It was that time of year again, the one and only  time of year where Zeus found herself acting like a typical female, who loved Christmas decorations, and she'd began putting things out, before Thanksgiving could even roll around. As a McCartney, she got it naturally. Her mother was the same way, but it was hard work, because she'd grew up with a father who didn't believe in wasting money, and that meant cutting her own tree, and making her own decorations. She'd been busy decorating the tree she'd cut down a few days ago, when her phone rang. This year, she had went the extra mile to sign up for a volunteer program that helped the needy for the holidays. The man on the other end of the phone, told Zeus if she was available, that she could come out today, they had tons of food boxes that needed delivered, and Zeus didn't mind. It was rather depressing anyways, that she was spending yet another Christmas alone, without any word from her father, and no sign of her mothers killer yet. To top all of that off, Nate left, and it nearly broke her in half.

Saddened by all of that, she'd been hoarded up in her house, drinking her way through  one bottle of Rum after the next. Today was different, she wanted a change of scenery, and to actually be around people, even if she didn't talk to anyone. After a quick shower, the Nephilim dressed in her usual attire, which consisted of a solid colored tank top, a flannel button up, faded denim jeans, and grunge boots. Zeus gathered her keys, wallet and cell phone, before slipping her leather jacket on, and heading out the door. With the weather changing, and turning cold, she didn't feel up to walking, so she decided she'd drive herself there. After getting into her sleek black truck, the Nephilim revved the engine, and blasted her music while she waited for the motor to warm up a little. Her mother had taught her the importance of giving, and never taking. So this volunteer program hit close to home for her.

The drive over didn't last long at all when she found herself parking beside of the side walk behind the other vehciles who'd already showed up. Zeus smiled faintly as she hopped out and locked her  truck. With her hands tucked into her pockets, the Nephilim made her way inside, and greeted those who were packing food boxes to deliver to the needy. Zeus signed her name on the volunteer sheet, and joined a male at his table, who was working alone. "Definitely a nice way to start the year off" she offered a smile, and pulled a dolley up to their table, to make it easier to load all the boxes outside, and onto whoeevers truck they were taking. "Do you attend this every year?" she asked curiously, and then held out a hand, "I'm Zeus" she introduced herself, and went back to loading one of each item into boxes, until they had a pretty good stack ready to go out the door. "I don't think ive seen you around before. I attended last year too" she added, wondering if he was new to the city.

Christmas music played in the background, and people were whole heartedly enjoying themselves. Zeus had a lot weighing her down, so she usually didn't indulge when everyone began dancing and singing to christmas songs. She knew the biggest part of her was only here for the sake of her mother and father, even if neither of them were with her now. She knew they'd be proud, and that made her happy enough to go through with things like this.

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Did he like Christmas? He wasn’t the biggest fan of it, no. But did he hate Christmas? He didn’t dislike it. So where does that put Henri at? The fan or the other? The therian wouldn’t consider himself a hater or a preacher, due to certain memories he recalled that occurred during Christmas festivities a few centuries ago. And somehow, it impacted him enough to say that perhaps he didn’t want to think much about it. He knew as soon as Halloween ended, it was the season for them to be jolly again. Pun intended. However, that doesn’t mean he had to stay back and force himself to sit through the entire thing. He wasn’t obligated to do anything like that, so he didn’t. Despite the manor being decorated by plenty of Christmas decorations inside and out, Henri knew their Christmas this year wouldn’t be the same as it would’ve been the previous years for a sole reason; they don’t have half the people they had before. It was a sad thought that drove the dark-haired male out of the residency, thinking that he would do far better progress outside.

Henri wrapped his coat around him and was about to go downstairs when he reminded himself to go check on his Aspect first before anything else. It was a routine for the therian guard to go and check if Venetus was still alive and not dead offi in the drunken road. The door was pushed slightly, making a small creak, as he peeked his head in, only to be greeted with a pillow thrown his way, one which he evaded skillfully. He had asked if Ven needed anything while he’s out and got that in return. Why was he even surprised, at this point? Drunk Ven was pretty much the highlight of his day, every day. Closing the door gently, the therian sighed to himself, when is his Aspect going to open his eyes and see that being drunk 25/7 wasn’t going to solve anything, much less make any progress along the way. The snow had pretty much covered most of the path already, signifying the winter festivity season of the year that everyone needed one or two months before to prepare for anything.

Tucking his hands inside his pocket, Henri made his way to his destination across the city, slightly far away from the south side, but not too far for the therian. Is there anywhere that would actually be far for the likes of him? Just because he wasn’t a celebrator in the season, didn’t mean Henri wouldn’t partake in ensuring others would receive some warmth for a change. If he couldn’t help others in the manor, then the least he could do is help the ones outside. The people who needed them. He’s helped people all these years, this is the same thing. As soon as he arrived to the center, he signed his name on the volunteer sheet before making his way to his section, hands already eager to wrap the boxes neatly. 

When he was suddenly interrupted by someone while he was busy focusing on the wrappers, he glanced to the side and conjured a small smile, “Yeah.” Upon introducing herself to him, he decided to do the same, just because he’s quiet, doesn’t mean he should forget his manners, “I’m Henri. Nice to meet you, Zeus. Nice name, does it mean what I think it does?” To name your daughter Zeus, bold choice. “No, this year is my first. Last year, I was a bit occupied back home.” Technically, he was busy handling the Guards in the manor last year. “But I’m not that new to the city, no. Been here for about 3 years already, yeah. Do you originate from Evermore?” Making a small conversation is a step, he reminded himself.  

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