"Here's what I don't understand." Venetus finally spoke as one of the members of the rescue team finished briefing the rest of the Ailwards on their failed mission. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he leaned forward frustration bubbling just beneath his skin, "Two of our oldest, and perhaps finest Guards have been missing for months and not only do we have no clue where they could be, but there's nothing we can think of to find them?" It wasn't a question as much as it was an exasperated statement. Venetus didn't know what to do or how they could've just lost two whole people. They had been in this meeting for what felt like hours now, trying to come up with a solution but drawing a blank.

Venetus turned to the Aspect of Magic, "And there's no locator spells that have been successful at at least hinting where they could be?" Drawing in a deep breath, he looked back to the Guards who had joined the Aspects at the meeting, "Do we have any leads on the Diviner massacre?" He asked, referring to the mission that was the reason the couple had been sent away in the first place. Someone had slaughtered an entire coven of Instar Diviners and Vladimir and Octavia had been tasked to find out who it was.

Rising to his feet, Venetus unbuttoned the front of his suit, pushing the fabric back to place his hands on his hips as he paced away from the table, trying to think of what they could do. "Two of our own are unaccounted for. Two of our very own." He repeated, his tone much different to the calm and composed leader he was known to be. "And gods forbid, if something has happened to them, every minute we waste is a step further away from bringing them back home."

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Everyone in the room was asking him to basically calm down and logically he knew that was exactly the right thing to do calm down take a breath. Theodor was known for keeping his emotions in check when it came to his work and personal life, but today he couldn’t his brother was missing. That is all his brain would allow him to process he was missing not dead but missing which meant they could find him and they could bring him back one way or another Vlad would be back with them. As Arabella placed her hand on his shoulder Theo nearly jumped out of his skin, he normally was able to handle hugs and small touches but at that exact moment, he felt like the entire world's touch burned.

Theo’s eyes caught Aurelia’s gaze as she spoke about him needing to calm before he burst the room into flames, it was true she has witnessed it once before where Theo had been so distraught over his daughter that the room he was in had caught fire. Theo calmed when Ven pulled him into a hug and his entire frame slouched for a moment, Clenching his jaw as he was told they would avenge Vlad Theo would do more than that. When Ven let go Theo leaned his frame against the wall his eyes jumping from one person to the next before settling on Octavia again. He let out a shaky breath “Please Tav allow them to do this, I will stand by you if you need the support… but please.” He begged.

Walking over to where she was he sank down beside her and pulled her into a tight hug he felt like a jerk for losing his cool and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last time. He needed to know what has happened they all did, Theo couldn’t even imagine the pain Octavia was going through but if it was anything like his own she was just as broken as he was. Theo was already devising a plan in his own mind of what he planned to do next, and he would need help, the person he intended to see was not in the room at the moment he made a mental note to find her later. For now, his attention was needed here as was his presence.  

To say she felt overwhelmed by everything was an understatement, she had tried to prepare herself for today and the people she would face but nothing truly prepared her for seeing the look on Theo’s face as he came into the room and realized what was happening. She was physically shaking as she watched his reaction and felt the pain he was feeling at the loss of his brother. Out of everyone, they probably knew Vlad the best, along with Ven who had spent a lot of time with him as his paired guard. After Rei released her she went quiet to let everyone say their piece but mostly her eyes were on Ven, trying to gauge where he was at. She could see the emotion he was holding back too, which only made it harder for her to keep swallowing it down.

She didn’t blame Theo for his outburst, despite the fact that his reaction scared her a little but what really hit her was Ven asking for the guards to bring her daughter back off mission, she didn’t know how she was going to break the news to her and she knew for a fact that Thea wasn’t going to take it well. The blonde was filled with emotions which weren’t helped by the fact everyone kept coming in close to her. She felt herself clamming up and not knowing what to say, her eyes darting around for some kind of solution or what she was supposed to do in this scenario. She knew she needed to show Aureus what happened but she also knew that showing him meant reliving what she saw and felt in those moments and she couldn’t do that in front of all of these people.

When Theo came in to hug her she stiffened for a moment before she rubbed his back gently “I know” she assured softly, she knew he didn’t mean to react like he did, just as she knew everyone else didn’t mean to be pushy or overbeating. She took a deep breath as she patted against his shirt a couple of times and then let him go. She made her way over to Aureus and nodded a little “Do you mind if we leave the room?” she looked up at him with a questioning expression, it wasn’t that she had anything to hide so much as she wasn’t sure she could live through that again and not completely fall to pieces in front of the room. When he agreed, she headed out into one of the connecting rooms and closed the door behind her.

She gave him a slightly nervous smile “I really hope you can handle my worst” she spoke hesitantly before she placed her hand in his and closed her eyes. The moment she did, the memory was there again, she watched it all over again, starting from the moment she started to feel dizzy, tripping over the end of the couch and Vlad reaching to catch her, the moment his hands touch her everything goes dark and she’s there, alone, in a dark room with no windows and doors. She could feel that something was very wrong but there was nothing she could do, she tried to break the walls, searching desperately for any crack or weak spot. She became panicked, screaming loudly for a way out. It goes on for an extended period until she collapses completely exhausted.

Her breath hitched as she felt herself awake, there was blood all over her body and Vlad was nowhere to be found, all she could see was ashes on the ground. Her green eyes were filled with tears both in and out of the vision as she replayed the moment she realized her husband was dead and an emotional scream racked through her ears. She relived the way she collected his ashes in denial and waited hours for his rebirth only for nothing to come and then her quest to find someone, anyone who could help her. In the end, she found nothing and her breakdown was very raw and very real.

By the time she came out of the vision she looked up at Aureus with terrified eyes, she had no idea what it all meant but she was the only person in the room with Vlad both when she fell and when she woke up and now he probably understood what she suspected happened “I have no idea how, but there’s…” her voice cracked as she teared “there’s no one else there” she spoke before trying to catch herself and calm down. Crying was all she had done for the past few weeks and she needed to move past it. She wiped her eyes, took a long breath and headed back out into the room. This time she approached Malva and offered her hand out to her “Do what you need to do” she spoke softly as she bowed her head a little.

Time seemed to have stopped, at least for Ery. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, and hours to days; and the days now drug past them slowly, leaving each of them satiated. Or maybe he spoke for himself on that, but truly he'd had enough of the questions, possibilities and so on. The longer they did nothing, the more Erythreus felt a part of himself dying. Ironic enough for the Aspect of Death.  Erythreus continued to sit there calmly, but he was weary. So far he'd seen just about every emotion played out that a being could possibly feel. And, while he felt it all himself, he knew there had to be a bigger picture. When someone died, they didn't just simply vanish into thin air; especially someone like Vlad. The fact that he was utterly confused was what pushed the Aspect of Death completely off balance. There were no signs, no feelings.. no smokey presence between the two realms.

As Octavia and Reus dismissed themselves, for probably the hardest part of this yet; Erythreus took that time to walk to where Vald's ash's were. After standing before everyone, the Aspect inhaled "I need less noise, please" he stated before reaching out and placing his hands on the urn. With his eyes closed, he knew people would be awaiting a better response than what he was about to give; he knew a few of them were on the same track he was, but he had a feeling there would be a couple in hopes that he'd say he could feel Vlad. That would have meant he was dead, but then at least they'd have an answer. "Strange." he expressed, perplexed at what he felt. "Nothing. I feel nothing" he added, hanging his head low. But, he decided he'd reach out again. "This can't be right" he continued, placing his hands to the urn again, but again, nothing.

Three more times, nothing. Erythreus shook his head, swallowing harshly as Octavia rejoined; her eyes holding sorrow. She looked like she had just seen a ghost, and Ery wasn't about to blurt out that he simply couldn't feel Vlad, there had to be something wrong with him, right? Something was impairing his abilities; magic, it had to be magic keeping him from sensing Vlad. That's when his gaze averted to Malva, then to Deus. If Deus could sense a life gone, then why couldn't Ery feel it on his side of things? The questions piled on in his head, and he knew those who'd witnessed him trying to get a feel of Vladimir's presence before Octavia returned would be just as confused as he was. Stepping aside as Tavia made her way to Malva, the Aspect crossed his arms, deciding he'd wait to say anything else until after Malva did whatever she was about to. Although, he couldn't shake the feeling of denial, confusion and anger. All three evident on his features as he shifted from one foot to the next, occasionally gazing out the window. In a world of his own now, the Aspect of Death began pacing; muttering to himself each time he turned a heel to walk the other way "Nothing, how can there be nothing?"

Everything was so overwhelming, there were many people huddled in the spacious room, and the emotions they emitted were not exactly pleasant. If not anger and distraught, they were filled with confusion, as did she. Malva couldn't comprehend the situation before her the same way she usually could, everyone's thoughts and energy were too much for her, at the moment, so much that the Aspect of Magic wasn't able to shake herself out of her own shell of cluelessness when everyone gave their condolences to the blonde while she kept a comparable amount of distance from the Nephilim. When Aureus and Octavia went to the next room for more privacy, Malva took her respective seat and let out a heaved sigh. The brunette waited patiently for them to reemerge from the room while she fiddled with her amethyst pendant; which served her as a trinket after transforming her staff into something small.

The looks etched on everyone's faces, however, did not escape her attention. Her gaze lingered a tad bit longer on Gabriel and Theodor, her blue hues searching desperately for any hints of other emotions burying the dark diviner, across the room. Her former apprentice had been very conflicted for the past few months, following her fallout with Tatiana, and he had been the one to receive the hostility from the purple dragon. Her concentration broke the moment Octavia came out, Malva make her way towards her and stared at the extended hand in front of her skeptically. It's been a while since she had even displayed that ability and with the state the female was in, there wasn't any confirmation to measure the authenticity in the data she received.

Inhaling the pent air inside the room, Mal slowly took a hold of her hand. This was strange, she definitely sensed magic. But not quite on what kind was used. Octavia wasn't a diviner who practiced magic, so she never read to worry about any other lengths that covers the particular department, unless it was used on her. But seeing as she couldn't identify what it was, all Mal could focus on was the debris left behind. That was until she gave a knowing look at Ery who was pacing around back and forth, which usually wouldn't bother her but since she was trying to focus on reading Octavia properly, everything else should be shut out from her personal plane. "Ery, if you would please," she mumbled almost incoherently before returning her gaze on Octavia.

Her sapphire hues stared her green ones as she pursed her lips and shook her head softly. "There's magic used. But I don't know what kind specifically. I can't narrow it down, it's like the polarity stretches out. Either I had no knowledge of the type being used or whoever did it was powerful enough to block any tracking" looking back to her siblings who also seemed to be in deep conflict, she shook her head once again with a confused look marring her face. "I don't know where it came from. It's not a familiar signature." Well, that's surely a stent in her plans. What puts a diviner aside from another is always their signature. Almost everyone had their own, which does make her work easier when it comes down to apprehending them for violation of law. But there's nothing here that she can say for sure. She didn't recognize it, and that is a problem. 

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