her about the Blue Dress, Artemis nodded in understanding. “It looks amazing on you. I like the mixture of style.” It looked both old, yet modern at the same time. Phe was truly gifted when it came to making dresses.

Looking around, Artemis was trying to pick out the right spot for Phe with the blue dress. “Let’s finish off with a few more shots by the window.” It seemed, like her dress fitted the scenery near the window, the most. Taking more Photos. Artemis didn’t want to drag the last round out too much. As Dinner would almost be ready. But they still had, at least 90 minutes left of cooking time, so enough time to browse through the photos afterwards and prepare the table. After taking few final shots of Ophelia in the Blue dress. Artemis was satisfied, that the photoshoot had come to an end.

“Well it seems pretty illogical to base a game around the idea that paper would beat a rock at anything” she responded with a laugh, she knew it was all theoretical but she had to question what was on someone’s mind when they invented it to come up with a strange triangle of items. She had slightly sad eyes as they talked about leaving people behind, it was hard every time and every time you still somehow let yourself get attached. It was difficult to process, she supposed “Leaving made everything feel temporary to me, that’s why I’ve been searching for something constant for so long I suppose” which sounded sad to say out loud but she couldn’t actually remember a place she had stayed in longer than a few months.

Ophelia flicked her gaze over to Artemis for a moment and shrugged slightly “I don’t think any of us are strangers to the fact that people are greedy” after all, the reason they were hunted was because so many people would trade a life for the chance to go back in time and make a change “That has only gotten worse” she commented with a slightly annoyed expression. She wasn’t used to owning much if she was honest, always moving meant you couldn’t really carry much with you and that habit had stuck with her throughout the years.

She laughed slightly shyly when she said that she looked like a noble lady “Well the materials I used weren’t of the best quality because I could never afford those but I tried to follow the same style” she smiled softly “I used to make my own headpieces to wear too, it’s a shame those aren’t really fashionable anymore” then again, most people only wore dresses for special occasions now too, it was mostly jeans and tops, sometimes even just hoodies because they were more comfortable. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing she supposed. “Well I do worry a little about overdressing, the other ambassadors seem to be pretty in touch with modern trends” except Gideon who tended on the older ways much like her. Perhaps it was an age thing.

She grinned slightly, she had never actually been a model before, though she had posed for a few paintings in her time. Cameras were more of a recent thing and only Artemis seemed to have gotten into them, though she was sure Willow had an Instagram or something “Well I have a lot of time” she stated with a laugh, she did live forever, after all. “Thanks” she spoke and blushed slightly at the compliment mostly because she was proud of her work and it felt special to her that someone else liked it too.

After taking the last few shots by the window she was just about done with having constant flashes in her eyes and rubbed against her head gently “They don’t tell you how annoying the flashes get” she admitted with a chuckle as she headed back over to the changing area and changed back into a loose-fitting top and jeans. She would give it to the modern clothes, they were comfortable and easy to move around in, she noticed the difference almost immediately between the dresses and these “Perhaps I need to think about how to make the formal dresses more comfortable” she thought out loud as she came back around to see what Artemis was doing with her camera “You have a good eye for setting” she spoke softly as she glanced over her shoulder.

The Celestial, couldn’t help her amusement.  “If you tried to figure out the logistics behind it, you’ll be giving yourself a migraine Phe.” she said with a giggle “It’s for fun, not logistics.” Artemis said smiling, as she shook her head at the Wayfinder. Leave it to Phe, to question the logistics of an amusing game, such as that. Hearing Ophelia admit that. A sense of sadness flooded the other Celestial. It was always sad, when they had to feel that way. “What exactly where you searching for?” she asked softly. Was it a person? True sense of home and safety? Happiness? Artemitra couldn’t help but wonder; in a way, they all had searched for something, one way or another.

“No...we’re not.” she agreed. Greedy people were around as early as she could remember. And she was sure, they were still around before she even fell from the sky. And would be around. It was just a matter of finding the good one’s among the greedy, selfish and evil one’s. Nodding in agreement. She didn’t say anything, just still stuck away with her thoughts. The world, would be a better place without greediness. But they didn’t have the ability to change that. Only people could change themselves.

Hearing Phe talk about the material; Artemis wouldn’t have guessed at much. It might not have looked as thick, like some noble dresses. But it still looked elegant and beautiful. Phe had a good eye for that. “I suppose the only time, someone wears a head-piece like that anymore, is at a fancy dress party.” Artemis considered what Ophelia was saying about over-dressing. “Mhh, maybe you should just wear, what you’re comfortable in? I mean...nothing wrong, with wearing something that shows off your roots right?” she questioned. Especially for Ambassadors. Sometimes she wondered, if some of their clothes went with their personality/style...not just because of it was a modern thing to wear. Even though it was modern times and Artemis herself owned modern clothes, sometimes she went back to Vintage. She always loved that style of clothing.

Artemis smiled,at Phe. “You’re certainly welcome.” she said softly. As she just about finished, she saw Ophelia rubbing her head. “Yeah, I suppose having a million flashes, isn’t the best thing.” she laughed softly. “But you’ve been a trooper for sitting through it so long.” And no doubt, helping them both.

When Ophelia was getting changed. Artemis began to check over the photos, smiling to herself. Phe did look natural in the shots. And she noticed how certain colors of the dress, vent in tune with the room they had been in. Feeling Phe over her shoulder, she smiled. “Thanks...I tried to think of a room, that’d go in tune with the dresses...but wouldn’t take attention away from them..and whola...perfect setting right here.” As the pair scrolled through the photos, Artemis pointed out a few of her favorite shots that she had taken off Phe. “Once I upload these...I can send them over to you. And lets face have some material already to show off, for your dress-making site too.” Of course, if not indented to sell. It would just be as an example of the dresses Phe was making.

Her stomach once again began to rumble. The scent of the roast dinner from the kitchen calling out to her, as it was almost time to get it out of the oven.

“Yeah well most modern things give me a migraine so it wouldn’t be anything new” she gave a mock roll of her eyes and shrugged, was she just bitter that she always seemed to lose the game because everyone else was faster than her? Perhaps but that didn’t need to be said right now. Artemis’ question about what she was looking for made her pause for a moment, tilting her head to the side as she thought about it for a moment “Home I suppose” she answered and shrugged “All the things people describe as being home” didn’t have to be a place, could be a community or people, everyone searched for their home in relativity to their life.

It was a sad truth that every problem a celestial had in life tended to come back to either greed or desperation, those were the reasons that people made the decision to attack one of her kind, either they wanted something they didn’t have and would use the time jump to ensure they got it or they lost everything already and it was a last-ditch effort to get back what they lost. Both kinds of people were especially dangerous and Ophelia wasn’t sure there would ever be a real way to entirely be rid of such people. It was a losing battle to think you could.

Ophelia had definitely been very in touch with fashion back in the day but because her life had become less about luxury and more about doing what she needed to do in order to survive and protect her people. She found her priorities came down to that often, something she might want to do for herself and what was best for her people and she would always choose the stars. “Well then I won’t have too many problems when a costume party comes along” she didn’t like the idea of throwing things away unless she had to considering the number of things she’d had to leave behind in the past because it didn’t fit with her constantly moving lifestyle.

She laughed turning her face and blinking a few times to try and get the glare out of her vision, thankfully it was already starting to get dark outside so she wouldn’t need to worry about bright lights for much longer “It’ll be worth it for the photos though, I’m sure” she had faith, despite not seeing any of the shots yet. Definitely couldn’t be worse than what she had already, after all, considering that was nothing. “If I am anything, I am patient” she joked with a shrug of her shoulders, kinda needed to be with the people she lived with who often needed time and space.

As she peered over at her shoulder, the raven-haired female’s eyes scanned over the photos one by one and she smiled softly, she wouldn’t normally refer to herself as a stand out model, mostly because she was a little awkward in front of the camera and wasn’t sure what poses to use but Artemis had been pretty good at putting her at ease. “Well, the sunset definitely helped” she laughed softly and nodded “Yes, the next part is the really hard part though, actually making a website” she was definitely going to need to hire someone for that because she didn’t have the first idea and she knew how important first impressions were.

The smell of the food quickly distracted her though and her eyes drifted back towards the hallway where she could smell it coming from “What better way to end the day than with a delicious dinner” she grinned a little because she knew both of them had been fighting their hunger for a while.

Artemis gave a slight shrug of her shoulders; maybe Ophelia did have a point. She lost count by now, happy many things, Ophelia was trying to figure out. Modern things were a pain most of the time, she had to agree. “I think, I never seen anyone more frustrated over modern stuff, than you.” she teased. When Phe confined in her, that she had been searching for a home. Her eyes were soft; understanding. Frankly...Artemitra had the feeling a few times herself. “I think we’ve all been there, at one time or another.” she said honestly. “But I think, Evermore of most places I’ve been...feels like home, especially lately.” Mitra felt settled; having a job, great friends that made the place feel like home. She wondered if Phe felt the same way, or was still searching for something to make it a home for her.

The Brunette always liked Phe’s sense of fashion style. Artemis always felt like it suited her; no matter what Era she was in. “Nope, you got plenty of clothes to pick from, for that occasion.” she said in agreement, smiling at the Wayfinder. Artemis knew a little of the struggles that came with parting with things; but few of her friends were teaching her to be a bit more Savy with old clothes. Re-using/upgrading as some called it. If jeans were a little ripped, turn it into shorts. At first, it baffled her. But it did kind of look pretty neat, in some aspects with the right clothes to match a good outfit. Or giving it away to charity for a good cause; if she no longer wore it.

Catching a glimpse of Phe, blinking so much. Artemis gave her a soft smile. “Maybe next time, we should do smaller sessions.” At least, bigger breaks in between would be off use and not be a strain on her eyes so much. It was nice to hear Phe’s encouraging words. “I hope so, been a while since I had a model.” She was a little out of touch, with photographing people lately; as her focus had been elsewhere. But she had to say, the photos didn’t look half bad.

It made the Celestial smile, as she noticed Phe’s appreciation of the photos as well. “Mhh, the Sun-set does make it look more fabulous.” It added a certain touch the photos, that just completed them in her view. Artemis probably liked them the more. And somehow, it just reminded her of their Celestial nature. The glow of the sunset, the night sky slowly getting darker in the background was a nice vision. “Well I would suggest, if you have a certain vision for what you wanted included on it, make notes of it. So whomever helps you make it, knows how and exactly what you want on it.” She suggested with a warm smile. It was just finding someone Tech Savy enough, and experienced in making websites that would be the next step for Phe.

“I agree...I am so ready for dinner.” Artemis said with a soft laugh. After the day they had; it would be a good reward. Making her way through the castle; Artemis took her camera back to her room. Shutting it off for the meantime, so the rest of the battery wouldn’t die out.

She then headed to the kitchen, to check up on everything. It was all pretty much done, she turned down the heat slightly; whilst she made the last finishing touches for dinner; which was a pot of gravy and cooking the peas. It didn’t take that long. Once the gravy and the peas were done. Artemis turned off the oven fully. Carefully taking out the trays of food; so she could serve it up for her and Ophelia. But knowing their luck, other Celestials would join them; as the scent of her roast dinner, always got some of the other members out of their room. Artemis didn’t mind; it was always nice to have more faces around at dinner time. And to see the delight on their faces, as dinner was being served; dinner that wasn’t burned or ruined from some humorous attempts.

Image result for roast dinner

“Well if modern things didn’t always turn out to be so complicated then I wouldn’t have this problem” she shrugged nonchalantly like it was their fault that she didn’t manage to keep up with the times, really it was just for lack and time and patience to sit down and really understand all the new things she was dealing with. Looking back at the other brunette she gave a half-smile and shrugged “I’m not sure exactly when or if it will feel like home, sometimes that’s relative but I think this feels like the right path” and she had learned to trust her intuition a long time ago so she was going with it.

She laughed at her own reaction to all the flashes, she was sure she would be fine after some food and drink, just feeling a little dazed by the suddenness of it all she supposed. Shrugging slightly “Well we managed to get through enough to have a pretty good collection so I’ll say the temporary headache is worth it” she grinned slightly sheepishly but nodded when she said she hadn’t really shot a person for a while “I guess moving subjects tend to be a little harder to get right” because you had to worry about setting, lighting and also the unpredictability of a person too.

“Sometimes nature really is the most beautiful thing in the world huh?” she spoke it softly with a gentle smile on her face, there were somethings that manmade environments couldn’t quite replicate, like the magic of a waterfall or when the colors scattered just right in an early morning sunrise. Sometimes the natural wonders were the biggest ones there was. Her suggestions about the website made the Wayfinder nod slightly “Yes, I have a few ideas about how I want it to look and feel, I just...don’t know how to make the computer show that” she gave a slightly shy smile “But I’m sure someone out there will understand what the hell I’m trying to say”

“Me too” she spoke and pressed a hand against her stomach feeling it rumble, it had been a really nice afternoon, learning a new dish to cook, practicing training with celestial energy, taking photos and generally having nice conversation. After dinner, she was planning on heading back to her room to ponder over her ideas for this dressmaking business which was now firmly planted in her head.

Heading back to the kitchen with the other celestial she found that a few of the other celestials had come to investigate because of the delightful smell of the food in the room and so they had served up the food and all sat down to share a family-like meal together. It reminded Ophelia that they were a family of sorts, not necessarily a conventional one, some people were closer than others, some didn’t even live in the castle anymore but at the end of the day they were all there for one another, much like she and Artemis had been today. After pouring a couple of glasses of wine out she offered one out to the other celestial and smiled “Thanks for a really good day” she spoke before they dove into their food and conversation.


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