It had been a few weeks since Siobhan had not returned home after what was to be a few days with her friend Clarissa. Sophia had grown worried about her daughter, Yet the only person she knew to see if Siobhan was around was Dominic. She picked her phone with the babe on her hip and pressed the number to call him. Reaching his voicemail she gave a gentle sigh from her lips. “Dominic, I honestly wasn’t sure who to call. Siobhan has not returned home. She said she was going to be with someone named Clarissa for a few days. Yet it's been weeks now since I saw her. I was hoping maybe you two made up and she was with you. Let me know please. I’m worried about her.” She hung up the phone.


Two years had passed since Siobhan had left Evermore. She couldn’t even clearly make out what had happened over the last two years. Or why the draw to Evermore was so strong. Her memories here were a blur. The only thing that Siobhan could remember were flashes of people and blood. She winced when she tried to think of it too hard.  She looked at her bruised hand as she rubbed it. Remembering the guy she had cold cocked at the bus stop for trying to grup her ass.

As she stood at the bus station for a long moment. Looking around. She wasn’t sure where she should even go. Alcohol. That is what she needed, Maybe it would jog her memory on why she wanted to come to Evermore. Tightening her hand around the duffle bag handle she started to walk down the street until eventually finding a bar. Walking in the smell of smoke and sexual tension hung in the air so thick it was almost hard to see through. 

She took a deep breath in need to find alcohol kicking into overdrive, though something about the bar was familiar. She moved to the bar and placed her bag on the floor as she leaned in on the bar. “Rum and coke.” She said as she then looked around the bar at the pool table catching her eye. A impish smirk crossed her lips as she pulled her jacket off pulling the v neck in her shirt lower and tied it so that her belly button was showing. She moved closer to the tables giving a gentle smile.

“Well now this game looks like such fun. Care to show me how it's played? Then maybe after I know how we can toss some money around for fun?” She gave a playful giggle as her hand came to the males arm. Who was more than eager to take hold of her hip and pulled her in front of him, bending her over the table with the pool cue in hand. After a few minutes of the pair moving around the table and he ‘Showing her how to play’. Sio pulled out a twenty and placed it on the table. “How about we go against each other now.” she batted her lashes at the male.

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Dom pushed open the door of the Roadhouse bar, nodding to Johnny, the bald headed bouncer on duty who sat on the wooden stool and returned the gesture while continuing to id the people waiting to come inside. He was tired. Really tired. After a week away tracking down a cursed diviner that was causing mayhem along the main interstate going south of Colorado Springs, Dominic wanted nothing more than to be back home. However, it also meant that he didn't have any food there at the cabin and so he was back at one of his old stomping grounds in the city where he used to be employed when he first came to Evermore as a drifter. 

He didn't even have to say anything as the bartender knew what Dom would order as they greeted each other with some small talk after not having seen one another in at least a year. Reina popped the top of the beer bottle off that made a satisfying sound and set it down which was a welcome sight as the therian drank the cold liquid. His hues flitted to the television above as a few of the college football games were showing, but it didn't hold his attention long when he glanced to the wolf with daisies tattoo on his arm which made the hollowness in his chest ache with remembrance and a guilt. His thumb brushed over the design slowly as he became lost in a memory that he'd give anything to erase. If there was some chance at all to go back in time and redo their last conversation...

It was then the familiar scent that belonged to her hit him like a ton of bricks despite the hundreds of other smells that this place held like a cesspool of shame. His head swiveled around to the pool tables and he immediately stood up and moved through the sea of people as Reina called after him about his food order which was just placed down where he'd been seated. When she'd finally come into view, Dom could only stare for a moment in disbelief that Siobhan was actually there and casually shooting pool as if everything was normal. The immediate feeling of relief washed over him knowing that she wasn't hurt or worse because his mind had always gone to the darkest parts of his imagination, picturing all the awful things that might've happened to her which tortured him every day and night. 

One of the men she had been playing with stepped behind the nephilim and playfully yanked her back against him which made Dominic's jaw clench and was enough to move him from the spot. He walked over and quickly grabbed Siobhan's arm to get her attention, pulling her away from the man. "What the hell, Siobhan? Where've you been?" Looking her over, something about the angel appeared different, but he wasn't sure what. She didn't seem herself and her whole demeanor was off. "You can be mad at me all you want, but your mother has been worried sick and so has Clarissa. Why weren't you answering your phone?" 

"Hey, pal, back off." The guy that she was with pushed Dom's shoulder in some attempts to separate them which was a foolish move by him.

Dominic's eyes cut to him, glaring. "You touch me again and I'll break your arm."

"Dom." Reina called to him in warning from behind the bar, seeing the scene that was starting to unfold.

The therian let his threat linger between them for a moment before looking back to Siobhan. The way she looked at him was as if it were for the first time;  Like he were a complete stranger. The anger that was once holding his features changed into confusion then as he spoke softly. "What happened to you?"

As the man she planned on hustling some money out of pulled her back against him she went to turn. After all she could steal his wallet as well if she distracted him with a kiss, yet that didn’t happen as a large hand wrapped around her arm and pulled her away from the sucker she was trying to fool. Hearing her name come out of the mouth of a larger broad male with long locks caused her to raise her brow to him.She felt her brain starting to burn as she stared deep into those hazel eyes with her dead expressionless blue ones. She opened her mouth to curse him out yet the man pushed on him. Causing a fearsome gaze, a gaze that sent shivers down her spine. Maybe in another time he could have been the sucker she played, he looked good for a night of fun.

Yet as he knew her name there were red flags going off in her head. The darkness swirled and whispered in her left ear. Her head visibly shifted to listen to it. ‘Siobhan, this man is going to kill you. Take him out first.’ The darkness hissed into her ear as she felt the smirk take over her lips, the look in her eyes shifted from expressionless to heated. She yanked her arm away from his grasp easily, “I have no idea who you are and why you think you know me.” She twirled the pool stick in one hand  then grasped it with both hands whacking Dominic upside of her head with strength no human could master, the stick breaking against his head. Seeing the blood take over his field of vision. 

She raised the broken stick to strike him again and yet her arm stopped her, she dropped the broken stick. She reached out taking a fist full of his shirt pulling him closer and whispered in his ear. “Touch me again without me asking you too. I will take your life.” She then pushed him into the male she had been playing pull with slipping his wallet from his back pocket in a fluid motion. The pushing him into the other male started the bar breaking out into a full on fight. She smirked at her handy work taking the money off the pool table and shoving it in her bra as she moved to pick up her bag. She jumped over the counter as the bartenders went to help the bouncers break up the fight she had started.

She grabbed a few bottles shoving them in her bag along with pulling open the cash register and taking all the money she could out of it before jumping back over the bar. The darkness hissing in her ear, ‘Well done little one. You will have everything you need before you know it.’ She moved to the door and paused for a moment looking over her shoulder. Her heart ached deep in her chest for some reason. She shook her head quickly before making her way out the door fully skipping into the alleyway behind the bar to make her way to a motel or something for the night. 

She took the wallet she stole from the male who grabbed her arm and opened it. She saw the ID “Dominic.” she muttered the name it was as if she had said that name quite a bit. She had stopped walking as she stared at it for a moment longer. A flash of a field took over her vision but soon darkness ate it. She cleared her throat and pulled out the cash from the wallet and went to toss it over her shoulder but stopped when she saw a folded photo. She reached in because curiosity got the better of the nephilim. “Let’s see who holds your heart big guy.” she muttered out before opening it.

She stared at the photo that looked like her with him, his arms around her holding her close, they looked to be at an event of some kind. Yet the version of her in the photo looked happy, and carefree. Maybe she had a twin out there somewhere? She tried to think back on her childhood and she hit a wall in her own mind. ‘Stop! you know you can’t go back, I am keeping you safe.’ the darkness hissed out into her ear. She touched her nose feeling the blood dripping from it. “You’re right,” she replied to the darkness before tucking the photo back into the wallet and throwing it behind her shoulder.

She started counting the cash to figure out she had enough to get something to eat, her stomach growled at the thought. It had been several days of just alcohol for her. Her body was not happy at her for that. She stuffed the cash in her bra and went to walk out of the alleyway.

Her words were laced with an unrecognizable tone. How could Siobhan be saying these things? What had happened that he wasn’t there to protect her from like he always should’ve been? His expression turned into more confusion until the pool stick met the side of his head with the force of her species’ strength. Dominic immediately stumbled backwards until he felt her grab his shirt to yank him towards her again with a threat he truly believed she would fulfill. 

The therian fell forward into the man she’d been with who immediately pushed him and swung. The punch connected with his jaw and Dominic fell back into one of the wooden foundation pillars. He could feel the blood of his newly gained wound run down his face and over his eye, blurring his vision even further as the blow itself had completely disorientated him. Despite the world spinning, he countered the next attack by yanking the man’s arm and twisting it around. His free hand grabbed a fistful of the back of the man’s shirt and he pushed him down onto the pool table, growling low into his ear. “What did I tell you?” 

A few moments later and Dominic stumbled through the chaotic scene, leaving the man he’d just had the scuffle with in a world of pain and cradling his arm that wouldn’t heal for a few months. He pushed open the door to the bar and let his eyes scan the busy streets of the city, yet she was nowhere to be seen. The city air was thick. Trying to track anything was without fail a problem when there was so much that his senses were taking in, however her scent had always been a beacon to him.

He braced himself on the sides of the buildings as he walked and shook his head gently to rid himself of the fogginess. People on the street gave him sideways glances as he was sure he probably looked like hell, but despite seeing double of almost everything, Dominic followed her trail and turned down a nearby alleyway which appeared empty if not for the final glimpse of her small figure bouncing down the adjacent pathway. It was only the familiar discarded wallet that lay in a dirty puddle which caused him a moment's pause as he picked it up and realized he'd been taken and by her no less. "Son of a bitch." 

His steps quickened down the narrow and darkened back alley, keeping as quiet as possible until he was only within several feet of her. “Siobhan!” Dominic wasn’t going to take any chances in her getting away and grabbed her shoulders to spin her around. He gently pushed her against the building and held her there for a moment before backing away with his hands up, hoping she wouldn’t take off if he showed he wasn’t a threat. “Listen. Just give me thirty seconds and I’ll prove that I know you. If you don’t like my answer, you can put me on my ass using whatever nephilim ability you feel is appropriate.” Once he realized she seemed to be willing to give him his piece, Dom stepped back against the opposite wall and leaned on it for support and rest. His gaze held hers for a few silent moments as he understood this was going to be much harder than he thought and not because he couldn't prove it to her.

"Your name is Siobhan Leslie. You were adopted and lived with your parents and brother on a farm, not really getting out much and having somewhat of a sheltered life. You came to Evermore to find the thing that killed your father and brother, looking for revenge and answers." He closed his eyes momentarily before leaning his head back on the brick and looking back to her through lidded eyes. "You're an expert bowman, can fix pretty much anything, build anything, and you love to cook." Dominic tried to read her as he spoke, but wasn't sure if any of it was getting through. He stood again at full height and slowly moved towards her, reaching for her tiny wrist as he closed the distance between them completely. Lifting it, he looked down to the scars that adorned her palm for the habit she couldn't break. "You do this when you get frustrated with yourself." Dom's voice became much softer as he continued the journey of her body he knew so well. His fingers moved up her skin and touched the moon and daisies tattoo that graced her inner arm next, making him smirk from the memory. "You got this a few years ago after a drunken night out." His free hand shifted to her exposed midriff next, causing the happy echo to fade away just as quickly. "You were cut here," he continued, his thumb brushing over the scar on her collarbone, feeling the anger that the marks caused in him, "and here by a diviner named Lucifer." 

Finally his hand moved lower along her chest where he paused. Dominic met her eyes, trying to find some hint of the angel he once knew in the darkened ocean blues. "You were shot here." The pain of that night and the thought of losing her formed as a lump in his throat that he swallowed down in an effort to continue. "You took a bullet for me, Nani. You almost died." It would always be his biggest failure and now there was this coming in at a close second. Dom lowered his hands from her then even though he wanted nothing more than to have her in his arms again. "Do you remember anything?"

Siobhan was trying to make her way to get something to eat and another bottle for the night. Maybe even sleep in a warm bed that night instead of the streets she had gotten used too. She looked up to the night sky. She honestly didn’t expect her name to be called once again, she was gonna run off but the man's strong hand stopped her and she felt her back pushed against the building. As his tall form pressed to her, in another context she would have enjoyed this. Her eyes narrowed and swirled with her lavender nephilim color, yet he backed away and she crossed her arms. He caught her off once again knowing she was nephilim. Her eyebrow raised slowly at him, she didn’t say anything just staring at him. Why did this man know so much about her?

She watched him press to the opposite wall and her gaze moved from him for a minute if her wings would work she could get out of here quickly. She thought about attempting to fly but the risk of falling had been great lately. It was why she came into town on a bus. Her feathers were falling away and she was slowly becoming weaker. She needed a fix. When he started to talk again she looked back to him, yes her name was Siobhan Leslie, she knew that much. Her brows pulled together with questions as he talked about her childhood. Something she couldn’t remember. The other facts, being able to fix pretty much anything, and being able to cook were also true. At least those where things she knew about herself. The darkness swirled in her head again causing a sharp pain. Making her flinch as she worked on focusing on what he was saying.

When he was there in front of her taking her wrist it was like the darkness was broken as her eyes focused back on him. She didn’t pull away because it was the first moment of peace she felt. Her eyes followed the scars from her palm, it was a habit she still did. How did he know this. Then the Daisy moon. Then the other scars along her body before he seemed to choke up. Her eyes searched his when he called her Nani. The name made her stand up off the wall he had pushed her against. When he pulled his hand back the darkness swirled again. ‘Take this bastard out now. He is lying to you.’ Her head turned to the left again as the voice spoke to her before she looked back to him. She reached out touching the daisy wolf on his arm studying it for a moment. Her hands moved to his chest and up him slowly, her eyes moving to meet his.

She got on her tippy toes to get closer to him, letting her lips linger against his for a moment as if she was going to kiss him. “No.” she said to his question of if she remembered anything. She unleashed her ability to make him feel pain. She held him up until he went limp. She threw him on the ground and looked him over. She tilted her head to the side as she studied his face. She felt the blood falling from her nose again as she tried to remember the things he said were her life. She took a step back, ‘Run away from him, go!’ the dark voice screamed at her, making her cover her ears “Shut up!” she screamed out knowing she looked crazy.

She looked back to the man on the ground, “Fucking shit.” She said as she moved picking him up with a grunt. “What the fuck do you eat.” She muttered as she reached into his pocket again and pulled out his ID. She had no idea where this address was and she didn’t have time to find his phone and try to look it up. “Guess it's a hotel room for two tonight.” She said as she started moving back towards the hotel she was making her way to before he stopped her. Once she managed to make it she set his unconscious body on the ground and went in and got a key for a room.  She walked back outside and picked him up and moved with him through the lobby giggling like a schoolgirl making sure his head was buried in her neck as if they were going to the room for a fun night.

Once in the elevator she sighed between him and her bag she was going to drop something. Yet she managed to make it off the elevator into the room and place him on the bed. With a sharp sigh she moved him into the middle of the bed and took his shoes off. She went to the restroom and got a rag wetting it. Finding a small first aid kit she moved back to the bed sitting next to him as she cleaned up the wound from where she hit him with the pool stick. She stared at his face for a long moment before shaking her head again and putting a bandaid over her handy work. “Lucky you are clearly not human.” She muttered under her breath.

After that she pulled off her clothes and moved into the bathroom. She turned on the shower as hot as it would go and stared at her reflection for a long moment. She touched the bullet wound in the center of her chest. “You took a bullet for me, Nani. You almost died.” Had she been unselfish at one point? Had someone actually cared about her for more than her body? She let her wings out and watched as some of the blackened feathers fell to the floor. Who was this person this Dominic knew? Was it really her? Did she have a peaceful life at one point? Swallowing hard she closed her wings and moved under the hot water. 

She wasn’t sure how long she stood under the water. When she snapped back to the moment she washed herself quickly and moved out of the shower wrapping a towel around her much slender frame that had more scars on it then before. She walked back into the room part of the hotel room and picked up her bag and set it on the edge of the bed not looking at him so she wasn’t sure if he was awake or not.

Dominic tried to read her as she stepped closer to him. He looked down into Siobhan's eyes with some hope that any of his words might be the catalyst that would trigger some type of memory, but he couldn't be sure. Feeling her light touch again as she traced her fingers slowly along his arms was familiar, yet foreign all the same as it had been so long since they'd been in a place where that would be the normal like it used to be. As she leaned in closer and rose on her toes as if to kiss him, he instinctively lowered his head to meet her lips, but Siobhan's harsh denial caused a confused expression to pass over his features.

The sudden pain that shot through his body made him instantly seize up. The swirl of purple tint in her eyes was familiar to him as her nephilim powers took complete control of him. Dominic tried helplessly to fight against it anyway. Pointless as it was, he couldn't let her get away again after the last two years of not knowing where she'd been and if she was even all right. The full force of the pain she was causing was overwhelming. It didn't matter his will, Siobhan could snap him in half if she really wanted to and he wouldn't be able to stop it. Everything that they'd ever felt for each other wouldn't save him. The blinding agony was soon too much and in his last ditch effort he grabbed onto her wrists as Siobhan held fast to his shirt, but his mind finally succumbed to the pain and he went unconscious. 

It was some time later when Dom's eyes opened. A groan passed between his lips as he inhaled deeply. A slight numb feeling seemed to be coursing through his skin as if a side effect of the pain he'd received earlier from Siobhan. His ears perked up first and it was the sound of running water nearby that made him try and focus on just where in the hell he was. The bed he was laying in was hard and uncomfortable, causing him to sit up faster than he probably should've as an instant headache pounded unapologetically. Dom put a hand through his hair and looked around the space. He quickly realized he was in a hotel room and apparently he wasn't alone as the familiar sound of the water shutting off was from a shower. His eyes landed on the unfamiliar bag nearby just before Siobhan stepped into the room.

He turned and placed his feet on the ground, realizing his boots were on the floor nearby which made a single eyebrow raise. First she attacked him rather mercilessly and now he's in a room with her? Dom watched her move about the space quietly for a moment before deciding to clear his throat softly. "You plan on torturing me here now?" His eyes landed on his wallet and phone which he picked up from the nightstand and slid back into his pockets. "If you need the money, I can give you some if you promise not to do that again," he grumbled with slight annoyance, reaching a hand up to rub his temple and feeling the familiarity of a bandage. 

His hues moved over her body quickly where he saw the unfamiliar bruises and scars that weren't being covered by the towel and weren't there the years before. Much of her passed decisions weren't wise ones when she was off on her own and he tried not to think about all the places she might've been and what she was doing in the meantime to obtain those new marks along with the loss of her memory. Dom sighed out and held her gaze sternly while clenching his fist open and closed to be rid of the lingering numbness. "Where've you been, Siobhan?" 

Siobhan let out a loud sigh for a moment as she leaned her head forward to look through the bag. “I didn’t kill you, and I brought you to the place I plan on staying the night. So no, I don’t plan on torturing you. It's been hard for me to feel bad for my actions and yet for some reason I feel bad hurting you.” She said softly as she pulled out sweatpants and a t-shirt. “And trust me I have done things many would feel bad doing so. Yet I never thought once, stealing, pulling a trigger, so on.” She said as she dropped the towel and pulled on the sweatpants then the shirt on over her wet hair.

She turned to face him as she was done getting dressed, tossing the towel back into the bathroom. “I guess I can promise that, I will just break your arm if I need to. Yet the Siobhan you seem to know, you seemed to have fancied her.” She said as she watched him touch the bandage. “I could offer you my blood but I often sell it to Valkyr’s when I need the cash so I prefer to keep it. And since you are not human, with whatever you are I figured you would heal at a decent rate.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders before she reached in her bag and pulled out one of the bottles of alcohol she stole from the bar. 

She moved to stand on the bed to stand level eye with him. “I already took your money so what else do you have to offer while I am in this city?” She asked unscrewing the lid of the bottle, tossing it in the trash as she tilted the bottle back drinking from it. The burn that trailed down her throat made her feel better, it felt like safe and comfort. She shivered from the comfort before pulling the bottle away, licking her lips to catch any drips that dare to escape her lips. She looked over his broad frame. His question made her raise her head back to the roof as she thought how to answer it. “I can’t remember everywhere, which I am assuming you know. Since you knew some version of me.” 

She moved walking across the bed and slid down to sit as she offered him a sip from the bottle. “The earliest I remember is being in New York, sleeping on the streets starving.” Her eyes glazed over as she spoke. “Some guy offered me money exchange for sex. Yet he didn’t plan on having sex with me, he planned on killing me. So I killed him and stole everything he had on him. Kinda went from there traveling via buses to different cities, robbing who I could to survive, anyone trying to hurt me well. Didn’t survive.” She said with a shrug before snapping back to him. “Something pulled me to Evermore, I came looking for help.”

She took another long sip from the bottle and pulled her knees up to her chest as she looked to him through her lashes for a moment. “Did she make you happy? The Siobhan you know? The Siobhan who stepped in front of a bullet for you?” Her hand came to the center of her chest for a moment where the scar was. “I don’t remember you.” She said honestly as she looked to him head on. “And with what you said in the alleyway I wish I did know you. You guys must have had something special.” She said as she leaned her head back to the headboard. “I mean to chase me down after smacking you with a pool stick and you still came chasing after me.”

She sat up a little more from the headboard. “I would have taken you home but I have no idea where that address is on your ID, or where your car or whatever was.” Her wings came from her back. They were black feathered and missing feathers. “And flying has become more and more complicated since they started turning black.” She looked to her wings again before letting them fold back in.

Dominic could only remain in a state of quiet shock as he listened to the most recent events she could recall. Everything that came out of her mouth only made him become more confused with a swirl of different emotions he couldn't feel fully at any given moment as the next shocking thing was said. There was not a trace of the nephilim he used to know behind her eyes except for the small glimmer of hope that made her falter when it came to seeing him again. He had to think perhaps he was the key to at least get the ball rolling when it came to her remembering anything from the past. 

As her wings slowly opened from her back it somehow solidified everything she had been saying, knowing that the cause and effect of what happened to her clearly showed in the story of her blackened and missing feathers. It was about all he could take. Dominic quickly leaned over towards her and snatched the bottle away, putting it on the floor. Anger was now the only emotion that seemed to be driving him and he knew it shouldn't be. It wasn't directed at Siobhan, but more that this had all happened in the first place. He was mostly angry at himself. It was an emotion that followed him around more often than not in the days since her disappearance, leading to excessive drinking and burying himself in Ailward missions with the hopes of looking for a fight. More and more he was pushing away the people that cared, especially when they mentioned her name or tried to offer advice when they saw him at his worst.

Dominic closed his eyes for a moment, lowering his head and taking a deep breath. Blowing it now wasn't going to help Siobhan. He finally looked back over to her, trying to focus on what was important, at least for now. "Yes, I did care for that Siobhan. I do care for that Siobhan," he quickly corrected and continued, looking passed her and to the wall as his mind wandered to the years prior when they had drifted apart. "She did make me happy. More than I showed, I think." His gaze moved back to her then. "Whatever happened, we'll figure it out. You obviously came back here for a reason. You said so yourself and I know a few powerful people who can hel..." but he couldn't finish his sentence as there was a shift in the air and the sudden appearance of a certain matronly diviner.

"Where is she?!" Billie Mae's voice was about two octaves higher as she screamed at him, making him jump as she always did when she popped in out of nowhere. Dominic nodded with his head silently despite usually giving her a mouthful when she would do that any other time. The woman spun around breathlessly and stared at Siobhan for a quiet moment which was completely unlike her. This was a woman who shared exactly what she was thinking and feeling at all times with gusto. "Oh, sweet, cher." Billie began to move towards Siobhan, but he quickly reached for the diviner's arm to keep her from doing so. He only looked up to the older woman who seemed to understand and instead slowly sat on the opposite bed and began to study Siobhan quietly.

Dom's gaze moved back to Siobhan and gave a short sigh. He wasn't sure if having Billie here would make her run again, but he couldn't help but feel somewhat relieved all the same that the diviner could possibly help figure out what exactly had happened to her. "Siobhan, this is Billie Mae. She's also a friend of yours. She's a diviner and annoyingly enough at times, a psychic." Dominic expected a witty remark, but Billie's focus was transfixed on Siobhan, no doubt silently reading her like she loved to do which always made him particularly uncomfortable. "Just give her a few minutes and she might be able to see what's going on with your memory?" He stood from the bed and pulled his cell from his pocket again before looking between both women. It was so strange to see them like this when their relationship had been close, even when Dom and Siobhan had broken up. 

He turned his back to them for some privacy and paced on the other side of the hotel room, sending a quick text to her mother and Clarissa with the promise that he'd call them both later with as much information as he could. As expected, Sophia immediately tried calling him, but Dom ignored it. The last thing he wanted to do was have her mother completely freaking out on the phone which might overwhelm Siobhan and make her want out again. Dom imagined it wouldn't be that hard of a thing to do with how her current state of thinking was and wasn't about to take the risk. Sitting on the worn chest of drawers to face them again, he tried to think of the best case scenario that would keep her from running. At first he considered her mother or Clarissa as being the obvious option, but she wouldn't have had as many memories that could help jog something in her subconscious as she would at his cabin. The thought of having her back there again was stirring a mix of emotions inside him, but it wasn't the most important thing right now. All that mattered now was figuring out how to help Siobhan.

Siobhan felt the bottle snatched from her hands which caused a confused look to cross her face as she stared at his angry expression. “If you wanted some you only had to ask.” She huffed out knowing though as it was sat on the floor he didn’t want it. No it was something different in his eyes. Something he wasn’t saying, maybe it was something he didn’t want to talk about. Not that she would press him. She had no right to ask him to tell her what was on his mind. Yet the want to know that hit her made her want to ask cause a slight raise of anxiety in her chest. She had over the last two years not given two shits about what was on anyone’s mind. Now he comes into her life. What the actually fuck. She wanted to push him out of the way and run now. The want to run away was rising until the anger left his face and his head hung.

When he looked at her again he seemed calmer which made the want to run away lower. She wondered in caring for that Siobhan meant he could care for the one in front of him. Yet she didn’t want to ask knowing the answer may hurt more than she cared to feel. “Maybe if she comes back, you show her how happy she makes you. Don’t lose her again. If you still care for her.” It was strange giving advice about a love life she didn’t remember but it didn’t mean she didn’t have a right to speak on it.  She nodded in agreement for what he was saying, Yet before she could say something, he was cut off by the appearance of a elderly woman who made Siobhan jump banging the back of her head to the headboard. “Fuck.” She said as she raised her hand to rub the spot she hit.

Siobhan's gaze came up to meet the older woman for a moment and she raised a brow towards her. Looking to Dominic then back to her. She licked her lips as she tilted her head to the side blinking a few times. Siobhan felt a hazeness come in her vision as the two seemed transfixed on one another. “I know you.” She said softly to Billie Mae as they stared at each other once Dominic had left to the other side of the room. “You were in my dreams.” She blinked a few times. “Well my nightmares, anytime the darkness tried to kill me you were there.” She said to Billie Mae. Yet she couldn’t seem to break her gaze on her. She got up from the bed and reached out to touch Billie Mae's face softly. “Like a light.” She swallowed hard for a moment before letting her hand drop. 

“Is this a dream?” Confusion was swirling inside the nephilim before he head turned to look at Dominic for a long moment. Then back to Billie Mae again. She moved and sat on the edge of her bed. “Do whatever you want.” She said as her head hung towards the ground. She fought the urge to pull away as she felt the woman's fingers trail into her hair. She closed her eyes and then let out a large gasp as she felt her brain start to burn. She tried to fight the feeling of wanting to hurt the elderly woman after all she was trying to help right? The dark thoughts swirled in her burning brain screaming. ‘Kill her! Kill her!’ it screamed in her head. Siobhan's hands came up taking hold of Billie Mae’s Wrist and yanked her hands away from her hair. When her head came up her blue eyes no longer blue, they were black as black goo fell from her nose and tear ducts.

A dark voice that wasn’t Siobhan’s filled the room staring at Billie Mae. “Keep your filthy Diviner hands off my vessel or I will kill you Billie Mae.” After that Siobhan's eyes rolled back before snapping back to their blue. She felt weak, her grip that left bruises on her hands fell away and she took a weak step away from her. She gagged as she turned to the trash can coughing hard. She felt like she couldn’t breath and started freaking out. Her wings coming out of her back showing Billie Mae they were black and falling apart and wrapped around her as she was hyperventilating. “Help.” She stuttered out as she tried to stand to her shaking feet but couldn’t. She felt weak as if she had no strength anymore. “Help.” She said softly as tears started flowing down her cheeks mixing with the black goo that had come out. “What is wrong with me.” She asked as her fist collided with the wall leaving a hole in the drywall. 

Dominic folded his arms over his chest as he watched the two women. Despite being over two years ago, he could distinctly remember where he was the moment his phone rang and Clarissa was on the other end telling him that she hadn't heard from Siobhan in days. He had been staying away from Siobhan as much as possible, only having messaged their mutual friend on ocassion to make sure she was still okay, but not wanting to know much more than that. It was hard enough ending everything and having to hear any further than if she was alive was more information than he wanted to know. Clarissa learned that quickly, but receiving the news that she had gone missing made his world shatter all over again.

His gaze remained fixed on Siobhan, watching as Billie Mae did whatever it was Billie Mae did as the intuitive diviner that she was, but his brow pulled together when he saw the sudden change wash over the nephilim. At first he wasn't sure what he was seeing, but the black residue that began to pour from her eyes made him stand as he watched the scene unfold. It was like Siobhan had become possessed as he witnessed something else take complete control of her. Billie gasped in surprise and whimpered at Siobhan's hold, making him cross the room in only a few steps just as she was released. He stood in shock and stepped in between the two to make himself a barrier. The voice that suddenly announced itself to threaten Billie could only be described as demonic, but vanished just as quickly as it came, leaving the nephilim in a coughing fit.

Dominic turned to look at Billie to make sure she was okay and the elder nodded in reassurance. His head swiveled back around as Siobhan punched the wall, making him move to intervene. "Hey, it's okay. It's okay," he tried to soothe, turning and pulling her into his chest. His arms wrapped around her as she broke down to provide some type of comfort, but he locked gazes with Billie in bewilderment. The possibilities of what they just saw floated about in his mind. From his many experiences, Dom imagined it had to have been a curse of some sort. Billie nodded at his suspicions in silence, no doubt confirming what he suspected after reading his thoughts. It made his arms wrap around Siobhan a little more tightly to hold her.

Some minutes later and things had calmed to a less chaotic scene. Billie was on the opposite side of the room and staring through the window into oblivion as her mind worked in the mysterious ways that it did. Dom sat next to Siobhan and held a damp towel to her so she could clean her face. Finding the right words seemed impossible when trying to figure out a way to convince her to stay with him, but he decided the truth was the best. "I know you're scared and confused right now, but you can't continue the way you're doing," he began, speakly lowly. "You're going to end up losing your wings completely, hurt, or dead and I'm not going to accept any of those as an option. I want you to come stay with me for a bit." He let out a light sigh that felt like a breath he had been holding until he could finally get those words out. "You were living with me the longest before disappearing, so I think the liklihood that your memory might get jogged would happen there. More importantly, I can keep an eye on you and Billie," he glanced over to the woman as she still remained unmoving and looking out the window, "can help figure out what exactly is going on with you. If she can't, we have other options and powerful people that will glady help you. You have friends in Evermore."

Dom tried to search her eyes to figure out what she might be thinking. He didn't know if what he said would make a difference, but he knew that he wouldn't allow Siobhan to walk out of that door alone either. He reached for her arm to hold onto it and hoped his words would be enough. "I promise I'll find a way to help if you can just trust me."

Siobhan looked towards the therian as he came to her, soothing her as she felt the tears streaming down her face. Looking to him helplessly as he pulled her into his chest. How had this man gone from being smacked upside his head by her. To hold her like this. The care behind his voice as it soothed made her brows pull together. Yet she found comfort in his embrace in that moment. Closing her eyes tightly trying to call her breathing. Unaware of the exchanged looks with Billie Mae and himself. Her breathing started to level, her rapid heartbeat calming to a normal level. She had no idea that her hands were clung to the back of his shirt in fist as she was trying to call herself down until she pulled away from him, once she felt she could breathe again.

She moved weakly to the bed and sat there looking between the two people in the room with her. Feeling the weight on the bed beside her, she looked from Billie back to Dom who held a damp towel to her. She took it and ran it over her face letting out a gentle breath as the quiet clung to the room. When she cleaned the black goo off her face she looked to it for a long moment before tossing it aside completely. She wasn’t sure what to say, she didn’t understand what had just happened. She was as confused as everyone else in the room with her. She opened her mouth slightly to say sorry to the Diviner but nothing came out. She was thankful for Dominic to say something, it gave her something for her to focus on.

Her fear laced eyes moved to hold on to his as he spoke lowly. She listened to what he was offering and felt her teeth sink into her bottom lip for a moment before feeling his hands come to take hold of her arm. Her free hand came to rest on his hand that was holding her arm. He was warm, and there was a comfort that came with looking at him, with how he looked to her. He looked like he would fight the world to keep her safe. Even if it meant fighting herself. She stayed there holding his hand for a long moment, as she weighed her options. “Okay.” She said softly as she looked over to Billie Mae for a long moment.

“I’m sorry for hurting you.” She said honestly before standing up from the bed letting go of Dominic’s hand. She moved to her bag and threw what she had taken out. Standing there for a long moment she looked between the two of them. “You sure you want to do this? To help me? Whatever just happened could happen again. What if I can’t stop it next time? Or it doesn’t let me back.” She said swallowing as she reached inside the side pocket pulling out a small rock rubbing her thumb along it slowly. It was a rock that Billie Mae had given her before she went missing, unknown to her that it was. It was just always something she couldn’t part with. It soothed her. 

She pulled her bag on her shoulder as she moved, picking up the bottle of alcohol and looked at Dominic for a long moment, her eyes searching his. “I do trust you. After all it should be you who doesn’t trust me. I wouldn’t trust me.” She said lightly before feeling her eyelids grow heavy. “Can we go now though? If you want me to stay with you. I don’t think I can stand much longer.” She felt herself sway slightly in that moment as she reached out using him to steady herself. “It's happening again.” She said as she tightened her eyes. “The darkness sometimes just comes over me, and I pass o-.” The words became slurred as she spoke, the bottle slipped from her hand along with the rock she had been rubbing. As her body went limp against him. “I’m scared Dommy.” she whispered in her unconscious state.

He watched as Siobhan stood and moved over to her belongings, airing out the fears she had about the whole situation. Dominic sighed and looked over to Billie who had turned to face them finally. The woman seemed to be focused on the stone the nephilim held though he hadn't a clue why. "I don't know," Dominic said honestly with a sigh. "We'll figure something out though. We always do. Or did, at least. Shit like this isn't new to us." A sarcastic scoff and shake of his head followed that statement. Their world together seemed to be anything but easy. The slivers of happiness they had at times never seemed to last as the next whirlwind of destruction came along to gut them all over again. It was as if the universe would not allow them a moment's peace together.

Dominic stood as she finished packing her bag and took it from her. He slung it over his shoulder feeling a pang of annoyance at her need to reach for the bottle of alcohol again, making a face of disapproval that was unavoidable. The emotion withered away though as Siobhan looked up to him. He could see how incredibly exhausted she truly was in that moment. Hearing all of the things she had been through since her time away from Evermore probably only scratched the surface of the darkness below like the tip of glacier peeking from the water's surface. Dominic wasn't sure how he would react to learning any more of those revelations and her words on trust... Siobhan truly was a stranger to him now.

His features turned to concern suddenly when she faltered, grabbing her arms to steady the angel. The slurred words were something he knew was usually the beginning of unconsciousness to follow and he felt her heaviness against him as the rest of her sentence was unfinished. Dominic sighed and looked to the items she dropped to the floor as the whispered utterance in her subconscious spoke. Lifting her into his arms and watching as Billie picked up the rock, he replied softly back to the Siobhan that he thought might be there; The one he knew what seemed a lifetime ago. "Me too."

Some time later and Dominic glanced over to the passenger side where Siobhan was wrapped in a blanket he always kept in the backseat. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully or so it appeared. The walk through the streets and back to his truck had gotten a few curious looks with her unconscious in his arms, but on a busy night in Evermore along the strip of bars, it wasn't so uncommon a sight either. His hand raked through his hair in a quick flare of frustration from what had brought them to this very predicament in the first place, but he sighed out knowing there was no point. He couldn't change the past and dwelling on their choices then wasn't going to help Siobhan find an answer to whatever was going on with her. 

His hues moved to the crooked rearview where Billie had been in the back some ten minutes prior before disappearing as she did without a warning. He knew the diviner was going to be radio silent while digging into whatever she could to find a way to fix Siobhan. The woman had been a mess since her disappearance and the real fondness she had for Sio showed in the worst of ways. Dominic hadn't seen Billie Mae like that since her son had died and it was eating away at the psychic progressively because she couldn't find a way to her in every sense of the meaning. Seeing one of the most powerful people feel utterly useless was hard to watch, especially when she was like a mother to him.

The truck rumbled quietly up the dirt path to the dark cabin. He shut the engine off and looked to her before turning back to his home that hadn't felt the same since the last time she'd been inside. It was a day he thought about frequently and one he regretted for a multitude of reasons. Stepping out, Dominic grabbed her bag from the backseat and shut the door which seemed to rouse her from her sleep. Pulling open the passenger side for Siobhan, he twirled his keys in his hands and looked back to the cabin that held a wealth of memories between them that now seemed lost to time. "Welcome back."

Siobhan's gaze held his as he spoke on how they always found their way through shit. She gave a roll of her eyes and with a stoic tone she spoke. “Why the hell would you want me around if all I did was cause problems in your life.” Yet as the words left her lips, it caused an ache deep in her chest. “Most people would take the chance of lost memories as their escape.” She muttered out as she packed her back. “She must have been something special.” The new Siobhan mused towards the room that was filled with that woman’s allies. What would happen if they couldn’t get her back? Would it be the streets for her again? Would she be doomed to do what she needed to do to survive. She didn’t speak these fears aloud after all, it was her problem to deal with if it came to it.

For now she had to give the effort she could, she was drawn to Evermore. Maybe he was the one he was meant to find. As she took in his disapproving face she gave a sarcastic chuckle, but the darkness was coming. The dark circles under her eyes, the twist of her stomach. She didn’t fight him taking her bag and was happy he was strong as he took hold of her. Keeping her from falling to the ground. She always hated the blacking out that seemed to take hold of her without her approval. It led to nightmares, so real she would avoid sleep as much as she could. Yet as he held on to her, the darkness was just that. Darkness. No nightmares, do ooze invading her being, making her sick, no murdering someone to wake up covered in blood.

Yet the moment he was no longer in contact with him the darkness came in a wave. Yet it was different then she remembered. She was running in a forest hearing screams over her thoughts. She could see the woman from the hotel room, Billie Mae in the distance, yet no matter how fast she ran she couldn’t reach her and her light. Billie Mae turned her back on her causing the nephilim to fall to the dirt pleading for her to come back. She wasn’t sure how long she was asleep but she felt the dream fading as the truck rumble vibrated through her chest. She shifted her hands gripping at the blanket before opening her eyes slowly.

She blinked her blue eyes a few moments seeing the dark cabin out of the front window. She shifted slightly before feeling the door beside her open. She blinked the sleep from her eyes as she registered what he said. Her eyes moved back to the cabin as she let out a breath in the cold night air. “It’s pretty.” she said softly before she shifted out of the blanket. The cold of the night air was refreshing. She stepped out of the cab of the truck landing on her feet standing beside him as she stared at the cabin for a long moment. She wondered how many memories he had with her other self in those wooden walls.

“Hard to believe I ever lived anywhere this beautiful.” She said as her eyes moved from the cabin taking in the woods, the river not far away. She looked up to the crescent moon and closed her eyes for a moment as she basked in the little moon light that was there. She followed behind his footsteps as he moved to open the door. She wasn’t sure what to expect on the other side of the door.  Wondering if touches of her past self was still there or had he rid his home of them. Not that she got far into his home though.

Before she knew it, she was on her back on the floor with a large dog over her. As his tongue attacked her she felt a laugh bubble up in her chest. She buried her hand into the dog’s fluffy fur as she giggled out. “Who the hell is this lovely fluffy being. Who’s a good boy.” She cooed out as she scratched behind the dog's ear. Fluffy laying his whole weight on the nephilim as if to not let her go again. After a moment though the Nephilim was able to push the dog to the side before moving to sit up on the floor. Taking in the home, wondering if anything around was hers that he kept. Her hands finding themselves buried back into the dog’s fluffy fur.

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