How whimsical and troublesome can one be? The sound of the poor lad's bones being crushed under the weight of his boots felt almost satisfying for the therian. He has been hunting this valkyr down after he caused a big stir among two rival gangs in Budapest last month. Fortunately, his search ended up leading him back to the one place he has been trying his best not to return to; Evermore. But when Argent comes calling, what the hell could he do about it aside from putting on a thin-lipped smile and abide like the obedient cat he is? He was already known as her pet leopard anyway, his reputation couldn't go any lower than being proclaimed as someone else's pet. But at least it was Argent's. Of all the Ailward Aspects, she was the best option there is, if he was being honest. "Seriously, you need to stop running away from the inevitable, you prick" he sighed heavily and picked him up.

He was about to question him some more but realized the blond male wasn't responding. Seojun shook him a bit and still received no response, "Did you just pass out on me? I didn't even step on you that hard-" he was halfway rambling about how he barely hit him that hard until his gaze fell on the gash he left on the male's torso, "Oh… yeah that's my bad." He did chase him in his snow leopard form earlier and pretty much taunted him until the corner until giving him a small scratch. He wasn't sure if he should just leave him there for the authorities to come chasing because a part of him still wanted to interrogate him to find out who he was working for since he had to settle quite the mess but another part of him didn't want to bother. "I'll just visit you in prison for some questioning later" he huffed and decided to drop him off near the precinct. His clothes were still clean, aside from the blood from the male's wound that got on him earlier. 

A few minutes later after walking down the street, he realized he had something to do; report back. He promised the Aspect of Light that he would come back in 2 days time and he really did. Now he was left with no choice but to report back because like it or not, Argent is still his boss and that's enough rebelling from him. It wasn't hard to find her, he found out she enrolled herself in the local university and getting the information on which unit she stays at wasn't hard. Before long, he found himself standing in front of the dormitory's entrance, his dark hues staring at the window of her room. It was dark since it was already night, and since it was the weekend, he knew Argent would be home. Seojun may not look like it but he cares deeply for her to know her quirks. He couldn't enter using the usual route since it was suspicious for him to pick the lock to her place so he climbed up. As expected, her window wasn't locked and there was no one at home. Yet. 

The therian didn't pry into her privacy aside from climbing into her room and leaning against the chair while waiting for her to come back. He wasn't that bad of course, he left her a simple message saying he's back in Evermore. When the lights were turned on, he had his legs crossed and waved slightly at the person who entered the room, "We can start by hearing how much you missed me."

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She laughed ironically when he said that reality was often disappointing “True, you’d start to get suspicious if everything was going right” because that naturally meant something would go wrong sooner rather than later right? “But sometimes I wish a few things would just...fall into place” it seemed like they were down on luck more often than not lately. She sucked in a breath when he asked if she needed her personal guard to focus only on her “Selfishly, yes” she responded and watched him with a cautious gaze “But not just any guard, I need you in my life” she murmured softly, after losing so many people she was beginning to feel this compulsion to pull those she cared for closer.

“Well I’d hate to think we were slave driving you all” she responded and laughed softly, they did pay guards wages and give them ample time for personal needs, but it was more like working for family than a typical employer, most guards wanted to stay close and be part of the little community they had created but there were others who needed space which she could respect. She nudged him slightly when he said it wasn’t his preference to get hurt “It better not be, there’s no way I can sanely make it through all of this without you, who else is going to make sarcastic comments the whole time” she chuckled, his inputs were always entertaining to her.

Her expression softened when he said he would choose her over anyone else, sometimes she didn’t know if she deserved such whole loyalty as he showed but she was grateful for it, as strong as she painted herself to be, those who knew her, knew her strength came from the people around her. She laughed a little when he said that it looked more like ketchup or paint “Regardless of what it is, it makes you look a little scary to show up to dinner like that” she looked over the menu for a moment but she already knew what she wanted so when the waiter came over she ordered it along with a cocktail, because today was a celebration wasn’t it? "So are you planning to move into the manor?" she questioned and tilted her head.

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