Cecilia doesn't stay at one place for long, not because of her nomadic patterns. Simply, because she was always needed elsewhere. And by elsewhere, she means across the globe. She had just returned from her one month trip to Berlin to settle the conflict between two individuals. Only two, and yet it caught their attention when they're halfway across the world in Colorado. What a stent in her plans. As much as she takes her job seriously, Celia would be lying if she said she preferred to travel every week rather than staying in one place for at least more than a month. Even she needed entertainment sometimes. Her idea of fun however, is quite abysmal. Not that others would know.

Though she did feel something weird tugging her along, the moment she set her foot in Evermore. Now that was a few weeks ago. Ever since she got back from her trip, she felt the same energy rousing around, successfully illuminating her confusion. A few weeks later, she finally knew what was the reason for all of that; the return of one particular fallen star that she definitely thought was dead after centuries of dead end, Atticus Thornbrook. Didn't mean everything was back to normal, of course, their relationship was pretty much still intense, like on the brink of falling from the strings that was supposed to be untouchable kind of intense. Coming back to Evermore two days ago had been a blessing in disguise. As soon as she got home, the Italian Valkyr dashed straight to her laptop, which she actually almost broke it in half because of the amount of strength she used to open it alone. To do what exactly? Book the flight tickets of course. 

Celia knew she probably should've booked the flight tickets a week ago when she bought the entrance tickets to Disneyland but she was a bit preoccupied by the cartels fighting each other the next day. Usually it wasn't her concern but they were Valkyrs so, someone had to intervene. Unfortunately for them, that someone was her. After successfully booking two flight tickets for their 6-day trip to LA, the brunette rolled over her bed in enthusiasm. Today was finally the day. Right, one problem, her partner doesn't know she was planning for this trip. Another reckless thing done by the Valkyr. No matter, Celia made sure to take care of his schedule for the entire week so that when they got back from the trip, he would still have another two days off to rest. One sleek black colored 24 inch luggage was already placed neatly next to her desk when she woke up earlier. A little over 30 minutes later, she got out from the shower and dried her hair quickly before picking out her clothes from her closet. The Valkyr preferred light mannered clothing, nothing too heavy and pompous. She likes to stay comfortable. But it doesn't mean she's a no when it comes to dressing formally.

 Preferences really doesn't matter for her. Finishing her look a few minutes later with a sheer burgundy button-down blouse tucked in high waist jeans and matched up with her mid-sleeved cardigan jacket, she pulled up her hair into a neat ponytail before grabbing her car keys and exited her apartment. Luggage, checked. Passport, checked. Shades, checked. Yeon, not checked. Rushing over to the parking lot in the basement level, she started her engine and drove off afterwards. Their flight is in 6 more hours so she should have enough time to wait for Yeon to pack things up in 2 hours or so and driving to their airport wouldn't take more than an hour. After parking her car in front of the apartment complex where Yeonseok Lee resides, she passed the security with ease after offering a smile. Of course, they'd recognize her straight away. It wasn't the first time she's been here albeit not visiting after a while, and she was sure Yeon included her name somewhere in that book of his. 

Unfortunately for her, to go up there at the penthouse level, she will need a card since that's the only way the elevator would work. A part of her huffed in annoyance because last time, she didn't need to do this. But then again, she hasn't visited in quite a while so if they upgraded anything she wouldn't exactly know. Leaning forward to the Receptionist's desk, the silver tongued female took off her shades and offered her a grin. "I'm on his list though, aren't I? It's been a while since I met him, and this is my only free time to actually do that. It's supposed to be a surprise trip for him, or else I would've asked him to come down and fetch me. Surely you can give me this one teensy favor for one-time purpose?" Her hazel hues flickered to the Receptionist's green ones and she swore she saw her gulp nervously. A few moments later, she received the card from the blushing staff and pressed the elevator's button, Celia had a smirk present on her lips when she got it, clearly happy that her attempt worked, but of course, Cecilia being classic Cecilia didn't forget to send a wink at the flustered blonde before the door shuts.

 The ride up his floor didn't take long as she fished out her phone and scrolled down the notifications. As soon as the elevator opened, she stepped out and plopped herself on the spot next to Yeon who was sitting on the couch. "Whatcha' doin?"

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He chuckled under his breath when Ce threatened to slap him back to reality and rolled his eyes “You know I come down when I’m really needed” he commented and shrugged slightly, he was just a very serious person when it came to his work but when push comes to shove he would look after those he cared for first. “True...not everything lasts forever” it made him sad to know there were things that were going to change so rapidly and people who would come and go because of the nature of mortality “I’m thankful I made friends who aren’t going anywhere” he commented under his breath, though Han was a celestial and that did make the valkyr worried for his safety at times.

Yeon had a wry smile on his lips when she mentioned how his secretary was a looker “She was the best person for the job, her hotness is a pure coincidence” he commented shaking his head playfully, it just tended to be that a lot of the people in that line of work cared to keep up their appearance he supposed “Not that you’re actually complaining huh?” he jested and raised his brows because it was clear Ce approved of her. “True” he commented under his breath when she implied blood was hard to get “Though money seems to be able to get you anything...discreetly” he never needed to feed on people directly for that reason. He laughed when she nudged him “I’ll say you’re egotistic out loud, how’s that?” he jested back and smirked.

“Being an astronaut would have made for some pretty amazing stories” he teased in a soft voice and smiled, she would have made a great one too he was sure. Maybe she was right and it would get boring in time but right now he was content with reaching for his dreams and pushing for the things he cared about “One day I’m sure I’ll complain and you’ll tell me you told me so but until then” he grinned slightly. It didn’t take long before the two of them headed into their rooms, he set down his suitcase onto the floor and peered around before flopping himself down onto the bed “Well I’ll give you one thing Ce, I approve of the accommodation” he teased calling out to her through the open door between their rooms.

Of course she knew he was level-headed and had a certain level where she didn't need to partake just to make sure he's doing well. Despite his young age, Yeon is a fairly mature person, so even in his newborn days, Ce didn't really need to go out her way to keep an eye on him. She was able to note his behaviors and his antics from afar, up until he came to Evermore to start anew and she helped him from there. "Not everything lasts forever but you sure can make sure which could last as long as you wish" when you're an immortal, everything that could be seen as trivial and small might mean a lot to you, after all. "Feels different to have immortal friends huh?" She was glad he had his volakiri to relate to, Yeon is a social butterfly, that much she could never deny but so was she, she knew pretty much almost everyone and everything because of how long she has been walking the earth but that didn't mean she particularly had a lot of friends to count. 

"It's important to know who your friends and enemies are, might seem early but that's the reality of it." She remembered telling the valkyr the reason why they survived for so long is not solely due to immortality but was factorized in survival instincts just as well. Ce takes self preservation very highly. "Is it really pure coincidence? You know what they say, smart people always end up being the hottest bunch" she teased, "not that I'm talking from… experience." But then again she did work at a high profiled and well respected company of his, so it wasn't surprising to see his employees keeping their appearances neat. "Everything operates on power, Yeon. That system has been going on for so long, even before I was even born… and most of the time money equates to power because nobody wants to do work for free" It's not a charity. 

When he said she was egoistic, Ce rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue playfully as she averted her gaze onto him, "I am egoistic too. All the best people know their best traits and amplify on it after all, wouldn't you know a little thing or two about that hm? Mr Yeonseok Lee?" The idea of being able to jaywalk in space instead of staying on earth after being bored over it for the last few centuries would've been appealing if she was being honest, "Alas I still stay because I won't have company up there and before you know it, I may end up eating my own crew because my sanity switch went off from being in such a compressed space for so long." She could see that happening. "How much I would love to tell you I told you so" she muttered under her breath in a playful tone as she launched herself on the bed, pushing her suitcase away. 

"When have I ever disappointed you? Gosh Yeon I'm feeling a little bit hurt here" she scowled teasingly and got up to check the time, "Do you want to freshen up before lunch? I'm gonna go wash my face because I feel like the plane just barfed on me" she mumbled and went over to the bathroom, she really hates flying.

He nodded slightly, she was right, you had to hold on to things that were important for as long as you could “It’s...comforting” he admitted honestly when she said it felt different to have immortal friends “I know I’m only at the beginning of my...forever but I find myself not wanting to get close to people I know won’t be around in time” Yeon had already lost his parents, he wasn’t sure he could handle losing much more any time soon. “Look at me” he commented and chuckled softly “Everyone else says I’m not afraid of anything” he gave that impression but Ce knew him better than that, she had seen him at his worst.

He rolled his eyes playfully when she mentioned how the smartest people always ended up being the hottest too “Still, I’m not so shallow as to hire someone for their looks” he commented and scoffed slightly, he had much higher standards than a pretty face, in fact you could say he was pretty harsh when it came to who he hired because the valkyr didn’t trust too many people and he knew how many people were out to get you when you ran a business. “Oh don’t we know it” he commented and chuckled under his breath “I swear I always question people’s intentions now, it’s hard to know who you can trust” he sighed under his breath, he had been lucky enough to find a few friends who truly wanted to be friends with him but there was still that nagging feeling where he wondered.

He gave a wry smile when she admitted honestly to being egotistic, he rolled his eyes when she turned it around on him and suggested he knew it too “You have to be egotistic in my field, they’ll eat you alive in the boardroom if you can’t carry yourself and don’t even get me started with critics” confidence was everything both to a businessman and a dancer and he had learned to channel it as best her could. He tucked his suitcase under the bed before making himself comfortable “Hey considering I had no idea what was even happening until this morning you’re lucky to get any compliments at all” he commented shaking his head in amusement as he got to his feet “I’ll see you soon” he headed into the bathroom of his room before undressing and hopping into the shower to wash off before finally getting out and changing into a shirt and jeans and spraying some aftershave.

There was no point forming attachments with the kind of people you know wouldn't be there in the future, why bother giving your heart another reason to ache all over it again when you could very well escape from it? "Even if you are the beginning of your 'forever', you'll find that time goes by very fast… you don't even realize how much time has passed." It often happens to the best of them, even Ce experienced plenty of it over time. The Italian pursed her lips slightly when he said people thought he wasn't afraid of anything when they both know it's far from that, "Everyone's afraid of something… no matter how strong you are. If you have no fear, what's going to ground you?" Even the biggest and baddest villain had their own fears. Of course they were not exempted from it. 

She rolled her eyes playfully when he pointed out he's not as shallow to hire someone based on their physical appearance, "I call it bonus. Beauty with brains, isn't that what people say these days? You have the looks, the brains… what's not to like. Even better if they have the empathy too." No doubt the person Yeon hired was competent enough, considering how strict and perfectionist the male is. "Being cautious is nothing one should be ashamed of anyway, but… in time, you'll know how you can trust and who you can't. No point in rushing through, everything good always takes time. The more you pressure yourself, the more you'll be more likely to miss out the details you needed to pay attention to. It only takes one snake to manipulate you against yourself. But hey, at least you can trust your volakiri, that's a start." A volakiri can't lie to you anyway, so it was pointless to fool the other. 

"See, that my friend, is why I stray far from business at all. I am fine just sitting in my position as head cardiothoracic surgeon and the cardiology department. I have no desire to even be promoted to the board of directors where they will probably need to kiss your way through…" And everyone knows Ce hates those people the most. It's not as if she needed that position anyway. As both of them went over to their bathrooms to freshen themselves a bit, Ce took the chance to change out of her clothes into something more comfortable and away from the drowsiness she experienced earlier. The valkyr combed her hair and clipped the slight upper half and left the rest to cascade down her shoulders. She got changed into her blouse and jeans, placing her sunglass on the material, and spraying a whiff of perfume before knocking on his door, leaning over it while checking her phone, "Come on, our reservation is ready, don't you just love it when you already ordered in advanced so you'll be greeted by food as soon as you sit down? I love technology."

Yeon raised his brow wondering if Ce was right and years would feel like they flew by in time, right now he could still fool himself into the same mentality of a human lifespan because he was only a few years past his death but he knew in time he wouldn’t be able to pass for the age he was and then it would begin to set in “That feels hard for me to believe right now” he commented with a sheepish grin “It’s going to take me a while to adjust to all this” he confessed, nodding his head slightly, things may have changed overnight but the effects of them seemed to creep much more slowly. “True...if we didn’t fear things, that would definitely make for quite the dangerous path, who knows how far I’d go” he chuckled under his breath.

“I mean I’ll take the bonus but” he shrugged slightly “I also make a point not to screw things up with my employees so...look don’t touch” he commented and shook his head, he wasn’t going to make things complicated for himself at work and end up having to dodge people in his own office, he was smarter than that. “Trust is such a strange concept...scary I guess you could call it, knowing you place all of your belief in someone who could flip a switch and betray you” such was life he supposed but every time you got burned it got harder and harder to hand over the same level of belief without adding doubt to the mix, almost expecting someone may fail and let you down.

He scoffed slightly and shrugged “Thankfully I was smart enough to make myself the majority shareholder so the board can float their opinions around all they want but they’ll struggle to push anything through that I disagree with” it would quite literally take all of them agreeing against him and there were some members that were strongly aligned with him and his strategic endeavours. Before long they were both cleaned up and ready to head down to dinner “Well don’t we look fancy for our date night” he teased playfully, he saw and always had seen Ce as a family type figure but that didn’t mean other people got the same impression when they saw the two of them together. “No one can complain about not waiting” he commented as he threaded his arm through hers and they headed out the hotel room and towards the lobby “The real question is which snacks we’re gonna get in the park” it was vacation after all so he was planning to enjoy it.

She chuckled and patted his shoulders comfortingly, “Yeah, don’t let it get to you that much. It’s not exactly the topic I like to concern myself with either, much less you. Don’t worry about it.” Yeon was still young, even if he’s in his 100th year, Ce was sure she’d still see him as young. “So you won’t screw your workers, got it. Understandable, it’s… going to be one hell of a mess if they end up getting attached to you and you had to process their contract termination because they couldn’t differentiate between work and personal. I’m so glad I am not in the position where I fire people, that’s why the position of the hospital director feels too heavy anywhere. Or even consultants… I’m happy being the head cardiologist. I get to schedule surgeries and not being bossed around too much” sounds like the ideal occupation for Ce. She likes what she does, but doesn’t like taking orders, since she generally has a dominant nature.

She knows how to adapt but it doesn’t mean she has to like it. “Though admittedly, I may have screwed a few nurses… I think.” Not that the valkyr was likely to remember. “That’s why people call trust… a double-edged sword. It nicks you too. But the risk is a risk, we take that every day if we want to keep on living.” It wouldn’t be the first nor would it be the last. The Italian twirled around just for the flair and snickered, “We almost always look fancy, you, my friend, do not know the concept of casual casual” she jested, Yeon always looked regal in some way, it’s interesting. But she imagined it wasn’t likely to find a CEO like him to wear shorts easily. As they went down to the lobby with their arms threaded together, she hummed softly and tilted her head to the side, “What type of snacks do you like? I just realized I pretty much just bulldoze through everything because food is food. I can’t handle sour as much though.” The restaurant wasn’t far, it was pretty much just two blocks away from their hotel and it didn’t take the pair long to get to the entrance.

The queue was already making its appearance so when they were able to get in as soon as she showed them their reservation, Ce was delighted.They were led to their table and took their seats, the interior was filled with plenty of flowers and plants. It was cooling. “This is definitely every environmentalist’s wet dream.” Since they already ordered, they only need to wait for a few minutes until the food starts rolling in. “5 stars for food presentation and time” she murmured as her eyes glazed over their meal. “You know, I never got around how you managed to get your monthly blood supply using an undetected contact. Where did you even get the idea?” Yeon, unlike Ce, only drinks from there and never delved deep into his affairs but is curious.

He chuckled and shrugged when she pointed out that he wouldn’t screw his workers “Not to mention people aren’t exactly doing their best work if they spend the whole time drooling over me” he shook his head slightly, admittedly it didn’t stop a lot of them from doing it anyway and it wasn’t like he could tell people off for looking but he always made it clear that touching was a hell no. “You like to be in charge without the responsibilities of being in charge huh?” he chuckled softly, he could understand it, Ce had always been quite a dominant person and people found it difficult to defy her for certain, even if she wasn’t a manager people still wouldn’t want to question her.

He chuckled when she admitted she had been with a few nurses “I bet they get a little crazy after long shifts” he teased playfully and tilted his head, Ce had always been a very open person when it came to her bedroom life and he was very much the same, but lately he had been contemplating if maybe there would come a day he wanted to change those habits, would he want to settle down one day? “Yeon snickered and shrugged “Comes with the expensive wardrobe, even a t-shirt ends up looking fancy” he shook his head playfully and grinned slightly, he liked the way he dressed though and he didn’t care much if people wanted to judge. “Savory ones mostly, though a little pineapple ice cream never goes amiss” he teased and raised his brows slightly.

Before long the two of them were seated at their table, Ce’s comment on the decor made him chuckle softly “I kinda like it, feels like we just got thrown into a jungle” he commented and shrugged slightly. Before long their drinks and food were brought over and he wasted no time drinking a quarter of his drink before finally picking up his fork to try the food “But it’s the taste that really matters” he teased as he cut and then took a bite of his food before nodding in approval because it tasted excellent. “People need money, I need blood, we just find people willing to donate and underhandedly give them the money they need” he shrugged, sure it wasn’t legal but it was all done in a sanitary, consensual manner and Yeon usually had enough spare to help other valkyr in a tight spot too.

He made some really good points, if she was leading a team, she wasn't sure if she could do that too. Unless she wants a chaotic and awkward period. "Points taken, gosh you really do exude big businessman energy now, look at you thriving, it took you how many years?" She teased and nudged him, proud is definitely an understatement when it comes to her feelings on him. "Why would I want to fill my life with so much… seriousness and responsibility? As if I don't already have enough to juggle with the faction? Valkyr can be so… dramatic sometimes, it's as if most are waiting for me to come sort out their shit and get a beating" she huffed, clearly she was displeased to know the number of complaints and rogue cases kept piling up from everywhere. "At this point, I'm positive someone is trying to create a whole newborn army, again." 

Wouldn't exactly be the first time someone has tried. But it can be really tedious. "I don't want to live the remainder of my life… doing things and not enjoying myself. I have enough." When Yeon teased her about the nurses, Ce couldn't help the smirk on her lips, it was hard to wipe it off this way, "I mean, longer shifts and you see your doctor looking like she's ready to relieve you, it's not surprising when you find them pinning you against the wall first, to be honest. Tired nurses can be needy, that's one thing I'll comment on." They were pretty freaky too, if she noticed. But she couldn't exactly blame them for getting needy after those long shifts. "If you're going to make anything, at least be fashionable about it, huh?" She could understand where that comes from, even Ce is very selective over her wardrobe. "Pineapple ice cream? Are they good? I don't think I've ever tasted them before… how much am I really missing out god…"

Admittedly, the Italian didn't really indulge in a lot of human food, she kept a strict diet. She was quick to dig in her food this time though, obviously she was famished, and whatever light snacks she had in the plane was nowhere near enough to quench even a quarter of it. "Presentation, A. Taste? I think I'll even give it an A too. So including the interior, I think the type type triple As can be trusted in reviews" she gurgled it with her glass and placed it back on her table as she raised her eyebrows when he told her where he got his blood supply. "So a volunteer blood bank project? That sounds innovative… works better when you are in need of a fix during emergencies. Though I prefer taking straight from the vein, I don't exactly have someone to come running in less than 5 minutes every single time. You gotta love those blood bank driveways though, sometimes you find a few people just… willing to give more straight." She had participated as one of the doctors there and there were times when they came looking after her once everything was done. "I do wonder if you have hung out with anyone else aside from this trip though."

He chuckled slightly when she pointed out that he had come into himself as a business man “I trained pretty much my whole life to run a business, though it has been fun getting to put it into action” he had learned on the job and some of it was similar to what he expected and other things were much more challenging, the whole talking to people whether you liked them or not, all day, every day, was certainly testing at times. “I think there’s a certain...sense of achievement that comes from being a leader and supporting those around you” he commented, he wasn’t a leader of a whole faction but when he ran his business, people looked to him for the way forward and that was similar.

“Again?” he commented and raised his brow “Does it happen often?” Yeon had been turned by someone so it made him curious if he was a random decision along the way or someone had a plan for him that fell through. Perhaps if he hadn’t come to Evermore they would have found him. “Do the things that matter” he commented, repeating back words she had spoken to him way back when, at a time when he was despairing about the path his life was going to take. He .laughed at her comment about tired nurses “Much like tired business associates” he commented and smirked, he did refrain from sleeping with his employees but he didn’t draw a line when it came to conferences.

“It’s supposedly signature” he commented and shrugged, perhaps he had seen people raving about how good it was on social media and committed that random detail to memory “Though I’m not sure why pineapple of all flavors would need up being the cult favorite” it wasn’t the most popular of fruits after all. He ate a few bites of his food as they talked and he had to agree, it was very good, the meat was tender and the flavors meshed well and it was a welcome meal after having his schedule thrown off a little “Pretty much yeah, helps people pay their bills, keeps me from having to worry about hurting anyone, win win” it was all measured properly, safety checked and the likes.

“I’m sure I’d prefer the vein if I tried it, which is exactly why I’m not trying it” he commented and shrugged, couldn’t miss what you never had right? Yeon pondered for a moment when she asked if he had hung out with anyone else aside from this trip “Well I suppose that depends if one night stands count” he commented and smirked in amusement “I don’t have a lot of time for friends Ce, you know that, my volakiri and you demand enough of my time” not that he was complaining about those two.

She could understand how satisfying it could be to finally be able to put your talents into display after practicing for it your entire life. She was once human, after all. "Must be pretty nice, that satisfaction you feel flowing through you. It's the adrenaline too I imagine." Ce didn't really see herself as a leader, not really. Even if it was just a position at the hospital to lead of a small group, she still felt like it was too much of a burden to carry, not a burden she wanted but she's not an irresponsible person either. "Sometimes I think myself not as the follower type but I'm not a leader either…" despite the dominance she asserts every given time, the Italian likes to live by the rules that were already set, rules that were set not by her

"I have no problem enforcing them though… I just couldn't see myself being the one creating them, you know?" But since she was already used to leading the faction in certain areas, perhaps she'll get used to it. She bit her lip instinctively when Yeon caught her hint "Yeah again… this isn't the first time someone has tried to amass a newborn army, Yeon. God I kinda lost count over the years… but you see, people aren't usually that stupid to create them because a, a large number will gain attention and attention means me. B, to control a large group of newborns who are more likely tempted to sink their teeth into anything alive than they can think of a plan to survive another day… is not easy." Bloodlust is an invisible enemy. 

"I made sure to purge those, of course. But the world is a vast place, there's plenty of places to hide… I would've missed some." Celia was hoping that worry of hers would not be manifesting itself into reality because the last thing she wanted is to deal with another pain like that. "Be grateful you haven't seen one, and we'll hope it stays that way. Every time those are around, nothing good comes out of it… too many casualties." Her smirk grew when he mentioned his tired associates "Ah… so the naughty guy does have his own pick, huh? Are they any good at least?" 

Pineapples were not something she would've thought of but maybe that's why she's not a cook. "Well, if they manage to be a fan favorite on the pizza toppings, why not other flavored things right?" It only seems logical. The valkyr had to admit, she was impressed by the younger male's planning, clearly he has thought about everything, including his future endeavors. "Yeah it's hard to pull away once you've already gotten the real thing" Even Ce still preferred taking it straight from there but after years of battling with bloodlust the first time, she got ahead of control. Somewhat. "You have that Dae guy, I know he's caught your fancy, more than you'd like to admit."

He nodded in agreement, it was nice to be able to put everything he worked for into practice and have it pay off, he wasn’t going to play it down or act humble on that matter because the truth was he had earned the right to be proud of himself “It’s a feeling that’s very hard to describe...but once you’ve had it, you always want to find it again” elation that came from putting your all into a performance and connecting with the audience, it was worth everything. He chuckled when she said she was neither a leader nor a follower “You tend to make your own path, if people follow behind you, that’s their choice” he chuckled slightly, Ce was known for being direct and always chasing what she wanted.

“I get it, it’s definitely hard to be the person deciding the boundaries of someone else’s life” there was a lot of pressure to get it right and there would always be people who oppose you no matter what decision you end up making, he could understand where she was coming from “With my business, a lot of the rules just come from the standard expectations, so that part is easier for me” complying with laws and regulations was easy enough. He shuddered at the thought of a bunch of rabid newborns being out there ready to feast “Makes you wonder what could make someone so desperate to take the risk…” they had to be cold and selfish with getting what they wanted that’s for sure.

“Have you ever seen cases where newborns were able to...turn it around?” he questioned wondering if purging them, as she put it, was the only way to solve the issue, it wasn’t their fault that someone had decided to turn them was it? Being punished like that without being given a chance seemed brutal to him. Yeon shifted a little and dropped his gaze playfully when she teased him about his type for one night stands “I’ve found that uptight businesswomen are marvelous in bed, probably their outlet to vent all that stress they bottle in” he chuckled, there were no shortage of people who were willing to jump into bed with him.

He raised his brows and then shrugged, she did have a point about the pizza “Well no complaints here, it’s not the first topping I’d choose for pizza but it’s also not the last” he teased playfully, he’d eat it if it was free and in front of him anyway. He nodded understandably when she said it would be hard to give up blood once you’ve experienced the real thing “I can imagine that’s the case...I’ve had to be strict with myself over the years knowing it’ll be...better if I resist” he ate a few more bites of his food between talking and then set down his silverware. He laughed a little when she talked about Dae “You haven’t even met him, you have no idea” he scoffed and shook his head “Though I get the feeling you’d like him, he’s blunt as hell like you” they’d either get along or fight constantly.

She tilted her head to the side and grinned when he described the feeling “Yeah, it makes you feel as if you’re at the top of your world too honestly, but sometimes it’s not all good because you have no idea when it’ll end” she clicked her tongue and shook her head, “Sorry, I mean how long it’ll last because it’s unlikely to have something that’ll last a lifetime. But for now, you’ve reached a spot after working so hard and you should enjoy them.” Once another time comes by, he’d need to move on. “I am never a follower, but I don’t like to lead because when you’re a leader, people tend to have expectations on you, just a little bit more than the usual position. And when you wind up not fulfilling their expectations, they get disappointed and will dump all of that frustration on you. What’s the point of working hard then? For acknowledgment that won’t last?” 

Being passionate is one thing, but being ridiculously hard-working is also another. The valkyr let out a heavy sigh and massaged her temples “I don’t know but whoever started the trend is definitely working towards something, I just don’t know what. Yet.” Ce would eventually find out the motive behind it, she always does, but at the moment, everything's just falling and she is only one person at the end of the day. When he asked if she has ever come across cases where newborns were able to turn a new leaf and survive, the Italian stared at him for a brief moment and pursed her lips “I know you want to think that someone is worth saving and you’re right, I don’t want to purge them, but it had to be done. Newborns… are reckless, and they are emotional. You either feel too much or you don’t feel anything, and that’s dangerous even for humans, much less a being capable of turning a city upside down overnight.” 

Perhaps there was a way for her to give them a better future but most of them are just plain stubborn and she simply didn’t have the time to entertain their whining when she had other matters. “I’m a simple woman, I give them a choice; give up and start following the rules, or take the risk and perish. Most often take the latter, they hear the first half and get their ass handed to them. Don’t worry, I don’t just take them out like they’re trash… I give them options, after that, it’s up to them.” 

She covered her mouth dramatically and gasped “How scandalous.” She pulled a disgusted face and gagged when he said it wouldn’t be the last topping he’d go for “God you’d hear people telling you how uncultured you are… what a crime to humanity.” She raised her eyebrow when Yeon pointed out that she’d be very likely to get along with said niveis “You think so? People whose behavior is similar tend to clash even more though. But I bet he’s hot as you said he is… well, cold.” After a while of digging in the food, they hurried off to finish their lunch as she started dragging him up on his feet, gushing about how she’s ready for their adventure. “Come on Mr Charisma, tell me our first spot. You’re choosing.”

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