It had been a few weeks since Siobhan had not returned home after what was to be a few days with her friend Clarissa. Sophia had grown worried about her daughter, Yet the only person she knew to see if Siobhan was around was Dominic. She picked her phone with the babe on her hip and pressed the number to call him. Reaching his voicemail she gave a gentle sigh from her lips. “Dominic, I honestly wasn’t sure who to call. Siobhan has not returned home. She said she was going to be with someone named Clarissa for a few days. Yet it's been weeks now since I saw her. I was hoping maybe you two made up and she was with you. Let me know please. I’m worried about her.” She hung up the phone.


Two years had passed since Siobhan had left Evermore. She couldn’t even clearly make out what had happened over the last two years. Or why the draw to Evermore was so strong. Her memories here were a blur. The only thing that Siobhan could remember were flashes of people and blood. She winced when she tried to think of it too hard.  She looked at her bruised hand as she rubbed it. Remembering the guy she had cold cocked at the bus stop for trying to grup her ass.

As she stood at the bus station for a long moment. Looking around. She wasn’t sure where she should even go. Alcohol. That is what she needed, Maybe it would jog her memory on why she wanted to come to Evermore. Tightening her hand around the duffle bag handle she started to walk down the street until eventually finding a bar. Walking in the smell of smoke and sexual tension hung in the air so thick it was almost hard to see through. 

She took a deep breath in need to find alcohol kicking into overdrive, though something about the bar was familiar. She moved to the bar and placed her bag on the floor as she leaned in on the bar. “Rum and coke.” She said as she then looked around the bar at the pool table catching her eye. A impish smirk crossed her lips as she pulled her jacket off pulling the v neck in her shirt lower and tied it so that her belly button was showing. She moved closer to the tables giving a gentle smile.

“Well now this game looks like such fun. Care to show me how it's played? Then maybe after I know how we can toss some money around for fun?” She gave a playful giggle as her hand came to the males arm. Who was more than eager to take hold of her hip and pulled her in front of him, bending her over the table with the pool cue in hand. After a few minutes of the pair moving around the table and he ‘Showing her how to play’. Sio pulled out a twenty and placed it on the table. “How about we go against each other now.” she batted her lashes at the male.

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The look in Siobhan's eyes seemed to waver to and fro with the information he was giving up. He wasn't sure if this was going to lead to another explosion where the curse would take over. For now it appeared she was holding it together, but the coldness of her responses was so matter-of-fact that his lips parted just slightly in shock, especially her comment at not being able to be a mother. It stunned him so that he couldn't even find words to reply. The two had touched briefly on the topic when they were together and it was something they didn't see eye to eye on when he himself was not an immortal like she was. It was a wedge that began to drive itself between them and Dom didn't want to take her chances of being a mother away from her despite the selfish nature he had of delaying the break up as long as he did. Now to hear this... he wasn't sure he was ready for those details.

Thankfully, Siobhan picked up the phone and dialed her mother just after. He sipped on his coffee and remained quiet while the awkward exchange happened, noting how uncomfortable the nephilim seemed to be hearing her own mother's voice. It was her request to see Adam that made him pause mid sip with a feeling of hope, if only slightly. Dom didn't let it show though. He didn't know what might trigger the curse to fight back at a chance for her to be a glimpse of her old self. He only nodded in response to her wanting Billie Mae at the cabin for the visit as she headed back out of the diner. A light breath moved between his lips as he sighed and downed the rest of his coffee, standing to pull his wallet out. Patty was quick to move beside him and he felt her small, comforting hand on his shoulder. Flipping through some of the bills, he handed them to her to pay for the meal despite most of it being untouched. Dominic kissed the concerned waitress on the head before heading back out to the truck.

The ride home was silent again. Dom had messaged Billie Mae to meet up at the cabin and when they finally pulled up, he could see both women standing at the steps in wait. Sophia had a smile from ear to ear as she bounced the toddler in her arms while Billie held a reserved smile for the caution he knew she was wary of. He hadn't seen them both together like this since Siobhan had first gone missing and having so many strong headed people all together in that small house hadn't been pretty. 

Dom immediately looked to the diviner who caught his eye as he stepped out of the truck. The cue was obvious as he was visibly a little tense and Billie was no fool. She would do whatever was necessary to try and keep everyone involved safe. He let his shoulders relax a bit when seeing how big Adam had gotten. Just then, it felt like only yesterday when he was holding the small child so soon after his mother had died. The therian moved to Billie's side though. He wanted Siobhan to have the proper reuniting with the baby that he knew she truly cared for. 

As she sat in the passenger seat of the truck her gaze locked to the trees that blurred into a thick patch of green as her mind tried to remember Adam. Would she hurt an innocent child? Would he spark some memories? Would she bring any kind of good into these people's lives? Or should she have just left last night and never come back. Overthinking was an enemy of Siobhan's and only became a bigger enemy with the darkness swirling in her emotion filled nephilim black goo brain. When the truck rolled to a stop she didn’t realize it had at first. Not until Dom had shut his door.

She sat inside the cab of the truck as he crossed over to Billie. Her gaze went from Billie, to the other woman she assumed was her mother, then to the little boy. She slowly opened her door and stepped out of the cab. Closing the door and awkwardly stood there and stared for a moment. She let her gaze drift to the ground under her feet. Taking a deep breath and a step towards them she paused her movements once she was at the base of the stairs. Finally she pulled her gaze up to lock with Adams.

 The pair stared at each other for a long moment before Adam jumped at her no care in the world that he could get hurt if she didn’t catch him. Siobhan's eyes went wide in slight panic but she was there opening her arms wide to catch the toddler as his body collided with hers, her arms wrapped around him. She toppled backwards so that he would land on top of her and laid there in the grass for a moment blinking, before finally looking down to the child, trailing her fingers over his curls. “You really shouldn’t jump off surfaces unless you have wings.” 

“Mommy said you have wings.” Adam said as the pair shifted to a sitting position. Siobhan placed him on the ground in front of her, as she crossed her legs. “Cawn I see them?!” he asked in excitement. “Mommy said you would show mwe!”

Siobhan’s gaze flicked up to Sophia before back to  Adam. “Well I would love to show you them, but they are broken right now. Got to let them heal before I can show you them. Okay?” 

Adam gave a pout, “Otay.” he said after a moment before standing up. “Do you wanna see my Twains?” He took Siobhan’s hand and pulled it before pausing, and looking to her. His eyes glowing their diviner color. “Soie why do you have swo much darkness?” this question jarred her as the pair stared at each other.

“I don’t know.” She said honestly to the child that moved his hand to her cheek. 

“You will be otay.” He smiled back before returning to try and pull her up, getting hold of the bag Sophia was holding. The pair returned to sitting cross legged as Adam pulled out train after train. Placing them down and telling Siobhan their names. She nodded and then started helping him put together a track so the trains could run into each other. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the sounds he would make and how he would get in her face telling her no the train didn’t do certain things. 

After an hour of this, Adam eventually crawled into Siobhan arms, and fell asleep. “Nap time?” and when he only nodded in his sleep she wrapped her arms around him. She stood up and looked to the others who seemed to have made their way in the cabin and was watching them through the window as she walked through the door. “He got tired.” She said as she looked at the sleeping child in her arms. “I am gonna lay him down.” she said softly as she moved into Dominic's room and placed him on the bed, pulling a blanket over him. She moved her fingers to push his curls back as she took in the sleeping child's face.

‘Don’t get attached, you will never have any of your own.’ the darkness swirled in her mind and she frowned knowing it was the truth. She leaned down and kissed Adam's head before moving back into the room where the other adults were gathered. “Well before you ask. No I don’t remember you, mom. Nor Adam.” She crossed her arms as she leaned on the wall. “That kid has magic?” she asked, pointing over her shoulder to the room he was in.

"How was last night?" Billie asked, zeroing her dark eyes on Siobhan as she reacquainted herself with Adam. He already knew the diviner was analyzing her through and through as only she could.

Dominic put his hands in his pockets and wasn't surprised at all to see how the young boy threw himself into Siobhan. He hoped maybe the toddler would do better at helping her remember happier times than he could since the ones they shared all seemed to be matched with more horrible memories. "She didn't have a meltdown and try to kill me if that's what you mean. Had to share with her some more awful moments in her past that came up which I'm sure will only continue since that's all that seems to trigger in her mind and nothing of the good. I don't know. Maybe it's part of the curse or just the definition of our relationship." He could feel Billie's eyes move to him with an expression of disbelief that he would say that, but he made it a point to not meet her look.

His gaze moved over to Sophia who was beaming. He knew the woman was endlessly optimistic when it came to her daughter and nothing would stop her from trying to help in finding a way to get Siobhan's memories back either. She had searched for her day and night for weeks with him when the nephilim had first gone missing and he was worried with having to take care of Adam on top of it, that she would eventually break. She didn't though. The woman was as strong as her daughter.

"And you?" 

He kept his eyes fixed on Siobhan and Adam, watching the boy pull her towards a more suitable place they could play while simultaneously dragging a bag behind him full of toys that he came prepared with. "Me?"

"Yes, how are you?"

"Well, I didn't try and kill her either," he replied sarcastically which made the older woman turn and look at him with a glare that threatened a soon and coming slap to the back of his head. "I'm fine." 

"Mmhmm." Billie wasn't buying it nor was he really trying to sell it. He didn't have to vocally say how he was feeling. The diviner was keen enough to know by just looking at him to gauge how he really was without even using her abilities. 

Dominic sighed shortly before turning to go inside. "If you really wanted to know, you could just poke around in my head to find out and we can avoid this whole back and forth."

"I'll remember you said that and not expect any backtalk afterwards when I grill your ass."

The therian grinned and continued on inside where the house was quiet. Weu came over and sniffed him for a moment before sitting down at the door expectantly waiting for Siobhan to follow. It was something he had done for countless days when she had left years prior before finally giving up when she was no longer coming home with him. Dominic supposed the routine would be starting all over again. "Don't get your hopes up yet, fluffer." His hand came to the dog's massive head and pet him before moving into the kitchen to brew another pot of coffee.

The others had trickled in a few minutes later and began talking about what to do next. Billie tried to explain to Sophia all the options she could try and offer in helping Siobhan, but nothing was guaranteed. It seemed she was more confident in the abilities of the Aspects then her own magic which surprised Dominic as he took a sip from his mug. "Never thought I'd hear you say that." 

"This curse is strong," she continued with conviction. "Tampering around in her mind is dangerous and I'd rather it done right than possibly cause any more damage. Those beings are older than me and I think with their combined efforts, it could be the answer she needs. The sooner, the better. The hold it has on her is obviously dangerous for not only herself, but anyone around her." Billie moved to the window and watched Siobhan and Adam with an obvious sadness before turning to them again. The worry lines seemed to have deepened since last he saw her. Dominic knew how much she really cared for Siobhan and to see her like this had caused an immense amount of sadness and sense of failure in keeping her safe after everything they'd all been through. He knew the feeling well.

The door opened then and Siobhan entered carrying Adam who had fallen asleep in all the excitement. It was good to see her being so gentle when he was mostly afraid of a volatile reaction at any moment. He poured a cup of coffee for Sophia and handed it to her as Siobhan came back in and admitted that she had no recollection of her mother or the child. Dominic could see Sophia's hands shake from the admission, along with the breaking of her heart all over again. It was a quick moment because she soon forced a smile instead and only nodded in response to remain strong when Siobhan asked about Adam.

"Yes, he's a diviner," Dominic chimed in as he knew Sophia was obviously choked up. "He showed signs of it when he was really young which is typically not normal for his kind. His mother was human, but his father was a powerful diviner. I imagine he'll be much of the same. Did he say or show you something?" This seemed to be headed in a direction of another story he wasn't so excited on retelling. Especially with her mother and Billie in the same room to hear it.   

Siobhan blue gaze that just seemed to be darker than when she had left those years ago. She watched the woman who claimed to be her mother's hands shake and she felt a twist in her chest feeling bad at the reaction. She really was only breaking hearts in her return. Her gaze moved from Sophia to Dominic as the subject of the Adam and how he was in fact a magic user. Raising a brow towards Dominic in that moment she shifted from standing to sitting in a chair as far away from the group of people that were all staring at her. 

“Ah.” she shifted in the seat for a moment uncomfortably as she felt the eyes boring into her. If looks could kill, or cause torture it was this group that held that skill. “When he took my hand and we walked away a bit, he looked to me with Diviner eyes and asked me why I have so much darkness.” She didn’t look at them, she was sure their reactions were one of range. Especially the woman raising him. “I told him I don’t know, and he said I would be okay. Then went on as if nothing had happened.” She cleared her throat for a moment before the burn of wanting something stronger was aching.

“You are human right?” She turned to her mother then for a moment.

“Yes.” Sophia could get out through her shocked face, her brain going miles a minute with everything that was happening.

“Think you are really skilled enough to raise a diviner? Also how did you end up with a daughter who is a Nephilim? Do you know my father? Do I have any siblings?” She started to grill her as she crossed her arms one over the other.

“I…” Sophia paused looking at Dominic for a moment unsure how much Siobhan had told him over the years they had been together. “You were left on our porch on the farm we once had. I knew you were special and your Father loved you. He and your brother died in a hunting accident.” She finally managed to get out. “I don’t know if I have enough skill to raise Adam but I contact Billie when I need magical help. He needed someone, and you weren’t ready to be a mom at the time.” 

“Yeah, not really built to be a mom ever anyways. So makes sense.” Siobhan said before the darkness swirled in her eyes again taking over her vision. Her brain filled with the image of her Father and brother on the ground covered in blood. “Blood.” She said out loud to the group around her. “Monster.” She said as the shadow monster came the vision as the memory of her started to back away. So did Sio at that moment. When the monster lunged at her, she fell to the floor of the cabin, as the monster slashed at her the marks appeared along her neck at that moment. The memory of her reached for something to hit the monster and so did she as she grabbed whatever was on the floor beside her she swung it hitting the smoke monster. 

With it dissipating so did the black goo in her eyes, she panted and laid there on the floor goo coming out of her tear ducts along with the marks that were swelling down her neck and shoulder. Sophia gasped out loud and looked at Dominic, “H-Has that happened before? She looks like she did the night she came home telling me Steve and Stephan were dead. Before she left that night.” She stood up from where she was. “I can’t let her be around Adam this way. Get her fixed weather its the aspects are you Billie.” Sophia stormed towards the room where Adam was, collecting him and his things before leaving. “She is possessed by something, something dark and I can’t let him near that.” She said as she walked out the door.

As Siobhan laid on the floor panting it eventually turned to laughs as she sat up looking possessed once again, “Come now, running like always Sophia.” Siobhan was off the floor as the darkness threw her body after Sophia. “Give me the child!” it called in a sing song tone was she lunged towards her.

As Siobhan bombarded Sophia with a rapid fire of questions, he could see the woman tensing even more. The whole room was filled to the brim with a tension that was suffocating to say the least. Dominic knew her mother wanted more than anything to make everything for Siobhan go back to normal again or as normal as life could be when it came to their family, especially with the addition of a child now. Sophia had lost a lot in her life. More than the average person. Losing Siobhan would probably be the final breaking point to her resolve that somehow kept her going. He didn't know many people that could be so strong which he would easily admit despite their constant headbutting.

Dominic's eyes remained on Siobhan as she received the answers she was looking for and he tried to gauge her reaction despite the matter-of-factly response she gave to her mother. Her body language shifted slightly and he looked to Billie out of the corner of his eyes when she muttered some alarming words. "Sio?" He watched as the nephilim was backing away from them which made him put his mug down on the counter as he had the feeling something might be triggering the curse. 

When Siobhan fell to the floor, he was quickly beside her. Whatever was happening was over just as fast, but he could see the black liquid streaming from her eyes again. Dominic helped her sit up and felt helpless given that all he could do was physically support her after the episode. He didn't even respond to Sophia's question or look away from Siobhan as the older woman passed them and went to get the sleeping child. Taking Adam away was the right thing to do and neither he nor Billie tried to stop Sophia. 

Dominic stood once he could see Siobhan was stable again and went to get a glass of water, but the sudden maniacal laughing made him pause. Turning, he saw her body language had completely changed again, a 180 from the exhausted form she just was. When Siobhan, or the thing that was controlling Siobhan, went for the child, Dominic was quickly standing between her and the door where Sophia had just exited. "Don't."

He didn't try to physically stop Sio and would never want to hurt her. If anyone was going to be able to really stop her should she try and get by him, it would have to be Billie and her magic. "Don't, Nani." Dom's voice was calm, but coated in sadness, standing his ground. His eyes searched for something of the nephilim he knew, but it was honestly like looking at a completely different person. There was a chaotic and murderous entity driving the shell of the one he cared for so much now. 

"Why do you want the child?" Billie's voice called out in the tense standoff. Dominic could see her moving closer, though he didn't know if it was because she planned on subduing Siobhan somehow or not. "It's because he's powerful, isn't it? You know I won't let you have him." He knew the diviner was speaking to the thing that was inside of her and not Siobhan, but perhaps they would be able to get more information from it.  

A snarl ripped through the room as Dominic stepped between her shell and the door. Her eyes were fully black besides the bright blue that was trying to intimidate the wolf that spoke to what was inside. Though when Dominic spoke the word Nani, Siobhan blinked and her eyes flicked back to normal, although panic filled. “Wolfy?”  The tone of her voice was that of the Siobhan from two years ago. Confusion was across her face as she went to reach out to him, “Hel-” 

The darkness swirled again and the dark laugh echoed from deep within her as Billie's question pulled the entity that had taken residence inside of her to the surface once again. “She is a strong one, still fighting in here. Most I have taken over before died out after a few months. Yet she has lasted years now.” The entity shifted on its feet to look towards Billie for a long moment before shifting from where she stood to rummage through the fridge to find something to eat. Pulling out what looked like a whole turkey from the fridge she moved to the table. Placing the plate down with a thud, sitting down picking up a piece.

“I can smell that the boy was created not only from a magical dark diviner, but was mixed with other magic while in the womb. The creator was clearly a visionary.” The entity gave an approving smirk as it picked at the turkey and scarfed down the piece that was in its hand. “Taking over that child, the damage I could do. The fact he can use magic already, his vessel will be resilient. Do you not realize the pawn that has been created?” Tilting the head of Siobhan the entity looked between Dominic and Billie.

“I doubt you will live long enough to stop me. Immortality is a gift I possess.” It shot towards the diviner as she shoved more food in her mouth. “I will have burned out this vessel soon then I will be free to find that boy.” The darkness growled towards Billie, “or maybe I could take hold of you first to get you out of my way also.” 

“STOP!” Siobhan's voice broke through as the black left her eyes once again standing up quickly from the chair and out the backdoor she was as she threw herself into the grass as she tossed the contents of her stomach laced with black goo.  She groaned, backing away from her pile of puke, getting to her feet weakly making her way to the backdoor and settled there in the doorway the fresh air hitting her face was needed. She didn’t want to look at Dominic or Billie. What could she say?

“I’m…” the soft tone was so low but she knew they were both listening to her, “too dangerous to stay here.”

Seeing Siobhan break through for only a moment nearly made him crumble. He went to reach for her, but she was gone again just as fast. The thing inside of her had quickly taken over or maybe it had let her through just to toy with them. Dominic watched as Sio crossed the room, ripping open the fridge to gorge on the food. The entity didn't even show a side of precaution as it laid out its wants to try and steal Adam. It was that fearless in its ability to do so.

When it warned Billie, Dominic instinctively moved in front of the woman, even though he knew the diviner could do a hell of a lot worse than he could if she really wanted to. The whole situation didn't even feel real as he watched Siobhan threaten one of the people she actually cared most for. He felt Billie's hand gently come to his arm and for a moment and he thought she was going to teleport them away, but he realized it was more in comfort. She was probably feeling just how distressed he was without the need to enter his thoughts.

As Siobhan seemed to break through again, he quickly followed her outside and stopped in the doorway, watching as she vomited the new contents of her stomach along with the familiar blackness that was linked to this curse. Billie was fast to offer her a glass of water as his mind raced for ideas. "I'm going to the manor. We can't wait anymore." The therian moved passed both women and called over his shoulder. "Watch her."

"I can port us there." Billie looked back to Siobhan for a moment before hurrying after him.

"No, she wouldn't make it passed the door. The barrier wouldn't let her. Plus, you think I want that thing knowing where the most powerful beings on Earth are? No." He pulled his phone out of his back pocket and was already dialing the Aspect of time's number. 

Billie kept at his heels, but was still ever watchful of Siobhan who remained looking drained at the backdoor. He felt her reach for his arm again to stop him before he could open the door to his truck. Dominic turned and saw the concern on the elder woman's face. "What do you think will happen with them both in the room together, boy?"

He didn't answer and only looked from her to Siobhan again or who he used to know as Siobhan. Aureus's far away voice on the other end of the line made him break his gaze. "Do whatever you have to to keep her here."


Not long later and Dominic was pulling up to his cabin once again, Aureus in the passenger seat with him. He had explained everything he could given the short time with Siobhan's arrival into Evermore again to catch Reus up to speed. The Aspect stepped out of the truck and looked around the tranquil woods before the home in front of him. "I can see why you would prefer it here." Dom didn't reply as he was too focused for idle chat and instead led the way inside.  As his hand reached for the knob, Aureus spoke again. "Dom, we'll figure it out."

The therian only looked to his mentor and nodded once at the attempt to comfort him. Aureus had seen the worst of Dom, from his initial recruitment to the first few months in which Siobhan had gone missing. The guard had asked him to take away the memories on a few drunken nights, one in which he'd smashed his fist into a wall, but Reus wouldn't do it no matter how belligerent he became in his despair. 

Opening the door, Dominic stepped inside the quiet open space where Siobhan was seated on the sofa and Billie stood at the armrest vigilantly. "Billie Mae, Siobhan, this is.."

"Aureus. Hello," Billie cut through coming closer to the Aspect and inspecting him. Dom wondered what it was like trying to read the thoughts of someone like Reus. She seemed eager to try her hand at it. "It's good to meet you, finally." 

Reus gently took Billie's hand and shook it with a soft smile. "You as well. Your son was a great man and did incredible things while he was with us." Dom had completely let his mind slip that these two knew of each other, but had never met given the circumstances. He had been too wrapped up in the issues with Siobhan to even remember why he and Billie Mae had the close relationship they had now. The diviner's eyes immediately began to water, but she sniffled and held a pressed smile in return, dropping his hand to step aside for Aureus.

The Aspect walked over and grabbed one of the kitchen table chairs to bring around and sit in front of Siobhan. "From what I hear, you don't remember much of anything, let alone me, but it's good to see you again, Siobhan. You've had a lot of people worried about you. I'm going to try and read your memories from the day you went missing if you'll let me."

Siobhan watched the woman the entity inside of her had threatened to offer her water. Taking the glass in that moment she rather it had been vodka or any other alcohol to soothe the ache in her whole body. She took the glass in her trembling hands and she raised it as they talked about her like she wasn’t there. She moved her gaze to stare out the door as her back pressed to the frame of it.  The only movement she did was shift to curl up in a ball in the door frame. She didn’t even have the strength to run if she wanted to.

She ignored Billie as she came back to check in on her. She wanted to disappear from where she was at that very moment. She wanted to stop being a burden. What if the darkness inside of her couldn’t be removed? What if the only way to rid the world of it was if she rode the world of herself. Would anyone really care if she was no longer around. The darkness had isolated her so much that her run-ins with people that claimed to care for her had only ended in fighting. Now it wanted to take away anyone who may have a shred of care left for her. The tears flowed into the floor as she stayed curled up on the floor until the sounds of the truck hit her ear again.

Moving front the floor she did the best to wipe the black streaked tears from the cursed tears that had been falling silently. She settled onto the couch since she figured it would be rather rude to make a royal sit on the floor looking over her broken ass. Her eyes glanced at Billie in a moment wondering if she was reading her thoughts when she was thinking of ending her life. Before Aureus and Dominic came through the entryway of the home. Watching the three of them exchange niceties, Her gaze actively avoids meeting Dominic's.

This was a moment that she was damping by being in trouble once again. Her thought of taking the darkness with her was growing to be more plausible of ideas. It would make all their lives easy, they had already mourned old Siobhan once, they wouldn’t mourn new Siobhan. All she was was darkness and a burden now. She tightened her hands so tight that her nails dug into her palm drawing the blood from them, something that she did when she first met Dominic, a repeated process of soothing so ingrained in her being.

The scratching of the wooden chair against the wooden floor in front of her pulled her from her quiet spiraling as she looked up to the face of Aureus, one she didn’t remember fully. Yet the way Dominic had talked of him she knew he was important. “Yeah sure whatever.” She said as she shifted on the couch for a moment to be laying and waited for Aureus to enter her mind.


When Aureus would enter Siobhan's mind, the two years she had been away would swirl as a dark  tornado, images of Siobhan working the street corners in New York to gain money to survive would play out. Those memories would also show her murdering a few of the people who attacked her wanting to take advantage of a young girl. Her Nephilim side is always trying to protect her.  Eventually though his pushing through he would come upon Siobhan who was walking behind Clarissa in the museum.

Siobhan form stopped in front of a case to look at an ancient weapon display and when she looked back to follow Clarissa again she didn’t see her. She turned in a circle before hearing in the distance. “Over here!” 

Siobhan started towards the voice as it sounded in distress and walked into a room that held boxes some opened some not. A massive desk filled with items under lights, magnifying glass looking things. “Hello?” She called out as she moved deeper into the back room of the museum. Her eyes drifted to a box that read Ailward Estate. “Wonder if they donated these things.” Siobhan said aloud to the room. “Hello, is anyone in here?” She said louder.

“Over here.” The sniffle came from one of the boxes that was opened that read Ailward Estate. Siobhan moved over to it and looked into the box leaning down picking up what was inside. It was a black box with silver trim that looked to have thorns etched in the silver trim. The box had a large onyx stone on top. “Open me…” The thought played through Siobhan's mind. “I’m so alone here.” 

Slowly Siobhan hand moved to open the lid all it took was a crack as the blackness engulfed her and the maniacal laughter filled the air. No screams came from Siobhan as she had no chance once the box was cracked. The entity took her over and took the box. “Now I will never be trapped again, little angel. Let's start a new life while I rest and grow stronger. Get far away from the Ailwards.” The shadows bent around her and Siobhan was in New York.


While Aureus was in her mind Siobhan's face would twist in main and she would whine and whimper as sweat broke along her head. The entity was growing annoyed with Aureus in her brain and Siobhan hand shot out to wrap around Aureus throat. “SHE IS MINE NOW!”

Dominic's arms folded over his chest and he began pacing back and forth, watching what was happening while Reus was reading Siobhan's past. It felt like an eternity. He wasn't even sure he wanted to hear what the aspect might have to say once the session was over. His arms dropped and he cracked his knuckles. Then he rolled his shoulders. A sigh came out next to make himself calm down. His hand raked through his dark hair. Finally, Billie Mae grabbed his arm before he could turn and start his next round on the invisible track he'd been on in his pacing. "Boy, stop it, or I'll stop you." 

His gaze moved to her then and he saw her eyes simmer from a glow that meant she was using some type of magic. He then eyed the pair before coming back to Billie. Dom realized she was probably trying to take a glimpse into what was happening while Aureus was reading Siobhan's thoughts. Now everyone was seeing what was happening while he was left in the dark which was even more aggravating. "What do you see?"

"Just be still," she said quietly in an attempt to hush him. Dominic folded his arms again over his chest and stood still, going back to staring as Siobhan began to squirm uncomfortably in the sofa. She looked pained, even. His fists tightened in response, but he stayed frozen to the spot and held back to let this play out.

Aureus's eyes glowed a dim golden yellow as his power went into use. It was the strangest sensation. Whatever was holding onto Siobhan's conscious was incredibly strong and like nothing he'd encountered before in his very long existence. Being in her mind was like nails on a chalkboard and it was making him wince with every new memory that seemed to flash before his vision. Normally he would need to lock onto a specific date to see a memory, but whatever curse was attached to the nephilim, it was causing his abilities to do things that it normally couldn't or wouldn't do because of the danger it put himself in.

Still, Reus was going to push further. Dominic needed this and he would do whatever he could for the guard. He considered the therian like a son now and was proud of the progression he'd made from how he first was at his arrival onto the Guard. Though an unlikely candidate agreed upon by many, Dom had proven them wrong in his proverbial turning of the leaf. Furthermore, Siobhan was known to the members of the manor and he would be doing this regardless. 

Finally he was able to lock onto the day in which she'd gone missing. He followed along as if being Siobhan in the memory and seeing what would transpire through her eyes. As soon as he saw the box, Reus knew that it would be the cause of what was happening before she even opened it. He let the memory continue to play out and just as expected, the darkness escaped from its home and transferred into Siobhan. He felt every horrifying moment of what happened to her now happening to him in the present. Then, a viperlike grip was suddenly wrapped around his throat which wrenched him out of the memory. 

Dominic had already taken a step towards them when the entity roared out in defiance, but then Billie cried out and tumbled to the floor. He was down next to her in an instant as blood trickled from her nose and she seemed out of breath. "I... I'm fine. Go. Go!" He crossed the room in two strides and reached behind Siobhan. Looping his arm under her outstretched one, he gripped her opposite shoulder and then wrapped his other arm around her neck into a chokehold, lifting her up. This only brought Aureus with them as the grip she had on Reus did not wane. He could see the aspect struggling for air and though he was stronger than the average human because of his therian strength, fighting against whatever this was was making Siobhan even more powerful. 

He didn't want to, but he put more pressure into the makeshift chokehold and gripped his shoulder with his hand to constrict Siobhan's air further. In his peripheral, he could see Billie Mae stumbling and then a bright light which made him shut his eyes. He suddenly felt Siobhan go limp in his arms as Reus began to cough from being released. Dominic lifted the nephilim into his arms who was now unconscious and looking peaceful as if she was simply sleeping once his eyes adjusted from the blinding illumination of whatever spell Billie had just used to help contain Siobhan.

His eyes moved from her after a moment to Billie and then Aureus. "Please tell me you saw something."

The aspect nodded, rubbing his neck softly. "Yes," he croaked out and coughed again from the effort. "It was a cursed box." His voice was raspy and he cleared his throat as Billie came over with a glass of water. Aureus took a long sip and thoughtfully swallowed to ease the sore muscles. "It was sent to the city museum, but it should've been with the pile going to the Archives."

Dominic had heard of the Archives before. It was where the diviners kept powerful objects among other things. "So what do we do?"

Aureus sighed and looked from Siobhan back to him. "Get in touch with the keepers there. The head's name is Penelope Winston. They will be able to help you." He staggered for a moment and Billie guided him over to the recliner to let him rest. Dom looked down to Siobhan and closed his eyes, letting out a breath, and then moved to the sofa to lay her down with hopes that when she woke up, she would be more herself than the thing inside of her so they could get her to the Archives without another encounter with the darkness. 

All shreds of Siobhan were gone at that moment as the entity had the viperlike grip on Aureus throat.  Taking out an Ailward would be sweet justice to the entity that was holding on to the Nephilim. “You and your family have always been a pain in the side of ours.” it hissed out of her mouth. As the Dominic arms slipped around the fragile frame of Siobhan, it hissed out. “You pesky mutt, you were meant to not fucking care about her anymore. You always just give up, run when things get serious! She is no different!” It managed to get out as it was being dragged away from Reus. The more pressure that was applied caused the thrashing against the Therian to become violent until it slowed to a stop.

Though it wasn’t the chokehold that managed to drive the entity back into the recess of Siobhan's mind. Rather it was the bright light washing over her body. Her body went fully limp in Dominics arms. She could feel the warmth of the magic vibrating over her skin and a small smile touched her lips as she was hauled into a familiar hold of Dominic's strong arms wrapped around her. This was a memory that she knew all too well in their time together. With a breath out her body fully relaxed into his body and she  moved her hand to hold his shirt on his chest. Her fingers twisted into it as she moved her face to bury into his chest.

Unaware of the plan brewing to take her to the Archives, the magic Billie Mae used to drive the darkness back wounded it causing it to recoil deep into her body and mind. She didn’t easily release her grip on Dominic's shirt as he moved to lay her down on the couch. She wanted him close but eventually she let him go and curled into the couch. Fluffy came and curled up on the couch with her as she slept. Wrapping her arms around the massive dog in her sleep she let out a deep  sigh as she relaxed further into the couch. Sleep wasn’t something Siobhan got a lot of until recently.

Hours passed before she finally opened her eyes she gave a rub of her face to the dog before moving to sit up. “Oh.” she said as she placed her hand to her head as it felt like she had been on a binder for a few years. “What happened?” she asked the room before feeling a glass of water in her hand. “Thank you Billie Mae.” She smiled up towards the woman as she took the glass and then looked from her towards Dominic who seemed to have just gotten off the phone and then to Reus. She took a long sip from her glass for a moment before sitting it down. “I am guessing you got some sort of answer with all that somber looks.”

She sat the half empty glass down on the table in front of her. “Am I…” she wasn’t sure how to ask this, as she stared at Reus for a long moment before finally looking at Dominic again. “Am I stuck this way? Am I too much of a threat? Do I need to leave again?” She asked the last part with a crack in her voice as she stared at Dominic. She was feeling more like herself in that moment then she had in the last two years but she knew it wouldn’t last. “I’m sorry.” She stood up taking the glass looking to Reus then finally to Billie Mae. “I-I’m sorry.” She shifted to the kitchen as she finished off the glass before cleaning it.


After the plans of going to the Archive were expressed Siobhan along with Billie Mae piled into Dominic truck. The drive to the city felt so quiet and felt like it took forever before they were in front of Winston Library. “So a Library is meant to help me?” She asked looking over to Dominic who she was right next to being in the middle between him and Billie Mae. 

Jumping as the truck door opened up to a woman she had never met before. “Hello, I’m Penelope Winston, Dominic, Siobhan and Billie Mae?” She asked and when the nods came from the three she moved to hold her hand towards Billie Mae to help her out of the truck. Climbing out shortly behind Siobhan confusion was racking her brain as they were led into a Library. “I know you must be wondering, how is this place meant to help me? It just looks like a bunch of books. Which you would be right till you get to this special door.” She gave a smile towards the group. “Welcome to the most magical place in this earthen realm, The Archives Hall.”

As Penelope pushed open the doors and in front of them was a massive room with a bunch of books along with other items in display cases and yet the roof seemed never ending. Siobhan walked in with her hands in her jacket pockets, she looked up letting out a gasp of wonder as she watched random things fly above her. “Wow.” She said looking around the room for a long moment. “I still have to wonder how this will help me.” she finally said as she looked towards Penelope.

“Well first thing first is I have to study you, which means we may need to go to a room where if the darkness gripping you gets out I can contain it.” Penelope looked towards Dominic and Billie Mae. “Do either of you know what the box looked like? It could help me narrow down things without fully having to pull the entity out and harming the vessel it has claimed.”

Dominic's gaze took in the unassuming building. The Archives. He'd heard of it before. It was something he'd learned about when first becoming a Guard by another diviner on the Ailwards. It was never a place he had to visit for himself because it was far from his understanding and he was just mostly altogether wary of magic in any form. It was something that had always been drilled into him since he was a kid. Of course he wasn't as closeminded about it now given his position on the Guard and the people who fought alongside him that wielded it, but he never had cause to come to the place beforehand. 

His eyes then landed on this Penelope. Also unassuming, but looks were deceiving as was common knowledge in this supernatural world of beings that were far from human and he knew never to underestimate. She just appeared... so young. At least compared to the woman next to him. Turning, Billie Mae looked perfectly comfortable. She strode along, looping her arm with Siobhan's as if they were on some trip to a museum and life was normal. Of course he knew the older woman had been here before. She was, after all, one of the most powerful diviners he'd ever known and had one of the safety deposit rooms rented here for all her magical whatevers. 

A shaky breath passed over his lips as he lagged behind the women. What really was gnawing at his insides was the fact that this was something of a last hope. There didn't seem to be any other road they could take should this not work and then what? Siobhan would just melt away until all that was left was this cursed entity riding her body. He couldn't live with that. He wouldn't live with that.

Walking through the large ornate doors, he took in the surroundings of the building. It was far larger inside which he assumed was clearly done by magic. The interior looked like it had quadrupled from its appearance outside if not more. Books and objects and more hallways and more rooms seemed to go on forever. How anyone could find their way around the place was a miracle. 

As they came to a stop, Dominc's brow raised when Penelope said she had to study Siobhan. "Harming? How exactly are you going to contain it without harming Siobhan?" His arms folded over his large chest, teeth clenching together. Billie Mae reached out and softly placed her small hand on his arm to calm him.

"Ignore him. He's cranky without a certain amount of coffee in his system." She smirked coyly and turned to Penelope, glancing off to recall what she had apparently seen when tapping into the images Aureus had locked onto when reading Siobhan. "It was black with silver accents lining it. A stone... most likely obsidian or onyx on top and vines throughout." Her gaze flitted back to the other diviner and softly smiled, the rest of her face softening as well while taking her in. "You look so like your father, you know?" 

"Is this something you can do on your own?" Dominic cut in with the question directed at Penelope. He still wasn't convinced this one diviner was somehow going to be the answer to getting this sorted. He wasn't exactly keen on this notion that Siobhan could also be hurt during the process. "She's powerful," he said, nodding his head towards Billie Mae. "She can help if needed."

✧ Fallen Return ✧

Siobhan's eyes seemed to shine a brighter purple as she looked around this secret hall of magical items. “This is all rather impressive.” Siobhan muttered out thankful the beast inside of her seemed to be sleeping, if it was awoken while around all these items she feared the safety of those in the room with her. Yet she couldn’t stop her gaze from wandering around the room, wanting to know all about the magical items that were located throughout the never ending rooms. Soon her gaze turned back to the beautiful woman that was being grilled by the Therian.

Penelope eyes meet Dominics before looking over to Billie Mae as she tried to calm the clearly been through it guard. “I can understand how upset you are Dominic. You all clearly love Siobhan.” Her gaze met the blondes watching as she quickly turned from the group. “My hope is I can remove it without it being a spiderwebbed mess, but Aureus informed me it has been over two years now festering inside of her. So I want to do it without harming Siobhan but I need you all to understand. Magic has its cost.” She stressed the last word which caused Siobhan to turn back and face the group.

“Can’t cost me much more than it already has.” She waved her hand at herself then Dominic. She tucked her hands in her pockets as she looked down to the floor. “I don’t care how much pain you have to put me through to get this thing out of me.” Her eyes ran along the trance-like pattern on the floor. She didn’t want to look up to see Dominic or Billie Mae’s disappointing gaze that she would accept the pain or any cost, without saying it. She meant she would give her life to not have this thing harm them anymore.

Penelope seemed to understand her though, and she focused on the description from Billie Mae. She reached for a large book on the table as she opened it her eyes softened as she turned her face back to Billie Mae. “You sound like my mother, you know?” she shook her head but the smile came upon her face as she flipped through the pages. Coming across a box that was meant to come to The Archives but never arrived. “Interesting.” She muttered to the photo that looked as Billie Mae described. “Well no. It's going to take the rule of three to handle this. Lucky for us. I know a dark diviner who would be rather interested in helping us. This is the kind of thing Bexley would love to study once it's back in the box.” Penelope sent a text to Bexley, and one to Wyatt to check on them in the morning in case.

“Dominic, I would ask you kindly to not over react to what is about to happen.” A box formed around Siobhan and shot off towards the other end of The Archives Hall. “I couldn’t mention what I thought the box was while Siobhan was around. As risking the Entity activating while not secure in here. The world could be thrown into utter chaos. As it seems the box that Siobhan opened was holding the Entity known as Discord, The spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Basically, The Entity is trying to turn her into Eris. A once Dark Diviner that claimed to be the goddess Eris, she caused a lot of death and destruction in her wake.” She turned the book around to show Billie Mae and Dominic.

Siobhan raised her brow at Penelope's words and before she knew it she was wrapped in a box and thrown across the Archives Hall. The box settled into a wall and once again the Nephilim was caged. She didn’t fight it, only sinking to the ground she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, waiting. The thought that her last few moments would be these. She wanted to remember all the good moments in the end. Could she make that request if she was about to die at the Diviner hands? All she could do was wait.

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