It had been a few weeks since Siobhan had not returned home after what was to be a few days with her friend Clarissa. Sophia had grown worried about her daughter, Yet the only person she knew to see if Siobhan was around was Dominic. She picked her phone with the babe on her hip and pressed the number to call him. Reaching his voicemail she gave a gentle sigh from her lips. “Dominic, I honestly wasn’t sure who to call. Siobhan has not returned home. She said she was going to be with someone named Clarissa for a few days. Yet it's been weeks now since I saw her. I was hoping maybe you two made up and she was with you. Let me know please. I’m worried about her.” She hung up the phone.


Two years had passed since Siobhan had left Evermore. She couldn’t even clearly make out what had happened over the last two years. Or why the draw to Evermore was so strong. Her memories here were a blur. The only thing that Siobhan could remember were flashes of people and blood. She winced when she tried to think of it too hard.  She looked at her bruised hand as she rubbed it. Remembering the guy she had cold cocked at the bus stop for trying to grup her ass.

As she stood at the bus station for a long moment. Looking around. She wasn’t sure where she should even go. Alcohol. That is what she needed, Maybe it would jog her memory on why she wanted to come to Evermore. Tightening her hand around the duffle bag handle she started to walk down the street until eventually finding a bar. Walking in the smell of smoke and sexual tension hung in the air so thick it was almost hard to see through. 

She took a deep breath in need to find alcohol kicking into overdrive, though something about the bar was familiar. She moved to the bar and placed her bag on the floor as she leaned in on the bar. “Rum and coke.” She said as she then looked around the bar at the pool table catching her eye. A impish smirk crossed her lips as she pulled her jacket off pulling the v neck in her shirt lower and tied it so that her belly button was showing. She moved closer to the tables giving a gentle smile.

“Well now this game looks like such fun. Care to show me how it's played? Then maybe after I know how we can toss some money around for fun?” She gave a playful giggle as her hand came to the males arm. Who was more than eager to take hold of her hip and pulled her in front of him, bending her over the table with the pool cue in hand. After a few minutes of the pair moving around the table and he ‘Showing her how to play’. Sio pulled out a twenty and placed it on the table. “How about we go against each other now.” she batted her lashes at the male.

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Cost. Of course it had a cost. How could anything possibly go easy? He so hated magic. Just being in the Archives had him on edge, but not so much as worrying what the outcome of this cost would be on Siobhan. Before Dominic could even inquire about what the consequences of doing this would be, the nephilim was already agreeing to it. His eyes shot over to her with concern that she was rushing into this too quickly and hearing her call back to what had transpired between them specifically made all the words that were sitting on his tongue disappear. In the end it was Siobhan's choice and if he did have some sway in what her decision would be, it likely died years ago. 

As Billie Mae and Penelope spoke among themselves, Dominic attempted to find some encouraging words. Anything that would somehow make Siobhan remain strong through whatever she was about to go through. He was so fucking bad with words. The vulnerability of his emotions made every thought in his head come out in a wrong when he tried to speak on them. It was never enough. At least he could be by her side through it, though he wasn't exactly sure that was something she wanted. If not him, maybe he could get Rissa here. 

Just as he was about to take a step towards Siobhan, Penelope interrupted the coming motion by asking he not overreact. His brow forwarded in confusion before he flinched from the startling appearance of a magical box that enclosed Siobhan. Before he even had the chance to ask what was going on, she was gone to the other side of the building. An annoyed breath passed through his nose as he looked to the diviner, even as she explained why she had to transport her away. As if it couldn't get any worse, Penelope revealed what the thing was that was possessing Siobhan. "Death and destruction. That's great." He rubbed his hands over his face before passing one through his hair in worried thought while his tired eyes traveled the length of the floor towards where Siobhan was carted and remained like a prisoner. 


Wyatt had been on a run when the soft rumbling of his phone began going off in his pocket. His hand reached to pick the vibrating device up and glanced to the notification, seeing it was from Penelope with only a partial bit of the message showing which made him pause. His finger slid across the screen to bring up the rest of the text which made him have to read it a second time to make sure he was understanding it correctly. "Damn..." he huffed out, his heart rate starting to slow while he stood on the side of the trail. 

After returning home for a quick shower, the diviner immediately ported to the Archives and hurried inside, seeing the group in a close circle not far from the entrance. Though he'd never met Siobhan, Clarissa was beside herself since her disappearance some time ago and he'd only gotten bits and pieces of what was going on with her currently because it still seemed like no one could pinpoint what it was that was truly keeping its hold on her. Whatever this curse was seemed to be far worse as Penelope apparently discovered.

"Pen," he greeted with a quick nod before turning to Billie Mae with a smile and taking her outstretched hand into both of his with a kiss to her cheek. "It's been some time, Ms. Billie Mae. I'm sorry it's under these circumstances."

The elder diviner smiled softly in return to him. "As am I, son."

Wyatt's eyes then moved to the taller man who he knew had to be Dominic. Clarissa's description of him fit the bill, especially the mention where it looked like he was the stereotypical tough guy, but she assured him most of that was just covering up the vulnerable parts of him that were too hard to express. Wyatt had a feeling Dominic probably wouldn't want that known to most others. From what he was also told, he and Siobhan were no longer together, but it seemed like the extraordinary circumstances made that unimportant. 

"And you must be Dominic," he greeted, putting his hand out. The therian unfolded his arms from his chest which seemed like it caused Dominic to feel more exposed then and shook his hand in return. "Wyatt, nice to meet you finally. Again, I'm sorry it's like this." The other man didn't verbally answer and instead just nodded. He was clearly worried about all this and from what Pen texted him, Wyatt couldn't blame him. 

Looking to Penelope, he clapped his hands together and prepared himself for what was likely to be a strenuous task if they planned on fighting this entity. "So, what do you need from me?"

✧ Fallen Return ✧
A portal opened up beside her shortly after sending the text to Bexley walking through it. “Penny, your text can’t be serious,” she said as she looked to the other diviner before realizing who else was standing in the room. “Dominic, in an overly magical place, I have lived to see it all and Billie Mae?” The dots were visibly connecting in her eyes. Her gaze shifted down the hall where Siobhan had been swept away. “You are telling me that the curse has taken hold in sweet Siobhan?” She questioned before looking back to Dominic.

They were guards together. She had watched Dominic go from a guard who was angry at the world to finding hope to losing it when Siobhan had disappeared. She had heard that she was back in town, yet she could have never predicted she left because she had been cursed by one of the darkest curses, one she had thought was just a rumor. “Penny, I am gonna go grab a few books and set up.” She walked past Billie Mae and Dom giving them both a gentle squeeze on their shoulders.

Penelope could feel what Bexley was feeling at that moment. The pit of dread stirring in her stomach because she was sure that Siobhan wouldn’t make it out of this alive. If she did it would be a miracle. “Thank you Bexley, what you are looking for should be in section 6.” She called out after her before moving her attention towards Wyatt as he greeted her. “Wy,” she said with a smile before she moved over to pick up a set of bracelets.

“Well, I need you to be a part of a power of three for a spell I am going to cast to try and remove the curse from Siobhan's body, into a box of my own design.” She handed each one of them a bracelet before waving her hands in the air making a box appear in her hand. “The enchantment on this box has been placed by some pretty strong Diviner’s, Along with Malva Magic.” She said as she trailed her finger along the runes slowly. “The box the curse was originally put in was done by the aspect of darkness, so the seal broke long ago. Yet the curse didn’t have much effect on others because most souls are even with light and dark.”

“The curse could only anchor itself in a pure soul, the curse needed to corrupt an innocent soul, which is rare to find. Really I had thought the curse could only take over a child. Which would make its ties grow stronger as the child got older.” Penelope looked up to Wyatt. “The fact the curse could anchor itself in an already adult, who is a Nephilim means an almost unstoppable being. We have to pull the curse out of Siobhan and untangle it from her soul. So I am going to rip Siobhan apart not only physically but spiritually to detangle the curse from her soul.”

Penelope looked back to Dominic, her tone serious, “The curse has taken hold of her soul deeply, it must have gotten to her in a time in her life she was questioning her worth. She lost herself to it quickly, who knows what it made her do. Aureus may need to get involved if she survives the removal of it.” She was trying to express how much was at stake even if she made it through. “She may never be the woman you once knew.”

Bexley walked back into the room, taking the bracelet from Penelope's hand and sliding it on. “Protection charms already done, you really are on top of your stuff.” Bexley said before looking at the group. “Siobhan may not be the same girl as before but she is Sio, so no matter what, I am sure she will be taken care of.” Her eyes drifted to Dominic, Bexley knew true loss, she felt it when she lost Crane. She wasn’t sure if Dominic loved Siobhan to the point she loved Crane, but if he loved her a fraction of it, she knew he would help her. His heart was bigger than he liked to let others know. It was always easier to be the bad guy then to show you care.

“I got everything set up in the room.” Bexley said as she moved to pull Penelope by the hand towards it. “I want you to double check the wards though, They can’t all be in dark magic. Follow us.” She called over her shoulder as they came up to a door. Pushing it open there was an altar already there, the room was covered in runes carved into the wall, different plants spread about as there was a pentagon on the ground surrounding the altar.

Penelope gave a nod of her head. “This is perfect for the most part.” She teased the older diviner as she got on her knees and started to write runes on the ground around the circle. “I will bring Siobhan into the room in a few minutes. I want to warn you if you are staying in the room. This will not be pretty, and may take a lot of time.” She said, “And Billie Mae.” Penelope turned towards her and glared at her for a long moment. “No jumping in to help. I don’t need you getting hurt while we do this.” After the long glare she moved back to drawing the runes.

When they were done, she pulled the box across the Archives hall to bring Siobhan in the room with them. Stepping in the box, Pen put bracelets on Siobhan's wrist and moved her towards the altar to lay her on it. “Anything you want to say before I put you under?”

Siobhan's scared gaze moved to Dominic where he was in the room and she gave a smile, it was like the old version of her was there in that moment. “If I don’t live, Just know, you were the only person I ever wanted in my life. To build a life with. I know you may not feel the same, since so much time has passed but I love you, you truly made my life special and different from the moment we met. You were the first person to make me feel safe in this dark world. Please Dommy, Wolfie, Big Guy.” A tear rolled down her check. “Remember me fondly, remember the good me. Not this version.” She closed her eyes to look at Pen, nodding that she was ready to be put out. She was sure he had nothing nice to say, or even cared about her that way anymore. She hadn’t mourned him, she was sure he had moved on from what little light she brought in his life. He was bound to have his prospects. If she died at least she would manage to get out the L word one last time.

Hearing Penelope describe the details of the curse was not making Dominic any more confident in what was about to happen. The pit in his stomach only grew with each word she spoke, clawing at the any notion Siobhan would make it out alive and herself once again, especially at the idea they would be tearing the nephilim apart in every way that was possible. He wanted to protest. Stop these insane people for even thinking this was the viable option in getting rid of this curse that latched onto Siobhan, but then what? He had no alternatives to speak of nor was he even qualified to begin trying to find some other solution. So he remained quiet and zoned out as he stared through Penelope with an emotion that couldn't rightly be defined as the continued helplessness added to the growing pit that gnawed away and ate him alive.

Everything else became a blur. He knew the others were talking among themselves and setting the ritual up, buzzing about to do what each of their jobs entailed while he stood as if a statue, frozen and lifeless. He'd only been pulled out of it when he felt the gentle and small hand of Billie Mae rest on his back which made him finally blink back to the present around him. Dominic looked down to her and saw her searching him with her eyes. The ones that meant she was delving deep into his thoughts. Normally he would loudly protest, but he didn't have the capacity to do so now when it hardly seemed important. The oddity of this seemed to soften Billie's face as she knew immediately how worried he was, nodding her head to where everyone was currently walking as indication to follow.

Stepping into the room they'd prepared felt like moving into another universe. The magic in there felt palpable, even before the spell. He hated it. Standing to the side, he watched the others begin their final preparations before Penelope warned them of what was to come should they choose to stay. His eyes remained fixed on the alter, but he could see from his peripheral as Billie Mae turned to him. Dom knew what she was going to say before she even said it. 

"Son. Perhaps it's best if we wait outsi...."


He could already visualize the lines of her face tightening in an effort to argue with him. "What they are going to do.. What Siobhan will go through... I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to st..."

"I'm staying." Dominic finally turned to look at the older diviner so she could fully see the conviction in his face.

There would be no point in further arguing anything else and she seemed to understand this as her response was only a slight nod before he brought his gaze around again towards the alter. Billie Mae sighed through her nose, following his eyes towards the alter as well with her warning that he knew was only out of concern. "Fine, but don't make one single move towards that space or so help me, I will put you down, boy."

As Siobhan came into the room, held inside that prison, Dominic's jaw set as he prepared himself to keep it together. He watched while Penelope affixed the bracelets on the nephilim's wrists before laying her down on the alter. The accumulation of it all was finally flooding over him with a wave of catastrophic dread, but it was only made worse when Siobhan spoke to him with pained words that sounded like goodbye. It tore him apart.

"Wait," he interjected, crossing the room and stepping in front of Penelope before she had the chance to put Siobhan to sleep. He reached down for her hand in his, placing it against his chest, above his heart. He tried swallowing the emotional pit that was in his throat, but he couldn't as tears began to well in his eyes. It was visibly obvious he was trying to work through his thoughts and coming up empty. Words were never his forte, but right then was not the time to overthink them. "I love you, Nani," he said finally with a sniffle, willing the tears not to spill. "I think I loved you since you crash landed into me in the fields and I finally allowed myself to realize it the night we got tattoos." He gave a sorrowful smirk, glancing down at their entwined arms then. "I... I know I should've said it more. I was scared. I hadn't felt that way in so long and I didn't want to get hurt again. I've never stopped loving you." The words sounded like the thought of stopping was an absurdity. "I won't ever stop. No matter what drives us apart, I can't. You made me hope again when there was nothing left to hope for." He kissed her hand before laying it back over his heart and looked at her with conviction. "You're the strongest person I know. Any horrible thing that's ever happened, you've always gotten through it when so many others wouldn't have and most of the time you found your way back on your own which only made me love you more. Don't let this be the thing that wins now. You'll get through this too." He squeezed her hand with assurance, not knowing how long before that thing inside her might come through. "Promise me."

✧ Fallen Return ✧
Siobhan wasn’t sure if Dominic would respond to her words, yet she couldn’t leave her words unsaid again. She had done that once and it ended with her where she was at that moment. If this was going to be the final moments they had together she wanted to remember what she could since she could in that moment. She felt the love in her heart for him, she could remember everything from before she disappeared. It only led her to believe that she probably wasn’t going to make it through this.

She let her eyes drift close, feeling the tears building up before she heard his voice. ‘Wait’ It made her open her eyes and look at him as he came closer. Penelope stepped back to allow them to have as much of a moment alone they could have with so many other people in the room. As he took her hand and placed it against his chest she could feel how rapid his heart was beating in his chest. She had never known him to fear anything, as her gaze met his she took in his eyes trying to remember her flick and freckle in his eyes. That is when she noticed the tears forming, which only pushed her own tears over the edge.

‘I love you, Nani’ words that she longed to hear, words she spent so much time craving to hear leave his mouth even though she knew he wasn’t the kind of man to say these words. She couldn’t help the tears that felt quickly and fast in that moment. “You would wait for me to be on my deathbed to tell me you love me, Dommy.” she felt a weak laugh leave as she tried to ease the emotional moment. She let her other hand reach over to touch the daisy wolf on his arm that was tangled with hers. She could feel his warmth for the first time since being back in the city. She wanted to just be wrapped fully in those arms and taken back home.

“Dominic.” She said his name with such gentleness never truly understanding the struggle that kept him from telling her he loved her. He would show her in his actions but then something would happen to her or at his job and he would push her away and the cycle they got caught in. With her only wanting to show him love but him being worried she would destroy him or something else would destroy her. Here they were living that reality at that moment. “I am grateful for this curse for the simple fact I know that you love me and never stopped loving me. I know you were scared.” She moved her hand to his face then to touch his cheek. “I only ever wanted to be a safe haven for you, and show you, you didn’t have to be so scared of feeling.”

“I’m sorry I was a source of so much hurt though, I know I didn’t make your life any easier either.” She sniffled as the tears seemed to be coming to a stop. “I hope you can forgive me.” She smiled at him, “I never and can never stop loving you Wolfie. No matter what always got in the way. I only ever truly wanted you.” Truer words have never left the lips of another. The moment they met he became such an important part of her. It was one of the only reasons she was still alive and fighting the curse. She would have never had the strength without him.

As his lips touched her hand she wanted to pull him closer, hold him, make him realize everything was going to be okay. “I’m only strong because you helped me find that strength. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I made it through because I had you to come home to. I had you in my corner, you were always the beacon for my strength.” She sniffled and squeezed his hand back. “I won’t let this thing win, but when I come back promise me you will take me on a date again?” She asked but before he had a moment to answer she gripped his shirt and pulled him down to her. “Don’t tell me your answer yet, save it for when I am back.” She said but pressed her lips to his in a deep kiss, her lips pressing firmly but every ounce of her love and heart going into it, if it was to be the last one. She hoped it would be memorable.

After the long moment of the kiss she let him go and felt Penelope tap her temple sending a magic wave through her causing her eyes to flutter close. Bexley the Ailward Guard that had spent many years working alongside Dominic and getting to know Siobhan knew that their love was a pure one and the way Dominic had just expressed himself had to take a toll on him. She placed her hand on Dominic's shoulder to lead him out of the circle.

Penelope waited for Wyatt and Bexley to get into place, placing the new box at her feet to catch the being inside Siobhan. “The bracelets have protective runes all over them to keep the curse from Entering, or Reentering in Siobhan case. Billie Mae has already warned you she would put you down if you try to stop what is going to happen.” She gave a nod to Billie Mae. “Shall we?” Penelope's eyes began to glow red, as she began to speak in an ancient language that no one but those blessed with time with Malva would know.

Bexley's eyes began to glow purple as she raised her hands one facing Wyatt one facing Penelope and the threads of all their magic began to form a circle together. Once the Circle was formed the bracelets on Siobhan started to glow brightly. The more they chanted the stronger the magic in the room seemed to grow. The floor filled with magic and started to glow brightly with the mix of their magical dominating colors pulsing there. As Dominic and Billie Mae watched they would see Siobhan's body start to glow as well.

Soon the body split, her physical body stayed on the altar, but her soul which looked like a child version of Siobhan made out of light was hovering there. The black ooze swirling around it. Parts of the black ooze attached itself to the soul as if it was leeches. “This wasn’t what I was expecting when pulling her soul out.” Penelope said as she looked at Wyatt for a moment. “Alright Wyatt, Bexley and I will keep the circle up. Will you go in and see if you can pull the leech-like ones off first and get them in the box?”

This was really something none of them had been up against but she was trying not to allow Dominic to see that this was the point that would make or break Siobhan's soul if not done right. Her eyes moved to Siobhan's Physical body and watched as the breathing slowed into a state that looked as if she was in deep sleep. “Bexley while focusing on the magical circle with me, help me make sure her breathing doesn’t change. If she stops breathing with her soul out of her body, well we don’t need that happening.”

“Got it.” Bexley's gaze focused on Siobhan to keep an eye on her breathing.

When Siobhan's lips connected with his, it was like breathing again after feeling like he was a shell, a ghost of what he'd once been after years. The ragged hole in his chest filled and the ache he had long since become accustomed to being a part of him then, dulled. It was the kind of kiss that reminded his soul why it was worth the effort to keep going when all he wanted to do was stay in darkness. In her love there was light and it made him stronger in every sense of the meaning. 

It was gone too quickly though. Watching as Penelope put her under, made him softly inhale because then it was nothing but fear again as reality came slamming over him. Dom squeezed her hand one last time before forcing himself to let her go once he felt the hand come to his shoulder and seeing Bexley in his periphery as his eyes remained only on Siobhan. He reluctantly turned away and walked back over to Billie Mae, sniffling and taking in a shaking breath before releasing it slowly. The older woman's arm looped around his much larger one in quiet comfort while the three other diviners began the spell. 

Wyatt turned away in order to give the two some sense of privacy even though it was quite impossible to do so being all in the same space. It felt intrusive to be in on the intimate moment between Dominic and Siobhan, but he could see how much they clearly cared for one another. He could picture Clarissa's face as she started from the beginning, telling him about the pair and how their lives had abruptly changed when they were no longer together and it becoming worse when the nephilim went missing. Wyatt knew Clarissa had pocketed her feelings towards it all and even went so far as to blame Siobhan for her leaving. He concluded that was a way for her to somehow deal with the hurt she couldn't work through at the time since he could see the unspoken pain there.

He only hoped he could somehow be a solution in bringing her friend back again.

He stepped in his place when it was time, raising his arms as his eyes phased from their normal green and flashed electric blue. Wyatt watched as the brightness in Siobhan's bangles began to glow before the rest of the runes in the room did in turn. The sensation of their power surged slowly through his finger tips and rippled along his skin, flowing over the rest of him. Watching the nephilim's soul split from her body was something he hadn't witnessed before, but having been one of the very few lucky students of Malva's over her long existence, he knew the catastrophic consequences that came along with tearing the two apart. 

Pen's words made his eyes dart towards her. If this wasn't something she was expecting, their odds were only lowered even further than the longshot this was in the first place. Wyatt waited for her instruction and gave a tentative nod before breaking from the circle and stepping inside with Siobhan. He watched her steady breathing despite how very still she was before looking up to the child version of her soul. The ichor swirled about which felt very reminiscent of the family curse he had had to endure which almost ended his own life as well as others. It would be a true test of his own willpower to not let the residual darkness that still linked to him and would forever, take over. He certainly would be a good candidate for that entity on Siobhan to lock in on that side of him which could never be scrubbed clean.

Wyatt steeled himself for what it was he was tasked to do. Glancing down to the catch-all box, he motioned with his first two fingers and it lifted on command. His focus came back to the innocent looking child version of Siobhan which floated in an ethereal white glow. He was a light diviner in the end. Been around a long time. Very long. It helped that he in fact had his own life being extended through magic as the weight of the amulet around his neck was suddenly noticeable since he would now have to use that bit of knowledge when it came to tinkering with the natural order. 

Moving closer, the diviner reached up towards the now separated soul and gingerly spread his fingers out to connect with the parasite looking pools of black which pulsed as if feeding from Siobhan. He motioned his hand out as if to grab the ooze before closing his fist and telekinetically pulling. It detached without incident and Wyatt's lips parted to release a breath he was holding in relief. He directed it towards the box and continued on, the next several coming off with just as much ease. 

But it was too simple. As he reached for the next, Wyatt's breath suddenly caught in his throat. It made him audibly gasp, the shortness of air constricting in his chest. The familiar wave of the family curse he'd rid himself of started to bubble in his core while the threat of his life brought it from slumber. Wyatt tried to force it down as he'd practiced continuously for months with Malva when he was near losing his mind and life at the time, but the resistance was stronger than he'd felt since the first time he'd held the grimoire in his hands. His eyes flickered from the brightened blue and dimmed. He glanced up to the innocent looking soul and felt the entity's power. Perhaps it wasn't just the survival of the curse coming through, but the thing attached to Siobhan making it appear to stop him from saving Siobhan. 

Wyatt winced, doubling over, but quickly shut the box as not to let it gain its full power again. His eyes pooled to black which was reminiscent of the curse wanting control again and he was suddenly hearing the whispered voice of Discord pushing through his mind. His head jerked to the side as he willed the thing out, but its talons had sunk deep within his thoughts and willpower now and the residual curse which still resided in him could not fight back against it. 

"Billie..." Dominic proceeded to take a step forward as he saw what was happening within the barrier, but the woman rooted him magically as his first foot fell.

She watched as Siobhan's soul seemed to flutter while the entity fought against the three other diviners. "Don't. You'll only make it worse by becoming another target." Billie Mae pressed into Wyatt's mind and attempted to fight back in line with him, straining as Discord immediately reacted in turn. It was certainly lucky she was a psychic then. She concentrated harder and began to build a shield in Wyatt's brain which would only last so long in order for Wyatt to gain control again and finish the deed. She grunted from the effort and staggered, squeezing her eyes shut and grasping onto Dominic to stay standing. "Gods help us." 

✧ Fallen Return ✧
If this was to be her dying moment, at least she was herself now. She had no idea if she would wake up from the nightmare that was clawing its fingers into her soul tainting her. That split moment where she was Siobhan the sweet innocent little angel the big bad wolf stumbled upon in the woods on that fateful day, if she died on the table in a few moments time at least she got to remember herself. And him. How strained they had become was foreign all of a sudden all she wanted to do was make him smile again. To fall to the ground with him laughing the night away. She wanted to catch him staring at her as she did the dishes after making dinner. He made her feel safe, and wanted. It wasn’t a feeling she ever had before him. Something she wished to protect and yet her insecurities and the dangers that seem to be never ending took its toll.

Would this be how she left him? Not resolving everything? Part of that thought haunted her, making her want to only fight harder to be able to at least be a part of his life on his terms. He showed her how beautiful darkness can be. He showed her how to be strong, so being strong one more time to make it through all of this was needed. As she wished she could say something, before being put to sleep, maybe it was best to save those words when she made it through this difficult trail.

Having one's soul ripped away from their body was an experience not many would understand yet Siobhan was there ripped from her body as the black goo clinged to her spectral casted form. Through the eyes of her soul form everything was hazy yet she could make out the figures in the room. Yet the blackness burned her soul. She watched as one of the figures stepped closer and she felt a wave in the blackness that circled her form. It wanted to feed upon those in the room, on their darkness. It wanted chaos to thrash about and show its true power. There was relief in her side as one of the pieces managed to be removed from her soul. Her body below took a deep breath in. With each one removed the body would breath in tensely before relaxing.

Penelope focused on keeping the barrier of magic up when the shift in the circle felt like a storm rolling over. Her eyes moved to Wyatt and a panic filled her. “No.” she said as she watched his magic start to shift. Pen felt her magic waver for a moment as she went to step forward to help him but grounded herself. As he got the box shut. Yet the struggle between Wyatt and Discord was there. “No I can’t.” She looked at Billie and Dom, she could feel Billie trying to help Wyatt but she couldn’t lose him, not her best friend. “I’m sorry. I can’t lose him. If you can keep it up Bexley. Please.” She said as she dropped her hold and moved towards Wyatt. Her red eyes glowing brightly as she moved over to Wyatt taking hold of his head. “You are not welcome in him.” She hissed out. She could feel Discord trying to move to Wyatt. Looking at Siobhan's soul as it started to fade.

Bexley's eyes widened slightly but they all had been considered powerful Diviners one way or the other so she was going to try her damndest to save Siohban and Wyatt. She chanted loudly as she kept the barrier up. Trying to keep the hold on Siobhan's soul and yet it started to slip. She forced more of her magic out of her and felt the blood start to drip down from her nose. Her eyes glowing brighter.

“You will not be attached to anyone else.” With that Pen finger came to Wyatt's chest. “This is going to hurt.” She said and an electric shock went from her finger into his chest stopping his heart. She reached into him with a magical hand before in one swift moment she ripped the darkness that tried to attach to Wyatt’s soul out tossing his body across the room. “Billie! Restart his heart.” She screamed.

Siobhan Soul started to fade and yet she turned her head to gain one last look at Dominic. She watched him as Billie kept him Rooted. The smile touched her face. She was going to miss him.

Penelope looked at Siobhan. “I’m sorry this is not going to be delicate as it should be. She duplicated herself and the red versions of herself started ripping off the black ooze from Siobhan soul as it faded away and stuffing them in the box. Siobhan's eyes never left Dominic as she faded away as her body took ragged breaths. Finally, her breathing stopped, the magic in the room faded and the box held Discord for the moment. Penelope fell to the floor on her knees, feeling dizzy and her eyes stung for a moment. She pressed her hands down on the box keeping the lids close.

Bexley stumbled back against the wall of the room, blood falling from her nose as she closed her eyes tightly. The overuse of magic was dangerous, she was honestly surprised she hadn’t passed out. What was merely 15 minutes in real time felt like a year had passed. Silence seemed to fill the room, no more screaming, or pained cries as Siobhan laid there.


Wyatt could feel the other presence in his mind, but it wasn't the malevolent Discord or the curse that seemed to always reside in his blood, one that would never fully fade. No, it was a light pushing back on the darkness that tried to grip its talons further into his mind. A shield seemed to layer over his own as he tried to keep Discord from gaining control over him and he heard the muffled voice of Billie urging him to fight. But.. he was tired. Really tired, and the promise of nothingness sounded appealing to the diviner as the suggestion to let go weaved over his being. The wall began to crumble. 

It was all falling apart. Dominic had tried to give them the benefit of the doubt because he knew there was nothing he could really do against magic. What power did he possibly possess that could stop this thing? He watched as each diviner's power began to wane one by one. First, Wyatt had become the new target for Discord and then Penelope had left the circle, her focus completely on him. Bexley was being forced to hold the circle up by herself now and he could see her physically shaking from the effort, blood slipping through her nose. Billie Mae was exerting too much of herself as well. He instantly felt the magic she was using to keep him from moving lessen. The elder was being pulled in too many different directions.

Dom watched as Wyatt's body shot across the room and slumped against the wall unconscious. "Shit." His gaze whipped back to the alter where Siobhan remained deathly still. He couldn't take anymore. The hues of his eyes began to shift and lighten, brightly shining in the dimly lit room until they greyed. Billie had stepped away from him and hurried to where Wyatt had been thrown, but her magic was still keeping him rooted. Rooted, but not as strongly as before. Dominic pushed and tore away from the invisible tendrils that seemed to wrap around him until he was able to lift one boot and then the other before a final growling yell released him into a stumble. 

"BOY!" Billie yelled at Dominic in warning over her shoulder, but her eyes stayed focus on the unmoving man in front of her. Wyatt's heart had stopped. She felt it in the moment Penelope had done it herself to remove Discord from her friend. She had instantly wrapped her power around whatever lifeforce still delayed inside of him, not allowing Wyatt to dare move on. She could see the amulet on his necklace begin to flicker and dim. "Now you hold on." Her small and gentle hands lay over his heart and she sent a charge through them and into his chest. He shot upward from the jolt, but he remained unconscious. "Come on, now!" Billie sent the shock into his body again, letting her mind wander into his to find where his soul had better still be lingering to pull him back.

Wyatt gasped. Instinctually, he wrapped a hand around his amulet and looked down to see it barely glowing. His eyes were wide and his other hand reached out to the person in front of him as the world started to come into focus. Billie Mae. She clasped his searching hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. "You're alright. Take a breath. Breathe, boy, breathe." He did as she commanded, taking great gulps of air and letting his head lean back against the wall as his heart caught up with his lungs. A figure on his left grabbed his attention and he could see Bexley with her eyes closed, but there was a steady rise and fall of her chest. His hues than adjusted across the room where Penelope was on her knees, her hands firmly on the box. Had they done it? 

Dominic was at the alter in moments. He was on his knees and cupping Siobhan's face, gently lifting her head to find some sign of life. She hadn't moved since the box to hold Discord has been closed, but he couldn't help but notice the look of peace that was now on her face. He gaze slid to her chest where it did not rise. "No." It was unacceptable. He would not allow her to die. 

One arm swept across her legs while his other slid under her back as he pulled the nephilim down from where she lay and into his arms. "Siobhan, please," he begged quietly, tucking her into his chest. Dominic kissed her forehead and placed his head against hers, rocking gently. "I can't exist in this shitty world when you don't," he breathed into her hair. A tear trailed down his face and dropped to her cheek. Dom pulled back to look at her, but there was nothing.

Anguish wracked through him. Agony and grief he hadn't felt since his mother died. Then anger. Rage. He could feel his lycan form wanting to break out, his emotions driving his wolf to surface. He'd tear these Archives apart and not stop there. The world would be next. "Nani," he half growled then, shaking Siobhan before pulling her into him again and roaring out his pain to the heavens. 

✧ Fallen Return ✧
Everything moved so slow and yet so fast. How could one truly explain it? As chaos ripped through the room. They were ill prepared when it came to trying to save Siobhan from discord. She knew it deep down, Discord had ruined everything in her life. From taking her away from Evermore City to making her into a person she never wanted to be or see again. Discord had truly made the angelic child hate herself. She wanted to push Dominic away even though he was the reason her body naturally returned to Evermore City. So one last look, Finally hearing him say the words she so desperately craved to hear him say.

“I love you, Nani.”

Even as her soul was fading from her body she could feel those words wrapping around her. Darkness wrapped around her glowing form as if to drag her into the darkness to never be seen again. To be forgotten.

“I think I loved you since you crash landed into me in that fields and I finally allowed myself to realize it the night we got tattoos.”

There was a light shining in the distance, two lights. As they moved closer there stood her father and brother. She watched them reach their hands towards her. “Come on sis, you gonna let a black gunk take you out?” her brother chuckled as her father whacked the back of his head.

“Don’t listen to him. All this time he has yet to grow up.” the warm chuckle wrapped around her as she felt her body relax among the darkness. “This is your choice though Siobhan. Come with us, or return to your body once more.”

She blinked at them, studying their faces, they seemed so happy and at peace. She had held their deaths in her heart for so long. She could let go and stop being a burden on all of them. No longer running to Clarissa with her silly little problems, no longer practicing to be a thief with Kaelyn, No longer being a disappointment to her mom. No longer putting the weight of her issues on Dominic, no longer forcing him into uncomfortable situations just to know what was on his mind. No longer gently touching his cheek, making coffee and sitting in the darkness of his home, once her home. No longer laying among the wildflowers in the sun getting lost with each other for hours.

It all started with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and a Therian with good timing.

“Hey why are you crying?” Her brother asked.

Siobhan touched her cheek feeling the warmth there as something gripped her face in the mortal realm. “Because I want to return. I want to be with them. I want to be with him.” She sniffled as she looked to her Father and Brother with longing to hug them. There was a warmth all over her now as he pulled her into his arms. Hearing his voice echo in the void. She looked towards it, seeing a door forming. “He loves me. And I love him. It's Him and I.” She felt a tear rolling down her face.

“Then go to him, and live a long life with him.” Her father said as he moved closer, placing a glowing hand on her shoulder gently.

“Live the life we will never get.” Her brother's hand rested on her other shoulder. “Tell mom we love her and we are at peace.” Without a second chance to speak to them she was pushed towards the door and they were gone. She reached for the handle, her hand shaking. Till the soft kiss on her forehead, she felt the anguish through it. His body trembling against hers. Feeling his tears kissing her face was the last straw for the Nephilim.

She yanked open the door and walked through it.

“Nani” before the roar of his wolf echoed in her body. She fought the pain that racked her body. She needed to breathe. To speak so he didn’t leave. Her soul was still settling its way back into her body as he clung to it.

Penelope looked at the scene of Dominic grieving over Siobhan's body. How did it all go so wrong? Maybe she should have asked Billie Mae to join in. Four would have been stronger. She looked at Wyatt catching his gaze, relaxing her shoulders only slightly seeing he was breathing. He would be okay, he had been hit with worse than that before. Chains of magic wrapped around the box as another box wrapped around it. “The Ailwards are going to want this right away.” She said softly as she stood slowly. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Dominic again.

Bexley's eyes opened as Dominic screamed out, pushing herself up slightly as she wanted to try and heal Siobhan. She couldn’t lose another pure soul. Not like Crane. Not like this. She was so young and had so much more life to live. Why did darkness seem to always bury itself in the brightest flowers? “Siobhan.” Bexley managed to get out as she tried to stand up but her legs gave way again.

He was holding Siobhan so tight to him, that getting a breath in was almost impossible. But she managed to move her hand to weakly touch whatever was closest to them. “Wolfy.” She said breathlessly, “I love you.” As she struggled to open her eyes to look at him. “I told you I wouldn’t let it win.” She looked like she had been through a war, her body needed rest, to heal. Her wings slipped out of her back and the dead feathers created from Discords actions fell away leaving nubs left sprouting new feathers. Though her wings would take time to grow back. “So,” She breathed out raggedly. “How about that date?” She gave a weak smile as her eyes closed again.

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