It was almost coming up to the third year the celestials had spent in Evermore city and while Ophelia still often held her breath, things with the Ailward's had reached somewhat of a stalemate, neither side wanting to make the first move against one another and yet she still found herself on edge, she hated feeling like her whole world could implode in a matter of moments. To keep her mind off the fact that she felt like a prisoner in her own home the Wayfinder had been slowly changing the interior design of the castle, working to make it feel less like an empty shell and more like home.

So far she had fully replaced the furniture in the communal area to look more modern and gotten help to have internet and a large TV and surround system installed too. Ophelia wasn't much for technology herself, much preferring the simpler life she had known through her years but like the wind, change would come and go and if you didn't move forward then you got left behind. Besides she was sure the younger celestials would appreciate having more to do than read their way through the pretty extensive castle library.

The chandeliers had been replaced with more focused and ambient lights and by this point, the castle was looking much more like the homes she saw in magazines than the old dated building it had been when the celestials had arrived. Ophelia was proud of what she and some of the others had achieved, perhaps it was small in the grand scheme of things they needed to do but it was a step towards some level of normality and normality was all she wanted right now, the celestials had lived their entire lives running or trapped and all she could ever ask for them was peace and the change to exhale at least for a few moments.

The weekend had rolled around once again and right now the room was all but empty with but a few white sheets lining the floors. At the edge the room sat a massive bucket of light blue paint and Ophelia, dressed in possibly the most sloppy outfit she had worn in her entire life. There were spots of paint all over the clothes and they were pretty much entirely ruined but Ophelia was humming away as she painted the walls. It was pretty early morning and considering that most of the celestials tended to be night owls she figured that it would give her a few hours to work on all the things she wanted to without being interrupted.

When the Wayfinder, however, heard footsteps from down the hall however Ophelia quickly scaled down the latter she had climbed atop and yelled to warn the person to be careful but before the words could get out the bucket paint was already toppling over.

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She looked at her and laughed a bit. "Yes work can be interesting. Blood, sometimes matters of the washroom, amniotic fluid. Blue paint is much more sterile." She said with a chuckle before wiping with the towel to clean herself once more. She had gotten most of it off the important parts of the skin. 

She may look a bit like a smurf for the next day or two but who cares, in the end, its all just good fun. Ophelia seemed to be taken aback by the motion of her moving in but Katrina was excited and never one to stop herself from doing what her heart was singing to her. Moving in was on her main point of origin, she had thought about it for a while and decided to move here already before taking a look at the place.

"I would love to pick a room, and I am pretty easy to get along with so hopefully others will think so as well." 

When she spoke about driving she looked at her and smiled. "I have to drive so with me living here you are more then welcome to use or I give you a ride. I am up at odd hours birth seems to be a night thing." She said with another small laugh and smiled. "What about you Ophelia want children? Have children?' She said looking at the girl.  

“Yeah I imagine your line of work leaves you pretty numb to mess” she laughed softly, she couldn’t imagine doing something like herself but she was sure like with any job that it was something you got used to on a day to day basis and then it became just another thing in your life “It goes very nicely with your complexion too” she added with a slight chuckle under her breath, she did think this room was going to look really great when it was done.

Ophelia had to admit it was all moving pretty suddenly but she was more than happy to welcome any Celestial into the castle, being together made them stronger after all and it made her life easier when it came to showing them the ropes of controlling their powers. Not to mention it allowed to keep an eye on them all and make sure they were safe which was honestly crucial. “Alright well this way” she smiled softly as she started to lead the way towards the boarding wing as she headed down the hallways, she stopped at the first of the empty rooms, the nearest one to the kitchen “Room number 1” there was about 7 empty rooms in this wing total.

She smiled gently when she said she had a car and was happy to give her a ride “Oh that’s so nice of you, I may have to take you up on it if I’m in a bind” she didn’t need to leave the castle often if she was honest and she made sure her shop in the city was within walking distance but one day there was probably going to be an emergency where she needed one. She cleared her throat when she asked if she had or wanted children “Ah, not yet no, being a Wayfinder is kinda like being a full-time parent” she laughed softly “Maybe one day when all the crazy dies down and I don’t feel the need to be on the run constantly” it still shocked her that had been in the city for so long now.

She looked at Ophelia it was all good fun getting to walk around the castle looking at the different rooms and stuff.
Ophelia seemed to be a sweet person. Katerina was old. Not knowing the age of this celestial she felt and wondered if she looked older then some. 

It was noticeable the age difference between the two of the women. Herself and Ophelia. Hearing the joke about complexion she smiled. "Thank you."

As she showed her the one room and with an answer to her question she smiled. "People are easily offended by my asking their plans of children. I guess its part of my job." Smiling she heard what the woman had said and smiled but a small chuckle did escape as well. "Yes being a Wayfinder must be hard work. I am not one to take charge I don't think I would do well with the job." 

Ophelia shrugged her shoulders slightly when she said people were offended by her asking about her asking about their plans for children “Well I guess it just feels quite personal, honestly with everything that our kind go through it’s not really something I even considered before” plus she had never really had the fortune of being able to hold down a stable and constant relationship so she supposed any following thoughts weren’t even considered.

“It is but someone has to do it right” she offered a half-smile towards her, sometimes she questioned why she was the person chosen to lead and sometimes it just came naturally to her, the past 3 or so years in Evermore had been much more natural for her than the previous 100 so perhaps she was finally finding her feet, she just hoped sincerely that she hadn’t let anyone down in the process.

Once they were done with the first room she led the way to the second one offering out her arm to imply she should take a look to help her figure out which one felt right to her “So what do you think of the city? It feels a little overwhelming to me sometimes” she grinned a little sheepishly.

"True, I apologize if I had said something to upset you."
Katrina said looking gently at Ophelia. She hoped she didn't get on the wrong foot with Ophelia. That would be Katrina to screw something up like that, in her head the question was simple but she did know that it could be offensive especially if someone couldn't conceive or have suffered multiple losses. "I apologize for my question." She repeated to make sure she understood her being truly sorrowful for her behaviour.

"True someone does have to do it. You are perfect for the position." She smiled gently as she was showed around a little bit. "Its good the city, I came to the city wanting to learn more from other celestials but then I didn't for so long and now I am trying to really get to know people more. Its beautiful I have loved every minute. Yourself?"

"Also what is the rule about company?" 

Ophelia shook her head dismissively in response to her words “Oh don’t worry about it, I’m not upset at all…I was just thinking how no one ever asked me that before” probably because people assumed with the complex life that a Celestial leads that it didn’t seem wise for them to settle down and have a family “It makes me realize how...abnormal life is for people like us” she commented with a soft, wistful smile, sometimes she thought that was a good thing and other times a bad thing but it was their reality and there was little they could do to change it.

“You think so?” she asked when she said she thought she was perfect for the position “Sometimes I question myself too much but I think coming here was the right choice, being all together here feels like the right choice” perhaps she might be proved wrong yet again but she was happy to finally be able to stay in one place for a little while and have space “I like the idea of a city which embraces people’s differences rather than forces them to hide them, so I really hope that we can stay here” she was hoping to start a business here, a life here.

“I mean as long as people aren’t throwing parties every night it’s fine, invite friends over as you wish, some of the other stars have pets so keep an eye out for those running around the castle” she gave a slightly sheepish grin “I’m trying to make as free a life as possible for us all so bring whoever you want” she hardly doubted that someone like Katrina was going to cause any nuisance anyway “So what do you think of this room? Like it or shall we check on the next one?” choosing the place you were going to live was a challenge, it had taken Ophelia a while to pick one out.

Katrina smiled she was beautiful thats for sure. She was enjoying taking a look at the castle and the fact of getting to stay here would be incredible. "Maybe abnormal but life is life. You are either living or surviving." Katrina said before taking another look at the room. When asked a question back to her about the factors of if she was good enough she just smiled. "Of course you are. You have great leadership skills. So yes you are perfect for the position." 

Smiling she looked again at the room. "Maybe just for the fun of it lets look at another?" She said really maybe more just snooping. There was nothing wrong with the room. Why was she being picky? She didn't have a clue. Smiling she glanced at her.

"I am really not the party type. If I were I would probably discuss before. No i just met if a friend came over or two if there were hours, limitations on species. That kind of stuff."

Ophelia offered a small smile in response to her words “That’s a nice way to see it” she commented softly, she could say she had spent the majority of her life in that state of surviving where she went from place to place, she ate, she slept and she worked but it wasn’t really living, not in the way Evermore allowed her to, here she had a job and friends and people to speak for and care for “Though I think we all need a little practice at the living part” she chuckled under her breath and shrugged.

“I try to be” she responded when she said she was perfect for the position “But then if I didn’t question myself that would be worrying too right, we have to find the middle ground between compassionate and fierce.” not easy, but someone had to do it right? “Sure, you’ve got nothing to compare to yet anyway, it would be weird just to choose the first one without comparing it” she headed out the door leading the way to the next empty room down the hall “This one is a little smaller because of the bookcase” she commented as she headed in.

“As long as no one is hurting anyone and you trust the person you’re bringing, I’ll put my trust in you. How does that sound?” after all, her people had been through being trapped for years, they knew all too well how to take care of themselves and she wanted to give them the freedom to befriend who they wanted and choose what life they led, she even met with some of the aspects from time to time so she wasn’t one to judge.

"I guess I just have survived for a long time too. I did a lot of the time what I thought was right. I used to be a healer in Scotland when I first "landed" and I even helped in the wars as a nurse. Until I realized that as much as I liked healing my passion was midwifery but now that I have been thinking more about going back to be a nurse or something more medical."

Katrina had so many passions for helping people midwifery was limiting her and she had a passion to continue to help people. As she looked at the next bedroom she smiled. Going towards the bookcase she ran her fingers across the spines of the books. "I love reading. What about you?"

As she listened to her wise words she smiled. "Nothing is small when there is a bookcase. But as for friends, it sounds like a great idea. I just wondered is all. I can be very much of a rule follower." She smiled glancing at her gently. 

Listening to her story Ophelia smiled softly, she loved hearing the journeys that they all went through to eventually wind up here, especially the ones with happier notes where they could recall more than just being locked up on the Isle “Sounds like you kept yourself busy” she responded and smiled “After I first fell I was lucky enough to be taken in by a family but I always tried to keep my independence, to do something that mattered you know” she smiled nodding her head slightly.

Hearing her debate about wanting to go back into nursing she smiled “Well it sounds like you enjoy the experience of helping others, perhaps you should consider being a nurse on a maternity or pediatric ward, that way you can get a little of both of the things you love” Ophelia had never had much of an interest into going into care but she could understand why others might.

“Me too, I definitely thought about taking this room for myself but the view from mine eventually won out” but she had come in here to see all the books and take some to read from time to time “They’re mostly old novels written by an author who used to live here a long time ago, along with some of the works he collected for inspiration no doubt.” it was and interesting little window into seeing what the life of the person who lived here was like.

"I had to keep myself busy. I realized more than anything I hated the quiet, the unknown, the lonely. So I learned as many skills as possible. No one seemed to be like me so I wanted to fit in as best as I could but not ageing seemed to be a small problem of its own." She said with a small chuckle before listening to her gently.

"Yes, that is a good idea. I really do love helping people but there is so much time I could do it all." She said with a small smile and then looked around the room again. 

"Well the books look exciting it might be luring me in." She said as she glazed her fingers once more over the collection. "How very interesting indeed. I love history even though I lived in a lot of it. It draws me in. What about you? What have you liked to do with your time?"

She nodded slight, she knew how the other woman felt, it was hard to live forever because there was so much time to fill and you weren’t always sure which direction to take “I hope to be able to learn more things now that we have settled in the city, I started my own business so that’s a good start” and a lot more difficult than most gave it credit for, the shop had definitely taken up a lot more of her time lately.

She nodded slightly “That is one of the benefits of being immortal, there is always more time” you didn’t have to feel pressured to do something right now because there was time to get around to it in the future, though you still had to find the drive to start doing said thing or you could end up in limbo which seemed just as dangerous.

“It’s definitely a plus, though if you would like to see a third option, I know one with a really good view” it was all down to personal preference, some chose a room closer to the living space because they didn’t want to go far to eat, some preferred the little charms and quirks of specific rooms and others looked for a view they could take in “I guess a lot of my interest has always been seeing how clothing trends changes over time, how we went from corsets and facepaint being in fashion to now the much more comfortable modern clothing” it was an interesting journey to study. “I spent most of my years as a seamstress or a blacksmith so that’s where it comes from” she laughed softly.

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