Silence was nothing Cassandra was drawn to. Neither was the passed she was all for living in the moment. The past wasn’t all too happy. The blonde had gotten a couple of happy years but most had been spent locked in a cell waiting for whatever the aspects chose to do with them, hoping the way finder would come. It was hard to believe it was just 3 years ago but at the same time it felt like a life time ago. It was an adjustment to get back to a normal life after being captivated for so long. To be able to go wherever you wanted was a blessing one hadn’t appreciated fully until that privilege was gone.

All of the celestials put that time behind them in different way. While some seemed revenge on the aliwards others tried to just move forward and build a new life. Cassandra wasn’t actively seeking vengeance for the years that had been taken from her. She could understand that they where eliminating what they believed was a threat. Her medication had been the rushes of adrenaline that made her come alive. Her work offered a daily dose and she was never late to suggest crazy field trips or stunts. That along with being around the other celestials, who in the years of captivation had grown close, was the pieces that formed her puzzle. Only a few had left the group and was out experiencing the world but most had chosen to stay in the safe haven Ophelia had offered for them, a castle in Evermore city where they had fled to once the island of sky fell.

The blonde hadn’t had anything to go back to, her fiancé had been murdered during her captivation and the firefighters she had been calling her family were all retired or dead. So staying with the Wayfinder and the others was a natural choice. Also she was curious about their abilities, she had always suspected she wasn’t human, not being able to remember the first 25 ish years of life wasn’t exactly normal. Over the years she learned about her species and the other species the could be encountered in Evermore.

It was a brand new world they came out into. Not only had her own identity taken a new turn during the years at Skye but technology and values had developed. When she had descended to earth and decided to become a female firefighter it had been a rarity and not a good one. Now women was encouraged and the gear things she’d only been able to dream about. The celestial went back to working for the fire department but only part time, she wanted to make sure she had time to look out for her celestial family especially after the aliwards arrived too town.

So even tho she was good at living in the moment the past caught up to her at times. Their safe haven had been intruded by their tormentors even tho they hadn’t tried something yet their presence had destroyed the illusion of safety, and Cassandra wasn’t the type to just wait for the aspects to go to war.

The athletic female had climbed up the roof of the celestial castle, laying there to stare up at stars still up there in the sky. It was her favourite place and she always came there when she needed to think. Before she knew it night shifted to day and she’d been up there for hours so the footsteps that awoken her from her thoughts was probably one of the other celestials checking up on her. ”Hi” She said smiling up at the sky not turning her head to see who had joined her.

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She laughed under her breath when the blonde said she could beat her in a driver’s skill test “Just because you can perform the skill doesn’t mean your passengers rate the experience” she commented with a chuckle, raising her brows playfully. Ophelia was quite a cautious driver and did everything by the book but that did mean she was slow and overly careful. Driving was one of those things she did because she needed to but she didn’t exactly enjoy it, people on the road were crazy and unpredictable.

“True, avoid everyone and then there’s no way you could be in trouble right?” she sighed under her breath, it was frustrating that their life came to that but she could understand why the stars were cautious with their choices now. Kinda like how she was extra careful on the road she supposed. “But it’s not really much of a life to live” she commented under her breath “I just wish everyone could go about their lives you know? I’ve been trying to find a life of my own...I even bought a shop” she laughed under her breath.

“A yard sale huh?” she raised her brow glancing over and then back to the road “It’s worth a look, might be able to get some bargains you can’t even find in the stores” she nodded slightly, Ophelia did have a soft spot for vintage stuff after all “Punch in the address and we’ll head over there” she pointed to the phone.

Cassandra shook her head, making her blonde curls fly around her like a fan, laughing she knew her leader was probably right. Her way of driving was efficient and good when it was life and death but not very passenger friendly. Driving within the set limits was something she could do, at rare occasions but most often chose not too.It was one of the few rushes that made her feel alive and worth living  that she had during a normal day without work. Mostly she felt numbed like she was just sleepwalking. Still in a cage waiting for the next threat. 

”Trouble seem to find us anyways so that tactic doesn’t seem bullet proof” Cassandra stated huffing. They had thought coming to evermore would be their turning point, where they could blend in among all the other supernatural species habituating the city. A chance to finally get the freedom they all longed for after decades, for some even centuries in captivation, and it had been for a while but then the aliwards had showed up there to along with other threats. ”Maybe it’s time to be loud and proud?” The brave star suggested blurting her thought out loud which was characteristic of her. She was known for speaking her mind which could be both refreshing and stupid.

”You bought a shop?” The celestial asked rising a brow surprised. Had it really gone so long since their last talk that she had started to glide away from the other stars so much she didn´t know these basic changes in her co stars. It made her sad to come to that insight but she promised to be more attentive from now on. ”How did you have time for that? Tell me all about it” She demanded setting herself comfortably in the passenger seat , typing in the address to the yard sale  while waiting for ophelia to update her.

Ophelia nodded slightly “That’s true, we’re basically trouble magnets” she responded in agreement, that was the curse of their species, they were powerful, more powerful than any being was supposed to be and for that reason nature had to find a balance, a balance which meant that power was of little use to themselves but of extreme use to others. “I think we’re being pretty loud” she responded as she glanced over at the blonde “I mean the entire Ailward faction know we’re here and they haven’t made a move” not to mention them joining the peace treaty of Evermore City which offered them protection from those who wished to harm them.

“I did” she commented and laughed under her breath, it still seemed like a completely foreign concept to her to talk about but on the topic of being loud and proud she supposed she wanted to make a statement to herself about where her home was now and what she would be doing with her life “I have no idea...I guess I just got the idea in my mind and then I wanted to see it prove I can actually have a life” she nodded in affirmation “It’s a little boutique where I make dresses for events...proms mostly so far but maybe one day it’ll be weddings” she really loved it, it was inspiring to her.

The Wayfinder continued through the streets of Evermore, following the directions from the GPS until they were turning into an area in the suburbs with a few cars parked nearby and she spotted a group of people out on the lawn with a little makeshift desk “I think we’ve found our place” she commented and pointed it out before pulling up the car a short distance away.

Cassandra thought a while. The definition loud was clearly differencing between the two females. Sure it had surprised her that the aliwads had agreed to join the peace treaty. Still she didn’t quite believe that they wouldn’t try something of the records if they got the chance. Being haunted and locked up for so long kind of made you doubt the good in people and become a tidy bit paranoid. However the blonde didn’t think just existing along side each other was being loud. According to her interpretation of it, it included being more provocative. Which was aline with her personality. She rather face someone than leave it be. History had proved it. After all she had requested an audience with the man responsible for their lock up before Opelia came to their rescue.

 The only person the normally fierce female hadn´t stand up too was her ex. It was still a mystery how he had gotten under her skin and changed her way of being.

”I’m confident you can do whatever you put your mind to Phe” she assured her leader. She listened inspired that her role model had dared to go after a dream and continued working to develop it. ”I guess we’ll be even more well dressed if we’re invited somewhere” Cassandra laughed picturing how much chaos they could leave with piles and piles of tried on clothes.

The road flew by as they left the city, and suddenly they stopped at a small parking lot along side a few other vehicles looking like they hadn’t been from this decade. ”I think we either took a wrong turn or this is some kind of trap” the celestial said wary of her surroundings. It all looked a little sketchy.

Ophelia knew that where they stood was precarious and that they needed to keep their eyes open for threats in all directions, but she had to believe what they had now was better than where they were before. She had to count on that to keep her own sanity, because honestly the idea of repeating history and going through all that again was too painful for her to even consider. She felt for those who had been locked up, they had their freedom robbed from them, punished for simply being what they were.

“Me too, though that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be without so much work” but she felt like she was up to the task honestly, she’d never really had an opportunity to find something that was hers and reach for it before. In the past, her focus had always had to drift from herself and onto someone else “What about you? There must be some sort of dream you’re hoping to reach for too?” honestly she hoped they could all reach for their goals here.

She giggled when Cass said they would be well-dressed when they went out “If we can ever decide which one we want to wear” she teased softly, she loved all kinds of fashion which meant it felt almost impossible to find one she wanted. After they pulled up, Ophelia looked around for a moment “This definitely is the place” she commented as she grabbed her phone to check the location “Do you wanna head somewhere else?” she blonde was right, it did seem...a little rundown here and she couldn’t actually see anyone selling any furniture.

Directly after falling Cassandra had been more of an optimist. She saw opportunity with every setback. It was a time were she was certain all her dreams could come true if she worked hard enough. That there was good in everyone and everything had a meaning. Her fall from heaven was a mystery. Either she’d been thrown out from there because of some deed, or maybe she had a bigger assignment on earth. However time passed and she didn’t get any more information about her previous life more than her name. Her time on earth wore her down. Her work got her to encounter both the worst and best of humanity but it was the horrible that stuck with you. Then later she met her fiancé whom she believed was someone who would cheer her on when he came to do the exact opposite. Adding to her more pessimistic approach. Hoping that everyone wished you well and being hurt constantly was just too painful. Preparing for the worst was simply a coping mechanism.

”I’d be happy to help setting it up if you’d like” Cassandra offered kindly. She always made time for the rest of the celestial when they needed her support but nowadays everyone seemed less on edge and it felt like they were slipping further and further apart even tho they still lived together. Her fellow stars as well as herself got so caught up with work new friends and chasing dreams, which was good a sign that things were stable. Still Cass could miss the evenings locked up at sky where they told stories and only had each other. 

”Not that I can think of” The blonde admitted. She had already reached her first dream of becoming a female firefighter in command. She had dreamed of being in a loving relation and have someone to rely one fully except the other stars but that dream had been created alongside her fiancé. The fierce blonde still worked to climb in ranks within the department but it wasn’t a dream of hers. 

She was just gonna agree to Ophelias offer to head somewhere else when she heard screaming. Without thinking Cassandra was out of the car ready to take on a bunch of villains. It wasn’t a very smart move if there was someone targeting celestials but she couldn’t help it.

She couldn’t help but smile at the blonde’s offer to help her set things up, she bit her lip slightly and nodded “Maybe I’ll take you up on that if things get too crazy” she tended to try and shoulder the world alone most of the time but she was learning slowly that she was owed a certain level of happiness from the world too. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to lean on others a little. “Feels so….strange to have a world of options in front of us huh?” she thought, considering they spent so many years on the run with nothing but their own kind for company, this felt almost like being kicked out of the bird’s nest and expected to fly.

“No?” she responded and grinned slightly “Well I suppose you already made a pretty good foothold on the career front...other dreams will come with time I’m sure” wants and desires were relative and how you felt about something now could change with time. She hoped to be able to succeed with her business right now, it was taking all her energy and wants but she knew in time there would be more again. Maybe one day she’d want to find love.

She was just about ready to drive off and find them somewhere else to buy furniture when Cassandra suddenly got out of the car and of course, not wanting to leave her alone, the Wayfinder quickly climbed out and locked the door behind her before tailing her down the street. They made their way closer towards the front yard where there were a few things arranged but Phe couldn’t shake the feeling something was off about it. She chewed her bottom lip and murmured “I wonder if these things are stolen” in a soft tone as she gave a polite fake smile to the man who told them to look around at their own leisure.

”I´ll wait for you to knock on my door” Cass said laughing softly knowing that Phe wouldn’t ask for help if it wasn’t very necessary. She could recognise that trait in herself. The blonde made sure to be there for everyone else but rarely recalled that favour or flagged when she was the one needing a hand. The star was used to only be dependent on herself, and not because she didn’t have great people around her whom she could trust but because she didn’t want to burden anyone with her troubles.

”Very strange” The independent celestial agreed. When first falling down she’d seen a world full of possibilities and fought to follow her dream to become a female firefighter during a time when it was frowned upon. Still everything felt so much easier back then because she didn’t have much to loose. It was a time before she had met her ex who’d both given but also taken so much from her. Something the blonde was reminded of daily as the memories of him haunted her. Now she was part of a community and not only responsible for her own safety but all members of the celestial faction. So even tho they lived in more allowing times and she had a better safety net it felt like chasing dreams and falling in love was far off.

Cassandra was known for running in to things. Some would accuse her of seeking thrills and maybe it was a part of the truth. In theory the adventurous female was thought trough and tried her best not to steer any trouble the celestials way, however as all celestials she was a trouble magnet and couldn’t help but run to the rescue when she saw danger. Despite the head start Ophelia was following close by and the brave star could hear her footsteps as she tagged along after Cassandra. Maybe to stop her or just as back up. 

Her eyes darted observantly around the premises to localise eventual threats and who had screamed for help. At first look it only looked like a bunch of stolen stuff. Instantly she wanted to take up her phone and take a photo but quickly disregarded that as a bad idea that would end with her and Phe tied up. Anyhow she couldn’t find the person who had called out for help which made her walk further into the black market. 

She smiled softly and nodded in agreement, the two of them were both pretty overwhelmed by the world being to open to them now because Cass had spent years of her life trapped with nowhere to go and Phe, while not locked up herself, had been searching endlessly for a way to save them. “Makes you...kinda excited for the future for once, who knows what we’ll get to do and see” she wanted it to last so badly that perhaps she seemed a little delusional but she wasn’t, she knew at any moment it could be taken away but that was part of the reason she wanted to reach for the opportunities while they were there.

Phe had to admit she wasn’t expecting the blonde to go all guns blazing into a place that seemed like trouble but when she thought about it, it was exactly like her, she was braver than most and she had a strong sense of morality that wouldn’t let her turn her back on someone who needed her help. The brunette was hovering just to make sure she didn’t get herself into too much trouble, she’d learned to be quite resilient and a decent fighter over the years so she was sure she could take care of things if she needed to.

The brunette looked around as they wandered the stalls, everything there seemed ominous or fake, the people around seemed completely unbothered, just looking at their phones or suspiciously eyeing the two of them as they made their way. Phe wasn’t really sure what the endgame was here, there were a few bits of furniture out on the lawn but it looked mostly old or badly kept. It was the jewelry that caught her eye as they walked by though, wondering if they were things their owners missed. “See something you like?” she heard one of the shady merchant's questioned.

Cassandra had many times thought about the role ophelia had played in their break free. She wondered how herself would’ve handled it. It must have been hard, even tho the leader hadn’t been captured herself she had been all alone in her search for them with only a goal to save them. At least the captivated stars had had each other, which had made them close as they shared the awful experience of being robbed of a future. How had phe coped with the betrayal without going insane? How had she kept hope in her endless searching for a way to free them as the decades passed by? Cass couldn’t even guess.

Ophelia and Cassandra dealt with the constant fear of being forced back into a cage. While Ophelia seemed to savour every opportunity afraid that she would miss out once they weren’t there, Cassandra was more reserved why build a life if it wasn’t going to last?

”We should go” Cass whispered turning back to Phe before fake smiling to one of the sales men trying to get them to buy something. The blondes mind spun where were the person calling for help? Should they call the police now and stay until they arrived or call after they had driven away? She couldn’t decide on which approach was best and safest for them.

She couldn’t even process how it must have felt for her people to have their free will taken from them and forced into cages, she could understand why they felt reserved to get back out into the world because how were they supposed to trust anything after what they had been through, if one person turned on them, there was nothing saying another couldn’t too and Ophelia didn’t want to make anyone false promises, it was always possible that things could rescind but she hoped she had proved she would fight for them with every last breath.

She definitely felt a looming sense of danger in her chest as they stood there, surrounded by the merchants who were watching them like they were two little bunnies that had wandered into their trap to catch for dinner. Ophelia bit her lip as she wondered just what they had walked into when she noticed one of them nudge the other and whisper in their ear “Yeah, we should get out of here” she murmured softly but just as she did so one of them piped up “Leaving so soon?” in a rather menacing tone.

“Girls like you should really know better than to wander into places like this without the intention to buy anything” one drawled before getting to his feet which naturally put Ophelia on guard, lifting her hand so that she could draw her energy to her should anyone try to trouble them “We’re leaving” she spoke sternly and took a step back away from the stalls.

Cassandra and Ophelia shared a look, what the hell had they walked in too? As the trouble magnets they were it wasn’t surprising that they had gotten themselves into a black market when trying to go to a yard sale. Finding herself in dangerous situations was everyday for the blonde who was trained to run toward dager not away from it. She was also a thrill seeker and was easily bored to the other celestials dismay. However it wasn’t the same when she had company and needed to make sure Ophelia was safe too.

After announcing they where leaving the duo got every eye in close range on them making it hard to just discreetly walk out into the shadows and drive away. Now all merchender watched their every move and left snarky comments showing they had no intention just letting them walk out of there in one piece. Every time they tried to walk towards the exit they were blocked and forced to choose another way herded as sheep. Until they found themselves at a door leading down to a tunnel. Cass glanced at Phe trying to ask her if she thought going through the door possibly being locked in was better than tied up. 

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