Getting a cat hadn't exactly been on the human ambassador's list of things to achieve, hell she hadn't even had a goldfish when she was younger, but as she had walked home from work that afternoon and seen her little face from in the cardboard box, the blonde hadn't been able to leave her there. And so for the last 2 weeks she had been getting used to the faint meowing and company of her new feline friend whom she had named Ada, after her favorite computer programming language.

So far things had been pretty easy going for the two of them, Sariah would fill up Ada's bowl in the morning before work and when she got home, most evenings she would come and curl up with the blonde whilst she watched TV before they both passed out from exhaustion and later relocated to bed. This weekend morning however she had woken up and sleepily made her way down to the kitchen and poured out the cat food into the bowl as she did every day.10 Minutes passed and Ada still hadn't made her way into the kitchen to have her food. Sariah started to worry at that moment, being an indoor cat she had done everything she could to seal the exits to the apartment.

Her heart dropped as she thought of the window she had left half cracked open in the kitchen while cooking the other night as she dashed through the house towards it. Seeing it cracked even further open the panic started to set in as she looked around for a moment before grabbing her coat, slipping in on over her shoulders and heading outside and starting to search the area around her house. Sariah headed to her nearby neighbours and knocked on the doors asking them if they had seen her.

Sariah was doing her best not to panic, she couldn't imagine the kitten getting far in the matter for a couple of hours, she was generally timid and took a lot of time to brave enough to explore. "Ada!" she called out relatively loudly before falling quiet to see if she could hear any rustling or meowing in response to her calling. Much to her disappointment she didn't hear anything and so she continued to search, heading out onto the path that was in front of her house and crouching down to look in the bushes.

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She wouldn’t change anything. Everything that has happened in the past all made up to what is now. Happening for a reason. Like it was all meant to be. Starting back to her parents murder, coming to Evermore, becoming the initia’s Magister. Then it all leading to Adolf’s death, war nearly happening but was put to a stop as a peace treaty was put in. Now she was a better person, life was better. Compared to how it was, back then she was being brainwashed and manipulated. Having a clear mind now. There’s been many changes in the recent years but now the ambassador council as it stands it's all good, they all get along. Only a few disagreements here and then on some differences but compared to how it was before it was a lot better. “I think at first all of us don’t want it, pondering whether it would be a good idea. The job and all the responsibilities that come with it but in the end it’s rewarding” She recalled, saying that she thought about it from her perspective. “Looking at it now I would change anything to it”.

Thinking about more Sariah was right she was whipped but so was she. “Your whipped as well for Orion” She added winking to her as the two then burst into laughter. Being both mundade able to talk about their crushes and possible relationships with each other. Maybe it’s cause they don’t want to share it publicly because of the gossip that goes around. It comes with the title almost of being ambassador more eyes on you. Judging you almost but you don’t need to constantly think of what others will think. The meowing broke her out of her thoughts almost. Looking over she saw Sariah holding the little kitten wanting for her to take it. “It's always the case they go missing making you worry for them. Then they want attention” Sierra laughed putting down her tea onto the coffee table in front so she could take hold of Ada. “Awwh but she is a cutie” She grinned as she held the kitten on her lap, so one hand was holding her to stop her running off and the other was stroking her. Hearing her little purr made her heart melt a little, wanting another kitten of her own.

Sierra’s thoughts on being an ambassador were admirable and Sariah was inclined to agree, no one ever really aspired to be the leader of a supernatural group, for most she guess it just kinda happened upon them and while Sariah had more opportunity to shy away from it than most others did, the position had been offered to her after all, not forced on her. It had taken her a while to come to a decision, taking on this role meant speaking for the humans of the city and she had never been the best at speaking. She had decided to take it in the end however, because she wanted someone with their heart in the right place to lead the organization unlike some she knew could have been promoted. “Yeah me neither” she agreed with a gentle smile “It’s weird to imagine my life before the organization now” maybe that made her a workaholic but she really felt like she had come into her own since becoming an ambassador.

Sariah laughed, at first she wanted to defend against Sierra’s statement but after a few seconds of open mouthed silence she nodded softly “Yeah I guess I am” she admitted, if she wanted to go deeper she probably had been for over a year now when she put herself out there and gave him her number “But sometimes you just gotta get a little crazy I guess” she smiled, she felt like Orion was good for her, at least when he wasn’t stupidly putting himself in danger anyway and that was all that was really important right now. Sariah gave a mock eye roll as she collected Ada from her pen and shrugged dramatically “She loves attention at all times, she’ll have you know” Ada would cuddle up to anyone who showed her a little affection, she was very clingy but Sariah kinda liked that.

Now that Ada was sitting in Sierra’s lap Sariah turned her head a little with a bright smile before she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and turned it to the camera mode “Do you mind if I take a pic for Instagram?” she asked with raised brows before adding on “I can tag you in it if you want” Ada was more popular on Sariah’s Instagram than she was but that didn’t stop her from keep posting.

Looking at it know Sariah was right, she too couldn’t imagine her life before coming to Evermore to when she became an ambassador, Magister to the Initia’s. The good and the bad with all that happened and come since then “Me too” She laughed softly agreeing with her. “We’re all committed to our jobs too much” But who isn’t really? Why spend endless hours in a job that you don’t enjoy. Putting in the countless hours in  job you enjoy show how dedicated and love it at the same time. All of the ambassadors were one of those people. Dedicated to the job. Maybe a bit too much than others can see.

She loved cats who were more of attention seeking ones but not too needy on the other hand. Already able to tell as Sariah says Ada loves attention. “Maybe her running off was for attention so that now you won’t leave her alone” She joked making light to all the drama that had happened earlier on. Seeing that Ada had already forgetting about her little adventure to the big outside world, as she was curled up on her lap. Purring away as she was stroking behind her ear. The spot where every cat or kitten loved to be stroked. “I swear I got cat fever now, I really want another kitten but not sure” She admitted looking in awe almost having forgotten what it’s like to have a little small kitten curled up on your lap. Maybe after Cedric moves out there might be more room, she thought to herself. “Just to warn you they don’t stay this size forever soon she’ll be a full grown kitten in a few months” She mused grinning a little reminding her. Sierra weren’t too phased that Sariah wanted to take a photo onto Instragram maybe a bit more supposed. For her own one she mainly used it to stalk people and celebrities rather than sharing pictures and videos of her own life. On her’s it was only pet photos or some fancy photography shots of different things. “Sure go ahead” She smiled. Carefully picking up Ada from her lap so she was able to hold the little kitten in one hand, showing how small she was. Posing with the sleepy kitten for Sariah’s instragram photo.

Sariah laughed, she was told she spent too much time at the office and she couldn’t really argue with that, she loved her job and the difference she felt like she was making when she was there, perhaps that had a toll on her personal life but she’d rather be seen as an overachiever than look back on her life down the line and wonder what the point was. “Well I suppose that just means we’re in the right job” she laughed softly and shrugged “All those people need someone to be their voice and I think we both do pretty well at it” of course they all made mistakes but for the most part, everyone had their minds in the right place.

Sariah let out a peel of laughter in response to Sierra’s analysis about Ada “You know, I think you might be onto something there” she was going to have to keep a close eye on her kitten from now on, she’d had a taste of what it felt like to lose her and she luckily got her back, but that didn’t mean she wanted to repeat it. “I never really was a cat person but I just...saw her and knew it was meant to be” perhaps that was cheesy or silly but to her it had felt like love at first sight. “I know” she responded with a nod “that’s why I’m taking so many photos” she laughed as she snapped the picture of Sierra and Ada and put a pretty filter on the image. She captioned the post “Our Hero” and posted it with a smile “I swear my following has doubled since she came into my life” then again, Ada was adorable so it was a no brainer really.

She was about to sit back down again when her ringtone started to echo through the room. Naturally the blonde pulled her phone from her pocket checking the caller ID before she gave Sierra an apologetic smile “I should take this sorry” she pressed the phone to her ear as she listened to the frantic voice speak down the end of the line. Sariah sighed but responded to the male, affirming everything would be okay. Five minutes later and she returned back to where Sierra “Sorry to toss you out so to speak but apparently there’s something happened at the office that needs my attention” she pulled a face, she hated to just run off but as they had mentioned earlier, when duty called, ambassadors came running.

It's always better to enjoy your job rather to be stuck in one that you hate. If not you’ll be going day by day, struggling. Stuck in an endless loop not knowing how or when to get out. Sierra’s ambassador job was the first one that she actually enjoys and loves.”That's right” She chuckled with her. “I think know we have the right voices, in the right places” She added agreeing with her. Sierra herself have seen quite a change in leadership within the ambassador circle since when she first become Initia Ambassador nearly 5 ago now. Some weren’t right for the position, whilst some couldn’t handle it or in some circumstances something happens. Now everyone and everything is in the right place. Nothing bad has happened in a lot time and all of them intend to keep it that way.

The blonde continued giving the small kitten attention, stoking behind its ears and it’s chin. Hearing the loud purring coming from Ada, Sierra knew that she was enjoying the attention she was getting from both her and Sariah. “Ada’s a good kitten, it seems she’s already attached to you. Like two peas in a pod” Already able to imagine the small kitten following Sariah everywhere she goes. “Maybe get her a collar with a bell?” She pointed out making it easier to know where she is, especially with how small Ada was but it's up to her really. “You’ll turn into a crazy cat lady soon like me” She grinned laughing to her, soon everyone turns into a cat woman or dog one after having a new pet. Growing attached quickly. “Who would blame them she is cute, getting everyone’s attention everywhere” She added, her instrapham was mostly like Sariah’s full of peoples of cats with some of her dog Jasper as well. Sierra’s photo stream was filled of photos that she took of her pets sleeping or looking cute.

The noise of a phone going off distracted the two from their conversation, one of their phones were ringing. She knew it weren’t hers as she couldn’t feeling it vibrating in her pocket, it must be Sariah;s. Seeing as she quickly went to go and take the call. “Sure, go ahead” She nodded, letting Sariah leave the room to answer the phone. Sierra continued on stoking Ada as she laid on her lap whilst sipping her tea before it goes cold. It weren’t long till Sariah come back hurrying into the room, knowing the look it was ambassador duties calling Sariah. “I understand, don’t worry. I know how it is when you gotta run off for your job” She pointed out, standing up still holding onto the small kitten. “I believe this is yours before I run off with her” She joked teasing her, handing Sariah back Ada. Sierra didn’t have to look far for her dog, looking down seeing her golden retriever there at her feet. Jasper’s a good boy never goes too far. “Come on boy, let’s go home” She called, clipping the leash onto his collar. Hooking it in. The blonde put her coat on since it was cold out, getting ready to leave. “We should do this again, it’s nice to sit down with ambassadors outside of meetings. Instead of political conversations” She smiled softly, before she headed to the door ready to leave. Waiting for Sariah to show her out, as they had to be careful not to let Ada escape. After leaving Sariah’s apartment she head back to her one texting Floren to meet her later on tonight so they could spend some time together.

Sariah agreed, they were in so much better of a place than they had been a few years ago, she had seen the development of the organization and the ambassador council evolve even when she wasn’t a member of it. “Now we just have to keep them civil” she commented with a laugh and a shake of her head, for the most part things were in a good place but it was pretty touch and go when it came to the relationship between the Ailward and Celestial factions and the Therianthrope and Vampire factions.

Sariah nodded as she looked down at Sierra and Ada together, the little kitten seemed to capture the heart of everyone she had met so far, it was adorable “Well living alone has been kinda lonely you know, she’s the only company I’ve kept for a while” she laughed, things with Orion were going well but they definitely weren’t at the living together stage yet. “Besides, having cats everywhere doesn’t sound like the worst life to me” she shrugged pulling an amused face, she had never really seen herself as a pet person before but now that she had one she wasn’t sure she could imagine herself without one and it had only been a couple months.

Sariah felt bad to cut their conversation short, Sierra seemed like a really nice person and definitely someone she could see herself being friends with. Until recently all the ambassadors tended to stay distant from one another but now everyone seemed to be pulling in closer both with friendships and also a few of them, more than friendship. Sariah was still a little worried her relationship with Orion might be seen in a negative light by the other ambassadors but now she felt ready to face that. Taking Ada back from Sierra she cuddled the little kitten before setting her down on the floor “Honestly I don’t know what I’d do without her” she admitted with a smile as she waited for Sierra to gather her things. In response to her words she nodded “We really should” she answered in complete agreement “Everything is just so...different once you leave that town hall, you know” they had to put on a certain persona in there, let go of everything personal and speak for their people. Sariah couldn’t judge any of them as a person for what she saw in those meetings. Sariah lead the way to the door and opened it for Sierra “Don’t be a stranger, we should get lunch sometime” she suggested noting that she needed to get out of the house and see her friends more often. Once Sierra went to leave Sariah waved her hand before heading back inside to get ready for what she knew would be a nightmare afternoon at work.


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