It had been about month now since she had come to the hospital as a volunteer. It was a demanding work schedule but she didn't mind because it let her do the one thing she had always wished she could do when she was alive, help people to feel better. In the short time she had been here she had learned a lot, mostly she helped with sorting out the paperwork and appointments, taking people to and from different places around the hospital and ensuring everyone was comfortable. It wasn't that different from her role as an empath, most days she would visit the patients who didn't have family coming in for them and just give them someone to talk to. 

Sometimes it made her wonder if she had been born in this modern age, would she have found herself doing this or would she be living a different life entirely. Because Arcadia knew someone from her old life in the city, she had chosen a certain persona for her work, she didn't look exactly like herself but she resembled herself enough to feel at ease when she looked in the mirror. Today had been a tough shift, she had been asked to do the suicide watch, which meant staying awake and watching a patient as they slept, someone who had previously tried to take their life. It was the middle of the night when someone came into the room to tell her she could take her break and they would keep watch for an hour. 

She headed through the familiar halls of the hospital until she reached the break room. She headed inside, going over to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. There were always usually people coming and going in here but since it was the middle of the night everything was quiet. But she felt her heart pound in her chest when she noticed the lone figure in the corner, with their head in their hands. Arcadia would recognize Cecilia Laterza anywhere. She took a deep breath, flipping on the kettle and pouring out a mug which she mixed a hot cocoa in before taking the mug and heading towards Celia.

Her eyes softened as she slowly made her way towards her, she knew she shouldn't have, Arcadia had done pretty well at keeping her distance from her until then but how could she stop herself when she could see how upset she was. She placed the mug down gently on the table in front of her "Seems like you could use something good right now" she spoke it softly. How badly she wished she could tell the Valkyr who she was and just be there for her but she knew the rules she had to follow. She was breaking them simply by approaching her or even working at this hospital but if there is one thing Arcadia wouldn't be able to take, it would be having to take Ce's memories of her away. 

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She nodded while humming in agreement, "He did deserve it. I compensated of course… because putting him in a place where I'm working at is probably not a good example I should be displaying to my juniors but… he deserved it." It was a funny memory too. It served her a laugh, so that was something. "I remember telling myself I should be toning down the temper just a bit" she grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of her head awkwardly, it was a weird thing to share with a stranger she's only known less than 30 minutes but somehow it felt right. No matter how absurd it sounded to her, it felt fine to share this with Arcadia. "Well, you make me feel comfortable" It was a compliment, considering Ce finds it hard to be this open to someone, she displayed a confident front but it wasn't as if she didn't have problems of her own. She struggles with attachments and it travels back to her early days too. And somehow, it kept clinging onto her until today. 

The familiar air Arcadia exuded made her feel like she was within the presence of someone who understood her; someone who knew her, and it felt nice. Especially after what happened earlier, she needed something to cheer her up, or rather someone. The Italian wasn't in the mood to be hooking up either so having Arcadia here helped. "That sounds practical" she pointed out, she's seen plenty of medical students but half wasn't as committed to the field aside from wanting to impress their parents. "Well, I hope you know that you're starting out well, a new medical student who has already been getting her hands on the equipment and mingling with the seniors all around, I'd say that ambition of yours will mold a doctor out of you just yet. Making connections with the hospital staff is a way to rise up to your higher ranks too" Unfortunately, even though the hospital directors were constantly getting dragged into political distress with the running parties, it was still a respected position. "Good luck" she whispered and winked playfully, maybe she'll see more of her around. 

When Arcadia agreed to her offer, Ce pressed the button on the elevator, before stepping into it and pressed the level to her office which was around the 4th floor alongside orthopaedic and countless others. "Are you new here in Evermore? I could've sworn I would know anything familiar face if so but… you don't seem to jog my memories" She couldn't know all but she was pretty sure she'd notice after all the research she did prior to her arrival to the eternal city. Once they arrived at her floor, she led the blonde to her office which was accosted at the far left of the wing, it was spacious for one person but the interior inside showed a lot on her character; it was simple but there was something classy about them. "I guess… make yourself comfortable?" She went over to change at the other room after hanging her doctor coat against the rack. 

She nodded a few times when Ce agreed that the guy deserved what he got, truth be told that watching the world you definitely saw a lot of the worst of it and there were a lot of people who were selfish and willing to harm others to get what they wanted “I’d argue it was probably quite a restrained response, all things considered” she chuckled under her breath and shrugged slightly. When she complimented her by saying she made her feel comfortable Arcadia grinned shyly “You know people tell me I have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting people I can help...even if it’s just a little” she liked to think she had done that for Ce tonight, by getting her to smile.

If it wasn’t for the person in front of her, Arcadia didn’t think her goal would have been to be a doctor but Ce had always inspired her, even back when they first met and what they wanted seemed impossible, she believed the other girl would find some way to achieve it. The blonde hadn’t been so lucky and her time had been cut short. Arcadia wasn’t going to waste this second opportunity, she wanted to learn and to progress in the time that she had, even if it was short “It’s weird for me to think I’m finally getting to do the thing I kept telling myself I’d do” she laughed under her breath and shrugged “Sometimes it felt more like a good dream than reality” though what wasn’t a dream was knowing there was something alarmingly wrong when it came to the veil, it had been months and they were still no closer to the answers they sought. “Thank you” she whispered back when she wished her good luck, something told her she’d need it.

Arcadia only really knew her way around this specific ward so she felt a little lost when following Ce to the elevator and coming out on a new floor, she glanced over towards the dark-haired girl when she asked if she was new to Evermore “I’ve been here a few months” she responded honestly and nodded, she was sure that Ce could sense a familiarity in her but she played it off, it was better she didn’t know the truth only to go through the heartbreak of saying goodbye all over again. “I have one of those personalities I think, reminds you of people you were close to I guess” Arcadia was good at making friends and drawing people in, it was probably why she made such a good empath. When they reached her office she headed inside and sat on one of the chairs, she noticed how empty it seemed, aside from a photo of her and a guy on the table, they looked close “So how long have you been working here?” she called out while Ce was changing, her eyes still focused on the photo.

Surprisingly, unlike everyone else she’s told, Arcadia’s response was rather new. She remembered telling the same scenario to her beloved friend, Yeon, and whilst he had laughed at her for not being able to hold back her temperament, he didn’t try to argue that she should’ve done something worse. Though, a part of her knew it was just him trying not to influence and pour more salt to something that was already done for. Besides, she was sure the cosplayer was traumatized for life now, and would not bother people again. So that’s one good thing she’s done for the sake of others in the near future. “A sixth sense? What are you, a unicorn? Fairy godmother? I mean, you sure look like one, modernly attributed, of course” she teased, if only she knew just how right she was on the mark. But all things considered, Arcadia managed to cheer her up this evening, even though she was probably halfway off to blowing things out of proportions. 

“You shouldn’t cut short around it, if you don’t succeed now, you may as well put it to your mind that you’re going to succeed later on, that’s a healthy mindset right there” One of her only mottos she’s had all this while; never give up. Giving up was for the losers, she remembered hearing something similar to that and ever since then, it’s been something the Italian held onto. “Sometimes, we could use a bit of a good dream” she nudged gently, the reality could be so off-putting, she wasn’t even surprised some people just wanted to forget what they’re doing because of it. “You can take a rain check with reality on any other days if you want” At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide, the only thing standing in your way were the consequences that would follow afterwards. The elevator ride didn’t take them long, especially when it was slightly late and everyone was busy in their own shifts, leaving less traffic for people to be using the elevator. 

“Does that make you a heartbreaker then? Making people feel so comfortable they thought they almost knew the person you are?” she raised her eyebrows in a questioning manner, but her tone sounds a bit pressing, as if she was trying to gauge the blonde’s reaction to it. “I imagine most people wouldn’t take the chance to lose on someone like you” So she would have to be the one who takes matters into her own hands. “Here in Evermore? Close to almost 2 years I think. As a cardiothoracic surgeon as a whole?” She had to stop for a while as she discarded her top and buttoned her blouse, right, count the years regularly Ce, she couldn’t out that she wasn’t particularly human. “4 years, if you include my 2 year residency program in Rome.” She returned with her hands buttoning the last of the upper buttons of her blouse and her hair was no longer tied up. Celia definitely looks different when she was outside her usual attire since she likes dressing up classy. “Evermore seems to have a charm, I guess. Never thought I would’ve found myself here. You? What made you come here?”

Arcadia’s eyes widened for a moment when Celia asked if she was a unicorn but she quickly realized she wasn’t being serious and laughed it off with a shake of her head “You know being a unicorn does have a certain ring to it though, they’re supposed to be rare and special right?” she grinned playfully “Plus I do love anything with rainbows on” it was strange how on the mark Ce actually was and for a moment she was surprised by it. Then again, the valkyr had always been pretty perceptive so perhaps she sensed certain personality trait about Arcadia which fitted with that image.

She appreciated her words about determination, there was a part of her which found it hard to make commitments when she had no idea how far she would be able to progress them and given how much of a completionist Arcadia was, that would frustrate her no end “They do say there is a certain power in positive thinking” she responded and nodded her head, she had seen the impact it could have in people who needed her comfort as an empath, just a slither of hope could be enough to completely rejuvenate someone. “True, besides I’ve spent so much of my life focused on others, for once I want to just take a moment for me” that felt somewhat against her nature as an Aurazin but it had been so long since she felt like she was allowed to want things “You seem like the kind of person who keeps her eye on the things she want” she observed noting how Ce always seemed to pave her own path in life.

Arcadia parted her lips in surprise when she asked if she was a heartbreaker “Well I haven’t broken anyone’s heart as far as I know...not on purpose anyway” she was the type of person who couldn’t actually hurt a fly so it made sense that it wouldn’t even occur to her that she had hurt anyone. “Maybe they would given the chance but...I tend to keep to myself” aside from volunteering and her classes, she spent more of her time in the faction house, she didn’t like to leave too much because it was dangerous for her to expose herself to too many people in a city like this, quite literally anyone walking by might be able to see her glow and then she would have a lot of explaining to do. She raised her brows when Ce said she had been here for 2 years now, she must like a place if she had stayed that long “Sounds like quite the journey” she responded and smiled “Does that explain the hint of an Italian accent I hear?” she was smiling but the moment she realized Ce was still getting dressed she naturally averted her gaze away from her.

“I didn’t really pick family chose the place and here I am I guess” she laughed because it sounded pretty sad when she put it like that “We’ve been travelling around for a while, this is the first time I’ve been in a city this big” before long they were heading to the elevator which they took down to the ground floor this time, she stepped inside leaning against the railing.

She had to admit, she was so close to bursting out in fits of laughter when Arcadia's eyes widened as if she just said the most absurd thing ever, well in her defense, a unicorn isn't all that surprising, if fallen stars and dragons existed, who's to say unicorns don't too? This is coming from a Valkyr that's lived her life for a whole millennium coming across plenty of other creatures alike. "Ah, and you are rare and special, aren't you?" she teased, "All you need is a sparkly dress and voila, perfect. As if you weren't already looking the part before anyway" Hey, a pretty woman is a pretty woman in her eyes, that doesn't change. Arcadia is one very attractive woman. It also helps that she also seemed to have a kind heart to match, what a wonderful lady. "Anything with rainbows on it huh? You know people these days think those who wear rainbows as a symbolism" She didn't pay any mind to it because she had been knocking on the doors of both males and females far before the term was even invented. 

"And they're not wrong, studies have recorded that your mind plays a bigger role than you could possibly imagine it would, it's a wondrous thing" How complex the human mind could be, she's also found that their minds so have a certain strength to them, she's been in situations where it would probably break someone's spirits down but she's still here today, doing just fine. "Focusing on yourself, love yourself, that sounds just about right up my alley, I do love myself a whole amount, believe me" It's just today that Arcadia had found her to be in a more saddening mood. "Honestly, I'm a fun person to be around outside the hospital and the doctor robes." Of course she'd say that. "I know what I want, I see them and if I like them then I'll get them. If I don't do it then who's gonna do it for me? I'm not about to wait for someone to do it for me" She was definitely no damsel in distress. Celia could do what she wanted to do so long as it is not against every code she had. She's a grown woman, after all. The thought of having to wait for someone to do this and that for her made her gag. 

"You haven't broken anyone's heart before? A part of me is surprised but another feels Iike there's some truth to it. What's a pretty girl like you doing out here, Arcadia? I mean surely someone's hit on you before. Or multiple someones" it was hard to believe that nobody noticed her. Not with how she was radiating with so much positive energy you just couldn't help but gravitate towards her. "You should branch out later, there's plenty of things for you to learn" she recommended, she looks so promising and passionate, if she was interested in her department, Ce would've taken her under her wing. "I've been told people like my Italian accent" she winked playfully and only shook her head in mirth when Arcadia averted her gaze because she was still buttoning her blouse. "Welcome to Evermore then, I hope you'll be staying longer, I like a familiar face." When they reached the ground floor, she was quick to wave her hands to say goodbye to the receptionist and head out, the cold breeze of the night greeted her with a smile, "Where are you from, Arcadia? I mean if you moved here, you must be from somewhere."

She laughed under her breath and then shrugged “I’d like to think everyone is in some way or another” she admitted with a sheepish grin, it was almost scary how close to the truth Ce could have been while entirely joking around and not meaning what she said at all. “I’m not sure if the sparkles might be a little too much though, aren’t unicorns supposed to be a secret? I wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself” she smirked and shrugged slightly, well that wasn’t wrong, if Aurazin could be considered unicorns then they were also supposed to be a secret in the human world. Arcadia raised her brows when Ce spoke about rainbows being a symbol, she wasn’t sure what she meant but it seemed like the kind of thing she ‘should’ know so she played it off “I’m not a big one for labeling things, maybe I just love rainbows” she lifted her brows playfully.

Of course she would have researched the science in something like that, it sounded exactly like Cecilia and it made her smile just thinking about it “So what you’re saying is that if I keep hoping that one day I’ll get to visit Paris, then eventually it has got to happen?” she grinned slightly, okay maybe Paris was one of the places she had always wanted to go and never managed to achieve. It was the city of love and if there was one thing Arcadia was in love with, it was the idea of love and the happiness it brings people. It brought the aurazin comfort to hear Ce say that she loved herself and had found happiness in herself, she was proud of her “You seem like it, though I get the feeling you might intimidate some with that endless confidence” she grinned slightly and shrugged. Her gaze flicked up to the dark-haired girl when she said she chased after what she wanted “Sounds like the smart play, but don’t you ever worry the other person wouldn’t feel the same way?” though this was Ce, she had always had this tendency to get her way.

“Well, I’m sure I’ve probably upset a few people by turning them away but never anyone who had gotten close enough to me to actually become heartbroken” she grinned and shrugged when Ce suggested that she was too pretty to not have people chasing after her. Well she was sure that she would have had people chasing her if she was still alive and had lived the majority of her life but thanks to fate, she never got to experience all of that “Oh definitely but... I guess I never really got over my first least not for a long while anyway” she had a sad smile on her lips because it killed her a little on the inside to know she was face to face with her but couldn’t tell her who she was. She even had to look like someone else whenever it was possible she might see her. “Who doesn’t like an accent?” she teased back when Ce winked at her, she felt her heart beating just a little faster because she recognized the way the valkyr flirted easily.

Before long they headed out of the building and onto the streets of the city, Arcadia led the way to the fast-food place she had eaten at before around here, it was incredibly bad for you, but burgers and fries didn’t run any risk of her accidentally eating sugar and needing to run off in a panic “I’ve been here, there and everywhere honestly, seen more cities than I can keep count of” it wasn’t technically a lie, she had seen many cities on earth. When they reached the place she reached for the door to open it for Ce before following her inside. .

“Well, everyone needed to be different in their own way or else we could pass off as robots and nobody can blame the whole singularity phase washing over us one day” she shrugged absentmindedly, she knew one thing was for sure though; humans will end up being their own end. With how they’re acting, that one is inevitable. It was a cycle that has been going on for centuries, millenniums even. She raised her eyebrows in surprise when Arcadia mentioned unicorns were meant to be a secret, “Honey, that’s the best part. You hide those you want to keep a secret in plain sights. Because people would never think you’ll hide your secret right in front of their eyes. It keeps them oblivious and blind for a certain period of time” that’s why she never had a lot to hide because nobody bothered to question her on it. “For all we know, the things we wanted to find for so long could be standing right in front of us” she teased, her hazel hues glazing over the blonde’s stature, that felt so ironic, unbeknownst to Cecilia.

 “I find them obnoxious” she quipped softly when she said she liked rainbows, “but they’re pretty, I agree. Feels like they’re special, in a way I can’t describe.” Arcadia is cute, the way she would point out things out of the blue and her soft-spoken mannerisms rubbed over the Valkyr, Ce found herself relishing in her company, after all this person did pull her out of her crying period earlier, she must be something, right? “Bingo. It’s just a form of wording things, of course. You keep telling yourself that long enough, you get it ingrained in here” she tapped the blonde’s temple gently and grinned, “It may stay long enough to get you determined and there you go, before long you’ll find yourself working towards that path that will get you there.” For Celia, if she wanted something, she usually kept it in mind long enough for her to actually get them. Sure, she could’ve just dismissed them because sometimes it’s a small thing to hassle over but that wouldn’t be fun and in her life, if she couldn’t have fun doing something, there’s no use in it. 

Life is all about enjoyment, she would say, which suited her hedonistic and carefree tendencies. “I’ve been told I intimidate people but I think that’s… just a test to see if people could handle me or not. Would be a complete waste of time if they’re just going to bail on you when you need them the most, no?” Arcadia didn’t, though. Ce has only met this beautiful woman for the first hour and she’s still there, entertaining her.  “You’re not intimidated by me though, I think that already says a lot.” There was a slight shrinking moment when she said that, what if the other person didn’t feel the same, indeed. What would she do then? “Maybe I’d leave them alone but… I don’t like to give up. If I had given up, I wouldn’t get half of what I have today. I know when to lay off, don’t worry. But if there’s a window for an opportunity, I take it. Perhaps they’ll see that and have a change of heart?” The brunette couldn’t deny that she could be quite selfish at times though. 

“Which is exactly why I call you a heartbreaker, Arcadia” she cooed playfully, “You don’t let people get close to you enough to call it a proper heartbreak. It goes both ways. Tell me, are you the type to play hard to get or are you simply not interested?” The playful tone was still there, accentuating her voice in every word, but the last part sounded more like an actual question, she was curious. It did leave her in the stump when she said she didn’t move on from her first love though, it reminded the Italian that she didn’t quite do the same either, but Cassie was no longer in this world, and that’s been going on for a long while now. “Must be quite the guy. Or gal. I can’t forget mine either, she’d always be in my memory” she murmured softly, things probably would’ve been easier if she was still around, maybe she wouldn’t lose herself in the world of darkness back then. “But I think it’s better if she didn’t see the kind of person I am today though, I would’ve disappointed her” she chuckled, it was better that way. “People find accents… exotic. But not everyone, not everyone has taste, you know” she purred in response to her wink. The air was breezy, just the way she likes them, and the lights by the streets weren’t too bright either, “Any particular place you like?” she asked and thanked her as she walked inside, her eyes searching the area for a place for them to sit until she pointed to the booth at the far behind.

She laughed softly and nodded in agreement “Though some people definitely stand out more than others” there were people who did everything they could do to fit in and then there were others who didn’t care if they stood out and Ce had always been in the latter category, she knew that much for sure. She swore her heart panged a little in her chest when Celia called her honey though and she had to manually control her breathing as though to not give away how breathless she made her “They say that, don’t they, that what you’re looking for is rarely that far away” she pressed her lips together, it made her sad knowing that the brunette in front of her was exactly that for her and yet she couldn’t have her.

She laughed at her bluntness about rainbows “Sometimes you need something obnoxious in your life, it says I’m here and I’m not going anywhere” which was especially meaningful when you remembered that a rainbow was used to represent the LGBT community. She always did find Ce’s determination and spirit something to be admired, her words definitely had this certain air to them which just had an impact on those who listened to them, herself included. “Well then I will keep on hoping until it comes true” she confessed with a sheepish smile. Ce was right, she wasn’t intimidated by her and it made Arcadia wonder if she didn’t know her before now if she would have been. She didn’t think so. “I don’t think I could ever be intimidated by a woman who knows herself, perhaps I would want to be like her and respect her..but if I was intimidated then that implies there’s something wrong with that in my mind, which there isn’t” which was her way of saying that some people could have this toxic complex of needing to feel stronger than others when really everyone should be striving for the same strength.

She tilted her head for a moment, if she knew Ce then she knew she was used to getting her way and it was curious to know what she thought she would do if someone didn’t take well to her chasing “Seems like you’re patient when you want to be” she responded with an amused smile. Arcadia widened her eyes a little when she called her a heartbreaker, really she just hadn’t been on earth long enough to draw any attention if she was honest. But it wasn’t like she could tell Ce that, given the circumstances “Mostly I’m just too busy focusing on experiencing the things I want to and getting on with my life to think about settling down. Feelings are complicated and I don’t need complicated right now” the other reason was because she found it hard to see herself with anyone but the brunette in front of her, even after all these years.

Arcadia gave a sad smile when Ce talked about her first love and how she was always in her memory, it was so hard for her to be here right in front of her and yet not be able to say a single word about it. She wanted to say how she could never disappoint her, because in spite of everything Ce was still the strong and beautiful person she saw today “You should give yourself more credit” she jested, playing it off with a smile. When she asked if she liked any particular place she shrugged “Every city feels similar to me, before long you get lost in th tall buildings and the traffic and you forget what makes them unique” she confessed as she followed her inside, heading towards the booth and she took a seat opposite her “I do love Vienna though, such a beautiful place” she grabbed one of the paper menus resting on the table and scanned her eyes over it slowly “Oh they really have such thing as chocolate bacon?” she pulled a face, well that sounded awful.

When she said some people tend to stand out, Ce nodded in affirmation, “Yes they do. Sometimes, they don’t even realize how much they stood out to an individual in the midst of a crowd. I think it makes them unique, even if they’re completely oblivious at times. You never know how important you can be to someone until you see it for yourself.” She remembered the time she saw Cassie for the first time, she was just under the guise of another noble lady who came venturing to the country alongside Gideon. Straying off the path wasn’t exactly what she thought she would’ve done but that’s exactly what happened. The moment she heard her talking, that’s when her interest was piqued and Cecilia knew she was a goner by then. “If you know where to look, then it wouldn’t be half as hard as you think it might. Sometimes, our head gives away the things that aren’t actually there. I think they even proved it scientifically even though it was probably more spiritually or mentally induced. Can’t argue with science today though” it would be hard to do that.

 The Italian raised her eyebrow playfully when she heard that, it wasn’t something she had expected to hear but she was impressed, “You do have a way with words. You remind me of someone, she always did have a way of… reassuring people.” Now, Celia wasn’t about to go ahead and tell the sweet-looking trainee that she reminded her a lot like her first love. That was just creepy and she was not looking forward to avoiding the blonde every time she gets a chance to see her in the boring white building they just left. Instead of cowering away under the overwhelming air, Arcadia remained by her side like it was the most normal thing ever. Cecilia doesn’t usually have any problem with communication, she’s been on earth long enough to know the affairs of how humans do their things, mostly because she was also there to interfere or participate, depending on her mood. But tonight was especially different because her emotions were still devastatingly heightened from earlier events.

 “I am patient when I want to be, yes. Everything I do is within my control, I do it because I can and I want to. That’s the best thing one could have, no? Having complete control over your own self? It takes a long road to achieve that and I am proud to say, I’m at the phase where I think I’m close.” Couldn’t exactly tell her that she’s been doing that for the last millennium, could she? She bit her bottom lip unconsciously and pressed them into a thin line briefly, “Yeah… feelings are complicated” she breathed out, exhaling as if she just got out from a relationship that was thousands of years old. The fact that she still couldn’t fully move on from Cassie sure tells a lot, she knew first love to be different and special. It was lasting, your first love will always be there in your heart somewhere. She thought things would be different when she saw a similar spark with Atticus but apparently, she was wrong. Again. Giving up sure feels like a very good option with a bonus on the side now. “I think I gave myself plenty of credits already but they just don’t… last."

It was sad when people think about it. Ce had everything she could possibly want. A leader to look up to, a faction to protect, people she called family and friends, a good job that she was passionate in, and she was even well off. Ce already had plenty of stories to last a lifetime but there was that hollow feeling inside her that she couldn’t quite figure out what it was. “Vienna? I remember going to Wiener Staatsoper plenty of times to watch their shows. The Vienna State Opera is a place you probably don’t want to leave if you like musicality” She was so close to saying that she was friends with August Sicard von Sicardsburg, until she was reminded he died 200 years ago. “With how 21st-century people think, I’m not surprised they have that. I think I’ll go with the classic, the hamburger with an extra side of curly fries… can’t go wrong with the milkshakes either. Seems like they also have a variety of pancakes and waffles here too.”

Arcadia nodded, Ce had always been someone who stood out to her, even when they first met she had been that girl that drew everyone’s eye and once she had their attention then she never really let it go, she remembered being very captivated by her and her demeanor, especially because of how forward she was at the time “Guess it goes with the age-old saying of not knowing what’s right in front of you huh?” she had been lucky enough to let Ce in and they had blossomed a really unique relationship she would always treasure but it could have been so easy for them to just walk by one another that day and she wondered where they would be now if that happened. She couldn’t help but smile at the way Ce went all doctor on her for a moment “Something like the power of wishful thinking I suppose” she mused with raised brows, there was a certain theory that if you wanted something to happen bad enough then you could manifest it.

She bit her lip for a moment when Ce spoke about her reminding her of someone she knew, she wondered if that was perhaps her in the past, she wondered if Ce thought about her that often, it had been so many years now that honestly she was expecting to be a distant memory in the Valkyr’s mind by now and she would have been okay with that “I guess you could say I’ve had practice” she mused with a smile “I’ve met a lot of different people in my life and I’ve learned a trick or two about helping them” though you couldn’t help everyone, she could do something like make Ce feel better just for tonight. How badly she wished it could be more than that.

Arcadia pressed her lips together, honestly it was hard to remember a time when she had full control over her own self and her choices because now they were influenced by what she was and the purpose she was here to serve in the world “I’m a little jealous” she confessed with a shy smile, how she wished things could be as simple as that and she could just strive to find herself a happy life again, she longed for that honestly but she also knew how unrealistic her wants were “I feel like I’m on a path and I’m following it, no straying” she shrugged slightly, she was dead, she couldn’t change that. She offered a half-smile when Ce agreed that feelings were indeed complicated if only she knew just how complicated everything felt right now as she stood beside the person she had once called her one love. Honestly, who was she kidding, the person she still loved “Well the try harder” she encouraged as she squeezed Ce’s shoulder “Kicking your own ass doesn’t make any good progress” she scolded playfully.

She saw the way Ce practically lit up when she mentioned Vienna and immediately went on to explain her love for the city and her experiences there “That must have been pretty special, mine have mostly been passing visits so I didn’t get to experience much but I did remember how beautiful the city looked just before the sunset, the way it bounced off all the buildings” one of her better memories of being an empath and getting to see the world in small glimpses at a time. She raised her brow towards Ce when she mentioned the 21st century “You say it like you weren’t raised in it” she jested, managing to catch Ce off her guard like that was rare so she really much be feeling emotional tonight. Arcadia was looking over the menu and ensuring whatever she chose to order wouldn’t contain sugar which meant that most of the drinks were off the list for her, before long the waitress came over and made their order, Arcadia asked for a cheeseburger with extra cheese, onion rings and a side of curly fries for herself before quietly asking for water at the end.

She wouldn't go as far as to say she's a pretty social butterfly that would mingle with everyone in the room when given the chance, unless she wanted something or there was another thing in play that she had to achieve. With that being said, she wasn't much of a talker when she's doing her job, which as a doctor, meant she was always in the room doing her rounds with the patients, given her specific profession. But with Arcadia, she finds it easier to talk to a stranger, surprisingly the blonde didn't come forward as a stranger at all. She didn't know why but it feels like she knows her from somewhere. Ce figured that the female probably had a friendly air to her that just makes it easy for her to get it on the first meeting. "It's always the old saying that we don't really take note of, I swear the people back then seemed to be clairvoyant or at least have precognition to know what's going on these days" most of the advice that was spread in the old days would be better off used today.

 "Wishful thinking is such a fallacy but you can't blame people for doing it. It feels like it's a part of human nature to just do it at least a few times in your life" she couldn't exactly blame them for doing it either, hell even Celia herself does that. When she said she has met a lot of different people in her life, the Valkyr couldn't help but snort gently at it, "Me too… but sometimes it feels like I never really learned from it. I could meet a million of different people in my life and I would still be stuck in my ways and stubborn as usual. I wonder why's that…" perhaps she just didn't wish to change since her past was the only thing she could hold onto as part of her memory. Technically speaking, Celia only had memories of her first love and the necklace she received from her on their anniversary.

 The moment she heard Arcadia said she was a little jealous, Ce raised her eyebrow questioningly and tilted her head to the side, clearly confused to why she would say that. But before she could ask further why, the other female had already resumed her sentence. "You can't stray from it? Why? Is it because you couldn't afford to take the risks if you do? The consequences that would eventually follow? Or is it because you're afraid to find something new? Something you are not used to?" Arcadia struck her as a curious case, the more she talked to her, the more Ce found herself wanting to know more, which was unlikely considering Cecilia Laterza rarely pays attention to people like that. Not unless there was something about them she desperately wishes to know. "Look at you, giving life advice to someone you just met. I think we're going to make a good friendship out of this just yet, Miss" she nudged against her playfully. It would be a lie if Celia said she hasn't had the chance to explore the world, she has lived for so many years, and traveling from one place to another was something trivial to the Italian, but she did have a few favorite places of her own because god knows she needed to be grateful. 

"Maybe you should go there for a visit some other time" she quipped softly, the way Arcadia described it had her feeling something. She let out a nervous chuckle when the blonde pointed out about her statement on living in the 21st century, "I could be a history buff, you never know" she shot teasingly, "what if I preferred and wanted to experience the Renaissance era?" It was a golden era for her, that's for sure. While she was busy ordering her food, she noticed Arcadia didn't order a milkshake or any soft drink at all, instead she settled for water, "I would say you're on a strict diet but your food choices didn't reflect that… is it rude if I ask why you didn't order any of that fancy milkshakes? Not a fan?"

Arcadia laughed under her breath and shrugged, the idea that old sayings somehow predicted the future was interesting but also not particularly believable “More likely that people just kept writing down all the stupid thoughts they had and some of them turned out to be relatively useful” she jested shaking her head slightly. She nodded slightly, wishful thinking was kinda dangerous for someone like her because there were many things she could wish for that she knew she couldn’t actually have “It’s human nature to want the impossible” she commented in a soft voice “Even if you know there is no way something could happen, it still doesn’t stop those little what-ifs from creeping in” even the biggest pessimist would still have secret hopes for things.

She glanced up towards her as she talked about the people in her life and how they have shaped her “I think you’d probably be surprised to see how much you’ve changed, you constantly live with yourself so you wouldn’t notice the things which have shaped you like others would” she nodded slightly, Arcadia could already tell Ce was different than she used to be, in some ways for the better but also in others it seemed like she had become distant and a little hesitant to be vulnerable. She realized that perhaps she had gotten a bit too deep with their conversation and mentioned something which was hard to explain, she pressed her lips together “I made some pretty important promises I have to keep, everything else comes second to that” she explained and shrugged her shoulders slightly “So I guess I’m afraid that I’ll get attached to something only to lose it later”.

Arcadia shrugged and smiled “Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who doesn’t know you, because they’ll tell it to you straight” she looked her right in the eye as she said that for comedic purpose before chuckling. Friends, how weird it felt to hear that very idea rolling off Ce’s tongue, if only she knew the truth. But friends were something Arcadia wanted, even though she knew she shouldn’t, that it would be better for her to keep her distance, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to be a part of Ce’s life. “I no doubt will” she responded and nodded “My life never stays in one place for too long, you get to see a lot for sure” she missed the idea of normality but she had to accept a long time ago that she was dead, that her opportunity for a normal happy life had passed and now it was her role to ensure others got theirs.

She laughed softly when Ce expressed her love for history “Well it’s certainly a beautiful era, so many beautiful dresses and the dances back then seemed much more elegant than what we have nowadays” she smiled wistfully, a memory of her and Ce embracing one another as they danced slipping into her mind for just a second. She snapped out of it when Ce asked her about her choice of drink and she grinned sheepishly “Me and sugar don’t really get along, especially not this late in the day, don’t wanna be awake half the night” she shrugged it off casually. Really it was very tempting given how amazing she knew those milkshakes would be but she couldn’t afford to lose this shift and expose herself “So do you work full-time?” she questioned with a curious expression as their drinks were brought over by the waitress.


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