How whimsical and troublesome can one be? The sound of the poor lad's bones being crushed under the weight of his boots felt almost satisfying for the therian. He has been hunting this valkyr down after he caused a big stir among two rival gangs in Budapest last month. Fortunately, his search ended up leading him back to the one place he has been trying his best not to return to; Evermore. But when Argent comes calling, what the hell could he do about it aside from putting on a thin-lipped smile and abide like the obedient cat he is? He was already known as her pet leopard anyway, his reputation couldn't go any lower than being proclaimed as someone else's pet. But at least it was Argent's. Of all the Ailward Aspects, she was the best option there is, if he was being honest. "Seriously, you need to stop running away from the inevitable, you prick" he sighed heavily and picked him up.

He was about to question him some more but realized the blond male wasn't responding. Seojun shook him a bit and still received no response, "Did you just pass out on me? I didn't even step on you that hard-" he was halfway rambling about how he barely hit him that hard until his gaze fell on the gash he left on the male's torso, "Oh… yeah that's my bad." He did chase him in his snow leopard form earlier and pretty much taunted him until the corner until giving him a small scratch. He wasn't sure if he should just leave him there for the authorities to come chasing because a part of him still wanted to interrogate him to find out who he was working for since he had to settle quite the mess but another part of him didn't want to bother. "I'll just visit you in prison for some questioning later" he huffed and decided to drop him off near the precinct. His clothes were still clean, aside from the blood from the male's wound that got on him earlier. 

A few minutes later after walking down the street, he realized he had something to do; report back. He promised the Aspect of Light that he would come back in 2 days time and he really did. Now he was left with no choice but to report back because like it or not, Argent is still his boss and that's enough rebelling from him. It wasn't hard to find her, he found out she enrolled herself in the local university and getting the information on which unit she stays at wasn't hard. Before long, he found himself standing in front of the dormitory's entrance, his dark hues staring at the window of her room. It was dark since it was already night, and since it was the weekend, he knew Argent would be home. Seojun may not look like it but he cares deeply for her to know her quirks. He couldn't enter using the usual route since it was suspicious for him to pick the lock to her place so he climbed up. As expected, her window wasn't locked and there was no one at home. Yet. 

The therian didn't pry into her privacy aside from climbing into her room and leaning against the chair while waiting for her to come back. He wasn't that bad of course, he left her a simple message saying he's back in Evermore. When the lights were turned on, he had his legs crossed and waved slightly at the person who entered the room, "We can start by hearing how much you missed me."

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She sighed softly, she had to admit it was hard for her to get over her worries when it came to the guards, she wanted to protect them even though it was their responsibility and oath to do so for her “I hate knowing anyone has to resort to violence on our behalf” she commented and pouted her lips slightly as though to show how much it bothered her. She wanted to be able to protect others too but that wasn’t her role to play. “Well true, wouldn’t want you turning some poor guy on the street into your punching bag” she’d seen Seojun fight before and he was pretty scary when he wanted to be.

She sighed softly, of course it was a rhetorical question because what answer could he possibly give that would explain recklessness in a good light “The only reason this distance deal between us works is because I know you’ll be careful, the moment that changes I’m dragging your ass back here” and she meant that, she’d go herself and track him down if she had to. She smiled when he said he’d wanted to sneak her out more often “People are going to notice if the aspect of light just ups and disappears every so often, though it’s kind of you to offer” she had responsibilities she couldn’t just run from, even if she wanted to.

“I kinda like the idea of getting lost” she commented and shrugged slightly, but she could understand why having so many people crowded around you could bother him, especially when they have so many enemies and still hadn’t found the culprit who had attacked their home. “You’ve had plenty of options then” she commented and raised her brows in amusement, she could definitely imagine Seojun as a cop, he was very stoic and followed the rules to the letter, but he wouldn’t allow people to get away with breaking rules “Maybe I want you to stay…” she commented in a soft voice, she missed him a lot.

She missed him a lot, they had been pretty close for a time and then he had completely ghosted her for a while, she tried to give him space because she understood how complicated everything was for him and she didn’t want to cause him trouble “You’ve always been good at solving mysteries” she commented in agreement with him and pressed her lips together. “Having company and joy is the only reason to keep on fighting” she commented and met his eyes as she headed out the door he held open and then headed down the hallway “Plenty...I mean the place has a professional football team…” along with plenty of others.

Argent has always been great at worrying and taking care of the guards, and Seojun being her personal guard for the past 300 years meant he’s been closer to her grace more than others. He does like the feeling though, he’ll be truthfully honest there and admit he loves that Argent paid attention and tries to take care of him. It made him feel like at least there’s one person he knows who actually cares for him. Genuinely. “I know it bothers you but it shouldn’t, we do our jobs every single day and it needs to be done sometimes. If they are free to do what they decided, then they are also not free from the consequences.” Someone needs to make sure the world doesn’t fall off its axis and the Ailwards are doing exactly that.

The therian is more than proud to say he’s doing something that actually means to the welfare of the world. Or this universe. “Oh, I love making people my punching bag, especially when they volunteered” he chuckled, and by volunteering, he meant those who knew what would happen the moment they started talking shit about him. His eyes softened upon hearing her cute threat, “I have no doubt that you can and will drag my ass back the moment the tides are turned. But then shouldn’t you be grateful that you have no need to do that because that only means I’m more formidable than most expected?” He didn’t care about others, well that’s a bold statement, maybe he doesn’t care about others as much as he does to her, namely the Ailward family and this care only falls on their faction. But Argent’s words meant more so he’d do anything.

“I’m your personal guard so your words are basically a mandate.” He couldn’t see himself as a cop, but that’s only because the rules he followed is because he wanted to, he didn’t do well with other forms of authority, which did intervene in his work when he had to work with another organization on behalf of the Ailwards, much to his dismay. “Argy, you know if you tell me to stay, I’d stay, right?” She just needs to say it. Even though he knew she probably didn’t want him to get up and leave every time, she had to say it to his face, so he wouldn’t recklessly assume things. “I have to be good at a few things if I don’t want to be tossed away by the competition, you know that.” Even inside the guards, competition will arise and it’s mostly healthy but still, his ego doesn’t really give in. While walking down the hallway, he raised his eyebrows questioningly when she mentioned the football team, “Are they hot?”

It didn’t take them long to get downstairs, before the time could properly pass, they joined a few people walking down the slope from the dormitory. “Ugh I feel like I could eat a cow… two cows, no make that three.” Seojun has always had a big appetite and she knows it more than anyone.

“I wouldn’t be me if it didn’t bother me Seojun” she murmured softly as she looked back at him, she had a big heart and she wanted to take care of people, she hated the idea that someone might get hurt because of her, but she had accepted by now that people were able to take their own risks and make their own decisions. She rolled her eyes and then pouted her lips slightly when he said he liked making people his punching bag “Just be careful okay, if you don’t check in then I worry about you” the only reason she hadn’t dragged him back before was because he was doing the bare minimum to keep her updated.

“And you’d better not forget it” she scolded him with a harsh expression “Just because I’m tiny doesn’t mean I can’t be scary too when you forget about me” she narrowed her eyes slightly at him with a suspicious expression, “I think people underestimate you” she commented as she looked at him with a soft expression “You always come home in the end” she pointed out and nodded her head slightly, he was a committed guard and he cared more than he let out, but she never pushed him to say so. “But you know I’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to” he might be her personal guard but his safety and happiness was important to her.

She let out a soft breath when he said he would stay if she asked him to “I know” she expressed in return as she stared back at him, trying to read him and figure out what he was thinking, she always found him so hard to figure out “I would be lying if I said it wasn’t...harder without you here” they had always been comfortable with one another and him being here made her feel safer. “Ridiculously” she responded when he asked if the football team were hot “Not to mention the cheerleaders that follow them around everywhere too” it was definitely easy to get distracted when games were going on.

She laughed because she knew when he said that he really could eat that much food “Probably best you don’t try to eat an entire cow in the restaurant” she commented as they headed out of the building and towards the short walkway that connected the university grounds to the shopping and food complex nearby. She wandered alongside him “Why don’t you come visit the grounds for a while, maybe you’ll decide you like it” she commented and bit her lip.

She's different than the rest of them, even from the rest of her siblings. There was a reason why she was picked as Aspect of Light, he thought. And her personality shines through every single time. "And this is why you're the perfect mediator" he joked, compared to the rest of her siblings, Argent is pretty reasonable, you would want to negotiate with her because she would want the best for both sides, whereas some others wouldn't give a damn on the collateral, which he could work with. That's his line of duty and he never questioned any of it. "You always worry about me, even if I do check in once a week, which makes me wonder if that's considered enough in your vocabulary, or should I do it twice a week?" He knew he shouldn't joke about his own health and well-being but Seojun can be really desensitised from the whole thing, which is what makes him a good hunter, whether it's out in the field or in the lab. 

"I know you're scary, Argy" he shook his head and chuckled, "I've seen your wrath, remember?" Being her personal guard for a while meant he was there to see whatever happened, the therian knows how she operates and he likes it. The opposite of him but it wasn't surprising to find out this woman is what keeps him grounded. He had a catty mouth so he would often talk back when people annoy him, even amidst the guards. "You never force me to do anything, I do it because I voluntarily wish to do it. You know nobody can really force me to do anything, Argent" even with the Ailwards, he was proven to be quite the stubborn and hard headed guard but at the end of the day, he's efficient at his work and he guards her well so could they really complain about it? They weren't meant to get along happily anyway, they all joined for the same cause, to work under the organization to reach a purpose; a goal. They don't have to like each other to carry that out, only tolerate. 

"I'll always come home to you." His heart wrenched when he heard it was harder without him here, it wasn't just Argent, Seojun dislikes Evermore and he made sure to show it. Every single time. He didn't see this place as his home, no he thought it was more of a curse because it brought the Ailwards away from their home in the first place. A pain in his ass, that's what it is. "I'm still getting used to Evermore… but I have no reason to be away now. I'm sorry I've been distant and AWOL lately… I didn't mean to worry you." Like it or not, he's here to stay now. The theria raised his eyebrows questioningly when she mentioned the cheerleaders, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot?" Maybe he'd give them a visit too. If he's going to stay here, he may as well, right? "I don't always make myself look like an uncivilised caveman, gosh Argent, I feel hurt."

He pushed his hands into his jeans pockets and stated at the road ahead of them, thinking about what she said, here… he agreed to stay in Evermore but here in the university? "Do you think it'd be the best choice for me? I'll either end up fucking every teacher or burn the place down…" He's not a troublemaker but he also doesn't give a damn. "Might end up liking the place but the school probably doesn't want someone like me."

She rolled her eyes when he said she was the perfect mediator “By that you mean I’m probably the nicest one out of my siblings” she commented and pressed her lips together “I mean Tia might try to fight me for that title” but the others could be...difficult in their own ways, mostly for good reason honestly. She gave him a pointed look and then sighed “Honestly you could check in every day and I’d still worry” she confessed as she looked back at him, she cared about him a lot and he did very dangerous things in the guard, there was always a part of her that was concerned he wasn’t going to come back “But I can’t spend every moment…worrying” or they’d never actually achieve anything.

She made a fierce expression and playfully growled when he said he had seen her wrath “That’s the thing with patient people, if you make them mad, you deserve what comes to you” she was the kinder and softer of her people but that made her the type of person you really wanted to keep on your side. She would fight endlessly for what she believed in, even if it meant facing against a battle she couldn’t win. She gave him a look when he spoke about being forced to do something “Still, I don’t want to guilt you into it either, it’s your call” she was big on freedom of choice and she knew he sometimes had his own way of seeing things. “Being a guard doesn’t mean you have to give in to everything” if he still needed his space she understood that.

Her expression softened when he said it like that, coming home to her. Of course, she knew that a lot of Seojun’s motivation when it came to the guard was his loyalty to her, she was the one who had final say of who made it into the guard after all and during her examination of him, she had sensed where his loyalty lay. Still, she believed that he was invested into the cause of their people, he just had other reasons too. “I know” she commented and nodded “And I know how much you need your space” she gave an encouraging smile “Just call me when you can at least, I miss your voice” she murmured softly. His question about the ratings made her laugh “There’s definitely some solid 9s, perhaps even a couple of 10s” the quarterback of the football team was very popular.

She glanced up to him and pursed her lips slightly “I can’t tell you what the best choice for you is” she admitted and shook her head slightly “But having some actual goals...plans...that wouldn’t hurt?” he was probably right about causing chaos here but she was used to his chaos “That’s hardly true, you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for” she nudged him and smiled “Wouldn’t a degree be a nice accomplishment to have?” sometimes she did worry whether he still had any goals to meet.

The world is a pretty fucked up place and Seojun has gone to places where he has met the vilest people ever, who would do whatever that is necessary for their own personal gains, as disgustingly as that sounded. “I mean Tia is more about being calm and not picking sides, which is something considering how your sisters and brothers have a way of splitting things into two sides every single time.” For a bunch of ancient beings, the Ailwards do have a way of making trivial things look bigger than it usually was, sometimes it’s amusing. They can’t be serious all the time, after all. But the bickering can be childish at times, which is what makes it funnier. “See, you’re a worrywart, either way, you’ll keep worrying over your disposable guard” he teased, this wasn’t the first time he’s said it like that. Seojun likes to joke about how easy it was for him to die off somewhere amid an important mission.

He stroked her hair gently and grinned, “Don’t worry about me, you know I don’t die easily anyway. You can get that live testament from some of my enemies” he chuckled, he’s a therian and he’s been in this field for the past three centuries, boosting up his self-preservation skills is a must. “Even I’m not willing to make you mad, a, you’re scary, and b, if my Argy is mad at me, how will I be able to live with myself?” He cares for her too much to let that be, and it may sound like usual teasing to others, even to Argent, but to Seojun, those words meant so much to him. “You won’t be doing any of that to me, I don’t even follow the rules properly, what makes you think I’ll do stuff I don’t want to? You’re Argent Ailward, sure, you’re the one I serve, but Argy, my life, my rules, remember?” Or maybe, just maybe, he would do whatever she asked of him, but he won’t say it out loud. “Being a guard means I have to pay my dues, which is to do my job” he corrected with a coy smile, “But I’ve been around enough to know what it really means.” The therian didn’t know what else to say to convince the Aspect of Light that he is truly fine with what’s going on. The only thing rendering him weak and useless is his goddamn heart that could not stop fluttering with every given moment he spends with her. It is so hard to keep his enthusiasm down like this. When she said she misses his voice, he swore his heart did a whole cartwheel inside, fuck.

The therian actually halted momentarily but was able to mask it as a reflex gesture before resuming his walk normally, like nothing ever happened. Like his heart didn’t feel like it wanted to dance right now. “Really now? I know you missed me Argent, but I didn’t think you missed me like that” he jested, it’s making his heart warm, that’s for sure. “Damn that’s a high ranking… I should tag along the next time they have a game, call me, I wanna be there to feast too.” Not necessarily restricted to the eyes only. When she said it like that, he did wonder if he had any goals, real ones. “Having plans wouldn’t hurt, a degree would do nice because I’m bored and if my reading and experiments can bring me a good grade and compliments, that sounds fine too… but as for other things? I don’t think I ever bothered myself with having goals, Argy. I succeeded that when I made sure my death wasn’t in vain.” Before long, they arrived at the gateway between the grounds and shopping complex, he was eyeing it the entire time, “How long have you been here again? You sure we’re going the right way?”

He wasn’t wrong, Tia had always been far more objective than most of them, she was always the one to split her own feelings from the situation and debate both sides, she could be very rational when it came to that which was impressive considering how easy it was to get emotionally involved “She’s smart, avoiding the bickering probably saves her a lot of stress” she pointed out. Her expression softened when he referred to himself like that and she pressed her lips together “You’re not disposable Seojun” she commented in a soft voice, she knew that he lacked purpose sometimes and could be self-deprecating but she wished he realized how important he was “You have such a dark sense of humor” she scolded him.

The gentleness in his touch almost caught her off guard for a moment, she was used to him keeping his distance so the show of affection was...warm. “I know were the others” she spoke in a weak voice, they had lost so many strong, dedicated people on the isle of skye and it made her even more protective over those they had left. She wondered if he noticed the way he kept referring to her as his, she wondered if he knew how it gave her butterflies every time he did that “You make it sound like I’d be plotting murder” she responded and shook her head in amusement. She parted her lips and then nodded her head when he said it was his life and his rules “You always were one of the hardest to read” she confessed softly “But I always believed you saw more in this cause than you let on” or maybe he was just here because he felt like he owed her something.

She bit her lip and looked down for a moment when he said he didn’t think she missed him like that “That’s what happens when you practically run away halfway across the world” she commented and nudged him slightly, as if she was playfully scolding him for doing so. “You should, I know how much you enjoy a good show” she teased playfully, sometimes she couldn’t even tell if he was more interested in the buff athletes or the slender cheerleaders. She gave him a look when he said he didn’t want to have more goals than just proving his death wasn’t in vain “There’s more to life than just surviving” she pointed out.

Now they were in the shopping and eating district, everything felt more lively as people wandered around them “Of course we’re going the right way, I’m not exactly the girl who stays inside all day you know” she rolled her eyes playfully and pointed out the sushi and burger bar up ahead “There’s the place” she commented and beamed excitedly.

He couldn't help but chuckle when she said her sister was doing that because she's smart "Any reason why you're not doing the same? Or perhaps don't even take a part on it, pretty sure that would save you a whole lot of time, it's not as if you have a lot of time lying around to be wasted" Perhaps Seojun could be regarded as someone insensitive or nonchalant about that, but that's just what he believes. He pressed his lips into a thin line before grinning coyly, he would never care if that was someone else but because it was Argent who said it, it meant everything. He didn't respond but the look on his face was more than enough to convey his message. "I've always seen the world that way, Argent, you out of all people, know that. But hey, at least I have a sense of humor either way right? Better than having none and living my life in an empty shell being soulless." 

He could understand where that overprotectiveness came from, after the tragic incident that decimated the Isle of Skye, plenty of them were just… traumatised. Even Seojun, who didn't care about a lot, was still mad at himself and sad over the destruction of their home. Maybe that's the reason why he still harbored resentment towards Evermore. "I'm not like the others" he reassured gently, flicking her playfully in return "But you worrying over me does make me feel much more important than I probably am, so I won't really complain about it forever." Secretly, he likes knowing how important he is to her. Just like every lovesick puppy who still couldn't move on from their love that's not reciprocated. He raised his eyebrows slyly and grinned "You sure you're not capable of plotting a murder? Could've fooled me, wow." 

He never liked to talk about his past and he won't pretend he's a patriot fighting for what he believes is right, sometimes people wouldn't be surprised to find out if he's a mercenary instead. "I don't believe in all those grand schemes of things like others but… I do believe the world needs to have people who take control and make sure everything is balanced. They need to be policed either way or we would've destroyed this world back and forth." Initially, he came to find the beauty in their mission, because Seojun was a broken man who was left to die after being betrayed by those closest to him. He had no purpose, and they gave him one. "What can I say? I don't sit still, your hot nomad" he teased. He likes traveling, it means he won't have to be so attached to things. 

"Maybe, but you know I don't really care about that" once again, he rebuffed her, Seojun wasn't easy to read, he's always in his conflicted space, which makes him wonder if it's confusion or something else. "I didn't say that, you did" he exclaimed defensively "I'm just saying… even the most experienced person can get lost sometimes, you know?" They walked up to the bar soon enough and the therian was busy eyeing things like a bodyguard. "How much are you willing to bet that guy's gonna hit on you and ask you for your number?"

She offered a small, amused smile when he questioned why she didn’t avoid the bickering too “You know me, I’ve never been able to detach myself when it comes to emotions” it only had to be something that mildly bothered her and she would latch on to it. “It’s a flaw at times” she commented softly, but it had its benefits too she would admit She glanced over at him and then nodded slightly when he mentioned how he always saw the world in a dark way “It’s part of your charm I suppose, though it’s still shocking for me at times” she confessed and bit her lip softly, she worried about the stress he must put on himself.

She sucked in a soft breath when he said he wasn’t like the others but it still didn’t offer her much comfort, still, all she could do was worry about him from a distance and take care of him whenever she got the chance, that was her part to play. She flinched and laughed when he flicked her “Worrying about you is second nature to me by now, especially when you’re halfway across the world” what could she even do if something happened? How would she get word? She laughed and looked down for a moment “There might have been people who made me angry but I could never intentionally harm someone that badly” she didn’t even like to fight at all but sometimes that was necessary.

She nodded, he’d told her something similar before when it came to his loyalty, to him it was likely about grabbing hold of the justice he could control because it was something he could believe in, something solid, unchanging. It made sense, after everything he had been through, it was easier to just grasp onto rules “And that’s why you fit in here, even if you aren’t as much of a...daydreamer as everyone else” he was very realistic, an excellent fighter but also a good listener, he could be diplomatic when he wanted to be and damn right scary when he didn’t want to be. She chuckled “Didn’t you find anywhere you liked? No pretty girl in one of the ports begging you to stay?” she teased softly.

She laughed and rolled her eyes at him when he said she got lost “Well not in this case” she jested and headed towards the bar, she noticed that Seojun was pretty on edge, looking around like he was expecting someone to jump out from behind an alley, she reached her hand out for his wrist and held it “You don’t need to be alert all the time you know, I’ve been just fine here” she murmured softly, the guy who he pointed out was going to hit on her quickly turned away when she glanced over “I’d say a solid 50/50, he might be scared off by you” she laughed and tugged him inside and asked the girl at the welcoming stand for a table for two.

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, yeah that sounds a lot like the Argent Ailward he knows and loves, for sure. It wasn't as if he's a complete hardass either. Seojun just didn't like to interact more than he necessarily needs to because he knows attachments are just dangerous when you know you have to be ready to do what's necessary when the time calls for it, and that includes acquaintances. "But that flaw is you so I guess I can't really complain about it." After all, if it's not her, then what's the point? "It's not necessarily dark all the time around, but I prefer to see it from a realistic point of view so I can prepare myself for any disappointment, you know that." He's a no nonsense guy, if he doesn't like it, he shows it. That's why people call him her pet because even though he would be sassy around everyone else, even her siblings included, he eventually bows down to her obediently. 

"You know how charming I am," he teased. Seojun knows the redhead worries a lot, and it wasn't just exclusively for him but it does make him feel a whole whole better when she said it like that. Like it's really meant just for him. "But I'm always halfway across the world though?" he jested "You know your brother would kick my ass if he finds out I'm slacking and not doing my job, I kinda have to, and they like sending out us therians to be trackers" he muttered under his breath, it's not that he's particularly complaining about the assignment but he'd love to get a break from chasing people seeing as he's also pretty good at doing that from inside the lab too. "You don't have to harm them, you know I'd do it for you so there's no reason to." He's her personal bodyguard for a reason and no matter how hypothetical it gets, it still applies the same.

"Do I really fit here?" He raised his eyebrows questioningly with an amused look that says as if he's judging her. A chuckle escaped him as he craned his neck to the side a bit. "Oh, I found a place I liked, serene, just off the coast… and plenty of the girls begging me to stay, but I told them I have a girl waiting for me back home and she's really important." And that's not a lie. She's standing right there. He was being his usual cautious self, eyes scanning their surroundings like something or someone was going to pop out, so when she took his hand into hers, the therian froze and his gaze immediately fell on her tiny hands holding his.

"You never know… I've heard that nothing really suppressed the attacks outside forces lead here, it's a city not a fortress, Argent" he mumbled "and a lot of people want to see your family get out of the picture. You can never risk it." He gave the girl a smile as she led them to a table and took a seat "Oh yeah I gave that guy my most convincing glare ever."

She softened her gaze a little as she looked back at him “It’s dark a lot of the time though and I get that, it’s easier to assume the worst and things be slightly less than that than to spend all your time hoping for the best and being constantly let down” she was often disappointed with how things happened in the world she would admit that much. “Very” she murmured softly when he pointed out that he was charming, it was hard to believe sometimes considering how gruff he could act. “Then maybe you understand why I’m always on edge” she knew missions were a necessity for a guard and she would never stand in the way of them performing their duties but that didn’t make it any easier to see them go.

“You work so hard” she commented in a soft voice and nodded her head slightly “You know I can always pull in a favor or two if you need a break though, all I have to tell them is that I need my personal guard to focus on me for a while” she just didn’t get the feeling that was where he wanted to be, honestly it had crossed her mind a few times to ask if he wanted to be released from that position but she hadn’t been able to bring herself to ask. “Still I don’t want anyone to be hurt unnecessarily, it’s the very last thing on my list, when there’s no other choice” she knew it was easier for others who were used to the fight.

“You fit here” she responded without hesitation “Even if you don’t see it” Seojun was just as much a part of the family as everyone else was, if anything she had more of a soft spot for him because of how closely they worked together and the experiences they had gone through. She gave him a conflicted look when he said he had a girl waiting for him, of course she knew who he was talking about “You know I would never ask you to choose me over someone who made you happy right?” she asked in a weak voice, maybe things would be easier if he came and told her he’d found someone.

When he froze as her hand wrapped around his wrist she wondered for a moment if there was more he wasn’t saying, still she didn’t want to seem like his reaction scared her off so she remained holding onto him “Still we’re going out for dinner and you’re not here as my bodyguard so, relax a little” she murmured softly as the two of them were taken to their table and sat down together “You’re definitely scary enough to scare off most, if the glare doesn’t sell it, the bloodstains will” she commented shaking her head slightly.

He hoped she didn't have to think about any of that and if he could, he'd love to take all that burden away but alas, at the end of the day, he's just a regular guard who could only do as much as he was told to. He pressed his lips together to form a thin line and sighed to himself, how difficult. "Would it really be reality if we're not a bit disappointed by it every once in a while?" he attempted to sound humorous but it doesn't doesn't when Argent could probably detect the bitterness in his tone too. A smirk could be seen gracing the therian's lips when she agreed he was charming. Even if it was brief and a small gesture, to Seojun, it meant everything considering how whipped he could be for the Aspect of Light. Though admittedly it was doing nothing to ease the longingness he felt in his heart, he tried staying away for the past two years but it didn't seem to work at all. 

"Do you?" He raised his eyebrows as he genuinely glanced back at her "Do you need your personal guard to focus on you?" Maybe it meant something more to him than it would to her but he still wanted to know it. "I mean what guard wouldn't want to take on the offer of being released from active duty for a while, transferring to another roster… the only time we ever get those is when we're getting benched which is not… what anyone wants." Not him either. "Don't worry Argy, it's definitely not the priority and preference. You can be rest assured that those things go into the calculation before any action." They're not stupid, of course they do that, even him. He spared her a thankful smile when she told him he fits in there, that sounded way better than he thought it would coming from her.

"Thanks… I needed that." Even when he tells himself it was just a simple form of validation that's unnecessary. "I'll always choose you over anyone else, that won't change." Especially when the person he harbored feelings for is her. Who knew the same gesture of her wrapping her dainty hands around his was as reactive as an electroshock. So much for acting indifferent. He quickly looked down to his top when she mentioned the bloodstains "Eh… it doesn't really look like I got bloody from a fight. Now it looks more like a spot from ketchup or paint… besides I'd like to think I'm more charming than scary either way." His eyes glazed over the simple menu and decided what he wanted to order.

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