Zeus had debated on what she wanted to do for the past two hours, and still found herself glued to her recliner watching The Society. She'd been binge watching different series on Netflix lately, and had absolutely refused to leave her house ever since Nathaniel left the city. It stung a lot more than she'd admit to anyone, but here she was with a tub of ice cream, her floors littered by tissues and liquor bottles, and her will power to do anything besides sit here and pout, gone out the window. Sighing, the Nephilim finally rose to her feet, and kicked bottles and trash out of her way as she walked through the rubble to get to her bedroom. She had never sunk this low before, or felt this terrible about anything, but her mother was haunting her from the grave, and the only person who made her feel semi-okay about that, was Nate himself. Now Zeus was stuck in her house, all alone with nothing but her mothers ghost to remind her that she was failing at avenging her death. 

Zeus decided to take a shower. It was much needed at this point. After emrging from the hot steaming water an hour later, Zeus ran her hand across the steamed up mirror, forcing herself to look away, simply disgusted in the girl that looked back at her. A frown tugged at the Nephilim's features, but she pressed on, and continued to get ready. After slipping into a solid blank tank top, a red and black flannel, a pair of faded jeans, and her grunge boots, the tomboy blonde brushed her hair, and gathered her personal things (keys, phone, wallet, etc) and headed outside. She hadn't gotten a breath of fresh air ever since she'd gotten news about Nate. It wasn't warm at all, so she decided on taking the car. 

Zeus figured a little shopping would pull her out of this depressing hole she had buried herself in, so several minutes after heading out into the city, she found herself pulling into a parking place at the mall. She was a loner, but coming to the mall alone seemed to get more nasty looks from people than she had anticipated. After flipping off a group of preppy females, Zeus made her way into Rue 21. It was the one clothing store that sold the type of outfits she'd actually wear. She couldn't do pink, hated glitter of any kind, and despised ruffles. This place sold everything but that. As she made her way to a rack of shirts on sale, Zeus noticed a brunette being hasseled by a group of females. "For fuck sake. A girl can't even shop" she muttered to herself, and at first, she had intended to mind her business. But, the longer she tried getting away, the more pissed Zeus found herself getting, until she finally ended up over there with them. 

"Don't you lot have nothing better to do?" she asked, and flexed her hands into fists, ready to pound on them if they didn't walk away. "Do you have any idea who she is?!" a blonde yelled out at Zeus, acting as if she should know the brunette. "Actually no. But, even if I did, I wouldn't harrass her the way you all are. Leave her be" Zeus demanded one more time, "please just sign my shirt!" one of the others yelled out.  Zeus chuckled at that point, and shook her head. "Just say the word" she said to the brunette, letting her know she'd take these idiots down, if she needed too. She still had no idea who she was, though she definitely looked familiar.  But, the girl was only trying to shop. When security finally came over, the girls seemed to back off, though they continued to stalk from a distance. "Love the outfit, my name is Zeus by the way" she expressed with a gentle smile on her features, though she was sure she looked pretty run down and depressed form the booze and lack of sleep. 

"What was the deal with them?" she asked curiously, and began sorting through the rack of clothes in front of them. Zeus picked up a flannel in every color that she didn't already own.  But, she did wonder where this girl shopped at, and would definitely love to find an outfit like the one she was currently wearing. 

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Coming to Evermore had been a real turning point in Ivy’s life, being in LA had really drained on her for many years, everyone was fake there, people made themselves out to be better than anyone else, it felt competitive and superficial. So when she had made the decision to get out of the city and just travel further for work, people had been shocked, why would anyone want to leave the city of fame and fortune they’d ask? Well she was tired at it, she loved acting, it was something she felt like she was really good at and allowed her to express herself in a way no other job could but she wasn’t much for the lifestyle that came with it and the stress of living in LA had definitely taken a toll on her.

For a while she wouldn’t leave the house, even when in Evermore, without a security team with her, for her own safety she wanted to be able to have someone to step between her and the people who came up to her but with time, her stress levels had lowered and now she was more confident to go out alone. Most people who approached her in Evermore were quite polite and respectful and usually wanted a photo before they would be on their way. Ivy loved her fans and getting to see them so she did her best to show them the same courtesy but even she had days where it felt draining and difficult.

Dressing in her usual casual style, she made sure to wear a black beanie which covered her forehead and hair, if she kept her head down the most of the time people would just walk by without a second thought. The mall was a place she almost always got recognized no matter how much she tried to disguise herself though. She had wandered from shop to shop thoughtfully, eyes scanning over the racks for something new. She was definitely a comfort over style girl so any of those free designer clothes she got sent usually went to charity because none of them ever felt all that practical to her.

Heading into one of the stores she spotted the perfect pair of black boots she had been looking for though, she crossed the room to admire them, turning them a bit here and there to make sure the style was exactly what she wanted. Ivy had lived in the same pair of boots for pretty much years before today but recently one of them had finally decided to fall apart and so she needed new ones and despite her best efforts, she was yet to find anything till now. Just as she picked them up she heard someone call out the name Tessa and she pressed her lips together. They picked their moments, she thought as she turned on her heels with a gentle smile, greeting the girl who had recognized her, but it wasn’t long before her friends had come running over and she was completely surrounded by them, asking for photos and autographs “Could I just get a little space please?” she asked it politely but the girls ignored her, screaming and yelling her name for attention.

She was surprised by the intervention of another girl, a blonde, who was clearly trying to go about her day in the store and was bothered by the loud interruption. Hearing her comments, Ivy laughed under her breath but seeing how she was about to fight with these girls she did her best to try and diffuse the situation “Sorry, but I really need to get about with my shopping or I won’t make it to my appointment on time” she spoke with an apologetic smile. Eventually, security came over and the girls diffused which made Ivy breathe a sigh of relief, she tried her best to be kind but it was hard when your personal space was being overcrowded. “Thanks for the save” she spoke to the blonde and grinned, when she complimented her outfit Ivy scanned over hers and grinned “Like looking in a mirror” she responded, she did notice that the other girl seemed bothered somehow, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint what made her think that “Tessa Blake” she responded curtly to her introduction “But people I like can call me Ivy” she responded with a playful smile.

Ivy found it interesting that Zeus still hadn’t guessed why she was being mobbed “No idea, must have thought I was someone famous” she teased lightly and shrugged her shoulders showing her the boots she had found “Do you think I’m lucky enough that they’d have them in my size?”

Zeus noticed the way she seemed to finally breathe when security intervened. Surely she had heard this name somewhere before, and she also knew that she looked familiar as hell. She had been standing there trying to figure out who she was, when she made the commnt that looking at Zeus was like looking in the mirror "I don't think I'm quite as gorgeous, but thanks" she nodded, and flashed her a smirk. She definitely was a really pretty female, and Zeus always noticed gorgeous women. She'd even shared her first kiss with a female, and barely understood guys. The Nephilim nodded with a faint grin when she thanked her, "No need. I was standing there getting madder by the second, like can't a girl shop in peace?" she asked, and chuckled softly.

Zeus placed her finger to her chin, smirking "Do I get to call you Ivy?" she asked, and found herself blushing at how bold she found heself being with a perfect stranger. "Sorry. I come off a little filterless most of the time" she admitted, and grinned sheepishly. Zeus's personality definitelt was a bold one, and people either loved, or hated her. She'd always been told that there was no in between's with her. She supposed she could take that as a compliment. It was better than people being fake,, pretending to like her to her face, and bashing her name behind her back. She knew a thing or two about fake people as well, and truly despised them.

"Must have" she started, but widened eyes finally stared at her for afew seconds, realizing she definitely knew who this female was. "Tessa freaking Blake" she said in a low tone of voice, she knew Ivy didn't need any more fans intruding on her shopping trip. "Well i'll be damned" she chimed in again, her southern accent as thick as ever. "I can't believe I didn't realize it at first. I kept repeating the name in my head over and over, but you're pretty popular right now" she chuckled, and returned a playful smile. Zeus's mouth parted a little, in awe of the boots she was currently holding, "I don't know, but we'll definitely see if they have more behind the counter or something, because you can't leave here without them" she laughed a little, but the boots were so much Zeus's taste, that she couldn't help but like this girl already. "You definitely have taste. It must have been fate that this little meeting happened" she added, and grabbed a pair almost like it, eyeing them long enough to understand that the ones Ivy had, were still way better.

Zeus realized another small group of females had entered the store, and she was prepared for Ivy to get bombarded yet again. She supposed if she did love her fans though, that Zeus couldn't stand in the way every time someone approached her. "You probably never get to go out without having people approach you for autographs huh?" she asked, and frowned a little. She didn't know what fame was like at all, but she could sympathize with knowing it had to be pretty mentally exhausting to never have any time for yourself.

She'd already conjured up a master escape plan, should things get out of control for Ivy. "They have an amazing food corner here" she started, referring to the entire left wing of the mall, where they had several little food spots to eat at, "If you don't actually have an appointment to go to, once we've finished here, I'm starved, and wouldn't mind the company" she smiled faintly, and spoke all of that hesitantly. She'd only just met her, and by no means did she wanna seem like some groupie. Zeus saw another pair of grunge boots though, which totally distracted her "Oooh these are hot" she expressed, and examined every inch of them. They were leather grunge boots, adorning zippers and chains and buckles, a pair that she actually didn't own yet.

She shrugged “You’ve got your own badass style, don’t knock yourself” she encouraged with a firm nod of her head, she was a celebrity, she had teams to do her makeup and free clothes and products which helped her to get by. Even them, Ivy had days where her skin would break out and she didn’t want to go out. Especially because one single hiccup hit the headlines in her case and she really didn’t need the press prying into her life more than they already did. “Well some would argue I gave up that right when I went into acting but” she gave a mock roll of her eyes “It can get pretty tiring when you just wanna go about your life for a while” but she couldn’t really complain because fans were the reason she got to do what she loved in the end.

“Well I wouldn’t have told you that if you couldn’t” she teased back with a grin, Ivy was her real name, or rather, it was a shortened version of the name her mother gave her and the one she liked being referred to by her friends or people she knew outside of the world of fame. If you went on Wikipedia you’d know her full name so it wasn’t like it was a big secret or anything like that but most people in the world called her Tessa. “No filter is good, try being around Hollywood for a while, filter is all you see, along with judging stares” exactly why she had left and still to this day didn’t regret the decision, even when it meant having to travel longer distances for auditions and work. Thankfully she was past the going for every role stage of her career so she could be more selective with the trips that she made and the projects she took on.

She had to admit it was funny seeing the penny finally drop in the blonde’s eyes, her reaction was really priceless but not over the top like most people were when they recognized her which she was appreciated “I mean I’d say I’m hard to recognize but those girls were a pretty big hint” she laughed softly and shook her head “Honestly it’s kinda nice just to be treated normal though, if all they wanted was a simple chat about my day or their day or the work I do then I’d be happy but it’s all about getting the photo to show off to their friends” it was disheartening but a reality she had accepted to be true about the life she lead. Her favorite fan moments were definitely with those who were really polite and asked nicely for a conversation. “I like to think I have a sense of style, though the tabloids seem to disagree” she laughed softly as she started heading towards the desk to ask the clerk if they had any more sizes of the boots in the back.

And then she heard the familiar sound of recognition, it was usually gasps and whispering as someone dared the other to go up and approach her, sometimes they would just pull out their phones and start taking pictures. She couldn’t tell them not to but it was definitely out of her comfort zone to have her picture constantly taken when she wasn’t working “You know I’ve actually been pretty good at putting together disguises and some of them actually work” though today she hadn’t had time to be putting on special makeup or the likes so she hoped the hat would suffice and clearly it didn’t.

“Admittedly this one is kinda my fault, usually I’d bring a security guard for this kind of trip but I forgot to call in last night and so I’m left without” if she wanted one bad enough she probably could have got someone to come in last-minute she supposed but she hated to be a burden on her really great security company. When a girl from the group approached her, she asked very politely if her and her friends might be able to have a photo with her to which she agreed, giving Zeus an apologetic smile before taking photos with them and then seeing them on their way, thankfully much less dramatic than the last time. But the time she was done the clerk had come back with the perfect pair of boots in her sight which made her eyes light up. She was distracted by the blonde picking up a pair of her own though “Oh you have to get those” she encouraged with a knowing look, they’d match her outfit perfectly. “And I could do food, though I will warn you they’ll pop up from everywhere, especially now I’ve given someone a photo” she sighed slightly, maybe she needed to start being more exclusive about where she went.

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