Svet had ran away this time.She had barely packed an overnight bag, and vanished. Just like that. It had been enough to think she had hurt the one person she cared about most on this planet, but then.. Eirik.. a Valkyr she'd met by his ratings, He had been known for building the best of weapons,and with her trail of rogues, she figured why not. What she didn't anticipate, was growing fond of the man. She couldn't explain what it was about him, but when Svet had gotten to know Eirik, he filled a void. Quickly after befriending the Valkyr and spending endless hours helping him build weapons that initially could kill his own kind, she claimed him as a brother figure.. maybe even a father figure. Either way, he became one of two people in the world she never wanted to get caught up in her mess. 

Svet knew the rogues had tracked Eirik down,and the fact that he'd built weapons to end said rogues, they were now on the verge of attacking him too. Maybe it had been selfish to run from it all and throw her hands up, but what else could she have possibly done at this point? Have another bloody battle with casualties? No. She couldn't lose anyone else, or cause anyone else she cared for, to lose anything they cared about like she'd done to Dom. 

While the Russian Angel didn't feel okay about returning, she'd had no choice.  After hearing that Eirik was in actual danger, she had to run to his side. At least maybe this time, she could save someone from dying.. unlike the day she watched her father die by a group of people just like the ones hunting Eirik down.  The Nephilim hopped off the bus that she'd rode over to the location she'd gotten from Eirik a while back. It was a place for them to meet, to avoid drawing attention to his shop, and a place he could show her how to use her weapons without being seen by people they didn't want to be seen by. 

Her heart beat a million miles a minute, and even in spite of the abilities she had as a Nephilim, she feared for her and Eirik's life. Not knowing what she was walking into, was the worse of it all.It just seemed like de ja vu. Memories ofthe night she and Dom fought side by side flooded her mind, distracting her from the here and now. She didn't want to relive that night with anyone else.

"Eirik...?" she called out quietly. She wasn't sure if he was here alone, or if the rogues were stalking them out. Maybe this was a bad idea. Svet began to feel as if they were about to be cornered, and that coming here was exactly what the rogues had wanted all along.   Her eyes glowed their bright violet, and she could feel her Nephilim powers surging through her. She would go down fighting for someone she cared about. But the main thing, was that Eirik didn't deserve any of this just for helping her. 

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How did Eirik get into this mess? The Valkyr still sometimes wasn’t sure that getting involved in this matter had been his smartest move. But when the Russian Nephilim came asking for help, to make weapons that could potentially get rid of his faction; if in the wrong hands. He did have doubts...but still, knew that he couldn’t let her down. He was the only one that could help her with what she needed, to get rid of her enemies. A voice in the back of his mind, was always screaming at him, why was he taking such risks? He knew that he should have pulled out of this, a while ago. But he went against his better judgement; as he didn’t want to let Svetlana down. Not when he promised he would help her...but it was slowly coming at a price.

The situation indeed was getting more dangerous; Svetlana was out of town. Which worried Eirik, where the Nephilim had ditched and left for. Then on top of that, the rogues started coming after they got word, he was helping the Nephilim. Luckily, they hadn’t attacked his weaponry store. Eirik wouldn’t be sure what he would do...if his joy and pride would be destroyed like that. But that didn’t mean...that they didn’t wreck his own person den...his home. With threatening messages left behind. The elder Valkyr had a load to clean up. It had been a first warning sign, that maybe he should find a way out of this deal. Not for his sake, but for everyone else around him; that he cared about. As he wouldn’t forgive himself...if others got in this mess, because of him, helping the Russian Angel.

Just when, he thought that was it. They had returned a few days later; to deal with him in person. Eirik was out-numbered. 4 against 1. Luckily, it was a small group instead of the whole organization that sought him out. Or else, he might be dead right now. But it was still a tough fight. To say that they took him by surprise; was pretty much hitting the nail on it’s head. Eirik had been taken by surprise. Trying to outwit them, with his own combat skills. But he was well aware of how dangerous and strong rogues could be. They gave him hell of a fight, for sure.

Even when Eirik was caught in two grips at once...he still managed to dodge attacks from the other two. Effectively, using the rogues as his shields. The Valkyr, was much older than the rogues. So thankfully his strength came into play. With a forceful kick and flipping them over his body; the rogue Valkyrs got knocked into their Eirik freed himself. Getting a gun, he kept on him in case he was attacked. As he pulled the trigger; the gun sprayed liquid made out of Daystar. Something that he and Svetlana had worked on, when she needed extra weapons. Luckily, Eirik kept a few of them on him for training with her, but also for his own sake if he got attacked by the rogues. The rogues let out shrieks of the liquid sprayed two of them in the eyes/face. the burning sensation. Fleeing into the darkness. Now, he was left with two. Of course, them being pissed off...they went in for an attack. Knocking the weapon from his grip.

Eirik moved swiftly, to dodge both of their attacks. Managing to kick one into the nearest wall; almost putting a massive hole in the brick-work,from the impact. When one went to attack him again. The Valkyr managed to get him in a tight grip, with a sharp twist; snapping it’s neck. The dead body dropped by his feet. With one of the rogues dead...the other weak from the poison, the third one fled before Eirik could try and kill him. Momentary, scared by the Viking. Eirik dragged the dead Valkyr into a discreet spot...where he set the body on fire. Letting the corpse of the rogue burn. Just then...he noticed his own injuries. The buggers had managed to injure his right shoulder and left hip. The blood trickling was becoming more prominent. With a slight hiss. Eirik stayed in the shadows...where he was slowly trying to regain strength...whilst stopping the bleeding.

Just then, he heard a familiar voice calling out to him. Svetlana. She was back? “You shouldn’t be here.” Eirik spoke from the darkness. His voice unusually curt. Not that he wanted to, but pushing the girl away would be for the best. Feeling weary, of letting her into his life even more, than he had...for this mess, was red warning signs, all over. “Go home Svetlana.” Even if he came to care for her, as a friend and sister-like-figure. This was for the best. Him keeping his distance from now on.

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