Getting a cat hadn't exactly been on the human ambassador's list of things to achieve, hell she hadn't even had a goldfish when she was younger, but as she had walked home from work that afternoon and seen her little face from in the cardboard box, the blonde hadn't been able to leave her there. And so for the last 2 weeks she had been getting used to the faint meowing and company of her new feline friend whom she had named Ada, after her favorite computer programming language.

So far things had been pretty easy going for the two of them, Sariah would fill up Ada's bowl in the morning before work and when she got home, most evenings she would come and curl up with the blonde whilst she watched TV before they both passed out from exhaustion and later relocated to bed. This weekend morning however she had woken up and sleepily made her way down to the kitchen and poured out the cat food into the bowl as she did every day.10 Minutes passed and Ada still hadn't made her way into the kitchen to have her food. Sariah started to worry at that moment, being an indoor cat she had done everything she could to seal the exits to the apartment.

Her heart dropped as she thought of the window she had left half cracked open in the kitchen while cooking the other night as she dashed through the house towards it. Seeing it cracked even further open the panic started to set in as she looked around for a moment before grabbing her coat, slipping in on over her shoulders and heading outside and starting to search the area around her house. Sariah headed to her nearby neighbours and knocked on the doors asking them if they had seen her.

Sariah was doing her best not to panic, she couldn't imagine the kitten getting far in the matter for a couple of hours, she was generally timid and took a lot of time to brave enough to explore. "Ada!" she called out relatively loudly before falling quiet to see if she could hear any rustling or meowing in response to her calling. Much to her disappointment she didn't hear anything and so she continued to search, heading out onto the path that was in front of her house and crouching down to look in the bushes.

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Cats are always good company to have. Always there for you. From when you leave them in the morning they’ll be there to greet you when you come back. It seemed like nowadays it was just her, the cat and dog. As her sister Jessalyn spent quite a lot of her time with her boyfriend. Whilst with Cedric he spent a lot of time away with work. So it was just her. Having pets made it easier for her so she didn’t feel so alone anymore.  It’s seemed like forever since she had a little kitten running around her home. Whilst in reality it’s only been 2 years since she first had her now cat Harry. It's just that kittens never stay small, you have them for a couple months then they’ll be full grown before you know it. Sierra wanted to get another kitten but too didn’t want to have it where she’ll be living at home with like 20 cats. An old crazy cat woman. “You are” Sierra agreed laughing a little. Getting a pet doesn’t need to be planned. “I know the feeling” She agreed.

It was a heartwarming picture to see Sariah being reunited with her lost kitten. A wide smile appeared on her lips watching the other blonde hugging the small kitten tightly not wanting to let go. Sierra couldn’t imagine if she was in Sariah’s position thinking of losing either Jasper or Harry even for a short while. “It seemed like we swapped places Miss Holloway” She answered too joking along with her. It was known that Sariah was normally the most level headed person of the ambassadors but in a situation like this its all thrown of course.  “Don’t worry I think Jasper here would get jealous” Pointing to the golden retriever who wasn’t liking all the all the attention going to Ada. The blonde bent down to her pup scratching behind his ear like she had just done with Ada. So that they both have the same attention. “He looked like a drowned rat for the rest of the night” She added laughing remembering back to how Harry looked so sad for himself but it was his own fault really. “Its all a learning course” She reminded Sariah all kittens and cats have different minds and personalities. Not one pet was the same. “Of course, that sounds great” Sierra smiled accepting her offer. It would be nice to have a have a catch up with Sariah not seeing each other outside of meetings. Sierra needs more friends. Having more acquaintances than friends but that what comes with the job of being ambassador. Too busy with work and it’s responsibilities. Overshadowing everything else.  

Sariah had never really had the chance to relate to Sierra on anything but a political basis, the Initia weren’t really the ambassador’s council’s favorite faction mostly thanks to their conflict with the phoenixes which thankfully for the most part had now passed. Sariah couldn’t imagine it was easy on Sierra to keep face when opposed with that kind of rep. What Sariah saw in the other blonde however was someone willing to adapt and change, caught up in a eon long war she couldn’t just step out of. Everyone had their own opinions on the topic but Sariah was open minded when it came to the Initia ambassador, Sierra’s faction had never really been a cause for concern for the humans as they mostly kept to themselves and the Initia families were often made up of both human and supernatural members. “Or maybe I’m just a better actress than you thought” she answered in an equally teasing tone.

Running her fingers through the soft fur of the kitten she felt her heartbeat finally steady, finally convinced that the worst of it was over and she could finally relax a little in the company of her new friend. Sariah laughed gently as she started to lead the way back to her apartment shaking her head a little at the thought of a sopping wet and miserable cat sulking over the fact that he had thrown an entire garbage can over himself “I don’t even wanna imagine what this one would do in reaction to that” she shook her head as she lead the other ambassador through the path up to her house and then opened the door letting her inside the ground floor apartment. Sariah kept hold of Ada despite her wiggling as she closed the door behind her and Sierra. “Feel free to let Jasper loose, I’m just going to take care of that window” she nodded softly as she wandered through the hall and into the spare bedroom when she pulled the window shut tight and then turned the little key in the lock to ensure there was no way it was reopening. Circling back she headed back to the hall sweeping her arm towards the open kitchen and lounge in invitation “Did you want any coffee? Tea?” she offered as she retrieved her favorite mug from off the shelf.

A lot have happened and changed over the past few years. The good and the bad. Having made many mistakes along the way which all built upon the paths that led to where she is now. Many that she regrets making but it was too late to go back to rebuild the past but to look to the future. Putting the past behind her almost. Focusing on what was important. Her family and her fraction. To keep the peace, to keep her fraction and the city safe. Learning that war wasn’t the way to go. She was selfless listening to other people’s opinions and voices rather than herself to see that it was all wrong. It was all clear now something she’s realized a year or two on. Many people still didn’t trust her. Sierra didn’t blame them, if she was in their position she wouldn’t either. Learning to build and rebuild bridges of relationships with people and the fractions. Starting afresh.

Sierra could that after finding Ada, Sariah was beyond happy. She would be too if she was in her position. It all ending on a happy note, finding Ada all safe and sound. As there’s some cases where people people wouldn’t find their lost pets or would but they would be dead. Thankfully for them Ada stayed clear of the roads and was close by. “All I can say is good luck cleaning him up” Sierra laughed joking to her knowing it’s not easy trying to give a cat or dog a bath. As they mostly hate it and try to get out halfway through making it not the easiest thing to do with one pair of hands. Normally ending in chaos at the end of the day. Sierra followed Sariah on the way to the human’s apartment for a coffee. “This is a nice neighborhood” She added taking a look at the neighbourhood seeing how the apartment houses were nice looking. Similar to her neighbourhood where she lived.

As they got to the apartment walking inside she waited for Sariah to close the door behind her. “Thanks” Sierra smiled as she was told Jasper was able to be let free around the apartment. The blonde bent down to her golden retriever unclipping the lead off his collar. “Jasper be good” She commanded softly to her dog but she knew that he would be fine as he was a good dog. Well mannered. Watching as Sariah was going around to check that all the windows were all shut and locked. So that neither of their pets could escape.  Sariah motioned for her to go to the lounge and kitchen part instead of standing in the hallway. “Can I have tea please” She answered, tea was still one of her favourite beverages. Keeping a piece of her old life in England with her in a way.

Sariah had certainly seen a change in Sierra since the phoenixes had left the city, she seemed more relaxed and willing to listen,perhaps even more engaged at the council meetings where sometimes she would come across a little aloof. The council was filled with all sorts of characters, from the underspoken to the over, Sariah felt she laid somewhere in the middle, she typically liked to sit and listen but if someone spoke something she didn’t agree with she certainly wouldn’t be one to sit there in silence either.

Sariah laughed with a shake of her head as she imagined the mess that would be made from trying to bathe a cat. Sariah had avoided having to bath Ada as much as she could so far, she felt like a cruel cat mother when she did so and Ada would act mad at her for several days after. Hearing Sierra’s comment on the neighborhood Sariah laughed “It is” she responded and nodded thinking about all the kind neighbors she had and how well decorated it was. The cynical part of her followed it up “When there’s not a psycho killer waiting for you on your way home from work anyway” she figured it would come off as a joke but it was actually something that had happened.

Hearing Jasper as he padded around the apartment brought a smile to the ambassador’s lips, she loved animals despite never being allowed to keep them as a child. Sariah wasn’t really sure why she hadn’t got a pet sooner if she was honest. Setting Ada down in her pen on the kitchen floor as she didn’t want to take her eyes off her at least for a few hours Sariah got to work on making the drinks preparing herself a coffee and then making a tea for Sierra. Sariah set out the cream and sugar on the counter for Sierra to help herself to as she slid the drink over to her. “So” she started up the conversation interested to learn more about the Initia ambassador “What does someone like Sierra Reigns do for fun?” she asked with a playful look before lifting her coffee mug to her lips and taking a sip.

After all that happened a few years back. With her brothers death and war nearly breaking out. That was the breaking point for her but after the Aliward Guard stepped in. Putting the peace treaty in place, helping to make her see the light. To see that all what she thought was the right way was wrong. For years she was being manipulated by her eldest brother. Losing friends and allies along the way. Making it harder for people to trust her again. To see she was a different person. Before in meetings she was more tense not sure how to answer all the questions thinking that her brother wouldn’t agree with it. Now she had her own mind and opinions, no one to try to sway her thinking differently. Sierra have been trying to make the other ambassadors trust her again, knowing it’s not easy. Making more effort in meetings, giving her say where it deemed fit.

When having pets there’s always times where mishaps happen. If it be cleaning up messes that they’ve made. Now she tried to hide all her best shoes away from Jasper losing her favorite high heels before. She hated giving Jasper a bath the most as he was always trying to escape mid way needing another pair of hands to help. “Yeah maybe not then, but at least people like us know how to to protect ourselves” She added onto Sariah’s conspiracy. She had her powers and she knew that Sariah knew how to fight and protect herself. Knowing that this wasn’t an episode of Riverdale where The Black Hood was roaming the streets.

After the door was shut she took of Jaspers leash so that he was free to walk around. Sierra laughed to herself seeing that her dog was already investigating the place as it was somewhere new. Following Sariah into the kitchen she saw that Ada had her own pen. Seeing how much the blonde cared for the kitten setting up different areas for her and safety proofing the place. Sierra knew when her own cat was a kitten she was always finding small hiding places not making it easy to find him. “Thank you” She smiled as she was passed the cup of tea. Putting in some milk into it stirring it in, not needing sugar. Finding sugar always made it taste too sweet only in coffee she had it in. Hearing Sariah ask her what she does for fun, a laugh escaped her lips as she shook her head. “My life is far from fun if you count binge watching countless shows each night” She joked, her life was very mundane so to say. The most fun she’s had was meeting up with Floren a few times. “What about you? Is there certain someone or should I say certain fox in your life?” She teased grinning a little pointing out to what she’s noticed a bit during the meetings.

Sariah couldn’t help the little laugh that escaped her lips, of course Sierra had assumed it was more of a figure of speech but the human ambassador was speaking from experience, she had felt weird about walking home since she had met Elijah and even though she knew he was dead she still felt somewhat on edge. “Seems like it’s the only way to get by these days” she spoke it sadly but it was true, with constant whispers of war and knowing anyone who walks by might be a psychopath with supernatural abilities. For the most part though, living in Evermore was like living in any large city, dwarfed by the sheer number of people living there.The ambassadors of Evermore however were all badasses and she was sure everyone could hold their own.

Sariah was pretty comfortable in her little apartment, living alone she didn’t really need much space so it was what most people might consider cosy but to her it was home and that was all that really mattered. Kicking off her shoes she made her way through the kitchen as she prepared their drinks. “Not often I get the chance to use my stash of teabags” she admitted with a laugh “I’m addicted to coffee myself” she added as she took another sip of the bitter liquid. Sariah returned Sierra’s laugh rolling with her choice of topic “Ugh I love watching shows on Netflix” she admitted with a chuckle “You watch anything decent recently? I’ve been meaning to start something new” Sariah barely ever got the time to watch TV anymore no matter how much she loved it, between her duties at the organization and seeing a certain someone she found most of her free time eaten up.

As Sariah went to take another sip of her drink she heard Sierra’s implication and spat back out some of her drink in surprise at what she said. Sure her and Orion had been on one date but somehow everyone in the city seemed to know about it already. Setting down her cup she laughed softly “Well apparently it’s more obvious than I thought” she admitted as she looked back at the other blonde a slight blush on her cheeks as she thought about her and Orion “We’re….figuring things out” she still wasn’t sure exactly what the answer to a lot of that was but she knew he made her happy “What about you? Anyone caught your eye?” Sariah chuckled and winked dramatically at the other woman.

Nothing in Evermore City was far from ordanity. A city full of supernaturals within a city of humans, hidden away enough so only a few human’s new of the excisence. A place where random things happen. Along with the good and the bad. Strange was the usual here. Normal was overrated. “I know the feeling” Sierra agreed softly with the blonde although noticing how Sariah was keeping something more from her. She just shook her head knowing not to ask further into it. Knowing that people had secrets and problems of their own that their dealing with. As long as all the ambassadors and fractions stand with one and another to keep the peace then she knew that they were all fine. Whilst the worry of something bad or fractions turning on one and other worried her a little. Not wanting history to repeat itself again. The city and herself have lost so much not wanting anything to happen.

She could already see that Sariah added her own personal touches to her apartment to make it more cozy and homely like she did with hers. Sierra preferred nowadays to live in apartment than big houses. Not needing all the extra space and rooms that she never used. Along with less places to clean was a bonus. Preferring to live in an apartment with all she needed in it that she shared with her two siblings. Sierra laughed with Sariah who admitted that she rarely have people over who likes tea. “Your like my brother. Him and his coffee obsession” She joked to her knowing that back home Cedric has a cupboard dedicated to just his coffee collection. She thought that it was a bit obsessive but just didn’t tell him that until it would get to a point of two cupboard full then she would. “I know right, well worth the money” Adding to her obsession with watching tv shows and movies. “I’m watching reruns of Full House even though i’ve seen it countless times” Loving the old classic shows rather than some teen dramas they had. Reminding her of her childhood almost of things she watched with her brothers. “I know it’s nothing new but it’s a classic” She added on. “There’s a spin off for it called Fuller house” She was happy that the show was still going strong and not died out completely. “What do you recommend?” To add on her list of things to watch.

Turning the tables around wanting to hear a little bit of gossip into Sariah’s love life, a laugh escape her lips as she watched Sariah spit out her drink as she asked the question. “Maybe, but maybe only to ones who notice things” She marvelled with a smirk knowing the answer to her question. “He’s a good egg” Pointing out to what she’s already noticing using a very british saying. Taking a sip of her tea the question was turned back to her as it was her turn. Sierra gulped a little of her tea knowing that she’d had to tell. “There’s this guy that I’ve been spending a lot of time with. His name is Floren. I think it could be something more… but I don’t know” Sierra’s face lit up almost as she was telling the other blonde about the person she was kind of seeing. Nothing was official yet, not knowing where they stood. In a way she hopes that it could be something more but not wanting to get hurt or put all her eggs in one basket as people would say.

It wasn’t necessarily that she was a secretive person so much that she knew when she started telling a story she rambled and poor Sierra would probably fall asleep before Sariah had managed to get everything out. Her agreement was met with a solemn smile, it was a shame that they lived in a world where every person had to learn to protect themselves in order to feel safe in the city. It was easier for some and harder for others, while the Initia were powerful, Sariah knew that their abilities weren’t simply developed the moment they got their tribal tattoo, they took time and practice to be able to really use as any kind of tool. “Though it’s gotta be pretty badass to be able to use all five right?” she prompted interested in what it was like to have so much supernatural power at your very fingertips.

Sariah laughed at the comment on her coffee obsession, to be honest most people she knew had one, it was more of a culture thing than anything else, you couldn’t go down more than 2 streets in Evermore without finding a Starbucks, not that she was complaining, her morning coffee on the journey to work was all that kept her sane sometimes “I’m not sure anyone knows how to cope without caffeine these days” she responded with a wink. TV however was a topic Sariah could talk about for hours, she loved binge watching shows, whether they were cheesy or too serious for their own good, the blonde found herself sucked in by fictional stories. Sariah had heard of Full House, but she’d never got around to watching it herself “Is that the one with the cutest little kids in it?” she asked with a raised brow mentally noting that she needed to check it out. When the question was turned on her she pondered it for a moment “I’ve been sucked in by all the Marvel shows lately” she chucked and pretended to punch through the air “Channelling my inner badass” she smiled sweetly and totally not badass like..

Sariah should have known that the other ambassadors would catch on, after all, Sariah was pretty terrible at hiding emotions on her face at the best of times, let alone when she was nervous like she tended to be at meetings. She was still surprised that Sierra just came out with it like that though. She couldn’t help but laugh at Sierra’s very British seal of approval and the blonde nodded softly over her coffee cup before taking another sup. To her surprise, Sierra also had some gossip of her own to share. The way she spoke Sariah could tell she was already in way deeper than she wanted to admit which made Sariah giggle “Floren huh?” she asked with raised brows “Sounds Italian” she commented with a smirk though her expression turned more serious as she saw the way Sierra was deliberating “Not sure you wanna risk it huh?” she nodded softly “I know that one well” she echoed, if there was a queen of not wanting to take risks in your love life, Sariah would have a crown.

For a while everything have slowed down whilst before everything was happening too fast. The good and bad. Where Evermore City was full of traegtity, loss and drama. A lot being her families part and her species too. Now it’s all changed. The city and it’s species lived in peace thanks to the peace treaty made the Aliwards. Changing people’s perspectives to the right way. “It is I gotta admit” She beamed to her, Sierra loved her powers. She wouldn’t change or go back for anything. Being the leader of her kin was amazing but it took her a long time to develop her powers. “It wasn’t all simple to start off with. Going from only one element to having all the power at your fingertips was quite a change” Sierra explained a little remembering back to when she first got her powers having taught herself her from scratch. Learning to control and manipulate all the elements. At some parts she’s still learning now but able to teach others too. Knowing that this was all something unknown to Sariah who was human. Not used to all the ways of the supernatural and their power. “I bet your pretty badass too” She added too a bit curious not knowing what all what Sariah does job whilst apart from helping to lead and keep the human species in line. Keeping the supernatural a secret from them same as the vow other species have made too.

She loved coffee to a level, starting to prefer it to tea in a way. Since the tea here was not a nice as English tea, it was almost a fact that Americans didn’t like tea preferring coffee over it. Now she was starting to drink more coffee, starting each day like most people with a cup of coffee in the morning. “I got to admit I’m one of those people who pick up their daily starbucks before work” She laughed for what people were most guilty for, especially if you lived in a city. “Yeah the the catchphrases” She added grinning a little talking about her favourite show. “I used to love marvel, watching different superhero shows and movIes but then I forgot about it. Losing interest almost. I want to start getting into it again” She admitted before laughing a grinning watching Sariah punch the air like a superhero. “I think your doing a good job” Able to save the world from a human’s perspective and ability.

Many ambassadors tried their best hide their personal life from others mostly about their relationships. Keeping it a secret so that they wouldn’t be part of people’s gossip. Sierra was good at spotting people who was keeping secrets able to see that during meetings both Sariah’s and Orion's gazes would be locked on each other thinking that people would not notice. Letting the cat out of the bag she watched as Sariah was now showing interest in her love life. “He’s actually French, he used to live in France” She smirked back to her to Sariah’s Italian comment. “I just don’t want to get my heart broken again, you know?” She was an open book almost easy to spill her secrets. Easier when she had a lot of alcohol inside her. She knew she didn’t want to have her past relationships affecting her future ones knowing that would find the right one.

Sariah had to admit she did feel like the odd one out in Evermore, the one that everyone underestimated because she wasn’t born with supernatural powers, she had quickly shown the other ambassadors that she wasn’t one to be backed into a corner however, the blonde was brave to the point that it was probably dangerous and she refused to be treated any less than her supernatural neighbors. “I can’t even imagine what it feels like” she mused, the idea of what it was actually like to be supernatural was lost on her, she didn’t think she would ever truly understand it, regardless of the amount of study or research she did. She chuckled softly at Sierra’s compliment and the blonde shrugged gently reaching up to straighten her glasses “I do my best to keep up with the world around me” she answered coyly with a bright smile, sure she could kick ass but there was only so much defense the humans had against supernatural power.

“Aren’t we all at this point” Sariah echoed the Initia ambassador’s thoughts and laughed “I swear Starbucks could try and turn us all into mindless drones and we’d probably let them” she chuckled thinking how the morning rush to work did feel a lot like walking amongst people on autopilot after all. Sariah loved the idea of superheroes, not necessarily ones who came from other planets or gained powers from mutation but those who rose out of sheer will and hard work, like the green arrow and even batman. “I like to think we’re all our own kind of superhero” she mused with a laugh and shrugged, sure her superpower was simply a high IQ but her intentions were always is what she considered the right place.

Sariah wasn’t exactly the most private of the ambassadors, mostly because she was incapable of keeping secrets for her life. Sierra was more of a mystery, especially after everything went down with the phoenixes, the initia seemed to recoil into their own community, perhaps out of shame for what happened? Sariah had to admit she was happy the conversation drifted, hilariously it felt easier to talk about her love life than it was about supernatural politics in Evermore. “Ugh, I love European accents” Sariah chuckled, Sierra’s English dialect had never escaped her notice either.

Sariah understood her concerns deeper than most would however “It hurts like hell” she agreed with a gentle nod of her head and for Sariah, it hadn’t been worth the pain once it ended, for the longest time she had simply given up on the idea entirely, because she wasn’t sure the high would ever be worth the low “But all the tales of great loves can’t be completely wrong can they?” she questioned with a raised brow, perhaps she was asking more for herself than she wanted to admit.

“Some days I think about what it must be like to be normal. To live an mundane. Not having to worry about it all” Not to say she hated being Initia or the leader of her kind. Not at all just if she could block it all out for a day. “When i was younger i found it difficult to control my powers. The urge to burn everything down, my brothers helped me with it. Then I first came to the city becoming the Magister, leader for initia’s. Having all the elements to control and learn all at once. It all was too much, i struggled a lot. All on my own” She begun to tell her, something she’d never shared with anyone. Worried if her reputation of being someone who has it all together. “As a leader of your own people your supposed to know what your doing, to help others. Whilst you yourself are still learning. It took me months to figure out all my elements even now I know all how it works” She thought Sariah would understand being a leader as well, but with her it was a bit different. Sariah wasn’t supernatural, she didn’t have any powers like all the others. She knew that Sariah still could pick up a fight against anyone who stood against her. Seeing how she always stood her grounds during the meetings, who was the one who took charge.

Nowadays people’s bad habits were catching up with everyone else. Coffee was the main one. She might had to admit she was starting to like coffee over tea, becoming more American than British. Favouring it’s food, drinks and tastes. “It’s Starbucks why wouldn’t you” She laughed joking, it was part of most people’s morning ritual almost. Needing their fill of Starbucks coffee to help get them through the day. “Me more like Avatar” Sierra added from what people told her, she wasn't too keen on animations or cartoons. She wouldn’t have thought that she’d be sharing things about her love life to another ambassadors. Most tended to keep it all secret, all profesional. “His accent he's a French Twang to it, the kinda heart melt. But not the annoying over the top accent” She couldn't help to smile taking about Floren, having taken quite a fancy to him. Most people have had their heart broken once or twice in their lives. Choosing to put a wall up so that they couldn’t get hurt anymore, waiting for someone to pull it down. “Seems like you got more to say about it. If he’s worth it, take a short. Life is short for what if and buts. He’s here and now, waiting for you” Almost giving her a push in the right direction seeing how suited Sariah and Orion were to each other. She wanted them to be happy.

Mundane, that was certainly a word for it, or at least it was for those humans who had no idea of the supernatural world around them. Sariah had to admit that the moment she had been thrown into the supernatural world her life had certainly not been mundane at all because even humans had a part to play in making peace between the supernatural and ensuring the secret stays one. Sariah could understand how Sierra could be overwhelmed by change, Sariah was in her own ways, especially after she had been thrust into the position of human ambassador, she hadn’t coped all that well at first either. “I think a lot of people just expect you to be able to deal with change but it’s never as simple as just accepting it, we all struggle to adjust and sometimes we simply don’t want it” she shrugged a little and smiled “You came out the other side a stronger person for it, you should be proud of that” she nodded a little commending the Initia ambassador for eventually managing to quiet down the constant battle they had with the phoenixes.

Sariah had to admit that is was nice to talk to Sierra on a personal level, she didn’t often get the chance to approach ambassadors outside of their busy schedules and while she got along well with both Cornelia and Orion, there were some members of the council who she didn’t see herself mixing all that well with. “True” she responded joining the blonde’s laugh in response to her joke. Catching her reference Sariah nodded, she had watched the show when she was younger and definitely caught the similarities to the real world in it “Now that I think it, exactly like the Avatar” she laughed shaking her head “Though replacing the arrow tattoos with element ones” Sariah for the most part knew everything there was to know about the supernatural, considering she had to deal with a city full of them.

The way Sierra talked about this man, Floren, brought a smile to Sariah’s lips “Sounds like you’ve got it bad” she winked as she laughed wondering if Sierra went all nervous and jittery the way that Sariah did about Orion, or perhaps that was just her, clumsy to her core. Sariah laughed at the way Sierra encouraged her to go for it, she knew she was right but there were still things that brought doubt to the human ambassador’s mind, things Orion couldn’t control, things she needed to figure out for herself “You make it sound so easy” she admitted as she finished off the last of her coffee setting the mug down just to hear Ada meowing  “Oh, looks like someone wants to join the party” she teased as she reached down and picked up the little kitten and held her out for Sierra to hold.


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