Siobhan had made it home safely the night before much more sober than she was a few hours ago. She found herself in bed placing an alarm on for early in the morning. Spending the night tossing and turning as she tried to figure out what to expect from this new job that was being offered to her. She wondered what he would expect of her. Would he be able to meet these expectations she wonder. At some point sleep took hold of her and she awoke the the blare of the early alarm. Whacking the alarm clock with her hand she sat up in the empty bed looking over to the spot that she wished Dominic would have been there, but that wasn’t the cards at this moment.

As she dragged herself from the bed and to the shower she quickly bathed and found her way trying on a few different options for outfits to work for Jon. She had no clue what the job was to even be so she wasn’t sure if she should dress overly professional or if she should be able to move quickly. She almost threw all the clothes across the room giving up before she chose to wear a pale pink blouse with a pale blue skirt, nude heels completing the look though she was never very good at walking in them. Choosing to pack a work out outfit just incase she had read everything wrong in Jon statement.

Placing the bag on her shoulder she found her way to the building the Jon had mention, leaving earlier enough so if she got lost among the building she would have plenty of time to find it. Though finding the building wasn’t as hard as she thought it might have been. Standing in the lobby for a moment looking around as she took in the brilliant structure of the building before moving to the reception area. “Hi I am here to meet Jonathan,” she stated to the receptionist “It’s my first day and I am not sure what I should be doing.” she said honestly to the woman behind the desk.

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Several morning meetings, a quick bite of breakfast, followed by a scan of reports and staff reviews, and all before 7 am. It was a typical morning though today he had other things to deal with, such as the beginning of a new journey for his friend. After last night he wasn’t sure if she was going show up, her hesitancy had been clear but the opportunity would have been a hard one to pass up for anyone. His impression had been that she needed a place to fit in and something to call her own. An occupation that would challenge her and allow her to strive for her own goals.

Stepping into the elevator Jonathan hit the button for the lobby, checking his watch habitually and more for something to do as he was forced to stay still. Taking a breath and being stationary wasn’t his forte, he was constantly moving and constantly needing something to do. The exception was when he was stalking prey but even then he was engaged in some sort of activity. Relaxation was foreign to him and an uncomfortable waste of time, or at least he felt so. Why would he sit and do nothing when there was so much he could be doing and accomplishing? Finally, the elevator dinged, the doors silently opening with a flourish of golden well-oiled tracks.

Strolling out he offered a smile to the employees milling past him, each recognizing him as he made it a point to know his people and to ensure his people knew him. Being one of those silent unknown and larger than life bosses was not his style, he was far more hands-on and in the thick of things. Walking over to the front desk a wide smile spread across his face, spotting the young Nephilim dressed in her business best. She cleaned up nicely and looked antzy yet resigned. Reaching out he took her hand, shaking it firmly, “I wasn’t sure if you would show up. Glad that you did.” Releasing her he stepped back and waved her towards the elevator banks. “Come. First day and lots of things to do.”

Once she was next to him he offered her his arm, letting her tuck her hand into his elbow. Once they were at the elevator’s he punched the button for level 5 and waited for a free bank. “First is training. Mandatory for all new employees. They are boring but necessary for business and insurance. Then we will get you some systems training after lunch and I’ll show you to your desk.”

Siobhan watched the employees arrive with coffees in hand. She rubbed her palms together the wounds from the night before healing over already.  She was worried what she was wearing was wrong as everyone was walking in where wearing darker colors. She looked down to her soft powder pink blouse, smoothing her hand over it as she waited. She turned around facing him as his deep voice filed her ears offering him a smile. “I am not one to turn down a challenge especially if it comes in the form of a job.” She took hold of his hand giving it a firm shake just like her father taught her.

She fell into step behind him as he lead her over to the Elevators, hooking her arm into the one he offered knowing it would be the easiest way to keep up with him. As they entered the Elevator she dropped hold of his arm lacing her fingers together as she looked  up to him. Siobhan was use to having to look up to be since she only stood at five foot two even and since she couldn’t wear overly high heels it was only another two inches added.

“Is this the time I should point out I have never held a real job of any kind?” she asked looking back to the elevator doors at her reflection. “I have a social security card thanks to Cornelia because she learned that I didn’t even have that. So…” she spoke of his sister easily after all she as the nephilim ambassador but she hated asking for help it was a toxic trait of hers she wanted to do everything on her own. “Can you, or one of your employees maybe help me with the paperwork side of things? This will be my first job that didn’t just pay me in cash.”

She turned her head to the side “How does that even work? How does one not get paid in cash?” it was clear she was innocent to most things in the world, some would look at her an underestimate her. Yet if you showed her something or gave her a task she would try her hardest to do it and do it right not afraid to ask questions. She looked down ashamed for a moment even having to ask for help. “I don’t want to make excuses since I know you are a very straightforward man. I grow up on a farm so I am still adapting to city life and these ways, but I can promise you I am going to work my damnedest to make you proud.” at the end she looked up to him with her light blue eyes.

The smile on his face grew a little bit wider watching her in the midst of the rest, she stuck out like a bright and clean thumb. Instead of having been beaten into a much more dull and subdued version of herself, trying to blend in with all the rest she was standing out amidst the crowd. Many of his people were still learning that it was alright to exert some individuality, years of being among the masses had cowed them into being just another member of the pack. It was his mission to find the alpha's and pull them back out and into being themselves once again. You could see the ones he was having more success with, the people who were strutting down the halls in their own style with their heads held high despite the glances and whispers they drew. Siobhan would be among them if he had anything to say about it.

"Good." He answered with a grin, guiding her onto an elevator. The moment the doors to the elevator closed them in together she started talking, once again pointing out that this was her first real job and that with his sister's help she had been able to get a social security card. Chuckling he turned to the female, "Relax. Maggie has already tracked down all your information, all you will need to do is sign some paperwork." His head of HR had once been a private investigator and a damn good one at that. There was nothing and no one she couldn't find.

The elevator opened onto a quieter floor and he gestured for her to exit, then stepped off after once more offering his arm. This time he kept his pace slower so that they would have time to talk as he led her down a long hallway. "As for payment and banks we will come up with three or four good options for you, credit unions or local banks that don't charge for debit cards or savings accounts and you can choose which one you want to use. Maggie will help you get your account set up and then you will get paid through direct deposit. She can even teach you how to pay bills online and keep track using our software." He kept his voice gentle as he lead her into a room that for the moment was empty, he knew this whole process was going to overwhelming so he wanted to be as involved as possible in the process.

Turning to look at her Jon took both of her hands in his, "I know you haven't had these opportunities but that doesn't mean you aren't able. You are smart and capable and can do so much. With some guidance and work, you will be working independently in no time at all. Let me and my people help. We will take it one step at a time and fit each piece to the other, like a puzzle." He bought her hands up to kiss her knuckles gently, before dropping them hitting an intercom button to summon Maggie.

"I'll be back in an hour to check on you. Relax and breathe." He turned around and left just as the redhead entered, walking away with every intention of returning in exactly 60 minutes. While he headed to his meeting he put in a call to his temporary assistant to draw up a few banking options and have them on his desk within the hour.

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