It was almost coming up to the third year the celestials had spent in Evermore city and while Ophelia still often held her breath, things with the Ailward's had reached somewhat of a stalemate, neither side wanting to make the first move against one another and yet she still found herself on edge, she hated feeling like her whole world could implode in a matter of moments. To keep her mind off the fact that she felt like a prisoner in her own home the Wayfinder had been slowly changing the interior design of the castle, working to make it feel less like an empty shell and more like home.

So far she had fully replaced the furniture in the communal area to look more modern and gotten help to have internet and a large TV and surround system installed too. Ophelia wasn't much for technology herself, much preferring the simpler life she had known through her years but like the wind, change would come and go and if you didn't move forward then you got left behind. Besides she was sure the younger celestials would appreciate having more to do than read their way through the pretty extensive castle library.

The chandeliers had been replaced with more focused and ambient lights and by this point, the castle was looking much more like the homes she saw in magazines than the old dated building it had been when the celestials had arrived. Ophelia was proud of what she and some of the others had achieved, perhaps it was small in the grand scheme of things they needed to do but it was a step towards some level of normality and normality was all she wanted right now, the celestials had lived their entire lives running or trapped and all she could ever ask for them was peace and the change to exhale at least for a few moments.

The weekend had rolled around once again and right now the room was all but empty with but a few white sheets lining the floors. At the edge the room sat a massive bucket of light blue paint and Ophelia, dressed in possibly the most sloppy outfit she had worn in her entire life. There were spots of paint all over the clothes and they were pretty much entirely ruined but Ophelia was humming away as she painted the walls. It was pretty early morning and considering that most of the celestials tended to be night owls she figured that it would give her a few hours to work on all the things she wanted to without being interrupted.

When the Wayfinder, however, heard footsteps from down the hall however Ophelia quickly scaled down the latter she had climbed atop and yelled to warn the person to be careful but before the words could get out the bucket paint was already toppling over.

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Katrina looked at Ophelia and smiled. When she spoke about it reminding her of what she wished she looked at her with a heart filled with emotion for her. "I am sorry, I feel like there's a story there. Something you can know is to tell me anything. I could have been a therapist as well. I love to sit and talk with people. But to listen to them and their lives. I am always open to listening. If you need to talk." 

When she spoke about the blue she couldn't help but laugh a little. "From what I seen of the color, I liked it! So, yes what a good choice!" She said with another laugh. Listening to her speak about the rules she gave a quick nod of her head.

"That is an understandable rule. It sucks that people are still wishing harm on us. So much trouble in the world. From all the species, not just us." 

She laughed under her breath and shrugged slightly “I guess you could just say I had a lot of near misses when it came to love and I really thought every time I’d finally found what I wanted” she pressed her lips together, it did feel easier to talk about it now that some time had passed but she still felt like it was always going to come down to a choice between duty to her people and love and each and every time she would choose her people “Sometimes I think I might be cursed when it comes to all that” she laughed looking down for a moment “Please tell me you’re doing better than I am?” she chuckled slightly.

“Well I’d offer to show you it again but I’m sure you’ve experienced enough blue paint for a lifetime” she teased with an amused shake of her head “Might have to cast you in a role in Avatar” she added with a grin, she really liked that movie when she watched it, when they first came to Evermore she had gone on a bit of a binge-watch of movies, picking from the list of top-rated ones and that was one of the top voted, probably because the visuals in it were absolutely stunning.

“It does indeed” she agreed and sighed “But such is our reality, if we let it be a lead weight on our ankles then everyone might as well go back to being in those wretched cages” she sighed under her breath, so as much as it worried her what others in the city might do or who might get hurt, she had to give everyone the freedom they needed to live their lives and be happy in some sense, she was sure the definition was different from one person to another.

Katrina looked at Ophelia, it was sad to hear that she wasn't able to find love. Katrina wasn't a religious person but believed things happened for a reason. Unknowing to a person at the time but the length of time she had been alive she knew that there was a reason these things were happening. They had to be, at least she hoped it would be.

"I have met a woman, I am happy with her. We have only been together a while but its going good. But who knows your person is out there. Maybe waiting to meet you too." She said with a positive smile. When the blue color was mentioned and spoke about avatar she couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah, I always wanted an acting career but I had to admit I thought it would be a musical not a story of blue people. I will admit I haven't seen it so I may have to watch it before applying for the part." She said as she looked at her gently.

"The world can be a cruel place at times. But we need more people to bring a positive spin on things and it will make the world a better place. Right?" 

Phe smiled softly, she was always happy when others found their person and seemed to be happy with their life and while she knew that not every relationship was perfect or lasted forever, there was always going to be a part of her that believed in being able to find that kind of happiness, but for now, she saw it more for something others got to have “Sounds like you’ve really found yourself here” she responded and nodded “Though if my person is out there I hope they can wait a while” she smiled a little sadly “I don’t think I’m ready to reach for it again just yet” she nodded a few times, maybe one day.

She laughed softly “Oh acting would be such an interesting career, getting to play so many different characters and live so many different lives” she had to admit it sounded like a lot of fun to do “It’s a great movie, though it’s more about the visual aesthetics than it is about the actual story, it really makes you believe you’re in another world for a little while” which is probably why it had managed to stand the test of time, unlike many other movies which came and went.

“I like that idea” she responded, enjoying the other woman’s approach to positivity and generally how she seemed to see the world around her “Now if we could just get everyone else in the world aligned on those ideas then we might just be finally able to live normal lives” she laughed but she couldn’t really complain considering how long they had managed to live in Evermore now and remain relatively peaceful.

Katrina looked at her and smiled. "I am sure they will wait for you. Whoever it is, when the time comes. I am not a religious person per se but I believe that everything happens for a reason. So when the time comes you need to find your person. You will." Katrina realized that Ophelia was a gentle and perfect soul. She had such kindness and caring abilities, going for her.  

When she spoke about acting she smiled. "If I got my hands on a musical I totally would. I do love the ones where they break out into song. It would be pretty interesting though to have lots of different lives. I do agree with that. Maybe one day. But once you are in the limelight it's hard to get out of it."

She said giving a pause before adding, "And with who we are... it might not be wise." 

When she mentioned her idea of the world being positive she smiled. "I have wanted people to believe it for a long time if more people did maybe the world would be less cruel. Differences are what make us, us." She said with a smile as she looked around the room once more taking it all in. "Would you like to go to the kitchen and get something to eat together, or I make some tea?" 

She smiled softly, there was a part of her that believed in the idea of true love and one day finding it, even if it was a long way away and hard to even think about at times. She had been hurt many times and yet all she still wanted was happiness “Well it’s a good thing that I’ve got all the time in the world I suppose” he responded and nodded thoughtfully, yeah, one-day things would be different.

She grinned thinking about the idea of performing in a musical, it did sound like a lot of fun “Oh can you sing?” she responded with widened eyes, she was terrible as singing herself though it didn’t stop her from singing along to songs she heard “Would you prefer film or broadway?” she had been to see a few stage shows herself and they were definitely something special.

She nodded slightly “Yeah, I guess what we need to do is focus on embracing on what we are and getting stronger rather than hiding away and hoping that people see us as normal, we’re not normal” she nodded as she pushed to her feet when she suggested they go find some food “I think there was some leftover pie in the fridge we could snack on” she was up for something sweet.

"That is always the benefit of living for eternity. You have time to spare. Thats why I do plan to take up different things in life. Moving here was my new state, trying to change things up." 

Katrina smiled at her as she spoke about her singing. "I am not perfect, but its a muscle and I do plan on practising more to perfect it. But yes, I dabble in it." She said with a small smile, "I should maybe get over my fear of singing in front of people, I need to get more comfortable with it first for sure." She said with a laugh.

"I don't know the aspect of live sounds beautiful every evening a new crowd performing over and over again but with a movie if you screw up you could do it again. I would have to see how it goes, I have lots of time. Maybe I do a little of both." 

"Pie sounds delicious. Do you cook much? I can't say I am a pro-top chef as I order a lot of take out. But I don't mind trying to cook here and there. Just don't ask me to make jello. I never can get that right!" 

She smiled and nodded slightly “Yeah it’s nice to have the freedom to try whatever you want, not everyone has the time to even think about things like that” there were benefits to living forever but there were pains that came along with it too, like watching the world move around you while you didn’t move at all, it could be daunting at times.

She nodded slightly “Sounds fun, though I’ve never thought much of my own singing, it doesn’t stop me from doing it anyway” she giggled playfully, if you enjoyed something and it made you happy when why not do it right. “But I think I’ll leave the audience reserved for my shower” she added with a shy grin “If you ever need an audience to practice on though, I’m happy to listen” perhaps doing it with someone semi-familiar would help to build her confidence.

She nodded when Katrina asked her if she cooked much “Quite a lot actually, it’s one of my hobbies whenever I get around to it and no one ever complains about having leftovers they can grab” she laughed softly as she headed over to the fridge and took out the pie she had made before and then cut a couple of slices into a bowl “I think we’re all guilty of enjoying some take out” she admitted and giggled “Jello isn’t something I’ve tried doesn’t look that appealing to me” she wrinkled her nose a little.

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