Siobhan wasn’t sure how her life was going to go when returning to Evermore. Yet it had come with surprises in the basket load. One being when Dominic invited her back to his cabin, it was a roof over her head. Yet she didn’t feel at home like she knew he hoped she would. Yet they had learned to co-live together as she was working towards helping her get out of whatever trouble she was in. Yet Dominic working left her alone a lot, yet she didn’t mind it as she got to spend a lot of time with the dog that apparently was hers, Fluffy. That day she was alone in the cabin and the large fluffy dog came to her and laid over her on the couch. With a grunt, Siobhan looked at him. “You’re heavy, mister.” she was only met with licks on her face. A gentle smile graced her face, the dog never seemed to fear her. 

After stretching behind his ears for a while she managed to crawl her small body out from under him and padded her way to the bathroom. After a quick shower she moved about the house after getting dressed and picked up the bottle of alcohol from under the floorboard. She had been hiding it from Dominic. She sat back on the couch and twisted off the cap and started to drink from the bottle directly. She took down a good bit of it before pulling it away from her lips. Letting a sigh pass her lips into the empty cabin she closed her eyes. The dark voice in her head telling her to get back to work, telling her that people were out there trying to kill her. It was causing her a headache as she wanted to drink to stop it.

As the door opened her blue eyes opened and adjusted to the sunlight leaking in behind the slender woman who stood cross armed eyeing her. Siobhan raised an eyebrow as she brought the bottle to her lips taking another long drink before setting it down. “If you are looking for that large guy who lives here. You are out of luck,but I can tell him his booty call stopped by if you want. I am sure he will be sad missing out on a pretty thing like you.” She let the words flow pace her lips as she stood up and cracked her knuckles.

‘She is here to kill you.’ the dark voice hissed in her head and while siobhan was able to fight it most of the time, she noticed the dagger in her boot. The panic set in, and the darkness one. “Fuck this, I am not being taken out yet.” and she jumped over the coffee table to tackle down the dark haired woman who was staring at her. Working on trying to get the woman in a headlock. “Who sent you?!” she screamed out into the cabin as Fluffy tried to stop Siobhan.

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The reflection which stared back at her was drawn, and considerably emotionless. Yet despite a very blank looking canvas, if one looked hard enough; they could see every aspect of her life which was tugging at the very seams of her diminishing soul. Clarissa stared at her reflection, the burden of the last few years weighing heavy upon her shoulders; it began the day she lost her siblings, -Cornelia and Isaiah-  the ring her twin wore upon his finger, to this day, continued to rest comfortably upon her chest. The weight only grew heavier the day in which Siobhan disappeared without a trace; her second in command vanished without a goodbye - which was rightly owed after everything they had gone through together. 

Clarissa watched how her Partner in Crime, Dominic grieved for his loss; which wasn't too far from her own methods and she felt at a loss on how to help him. Jonathan also took his leave after the pain of losing his younger siblings as well as Siobhan. Clarissa was more alone than ever, despite having the Nephilim faction and Jem as her family. Without blinking, her arm reached upwards and behind to gently trace the scars of her now nonexistent wings. She flinched ever so slightly; the pain had decreased significantly after the treatment Wyatt had put together for her; but the mental scarring and trauma would likely remain, even if she were able to grow her wings back. There was not much on those who had lost their wings, and the uncertainty of gaining them back was almost as bad as their removal. 

The pain was just enough to pull her out of her reflective trance and her smartwatch vibrated upon her wrist; reminding her she had to go check in with Dom. Their check ins mainly consisted of silent drinking but recently they found themselves with guns, axes and the like attempting target practice; after all, leaving The League, Clarissa didn't have much use for that skill. With a groan, she forced herself upward and began to get ready; Cerberus constantly at her ankle to make sure she was okay. She gave him a good scratch behind his ear before she jumped on her bike to make her way to the cabin. 

Parked up, her lavender tinted gaze rolled over the cabin and her nostrils flared to let an exhale pass; the place held many memories for her, and yet, without Siobhan the cabin was just a shell of what it used to be - a home. She placed her helmet in the small compartment at the back of her bike and wandered up and into the cabin; shouting his name as normal. Last thing she needed was to accidentally catch him in the nude again. Clarissa quirked a brow at the no response and stalked the eerily quiet halls until she reached his bedroom; the palm of her hand anxiously pushing it open.

Yet what she saw was not what she expected and her features ached with all the changes of emotion that tried to outwardly show. The attitude the blonde gave her was enough for Clarissa to pick one of the many that bubbled within her; anger. "If anyone would be the booty call out of us two, it would be Dominic, thank you" There was a bitterness, a poison that dripped from her tongue before the small female pounced upon her. The scuff was messy and as the younger woman tried to get her into a headlock, Rissa pulled backward to slam Siobhan's back into the wall with enough force for the lockhold to break. She would pay to fix the indent of the wall another day. 

Clarissa grabbed her dagger from her boot and twirled it artistically through her fingers. "You have some fucking cheek to come back here after the mess you created when you decided to fuck off into the middle of the night" She hissed, noting this anger was probably not the best way to get her wings back. "Just came back to fuck us up even more?" 

The woman as skilled as Siobhan had to give her that as she felt her back hit the wall, her wing scars slamming to the wall causing a scream from her lips and her hands to fall away. “Fuck!” She went to move but before she knew it, the dagger was to her throat and she was panting as her eyes locked onto the dark haired woman with the darken eyes with a touch of lavender. Her brain was processing to place her as she yelled at her. Anger was at least an emotion that Siobhan understood. 

Yet the darkness swirled in her once again, “Run.” Siobhan muttered out barely before her eyes turned black and the black goo came from her tear ducts. The lips twisted into a dark smile as her hand wrapped around Clarissa's arm and twisted it, yanking her closer connecting her forehead with the dark haired vixen. Her foot coming up to kick her away from herself. “I would suggest you don’t touch my vessel again. Or I will come after you, and who you care about, Wyatt is it?” The voice that spoke was dark and demonic as Siobhan moved to stand over Clarissa. Her hand moved to wrap around Clarissa's throat but only hovered there before coming to Siobhan head. 

“Fuck Off!” Siobhan blue eyes returned and she gagged moving away from standing over Clarissa to the bathroom that was right there past a set of doors. She threw up inside of the toilet, her wings shooting out of her back, showing that they were black and decaying. She panted for a moment trying to catch her breath before falling backwards laying on her back on the tile floor. After a moment her brain processed the other woman. “Are you Clarissa?” Siobhan asked not moving as her whole body felt numb.

“I don’t remember you, Dominic said you and I were best friends. He said he texted you, and I figured you would show up at some point. Sorry about the whole booty call thing.” She mumbled out as she processed how to explain. “I don’t remember much of my life before two years ago. When I woke up in the streets of New York homeless.” Siobhan opened her eyes to stare at the roof above her. “So no I didn’t come back to fuck you guys up more. I…” She closed her eyes and moved to sit up. “Something drew me to Evermore. Dominic thinks he can help me. Somehow.” She huffed. “I think he is a fool, should just leave me to rot away.” She pressed her back to the door frame.

The artistic whooshes of her dagger continued and before Clarissa had given it much thought, the blade was soon pressed up against Siobhan's throat. The blade adding enough pressure to the blonde's throat that would give her the impression that Rissa was not afraid to draw blood; and she would welcome that, and would happily deal with the consequences from Dominic who appeared to have gone easy on her return. Clarissa bared her teeth, her chest rising and falling as her breath tried to escape. Run. She scoffed at the simple word and her lips curled upward in a mocking way; oh Siobhan's return had pressed all of her wrong buttons. "I'm not like you, Siobhan. I don't run when things get tough" Although she was ready to walk out the door and never come back; she was completely done with everyone that had upped and left her life in the last year. Her family included. 

Rissa, did however, attempt to take a step back or two predominantly out of disgust when she noticed the thick, black somewhat strange smelling goo that escaped from Siobhan's eyes. "The fuck is that" She muttered to herself, completely distracted by the mess which slowed her reaction time as her fellow Nephilim caught her arm and twisted; her fingers automatically dropping her dagger as her body was flung to the floor. Despite no longer having wings, the scars upon her back continued to screech out in pain at the force in which they met the ground. The confused look continued as she looked up at the petite woman who hovered over her with her hand against her throat. "We've faced a lot worse than you, so what makes you think either I or Wyatt would be afraid of you?" She wasn't sure what was going on, dissociative identity disorder, maybe? The blondes personality shifted with a blink of an eye, completely unrecognised. Nevertheless, Clarissa refused to feel sorry for her, she was bitter and hurt; it was a simple way to protect herself. 

Once Siobhan moved from above her, Rissa scrambled upright and grabbed her dagger. She glanced towards the door where she considered leaving until the familiar yet distant sound of wings escaping caught her attention. Of course they were black, she has no doubt in her mind that they would've been any other colour, quite frankly. "As if you didn't know that" She retorted and leaned a shoulder against the wall with her arms firmly crossed over her chest as she watched Siobhan recede to the floor. As the girl proceeded to tell her, her excuses Rissa rolled her eyes; of course she had the ability to tell when someone was lying and it was hard to tell if Siobhan was light or dark. It was like she was in some grey area; either way, she refused to let her back in with open arms. 

"Dom is a fool at the best of times" Rissa responded and noted she would be having words with the Therian later. She did not believe Siobhan deserved to rot, or anything of the like. "He has this stupid belief that he is able to help, and save almost everyone and then gets incredibly upset and rather irritable when he can't" God, why was she entertaining this? Rissa groaned and moved to the alcohol cabinet. "Why are you back? What are you looking for that you couldn't find elsewhere?" She questioned with her back to Siobhan, her hands busy making herself a strong drink. 

Confusion sat on Siobhan's face as she tried to understand the words that left Rissa's mouth in such a mocking tone. After all, was she a runner? When things got tough before she lost all her memories. She knew she was a runner when she was on the street. That didn’t matter, not in the moment. At least the woman had backed away as the black goo was making it hard to breath, the blade she had pressed to her neck honestly was Siobhan's chance to end it all. Remove herself from being the burden she had become on all these people she didn’t remember. She watched through the darkness that swirled in her gaze as she caught the other nephilim off guard the darkness taking over her being. Making threats that Siobhan couldn’t understand, yet the darkness seemed to understand. When Siobhan finally was able to gain control again, finding her way to the bathroom to throw up the goo that had coated her throat. Air was able to enter her lungs once again.

As Siobhan took her shaken form and leaned it to the door frame, she could hear the hatred that seemed to leak into Rissa's tone of voice. It was deserved, in fact Rissa had been the only one to treat her how she felt she should be treated. “I guess that is a Yes, you are Rissa.” Siobhan muttered as she pressed her head back to the door frame for a moment to stop the spinning that came with how the goo cut off her air way. Rissa didn’t seem to believe a word that left her mouth to the point she felt herself understanding this is how she should be treated. She was an evil being, why did she deserve acceptance. Maybe this would be the anger she needed to do what really needed to be done, before she could hurt anyone the other Siobhan loved.

Her eyes rested on the floor as if she was a child being scolded. “Dominic is a good man.” He admitted aloud. “Even if he thinks he has to save everyone, like a fool.” She said as she pulled her knees to her chest, her arms wrapping around her knees for a moment. She was quiet for a moment as the other Nephilim was making a drink for herself. “I didn’t know I was coming back to some place I had been before.” She said honestly but didn’t look up from the floor. “I was drawn to Evermore after spending the last two years living on the streets fighting to survive. Between doing what I needed to do for money.” The nephilim swallowed hard, “and protecting myself. Well, Evermore called to me. I found myself on a bus and one day I was here. Dominic ran into me and I kinda beat him over the head with a pool stick.” She felt herself flinch at the memory. “He refused to let me go. Showed me a photo of us and well…”

She was quiet for a moment, “I had to believe that he was part of my life before, a life I wish I remembered.” she said and ran her hand along her knee for a moment, her mind drifting to who the darkness threatened Clarissa with. “Who is Wyatt?” she asked, looking towards the other Nephilim. “Sorry I have no right to know. Forget I asked.”  She said feeling Fluffy take his large body and lay it beside Siobhan in a protective nature.

It felt completely unnatural to be speaking to Siobhan in such a way; Sio was perhaps the only individual in Rissa’s life who she believed would never see such a bitter side to her. She didn’t like it, not one bit - but Siobhan had hurt Clarissa more than she would ever know and Rissa was someone who could be described as ‘You get what you see’. In truth, she also believed that she behaved in such a manner, Sio would also treat her in such a way; besides, Rissa knew Dom too well, and despite him being angry and frustrated with the younger Nephilim - there would be no way that he would treat Siobhan badly. And so, it fell upon Clarissa to inform Siobhan how much her departure had on the rest of them that she left behind.Clarissa gave the diminutive looking Nephilm one final glance before pouring herself a rather stiff drink. 

It was a strange feeling, this dynamic between the two; it was also like Clarissa had taken on the parental role and Siobhan was her child. It was a taster of something she definitely didn’t want in her life; the thought, the feeling alone made it so that her drink was strong enough to even make the devil shudder. The drink stung as it brushed against her tongue, and down the back of her throat and Clarissa welcomed it before turning to face her old friend once again; she tried incredibly hard not to stare at the black goo which had stained her pale face. “You’re telling me you have absolutely no recollection of Evermore?” It was possible, she supposed - there were natural accidents, trauma and dissociation from an event which led Siobhan to forget but then, there was also magic. And God knows how much trouble found its way to the blonde girl. “I can’t say I’m surprised that Evermore called out to you, it’s like the Supernatural Beacon, the Capital of all things Supernatural; at some point, every supernatural being will find themselves here” 

Which was the honest truth, sometimes it bothered her and sometimes she loved the variety of people this City brought in. “Yeah, well.. Sometimes Dom deserves a whack over the head with a pool stick and really? Only a few of us can get away with that shit” She chuckled into her drink and wondered where he was currently; she found it bizarre that he was comfortable to leave Siobhan, alone, in her current state. “So I’m going to assume you’re now back here to try and figure out why your brain has been filled with Black Goo?” Rissa quirked a brow as she spoke matter of factly; refusing to ignore the elephant in the room. She fell upon the rustic sofa, kicking her boots up onto the coffee table; her free hand gently brushing over her neck where Siobhan once pressed an impressive amount of pressure moments ago. 

Her mind raced back to Wyatt and what his plans were this afternoon, and a gentle smile occupied her lips; the question posed to her was a good one. Rissa still wasn’t 100% sure who Wyatt was to her, but she knew exactly what her feelings were for him yet her stubbornness continued to prevent her from completely opening up. “You’re asking who Wyatt is, when you knew of his name before I even mentioned him to you?” She glanced over her shoulder. “And you can’t say Dom told you, gossiping about someone’s love life probably isn’t his scene” Rissa mused. 

Siobhan hadn’t been greeted by another in such a cold manner, though it seemed as if Clarissa hated her. Maybe it was because her leaving hurt her in ways that she didn’t fully understand. Dominic was more thankful she was alive then being mad at her.  So having someone so hostile towards her for something she didn’t have control over. Made the guilt in her chest burn. Yet she didn’t dare flip the switch on her emotions, she had promised that therian that she wouldn’t do that anymore. It made the darkness take control far easier. She pushed herself up from the seated position she had been in. Leaning her back to the frame to keep herself steady. Moving her way to see the alcohol that Clarissa was pouring herself. She felt the itch for the warmth of it to travel down her throat. God she missed drinking.

She felt herself watching the glass raise to the Nephilim’s lips and felt that sting of ache bounding away before pulling her gaze away at the question. “I didn’t for the last two things, now the only things I remember are things I didn’t. Like being held captive, and raped.” She said simply as she walked away getting the washcloth to clean the black goo off her face, or hoped it would remove the black goo. She made her way to sit there at the rustic couch in the small cabin feeling weak over all after everything that had just gone down moments ago. “I have been told this, but Billie Mae seems to think My heart brought me back here, because of the big guy.” She gave a gentle shrug. “And the people that care about me.” She said with a guarded tone because she still felt weird in her own body, let alone with people around her knowing more about her then she knew herself.

Siobhan felt the snort leave her nose as she spoke of how Dom needed a whack over the head. “I started a bar brawl after hitting him on the head and he still chased me down.” Her amused look at the memory faded as she remembered how much pain had been on his face. How much hurt of her just reappearing, then the fact she used her nephilim powers on him. “Well I guess I am one of the few to get away with it.” She said in a stoic tone before letting her gaze move along the shelves of various items trying to keep her gaze from the other Nephilim's. Honestly surprised Billie Mae hadn’t shown up but then again she may know Rissa didn’t really want to hurt her. It was always weird how the Diviner just knew. “I would say that is the reason I have chosen to stay, though I am not sure this old Sio could handle the things I have done.” She said shortly before looking over to the other angel child as she rubbed her neck. 

As the smile took hold of the Nephilim's lips it just confirmed the darkness knew what it was doing when it came to learning information about people not even old Siobhan may have even known. “The black goo seems to be able to learn things about people not even old Siobhan may have known. It is skilled at finding the weakness of others.” She said as if it was a fact that should be known by her already. “It makes threats often trying to control everyone around me to turn them against me. Or plant seeds of doubts on my truthfulness.” She said with a shrug as she pulled her knees up to her chest hugging them. “It's trying to isolate me.”

Clarissa was also going against her very beliefs as the Ambassador of the Nephilim Faction of Evermore - she had made a statement, a promise and signed it on paper that she would make every Nephilim feel at home the moment that they crossed the boundary lines. This invitation went out to every single Nephilim, nevermind their story, or the things they had done in the past but yet, here she was throwing shade and spitting venom coated words at the woman who she classed, and still very much classes at her honorary sister. Rissa felt two faced, and she hated going against her word; although in the past, such actions were not unheard of when it came to the ex-assassin. Yet, in this moment, she was hurt - hurt by a family member - and so, she tried to justify her bitterness; and it worked, for the most part. 

“So you remember the shit that has happened, rather than the good things?” Rissa counteracted as she nodded with the glass to her lips - that was very convenient. She snorted a little at the response that Billie-Mae had given as to why Siobhan had found her way back to Evermore; Clarissa didn’t believe in such things. “No offense, but I think that Diviner may be speaking a bit of shit there” She had met Billie a couple of times, and Rissa had a strange feeling the woman didn’t like her, probably for good reasons so because of that, Rissa struggled to be polite (especially as that was all she ever was to the Diviner on the occasions they met). “But if it makes you feel that is the purpose of your return, and it brings you comfort in knowing it was your invisible bond with Dom, sure” She smiled briefly and took a sip - she was sceptical. If anything, Rissa believed it was whatever that black goo was - it was that that brought Siobhan back. 

 “This black goo” Clarissa began. “When exactly did it start? Why? Where? Is it possession, like some weird Voodoo shit?” She ran the tip of her finger across the rim of the glass, and although she blurted out a series of questions and very much had a thousand more to go, Rissa highly doubted that Siobhan would know any of the answers. “And as you have said, how do we know you’re actually Siobhan?  If this goo is as powerful as you suggest, it is probably very good at pretending to be you. Old or New Siobhan” Clarissa was dubious, sad, angry, happy and all the other emotions under the sun but she wouldn’t - she couldn’t just pretend everything was okay with them after everything that had happened from the point when Siobhan left them. “If you want me to be happy you’ve returned, you need to give me time. You don’t know what happened, nor what it was like after you left.” She sighed quietly, her chest rising and falling dramatically. “I was always there when you needed me, but when I needed you… You were nowhere to be found” 

Clarissa downed the rest of her drink, and went back to grab the bottle but this time - she drank straight from the bottle. 

Siobhan didn’t look at Rissa as she gave a gentle sigh past her lips as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch she was sitting upon. “Remembering the good things, is like running into a wall over and over again. Sometimes I make it through. I think the black goo wanted me to leave, or run once I got back here. It only shows me memories willingly if they are of someone that hurt me, or a place that holds a bad memory. It tries to manipulate the situation, saying it’s helping me if I would just leave.” She reached out, picking up a random object to fiddle with it. To help hold some focus on herself, and not the black goo to remind herself she is a real being.

“Billie Mae means well, but I am not sure what brought me back to Evermore. It would be nice if it's some kismet thing but honestly. I have heard from many people just being back around that Evermore just has a pull for supernaturals especially those in trouble.” She flipped over the carved wooden statue in her hand and realized her initials were on the bottom of it. She sat it back down as she gave a shrug towards the other nephilim. “I honestly don’t know what brought me back, I mean I don’t fully trust its some invisible bond with Dominic. I mean I smashed him over the head with a pool stick when he first approached me. If I had felt a bond with him, why would I have done that.” Her brain turned over the thoughts in her own mind.

“I don’t know the details, from what I could piece together. Dom and I broke up. Not sure if I ended up somewhere else for a short time or if I just left Evermore after the break up.” Little did Siobhan know she stayed with Clarissa herself after the break up, till the day they went to the museum together to read on angel names and meanings, the day that Siobhan messed with a box in the back room, the box that changed her life. “I just kinda woke up on the streets of New York. So I don’t know why, or where, or how. If I did, it would be gone.”  She felt the frown on her face, and the sudden pain in her chest. “Maybe you are right. Maybe the real Siobhan is dead somewhere and I just took her form.” She stood up then and moved as far away from Clarissa she could get at that moment. The reality that she wasn’t this person at all caused tears in her eyes that fell over. Though she kept her back towards Clarissa. “Would be easier on everyone if that was the case. Would have left her hands unstained, if that was the case.”

She wrapped her arms around herself, Isolation, the black goo would get what it wanted. Maybe leaving again… no she promised not too. Yet if she wasn’t Siobhan did her promises even count. “I am not asking you to be happy, really I would just ask maybe we don’t beat each other up.” she gave a gentle shrug of her shoulder keeping her back to the other nephilim. Fighting the urge to fold in on herself. After her words she turned back to look at the woman who honestly looked like she never needed anyone else. “All I can say is I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me, Rissa. You don’t have to accept it, or believe it. I’m sorry.” 

‘Why be sorry? She wasn’t there for you on the streets when you were struggling to survive. When you had to kill those men. She isn’t your friend. She didn’t even look for you.’ the blackness voice filled her mind causing Siobhan to turn her head as if she was listening to it.

Clarissa was truly struggling to find empathy for Siobhan and it really saddened her, perhaps it was because she herself was going through the unimaginable; that nothing could compare to what she was experiencing and what she was feeling. Of course, what Siobhan was telling her was upsetting, and it did evoke an emotion in her, after all, Clarissa was no longer heartless but in reality, she had never been heartless, she just chose when she wanted to feel. These days, that wasn't as easy; these days, she felt almost everything and couldn’t necessarily control the visible motions. “It’s true, Evermore is a beacon to the Supernatural kind, it's a place where we don’t have to fear hunters. So it’s no surprise you’ve found your way back. It’s just a coincidence that Dom remained here and you bumped into him in a bar. You’d probably not find him anywhere else.” She snorted into the bottle. 

She watched her sister fiddle with some form of ornament and remained silent for a long while as Siobhan tried to form her jumbled  thoughts into a string of words. The fact that Siobhan couldn’t remember the break up, or what happened shortly afterwards stung, and she had to take a larger gulp, Dom would be pissed when he returned to find that she consumed all of his alcohol. “Your dissociation is impeccable.” Rissa mused and she had to laugh or else she would have either cried, or shown her anger and she did not want to fight Siobhan again, goo or no goo. “You just don’t remember what happened after Dominic, do you?” Her lavender speckled eyes narrowed at the back of Siobhan. “Clearly I’m very unimpressionable” The story as to what happened was probably not one for this afternoon, not with how hurt they both were right now. 

“I have to ask, do you even know what’s happened in the time you’ve been away? If you don’t, I’m sure the black goo would be intrigued seeing as it is obsessed nasty stuff” Instinctively, Rissa reached up and scratched her scars on her shoulder blades and sighed. Neither Wyatt or herself were any step closer to figuring out how a Nephilim gains their wings once again, and neither of them knew just how long she had before she became mundane… Human… Ordinary. The thought of being that caused her to shudder alongside the apology Siobhan gave her. “I have to accept it, whether I want to or not.” She responded. “I’m the ambassador, I made a pledge but more importantly a promise to all Nephilim. Evermore is a sanctuary, a safe haven for all of our kind to live safely and in harmony. Regardless of what they have said or done” 

She noted Siobhan’s body language and couldn’t tell if the other woman was listening to her not. “So as Ambassador, I’m here to support you back into Evermore living and make sure you are safe. As your friend, it will take time for me to rebuild any trust that I once had” She drank, and she didn't stop until she had to come up for breath. 

As Siobhan kept the little space from her just to ensure she wasn’t going to get her ass handed to her once again from the much more skilled Nephilim. She felt her shoulders grow in weight as she stared past Clarissa as she confirmed that Evermore just seemed to be a beacon for their kind. She wanted to run again, maybe the hunters would take all this darkness away. She hated the uncomfortableness of all that is happening over and over again. Crossing her arms her brain was thinking of how best to leave, even though she promised Dom she wouldn’t. “Guess that is very true. He wasn’t too happy to find me bent over and making someone ‘Teach me’ pool.'' She used quotes assuming that Clarissa was in fact smart enough to realize that Siobhan was there conning people out of money when Dom found her.

The blonde gave a roll of her eyes for a moment, “You know people lose their memory all the time right? It's not just dissociation.” She shot back as she picked at the fabric that covered her elbow. She gave a shake of her head, “I wish I could remember anything besides the brief bad moments the goo will let in. Like being r/aped by someone I can’t even see clearly.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders not looking towards her anymore right now. Not commenting on what she said, since she could talk till she was blue in the face but wasn’t going to convince the woman of anything. She seemed to have made up her mind already.

“Yes I remember waking up in New York streets with no idea who I was or what I was doing there. I did what I had to do to get money.” She said bluntly as she felt dirty at that moment. She felt like she was going to be judged harshly. She gave a nod of her head for a moment and didn’t look at her. “That seems like a lot of responsibility for one person.” She said as she shifted where she was standing feeling weird all of sudden knowing that Clarissa only accepting her apology because she was her leader. It made the want to run grow even more. She wasn’t sure if she was safe here in the end. She may be the end to the good harmony that was here. She was just a burden. That ran through her mind for a quiet moment.

She watched her down the bottle after her words and gave a sigh. “Yeah I got it.” She said as she shifted away from the other Nephilim. “Well any luck I won’t be a problem much longer. Dom is to take me to the Aspects. Maybe they will just end it all.” She said as she picked up another bottle popping it open and started downing it.

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