Cecilia doesn't stay at one place for long, not because of her nomadic patterns. Simply, because she was always needed elsewhere. And by elsewhere, she means across the globe. She had just returned from her one month trip to Berlin to settle the conflict between two individuals. Only two, and yet it caught their attention when they're halfway across the world in Colorado. What a stent in her plans. As much as she takes her job seriously, Celia would be lying if she said she preferred to travel every week rather than staying in one place for at least more than a month. Even she needed entertainment sometimes. Her idea of fun however, is quite abysmal. Not that others would know.

Though she did feel something weird tugging her along, the moment she set her foot in Evermore. Now that was a few weeks ago. Ever since she got back from her trip, she felt the same energy rousing around, successfully illuminating her confusion. A few weeks later, she finally knew what was the reason for all of that; the return of one particular fallen star that she definitely thought was dead after centuries of dead end, Atticus Thornbrook. Didn't mean everything was back to normal, of course, their relationship was pretty much still intense, like on the brink of falling from the strings that was supposed to be untouchable kind of intense. Coming back to Evermore two days ago had been a blessing in disguise. As soon as she got home, the Italian Valkyr dashed straight to her laptop, which she actually almost broke it in half because of the amount of strength she used to open it alone. To do what exactly? Book the flight tickets of course. 

Celia knew she probably should've booked the flight tickets a week ago when she bought the entrance tickets to Disneyland but she was a bit preoccupied by the cartels fighting each other the next day. Usually it wasn't her concern but they were Valkyrs so, someone had to intervene. Unfortunately for them, that someone was her. After successfully booking two flight tickets for their 6-day trip to LA, the brunette rolled over her bed in enthusiasm. Today was finally the day. Right, one problem, her partner doesn't know she was planning for this trip. Another reckless thing done by the Valkyr. No matter, Celia made sure to take care of his schedule for the entire week so that when they got back from the trip, he would still have another two days off to rest. One sleek black colored 24 inch luggage was already placed neatly next to her desk when she woke up earlier. A little over 30 minutes later, she got out from the shower and dried her hair quickly before picking out her clothes from her closet. The Valkyr preferred light mannered clothing, nothing too heavy and pompous. She likes to stay comfortable. But it doesn't mean she's a no when it comes to dressing formally.

 Preferences really doesn't matter for her. Finishing her look a few minutes later with a sheer burgundy button-down blouse tucked in high waist jeans and matched up with her mid-sleeved cardigan jacket, she pulled up her hair into a neat ponytail before grabbing her car keys and exited her apartment. Luggage, checked. Passport, checked. Shades, checked. Yeon, not checked. Rushing over to the parking lot in the basement level, she started her engine and drove off afterwards. Their flight is in 6 more hours so she should have enough time to wait for Yeon to pack things up in 2 hours or so and driving to their airport wouldn't take more than an hour. After parking her car in front of the apartment complex where Yeonseok Lee resides, she passed the security with ease after offering a smile. Of course, they'd recognize her straight away. It wasn't the first time she's been here albeit not visiting after a while, and she was sure Yeon included her name somewhere in that book of his. 

Unfortunately for her, to go up there at the penthouse level, she will need a card since that's the only way the elevator would work. A part of her huffed in annoyance because last time, she didn't need to do this. But then again, she hasn't visited in quite a while so if they upgraded anything she wouldn't exactly know. Leaning forward to the Receptionist's desk, the silver tongued female took off her shades and offered her a grin. "I'm on his list though, aren't I? It's been a while since I met him, and this is my only free time to actually do that. It's supposed to be a surprise trip for him, or else I would've asked him to come down and fetch me. Surely you can give me this one teensy favor for one-time purpose?" Her hazel hues flickered to the Receptionist's green ones and she swore she saw her gulp nervously. A few moments later, she received the card from the blushing staff and pressed the elevator's button, Celia had a smirk present on her lips when she got it, clearly happy that her attempt worked, but of course, Cecilia being classic Cecilia didn't forget to send a wink at the flustered blonde before the door shuts.

 The ride up his floor didn't take long as she fished out her phone and scrolled down the notifications. As soon as the elevator opened, she stepped out and plopped herself on the spot next to Yeon who was sitting on the couch. "Whatcha' doin?"

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Yeon sucked in a breath and looked down for a moment, she wasn’t wrong, one day it would have to end and he honestly wasn’t sure how he was going to handle that, everything he had right now put him at this peak and he knew eventually the only way to go was going to be down “I’m honestly so scared for it to end” he commented and pressed his lips together “Performing has always been something I wanted to do...it’s hard for me to accept that one day I won’t be able to” he murmured the words softly, but at least he could continue to choreograph behind the scenes. “It’s a thankless job huh?” he commented and raised his brows slightly, he was sure that she struggled with the pressure given she was always the type to just do whatever it was she wanted “But if there’s anyone who knows what’s best for our kind, it’s you” he pointed out.

Yeon tilted his head slightly, an untick in newborns meant there was likely someone out there making them all and that definitely made him curious to know why and what they could possibly benefit from it “Do you think someone is trying to build an army?” he questioned with a confused expression “But if they were, surely they would be smarter about it and not leave them out for you to find” the only other thing he could think of is perhaps someone was trying to create a diversion. Yeon nodded solemnly in response to her words, it was a harsh truth to accept “Then we have to start getting ahead of them...making sure those newborns get things off on the right foot” she’d done it for him so surely they could do it for others?

He nodded slightly, the reality of their species was grim but he couldn’t help but feel people should be grateful for their second chance rather than throwing it away like that “Blood really brings out the worst in people huh?” he pressed his lips together and sighed, another harsh reality they had to accept. Yeon rolled his eyes when she called him uncultured and shrugged his shoulders slightly “I think people have bigger problems in their life than what I decide to eat” he commented offhandedly. “He is stupidly hot” the younger valkyr confirmed without a second thought and grinned “And the chill can be surprisingly fun to play with” he teased and chuckled in an amused manner.

Before long he finished his meal and they were setting off towards the park entrance, Yeon chuckled when she asked what he wanted to do first “I feel like we have to start with a roller coaster right?” he grinned slightly, they weren’t exactly hardcore here but would still be a lot of fun to ride “What about the space one, that sounds fun” they headed through the turnstiles and started walking up the road towards the castle.

Ce has always looked after Yeon, that was all she ever wanted to do ever since the day he woke up with a newfound thirst and a whole new life waiting for him outside those hospital walls. She never wanted to see him in such distress ever again. He deserved a better life; a good one. And so, god knows Cecilia Laterza would do anything to make sure he lives that way. If there was anything she could do, she would. "You will always be a performer, Yeon. They never truly die, you know that." Even though he no longer performs on stage actively because of his business and all, the other male does make time for it. He organizes a lot of things related to that field and he tries to show up.

"Believe me, you'll be fine" she reassured. It wasn't easy to reassure a perfectionist like Yeonseok Lee but Ce is a seasoned seductress and a performer with that face. She knows what she's doing. She shrugged when he said her job is basically thankless "In a way, both of them are. A doctor doesn't get compliments easily, and as the ambassador for our kind, people don't even know what they're thinking until it's too late." But that's okay, she signed up for this. "At this point? I do think someone is trying to stir the status quo yes... I can't find them no matter how hard I search for them. And I don't usually come across this type of difficulty."

She has spent millennia dedicated to caring for her kind, and she pulls out the weed before it gets worse. To be helpless like this affects her a lot. "At the end of the day, we are primal beings... we have our instincts. Some just got better in time with control but you cannot expect the same for everyone else." She understood that the hard way.

The female had a knowing grin as she smirked, oh Yeon was down bad. "You are so whipped for this guy..." And she's happy for him. "Rollercoasters are fine if you're not going to throw up your lunch on me. I will seriously not let you live that down for at least the first century." She averted her eyes towards the space ride he suggested and hummed softly in affirmation "Yeah that works. Also, you owe me a rematch with the shooting thingy, I still haven't forgotten that even though it was like 2 years ago."

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