It had been about month now since she had come to the hospital as a volunteer. It was a demanding work schedule but she didn't mind because it let her do the one thing she had always wished she could do when she was alive, help people to feel better. In the short time she had been here she had learned a lot, mostly she helped with sorting out the paperwork and appointments, taking people to and from different places around the hospital and ensuring everyone was comfortable. It wasn't that different from her role as an empath, most days she would visit the patients who didn't have family coming in for them and just give them someone to talk to. 

Sometimes it made her wonder if she had been born in this modern age, would she have found herself doing this or would she be living a different life entirely. Because Arcadia knew someone from her old life in the city, she had chosen a certain persona for her work, she didn't look exactly like herself but she resembled herself enough to feel at ease when she looked in the mirror. Today had been a tough shift, she had been asked to do the suicide watch, which meant staying awake and watching a patient as they slept, someone who had previously tried to take their life. It was the middle of the night when someone came into the room to tell her she could take her break and they would keep watch for an hour. 

She headed through the familiar halls of the hospital until she reached the break room. She headed inside, going over to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. There were always usually people coming and going in here but since it was the middle of the night everything was quiet. But she felt her heart pound in her chest when she noticed the lone figure in the corner, with their head in their hands. Arcadia would recognize Cecilia Laterza anywhere. She took a deep breath, flipping on the kettle and pouring out a mug which she mixed a hot cocoa in before taking the mug and heading towards Celia.

Her eyes softened as she slowly made her way towards her, she knew she shouldn't have, Arcadia had done pretty well at keeping her distance from her until then but how could she stop herself when she could see how upset she was. She placed the mug down gently on the table in front of her "Seems like you could use something good right now" she spoke it softly. How badly she wished she could tell the Valkyr who she was and just be there for her but she knew the rules she had to follow. She was breaking them simply by approaching her or even working at this hospital but if there is one thing Arcadia wouldn't be able to take, it would be having to take Ce's memories of her away. 

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"I mean those words turned out well so good for them" sometimes humans could find the simplest thing ever and make it sound as if it was something big. They have a relative way of overreacting and dramatising things, Ce noticed over the years it's always been that way with them. "Can't say I blame them for wanting the impossible. They probably go about their lives miserably even when they don't wish to do that. Must be painful" Ce wouldn't say she understood how that felt for them because right now she had the liberty to say no and stop if she wanted to. The same couldn't be said for them though. "I think it keeps their mind active to think about those little what-ifs… God knows they actually need it." Not to be mean but Ce has met plenty who needed to be given a reason to even continue another day living. "If it's their way to cope with the cruel world, I guess we can't judge them for it." Everyone had their own coping method, right? 

She couldn't help but to chuckle when Arcadia agreed with her, "You know, it's not often people agree with me" she pointed out wryly, it was usually the opposite and Ce tells herself she didn't care enough to pay attention to what they think about her opinions. But Arcadia? She just agreed with her which was surprising and interesting. As if the blonde hasn't already piqued the Valkyr's interest, now she is even more interested in her. "Some pretty important promises huh? It must be pretty big if it's putting a certain barrier on you to not do other things. I admire your discipline" if only she knew the irony in that, she would be even more surprised but alas, the female in front of her right now was not the lover she remembered. It didn't mean the warmth wasn't familiar though. Nothing could ever truly take that away. "Go big or go home, Arcadia" she reminded gently, "You're afraid of getting attached because you're afraid of losing it. Which is understandable and valid. Everyone feels like that. But if you won't take a risk for something you feel strongly on, then what's the point of continuing your journey?" 

Life can be sweet the way it could be bitter. Ce realized she just had to pick the right moments to indulge in what they had to offer. The Valkyr was a bit taken aback when Arcadia looked her straight in the eye and said that, was there an underlying message there? She wasn't sure but her eyes conveyed plenty of emotions. "It's not everyday you wanna hear strangers giving you advice. But I get where you're going at." They wouldn't exactly be biased if they don't know you well enough, right? "Enjoy it" she nudged gently, "the world has plenty to offer if you look closely. You might find some good people you wanna keep in your life too. Or it could turn out to be the opposite." Her company was comforting, and not to mention how infectious Ce found her smile to be. It was like they knew each other well enough.

 "Is that your favorite era? If you had to pick one?" she asked curiously, she doesn't always get to have this kind of conversation with people aside from those she met at the art exhibition. It was so weird that Arcadia didn't prefer sugar but Ce eventually dismissed the idea, she had a point, not everyone could tolerate it after all. "Mhmm full-time. It wasn't usually this hectic this time of the year but with all the reported cases coming around, I'm inclined to think a serial killer is on the loose" she shook her head and spared a smile at the waitress that brought them their drinks, diving straight into the milkshake. "How's the hospital treating you? Not too overbearing I hope?"

She laughed and shrugged “But imagine all the nonsense out there that people thought was profound and really just turned out to be mad ramblings” she shook her head in amusement, some people could be smart, others just said stuff for the sake of trying to be and the difference mattered. Arcadia looked up at her and grinned sheepishly “We’ve all hoped for something impossible I’m sure” god knows she had, there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t dream of being able to resume the life she had before, to be happy.

“You say it like we’re exempt” she commented, shooting the other girl an amused look for a moment. She shrugged slightly “I guess you could call me a good observationist, I think it’s clear that no one would ever really stay the same, the world changes around us and even in small ways, we adapt ourselves to move forward” she left out the part when she knew Ce all that time ago and saw the ways she was different personally. She bit her lip when the valkyr pointed out that the promises she made must be really important “It’s not easy, but it’s my responsibility” she confirmed and nodded her head, she wasn’t supposed to live past that day and doing this was how she earned her purpose in the world. She shook her head slightly when Ce pointed out that taking risks were something which pushed you forward “I used to think like that but... one risk went too far” and she lost her life and her love in exchange. She couldn’t bear to risk going through that again.

It felt so surreal to be sitting here and talking to the one person she wanted to talk to most, and yet she couldn’t tell her who she was or express every bottled up emotion she was feeling right now. She was doing her best to hold it together but there was a part of her that wanted to throw herself into Ce’s arms and just hold her. “I’m sure there are” she commented in agreement that there were good people out there she wanted to keep in her life and yet it wasn’t that simple. She really wished it would be because all she wanted was to be normal again. She had never even allowed the thought to cross her mind for many years but how could she hold it back when the person she wanted to be with the most was here. She broke eye contact for a few moments just to take a few deep breaths and gather her composure.

“I think so” she responded with a small nod “Everything was so much more beautiful then” she commented in a soft voice, nodding her head a few times as though to confirm the point “Kinda wish I’d gotten to see it” she nodded her head a few times “How the world has changed to lead us to the era of cellphones and computers” not that she was complaining, they were much easier to communicate with. “I feel like I should feel a little sorry for you after seeing a small taste of it did choose this for yourself” she grinned slightly as she looked up at her for a moment “It’s been chaotic but I kinda like the chaos, keeps my mind off other things” she nodded as she took a sip of her water and leaned her arms against the table “I’m guessing full time wouldn’t leave much time for live outside of work huh?” though it didn’t surprise her greatly to see Ce married to work.

"A few words stemmed from madness could end up being useful in future references and I can never find it not hilarious. How dense can people be?" Throughout the centuries, Ce was given the chance to meet a lot of people and she definitely kept an eye out to see how they were doing. Admittedly, her life got slightly wilder just before the renaissance era. She was 'tamer' before then. "Wishful thinking much?" The Italian Valkyr doesn't believe in hopes and dreams that much anymore, it doesn't give her any benefit to just dwell around those empty words that weren't even heard by anyone else. "If you want something, you have to go ahead and achieve it. Can't hope to have the moon fall to your lap overnight" she murmured absentmindedly, if only hoping would give her something for once. Maybe then she'd had Cassie back again. "I'm not the sharpest tool in the room sometimes" she jested playfully, though the female can be quite perceptive, sometimes due to fun, she liked to make herself look dumber than she actually is. It wasn't fun if there was no chasing around. 

All the years might have made Ce into a sadistic person. "I'm guessing the risk was probably bad, considering Joe you are immediately traumatized by it to not even try for a second time" she was judging her hardly for that, different people will think differently. She respected that. She still felt this familiarity around Arcadia but couldn't pinpoint what it was again. Which was really egging her on, causing the Valkyr to be a hit annoyed because she hated being clueless like this. Cecilia Laterza has always been one step ahead in figuring people out, so when she couldn't do much, it was just pissing her off to oblivion. But at least the blonde is a good company. And a very attractive one at that. Of course she noticed how attractive the trainee is, she would never skip a view. Just because she didn't advance as fast as most people would think she would, doesn't mean she wasn't already picturing a few things in her head. Get her dinner first, she reminded herself. 

"Well there are a few renaissance exhibitions that are quite realistic, I can recommend you a few." Of course, Ce had friends there. Connections meant everything back then and now, that was one thing the brunette knew that hasn't changed. "At least the phones are handy. The computers are no longer heavy. Laptops are convenient for that. Though I have to say, everything is starting to look… a lot. The phones either got bigger or smaller." At least the fashion was great. Better than those eras with corsets. "You're right, I chose this. I like my job. And sometimes, there's something sweet about the chaos." Coming from a woman who was also used to inflicting pain to others who crosses her as much as she heals others who deserved it afterwards, it was as realistic as it gets. She never said she was a good person. Or at least, she never thought she was one. "Oh, I still get to do a few things outside my job. Sometimes, I have to go on a few… trips to overseas for other work, that's when the hospital would usually leave me those distress calls" she joked, thankfully they weren't really serious but more to the staff joking with each other. "Now I'm curious what would you do if you weren't training to be a doctor…"

She shrugged “Medicine wasn’t all up to par back then, no doubt a lot of people went through madness without even knowing what it was” they thought they were being given some sort of important message but really they were rambling a lot of things that not a lot of people care for “The dense people are the ones looking for anything meaningful in other people’s words” she liked to think you could make your own decisions and conclusions without needing to hear them from someone else. She gave a slightly sad smile when she said she had wishful thinking, she wasn’t wrong, Arcadia did have wishful thinking, things that she should have moved on from by now but she couldn’t help but have quiet dreams, that was why she was here right now “I really wish things were that simple” the things she wished for were impossible, she couldn’t just change them, no matter how much she wanted to.

Arcadia pressed her lips together and sighed, she wished she could be honest about how complex her situation was, how her life wasn’t actually really hers anymore, her supernatural purpose was to be there for others, to make sure their ends didn’t end up like hers, she lost her freedom when she died, that was the deal she made to become an aurazin. Of course she was guilty of wanting more sometimes but this was her reality now “The risk would break my heart” she answered and nodded her head slightly. Why did she find herself still wanting to take it though, why did she look at Ce and feel like she had been transported back to when they met. Why did she feel her heart flutter every single time she was the reason she smiled? Why did she still feel a little intimidated by the look she gave her every so often, the way she looked at her, taking in her whole frame like she might devour it.

She smiled softly “I think I’d prefer to keep it in my dreams...I’m sure the real story isn’t quite as beautiful as the picture I have in my head” back then there was sexism and classism and many other things that dampened the idea of her perfect princess fairytale. Though in her mind the hero wasn’t a handsome prince. “So basically what you’re saying is that technology is the main and pretty much old benefit” she chuckled and nodded, sounded about right, even she was relying on tech and she had barely been able to be exposed to it given she lived in another realm. “Sometimes being busy is good for the mind, it means there isn’t time to be worrying about anything and everything” she nodded, being a doctor suited her too really, she liked the idea of always being occupied with helping people “Oh so you like to travel?” she commented and smiled, that was nice to hear. “Hmm…” she commented thoughtfully “Maybe a wedding planner” she responded and giggled playfully “I always did love weddings” her gaze lifted to meet Ce’s for a moment and for a brief moment there was a look of longing on her face.

Arcadia wasn’t wrong, back then medicine was as hard as it is to procure, much less talk about it. “It was always the elite who had access to it huh? Even then, it is… nowhere near what we would’ve had like a century ago.” It was a good measurement on their evolution as a species, to come with the technology one needed today. “I wonder how it would’ve been if we had all sorts of these tech we have today back then… say three to four centuries back.” The Renaissance was already a glorious period for most. Maybe dense people are useful after all, she thought. Most of what they believed, eventually found a way to be true, centuries ahead. “Maybe dense people are the actual intellects in the community, god knows if one has the gift of precognition somewhere in between there” she chuckled, not entirely impossible. They did live in a world where angels and demons exist. There’s not much to go around to say is ‘impossible’. 

When she told her the risk would break her heart, Ce raised her eyebrows in surprise, break her heart? Now she’s curious to know what she meant by that? Was the risk that much? “I’m not gonna lie, you piqued my interest right there when you said it would break your heart. I assume it’ll be too much for you, huh?” Of course, things are as it is, the Valkyr wouldn’t want to impose or pry Arcadia. She’s a sweet lady, probably one she had no problem talking to, for hours long. Still, she does remind her of someone. That was something Ce couldn’t quite shake off since the beginning. Something about her just nudged her, as if she was supposed to be reminded of someone. Didn’t mean she was able to pinpoint it easily though. Perhaps, it’ll come to her later. “No… it’s not.” It was rare to find the reality to be as beautiful as the picture that was painted on it. “But at least we have fairytales… to make up for the lack of good reality there is, no?” Even though they can be pretty cheesy and sappy, it was a better picture compared to the one they have witnessed. Even Ce was a fan of Sleeping Beauty. 

 She was surprised by her remark, most people would often tell Ce busying herself just because she didn’t want to face unnecessary problems, except Yeon, because the man is a certified workaholic and perfectionist himself. So to hear something so reassuring from this stranger she only befriended earlier felt refreshing. “You are probably one of the only few who tells me it’s fine to keep myself busy. I like you.” Of course she did. When asked if she likes to travel, she nodded in affirmation, “I think I’ve been to most places.” No kidding, Ce prides herself to be able to navigate easily because of that. “A wedding planner? What about when you get married then? You’d plan your own wedding from A to Z? Do all the preparation on your own? From the aisle and all? That’s a lot of work, don’t you think?” Though, admittedly it does sound fun and engaging. A wedding was supposed to be that anyway. Not that Ce would know much about it, her desire to marry someone back then dissolved pretty much after Cassie’s untimely death. There was no way she would be able to think of ever getting back on that wagon when nobody makes her feel the same. The waitress came back after a while and delivered them their food, to which Ce spared a smile and said her thanks.

She nodded slightly “There was a huge divide between those who had money and those who didn’t, basic human rights weren’t afforded to a lot of people” it was a sad thought really, it was something she had to think about a lot when she decided to leave her family behind to be with Ce, she knew she would lose her status and have to start over with nothing, it was such a risk to take and yet she had decided to do it. “Honestly I think they would have...ended a lot of wars with a lot more deaths” back then everyone was obsessed with trying to take over other countries they didn’t own and people were lead by kings and queens, it seemed like it would have been catastrophic to have modern weapons back then.

The blonde frowned slightly when Ce asked her about the things which would cause her heartbreak, if only she knew the person who was at the center of that sentiment was right in front of her “It’s… a lot” she responded in a soft voice “I don’t have a lot of people I care about but those I do...they’re everything to me” and the idea of giving Ce hope again only to rip it away again seemed cruel and heartbreaking, she was doing so well now, figuring her life out, how could Cadia selfishly take that away from her. She smiled slightly when Ce mentioned how fairytales made up for the lack of beauty in the world “We all like to believe in the idea of happily ever after” even if it seemed impossible and entirely unrealistic, the idea that somehow the world would find a way to make her happy, that was kinda beautiful to think about “Though I’m not sure I’m looking for any kind of handsome prince to save me” she commented in a soft voice “The princesses are much more inspirational” she laughed under her breath.

She laughed under her breath and shrugged “If being busy makes you happy, then who is anyone to tell you what’s best?” she shook her head slightly, everyone would tell people their opinion on what they thought was best but if Arcadia had learned anything in the time she’d had to reflect, it was that only the person alone was capable of deciding what made them happy or what coping mechanisms were okay. Cadia shrugged slightly when Ce asked about the practicality of being a wedding planner “I’m not sure getting married is in the cards for me..but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t help other people find their...happy day” she nodded sadly, the idea of marrying anyone who wasn’t Ce seemed completely bizarre to her and she knew better than to hope for the thing she really wanted “I like the idea of planning all the designs and...special moments...little surprises...beautiful flowers…” she smiled slightly interrupted by the waitress and thanked her for the food before picking up the burger and taking a big bite.

It was basically one of the reasons why she preferred the modern century compared to the old days. Things weren't that good but they were better and people had the chance to fight for their own future here. There was still the hierarchy system there but at least it was more to working class and elites rather than aristocrats and slaves. She didn't expect much, the world was already so cruel to a lot of people. In time, Celia just accepted what goes on. "More deaths is inevitable unfortunately… people are still power hungry… give them a piece of technology that could potentially make the other countries bow their heads and they'll take that opportunity without being hesitant." Perhaps that's why she didn't feel as much remorse when it comes to cutting those people off. "A good thing our ruling system is not exactly like back then huh? I mean every politician is probably just as dirty but at least some countries had good democracy system to last them for a few more decades before everything go to ruin." Nothing lasts forever, but the least they could do is make it lasting while they can.

The vibes she received from Arcadia was that of sincerity and it honestly warmed her heart, her heart that was usually just stiff as the owner. Not everyone had a positive outlook in life but the female in front of her seemed to hold onto a bit of that which was frankly fascinating. "Seems like those people should feel lucky then." With someone like her, why wouldn't they? Arcadia looked like someone who would put other people's comfort and safety before her own. God knows if she would do the same when it comes to their happiness. She probably would. The Italian couldn't help but to raise her eyebrows at her remark, now this is interesting, she leaned over and placed her hand under her chin while eyeing her with a curious look, "Not a handsome prince?" She might as well know her preference. For certain purposes. 

When Cadia told her she found princesses to be more inspirational, she chuckled, "Oh so you like princesses more? Do you?" That's quite the revelation but from the teasing tone, it was clear that Ce was also implying on something else. "Oh you'll find that a lot of people can be such a busybody and try to meddle in your affairs. It's like… a trend that never seemed to want to die" she grumbled and shook her head. She hated those kinds of people. They were a nuisance when they couldn't take a hint. "Why don't you think getting married is not in the cards for you?" Did she swear off getting married? Once their food arrived, she was quick to dig into her meal because honestly, from her previous surgery session, Ce was really hungry and these always curb her thirst for blood, which the need was often elevated when she's stressed. A bit like stress food. Upon taking her first bite, the brunette let out a satisfied groan, "I should thank you for bringing me here… I never knew they served this good."

Arcadia couldn’t help the disappointed look that crossed her face when Ce talked about people that were power hungry and simply wanted to make others follow their own lead “Somehow I hoped the world would be further ahead than it is...doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence” he spoke it softly and shook her head slightly, it was promising to see a world that was moving towards being more patient and kind “At least there’s still some hope...I mean we live in a world where it is no longer criminal to love someone of the same gender in most countries” and women were granted the ability to work and study as freely as they wanted. People of all different religions and ethnicities lived together in somewhat harmony “I guess we’re just...moving but moving slowly” she nodded a few times thoughtfully. They just needed to keep moving.

She allowed a small smile to cross her face and shrugged slightly, she didn’t have many people to care about because it wasn’t wise to get close to anyone outside of the veil because they couldn’t know what you were, there was no openness or honestly in those relationships which meant they only went so far. Most of Arcadia’s friends were aurazin for that reason. She had Astraea who she thought of as a younger sister among countless others she had trained over the years. But Ce was that one person her heart kept holding on to, no matter what. She was the one person she could never shake. She bit her lip when Ce asked with a suggestive undertone whether she preferred princesses “Oh...definitely...there are some things girls just do better, you know?” she raised her brows and smiled, proud she was able to say that out loud and not be ousted for it.

She wrinkled her nose when Ce mentioned how people liked to put their nose into places it didn’t belong “Imagine being so bored with your own life that you feel the need to control others” she commented in a disapproving tone. Cadia was never going to be that person who forced someone else to be anything but themselves. She looked up for a moment when Ce asked her why she didn’t think marriage was on the cards for her “I was so close to getting married once and...honestly I just don’t think I want to put myself through the experience again” by that she meant if she couldn’t marry Ce she didn’t really want to get married at all.

She was making quick work of her burger, it tasted amazing, she loved the burgers here because they put this secret sauce on it which tasted better than any other she’d had before “I told you it was worth the of these and your day is suddenly better again” Cadia realized she had gotten some sauce on her upper lip and blushed as she reached to get a napkin to wipe it off “They’re messy though” she spoke in a soft voice.

She noticed the stark contrast in her expression as soon as she said those words, Ce didn't particularly care what went on, she had way too many important things to think about aside from humans being humans. But the way her expression shifted showed the Italian what kind of person she is. She gets the gist of what a person might be but she's not that diligent enough to eye every movement and root out her own conclusion. When she mentioned about same sex relationships and marriages being legalized in a few countries, she grinned and tilted her head playfully, "Ah… an advocate for love knows no gender, aren't you? Cute" she mused in delight, of course she would be a cute girl like that. Arcadia really felt calming, it was making the Valkyr feel at ease the longer she was there. "You can pick your pace now, you don't need to wait for people to give you permission for that anymore so that's nice." Not that it ever bothered Cecilia who never really respected rules and laws that she thought were stupid. 

But that's her having the upper hand. A privileged person would often feel that way. She is pretty, that much any sane person would be able to see. But there was more to that pretty face and kind attitude, even the way she carried herself reminded her of Cassie. It was so similar, though her heart should feel a hurtful pang, she could feel it fluttering a bit somehow. Maybe a small reminder wouldn't hurt. Of course it wouldn't be able to replace the feeling she felt, nobody can ever replace her first love but… it's nice to feel something so familiar every once in a while. When she heard Arcadia supporting the notion that girls do it better, she couldn't help but chuckle and lean forward with a sly smirk, purring contents, "Oh you are so amusing. Do you prefer princesses too, my lady?" Though she is kind and warm, it was clear that she had a certain tenacity and ferocity to her, which made her grin because she loved to see a woman who knows what she wants. Arcadia kept mesmerizing her the entire night, it was hard not to be piqued by her. 

"Ah… that's a shame. I'm sure you would've looked pretty in a wedding dress." It was a shame but what could she do about it? Sometimes, tragedy just had a tendency to loom over the people who did not deserve it. Watching her eat to her heart's content is also pretty cute. Why was everything about her so cute? It tempts her. When she noticed the blonde missed a slight spot on her left, Ce took a napkin and dabbed it against the curve of her lips gently, "Mhmm, messy indeed. But I do like messy things in general, so long as they don't make it extremely hard to get rid of a stain on my clothes" though the way she had spoken those words sounded quite alluring, especially with the way she was gazing at the female across her. There was another message to it.

Arcadia was actually really glad she got to experience this era and everything that was enveloped in it, everything now felt so different from the reality she lived in back then and it was freeing, to know people were allowed to love the people they loved and build a life with said people. “An advocate for everyone being happy no matter what their definition of that is” she responded and nodded her head. Not including those who hurt and killed people but in her mind as long as people were kind and understanding to others, what they chose to do with their lives was theirs and no one else’s. She nodded when Ce said people could choose their own pace now “Still I’m sure it’s scary for some people to make that leap” after all, it might be more accepted now but this was a new thing and a lot of time must have been spent hiding it.

She swore being with the brunette was like being whisked back in time to when they were first talking, she had always found her easy to talk to, fascinating to say the least because she had so many stories to tell and thoughts and insights on everything along the way. “I can be a little biased” she responded coyly when she was asked whether she preferred princesses, honestly she wouldn’t call Ce a princess, if she was any kind of royalty she fit the box of a queen much better. “I mean most princesses can save themselves but that doesn’t mean they don’t get a little help from their ‘friends’” she gave an amused look as she lifted her gaze and then back to the floor.

The sad thing about that statement was despite how much Arcadia wanted to get married and live that life, she never even got to the dress part, never got to pick one out and wear it and feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, or perhaps the second most beautiful given she wanted her partner to be Cecilia Laterza. “You think so?” she responded in somewhat of a vulnerable tone which she probably shouldn’t have used but how could she resist when Ce said something like that. Cadia’s expression turned to surprised when Ce leaned in to dab excess sauce from her face, making the blonde blush softly “Thanks” she spoke softly as she listened to her talking about mess “Not afraid to get a little dirty huh?” she commented before biting her lip, she knew well enough how to recognize Ce flirting and honestly she was weak to it “Sometimes all you need in life is a good burger and company” she commented before taking a few more bites.

Something about Arcadia was edging Ce to know more about her. She was either very familiar to the Valkyr or the opposite, she didn't know what to make of this feeling. It's as if this enigmatic lady is playing tug of war with her while playing hard to get. All the more reason for her to get to the bottom of this and see what it was about the blonde that caused her heart to beat in excitement. She is attractive, but there was something more than that. "The world is a vast place" she shrugged, "If you're not willing to do this or that, then you are never going to move forward. But someone has to be the first, right? For me, I'm that type of person" Rules don't apply to her, that's what the Italian often thought, and even when it does, she tries her best to follow the bare minimum and the rest is up to her mood. After all, she lives to the extent of her own pleasure. It would be extremely boring if she was to live a life in such a monotonous setting. 

Her smirk grew when Arcadia confirmed she was a bit biased and preferred princesses as opposed to their male counterpart, "Not many prefer princesses" she cooed teasingly. "Smart princesses know how to utilise their resources properly and carefully" she quipped, "You don't want a princess who lives inside her own bubble without thinking beyond, left to live the rest of her life stuck in her lavish ways alone… never knowing the enjoyment she would find elsewhere, all because she feels entitled." She would be damned if anyone imposed any of those ideals onto her. If they're lucky, they'll escape with their lives. But probably not unscathed. "I wonder what kind of princess you are…" She sounded so vulnerable and for a moment there, Ce could feel as if her heart was crumbling and feeling for the blonde, but it lasted only for a while. 

Who is she? And what is she doing to her? "I know so" she affirmed with a grin, her head was slowly recalculating her own moves while still wondering why Arcadia struck her in a way unlike others. Was there something special about her that she couldn't point out instantly? That almost seemed impossible seeing as Cecilia picks out her partners with a certain thought in mind. But maybe not this time. "What can I say, I'm a woman who knows what to do and get down right to it… I go for it." With her hazel hues gazing towards the blonde sitting across her, a part of her felt as if Arcadia just entrapped her with her charms. Interesting. Who's the prey and predator here? "I hope I made a good company then, because we know the burger's good" she chuckled and tilted her head slightly to the side, eyes still fixated on the blonde beauty.

"Has anyone told you how pretty you are?" It might have been a slip of the tongue but food was clearly the last thing on her mind right now. It was there to serve as something to curb her thirst, that's all. But Arcadia is far more interesting compared to her plate.

She could see the look on Ce’s face here and there like she was thinking really hard, it made the aurazin curious if she somehow had a feeling. Being around her felt so familiar to the blonde and it was easy to fall into a sense of security with her. She knew that she shouldn’t but Ce was her person, the one who made her feel most like herself. She was her weakness and probably always would be. “You’re a trailblazer huh?” she offered a smile, Cadia knew that of course, Ce had always been one step ahead of the curve, it often seemed to her like she was way before her time, it was one of the things that had attracted her to the valkyr in the first place.

Cadia tilted her head slightly “Or maybe more prefer them than you think but they’re too scared to say it” she challenged back, in the past it was criminal to like someone of the same gender like that but now things were different, now people had the freedom to express their love if they wanted. Though it wasn’t completely resolved, there were still uphill battles to climb. “The princesses if my favorite fairytales are the kind who go out and explore the world for themselves and they certainly don’t change who they are for the sake of a man” she grinned slightly, she had always been proud of be an independent woman, Ce taught her how to do that. Cadia bit her lip when she asked what kind of princess she was “Who said I am one?” she teased playfully.

It honestly meant something to have Ce say she would look good in a wedding dress, even if she was in a disguise and the valkyr couldn’t recognize her features, it felt like somehow she could see the real her. That felt impossible but also a part of her was really hoping that she could. Stupid she knew but there was a time when Ce looked at her like she was the whole world and she missed that, she missed it more than anything. She felt like she lost her breath when Ce talked like that, there was a suggestive undertone to her words and while she knew she shouldn’t fall for it, it was like she was completely mesmerized by her “You’re doing pretty well” she confirmed shyly between bites of her food.

She thought she had the chance to catch her breath from Ce’s flirting but then the valkyr spoke again, the question making her heart thump in her chest which she quickly tried to get under control because she knew the valkyr would hear it “I’m sure they have but...not like the way you just said it” she spoke softly as she gazed back at her, was this what falling all over again was like?


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