The Impromptu date with the Nephilim, was one of the few things that had stuck in her mind. Along with that dazzling smile, soulful blue eyes, and in general; everything about him. The Therian still wondered, how it was possible that someone she had just met; made her night? The pair had just clicked, and since that night they had hung out more often despite Miles’ busy schedule. Elle became his Partner in Crime so to speak. Luckily, they managed to avoid trouble, during their current encounters. Since Elle couldn’t seem to make her Halloween Photos that high of a quality over her phone, to send to Miles. The Therian just resorted to showing him the photos in person during a movie night one evening. It was seemingly a rather entertaining evening. Especially when it came to the make-believe invisible jet from an old boat. It was still quite an impressive look, considering how hard her dad and she worked on the old boat, together. It had been quite the fun, colorful task back in her childhood-years. Fond memories indeed. It was something that showed in the photos.

After that night; the two hadn’t had much of a chance to see each other. Elle had finished editing the last chapters of a book; she had been helping one of the writers work on. Which meant, she’d have some free time on her hands for a while; before more impending work would be sent her way. Miles had been seemingly busy at work, which just reaffirmed for, the Therian that he was in much of an overdue break. But they kept each other entertained with phone calls and text messages.

It was a warm sunny afternoon. The summer weather was slowly getting hotter, and with time on her hands; Elle opted for a work-out session in the park. Which usually consisted of jogging and yoga. It was one of the things that kept her slender and fit. Dressed in her usual attire; a sports bra with legging and sports shoes. Elle had pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Losing her red locks; Elle went blonde a few days ago. Needing that change, as she was tired of her red hair, having had it for the last few years. The female was one of those people, that any hair color and style seemed to suit her. Able to pass it off with grace and beauty. Once Elle was ready; she headed down to the park. The Therian enjoyed spending her time there, finding it peaceful. Whether it was because the fountains added an extra source of beauty, or the birds and flowers that she saw in the park; it was one of her favorite spots in the city.

Jogging all the way to the park. Her messy hair bouncing slightly with each move. On her right arm, near her shoulder her pack tattoo was glistening in the sunlight. The first and only tattoo Elle had at the moment. Due to its significance, it was special to her. Elle often would admire her tattoo; Tamrin had done a marvelous job on it. Deciding to go for her usual route; three laps around the park, between settling for her yoga work-out near the fountains; where she found it most peaceful and quiet to do so. If she was feeling up for it, she’d jog some more afterwards. But it usually varied depending on her mood.

For the most part, The park had been quiet; not spotting many familiar people. When she did, Elle always greeted them with a smile and a wave. After her third lap; sweat had broken out on her skin. The little beads dancing, under the sunlight. Stopping by her usual spot. Getting in the right frame of mind; Elle began to focus on her yoga. Stretching her muscles, with each pose that she picked; whether it was the Ustrasana, Trikonasana, Adho mukha svanasana, kapotasana and handful of others. It usually got her looks; as to how bendy and flexible Elle was to hold the positions for a long amount of times; whilst her muscles did all the work. But she had always found it relaxing; and a good way to keep fit. It usually helped her sleep better, from the health benefits Yoga offered.

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Miles can’t help his laugh as she starts talking about adopting dogs, he can clearly picture it. Good thing therians are strong or else he imagines she’d adopt so many that she’d be the one taken on a walk instead of the dogs. “Well hey, no one’s stopping you. Adopt all the dogs you want to. They’re fun, even if they can be little pains sometimes.” He’s looking right at Ammy’s happy puppy face when he says that, obviously messing about the young pup who is just as oblivious as anything.

“Oh really?” He raises a brow at her jokingly, making a disbelieving face. “I don’t believe you, I think you’re hiding a pick up line book from me.” Thankfully their senses of humor seem to match up pretty well so he’s not too worried about her taking it as anything other than a joke. “All the best pick-up lines are cheesy if you ask me, and that’s where I excel. But you’re right. Genuine suits you far better, everything sounds better coming from you.” The grin moves quite easily into a smile, no wink or anything to suggest he’s anything other than serious with that last bit. “Really? Well it suits you. I’ve been thinking of dying my hair blue, think I would get in trouble for it?” He chuckles because yeah, he’d probably lose his job. Oh well. It would get a huge laugh out of his family back home.

“She probably did. I am glad you’re not hurt, but that’s definitely something to teach her not to do. New thing added to the to-do list.” He sighs, for a moment feeling really tired for some reason, but he quickly shakes it off. He chuckles when he sees the look on her face when he describes how big Ammy’s going to get and shakes his head. “Don’t worry. She’s on the smaller side so she won’t be quite so huge. Still gonna be around 70 pounds but that’s smaller than the average. Vet said the early conditions stunted her growth a bit… but she’s healthy now so it’s alright.” He smiles at the little white fluff ball as she wags her tail at them. He’s distracted by Elle speaking again and looks over at her, giving a small smile and a nod. “On the regular side of things they do. But in terms of people like us, it’s practically a skeleton crew.” People like them being supernaturals in order to handle the not so normal cases involving the different factions of the city.

He stretches as she makes the joke about the pom poms and cheerleading outfit, getting to his feet before he answers. “That can be arranged. I’m sure my sister saved her old high school cheerleading uniform, I can give her a call!” He winks at Elle then, obviously joking because that thing wouldn’t fit his sister anymore, let alone him. Then again… it would be great for a laugh. As the trees and quiet begin to overtake them Miles lets out a soft breath, enjoying the fresh breeze and feeling as Ammy runs the length of her leash to chase leaves that are fluttering back and forth. They’re not moving fast so it can hardly be called a hike, more a leisurely stroll, but it’s still enjoyable. “I hope you’re not uncomfortable. I was hoping the breeze would help dry you off but if you get cold or anything just let me know.”

Elle smiled at his encouragement. “You know, as tempting as that sounds. Something tells me, my landlord wouldn’t be so happy, if I suddenly had a pack of dogs, in my apartment.” It was either, no pets...or asking for permission, if she was really set on one. Even then, it’d be a bit hard, as she heard from others, he was a bit strict when it came to pets. Might have to find another building, that allows pets at a later point in time.

She playfully put up her hands, as he said she was hiding something. Jokingly shaking herself about and nothing fell out. “See...not hiding anything.” Elle knew he was kidding with her. The banter between them was always something that kept their friendship on-going and strong. Smiling at him. “You’re the King of Cheesy Pick up lines.” she teased. But to be frank, she quite liked his cheesy, endearing flirty comments. Her cheeks flushing slightly, at his words. “Now, you’re just saying that to make me blush.” she nudged him playfully. Before raising an eyebrow, as he mentioned he the blue hair. Squinting her eyes, as if she tried to imagine him with blue hair. “Mhh, I am not sure that I can imagine you with blue hair.” she said honestly. “You going for the Merman/Angel look?” she teased, tilting her head at him curiously. “Although knowing you, you might go home tonight, dye your hair blue and prove me wrong.” Though, it’d probably be risky for his job to turn up with a head full of blue hair. “But yeah...I think most work places, wouldn’t be too keen on blue hair.”

Elle was sure, that him training Ammy would take some time. As he spoke off her weight, she rose an eyebrow. That still sounded big and heavy to her. “Yeah, cause 70 pounds is small.” she breathed out, looking amused. More like smaller if not average, for Ammy’s breed. As they walked, with Ammy. Elle saw how excited the pupper was...tail wagging and all. She was doing good, considering her stunted growth.”Mhh, I suppose that makes sense.” Given they were in a city full of Supernaturals. He probably wasn’t the only Supernatural, with that kind of a job, if she was being honest.

The Therian burst into laughter, shaking her head amused when she heard Miles. “Oh wow...Miles Evans in a cheerleader uniform.” she jested. “Don’t blame me, if I take a video of that scenario.” Gosh, he really was a goof. It’d be really too hilarious not to share. Finding herself in fits of hysterics, as she tried to imagine the situation. Elle wiped at her eyes, as she cried a few tears from heavy laughter. “I have to admit. I missed your sense of humor.” Miles never failed to make her laugh. Seeing Ammy trying to chase after the leaves, she shook her head at the puppy, smiling. It was a nice day out. And honestly, Elle didn’t feel so cold anymore. Smiling over at Miles. “Don’t worry, I am good. But thanks for your concern.” Being a Therian sometimes paid off, warmer body temperature.

Miles looks like he’s about to say something when she starts to shake to see if something falls loose but he wisely shuts his mouth before what’s on his brain can come out. Instead he just chuckles and shakes his head, silently conceding the point and holding a hand up in defeat. “Alright, fine. You got me.” He does end up raising a brow at her comment, grinning at her slyly. “Oh I think I’ll just leave you to wonder about that.” And he surely does, leaving her with only that particular comment to mull over. Is he just trying to make her blush or did he really mean it? Or was it both? … Yeah knowing him it was both. He’s not that mysterious. He laughs as she starts talking about him going home to dye his hair and prove her wrong, shaking his head some when he recovers from it. “I didn’t realize mermen or angels had blue hair, but even if that was the look I was going for… I really don’t think my boss would appreciate it.” The human one at least, the Ailwards would find it funny. “I might do that spray stuff though, just for laughs. Halloween is coming up after all!”

He grins at her, giving a small shrug. “70 pounds is small. I’ll still be able to lift her over my shoulders and carry her at that size.” What he fails to mention is that he can lift a truck with ease. So it’s not actually a good measure of whether or not a dog is small. But if Malva can keep a fucking tiger at the manor he can keep a dog and he doubts anyone will say anything to him because of said tiger. Besides, he doesn’t see how anyone could look at Ammy and not love her to bits. “I think we have someone new but I haven’t met them yet. At least that means I might be able to get a little more time off.”

Miles watches her as she laughs at the thought, a small smile on his face as Ammy turns around to look at the sudden commotion, tilting her head at Elle. “Oh yeah. Blue hair, cheerleading uniform, Halloween’s coming together this year.” He fully intends to tip her into another laughing fit with that remark, only to chuckle some himself. He doubts he’d be able to squeeze into that tiny thing so it’s really just a joke. “Oh don’t worry, I’d fully expect video. So would my family. I’m glad you’ve managed to dry off.” He squints a little against the sun as they round a bend in the trail and finally come across where he’d been intending to take Ammy all along. Water reflects off the surface of the pond, the water rather clear thanks to people taking care of it, the trees in more sparse supply right here along the water’s edge. He walks over to the edge of the water and crouches, allowing Ammy to go barreling straight into the water.

It seems like they had sussed each other out-there were things that Elle had noticed about Miles. Things, she had picked up on. That wasn’t a bad thing, if anything, it was good. She could tease him about the cute little things, such as this. His comment about Angels and Mermen having blue hair, made her laugh. “Well, if they didn’t...they will certainly be starting a new trend, with blue hair.” Elle joked. The Therian couldn’t help but feel care-free around the blonde Nephilim, any time they were together. Even if it would be for laughs, it would certainly raise a few eyebrows in his line of job. “Mhh, you’ll have to find a way to get around it, if they question you about it.” she pointed out. Might get away with it for Halloween or something.

The Therian had to do a double-take, when Miles talked about lifting his dog easily over his shoulder, when she’d be like 70 pounds. Her eyes wide...blinking rapidly. “What?!” Elle was indeed speechless. “70 pounds is freaking heavy, that aint small. A chihuahua is small, a poodle is small…” Elle compared smaller dogs in comparison to what Ammy would look like. Now she had a feeling, that Miles was either ‘Superman’ or ‘The Hulk.’ if he could lift something so heavy, like a giant dog. Elle was still trying to wrap her mind around what Miles actually considered to be ‘small.’ in his own weird terms. Trying to shake off her shock. As he mentioned, that they had someone new at work. Elle smiled. “New additions at work, is always a good thing.” Fingers crossed, he’d get some time off.

With all the laughter and amusement, it seemed like they had startled Ammy a little bit. As Miles mentioned the combination of the blue hair and cheerleading outfit, she shook her head laughing, yet again. “And here I thought, you were sticking with your Superhero vibes for halloween.” Elle commented. It would be something different to see Miles in a different outfit for Halloween, than Elle was probably envisioning, if he had a superhero get up. “You know, they wouldn’t let you live it down, if that video went viral.” Elle nudged him, still joking around with him. Feeling the sun shine down on her, Elle slightly closed her eyes...soaking up the warmth of the sun. It seemed to hit her a lot more fully, helping her dry off some more. When they reached a cute spot. Elle shielded her eyes slightly, watching how Ammy jumped straight into the water for a swim. “Looks like she needed another dip.” Not that she could blame Ammy. She was probably feeling hot, with all the thick fur about her. If Elle was anything like Ammy, she’d probably do the same.

With her hair now being mainly dry. Using the scrunchie that had been around her wrist. Elle pulled her blonde hair into a messy bun. To free her neck slightly. Her long hair, always made her feel much hotter, when it was brushing against the back of her neck.

“I’ll tell them I’m morphing into a dolphin.” Without missing a beat and with an entirely straight face, he doesn’t even crack a grin which is impressive considering the stupid that just left his mouth. He does finally grin and look over at her, watching as she starts ranting at him about his idea of small and large and heavy, only to reach over and pick her up, putting her over his shoulder without once breaking stride. “Did I ever mention to you that I’m a Nephilim? We’re not the fastest but we’re strong enough to lift trucks.” With a soft laugh he puts her back on her feet, stopping only to ensure she’s steady. He says it with such ease that it’s pretty obvious he’s figured out she’s not human and has likely known since that night in the alley. “So no, 70 pounds is not heavy to me - and chihuahuas are too small, I’m always scared I’m gonna crush the poor things.” Poodles on the other hand are not that small. Medium sized unless she’s referring to the toy breed. That little matter mostly settled his good natured grin returns and he nods, stretching his arms over his head as he thinks about having more time off. “She seems to be fitting in well so that’s good.” He hasn’t worked a shift with the new girl yet but any time he can be relieved is a good thing to him.

“Well if I’m morphing into a dolphin I could always go as Aquaman. But I think a dolphin cheerleader would be funnier… wait. Am I turning into one of those mermaids from that stupid kid’s show?” His sister had loved that show, about these girls who got magically turned into mermaids by the moon in a pool. Back when he’d worn his hair longer she’d even braided shells into it, he knows that picture is hanging around somewhere to haunt him. That he still remembers it is a testament to how much she’d loved it. “If it went viral I’d never want to live it down. It would be hilarious.” Besides, a stupid video like that would be so much better than half the crap that goes viral now, at least that one wouldn’t be hurting anyone. The rest of the short walk is spent in relative silence from his end, just enjoying the sun and the breeze that makes his eyes shine more purple than blue.

He makes sure to stand back as Ammy goes barreling into the water, spray shooting every which way in the warm air and, once he’s satisfied she’s alright he walks back over to join Elle. “She’s turning into something of a waterbug. I can’t say I hate it, makes it easy to give her baths.” He watches as Elle puts her hair up in a loose bun, smiling some as he looks out at Ammy swimming around. “I wouldn’t get too comfortable. She’ll come out and drench us soon enough.” Despite his words he sits down on a root, stretching his legs out some. “By the way-” he’s interrupted by a ringing coming from his pocket and he glares at his phone as he fishes it out. She doesn’t see the name before he’s punched the ignore button and put the thing away. “Anyway, I was going to say, I have a couple days off this week,” finally, “so I was wondering if you’d be interested in taking me up on that actual date offer from before?”

Whilst Miles remained serious, whilst making the dolphin comment Elle couldn’t remain composed, as giggles escaped her. Shaking her head at such a goofy comment. “I didn’t know, Dolphins can walk?” Not really noticing, that Miles went to scoop her up as she was a step ahead, she let out a squeal of surprise as he suddenly picked her up, putting her over his shoulder. “Woah…Hey, woah.” she had to hold onto him, as she was over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “You do realise, I have legs right?” Elle questioned, pointing that out. Not really able to complain much, as his strength was impressive. Her slightly damp hair falling over her blushing face, shielding the crimson cheeks for a few moments. As Miles admitted to being a Nephilim, Elle didn’t look surprised. She had already figured out as much, the night they first met. “I figured...the purple tint in your eyes, is a huge give-away.” She said with a soft smile, once she was back on her own feet. Looking up at him. “I am sure, you probably guessed I am not human either.” Now, that it was out that he wasn’t human either-she had no shame in hiding, that she wasn’t human either. But now it made much sense, why he didn’t think Ammy was too big...well not to him. “Okay, maybe to Nephilims it’s not so heavy...but to me...yeah still pretty big.”

On the mention of Halloween and costumes, Elle pursed her lips slightly. “Mhh.” she looked at him for a few moments. “You know, I think Thor would suit you a bit better than Aquaman. But that’s just my view.” she gave an innocent shrug. Maybe it was the strong build and the blonde hair and blue-ish eyes, that gave her the Thor Impression rather than Aquaman. Giggling at what he said about the Dolphin Cheerleader, shaking her head. “Just need a dolphin outfit with pom poms then.” she joked.  He had a point about the video though. “Oh you definitely wouldn’t live it down.” Elle would probably tease him about it and remind him of it, as it’s so funny. That much was given, with that funny like scenario. After the amusing conversation, Elle took in the fresh air and the views around them. The walk was pleasant; the company even better.

“At least, she’s not afraid of the water like some dogs.” she pointed out with a soft smile. It was funny and adorable seeing Ammy barrelling through the water like that. As she managed to fix her messy hair, he warned her not to get too comfortable. “Now who’s getting comfortable?” Elle jested giggling, as she saw him stretching out his legs once he sat down, giving him a soft smile. Taking a seat herself, Elle heard his phone ringing. Raising a slight eyebrow at his reaction to it. “Aren’t you going to answer that?” Elle said softly, thinking maybe it might be important. She could give him space, if he needed it, to answer that phone call. As he mentioned having some time off, a warm smile filled her face. “Bit overdue, but glad you got some time off.” she said honestly. Elle worried a bit about him being overworked. He deserved that time off. For maybe the second time that day, he took her by slight surprise. Her cheeks heating up, as she heard his comment about that date. “I’d like that.” Elle said with a soft smile. It was no lie, that she liked his company and him by now. The Therian was rather fond of him and it showed. So of course, she’d accept his date offer. Any chance to spend more time with him, was a good one in her book.

Miles was the only guy that Elle had considered going out. It had been a long time since she had been on a date, let alone met a decent guy that she liked and clicked with. Miles was special to her. Elle's thoughts got cut short, as she suddenly felt Ammy nudge against her knees before rubbing against her hand. Giggling, Elle smiled down at the cute ball of fluff. "Aww, of course I didn't forget about you." she fussed over the puppy, rubbing behind it's ears before she petted the top of the doggo's head.

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