Name: Eric Alexander Leight

Age: Looks 34, Real 37

Species: Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Moro Kampilan

Colour Affinity: Green

Family: Nathaniel Leight {Brother}

Face Claim: Joseph Morgan

 The Leight family  was one of the most prominent family around the town. Though influential and wealthy, they still lacked something: an heir. It was only after a long time that their first son Eric Alexander Leight was born. But despite never having to worry about having food on the table or other material things the young infant early had to learn his place in the family hierarchy. While other kids went to school and played ball the Dhampir child had to endure homeschooling and suit wearing. Eric was a very intelligent though and quickly learnt how things worked. He kept a low profile at home and followed the guidelines his parents had set up. But he was a very curious child too and used to read stories of how his family had gained their wealth. According to the rumors the family was rich due to their great grandfather a Vampire, who had killed hundreds and gained their fortunes. Eric wanting to know the truth,asked his parents about the story, which resulted in punishment and lies. It didn't cure his curiosity but did quite the opposite and when his parents left for one of their many work related travels the smart boy demanded one of his nannies to drop him at his great grandfather's address who he knew was still alive.

There he meet a man identical to the male he had seen in the family albums something impossible as the male was over 100 years old and should either be dead or look ancient, and he was neither. Micheal, as his great grandfather was called, eagerly told Eric all he wished to know about the supernatural world. He confirmed the rumors but also remorse for his horrible actions. After showing his inhuman speed,strength and fangs the conversation took an unexpected turn. According to the Vampire, Eric being the son of a Vampire and a Shifter was a species called Dhampir. As everything else Micheal had said was true the young Dhampir believed him and promised to return at his 17th birthday to get further guidance before the ceremony.

He returned home with the new gained knowledge and confronted his parents with about it which lead to them sending him away to boarding school. When his great grandfather heard the news, he got him out of the school, made his study at home and trained him in handling the weapons, a knowledge that would be very important at the weapon claiming ceremony. A few years later Eric was informed that he had a brother now who was 4 years old and was named Nathaniel. He returned home for a very short period of time just to meet him.From the moment they first meet Eric  adored his younger brother but he wasn't allowed to stay long, his parents refused to risk that he spilled the truth about their legacy, and he was sent back to his great grandfather.

Finally when he became 18 years of age, the time for the weapon claiming ceremony arrived. As in every Dhampir family, this ceremony was the most important as it would determine what weapon the Dhampir would handle in future. Eric and his great great-grandfather entered the family dojo and Eric handled many weapons. Finally as he picked up the mono Kambilian, a traditional sword, he could feel the connection and the runes appeared on it. His great grandfather was very proud of him and from then on, trained him in the use of that weapon.

 Through his years, he tried to stay in contact with his younger brother Nate as much as possible and after he finally completed his training, he went to visit Nathaniel. Eric had been hearing a lot about a flourishing community of Dhampirs in a place called Evermore and he wanted to visit it to see if he could settle there. He invited Nate to accompany him. This would allow the brothers to finally get to know each other and spend time together. Nate happily agreed and together the two brothers set out for Evermore excited by the adventures and the possibilities that this new place could offer them.

~Personality Traits~

Positive: Dedicated, Charming, Generous, Hard-working.

Negative: Impulsive, Stubborn, Trust Issues, Blunt.

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