It had been a few weeks since Siobhan had not returned home after what was to be a few days with her friend Clarissa. Sophia had grown worried about her daughter, Yet the only person she knew to see if Siobhan was around was Dominic. She picked her phone with the babe on her hip and pressed the number to call him. Reaching his voicemail she gave a gentle sigh from her lips. “Dominic, I honestly wasn’t sure who to call. Siobhan has not returned home. She said she was going to be with someone named Clarissa for a few days. Yet it's been weeks now since I saw her. I was hoping maybe you two made up and she was with you. Let me know please. I’m worried about her.” She hung up the phone.


Two years had passed since Siobhan had left Evermore. She couldn’t even clearly make out what had happened over the last two years. Or why the draw to Evermore was so strong. Her memories here were a blur. The only thing that Siobhan could remember were flashes of people and blood. She winced when she tried to think of it too hard.  She looked at her bruised hand as she rubbed it. Remembering the guy she had cold cocked at the bus stop for trying to grup her ass.

As she stood at the bus station for a long moment. Looking around. She wasn’t sure where she should even go. Alcohol. That is what she needed, Maybe it would jog her memory on why she wanted to come to Evermore. Tightening her hand around the duffle bag handle she started to walk down the street until eventually finding a bar. Walking in the smell of smoke and sexual tension hung in the air so thick it was almost hard to see through. 

She took a deep breath in need to find alcohol kicking into overdrive, though something about the bar was familiar. She moved to the bar and placed her bag on the floor as she leaned in on the bar. “Rum and coke.” She said as she then looked around the bar at the pool table catching her eye. A impish smirk crossed her lips as she pulled her jacket off pulling the v neck in her shirt lower and tied it so that her belly button was showing. She moved closer to the tables giving a gentle smile.

“Well now this game looks like such fun. Care to show me how it's played? Then maybe after I know how we can toss some money around for fun?” She gave a playful giggle as her hand came to the males arm. Who was more than eager to take hold of her hip and pulled her in front of him, bending her over the table with the pool cue in hand. After a few minutes of the pair moving around the table and he ‘Showing her how to play’. Sio pulled out a twenty and placed it on the table. “How about we go against each other now.” she batted her lashes at the male.

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Dominic had no sooner put the key into the lock and opened the door when the giant mess of fluff attacked Siobhan. He shook his head, but wasn't surprised in the least. Weu had barely moved from his usual spot on the rug in front of the fireplace since Siobhan had disappeared; More so than his usual refusal to move unless it was to eat or go outside and lay down there no matter how much Dom had tried to coax him into activity. Dom had been worried for the dog, but there wasn't much he could do because he knew full well why the animal wasn't showing any signs of energy. Being at the heels of his nephilim was what really made the dog the happiest.

"Weuweu. It's Hawaiian for fluffy. Though I have some more colorful names for him," Dominic smirked slightly if only to see a bit of the past in that moment before letting the expression fade away just as quickly as he turned and walked towards the bedroom, speaking over his shoulder. "He's yours and so is the cat that's hiding somewhere plotting my death." Flipping on the light, the room was somewhat in disarray, but that was pretty much the normal lately unless Billie or Clarissa became fed up and began to clean. Usually he'd end up being scolded or slapped in the back of the head or a combination of both by either women. He picked up all the laundry that was spread about and tossed it into the hamper before eyeing the few bottles about the dresser and floor. Grabbing them, he realized he'd probably have to do away with much of the alcohol in the cabin now. At least for a little while. Everything about that sounded terrible.

Walking back out into the living room, the therian began to tidy up a bit, throwing the empty cans and bottles into the wooden recycling box which was overflowing. It seemed to always be overflowing. "There isn't much food, so I'll go into town and pick up a few things since I haven't been home for a while." Really, he rarely cooked nowadays anyway. Most nights he'd be picking up take out since delivery to his place wasn't exactly an option. That and the fact he was constantly away from the cabin; The light dust that would've accumulated on everything would show for that. Burying himself in work sounded far better than dealing with the unresolved problems and emotions he had clawing for attention and Billie Mae was good enough to make sure the animals were fed.

He opened the cabinet where several bottles still remained untouched much to his surprise. He'd been away so long he'd forgotten just how much was still there and the last time he'd even went to get more. Grabbing a crate, he placed his quickest way of escape inside, wondering just how things had really come to this. When exactly was the turning point that put them on a path that would lead them here? Dom pulled the keys from his back pocket, holding the one to the lockbox in the shed before turning back to Siobhan who was looking around as if for the first time. It was disheartening to say the least, but not just because she'd forgotten all about him, though that was more than a little crushing. It was hard to think that she'd literally lost every happy moment from her life and only had memories of pain and struggling in this new and depressing existence. He'd had his share of vagabond life and could understand, but Dominic always knew where he'd come from and the few people that mattered even if he did lose them to death or them turning their backs to him by choice.

Clearing his throat, he nodded towards the door. "I'm just going to store these away." Was better to say that than what he might've really said in his usual blunt nature. He suddenly realized that all of the projects she'd been crafting and working on were also still in his shed. He'd promised to keep them while she figured things out after they'd broken up especially since having her own shop was still a dream of hers he wasn't going to dampen. Maybe showing those to her would jog something in her mind, but he'd wait till tomorrow. She seemed to have enough excitement for the night. "I'll be back in a few minutes. My room is down there. You can have the bed."

Siobhan's hands found themselves lost in the massive fluff that pushed her to the ground. She found comfort in it as he licked on her, before seeming to pause and moving off of her giving gentle whimpers towards her. As she stood up and looked around the home, her hand found its way against the dog's head gently. She didn’t want to be far from him, even though she didn’t know she was being such a way. She hadn’t noticed how she drifted towards Weuweu. “Weuweu.” she repeated the name as her eyes drifted down to him. “Come now how could you have colorful names for something so adorable. He is just a big ball of fluff who should only get all the love.” She started using a baby voice.

“He is mine? And I had a cat?” she made a face before tilting her head to the side. “And you kept them these past two years?” So many questions she had before then clearing her throat for a moment. “Were they ours?” she asked softly almost too softly but she knew he heard her question. “Don’t go cleaning up on account of me. This is still far better than being on the streets.” She said as she moved her hand through her now frizzy hair since it was damp when she had fallen asleep in his truck. Not wanting him to change his life since she wasn’t sure how she fit in it now. Her hand then moved to his wrist to stop him from cleaning.

“I promise you this is fine, I am sure I can go get food tomorrow or something, or we can order out. You don’t have to change your life or whatever because I am back around.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders before. She let go of his wrist slowly, after staying that before returning to looking around, feeling as if eyes were on her when her eyes locked with the cat that was hiding on a shelf. She tilted her head and watched the cat do the same, before turning her head around to meet his gaze as he seemed to be staring at her. “Careful you may fall in love if you stare too long.” It was something she used to say to people on the street yet now that she said it to him, she realized how hurtful it could be. “Forgive me.” She said softly and looked away from him. “Yeah okay.” she said as he said he was going to store the alcohol away.

The moment he was out the door she let out a gentle sigh. “Stupid Siobhan.” she said softly as she moved to lay on the couch. She didn’t plan on taking his bed, since she was sure he was the kind that wouldn’t join her there. She felt Weuweu's body crawl upon the couch and lay on her. It was crushing her but in a very comforting way. A way she hadn’t expected to appreciate. She closed her eyes and found herself asleep, her arms wrapping around Fluffy as she slept a comforting sleep. A sleep she hadn’t known in a long time. When she awoke her eyes sprung open and looked to the clock. She only had a few hours to sleep that much as clear. Yet she knew she wouldn’t sleep again. She looked at Fluffy and wondered if it was because of him that Dominic didn’t manage to move ehr to his bed. She hadn’t planned on falling asleep the way she had.

She looked around the room that was in disarray and feeling annoyed she couldn’t do anything for Dominic, especially since she was clearly the reason for his heartache. She needed to do something. So she quietly began to clean up, taking the recycling, and garbage out quietly. And as the sun started to rise she just finished the little dishes that were there. And began to look for something to make for breakfast, slightly frustrated with the lack of alcohol in her system. “Not even bacon? That is against the law I swear.” she mumbled under her breath as she slammed the fridge close a little too hard.

Dominic's gaze fell from hers at the sarcastic quip, knowing she didn't mean anything from it. It didn't sting any less however. He opted for no response and opened the door to head to the shed instead, pausing outside on the porch to sigh as it closed behind him. Suddenly he was wondering how good of an idea this really was. Maybe it would've been better for Siobhan to go to her mother's apartment. Even if she did start to get the memories she'd lost back, it wasn't like being here was going to prove to be a good place to stay. There were some bad times I'm sure she would've liked to forget permanently if they were recovered. He knew that he wished he could forget those as well and even some of the happy ones so he wouldn't have to deal with the ache.

Stepping back out into the cooler air was at least refreshing for the moment as he pulled open the door to the shed. He hadn't been inside for quite some time as his eyes surveyed the space. Normally there was a car taking up much of the room, usually in pieces that needed work from the ground up, but it also was a place of remembrance as her tools and projects all remained under tan sheets to keep protected. Dom found he couldn't be there long without having his mind wander to all that had been and then of course where in the world Siobhan had gone and if she was even alive.

After locking the liquor away, he paused again before turning the knob to steel himself. As the door opened, he saw Weu on the couch and didn't even notice Siobhan beneath all the fur at first. The exhaustion she must've been feeling had taken its toll on her which was no surprise and he didn't want to rouse her from a decent sleep that she might not have had in a very long time. Instead, Dom grabbed his mother's Native blanket with its colorful threading which always stayed on the back of the couch cushions and covered them both before heading to his room, but not before looking over his shoulder one last time to steal a glance at a sight he thought he might not see ever again.

The morning came quicker than he would've liked. Most times sleep consisted of him waking up throughout the night because his mind was never at rest from the guilt that always lingered, but now that Siobhan was around, it seemed his brain was willing to let him have a sliver of peace. He wasn't sure what exactly it was that woke him up, but his acute hearing picked up movement in the kitchen which meant she had also woken up.

Groggily, the therian grabbed a t-shirt at the foot of the bed and rubbed his face, coming from the bedroom. He pulled the ancient and faded band tee on and over his bare chest as he shuffled along not paying much attention until nearly tripping over Pouli which seemed to be one of her favorite past times. Dominic cursed and stumbled slightly which had now forced him to be more awake than he would've liked. He paused in his steps and noticed that the cabin had been cleaned and saw Siobhan standing by the fridge and watching the scene. "Good morning. You, uh, didn't have to clean. I would've done it." 

Coffee. He needed coffee. He put a hand through his hair and pulled open the refrigerator. It was bare which should've been expected. He audibly groaned and stood, leaning on the door to look at Siobhan. "Diner?"

Siobhan head snapped around towards Dominic as his foot fell announcing him coming from the bedroom, watching the cat who nearly tripped him causing her to fight back the laughter that wanted to escape. Instead a slight wheezing sound escaped her lips. Her hues take in his Groggy state slightly high, fiving the other Siobhan in her head. How the fuck did that girl manage to land him. From her understanding so far in that moment, she was weak. Not that this new Siobhan was. Snapping from her impure thoughts and self arguments inside of her own head. “Don’t know about good, but Mornin’” She said simply before looking around the cabin.

“I,” She was going to argue with him but decided against it at that moment. “No point in fighting it, the cleaning has already happened though. I was sure where I should place the bins.” She nodded her head to the overflowing bins. “Honestly, you shouldn’t hide the alcohol. I bet I could out drink you.” She said in a teasing manner before moving over to her bag and changed from the sweats she was in, into jeans.  Looking to him as he groaned to find that his food stock was almost nothing.

As she buttoned the pants that seemed to be two sizes too big for her slimmed out frame she gave a groan of pleasure. “A diner sounds so good right now. The biggest fattest burger with all the fries and a milkshake.” She licked her lips eagerly. She picked up a flannel that was clearly his and slid her arms into it. Rolling the sleeves to her wrist and tying a knot into it so it hugged around her slender waist. “After you Big Guy.” 

She walked out onto the porch and looked off into the woods for a long moment, her eyes following the stream and a flash of them in floaters crossed her vision which caused her to stop mid step. Shaking her head she focused on his back as they bound their way to the truck and she was quick to climb in. She reached inside of her bra and pulled out the money she had stolen from his wallet the night before. “You may need this since I am assuming this is on you.” She brought her right knee up to wrap her arm around it as they made their way to the diner.

As they pulled up she stared out the window and her hand shot out to grab his wrist. “We have been here before haven’t we?” She asked as her eyes rested on Patty, the woman who was staring at the truck with big eyes as if she was seeing a ghost. 

Dominic rolled his eyes at her comment about out drinking him. People who thought they could drink him under the table were usually the ones that had severe issues in the first place just like him. "That's not something to be proud of," he said lowly, glancing to the empty bottles in the bins and swiping his keys from the small kitchen table. He shrugged on a jacket and turned to wait for Siobhan, watching as she pulled a flannel of his on which sent him into a spiral of déjà vu. He'd seen this happen more times then he could count in a previous life they shared together and even hearing her call him by a nickname made him swallow the emotion that dared to reveal itself.

He didn't let it. Instead, the therian opened the door and walked outside. He headed to the truck and turned back in time to see a small hesitation Siobhan seemed to be having before continuing on, making him watch her for a moment before sliding into the driver's seat once she joined him. Dom wasn't going to question every moment that seemed to bring some possible memory back. If she wanted to inquire about something, he would try his best to fill in the blanks where he could. God knows his memory wasn't the best either, especially after having his own bout of loss. Maybe having Aureus meddle in his head would be what they both needed now even if it was something he wasn't ever truly excited about doing. For her though, he would.

Swinging the truck around and heading to the diner, Dominic scoffed at the offer, smirking slightly as he glanced at her and the money she held from the corner of his eyes before looking back to the road ahead. "Keep it. Thankfully, I have more to go around, but I'd prefer you asked next time." The drive was mostly quiet and though he supposed it should've been awkward, in a way it wasn't. Perhaps because his thoughts were too preoccupied on all the what-ifs of the situation and how it could be solved as quickly as possible, but with things regarding a person's mind, he knew it wasn't that simple. Especially when it came to her. Nothing was ever simple.  

He wasn't surprised to see Patty standing outside with one of the cooks smoking a cigarette. It was quite the opposite though when the woman's eyes landed on his truck and the occupants inside. Siobhan's sudden touch made him look to her hand before following her gaze to the waitress. "Yes, quite a lot," he replied, turning the engine off and stepping out. Dominic could see Patty's mouth agape and the ash building on her smoke before it finally became too much and fell to the ground. 

"Oh, my stars." He heard Patty's hushed voice from farther away than Siobhan would've with his acute senses, seeing the clear shock on her face as they approached. "Honey, are you alright?! Where've you been??" Dominic softly shook his head to her to indicate an interview wasn't the best idea right now and she quickly tossed the burning cigarette and nodded with a big smile. "Well, I'm just so happy to see you. Come on, y'all, let's get you something to eat."

The diner was as it always was; Quiet with a few folks spread about. Patty led them over to the booth he always sat in, dropping the menus on the table. Being in the familiar space seemed to relax him if only slightly. "So, what'll it be? We doing pancakes or burgers?" Dominic couldn't help but see how Patty studied Siobhan as much as she could without being noticed as the nephilim looked elsewhere. 

"The lady has decided on burgers and milkshakes, but I'm going to need a coffee or ten too, so," he made a spinning motion with his finger to indicate she should keep them coming. Patty knew that usually meant the previous night had been filled with lots of alcohol or no sleep, but ironically enough it was the absence that made him want more. Maybe it was just to keep him wired for whatever he couldn't expect to happen next in this currently strange and possibly dangerous predicament. She nodded and gave one more quick look to Siobhan with a big smile that may have been a little forced to mask her curiosity before bouncing off. 

Dominic looked across the table to Siobhan and tried to read her which wasn't as easy as it used to be. "You okay?" He wasn't sure if being in a public space where she might have memories of the past was the best idea anymore, but frankly, he'd take anything at this point if only to know there was still a chance at recollection. 

Siobhan couldn’t recall the last time she felt this comfortable in a vehicle with a male. Most of the time she was hitch hiking or trying to make an escape with their cash without having to please them. How the tables have turned. Here she was trying to give back the money she stole from him. She saw the smirk he nurtured, She wondered if the before her had him smirking and smiling like that all the time.  “More to go around you say? What are you a secret Millionaire or something?” She questioned even though they had a rather quiet ride yet it was nice. Strange enough. It wasn’t like she had to put up a mask or keep up small unimportant small talk.

How a stranger was somehow so utterly understanding and patient. She wanted to ask so many times how he could be so understanding. How he didn’t just turn his back on her. He made her question the world she had come to know over the last two years. She felt as if her world had been turned upside down, yet in a good way for once. Yet the darkness that swirled in her head trying to tell her otherwise. Nothing was ever simple especially when it came to matters outside of just surviving.  Nothing was ever simple, Siobhan let out the sigh yet focused on the woman gazing at her.

“Great.” She said through tighten teeth not overly wishing to answer an army of questions. He couldn’t have taken them somewhere she didn’t touch in this city. Yet this sio didn’t understand that she had been more a part of the city and many others lives. Yet this sio with the darkness in her brain believed she was utterly nothing didn’t and couldn’t see it. After all she couldn’t remember anything clearly if at all. So as she stared back at the woman with an uneasiness, confusion. “Dom.” She muttered out but he was already out of the truck.

Taking a deep breath in ready for all the questions knowing she had no answers. She slid out of the truck and met Dominic. Keeping her gaze darting between the woman, then Dominic back. Thankful he waved off her berate of questions. The breath she let out was one of thankfulness as she moved through the diner.  Once in the booth her eyes wandered the building not even bothering to look at the menu hearing Dominic take over the ordering. “Thank you Patty.” She said being able to read the name tag before her eyes searched the Diner. 

The darkness swirled in her head ‘Danger, this place is danger.’ Siobhan turned around in the booth looking behind her then back to Dominic looking past him. ‘Jack we have to escape Jack.’ The voice screamed in her head “Stop it.” She muttered to the voice in her own head before she focused her gaze to Dominic. His question rang through her ears and she started at him for a long moment. As if she was far away at that moment.

“No. but why would I be?” She asked him honestly as she placed her hands on the table, they were balled into fist already and they were starting to tighten knowing she would draw blood soon from the wounds on her palms. “Whatever is inside of my head is telling me to escape Jack.” Siobhan muttered not knowing that Jack was the first monster that Siobhan faced truly in Evermore. The man who took her innocence. 

“Who the fuck is Jack and why would he be associated with a place that I am associated with you in.” She felt her heart rate picking her eyes closing a full blown panic attack moments away from her. Her breath coming ragged as the scene was playing in her head.

The man she had been staring at was now standing there at the edge of the table "I am sorry but you remind me of someone." He says as he looked from Dominic back to Siobhan "Your name doesn't happen to be Siobhan does it?"

She was taken back by this and blinked a few times "I'm sorry?" She said as she felt her heart rate pick up "How do you know my name."

"I knew it," He smiled wide and then looked her over "It's me Jack." He said. "You know we kind of made out we were twelve."

"Jack?" She looked him over he had grown up for real.  She stood up and gave out a soft school girl chuckle as they hugged each other slightly longer then was need. "How have you been?" She asked as she pulled back slightly. 

"Ah you know grew up went to school and still end up taking over the diner, though I opened a few more along the way, Like this one." He smiled as he kept his hand on her arm his thumb rubbing her skin softly. "It is so good to see you, And My god have you gotten even more beautiful." He said.

A blush came across her cheek as she looked down "Oh stop, I mean look at you, wow you really grow into your ears" She giggled again as she felt her heart beat pounded in her chest. Seeing the food coming she stepped out of the way with Jack, 

"Listen I don't want to mess up your date or anything." He nodded towards Dominic.

“Made out when we were twelve. He-he said he didn’t want to ruin our date?” Siobhan questioned out loud. “Was he real, is this a memory.” She opened her blue eyes to Dominic pain contorting her face. “Why would I fear this boy?” Then a wave of a new memory threaten to crash forward.

Dominic could see the emotions passing through Siobhan and he was starting to think this was indeed not the best idea. If something was attempting to keep her under control, he supposed the better memories they shared wouldn't be the ones that surfaced. It would only be the dark ones it would push forward. Maybe this was how it planned on keeping Siobhan a hostage to whatever it wanted. He had no idea how he was supposed to combat something like that. If this darkness planned on bringing up the worst of the worst, he wasn't so sure the best memories they had would top them. Especially if they were like the ones she was having now.

A hesitant sigh passed through his lips. The guilt and anger from that time swirled through him as the spotty memories he had played out in his head. The therian stood and walked to her side of the booth. He reached down and took her hand, ushering her to follow him out of the diner and through the side entrance. If she was about to have a full on episode, the people in the diner didn't need to bear witness nor did he think the subject was appropriate to reveal while in the public space. He pushed open the door and held it for her, catching Patty's confused look as she came back with the drinks and watched as they exited.

He leaned against the building which he felt bend under his weight as the wood paneling was old and weathered. His gaze moved out over the valley and towards the cliff's edge for a few moments in thought before folding his arms over his chest and meeting her gaze. If ever there was a thing to forget and stay lost, this was one of them. Having to tell Siobhan about something that was better left forgotten was an internal battle, but learning the truth from him and what he could remember was better than the distorted memory her mind might make up. "He's real. He was someone you grew up with and he happened to run into us at the diner, though I'm sure that was no coincidence now."

There were so many instances in which Siobhan had had to tell him the memories he'd lost; The good and not so good. It was strange to hear the words from her at the time, but not have the emotional attachment with it. It was like being an outsider to your own life. He knew the feeling well and it was probably the same with Siobhan now that the roles were reversed. "You left after. I think we had an argument, but somehow he got to you. By chance you and I had accidentally bonded beforehand because you were trying to get some control on your nephilim powers. You were marked and I could hear you in my head. It was how I learned where you were."

"I don't know the details and have never really wanted to, but he assaulted you before I could get there. The emotion of it all while you were going through it helped me find you, but..." Dominic dropped his arms and stood up, stepping closer to her. There was no way to sugarcoat something like this. "I couldn't get there in time before he hurt you. He's dead though." Somehow he hoped that would give her some small bit of peace in a terrible situation. The need to tell her that it wasn't the last time they saw Jack before his actual death didn't seem like an extra torture for her to deal with just now while she processed this first. The fact that he only had fragments of it all was probably for the better too. Still, with the small knowledge he did have of what had happened to her, details or not, it was an awful moment of Siobhan's life that he would give anything to change and he waited anxiously to see what this knowledge would bring about as the new information crashed down on her.

Siobhan’s head was swirling in a cloud of darkness in that moment as the memories of  that day played out in front of her eyes as if she was there. How she gave so innocently into this stranger that claimed to know her with no proof. How could the old version of her be so stupid and willing to believe anyone. She felt the panic grow in her chest as she watched the scene playing out in front of her eyes. She was snapped out of it as his hand took hold of hers and pulled her from the booth.  She wasn’t fully back in the moment yet as they exited a door that they didn’t enter. Hell she hadn’t realized she was walking on her own.

She stood there lost, slightly swaying as she was picturing herself flying off after fighting with Dominic. Her gaze moved to him as his voice filled her ears and she felt snapped back to reality as her hand came to rest on the building to keep herself upright. She listened to his words for a long moment as she stared at him with saucer eyes. After taking the information in she swallowed hard and moved to lean against the worn building like he had been, needing it to stand in that moment. Crossing her arms over under her breast as she let out a gentle sigh past her lips. “This old version of myself, really believed everyone had good in them didn’t she?” she asked and yet felt she knew the answer as she grimaced at the thought that her old self’s kindness got her hurt in such an intimate way.

She gave a gentle nod of her head, the blonde hair on her head bobbing with her. “Did you kill him? Or did she manage to do so?” She asked as she stared up to the large man in front of her. He seemed like the type to murder someone who hurt someone he cared about. Though she didn’t want to assume since this new version of her would have murder the man that tried that, and had. She felt strange as the darkness in her brain started to recede and the tightening in her chest left. She took a deep breath filling her lungs with the fresh air as her eyes moved from him over to the dirt underneath their feet. “Well it seems since you have answers of some kind helped.” She said as the panic attack that was to happen moments ago seemed to fade back in her. Her hand reached out to grab his wrist for a moment to feel his pulse to see if he was lying to her about his answers or not. When she was satisfied that he was being honest with her. She let his wrist go and let her eyes finally meant his again. “I feel it's weird to say thank you given the subject, yet thank you.”

She pushed off the building and moved to the door. “Now to not let stupid dark brain ruin a good meal.” She tossed a smile over her shoulder at him as she pulled the door open and took a cautious step into the building. Her eyes focused on Patty watching the food being sat on the table they had been at. She moved closer towards the table and gave a friendly smile “Thank you Patty forgive the weirdness around me. I am recovering from a coma. So Dominic is being kind enough to take me to places I use to go with him. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming.” She slid into the seat of the booth looking over the food as she folded her hands together and focused on Dom once again.

The enigma that was Siobhan at times continued to puzzle him. However, she was different now. Something was inside her that was controlling her emotions and God knows what else. Dom could see the processing happening, but it seemed like the curse wasn't going to take hold. At least for now. He wasn't sure if she was remembering any of it and hoped she wasn't. He'd shield it from her if he could somehow, but as always, the therian felt very useless when it came to helping her with the traumas of her life. He supposed once they figured out how to rid her of this darkness, Reus could always offer his help in that department if it was something she really wanted. It was never something he wanted for himself though. He knew that in the end, even when he was really trashed and had gone to the aspect to angrily demand his memory be wiped of her at one point to make the pain stop. Thankfully, Reus knew it too.

When she asked if Jack was dead, Dominic recalled the events of that day as one of the worst of his life. "It was a joint effort," he responded simply. Going into the details of it didn't seem necessary, but the comfort of that knowledge appeared enough for her. Even when she thanked him, it felt all wrong. He didn't want to be thanked for it. That time had been a continuous nightmare for them both, but especially her. Just when they thought it was over and he'd taken care of it, it wasn't, and more harm came to Siobhan. He didn't really think he deserved any praise for that. So, he just looked out over the cliff's edge once more and said nothing, only sighing softly from the weight of the spotty memories and feelings it brought up again as he stood and moved back inside with her.

Dominic could sense the curiosity rolling off Patty from her concerned expression as they came back to the table. His eyes flicked to Siobhan's catching her gaze when the word coma was used before looking to the food on the table. His appetite was waning now after their talk, but he reached for the coffee which was always welcome no matter what. "Thanks, Patty." 

Once they were alone again, he reached for the burger and forced himself to eat, not really tasting the food he would normally enjoy. An empty stomach wasn't going to be useful whether he was hungry or not. He couldn't shake the feeling still of how awkward this all was. He didn't really know what their relationship would be like once they were no longer together after their separating. Dominic had assumed he'd probably never see her again and wanted it that way. The repeated cycle of their tumultuous relationship wasn't good for either of them. Keeping his distance from her was about as far as his brain went just to keep her safe and give her the time she needed to really heal from the damage she'd been through. Dominic had always believed something would pull them apart and it came sooner and more traumatic than he expected, but he supposed that was better than dragging out the inevitable. Or so he told himself.

"Are you going to let me take you to the people I know who can help you?" he asked, making his mind focus on the now. "From the way Billie Mae reacted from reading you, I don't think she'll really be able to help, but there are others I know that might. They're the people I work for. We can always talk to Billie first if you want. If you feel more comfortable doing that instead. She cares for you like a mother and speaking of which," he paused, pulling his phone out and sliding it across the table to her. "Your actual mother has left me about fifty voicemails and a hundred text messages. You should probably talk to her. She's very worried and if I know her, she's probably going to be at my place by the time we get back anyway." 

Siobhan just seemed to hold a far off look in her eyes as nothing was overly coming back other than the moment of memories that  had glanced through moments ago. Did that mean she had her memories, that they were just buried behind the blackness and it chose what to show her? For some reason that made her stomach flip. She didn’t want to let it show but she was sure that her face was stuck in a state of confusion. “Well at least the bastard is dead.” she muttered out knowing if he wasn’t she would have wanted to deal with him. Yet that meant the darkness would know that he was dead and is just out to fuck with her. Causing her to sigh lightly at the thought.

It was the easiest and not most inaccurate lie she had said from her lips towards the waitress that seemed to know her. She wanted to make sure that if she couldn’t answer questions there was a reason. She picked up the fork and started to pick apart the pancakes before raising a fork full to her lips. The moment it touched her lips the hunger she hadn’t realized was itching beneath the surface crawled its way out. She let out a faint groan as she started eating the food quicker. It was like it was the first meal she had ever had. She noticed after a moment how she was eating like a rabid animal and stopped eating for a moment as she took a long sip from her drinks. “Sorry,” she muttered out towards dominic before looking at his plate. “Gonna eat your fries?” She asked, reaching over to take one anyways no matter his answer.

It was rather clear that he was deep in his own thoughts. Probably about her return and what that meant for him, maybe even them. Would there be a them? And with that thought she felt her heart ache on its own at the fact that he could choose to have nothing to do with her. She let her blue gaze move to look out the window. Why did that thought hurt? She didn’t even remember a thing about this man. Yet just sitting here thinking on not being with him hurt as if it was second nature. Made her think of things she had often read in the random books she found around on the streets. Soulmates. Something she often scoffed at because of how cruel the world around her was. Yet she couldn’t deny the pull to Evermore she had, and the effect this man had over her. Were soulmates a real thing? Her heart ache but she couldn’t focus more on it as she looked to Dominic when he finally spoke. 

“The people you work for can help me?” She raised a brow for a moment and looked him over. “Never pegged you for the type to take orders from the mafia.” She chuckled for a moment but bit down on her thumb for a moment. “I don’t want to hurt Billie Mae but I also don’t know about getting more people involved. What could the people you work with do for me?” She questioned for a moment before looking at the phone slide towards her. She looked to the background photo for a moment that held what were sure interest of his. She took a long look at the motorcycle for a moment. “How often do you ride?” She asked as she let her ocean eyes flick back up to him before back to the phone.

“My mother?” she questioned as she swiped open the phone seeing the name Sophia. She read over the messages and gave a weak chuckle. “Well ah, she seems lovely and demanding.” She said for a moment the sarcasm there in her tone. “Why should I call her if she is going to be at your place when we get back? Seems pointless to talk to a hysterical woman on the phone.” She said with a shrug of her shoulder. She noticed the photo of a baby and Siobhan gave a smile to the tiny human who looked to just be threeish if that. “Who is this little guy?” She asked curious why her mother would send photos of a child to the man she had been dating. “Wait...Did we have a kid?” Her eyes grew big staring at him.

How odd it would be trying to explain to her who the Ailwards were all over again. "Mafia is a strong word," he replied, slouching a bit back into the booth and picking up a fry. "They are unlike most of the other supernaturals in the world. Their abilities exceed that of the normal ones you might run into if normal is the word that can even be used." Eating the fry, his appetite was starting to come back, if only subconsciously while talking about a solution for her that might actually work. "They can probably figure out what's going on by tapping into your mind like Billie Mae can do. Probably find the way to the center of whatever is doing this." His gaze moved up to meet hers then. "You know or knew them too. They'd be glad to help." Even if they hadn't known Siobhan, Dom had the feeling they would try and help if only to straighten him out and pull him from his guilt and excessively abnormal brooding. The Guard imagined his standard amount of reticent and semi-unapproachable demeanor was enough without the extra of this.

He watched as she studied his phone and was prepared to answer her inquiry about his routine of riding, (all the time), but sighed out instead when asked about her mother. Obviously Sophia was something Siobhan also didn't remember and he wished he could forget a lot of the interactions they'd shared as well. "Because it would save me another fifteen text messages and seven voicemails," he replied simply with a hint of sarcasm, as he glanced at the phone. "She's worried. Every second she doesn't hear from you is another month in her mind. Moms are like that. It's built into their DNA when it comes to having children no matter how old. You have been missing after all. How do you think she's feeling?" He and Sophia had definitely butted heads over the years, but when Sio had disappeared it did bring them together more than anything else had with time. Their differences didn't matter anymore, though he knew she had originally thought her daughter's vanishing was originally tied to him. There were a lot of accusations and blame in the beginning.

Dom took a sip of the coffee and watched as her features seemed to change over something she was looking at in his phone. When she asked about the baby being theirs, he nearly spit the drink out before having to painfully swallow it in one gulp. "What.. no. No," he replied more firmly with the last word after finding his voice again from almost choking. "His name is Adam. You and your mother kind of adopted him when his mother died. It's a long story..." he trailed off, realizing a lot of their history together was a bunch of long and dramatic stories. "Your mother was mostly taking care of him, especially since you weren't doing so well after being hurt." His eyes glanced to the spot at her chest where she'd been shot before looking back to her eyes. "Your mother sends me pics sometimes, but I haven't been to see him since you and I.." he left the rest unsaid. "Anyway, I'm sure he's missed you a lot. He took to you right away. You seemed meant to be a mother."

“Mafia is a strong word? But not a fully incorrect one?” She questioned taking in what he was saying as it came to the Ailwards. “So beings even more powerful than the half angel children?” she mumbled as she ate on the fries as well. Mindless trying to picture a being with such power. It was strange trying to picture something like that. “Normal is a social construct.” She muttered out between bites before humming softly with a slight frown. “What if tapping into my mind hurts them, or I hurt them like I almost did Billie Mae?” The guilt was there eating at her core. She almost hurt that sweet older woman. There was a war happening inside of her. It scared her. The blonde blinked a few times as their eyes connected again and she raised a brow. “Was there anyone I wasn’t friends with?” She scoffed and yet the voice in her head spoke. ‘If they were your real friends they would have found you.’ When the voice was speaking to her, her gaze would seem far off.

She sighed, staring at the phone taking in his words about how her mother worried about her. ‘If she cared she would have come to find you.’ the darkness spoke again. Causing Siobhan to hyperfocus on his phone taking in the text. “She seems like the kind to have blamed you for me going missing. I am surprised you two talk so much.” She said as she sat the phone down in front of her. Fighting the urge to chuck it because of the darkness in her soul. Yet the one thing that made it easy to fight it. Was the baby sitting there on the screen staring at her.  

As he denied the child being theirs, there was a twinge of sadness that ached at the bottom of her heart before she looked back down to the photo. “At least I didn’t forget about having a child.” the sadness touched her tone before she raised her mug to her lips before setting it back down.  She took in his words before she sighed. “Yeah well I doubt I can be a mother anymore.” She said as she pressed the call button not giving him time to ask questions on the statement as she heard the tone of the ringing echoing in her ear.

“Dominic?” Sophia said on the other end. Not even a hello. Siobhan was quiet hearing the voice as it clawed at something inside of her. “Dominic?” came again before a long pause. “Siobhan?” Her mother said in her ear.

“I… Yes.” Siobhan managed to get out swallowing hard as she stared at the plate in front of her. “I…” She couldn’t figure out what to say. Why was this so hard? She swallowed hard again, her hand on the table formed into a fist and tightened, her nails digging into her palm like old habits. “Can I see Adam?” It was the only thing that came to her mind. 

“Of course. I will be at the cabin soon.” Sophia said and then came another long pause. “I am so glad you are home, and alive. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you also.” The sorrow in her tone made the tears form in Siobhan's eyes. 

“I… Goodbye.” She said hanging up and sliding the phone across the table back to him as her gaze moved to stare out the window. “I want Billie Mae at the cabin. So I don’t hurt Adam.” She said to him before moving to stand up out of the booth and out the door of the Dinner no longer hungry. Leaving the half eaten food there in front of them. Could these Aspects really help her? Or would she be a lost cause and got all of their hopes up for nothing?

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