Silence was nothing Cassandra was drawn to. Neither was the passed she was all for living in the moment. The past wasn’t all too happy. The blonde had gotten a couple of happy years but most had been spent locked in a cell waiting for whatever the aspects chose to do with them, hoping the way finder would come. It was hard to believe it was just 3 years ago but at the same time it felt like a life time ago. It was an adjustment to get back to a normal life after being captivated for so long. To be able to go wherever you wanted was a blessing one hadn’t appreciated fully until that privilege was gone.

All of the celestials put that time behind them in different way. While some seemed revenge on the aliwards others tried to just move forward and build a new life. Cassandra wasn’t actively seeking vengeance for the years that had been taken from her. She could understand that they where eliminating what they believed was a threat. Her medication had been the rushes of adrenaline that made her come alive. Her work offered a daily dose and she was never late to suggest crazy field trips or stunts. That along with being around the other celestials, who in the years of captivation had grown close, was the pieces that formed her puzzle. Only a few had left the group and was out experiencing the world but most had chosen to stay in the safe haven Ophelia had offered for them, a castle in Evermore city where they had fled to once the island of sky fell.

The blonde hadn’t had anything to go back to, her fiancé had been murdered during her captivation and the firefighters she had been calling her family were all retired or dead. So staying with the Wayfinder and the others was a natural choice. Also she was curious about their abilities, she had always suspected she wasn’t human, not being able to remember the first 25 ish years of life wasn’t exactly normal. Over the years she learned about her species and the other species the could be encountered in Evermore.

It was a brand new world they came out into. Not only had her own identity taken a new turn during the years at Skye but technology and values had developed. When she had descended to earth and decided to become a female firefighter it had been a rarity and not a good one. Now women was encouraged and the gear things she’d only been able to dream about. The celestial went back to working for the fire department but only part time, she wanted to make sure she had time to look out for her celestial family especially after the aliwards arrived too town.

So even tho she was good at living in the moment the past caught up to her at times. Their safe haven had been intruded by their tormentors even tho they hadn’t tried something yet their presence had destroyed the illusion of safety, and Cassandra wasn’t the type to just wait for the aspects to go to war.

The athletic female had climbed up the roof of the celestial castle, laying there to stare up at stars still up there in the sky. It was her favourite place and she always came there when she needed to think. Before she knew it night shifted to day and she’d been up there for hours so the footsteps that awoken her from her thoughts was probably one of the other celestials checking up on her. ”Hi” She said smiling up at the sky not turning her head to see who had joined her.

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Phe had to wonder if they could go longer than a year without one of their kind being cornered or targeted, but it seemed like the world was determined to keep reminding them that they were bottom of the chain in the supernatural world. She was looking back at them with a stern expression which said she wasn’t going to let any of them lay a hand on her or Cass. Perhaps she wasn’t the most confrontational person but she certainly knew how to take care of herself when she was forced to.

As they were backed towards the door, she glanced back at Cass and nodded her head as though to say it was best that they escape through it than to stay here and wait to see what happened. She took a hold of the handle and once she opened it, pulling the blonde inside with her before quickly pushing it shut and taking off down the tunnel. “I’m guessing you have no idea where this is supposed to lead?” she questioned, though it was quick thinking that got them away, so she couldn’t complain.

After seeing Ophelias small nod, accepting that it was their best chance to escape, Cass didn’t hesitate to go through the door. As it closed behind them they could hear banging as their followers tried to break tough it. Luckily they didn’t seem to have a key and the solid metal door didn’t budge. It was dark in the tunnel and it took a while befor her eyes got used to it and could distinguish ophelia and the rest of the tunnel. 

”No unfortunately not” The celestial responded gloomily. She took out her cellphone which of course had no cellservice and was almost uncharged. ”Is your phone working?” The blonde asked hoping it would even tho it was a long shot. Getting a message to one of the other stars or the police would certainly help. 

Another bang, probably from someone throwing something heavy at the door or shooting at it with a gun, left a buckle on it and made Cass back away from it. ”We should get moving its only a matter of time before they break it” she said calmly trying to keep calm and come up with a plan, but there was so many uncertain factors.

This had definitely taken a turn suddenly and while there was a part of her that wanted to fight them off, she had no idea whether they were human or otherwise and what power they might have, people like that rarely ran alone after all. She paused for just a moment to process what was happening and decide in her mind that running was the best course of action, at least if they could get far enough away they could plan how to fight back.

When Cass asked about her phone she pulled it out and unlocked before letting out a frustrated sigh when it said it didn’t have any signal “Going underground probably wasn’t the best idea for calling for help” which meant they had no real choice but to see where this tunnel led and hope that it wasn’t a dead end.

“Yeah let’s go” she responded in a somewhat rushed voice because she could sense the danger they would be in if they stayed here. “If this is an industrial tunnel it probably goes under some of the roads, maybe to an underground electrical plant” so they would have to hope this wasn’t the only entrance to it. Without another thought she started moving quickly through the dark hall, holding up her hand and summoning celestial energy to light their way “Sometimes it pays to be a human torch” she commented and laughed.

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