Cecilia doesn't stay at one place for long, not because of her nomadic patterns. Simply, because she was always needed elsewhere. And by elsewhere, she means across the globe. She had just returned from her one month trip to Berlin to settle the conflict between two individuals. Only two, and yet it caught their attention when they're halfway across the world in Colorado. What a stent in her plans. As much as she takes her job seriously, Celia would be lying if she said she preferred to travel every week rather than staying in one place for at least more than a month. Even she needed entertainment sometimes. Her idea of fun however, is quite abysmal. Not that others would know.

Though she did feel something weird tugging her along, the moment she set her foot in Evermore. Now that was a few weeks ago. Ever since she got back from her trip, she felt the same energy rousing around, successfully illuminating her confusion. A few weeks later, she finally knew what was the reason for all of that; the return of one particular fallen star that she definitely thought was dead after centuries of dead end, Atticus Thornbrook. Didn't mean everything was back to normal, of course, their relationship was pretty much still intense, like on the brink of falling from the strings that was supposed to be untouchable kind of intense. Coming back to Evermore two days ago had been a blessing in disguise. As soon as she got home, the Italian Valkyr dashed straight to her laptop, which she actually almost broke it in half because of the amount of strength she used to open it alone. To do what exactly? Book the flight tickets of course. 

Celia knew she probably should've booked the flight tickets a week ago when she bought the entrance tickets to Disneyland but she was a bit preoccupied by the cartels fighting each other the next day. Usually it wasn't her concern but they were Valkyrs so, someone had to intervene. Unfortunately for them, that someone was her. After successfully booking two flight tickets for their 6-day trip to LA, the brunette rolled over her bed in enthusiasm. Today was finally the day. Right, one problem, her partner doesn't know she was planning for this trip. Another reckless thing done by the Valkyr. No matter, Celia made sure to take care of his schedule for the entire week so that when they got back from the trip, he would still have another two days off to rest. One sleek black colored 24 inch luggage was already placed neatly next to her desk when she woke up earlier. A little over 30 minutes later, she got out from the shower and dried her hair quickly before picking out her clothes from her closet. The Valkyr preferred light mannered clothing, nothing too heavy and pompous. She likes to stay comfortable. But it doesn't mean she's a no when it comes to dressing formally.

 Preferences really doesn't matter for her. Finishing her look a few minutes later with a sheer burgundy button-down blouse tucked in high waist jeans and matched up with her mid-sleeved cardigan jacket, she pulled up her hair into a neat ponytail before grabbing her car keys and exited her apartment. Luggage, checked. Passport, checked. Shades, checked. Yeon, not checked. Rushing over to the parking lot in the basement level, she started her engine and drove off afterwards. Their flight is in 6 more hours so she should have enough time to wait for Yeon to pack things up in 2 hours or so and driving to their airport wouldn't take more than an hour. After parking her car in front of the apartment complex where Yeonseok Lee resides, she passed the security with ease after offering a smile. Of course, they'd recognize her straight away. It wasn't the first time she's been here albeit not visiting after a while, and she was sure Yeon included her name somewhere in that book of his. 

Unfortunately for her, to go up there at the penthouse level, she will need a card since that's the only way the elevator would work. A part of her huffed in annoyance because last time, she didn't need to do this. But then again, she hasn't visited in quite a while so if they upgraded anything she wouldn't exactly know. Leaning forward to the Receptionist's desk, the silver tongued female took off her shades and offered her a grin. "I'm on his list though, aren't I? It's been a while since I met him, and this is my only free time to actually do that. It's supposed to be a surprise trip for him, or else I would've asked him to come down and fetch me. Surely you can give me this one teensy favor for one-time purpose?" Her hazel hues flickered to the Receptionist's green ones and she swore she saw her gulp nervously. A few moments later, she received the card from the blushing staff and pressed the elevator's button, Celia had a smirk present on her lips when she got it, clearly happy that her attempt worked, but of course, Cecilia being classic Cecilia didn't forget to send a wink at the flustered blonde before the door shuts.

 The ride up his floor didn't take long as she fished out her phone and scrolled down the notifications. As soon as the elevator opened, she stepped out and plopped herself on the spot next to Yeon who was sitting on the couch. "Whatcha' doin?"

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“Giving up perhaps” he responded candidly when she asked what was easy these days, he saw so many people in his industry that did exactly that, they couldn’t take the pressure of the work or the business and eventually they gave up. He refused to be one of those people, which is why he worked so hard at everything he did but he also left very little time to work on himself personally, to get to make time for his hobbies or even friends it seemed. He felt bad for that because his friends, while there weren’t many of them, were the people he always turned to in a crisis and especially someone like Celia had seen him at his absolute worst. “Yeah, I guess sometimes I just wish I could forget about it so I had a better shot of enjoying the now” he laughed softly because that was definitely more a him thing than a time thing.

“I swear you pull these random facts and figures from the air magically just to make everyone else look incompetent” he teased it with a shake of his head because Celia was always full of life advice which seemingly came out of nowhere, sometimes it was nice, especially when you had a lot of worries playing on your mind but sometimes he just wanted to forget how harsh reality was. When she said she was always a short distance away in reality, he smiled “Yeah I know, sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such good friends” he mused with a slight grin. When she talked about being scary he nodded slightly “Yeah I have to start remembering that not everyone is a confident as I am, I guess” around other confident people he could chat away forever but shier people tended to give him a wider birth.

“You know you could be a really great life coach, Cee” he grinned at her with his usual angelic smile he pulled when he was teasing people. She was used to way he was by now but some people tended to take his joking too seriously at times “Well then I look forward to the day when I know” if it ever happened, though he supposed he already had that with Celia and also Javi, didn’t matter how long it had been, as soon as they were back together it was like no time had even passed. “Keep the important people close and everyone else at arm’s length huh?” he commented as he glanced over at her, it would be easy to see her differently based on her appearance, from the designer clothes to the pristine look she kept but he knew her for so much more than just the outward character she showed the world. Though her ability to make quite literally the whole world fall at her feet was definitely something that terrified him a little.

“Probably for the best, last thing you need is some blood groupie following you around and asking for their next hit” he shuddered, Yeon didn’t even give his real name to people he fed on because he’d rather avoid that situation entirely if possible, though Hanseol was an exception, but he hadn’t fed on Han since they formed their Volakiri bond and knowing the risk involved there he didn’t intend on changing that. “Yeah I could a nap, or 12” he laughed softly shaking his head, eyes watching the streets around them as they headed towards the airport, the traffic was building up already so he hoped Celia’s plan took in extra time “Swear every time I go to the airport the traffic gets worse, city’s getting busier” he laughed softly.

He equally narrowed his eyes when she scowled at him and sighed “Tell me the food is good at least” he chuckled slightly, he was the king of last-minute plans due to the nature of his schedule but he was kinda hoping not to have to worry too much about that stuff while on vacation. They sat in traffic for about 20 minutes before the signs for the airport finally came into view and the rush quietened a little “Well top of my list is meeting Mickey Mouse, I want a selfie” he laughed softly as he thanked the driver and tossed a few bills over to pay the cab fare as he climbed out of the taxi.

Celia spared Yeon a look that says she wasn't amused by what he said but it didn't look halfway serious as it should be, not as if she could actually hold onto that serious exterior with the male. "Well, giving up is not in my dictionary and neither should yours" she pointed out dismissively, though it does seem quite unlikely for Yeonseok Lee to pack everything up and give up after everything he's done, "Giving up is not the easy way out. It's a coward's way out." She has seen what the other male could do, she was always with him throughout the past 8 years, maybe he sees, maybe he doesn't. But she knows. Every progress he's made, she made sure to keep her tabs on it. For a very important reason she'll never disclose to anyone else. Not even him. Not now. "But being a coward is not a bad thing either." Especially when you live in a world filled with so many selfish people running around. "Forgetting doesn't seem as easy as it sounds, huh?" she remarked wryly, yeah, most things are not as easy as they sounded. 

The Italian narrowed her eyes at Yeon when he said she had a way of pulling out things to make the other points look weak, "I don't pull things to make people look incompetent, Yeon. I pull things and show you that people can be incompetent. I'm not surprised, there's only so much the world can handle, we have the strong and the weak." It doesn't need to be said harsher but she knows it's always better to be honest with Yeon, he doesn't like sugar coating either. "But with that being said, you don't always need to remind yourself of the reality," she murmured softly, "I know what it feels like to want to escape from everything and just… live. It's a beautiful sentiment people share, and you're not the only one who wants that, Yeon" a chuckle escaped her as she kept her gaze fixated on the blond, sometimes she forgot just how far he's come, so much different from the guy she met all those years ago. Celia had a bright grin spread across her face when he wondered what did he do to deserve such friends, "Probably got lucky like some people? Luck… ier?" While she kept her stare levelled, her mind was going elsewhere, she didn't want to see that smile being taken away, the last thing she wanted was to be the reason it was taken away. Maybe some truths are better buried. 

"A life coach, that's one short step away from being a psychiatrist to treat your ass, Yeon. No thanks, I think I'll stay in cardiology. You know… because I play well with hearts?" she teased and grinned coyly, placing her hand over her chest where her heart was located it and thumped against it. "Something like that, it's good to want people to be close to you, sometimes it gives you relief. But then again, it's also not necessarily a need, is it?" At some point, the brunette worried what he would think of her, there weren't many good things going around in the rumors about her, and what he thinks matters to her. It always will. But Yeon trusts her, and that was more than enough. She cringed at the idea of blood groupies stalking to get their next hit, "When you put it that way, it sounds creepy. But it'd be best to keep it that way, yeah." The traffic was quite congested, unsurprisingly but thankfully, the cab found its way around and they arrived at the airport after a while of battling the road.

 "More people are coming in Evermore, I'm not sure if that's a good thing… or a bad one. Things are looking quite chaotic these days. Do you think it's possible if the city will ever reach the problem of overpopulation?" she glanced over to him, that was one of the many things that kept egging her on for the last few months, especially with mysterious cases rolling in ER. Once they finally got through the horrid ride against the busy traffic, she closed the door to the other side and unloaded her luggage and waited for the other Valkyr as they make their way inside. She made her way to the center to check out the flight details displayed on the screen, double checking their flight time, "Yeah we have plenty of time before we head over to the departure gate. Come on, I need to get something down." Which is her message for food as she beckoned for Yeon to follow, "And to answer your question earlier, yes, don't worry Yeon, I've already checked it out, the ratings seemed good and I made sure it's nothing you dislike."

 The idea of him wanting a selfie with Mickey Mouse though, that made her smile. "Line for that selfie may result in a horrendous wait but if you want Mickey Mouse, then Mickey Mouse you'll get" oh, she'll make sure of that. Celia dragged him over to the nearest McDonald's and took a seat, pushing her luggage aside as she then pulled him over to go and order at the counter, "Quick question, how's you and your Volakiri?"

“I think if there’s anything I’ve truly learned in the past 8 years it’s that you never really forget” he commented it softly and shrugged his shoulders, it wasn’t like he magically left his room one day and forgot about the pain he went through, he just got better at finding reasons to enjoy the day, they started with small and silly things, picking out a quote that mattered about the day, having something he really enjoyed for lunch or dinner, making the effort to text something nice to one friend. “But we don’t really want to forget” he spoke it softly and pursed his lips “Cause that means we learned nothing” he liked to think he became a better person in spite of the person he used to be.

“You kinda do” he commented in response to her correcting him, honestly it did feel like she knew everything sometimes which could be frustrating because sometimes you just needed someone to agree with you and mull over something with you rather than give counter-arguments constantly but it definitely made Celia and interesting person to debate with and get another perspective from. Besides, Cee didn’t ever dull down her own opinions for the sake of others. “Not that it’s a bad thing but you have this brain that remembers all kinds of weird pointless stuff” exams would probably be easier with a memory like that. “Escaping is a false advertisement though, I’ve not met a single person who’s able to just put everything down like that” he snapped his fingers. “I might be the worst at it, quite literally ever, but other people aren’t doing much better” there was always something to worry about waiting around the corner.

He eyed her for a moment and shrugged “My therapist gets paid pretty well I’ll have you know” he jested back with a shake of his head, especially because of that awful pun she used at the end about playing with hearts “You’d think people would learn by now that pretty typically means dangerous” he mused it with a low chuckle. When she talked about people wanting to be close to him he shrugged slightly “People trying to get close to me normally means they want something from me” it had happened more times than he really wanted to admit, he’d befriend someone and spend time with them only to realize he always paid for everything and it was always about what he could do to help someone. Money was a means to an end to him and he was more than happy to share it but he didn’t like feeling used at all. “It is creepy, I had one girl that practically stalked me after I took her blood one time” he grimaced slightly, he knew it felt really good for humans but he was very particular about how he took blood and who with.

“I guess the secret is out” he commented softly as he looked out the window, for a long time people avoided Evermore because of the fighting going on here, without the peace contract in place it was basically a ground for fighting and supernatural war. But now that phase was over it was actually a really great place to live, a place where the supernatural could live without fear or someone realizing what they were, where immortals didn’t have to worry so much about how old they looked. It really was a safe haven. “I think if anything they’ll expand the city, there’s plenty of room to spread out right now” he commented and shrugged “Shame though, I chose Evermore for all that beautiful scenery and they’re slowly chipping away at it” but now they were in the airport everything seemed to be rolling much smoother, he followed her to the check-in and then out into the shopping area of the airport.

He grinned slightly when she said he would get selfie he wanted if that was what he wished for, call him a massive child but he’d always been a big fan of Disney and no one was going to tell him any differently. As they headed up to the counter at the fast-food restaurant he told the attendant what he wanted which was pretty much a load of chicken nuggets and a milkshake before glancing over to Celia thinking about her question “It’s still new but we’re figuring things out, I kinda got him in major trouble with his boyfriend for a while so I’ve been on my best behaviour” though in his defense that was more on Hanseol’s part than his “It’s weird though, sharing things like this, it feels kinda...invasive” the clerk called out their number and he went up to the counter to grab their food tray before taking it back to the table and sitting down across from her.

"True. It's hard to forget things, especially when you feel like it could be conflicting your own interest at heart" she quipped, from where she stands, Yeon is quite mature, which was given after all that he has been through for the past years. He had to go through hard times before reaching this point where he was now. Cecilia remembered wanting to help him out to ease things up but he would not allow her to do so, an option like that was out of the window then but he also gained her respect with ease. "Look at you, and you call me a 'life coach', you sure you're not the one who's fully cut out for that job? You definitely sound like you could have a career change whenever your heart desires" It would be an understatement to say that the Italian Valkyr is not at all biased when it comes down to the other male, don't get her wrong, she doesn't have favorites but if she does? Yeon was by far her favorite, consecutively. "I try to remember things other people don't. It makes me feel good about myself. I can't be filling my head with stuff people would always expect me to fill, right? Then it defeats the whole purpose of me being unpredictable."

 Cecilia Laterza prides herself on her nicknames given, every single one of them was embedded in her head. There was no way she'll ever forget them. It makes up her character and while it may not all be positive or anywhere near optimistic, her flaws and faults are her own too. That was something the both of them understood. Celia nodded in agreement when he said there hasn't been one person who could just put out within a snap of their fingers, it sounded incredibly unrealistic for one, "Sounds like something people tell to make themselves feel better." Worrying too much is not healthy but if there was anything she knew about worries and woes, at this point? It doesn't matter. It's always better to be cautious, at the end of the day, so perhaps that was enough to warrant that 'fear'. She raised her eyebrows questioningly when Yeon said his therapist is well-paid, "So you're telling me I can steal that spot and have you pay me more than my usual shift hours in cardiology department?" The coy smirk she wore misses her for sure, Celia hasn't been able to smile this long in a playful manner, genuinely.

 "Yes, that means I know exactly how to stop hearts from beating, that too. Sounds dangerous but I think some people may find it… scarily romantic." And those are the kinds of people she avoids. Period. Her lips were pursed slightly as she parted them to say something, only to refrain herself from doing so because it would only spread around a somber mood and that's not why she's dragging the male Valkyr off to Disneyland for. "Fake people are always going to exist. But at least you know you can sense the ones who truly care for you. I know you have those people in your life, Yeon" It's impossible that people wouldn't like him for who he really is, there wasn't much of a filter when it comes down to him anyway. A part of her was positive he had people to call friends now because the last time she met him, which was over a month or so ago, he was occupied with texting. Yeonseok Lee. Texting. With a smile on his face. 

She had her nose scrunched up in disgust when Yeon told her he had a girl tailing him because of that exact problem with blood donors. Definitely not a problem she can afford right now. Or ever. "I like that Evermore is attracting more people, it means they're opening themselves up to people in need; the infamous supernatural haven. But too many people… people we don't know, it induced chaos when there's no order. I don't know about you, but I would really like to find out why we're also getting a surge of injured patients found by the border too at this time of the day." They needed to find out the source to that very soon if they wanted to keep the hospital in order. "But don't worry, Yeon, Evermore will still be that place. Besides… you go back there more than usual lately, I wonder why" she jested and poked his sides teasingly, wondering if he found something or someone worth his time. 

Celia ordered herself two pieces of chicken and french fries before heading back to their seat, she was curious to see how things are going for him with his Volakiri, it's not like she has the best relationship with her own despite spending a while with hers, 900 years ago. "Already cock blocking and stealing him from his boyfriend, I see. Wow, Yeon, color me impressed" she chuckled and went over to take her order once their numbers were called and popped one of the fries into her mouth, "Yeah Volakiri bonds feel that way. I bet it's interesting to hear his thoughts, sometimes. Depends on how explicit you go through, you should develop some of his habits too, I'm guessing" she pointed out humorously and eyed him for a while, "Let me guess, he likes to eat too? I know you have an appetite but you look happier lately too… Tell me, is there is anyone new making your ranks?" she prodded and threw one of her fries towards him to egg him out. "We still have a while till boarding so I need to know something, humor me, Yeon" she whined. 

He laughed when she turned his life coach suggestion back around on him and shrugged slightly “I learned from the best” he spoke with an amused grin looking up at Celia for a moment, since he came to Evermore she had been a driving factor in the way he had lead his life. She was the confident and self-assured type and that was something he could latch onto and he found by believing in himself he was able to move past a lot of the sadness in his life “But I get paid far too well dancing to ever give it up so that dream will have to remain a dream” he chuckled softly, changing career definitely wasn’t in his future plans any time soon, he enjoyed the work he did and being able to bring people’s aspirations to life alongside his own, he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“Perhaps” he responded when she said that escaping or the idea of it was probably something people latched onto to lift their own spirits “I guess that’s why you see so many people who always want to go on vacation here there and everywhere, it’s something to look forward to and focus yourself on” he kept telling himself he’d book vacations like that and plan it all out the way you saw in the movies but he just never had the time and a vacation seemed to feel like less of a break when you were used to traveling all the time, it took some of the excitement out of it. He eyed her as she reconsidered the idea of being his therapist and he laughed “On seconds thoughts I’m not sure I could handle a therapist who sasses me back” he chuckled softly, he loved Celia but she could be a tad judgmental at times, even if it was playful.

“Sounds like some people have a really morbid sense of romance” he pulled a slightly disgusted face because he wasn’t actually surprised by what she said, in fact, it was actually pretty difficult to surprise him anymore because he had seen so many greedy people in his life that only really cared about getting what they wanted. Whether that be getting fed on, taking your money or just needing you to constantly listen to their problems with no intention of returning the sentiment. “It was difficult at first, I guess there was a part of me who just wanted people to like me and that made me naive to their games but business has definitely taught me a few things about toughening up when it comes to all that. “I have a few” he spoke with a soft smile and a nod, they were rare but special to him which is why he was doing his best to keep those people as close as was reasonably possible.

“I think a part of me worries that one day I’m going to return to the city and not recognize it anymore” he spoke the words softly as he thought about all the new developments happening in and around the city, roads getting expanded, entire new blocks being build, new malls, new entertainment complexes, it was progress and yet it all felt so fast. When she mentioned about injured patients on the border he shook his head a few times “Oh no, I am not falling down that investigative rabbit hole, I’ve seen enough doom and gloom on the front of Evermore Daily to last me” which was his polite way of saying he didn’t want to bring down the vacation mood which he felt like he was finally starting to get a glimpse of. When she said he was back more than usual he shrugged, laughing when she poked his side “I have a whole pool waiting for me in my apartment, why wouldn’t I want to come home” but he knew she was going to pry further on it.

He was happily tucking into his meal, he didn’t mind the sound of all the hustle and bustle around them, if anything that was where he felt most in his element, Yeon did good with loud and busy, it was the quieter moments where doubts tended to find their way in. Yeon held his hands up when she said he was stealing his boyfriend “In my defense he didn’t tell the poor guy about me and you know how I am with people” he sighed softly and shook his head “He’s definitely paranoid I know that much” he massaged his temples a few times “As soon as I start thinking about the bad things happening in the city I start spiraling, that one is definitely a gift I wish I could return” he pulled a face. “He does like eating yes, especially sweet things, I can’t stop craving donuts” he grumbled a little as he ate a few bites of his food and shrugged slightly, he was sure some of Hanseol’s good traits rubbed off on him too.

Right on the money it didn’t take her long to figure out that his Volakiri wasn’t the only new thing to happen in his life, he grinned sheepishly looking down at the fry she had thrown at him and then back up at him “There is someone” he spoke softly and pulled a thoughtful expression “But I don’t even really know what it is or why so” he turned his gaze back towards the table as he picked at his food a little more because he knew Celia wouldn’t let this topic go now that he’d allowed her to know the tiniest amount about it.

There was that huge swell of pride blooming in her chest when he said he learned from the best. Knowing Celia, she was basically the cheerleader cheering for the blond by the sidelines, making sure he was properly equipped with everything he needed and give him her moral support. She was fine to diffuse the sadness and turn it into something better for them to bask in. Admittedly, she had a fair share of tragedy in her life, sure, but that doesn't mean she had to dwell on that part forever and brood. That's simply not her, at all. She's the life of the party. "Dance your worries away, then. Dance, Yeon. You're good at that." Celia never wanted to see him having to give up on anything. Sacrifices are usually needed at one point in someone's life, but if she could prevent that and still have him leading a good one, then she'd do it. God knows the Italian owes it to him. "If it makes you feel better, I can be your personal vacation or trip planner. No need to pay me obviously, I'd do it for free. Under the condition that you won't complain about 83% of the time" She said that as if she was pointing out a disclaimer because even Celia knows sometimes her ideas can get slightly overboard and Yeon likes to be casual.

 The female Valkyr placed a hand over her chest and rolled her eyes dramatically at the accusation, "Excuse you, I can be good when I want to be. Besides, you need a bit of flavor in your life." She nodded knowingly when Yeon said people have a certain sense of morbid romance, people can be so questionable at times, so much that she doesn't even try to comprehend how their mind works. Humans can be greedy, she knew that. Supernaturals are also not exempted. A stupid grin crept up to her lips when he admitted he does have a secret 'stash' of friends. "Evermore will always be Evermore" she assured him, it was going through plenty of renovations from what she could recall but she was trying to keep an open-minded shelf to think for their future too. While the surroundings may change, certain things could never really change everything.

 Celia nudged him playfully when he said he wasn't about to fall down the investigative hole, "I'll probably check it out soon. I don't know about you but with the rogues activity rising up from the Northern Hemisphere last month and Evermore receiving way too many patients they can ever accommodate? Sounds like trouble." The last thing they needed was something that would raise hell over an epidemic problem. A frown creased her features when he said he came back frequently for the pool, "You and I both know that's not just it, Yeon. Pools are everywhere and you don't even use it as much here…" Though, a chuckle threatened to come out when he held both his hands up in defense when she accused him of stealing the boyfriend part, "Your Volakiri sounds like a work. But at least, you're upholding a good relationship with him, right? That's very important… to be comfortable with your Volakiri. They can't feel like work. But hey, does this mean if I try to scare you, you would actually flinch and run off?"

 The mention of him craving donuts did cause the Italian brunette to snicker, "At least you work out?" It was a teasing notion of her accusing him to eat all of that without exercising. Her hazel hues lit up when Yeon said there was someone, the whole thing about him not knowing what it is escaped her notice because she was already gaping in awe as she stopped eating, "Dude, you have to spill." There is no way she's letting this go. If Yeon admits, then he's usually confident about it. "What's their name? How did you meet? Just know that we have plenty of time so I am not letting you out of this." Seeing as she didn't want to waste her time, she did try to finish her food at a decent pace and was halfway done. Thankfully, they would have certain privacy and comfort once they board. 

He chuckled under his breath when she told him to dance his worries away, it was a funny almost whimsical statement when said out loud but it actually wasn’t too far from what he actually did, whenever things would get too much and he felt overwhelmed his solution was going to the dance studio, locking the door and just dancing his heart out until everything else left his mind and he felt calmer again. “And you get to choose every single place we end up going no doubt” he commented with a playful roll of his eyes when she suggested that she could be his personal vacation and trip planner “Somehow that feels like a trap” he grinned slightly over at her, he was getting the hint that she was recommending he took more breaks though.

He had to laugh at her reaction of him saying she probably wouldn’t make the best therapist after all “Well true but I’m not sure I’d want a paid, supposed professional who sasses me” he laughed softly shaking his head they definitely had an interesting friendship that was mostly based upon them constantly driving one another up the wall. But when it came down to it, they were always there for one another and that was what was really important, the rest was just fun. “I know that” he responded with a nod when she said Evermore wasn’t really going to change “I guess a part of me just feels tied to the first place I truly felt was home” this was the place he had chosen to come and restart his life after. Maybe a part of him worried if he moved away he’d lose touch with the roots he had built.

He grumbled when she continued to talk about investigating the weird happenings in Evermore, he really could fall down that hole and he would probably spend weeks getting lost in little details and trying to figure out something he was pretty sure was impossible for one person to understand “Too much trouble” it wasn’t that he didn’t care, it’s that he knew everything would stop spinning around him if he allowed himself to get too deeply into it. He gave her a look when she suggested there was more reason to him coming back to Evermore more often, perhaps there was but it wasn’t exactly something he was ready to admit out loud yet so he rolled his eyes playfully. “He’s a good guy, just a little young and naive I guess” he commented with a slightly dry laugh because Han was older than him “He believes in love at first sight and the likes” he shook his head slightly “but we get along well, he’s a good guy, dealt a really bad hand in life” but he hoped perhaps their bond would be something good that had come to the star. “No I’m still me Cee” he teased back narrowing his eyes playfully.

He was snacking away at his food while they talked, mostly because the more time he spent eating the less time he spent asking her questions and damn was she on the mark with digging things up today “Yeah, gotta work out extra hard because of my new love for sugar” he chuckled wondering what it was that he had leant to the star in return. He gave a dramatic sigh when her face lit up at his very small admission and the way she immediately made it bigger than it was, once she got onto something it was near impossible to avoid the topic, still he ate a bunch more fries just to bide his time before he went to say anything “His name is Daehyun and we met in a bar” he commented lifting his gaze towards her for a moment “and before you get excited I haven’t fallen head over heels for some guy” he commented with a warning gaze “I just slept with him twice is all” he commented almost under his breath because it felt weird saying that out loud.

Perhaps there was a bit of an irony when she told him to dance his worries away. Guilty, Celia may have sneaked a peek or two when Yeon was practicing at the studio while she was headed over for a visit. In her defense, she was already headed over to the studio for their dinner at that time, and Yeon was too engrossed in his dance she couldn't interrupt him so she left with a note and the dinner she took out, saying she had other arrangements when in reality, she just didn't want to tire him out. "Please, I have a good eye. I won't end up choosing places that will squeeze the energy out of you instead of offering a real vacation" she narrowed her hues at him playfully and scoffed, "If by trap, you mean dragging you for a few breaks in between your rigorous schedule? Yes. I'm trying to keep you healthy, goddammit. Let me love you" she chastised and shook her head. It was clear that she had a sibling-like bond with Yeon. It's been going on for 8 years, actually, and she was positive it will continue to go on for more. 

"A paid professional who sassed you? I mean if I were you, I would. Just for the sake of keeping my life entertaining. Not many can sass you, to start with. And who knows you may actually be able to hold a conversation with said people." Was she shading him? Maybe. A comforting smile stretched out upon hearing his thoughts on Evermore, she was glad that he was able to find a home in the eternal city. She was worried that he would feel lost amidst all the busy traveling back and forth but this made her feel proud. It wasn't a hidden fact that Yeon had come a long way, after all. Of course, Cecilia would remember. She was there all along. From the first day. "That's comforting to hear, most people don't know what home is and where theirs are at." A chuckle escaped her when he groaned out in complaint when the talk about the mysterious happenings in the city surfaced, it was pretty much her duty to check out anything that would be associated or had any association with rogue Valkyr, so it wasn't surprising to see her keeping an eye out. That, and maybe she would like to see less people getting admitted to the hospital because of those. "Mhmm, too much trouble. Better get away from it while we can." 

When Yeon mentioned his Volakiri was young and naive, she raised her eyebrows questioningly because she was sure she heard he was a 90-year-old Celestial. "So you're saying your '90-year-old' Volakiri is like a baby?" Well, she was amused. Yeon generally doesn't talk about people so closely like that so to hear he was getting along just fine with his Volakiri; someone he'll have a connection with, forever, does make her worry less. Her nose was scrunched up when he mentioned his Volakiri believes in love at first sight, "Ah… those kind. Cute." Don't get her wrong, Celia believes in love. But at first sight? Not so much. The brunette narrowed her eyes and poked his cheek, "Yeah, you're still you." She saw the way he was digging in his food, obviously trying to avoid her questionnaire but once Cecilia gets something to wind her up, she will get to the bottom of it and they have hours to spend together. 

"I guess I can change your name to Sugar Glider in my contacts." It was a silly joke she had with him a while back, because Yeon glides and hops gracefully when he's dancing. And now with the addition punny sugar. "Daehyun and you met him at a bar... " she mocked him teasingly by repeating the same words he uttered, this was getting interesting. Her food was basically ¾ finished by the time she widened her eyes and gaped at the Valkyr's confession, "You just slept with the same guy twice is all? Dude, that's big news. You never sleep with someone more than once. You do one night stands for a reason" she had covered her mouth with one hand while stuffing herself with the fries, "Twice though? Was he good? Is that why?" Okay, he spilled, and now she wants to know more. 

He gave her a pointed look when she suggested that she was going to interrupt his schedule more times than just this time, considering he had only just come around to this idea and was still kinda annoyed she’d pretty much seduced his secretary to do it. “I have to question what vacation destinations you think would steal all my energy” he commented with a chuckle, wasn’t the point of vacation destinations that they were supposed to give you a break? He shook his head in an amused manner when she protested his schedule again “Well it’s not like I’m gonna be able to stop you getting to my assistant is it?” he gave her a slightly judging look, yes, he was still bitter about that “Well at least give me notice next time” he jested back, though they both knew he would probably find a way to wiggle out of it if they did that.

“I mean I guess it wouldn’t be any worse than getting sassed by Siri for forgetting to go a meeting” he commented it with a grumble, he loved AI technology but his phone could be really savage to him sometimes. He did have this habit of getting caught up in things and not realizing the time which he was sure made his assistant’s life hell. Maybe he should give her a bonus for the holidays for putting up with him. He shrugged slightly as he looked back at her “Home is a relative term is it not?” he smiled slightly, it just so happens that Evermore has all the people most important to his life in it. Yeon had very strict rules for himself when it came to feeding, if he could, he would avoiding feeding from the vein at all costs, yes, it did taste better and the feeling of feeding like that was almost incomparable but the last thing he needed was to become hooked on some stranger’s blood “I’m not sure which would be worse, having a load of blood groupies or only craving a certain person’s blood” he pulled a face, couldn’t say he was willing to go through either.

When she asked if his Volakiri was a baby he pressed his lips together thinking about it for a moment before he nodded “Yeah basically” he responded honestly “Spent the first few years of his life on the run before he got locked up, poor guy’s only actually lived for about 6 years” which meant he hadn’t had the chance to learn properly about the world and adapt himself to it, Han was still very naive and wanted to believe the best in everyone. He had to roll his eyes when she said those kinds “Yeah, in your face that kind too, god I know more about his boyfriend than I know about most of my friends” he grimaced slightly shaking his head, she was right though, it was pretty sweet how he believed in it all so deeply. He looked up at her mid trying to eat his food when she poked his cheek “Or maybe that’s what I want you to think” he teased with a chuckle.

He gave her a questioning look when she said she could change his name in her contacts, cause she knew how he felt about nicknames and yet still liked to tease him about it anyway, he made a dramatic sigh “Or you could not” he responded in an exasperated tone, she was lucky he was patient for all her fun-poking “While stupidly drunk I might add” which wasn’t like him considering he had a very high tolerance “Deathday” he explained to clear up any wondering why he had been drinking that day, he usually spent that day alone and she knew that. He continued snacking away at his meal while they talked before eventually finishing up and pushing the tray to the side. He knew she was going to make a big deal about him sleeping with someone twice, truth be told it actually kinda was a big deal but he didn’t really want anyone to point it out “He was...painstakingly unforgettable” he responded with a grumble, he had tried to shake him from his mind but it was almost impossible “And now we’re friends I guess” he dragged his finger across the table as though he was drawing a line absentmindedly “Which is about as much torture for me as you can imagine” because if he slept with someone twice, he found them incredibly attractive.

A snort escaped her when he questioned her choices of vacation locations, "I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended you think of me that way, Yeon, but anyway… this does mean a yes, no?" She wiggled her eyebrows questioningly and smirked wryly, obviously content and satisfied with what she's accomplished, "Plenty of other spots to pick, don't worry. If you want to opt to lie on your hotel bed the entire week, that's fine also. Except for this trip, it's not called Disneyland trip for nothing and if I find you slothing over the bed, I will drag your ass out" she lifted her forefinger pointedly towards him and narrowed her hues at the other male, making a clear threat on her intentions of dragging him with her. "But aside from this one, you're free to do whatever you want." When he threw her back at the secretary part, Celia proudly displayed her pearly grin and nodded, "Nope, that's not gonna stop me from getting to your secretary yes. Besides, she's quite… free-spirited" she pondered for a brief while, trying to find what word to use to describe the female. 

"If I give you a notice next time, you and I both know you'll still find a way to escape so I'll probably give you a 24 hour one next time. Tops." She had an impressed look when he complained about the AI, "Oh I love technology. I love Siri. I have to record how it sasses you though, that's golden." Cecilia had a small smile reserved to herself when he mentioned home is a relative term, it is. "I had experience with both so I can't even pick. I guess the latter is fine if you take moderately and they're someone you're comfortable with, lover or something. But that's also another attachment issue, no?" Her blood addiction stemmed from craving more of her Volakiri's blood, after all. And he was her former flame. "Blood groupies, as much as I am flattered that have people offer themselves up to me, that's just creepy cult stuff" she shuddered involuntarily and tried to shake it off.

"Oh wow, poor guy" Celestials weren't a new topic to Celia whose Volakiri is over 900 years old. It's the life they had to lead, unfortunately. "I guess he likes to gush about his boyfriend a lot then" she teased when Yeon told her he knew more about his boyfriend better than he knows his friends. When he looked up after she poked his cheek while he was trying to eat, Celia couldn't help but chuckle at how cute it made him look, "I swear if anyone else see your cheeks puffed out looking cute like this, they will try to question what is duality." The Italian rolled her eyes playfully and clicked her tongue when Yeon still insisted on the nickname part, "Fine. Maybe not." She let out a small ah when he said he got down on his Deathday which made sense, Ce too, preferred to keep to herself on hers, even though she tied from a sickness. But really, who wanted to die early? 

"Painstakingly unforgettable? You have to tell me more" The Valkyr widened her eyes and pushed her tray aside and perched her elbows on the table, staring at the male across her with interest, "Friends? Like… just friends? Not friends with benefits? That's… weird. I mean how have you not pounce on him yet?" she questioned, because if Yeon said it was painfully torturous, it was a big deal for the blond to hold back when nobody wants him to. Celia beckoned for them to put their trays away before heading over to the counter so they could check in and rest at the lounge. "And you're… totally fine with it?"

Yeon’s gaze moved over to her giving her a stern look and shaking his head slightly in amusement “That is a solid maybe” he responded with a playful grin on his lips, mostly because telling Celia maybe was basically the same as telling her yes because she could quite literally convince anyone of anything if she put her mind to it. “Since when did I give the sit around and do nothing vibe?” he questioned her with a quirked brow “Literally the only reason I’m semi-okay with this one is cause I know we’ll be busy running around and trying to experience everything” and knowing Celia there would be a lot of things to get through. He gave her a slight glare when she spoke about his secretary being free-spirited because he knew exactly what she was implying and he really didn’t want to think about it “You’re reprehensible Ce” he spoke and tutted slightly as he glanced up at her, he had no chance of fighting against someone with a damn crush on her.

He rolled his eyes at her when she said that she would give him 24 hours notice tops, well it was an improvement to a few hours until their flight was due to take off her supposed, but he was still loathed to allow his schedule to be interrupted quite so crazily “Well then don’t be surprised when I’m not so swayed by your charms next time” he warned with a stern look, this was one time he would let her off but next time he had the excuse that he warned her first. “I feel like someone at Amazon is toying with me” he commented with a grumble, actually he probably put it into some weird mode without realizing but he wasn’t going to admit that. “Yeah I’ll pass on the attachment and whole getting addicted thing, you’ve painted a pretty gruesome picture of that” she had been very bold to warn him against getting a Volakiri because of the addiction she faced so he had been very careful both around Han and around feeding on the same person more than once, a rule even Daehyun was unlikely to tempt him to break.

“I’m not really sure how he went all through that and still ended up a good person honestly” he responded with a nod, part of him thought that Han would turn to vengeance and the like to cope with the fact that he lost so much of his life. Instead, he was the shier more flighty type, though once you got him to open up it because evident he was a caring soul who wanted to matter to others. “He never stops talking about him, he will find a way to link every single topic back to him somehow” he wasn’t sure Han even realized he was doing it, Jae just seemed to be the center of his world which meant everything seemed to lead back to him. He gave her a questioning look when she commented about his puffed cheeks causing people to question quality “Are you suggesting that I’m cute?” he grinned slightly as he pulled back from her pinch against his cheeks.

“I’d literally be talking the entire plane journey” he responded when she said he had to tell her more, really there was so much to say about Dae because Yeon hadn’t just gotten to know him for one night, they’d built a friendship since then and talked most days over text, joking about one thing or another, getting to know one another, it was so much more than a few sentences could ever do justice. “Yes, exactly that, just friends” he commented with a slight sigh “Believe me I want to and there’s been moments where I’ve been more than tempted but” he pressed his lips together for a moment “I don’t want a wreck a good thing over it you know, if he doesn’t wanna do the whole casual thing then I have to try and hold myself back” he shrugged slightly “Of course I’m not fine with it” he responded, whispering because there were kids nearby “I’m fucking deprived” he sighed “But for once being someone’s friend feels like it comes first” which was a very new thing for him. He gave his things over and then his passport for them to check in before taking his boarding pass and heading for security.

"A solid maybe is more than enough for me. It means you're cracking and that's a fine sight to behold" she teased and cleared her throat when he pointed out the error in her words, "True. You don't sit around and do nothing. You're the direct opposite of that. I had to drag you out of working because of it and maybe one of these days, you'd find him forcing you to actually take a seat and rest on it longer than 2 minutes. But you know what I mean… " She's seen the way the blond works and even a doctor like her gets fidgety when she noticed he didn't take a break as much as he needed to. "We're immortals, Yeon. Not invincible. Definitely not expendable either. You can still be plagued with exhaustion." It was a simple advice from Celia but the look she sent the male speaks volumes. She wasn't trying to nag, she just wanted to tell him something is all. "Don't fire her because of that. You know it's not anyone's fault for not being able to resist me" she winked playfully and chuckled, oh Cecilia Laterza takes pride in that a lot. 

"I won't have to use my charms the next time, mister" she chastised softly. "Maybe. But that's the good thing about technology, it's always unpredictable. Kinda makes me feel attached to it. Siri is my best friend now, no offense to you." Blood is a sore topic for her, her addiction marked the worst period of her life and unlike others, she had the chance to go through rehabilitation. Others? Weren't quite as lucky. "I'd say don't judge before you've gotten a taste of it but then I'd be sorely wrong because then you may not be able to stop yourself" She heard that Yeon had Han use a razor instead of biting him when they enacted their Volakiri bond and she had to give him a round of applause for thinking smartly like that. Would she ever be able to feed on someone more than one? She didn't know that but the thought of knowing she's spiral down the road of minimal control made her scowl.

 "Maybe deep down, he knew he was not meant to be filled with hatred" she murmured faintly, suddenly the tray felt more compelling than the male before him. The words left a bitter aftertaste in her mouth and for reasons she knew. "What a pure love… kid's too in love, so much he made his lover the center of his world and that's actually cute. Bad thing is, if you take that center of his world away from him, then you should really be afraid" When all light is dimmed, what's left for it? "This is why I don't do relationships. I can't wait for them and I sure as hell can't even think of committing." She didn't hate the idea of it altogether though. She just thought it's not for her. "Yes, I'm suggesting you're cute, even though you can be a pain in the ass." 

The thought of Yeon holding himself back out of the respect he had for this friend made her grin coyly, especially when he lowered his voice to curse because there were kids nearby, "Why not ask him? I'm not sure if anyone can resist you, Yeon, surely the guy knows he can't keep saying no." Was she trying to give him a go for it spirit? Yes. "Let's put it this way, you would be offering him so much more than just friendship and it'll increase your chemistry together, for sure. Good friendship, fantastic sex, no strings attached, what's not to like? I'm sure if he knows that, he'd be jumping on the boat" She made no effort to lower her voice even as she gave her boarding pass and made her way to the security. "When's the last time?" she asked, and since she couldn't exactly ask out loud when's the last time he got laid in a public place, she gave him a look that gave hints on it. 

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