Cecilia doesn't stay at one place for long, not because of her nomadic patterns. Simply, because she was always needed elsewhere. And by elsewhere, she means across the globe. She had just returned from her one month trip to Berlin to settle the conflict between two individuals. Only two, and yet it caught their attention when they're halfway across the world in Colorado. What a stent in her plans. As much as she takes her job seriously, Celia would be lying if she said she preferred to travel every week rather than staying in one place for at least more than a month. Even she needed entertainment sometimes. Her idea of fun however, is quite abysmal. Not that others would know.

Though she did feel something weird tugging her along, the moment she set her foot in Evermore. Now that was a few weeks ago. Ever since she got back from her trip, she felt the same energy rousing around, successfully illuminating her confusion. A few weeks later, she finally knew what was the reason for all of that; the return of one particular fallen star that she definitely thought was dead after centuries of dead end, Atticus Thornbrook. Didn't mean everything was back to normal, of course, their relationship was pretty much still intense, like on the brink of falling from the strings that was supposed to be untouchable kind of intense. Coming back to Evermore two days ago had been a blessing in disguise. As soon as she got home, the Italian Valkyr dashed straight to her laptop, which she actually almost broke it in half because of the amount of strength she used to open it alone. To do what exactly? Book the flight tickets of course. 

Celia knew she probably should've booked the flight tickets a week ago when she bought the entrance tickets to Disneyland but she was a bit preoccupied by the cartels fighting each other the next day. Usually it wasn't her concern but they were Valkyrs so, someone had to intervene. Unfortunately for them, that someone was her. After successfully booking two flight tickets for their 6-day trip to LA, the brunette rolled over her bed in enthusiasm. Today was finally the day. Right, one problem, her partner doesn't know she was planning for this trip. Another reckless thing done by the Valkyr. No matter, Celia made sure to take care of his schedule for the entire week so that when they got back from the trip, he would still have another two days off to rest. One sleek black colored 24 inch luggage was already placed neatly next to her desk when she woke up earlier. A little over 30 minutes later, she got out from the shower and dried her hair quickly before picking out her clothes from her closet. The Valkyr preferred light mannered clothing, nothing too heavy and pompous. She likes to stay comfortable. But it doesn't mean she's a no when it comes to dressing formally.

 Preferences really doesn't matter for her. Finishing her look a few minutes later with a sheer burgundy button-down blouse tucked in high waist jeans and matched up with her mid-sleeved cardigan jacket, she pulled up her hair into a neat ponytail before grabbing her car keys and exited her apartment. Luggage, checked. Passport, checked. Shades, checked. Yeon, not checked. Rushing over to the parking lot in the basement level, she started her engine and drove off afterwards. Their flight is in 6 more hours so she should have enough time to wait for Yeon to pack things up in 2 hours or so and driving to their airport wouldn't take more than an hour. After parking her car in front of the apartment complex where Yeonseok Lee resides, she passed the security with ease after offering a smile. Of course, they'd recognize her straight away. It wasn't the first time she's been here albeit not visiting after a while, and she was sure Yeon included her name somewhere in that book of his. 

Unfortunately for her, to go up there at the penthouse level, she will need a card since that's the only way the elevator would work. A part of her huffed in annoyance because last time, she didn't need to do this. But then again, she hasn't visited in quite a while so if they upgraded anything she wouldn't exactly know. Leaning forward to the Receptionist's desk, the silver tongued female took off her shades and offered her a grin. "I'm on his list though, aren't I? It's been a while since I met him, and this is my only free time to actually do that. It's supposed to be a surprise trip for him, or else I would've asked him to come down and fetch me. Surely you can give me this one teensy favor for one-time purpose?" Her hazel hues flickered to the Receptionist's green ones and she swore she saw her gulp nervously. A few moments later, she received the card from the blushing staff and pressed the elevator's button, Celia had a smirk present on her lips when she got it, clearly happy that her attempt worked, but of course, Cecilia being classic Cecilia didn't forget to send a wink at the flustered blonde before the door shuts.

 The ride up his floor didn't take long as she fished out her phone and scrolled down the notifications. As soon as the elevator opened, she stepped out and plopped herself on the spot next to Yeon who was sitting on the couch. "Whatcha' doin?"

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The younger Valkyr shrugged his shoulders as though to downplay her reaction to him saying he wanted Dae to come running to him, perhaps there would be some satisfaction in that for him but that didn’t mean he was going to confess to the guy or anything crazy “Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, I kinda like the thrill of not knowing” he chuckled under his breath, of course there was a path he was hoping would play out but he couldn’t really complain if it didn’t in the end. He grumbled under his breath when Ce said he needed lessons on how to take care of plants “I think I’ll just stick to letting the gardener take care of it all” he responded and shook his head slightly, the things Yeon was good at, he was very very good at, the things he wasn’t, he tended to find someone else to look after.

He cocked a half-smile when she complained about having to get a plane to visit but said it was justified “Besides I highly doubt it’s going to be forever, before long we’ll be in different places yet again, that’s how this exploration thing works, no?” neither of them was the type to really want to stay in one place for all time, there was so much in the world to see and do and while they might return to one place, he got the feeling there would always be this drive in him to go and see more. “It is” he responded with a low chuckle, and yet it was all he ever seemed to want to do, there was so much to achieve and none of it was going to happen by magic “Sleep well Ce” he responded when she said she was going to nap.

She was right in saying he sometimes slept on planes but never properly, he had perfected a certain type of snoozing he could do which let him rest but also didn’t let him sleep deeply enough to dream, Yeon only ever allowed himself to sleep deeply when he was alone and not even Celia knew about his extreme night terrors. He spent the journey alternating between drinking the free drinks the stewards brought around, doing some work on his laptop and snoozing here and there. Ce, however, seemed to be out like a light not long after takeoff, he had to admit he was a little jealous. He did really enjoy the snacks they kept bringing around though, more often than they probably should really which told Yeon that he had caught their eye. Before long the captain was announcing for all of them to fasten their seatbelts as they came in for landing.

Celia knows him well, of course she does, she’s been his friend and sister-figure for over 8 years and she was sure that was about to increase soon. There was nothing that the two of them could hide from each other, unfortunately. Unless they were being very discreet about it but it seems like his attraction to the Niveis stretched out far from it. “You have a weird taste, Yeon” she shook her head and chuckled, “But I applaud you for sticking to it. Not many people could do that.” Maybe she would be able to bear witness to their story, who knows? She does like herself a good story and drama. Perhaps that’s why Celia ended up being a big movie enthusiast. “Hire a gardener, yeah that sounds smart” Until he was interested in them, at least. She couldn’t say much either, it wasn’t as if the Italian was a full go green person. 

“Now you’re in NYC, next? You’re going global, Yeon, I expect a VIP invitation in my mailbox for every show you do, alright?” she jested teasingly, she was a fan of art, in general, she had invested on a few exhibitions to show her admiration. Seeing him rise to a more global scale was only making the sister in her prouder. The nap went by faster than she expected, by the time she had dozed off, she couldn’t count how long it took her to wake up until the moment arrived. She woke up to a stewardess tapping her shoulder lightly to wake her up and fasten her seatbelt for they were about to land, which made the Valkyr nod drowsily and shifted her seat slightly, hands grappling for the seatbelt as she stretched out her arms. “God I’m really famished, I swear we’re gonna land and then head straight to the hotel and then eat… or else I’m really going to end up eating the entire restaurant. I know we just ate but” she whined.

 The plane eventually landed after a couple of minutes, once the seatbelt signal was turned off, she unbuckled hers and stretched out as soon as she got up to her feet. “I definitely do not miss planes… even if it’s a short journey” she murmured, and took her luggage from the overhead compartment. Maybe she needed to get some blood in her since even the food from earlier wasn’t enough to curb the hunger in. “You okay? Did you manage to get some shut eye?” There weren’t as many people boarding in so by the time they exited the plane, it was quiet. “This reminds me and my dislike for planes… but I guess it’s better than ships.”

“Well you know what they say, the world waits for no one and all” he laughed and shrugged, he was always chasing the next opportunity and it if happened to be in another country then he wouldn’t complain. He had his base now and his company was running well, he had others to take care of it for him and ensure new dancers were brought in and trained. He had the luxury now to reach for his own dreams “There’s no way you could make it every show Ce” he laughed softly shaking his head in amusement “But I will make sure you have the option” it was nice to have someone he could always depend on to support him without question that was for sure.

The hours passed pretty quickly, Yeon was used to long haul flights so this was child’s play compared. He had been working through a contract. Despite having very good lawyers, Yeon was the kind of person who wanted to double-check everything with a fine-tooth comb when it came to contracts and he wanted to be fully aware of his rights and any potential loopholes. He was excited to be beginning something new but then he also felt kinda sad to be leaving Evermore because of the people here. When Ce finally woke up, he grinned slightly and closed the laptop, tucking it into his laptop bag “I’ll have to go for something light, I ate too many of the mini pretzels” he responded and chuckled.

Before long he was getting to his feet and grabbed his things “I don’t mind flights, at least it’s quiet and gives you chance to get some work done” he chuckled seeing the concern in her gaze “I got a little sleep, don’t worry” which was technically true, though he didn’t feel especially rested. He followed her as they headed for the exit and then headed through the halls of the airport, skipping the luggage belt as they only had hand luggage and heading through the passport gates. Before long, they were out front of the airport, he flagged down a nearby cab and then opened the trunk to put in their suitcases before getting in the back “Where to? Miss planner” he commented with a smug grin, this was her trip after all.

“Yup, I can hear the performer in you already” she shook her head playfully, it was something else to see the male perform, she could attest to that. Yeon was a natural born performer, he works hard but there was something in the way he glides gracefully, she wondered if it’s always been in there or not. When he said there was no way she could make it to every show, the Italian brunette scowled and huffed in feigned annoyance, “Of course I might not be able to. But I can try” with her pout, it was hard to take her seriously, which was another side Yeon got to witness. Cecilia Laterza pouting, who knew. “Yes, please make sure I have the option, Yeon, send me invites, whether I show up or not, I’ll let you know” she winked, she would love to attend every single one but he was right, she couldn’t possibly do that. 

Her work wouldn’t allow her to take days off either, especially with how packed the hospital seemed to be these days. She noticed the laptop he tucked away by the time they landed and Ce could only send him a questioning look but said nothing, you can’t take the passion out of the man. In so many ways, Celia is proud of him, to bear witness to how far he’s gotten in the past 8 years. She wouldn’t trade it for anything else. “Those mini pretzels really got to you huh?” But sure, she was trying to find something to fill herself rather than having a meal over it. “I hate being on air and so… vulnerable. Basically I hate being vulnerable, period.” It was a silly excuse but to Celia who always had a foot in front of her for everytime, being vulnerable is hardly something she wanted to surround herself with. She hated feeling like that, much like everyone else. “I always think about turbulence and those awful plane crashes” she shuddered instinctively at the mere thought of it. She’ll stay on land, thank you. 

Before long, they have already exited the airport and trailed behind him, putting her luggage in the trunk and getting inside. “You’re gonna have a lot more of that smile” she pointed out wryly and pulled out her planner from her handbag, “We’re going to check in the hotel first I guess.” She leaned forward to tell the driver the address to it and reclined back to her seat, handing her tablet over to him, which displayed a menu, “Go ahead and have your pick on what you want, I’ll have them prepare it by the time we arrive at the restaurant.” As the cab started to get a move on, she leaned her head against the side, eyeing the bridge they crossed and the scenery outside, “I guess I’m going to miss bothering you and going up to your place” she snickered, she loved bothering him sometimes, “No more lunch dates too huh? I mean, unless I wanna fly to NYC. Tell me, how am I going to survive without you? The boredom would be too much” she whined, she was being dramatic and both of them knew it.

He allowed an amused grin to cross his lips when she commented about how he was a performer “There’s something about the stage that calls to me” he confessed with a sheepish smile “Too bad my lack of aging means I can’t be in the spotlight” he avoided anything which could be recorded or have people realize he wasn’t getting any older which is why he settled for being able to choreograph the show rather than star in it. “It’s going to be amazing...seeing it all come together, seeing the dancers bring what I envisioned to life” it was all he ever dreamed of honestly and he couldn’t wait to see it for himself. He was so excited to be a part of an opportunity like this one “You know I’d never let down my number one fan” he jested as he glanced over at her.

He laughed and shrugged “I’m a sucker for snacks and even more of a sucker for free snacks” he tended not to have big meals and ate smaller portions throughout the day so he was used to eating little snacks here and there. Though today may have been a little more excessive. He smiled softly when she expressed her dislike for flying and the fears she had attached to it “I used to get nervous with flying but I’m so accustomed to it now it even feels like a chore” he chuckled under his breath, at least first class was comfortable and you could lay down and sleep if you wanted to “I just try not to look out the window too much” the heights was the hardest part for him and it could make him sick if he looked too much.

Thankfully being first-class meant they were first off the plane and through the system before long, heading out of the airport and into a cab. He made himself comfortable in the backseat, leaning against the headrest and looking out of the window, it was always so warm and sunny in LA which differed greatly from Evermore, it always brightened his spirit being here. “She sounds confident” he commented as he glanced over at her as she spoke about making him smile. He took the tablet from her hands and scanned his eyes over it, debating what he wanted to eat “I think the fillet steak is calling out to me” he commented before nudging it back over to her. He laughed when she spoke about missing visiting his place “I’m barely ever there lately anyway” he jested and gave a sad smile because he knew this was her way of telling him she was gonna miss him “You know better than anyone that distance means nothing Ce and before long we’ll be in the same place again” he reached out and squeezed her shoulder playfully “I’ll miss you too” he confessed.

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