It wasn’t unusual for people from around the world to reach out to Abraham Maddox; they would often request his services, some wanting the very basic thing of a seance whilst others would ask him to track down a specific item for a good price. These sort of services, Abraham wasn’t shy of, and often jumped straight in - one offered him money as well as a marketing boost for his family’s business, whilst the other gave him a sense of adventure; something that had been growing on him for years since a good decade of his life was snatched away from him. Yet, on occasion, Abe did find himself with a strange call and his interest could go either way; however, this time, the man on the phone gave him no other option but to help him. There certainly was an element of blackmail which caused Abraham to say yes, but in reality, it was a job Abraham had only ever dabbled his toes in once or twice; to bring a missing persons home. 

He thought it bizarre that this man, Isaiah, would want Abraham of all people to be the one to do it; it wasn’t like Abe was a cop (far from it) nor was he the type to truly care for those who have gone missing. But to be frank, Abraham didn’t care for many people in the first place, and so - with the slight tease of blackmail and the price being high enough, Abe simply couldn’t resist getting involved in this family’s drama. Isaiah had emailed him through the files on his daughter, Isobel Montgomery and for days upon end, Abraham sat in front of his computer researching the woman; at one end of the scale, one could even argue that the Diviner had submerged himself so much that he had almost become obsessed with this case. Yet Abraham, Abraham would counteract that he was doing his job thoroughly and getting this girl home; despite the information he had found that implied she was quite happy to be away from the family. 

“Of course she’s a fucking cop” He grumbled into his sandwich as he found her employment history - and right in Evermore City too. Abraham swallowed roughly and pinched the bridge of his nose; he had done so well to avoid the legal system and to move around unnoticed by them, was Isaiah working for Christian too? Surely not. What were the chances she knew about him, anyway? Abraham was adamant that hunting, capturing and packing this girl back home would do nothing to him. Upon finding out her occupation, for many days, he searched for her and cloaked himself with an invisibility spell to watch her; from the simplest tasks of grabbing a coffee to watching her stress out over her work. Today seemed to be her day off as she ran through the park, the music blaring so loud out of her headphones he could hear it from afar. 

Abraham murmured a series of words to untie her shoelaces, and as he walked in the opposite direction as her he threw one other little spell at her being; he watched as the shoelaces tripped her over. He snorted silently as she fell upon all fours before clearing his throat, as well as letting a polite persona wash over him. “Here, let me help you up… Nasty fall that” 

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After yet another stressful day on the job, her morning consisting of trying to get a couple nut jobs to talk, Isobel was finally able to head home. At this point, she could feel her head pounding because of the game those men were trying to play with her but she was known to look passed things like that and remain professional when all she wanted to was rip into them. However, that wasn't a part of her job description, hence why she kept her cool throughout the entire encounter but when you literally witnessed your mothers death, just about nothing effected you. As she walked out of the station, it seemed that the female lycan still had her mind on the with a file in hand and her face deep in it as her eyes scanned over its contents. This case in particular wasn't a mandatory one that typically required an arrest warrant or a warrant of some sort, no but she'd taken it up as extra credit, you could say because she had time on her hands.

The case involved a male who'd had a criminal history in the past and what she read so far told her he'd managed to keep that information under raps for what reason exactly? She had no idea but upon doing research, she'd found out he was indeed in Evermore City which managed to make things much easier on her. What made things even better was the mere fact that the station had also left her with a picture of this individual with his file. "Abraham," she read the name. "Accused of committing a murder, hm?" She read further, practically forcing the information into her mind. "How is he still roaming around," she mumbled to herself while her forehead creased, probably looking like a crazed woman to anyone who saw her. After studying the file, she'd put it away, knowing she'd get back to it later but for now, she had things to do if she wanted to keep productive.

Once she'd arrived home, Isobel gladly stripped out of her work clothes and heels, trading them in for a pair of leggings, a shirt, and her running shoes. Grabbing her earbuds and other essentials, the therian was on her way out for an afternoon run, the one thing she did on a day to day basis without getting sick of it, unlike her own job.

Luckily, the park wasn't packed at all and she guested it had something to do with the chilly weather outside, something that didn't effect her due to her enhanced body heat. However, it seemed today wasn't her day clearly as her shoes suddenly became undone, something she must've looked passed as she was getting ready to go out for her run. Before she had much time to react, Bell was falling over, managing to catch herself on all fours before her face connected with the concrete ground. "Dammit, Is." She spoke angrily to herself before a new voice spoke up. "No, I'm..." Her voice trailed off as she looked to the individual who offered his help, realization setting in as she recognized that face. Once she realized he was the one from her case, she didn't hesitate to speak his name. "Abraham Maddox?" She questioned though she knew it was indeed him. "You're a hard man to track down."

Abraham couldn’t help but think just how easy it was to trip her up, particularly a Lycan too; but then, with the element of surprise, it probably wasn’t hard to trip anyone up with a little touch of magic. A light smirk appeared as she stumbled on her words for a moment, clearly in embarrassment from something so silly; it truly took a lot of effort and skill to trip over one’s shoelaces. How incredibly rude, it was that she didn’t take his offer of his help - Abe wasn’t one to be truly polite so as she did not accept his offering quickly, he soon withdrew his hand. “Do you plan to stay on all fours down there?” He queried with a slight raise of his brows and a slight tone of amusement which laced his words; his question was so fitting considering her species. Yet his brows soon furrowed forwards once she posed his name as question followed by her statement. 

He chewed upon his inner cheek and took a step backwards as suspicion occupied his features, particularly when he recalled just what her job was. “And why exactly are you trying to track me down?” Abe quizzed and crouched down so that he was eye level with her, seeing as she was still on the ground; when in reality, he probably should have just portalled away and stayed well clear from her. “Are you working for a man named Christian? Because heaven forbid if you are” He almost growled the comment at her; if she was, he wouldn’t be surprised, it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. Abraham had to take a steadying breath and so, pinched the bridge of his nose; he would have to play smart, if it wasn’t Christian, it could be from one of the enemies from his Prison days. He also had to remember he was due to take her home too, whether she liked it or not. 

With a hum, he offered his hand once more and pulled her up to standing position; in fact, he almost tutted when he noted the slight tear in her leggings at her knees. “You have put me in a very tricky situation now, Isobel” He emphasised her name as he eyed her, having her know who he was, forced his hand to play a new card; with a quick suck of his teeth, he motioned his head. “Fortunately for you, it isn’t wise for me to run from you so it is probably best we find a safe zone so we discuss whatever the fuck is going on” Abe knew she would never trust him enough to go back to his shop alone, given her link to the police force and knowing what he had done there; plus, he certainly didn’t plan on following her to the police station; so a safe zone would have to suffice for now. “There is a local bar nearby, because I need a fucking drink” He spoke to himself moreso, turned on his heels and began to head in the right direction; hoping she would follow suit. 

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