It was almost coming up to the third year the celestials had spent in Evermore city and while Ophelia still often held her breath, things with the Ailward's had reached somewhat of a stalemate, neither side wanting to make the first move against one another and yet she still found herself on edge, she hated feeling like her whole world could implode in a matter of moments. To keep her mind off the fact that she felt like a prisoner in her own home the Wayfinder had been slowly changing the interior design of the castle, working to make it feel less like an empty shell and more like home.

So far she had fully replaced the furniture in the communal area to look more modern and gotten help to have internet and a large TV and surround system installed too. Ophelia wasn't much for technology herself, much preferring the simpler life she had known through her years but like the wind, change would come and go and if you didn't move forward then you got left behind. Besides she was sure the younger celestials would appreciate having more to do than read their way through the pretty extensive castle library.

The chandeliers had been replaced with more focused and ambient lights and by this point, the castle was looking much more like the homes she saw in magazines than the old dated building it had been when the celestials had arrived. Ophelia was proud of what she and some of the others had achieved, perhaps it was small in the grand scheme of things they needed to do but it was a step towards some level of normality and normality was all she wanted right now, the celestials had lived their entire lives running or trapped and all she could ever ask for them was peace and the change to exhale at least for a few moments.

The weekend had rolled around once again and right now the room was all but empty with but a few white sheets lining the floors. At the edge the room sat a massive bucket of light blue paint and Ophelia, dressed in possibly the most sloppy outfit she had worn in her entire life. There were spots of paint all over the clothes and they were pretty much entirely ruined but Ophelia was humming away as she painted the walls. It was pretty early morning and considering that most of the celestials tended to be night owls she figured that it would give her a few hours to work on all the things she wanted to without being interrupted.

When the Wayfinder, however, heard footsteps from down the hall however Ophelia quickly scaled down the latter she had climbed atop and yelled to warn the person to be careful but before the words could get out the bucket paint was already toppling over.

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"There is always at least one person who believes the same way you do. At least that's been my way in life. I have met so many people that there is always something we agree on. A woman I used to meet in my travels she spoke of books quite often, she said each book meant something different to someone else. So if you both have read that same book you most likely saw it exactly the same or entirely different. Regardless you had some common ground to talk about and once conversations start they never end. It's one of my fondest memories." 

Katrina listened to her and smiled, she seemed passionate about cooking and Ophelia had a way about her that Katrina liked. Katrina could see them hanging out more in the future and that excited her. 

"Yes, On my Own from Les Mis is a good song too that I can belt out at times, best not to get my mp3 going on the streets as people here me sing away. Thats the one benefit of this day an age, the access to music at any time or any moment that I want it." She said with a smile as she took another bite of the pie.

"Isn't that the best? Being older and even though we may look young we are bursting at the seems with talents that makes us look so talented and unique but in reality, we have YEARS of experience." She said as she finished off the last of her pies. "Yes haha I think cooking on an open fire was quite fun but a bit dangerous though." A quick laugh escaped her lips before she was speaking of clothes. "I will admit I saved a lot of my wardrobe from the past, just my favourite outfits, some from when I first dropped, some from the fifties and just loved the material. I don't have one normal coat, my old cloaks provide much more warmth."  

Ophelia nodded thoughtfully, Katrina wasn’t wrong, everything was based about perspective and something entirely meaningless to one person could mean everything to another and there was a certain beauty in that she had to admit. “I guess if we were all the same then that would be awfully boring huh?” she grinned slightly, plus it didn’t work for creating a diverse society where there were people doing different jobs “I do love me some books but some which are best sellers I don’t understand the hype around” so she guessed that proved that opinions were subjective.

She raised her brows when she mentioned the song from Les Mis, Artemis had made her watch the movie version of the play with her and Ophelia had enjoyed it a lot, though she imagined it was far more impressive when you got to see it in person with actors on the stage “Damn that’s not an easy song to master” she commented with a nod of her head “I definitely like how easy everything is to access, back then you couldn’t even know what was edible without trying it and hoping it didn’t make you sick” she shook her head in amusement, how things had changed.

She laughed and nodded “I admit it tends to make men a little nervous when they realize I’m quite capable of doing things myself, never been one to shy away from learning new things, you never know when you might need it right?” she had been a blacksmith apprentice for a long time, she learned to cook, she had been trying her hand at decorating though she wasn’t sure she was especially good at that, it was nice to keep things varied. “I distinctly remember how much warmer those cold homes would be once you got the fire going and started making food” she nodded slightly, it was always great in winter because you could huddle close to it for warmth. She smiled “I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to all that, I don’t like giving up my favorite things, even though I’d look crazy if I wore them in public now” perhaps she should try to alter them to keep elements but also make them look more modern.

Katrina smiled at the woman in front of her. "Yes, being, all the same, is very boring at least when we are different we always have something to agree or disagree on."

When she spoke about the song being hard to master she gave a small laugh. "Yes, certain songs go good and then other songs are not so fun haha. But I just do it for the fun of life. My list of hobbies is kind of short, I like music it keeps me happy." 

"Right? I remember when we had to check in the village if I was correct about certain herbs. Sometimes my memory failed me." She thought back on the days when she lived in the village. Close to lots of people and always asking for help.

"Are the celestials close in here? I remember being very close with people in Scotland in the village before I had to disappear when people realized I wasn't ageing." She stated with a bit of sadness in her tone as she finished her pie.

When she heard the mention of men and how it makes them nervous she smiled. "I bet, they hate feeling that you as a woman may be smarter or better at something than them. It probably scares them shitless. But I assume that things have changed a little bit now, since the sixties things have changed so much over the years."

"Ha, who cares if people think you look crazy. Some days I wear an old uniform or something to the office just for the heck of it. Most of the time my older outfits people comment on for liking. I know for some older people or those who have lived a long time, it brings them back to that day and age." A deep breath escaped her lungs as she thought back on it all. 

She chuckled under her breath and nodded in agreement “Besides, could you imagine how harsh the job market would be if everyone had the same goals” not everyone could be a doctor or a lawyer, that wasn’t how the world worked, you needed creative people and active people and people who entertained others. “Own it” she responded when the other girl expressed her like for singing and music “I swear there is nothing better than seeing someone do the things they love, they just kinda...come alive” she nodded a few times, it was beautiful really.

“Apocatharys were good but hardly reliable and some of them only operated to extort people without helping them at all” nowadays healthcare was much more proficient, though it was also ridiculously expensive without reason. She raised her brow when Katrina asked if the celestials were close with one another “Some are and some aren’t, differing personalities I guess but everyone went through a lot and people deal with it different ways” she nodded slightly “I like to think we make a weird small family though” she grinned sheepishly.

She laughed at the way the other celestial referenced other people’s reaction to her as a leader “Even back then I was determined to be the one getting my hands dirty and it wasn’t without backlash” not that it ever stopped her, when someone told Ophelia she couldn’t do something that only made her determined to do it. She giggled mischievously as Katrina described her temptation to show up to work with her uniform “Things were definitely made with more care and thought back then, now it’s whatever it is cheap and fast to market” which had some benefits but as someone who appreciated fashion, she preferred hard work over cheap results.

Katrina smiled at the woman beside her. She was fortunate to have met such amazing people in her life. This world had been cruel to people like her but she was grateful to have allies in this world that were like her. "True, we need many different styles, the world is precious like this. I am very happy to see the different types of people I have met."

When she spoke about coming alive and then on to apothecaries she nodded gently and smiled. "I guess I am old school, I love herbs and what they can do to people, something in nature that would be helpful."

She smiled the celestials being close and knew she missed the days of old when she had the chance to spend time with people in her village. Looking at her gently she nodded her head. "Different personalities are good, I just wondered if there were relationships built here, I assume its co-ed." She glanced around the kitchen before focusing once more on the woman opposite her. 

"Ah, how they disliked us, women when things had to be by the men. I think every year people and the environment change and I just slowly go with the flow, but in the end I choose to be who i am and do what I like." 

She nodded slightly, honestly it was nice to be around someone likeminded to her who seemed to understand her. Often she felt like she was out of touch with some of the celestials because they were so young and lived completely different lives to the one she had “Even in this place alone I see so many different sparks, with the right push I think everyone can find the courage to reach for their dreams” she felt optimistic after being in Evermore for a few years now.

She laughed under her breath “I think it really depended on whether the person you met in the shop had good intentions or whether they wanted to make money” she nodded a few times “Many times I’ve had people try to push some sort of miracle herb towards me” she grinned somewhat sheepishly “Thankfully I’m not the type to fall for it” she was usually quite grounded with her decisions.

She nodded slightly “I have many friends in the castle” she affirmed with a smile “And we have a couple of pairs of siblings, they fell from the same constellation” she nodded slightly, it was a weird little community but it worked “And yeah, everyone has their own rooms, no need to separate everyone” everyone was adults and able to make their own decisions after all.

She nodded her head slightly “At the end of the day you have to be your own cheerleader, because there will always be others who try to tear you down” she had learned quickly that you couldn’t rely on others to support your best interests because they would only do that when it benefited them.

"If you dream hard enough, and want it badly you will do whatever you can do to get it." She said thinking about her passion to be a midwife, her time helping during the war, giving her a new yearning to help more people. Even expand outside of midwifery if she had the time. She stopped herself in her tracks, time was all she had. Looking at her gently she smiled. 

"Its so nice to find such a sweet person to spend time with. I think we are becoming great friends. It will be nice to have someone to talk to. Maybe a glass of wine on nights where I am not on call." She said with a small laugh thinking how most days she was always on call. Never wanting to drink too much so that she could be always on guard.

"Oh, that sounds so interesting, so many different personalities and everything. Leaving lots of fun and adventures. Why separate? You are right!" She exclaimed thinking about her new adventure, brought her such joy. "Well, I am so excited to be here, and I do agree we are our own cheerleaders."

“I think the problem is that a lot of us have lived in fear for our lives for so long we’re afraid of reaching for something for fear of losing it” which was a sad but very real truth for their kind in the past, no one could stay in one place for too long because someone would come and chase them off. “Time really is the most precious gift I can buy for them” which was she worked so hard to keep the peace within the city for them and earn protection from other factions.

She raised her brows and then smiled when she complimented her on being good company “I was alone for so long I feared I may have lost all my social skills” she joked and smiled “It’s nice to be around someone who gets it” she nodded a few times “And someone who doesn’t seem afraid to get out in the world again, I think we all need a little more of your determination” Katrina seemed to be filled with forward-thinking thoughts and she was optimistic which Ophelia liked a lot.

She smiled softly “It’s kinda strange living around so many people at first but you get used to it, everyone has their room to retreat to when they need space” she nodded slightly “Speaking of which, you can find mine down that hall right at the end” she grinned slightly “For that aforementioned glass of wine sometime” she giggled slightly, she liked having a drink or two sometimes too.

"Fear holds us back, as Rudyard Kipling says 'Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.' We have so many things in this world that can stop us from our dreams and ambitions. I live until I die, what do the cool kids say now? YOLO? I think it is." She looked at the woman as she spoke about time and swiftly nodded her head in agreement. As a celestial she had more time then she could ever imagine. She was able to do more than any one person could do. She was amazed by her feelings for someone and she knew she needed to be thankful for all she had.

"Thank you." She said with a small nod of her head before continuing. "Well thank you, that glass of wine sounds fun, I rarely drink too much as I am more on-call then I am not, babies come at such random times, I have learned to not drink as much as it really can get to me." She said with a smile as she looked at the room door that she pointed towards. 

"It's nice, the idea of such companionship, when I first fell there was a beautiful village I stayed in until they wondered if I had witchcraft for staying so youthful, leaving that village was difficult but experiencing so much since I left there. I came up with a personality that only grew from leaving. How was your experience when you first fell?" She asked the woman wanting to gather more information on her newfound friend, enjoying the sight of the place, storing date for her memory bank. 

She nodded a few times, that quote was incredibly accurate, the thing which usually held you back wasn’t anything physically in the way, it was the doubts and the questions you let creep in and talk you out of it. She couldn’t help but laugh when she said YOLO “Only the modern era could take such a profound statement and make it that” she commented shaking his head in amusement, everything was much more casual than it used to be and she didn’t see that as a bad thing, people were freer to express themselves how they wanted to now.

She widened her eyes thinking of the mess which might come along if she had a few drinks and then got a call because one of her patients had gone into labor “That’s gotta keep you on your toes huh?” she chuckled under her breath “My shop can be crazy busy but at least I’m not working to some unpredictable body clock” she seemed to enjoy the work she did though, she had mentioned it several times already, it was nice to see someone so passionate about what they did rather than constantly complaining.

She nodded slightly, Ophelia knew the cycle of not aging well, you had between 5 and 10 years before people started to notice that you weren’t aging, depending on how old you naturally looked, then you had to put down everything you knew and move on “Immortality can be both the biggest blessing and curse” she confessed with a knowing look. “I fell in England, thankfully I was lucky enough to be taking in by a family and they took care of me” she nodded a few times “But like you, before long I had to leave them behind, though it wasn’t my immortality that sent me on my way but rather this feeling in my chest like there was somewhere I needed to be” she smiled softly.

She took a moment to listen to her as the woman opposite to her seemed to be deep in thought about things she said. "Isn't that the truth? It all seems to strange but this world is nothing if not interesting." She said with a smile. Her mind racing through their conversation as she enjoyed it, this woman's company has been more than pleasing and she barely wanted it to end. Knowing that it would before long. 

"It sure does, but its all I ever knew. I have done it since I first fell. But it keeps me most intrigued and it never seems old. Every experience gives me something wonderful to walk away with." As she spoke about blessing and curses she nodded her head along eagerly. 

"Most moments I can enjoy it, but having people leave my life just as quickly hurts a lot. It makes you wish things were different. Oh isn't that amazing that you had a family? That must have been hard, leaving them. But those callings are sneaky little things and they can take over your entire life." She took a deep breath as she looked around the room for a moment, taking in the sights before her. 

"I have taken so much of your time, you were doing some important painting weren't you. Oh my, the time gets the better of me. I can talk and talk for hours on end and realize that it wasn't a visit but something I interrupted or got another person off their plans for the day." 

She chuckled under her breath and smiled “It’s not a bad thing, everyone is freer to the person they want to be now, less...societal rules” she never felt like following those anyway, they had an undertone of hatred before them which she could never support. She was glad people could make their own choices with less fear nowadays, she thought that was important.

She definitely seemed to love what she did deeply, which Ophelia could respect “Not everyone finds their passion and gets to turn it into an entire career, make sure you keep that spirit” she chided with a smile, it was nice to see someone so positive about their work and their life because honestly there was a lot of negativity when it came to being a celestial.

She nodded thoughtfully, it had been hard leaving the family that took her in behind but she knew her calling was elsewhere and they understood that too “I stayed in contact with them and they protected my secret until the day they died” she nodded a few times “Not everyone is lucky enough to know love like that” she pressed her lips together and smiled softly.

She widened her eyes when she noticed how much time had passed and then laughed under her breath “Time flies when you’re having fun don’t they say” she smiled encouragingly and then shrugged “Though you’re right, I should probably let you get around to arranging your new room” she gave her a stern look “And I’ll see you one evening for that wine and chat you promised?” she grinned playfully.

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