It was almost coming up to the third year the celestials had spent in Evermore city and while Ophelia still often held her breath, things with the Ailward's had reached somewhat of a stalemate, neither side wanting to make the first move against one another and yet she still found herself on edge, she hated feeling like her whole world could implode in a matter of moments. To keep her mind off the fact that she felt like a prisoner in her own home the Wayfinder had been slowly changing the interior design of the castle, working to make it feel less like an empty shell and more like home.

So far she had fully replaced the furniture in the communal area to look more modern and gotten help to have internet and a large TV and surround system installed too. Ophelia wasn't much for technology herself, much preferring the simpler life she had known through her years but like the wind, change would come and go and if you didn't move forward then you got left behind. Besides she was sure the younger celestials would appreciate having more to do than read their way through the pretty extensive castle library.

The chandeliers had been replaced with more focused and ambient lights and by this point, the castle was looking much more like the homes she saw in magazines than the old dated building it had been when the celestials had arrived. Ophelia was proud of what she and some of the others had achieved, perhaps it was small in the grand scheme of things they needed to do but it was a step towards some level of normality and normality was all she wanted right now, the celestials had lived their entire lives running or trapped and all she could ever ask for them was peace and the change to exhale at least for a few moments.

The weekend had rolled around once again and right now the room was all but empty with but a few white sheets lining the floors. At the edge the room sat a massive bucket of light blue paint and Ophelia, dressed in possibly the most sloppy outfit she had worn in her entire life. There were spots of paint all over the clothes and they were pretty much entirely ruined but Ophelia was humming away as she painted the walls. It was pretty early morning and considering that most of the celestials tended to be night owls she figured that it would give her a few hours to work on all the things she wanted to without being interrupted.

When the Wayfinder, however, heard footsteps from down the hall however Ophelia quickly scaled down the latter she had climbed atop and yelled to warn the person to be careful but before the words could get out the bucket paint was already toppling over.

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Katrina had a hard time in life. Living in Scotland for the longest of her days she wondered if she could get attached to this place. She loved her midwifery work and that kept her time occupied but lately, she had been trying to head more so to the castle. She was staying there some nights. Not fully committing to living. When moving to the town she had bought a small place and liked it.

She never really lived with people before that was just her trying to see what it was like. She had enjoyed coming to see the updated scenery plus their library was extensive and she enjoyed reading when the time was given to her. She was granting herself the pleasure to find more time for reading. 

As she walked into the castle today she wondered what beauty would happen across the rooms today. As she began to walk into a room she saw someone standing on a ladder briefly. With a judge of character, she assumed she was in a great distance from the ladder that she could continue on her way without bothering the person.

As a quick 'Hello' escaped her lips momentarily she was then drowned in the paint that she assumed she stayed a great distance away from. Unfortunately, she wasn't watching where she walked and it caused her to be covered in the paint. 

"Shit!" She exclaimed as she tried to wipe her eyes free.

The life they were living in Evermore was very different from what she was used to, the Wayfinder had spent pretty much every moment of her life on the run and so to stop, to stay in one place for two and a bit years now. That was the strangest thought. In her head, she still felt ready to bolt at a moment’s notice, pack up her life and move on to the next city, but then she realized that part of her life was now in the past. Evermore was their home now.

Phe had tried her best to make the castle more homely, everyone had their rooms where they could stay but the main areas of the castle were now a faction gathering place, even the celestials who had chosen to get their own places in the city visited often because it was a chance to be around other members of their colony and also use the training facilities they had. Ophelia had been trying to encourage the other stars to get control over their celestial energy, use it for their own strength rather than it being a pure weakness.

The renovations had mostly been completed by her and William, she did most of the painting and he helped out with the handiwork though she was getting pretty good at handling tools now too. If Phe ever got her own place she was pretty sure she’d probably renovate the whole place over herself, she actually found it pretty therapeutic. But that quickly changed when she heard Katrina’s voice mouth a hello as she scaled her way down the ladder but not before the other woman managed to knock over the paint can over and it spilled all over her.

“Oh god” she spoke the moment she saw the blue paint spill over everywhere and she grabbed some of the paper towels she had been using to wipe up escaped paint splotches quickly running them under the tap to wet them and then she made her way towards the brunette and offered them out to them “I am so sorry, I tried to warn you it was there” she spoke softly as she looked at the paint which was splattered all over the floor now. Well, she supposed it was going to need to be redone at some point anyway “Are you okay? Did it get in your eyes?” she worried over the safety of the other woman first, the room could be fixed, eyesight was much more important.

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Once the paint was on her there was no way opf removing it. It felt bad on her eyes and as it dripped off her head.
Her face was deep in her hands and she wondered what part of her body was not with it.
As she felt the girl pass a bunch of paper towels she began to wipe her face and eyes.

She began to wipe and blink to look at her gently. "It feels like its going to get a lot worse before it gets better." She looked at her gently and then sat down on the piece of furniture in the corner. She couldn't see too well. All she knew was she needed to sit and try to continue to wipe it out and cry maybe.

"I am Katarina." She said as she spoke not looking clearly at anyone.

The panic set in for the Wayfinder as she realized the paint had quite literally gone everywhere, all over the other celestial and the floor which she had been trying very hard not to get covered in the stuff, all over the wall she already painted. It was a bit of a nightmare, her first priority was to help the other brunette who was shielding her eyes from the stuff. Ophelia was pretty sure that wasn’t the kind of thing you wanted to get in your eyes “Hey, this way, there’s a sink through here and we need to get it off your face as soon as possible” she felt horrible, nobody was supposed to come through here today, she had warned all the celestials in the castle to go the other way around but she realized quickly that this was not someone who lived in the castle.

While she sat down and wiped at her eyes, Ophelia grabbed a clean washcloth from under the sink and wet it before she handed it over to Katrina “I know who you are” she responded with a slight nod of her head, the Wayfinder gave everyone their space to live their lives as they wanted but she made sure she knew of each and every one of them and where they stood in the city. They were her responsibility in certain ways after all and she wanted to make sure they all remained safe and well “I’m Ophelia” the raven-haired Wayfinder responded and hesitantly reached out to point out a splotch of paint on her face that she had missed “And I am really sorry for the rude introduction, I wasn’t expecting your visit” she admitted as she bit her lip.

“So you finally made it to the castle huh?” she asked trying to keep the conversation going because she felt really bad for getting paint thrown over the other woman and she felt like she should do something to make up for it “How’s life in Evermore treating you?” she asked curiously, she was really interested to know actually, considering Katrina mostly lived an independent life now, separate from her faction.

Katrina was helped up and led over to the sink. The person who introduced herself as Ophelia seemed like she was a leader of a type. Katrina never dealt much with the species. She helped see life come into the world and ignored much of her own. She focused always on herself and never looked too much at others. No point on getting attached.

For the longest time, she was in hiding and she never dreamed of being open with who she was with other people. Looking at Ophelia finally seeing a bit more then the paint she looked at her. "Yes, I thought I would check it out, I have been debating on looking into living here."

Smiling as she continued to wipe the paint out of her eyes and off her dress. "Its been fine, interesting like always. And yourself? Life?" She asked the female next to her. 

Ophelia knew about all the celestials, tried to make a point of at least knowing their whereabouts and making sure they knew they were welcome in the city but she understood those who wanted space and to live their lives alone. She protected them from afar and tried not to bother them too much. Katrina seemed to fall in that bracket, which was okay with her, the celestial seemed capable and headstrong, she was leading her life free, which is all she could ever want for her people.

So she was a bit shocked by what the other woman said, parting her lips for a moment in surprise before she eased them into a gentle smile “Well then welcome to our...slightly dysfunctional home” she grimaced “Really sorry again about the paint, I’ve been trying to redecorate the place a little, make it a little less like a museum and more like a place people would want to live” she realized she was rambling and quieted for a moment. 

“Complicated” she answered with a sharp nod of her head “But then I expected no less, considering this was quite the risky move” a lot of things had happened since she came here, things that might break her if she wasn’t a strong person but she persevered “Do you do much with your time?” she asked curiously, she found a lot of those who didn’t live in the castle had jobs in the city to pay their bills, if she hadn’t had to take responsibility for the castle, she probably would have liked that kind of life for herself.

She looked at Ophelia who was the one in charge. She didn't want to be overwhelming her with a life story from Katrina but she enjoyed the woman's company already which meant that moving here might not be that bad of an idea. She didn't know what to say or do. She was intrigued by the way things were. 

"Don't be sorry I am starting to see less blue!" She said with a hearty laugh as they passed her lips. "Dysfunctional home, why would you say that? Is someone in charge of cooking, cleaning etc? Do we share duties? Do we eat together or separately? I am sorry for the ramblings of many questions I am just quite curious. 

She looked gently at Ophelia and around the room. "I think it looks fine as is but blue is a very beautiful colour indeed." Smiling she thought about the question. "I focus a lot on my job of being a midwife but considering on taking training to become an OBGYN since I have the money and would love to help all women with all sorts of problems."

She laughed softly at the joke Katrina made but she still felt awful for the fact she had gotten so much paint thrown over her, still it seemed like she was a good sport about it all which was nice, she grabbed a towel from the rack and offered it out to her so she could wipe off the remaining loose paint “It’s a little bit of a mess right now, everyone just kinda does their own thing I guess” she laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders “I don’t have the heart to tell people what to do after everything, most of the cooking is done by me and Artemitra and then everyone tends to keep their own space clean so it kinda works but then sometimes I wonder if I should be asking for more” she guessed she just didn’t want to put too much pressure on them.

“As for eating, it really depends who you can coax out of their room, though the shared living area has definitely helped with that” some people preferred to keep to themselves, others were rarely even at the castle but most liked to gather for dinner together in the evenings and they would all sit and chat for a while, sometimes ended up watching a movie or two of playing on one of the games consoles. “I really like this shade, I think it’ll make the place just look a little more lively, the castle feels a little sleepy sometimes” she wasn’t sure if that made a whole lot of sense but she definitely felt up to modernizing the place a little.

As someone who was never born, the idea of having children was a bit strange to Ophelia, but perhaps that was more because she was more focused on leading her colony which was much like having children to look after and so she couldn’t imagine adding more to that “That must have taken you a while to get qualified in” she commented flicking her gaze towards the dark-haired female “Did you do your studies before…” she paused, thinking about how to phrase what she wanted to say “Everything went down” she kinda wished she’d gotten the chance to study something but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for her.

Katrina looked at her. "It's not that bad really. I love to cook so if I would come to live here maybe I could help?" She said looking at Ophelia. She took the towel and tried to wipe it off where she could. She hated having it all over her but she wasn't going to complain about it. 

"I am like that as well. I just wondered if maybe there was a way to keep a form of a bond. I have been alone for so long I just wondered if maybe there was a way to get people to spend more time together. "

She looked at Ophelia. "I love my work, been doing it really since the beginning. I love helping women in their time of need. Thats why I am debating going into becoming an OBGYN back then a midwife was I felt a lot more than what it is now. The new thing is the doctor so I am debating on it."

"Did you ever go and find a hobby job?" She said looking at Ophelia.

“That would be amazing” she responded with a nod of her head, really she just liked the idea of them all coming together every so often because she knew a lot of the stars wanted their own space and she was happy to give them that but she also wanted to create a sort of community here too, so they all know they had somewhere to go if they wanted to “We could do a night where everyone comes and makes their own dish, trade some secrets and all that” she grinned slightly sheepishly “Hey if you wanted to wash that off there’s a bathroom just down the hall” she felt guilty for not being more careful with the paint and causing her to get covered in paint.

“You and me both, but I guess it’s tough when people just got their freedom back, they wanna do what they wanna do” which she understood. “Getting with the modern times huh?” she spoke in response to the other woman’s description of the work she did, she imagined it must be a pain to have to re-learn things she knew in the past just for the sake of a certificate which would allow her to do the work.

“Hobby job?” she asked and raised her brows before chuckled under her breath “Well the castle tour business keeps me pretty busy but on my downtime I’ve been working on dressmaking, older style but comfortable enough that people would still wear it, it’s been a challenge but I prefer a challenge to something far too easy” she gave a slightly amused expression and smiled.

She looked at Ophelia it was something nice to just chat with someone who had similar beliefs as her.  Listening as the woman spoke about the bathroom. She laughed nervously and smiled. "I really am fine! In my line of work I have had messes far worse than this." She said with a smile across her face.

When the woman spoke of different themes to get them to bond more she liked the idea. Smiling she glanced her way and looked at her. "Those sound like great ideas! How do I sign up to move in?' She said looking at Ophelia. "How do I actually set up the whole process?" 

When she heard about the hobby job she smiled. "Challenges can be fun that is for sure." She said agreeing with Ophelia.

She laughed softly, she really did feel bad about the paint but if Katrina said she was fine then she would let it go “Well then your work sounds quite interesting” she responded with raised brows curious to know what situation could be so much worse than being covered in blue paint, though thankfully she had managed to wipe most of it off with the towel already and she was sure with a shower the rest would come off soon enough.

Ophelia had to admit the was a little caught off guard by her asking so quickly if she could move in but then it did seem like a good idea to have everyone here in the same place in the castle, Celestials had natural strength in numbers and they cared for one another, there were few that could say they could understand what they had been through except members of the species themselves “Well we don’t have any official leases or anything, the castle was given to us by our previous wayfinder who left the deed to me so, all you really need to do is pick a room, I can show you the spares” she smiled softly “And the others are all around, you’re more than welcome to introduce yourself” some were shier than others but everyone seemed content here.

“Definitely, I’m not sure whether it will work out but I kinda like the not knowing and working hard at it anyway” she shrugged slightly, she was excited to get going on setting up the shop and seeing what sort of customers they could draw in “The only hard part is that the castle is kinda far from the city center, I’m thinking I may have to learn to drive” she grumbled slightly because that was something she hoped to avoid.


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