How whimsical and troublesome can one be? The sound of the poor lad's bones being crushed under the weight of his boots felt almost satisfying for the therian. He has been hunting this valkyr down after he caused a big stir among two rival gangs in Budapest last month. Fortunately, his search ended up leading him back to the one place he has been trying his best not to return to; Evermore. But when Argent comes calling, what the hell could he do about it aside from putting on a thin-lipped smile and abide like the obedient cat he is? He was already known as her pet leopard anyway, his reputation couldn't go any lower than being proclaimed as someone else's pet. But at least it was Argent's. Of all the Ailward Aspects, she was the best option there is, if he was being honest. "Seriously, you need to stop running away from the inevitable, you prick" he sighed heavily and picked him up.

He was about to question him some more but realized the blond male wasn't responding. Seojun shook him a bit and still received no response, "Did you just pass out on me? I didn't even step on you that hard-" he was halfway rambling about how he barely hit him that hard until his gaze fell on the gash he left on the male's torso, "Oh… yeah that's my bad." He did chase him in his snow leopard form earlier and pretty much taunted him until the corner until giving him a small scratch. He wasn't sure if he should just leave him there for the authorities to come chasing because a part of him still wanted to interrogate him to find out who he was working for since he had to settle quite the mess but another part of him didn't want to bother. "I'll just visit you in prison for some questioning later" he huffed and decided to drop him off near the precinct. His clothes were still clean, aside from the blood from the male's wound that got on him earlier. 

A few minutes later after walking down the street, he realized he had something to do; report back. He promised the Aspect of Light that he would come back in 2 days time and he really did. Now he was left with no choice but to report back because like it or not, Argent is still his boss and that's enough rebelling from him. It wasn't hard to find her, he found out she enrolled herself in the local university and getting the information on which unit she stays at wasn't hard. Before long, he found himself standing in front of the dormitory's entrance, his dark hues staring at the window of her room. It was dark since it was already night, and since it was the weekend, he knew Argent would be home. Seojun may not look like it but he cares deeply for her to know her quirks. He couldn't enter using the usual route since it was suspicious for him to pick the lock to her place so he climbed up. As expected, her window wasn't locked and there was no one at home. Yet. 

The therian didn't pry into her privacy aside from climbing into her room and leaning against the chair while waiting for her to come back. He wasn't that bad of course, he left her a simple message saying he's back in Evermore. When the lights were turned on, he had his legs crossed and waved slightly at the person who entered the room, "We can start by hearing how much you missed me."

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She laughed ironically when he said that reality was often disappointing “True, you’d start to get suspicious if everything was going right” because that naturally meant something would go wrong sooner rather than later right? “But sometimes I wish a few things would just...fall into place” it seemed like they were down on luck more often than not lately. She sucked in a breath when he asked if she needed her personal guard to focus only on her “Selfishly, yes” she responded and watched him with a cautious gaze “But not just any guard, I need you in my life” she murmured softly, after losing so many people she was beginning to feel this compulsion to pull those she cared for closer.

“Well I’d hate to think we were slave driving you all” she responded and laughed softly, they did pay guards wages and give them ample time for personal needs, but it was more like working for family than a typical employer, most guards wanted to stay close and be part of the little community they had created but there were others who needed space which she could respect. She nudged him slightly when he said it wasn’t his preference to get hurt “It better not be, there’s no way I can sanely make it through all of this without you, who else is going to make sarcastic comments the whole time” she chuckled, his inputs were always entertaining to her.

Her expression softened when he said he would choose her over anyone else, sometimes she didn’t know if she deserved such whole loyalty as he showed but she was grateful for it, as strong as she painted herself to be, those who knew her, knew her strength came from the people around her. She laughed a little when he said that it looked more like ketchup or paint “Regardless of what it is, it makes you look a little scary to show up to dinner like that” she looked over the menu for a moment but she already knew what she wanted so when the waiter came over she ordered it along with a cocktail, because today was a celebration wasn’t it? "So are you planning to move into the manor?" she questioned and tilted her head.

"Too suspicious if things start going my way, I'd believe I'm trapped in an alternate reality conjured by some diviner… and that would honestly make me scared because you don't mess with these witches…" he grumbled, he knows magic is not one they should really have fun with, one hex is all it takes to ruin your future. He stroked her hair gently and gave her a reassuring smile "Things will eventually fall into place when the time calls for it" at least that's what he wants to believe. Everything has a way, right? It'll soon show itself. When she told him she needed him in her life, Seojun could feel the air leaving his lungs and all of sudden, it felt like that time again. 

The time when Argent looked at him like he mattered the most, the look he still remembered vividly. The look he wanted. "I'm not going anywhere, Argy, I promise." He wouldn't even if he wanted, his conscience wouldn't allow him to. Even if he didn't base this around the fact that he loves her, he wouldn't leave either. "Oh you mean to tell me you don't have enough people giving your sarcastic comments? Sometimes I wonder if you've been away from your siblings for far too long this way, Argent Ailward" he teased playfully. The Ailwards are not an easy bunch to handle, thankfully he had been assigned to Argent, who is more sane than most. 

He brushed the stain a bit and pouted, it looked like a ketchup stain to him if he was being honest and nobody is actually going to inspect it closely. He shook his head when she asked if he was planning to move into the manor "Not happening. You know how I always prefer to stay close but not too close." He's always there when they need him, but aside from that, his personal time is his personal time, which includes the living arrangements. "Maybe the campus will be my home hm? You'll get a hot guy trotting the campus."

She laughed but her gaze softened a little at the way he was talking about his reality “Really you deserve so much more than the world has given you so far” she pointed out and shrugged her shoulders slightly, he had been a loyal person for as long as she had known him and she knew that couldn’t have come easy for him considering the ways he had been betrayed in the past. “I hope so” she returned his sentiment and smiled when he stroked her hair, she honestly felt so relieved to finally have him back where he belonged, with his Ailward family.

His promise meant a lot to her because honestly she felt like she was letting everything fall out of her grip lately and there was only so much a person could lose before they started to lose the drive they needed to keep pushing forward “I know” she murmured softly, because in that moment, she believed him, he had that way about him, when he made a promise, he didn’t break it. She laughed when he said others must give her sarcastic comments too “Maybe but there’s only one person who can deliver them the way you do” there was more than one occasion she could name where he had almost made her lose it in quite a serious situation.

She glanced down at the stain and pouted slightly, she hated the reminder that he was putting himself at risk in the name of their cause but she knew it was something she needed to just get over and accept. The way he refuted staying at the manor immediately sent a clear message though “You know living with others won’t actually kill you right?” she questioned and tilted her head slightly, still she knew there was no way he would budge on this one. She laughed when he said maybe he’d choose the campus “I’m sure you’ve already scoped out the campus” she commented and narrowed her eyes “Are you really thinking about it?” she questioned, she could sense his colors but he was a harder person to read than most.

He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and shrugged as if he didn't care what the world was gonna give him, the past is the past, right? What was the point of dwelling on it anymore if all it would bring him is endless pain? "I stopped caring what the world owes me and just focused on what I could do with the chance that was given to me." And here he was with said chance, guarding Argent and giving all of his services to her. He wouldn't regret his choice, he didn't back then and he won't even do that now. Seojun was just glad that the Aspect of Light actually liked seeing him back and that he wasn't the only one happy to be here again.

"Exactly, there's only one person who would deliver it the way I would, I told you before over and over again that I'm irreplaceable, was I wrong? No, I was just ahead of my time" he huffed and hit his chest a few times in pride. The brief pout she had made him want to push it away, he wanted to bring a smile to her face instead if possible. Obviously the pout made her look so much cuter, but still, he didn't like her upset. The therian pulled a face when she said living with others won't kill him "You don't know that, Argy, living with them might actually kill me." And maybe he's quite the dramatic person. "Clearly you haven't remembered how crazy these guards could be… and your siblings are crazier. Besides… I am not a people person, you know that."

Lie, Seojun Ahn is a people person, actually, he's a charmer. But he would never admit it out loud. If he wasn't a charter then he wouldn't have managed to get plenty of people into his bed. He winked playfully when she mentioned he had most likely scoped out the campus to which he did "You know me so well, and to answer your question, yes I did. I even have a mental list." He pressed his lips to form a small smile and nodded "Yeah, it'll be fun, right? You'll be here. That's more than enough reason."

She tilted her head slightly as she watched him, she found it pretty admirable that he was able to let go of those hopes and dreams, even if it was a little sad to think about all the things he probably wanted from his life that he probably had to write off. She got it though, sometimes it was better not to set yourself up for disappointment “What if those chances that come along aren’t quite what you wanted for yourself?” she questioned in a soft voice, after all, nothing you wanted was ever really delivered to you on a silver plate.

She grinned and nodded, he was right, there was only one him and while he was certainly someone who took a while to get used to, she couldn’t picture what he life would be like without him “Come on, you know I’d never replace you” she wouldn’t dream of it because he had been there for her countless times without her needing to ask, she’d come to rely on him more than she probably should. “Let’s be real, if they try that, you’re much more likely to kill them first” she gave him a pointed look as she spoke, he could be pretty scary when he wanted to be and he was an excellent guard who didn’t take chances or let people get away with anything.

She laughed and rolled her eyes when he agreed he had already scoped the campus “Well at least fill me in on the results, you must have found a few interesting people right?” she should expect no less considering how thorough her guard was, though she did have to question if it was all about her safety or if he was really curious about finding a home here too “Really?” she lit up at the idea of having him here, a wide smile breaking out on her lips as she watched him “Oh this is so exciting” she exclaimed happily.

When he came to Evermore after being called back, he didn’t expect to be greeted by a vibrant and bustling city like this, everything was normal and it was crazy. It was too normal, it was a bit scary at first. But once he realized that the supernatural can finally coexist here without having to worry for their safety, he didn’t want to leave. And besides, Argent’s here and from the way he saw it, she’s enjoying her life just fine. “Then maybe it’s not for me” he shrugged, if those chances didn’t come quite what he thought they would then maybe it’s just not for him to hold, this time. “There’s always a next time, right?” And that was him trying to be optimistic. Seojun’s a hard guy with a tragic past, she knows it too, but he never really lets it shroud him in any specific emotion. So he’d smile, even if it’s painful. But he won’t hide the pain, he’d only twist the moment of truth, that’s all. 

The therian scrunched up his nose playfully when she claimed she wouldn’t replace him “You sure? Because… I don’t know Argy, seems like you were pretty serious when you said come back or I’ll drop your name, I remembered it very clearly.” Hey what you give back, comes back, right? If he doesn’t tease her, then it’s not him. She wasn’t wrong when she said it’s likely that he’d make the first move before they could even think about it, much less do it. “I’m a smart guy, am I not? That’s why I’m your personal guard, you know you Aspects don’t exactly just pick your ‘favorites’ to be your personal guard based on feelings alone. We had to make sure we earned that spot and I know I have.” Seojun can be confident and a little bit narcissistic at times. Okay, maybe more than just a little bit. But he knows his worth and he has no problem showing it. 

“If you mean interesting as in a whole grade whether they’d be good in bed or a chatterbox? Yes. In fact, I might have started going around doing my own… field research” he wiggled his eyebrows playfully and winked, of course, he has. “Let me tell you that some of them do not disappoint.” Seeing that big smile on her face all because he was considering enrolling made his heart flutter, god please calm this freaking heart of his before it jumps out. “You’re really excited huh? You do realize I’m more likely to stir up a lot, and when I say a lot… I mean a lot of trouble, right? Wouldn’t that be a pain for you too? Someone has to take care of me.” And that someone is her. “But yeah why not, college sounds… new.” It couldn’t be that bad.

Argent was always patient with Seojun, she knew he had a complex past and she could respect him having his own wants and reacting to things differently from others “More chances will come along in time, with any luck the next one will work out” honestly she really wanted him to find a happy future, he deserved as much after all the things he had been through. But all she could do was wish for it on his behalf.

She raised her brows in response to his words and pressed her lips together “Things were starting to get pretty ridiculous you know, I had to take a stand or I fear you wouldn’t come back at all” she understood him enjoying the freedom but there had been talk about needing to replace her personal guard because he was never present “Besides, I don’t think you would have liked hearing I’m getting a new guard” he was pretty proud of his titles after all.

“You did earn it” she commented but nudged him slightly with her shoulder “But you don’t have to brag so much, a massive ego isn’t a good look for anyone” she jested and shook her head playfully, she liked that he was confident in his abilities though, she’d never had reason to worry about her safety with him around and that was important to her as it gave her the freedom to do her work as she needed.

She gave him a look when he asked if she meant he should find out if people on campus were good in bed “Definitely not what I meant” she commented in an exasperated voice “You’ve been here what…half a day?” she wanted to say she was surprised but she really wasn’t “I hope she was pretty at least” she shrugged her shoulders slightly, well at least he was going to settle into the environment well she supposed. “You always stir up trouble, the lucky thing about a place like this is that trouble is kinda expected” she could put up with all that.

“Good, then you’re going to need a major” she mumbled, unsure what he would even be interested in attending classes for.

He scrunched up his nose when she told him to be positive and wait for more opportunities because one day, he might grab his chance and get it. Seojun doesn't have a good history track record with hope. "Oh you know me Argy… I don't hope and wait… if I want things, I go for it… I take it." That's the type of person he is. He is the type who would take charge. "But I'll hold you onto it… you always do have a tendency to leave very good blessings lying around. It's starting to sound as if the Aspect of Light is actually a walking good luck charm. Maybe I should need to keep you very close… I need good luck charms, don't I?" Even so, the therian would never really take his eyes off her. Never again. It wasn't as if he ever did but now he's closer. 

He shook his head when the Aspect of Light tried to explain her side of the story because of the trouble that basically dragged him by the leash to Evermore. "You're sneakier than you think… one statement like that and you dragged me back by the leash." He had to admit though, maybe it was a good thing somehow. He had to stop wandering around like some nomad. He had to find a place and settle down and Evermore seemed like it wouldn't be too bad. The therian scowled when she mentioned a new guard because she wasn't wrong, Seojun would not like it. "You do realize there's a high chance I'll end up tearing whoever it was to little pieces right? I'm territorial and I don't do sharing either. My Aspect is my Aspect." 

The thought of someone else taking his place after he had been spending century after century building his trust and relationship with her. It's sickening. When Argent said ego doesn't look good on him, he scoffed "Anything looks good on me, what do you mean?" The instant change in her facial expression because he had managed to turn it around into a sexual innuendo made him chuckle "I don't know what you actually mean so… please have mercy on me." He bit his lip and hummed in affirmation because she was indeed pretty "Oh pretty and so fucking hot…" Or cold. He rubbed the back of his hand awkwardly when she said he needed a major "Forensic science? I don't know… you know I work well with dead bodies… or crime scenes" 

She grinned slightly, Seojun had never been the patient type and that often caused friction for him within the guard, a lot of their philosophy was about waiting for the right moment and that didn’t sit well with someone who immediately wanted to launch into action “You’d think we’d have you better trained in patience by now” she teased softly. He was a rather hedonistic person but she was used to his ways by now.

She laughed and nudged him “I’m not a four-leaf clover you know” she shook her head in amusement, she didn’t actually bring anyone luck, her aura just naturally made people more optimistic, which often led to a chain reaction of things working out for the better. She shrugged slightly “Maybe you actually do care about your job” or maybe he cared enough about her, either way, it was enough to get him home.

“I’m fully aware of that, that’s why I had to make sure you came back before anyone got it into their head that I needed another one” for everyone’s sanity this was for the better. Besides, she didn’t want another guard either, she had a connection with Seojun and she didn’t want to start it all over again. She shook her head almost a little exasperated to hear he had already gotten up to his usual antics while here at the university “Anyone would think you’re here on vacation, not to work” she scolded him but smiled slightly “I’ll turn a blind eye if it means I get to keep you here” it was important to her honestly.

“Science definitely seems up your alley and you’ve always enjoyed investigating things, you’d make a pretty good detective” not that she was going to let any police force steal him easily but she figured he’d be motivated by it “I’ll ask Deus to help get you the papers you’ll need to qualify” it wasn’t like they usually had the time to be getting human qualifications after all.

He was fine with only having her by his side seeing as that was all the therian wanted. He never cared what others thought of him so long as Argent believes in him. That doesn't seem like it's changing any time soon either. He had a playful scowl across his face when she teased he should have been better trained at patience by now considering how long his service was "Centuries can come and go and I still won't be the patient cat you want me to be." He shook his head because Seojun was not a patient guy. But does that mean he would allow his hot-tempered self to get in between his missions and ruin things? No. He's disciplined enough to not let personal attributes get in the way.

"Don't you worry, I never let it faze me. Don't you remember the Guard has the whole metric and assessment system whereby we need to keep performing? I am not letting anyone take me away from you." The therian might actually eat whoever is replacing him. If they're edible then it's something. He booped her nose when she said she was not a four-leaf clover "Ah that is true but you're a walking charm though..." That one he cannot deny, he always has good luck when it comes to her. "Besides, I still hold the charms you make me, and suffice to say they do bring me luck." When she said people would think he was there for vacation and not work, he scrunched up his nose and shrugged "I mean, I'm not about to let university rain on my parade you know... I'm not the one who needs all this scroll thingy." He couldn't care less what it means. He's just here for Argent and that only.

"It's either university and stay close to you or I apply for ECPD and be busy for no reason... I prefer the former." The Aspect of Light wasn't wrong, Seojun has always had this curious nature to himself and as a guard who is also a therian, investigating things and doing field work has always been up his alley. He grinned and ruffled her hair when she said she'd get her brother to get him the papers "That's my girl." He didn't see anything special about the campus but clearly she does. "What's your plan after graduating?" 

She rolled her eyes but gave him a pointed look when he said he wouldn’t be the patient cat everyone wanted to be “Eternity is a long time for those who don’t learn a little patience, you know” she commented in a pointed manner, it was one of the skills she had learned quickly since becoming what she was, things changed for the better slowly, sometimes you felt like you were banging your head against a wall waiting for a breakthrough. “Are you trying to tell me that the thing keeping you motivated is your own ego being compared against the other guards?” she raised her brows, that was some impressive stubbornness if so.

She widened her eyes in surprise when she felt him tap against her nose “Well…I don’t actually bring any luck to anyone, but it’s impressive what being flooded with positive aura can do…” it was a placebo really as she never forced anyone’s hand, only their emotions were influenced, what they chose to do with those emotions was up to them. She gave him a little when he referred to studying about getting himself a scroll “Ven always tells us how important it is to remain in touch with the human world…we need to understand what we’re protecting” otherwise what was the point in it all.

She would admit she felt more comfortable with this whole arrangement if he was here, while she was fully prepared to do this whole thing alone, she would be the first to admit the didn’t like to be alone and Seojun was someone she could rely on “Guess you’ll be getting your scroll after all then” she commented in a playful voice and bit her lip when he asked what her plan was after graduating “Maybe I’ll actually take up some work…it would be good to learn more about real human society and it we’re going to stay here a while…it’ll keep my mind occupied” it was easy to get bored as an immortal that was for sure.

“What about you, thinking of going back to your roots officer Ahn” she teased playfully “Or maybe it’ll be detective Ahn this time…that’s got a nice ring to it” she smiled wistfully, he was smart, she was sure he could pull off whatever road it was that he chose.

He rolled his eyes and grumbled under his breath when she pointed it out “Eternity is just a scam…” Seojun hasn’t exactly lived even quarter of a life Argent has lived considering she is over a thousand years old but as someone who has had centuries under his belt, the therian figured that was more than enough to understand the concept of immortality. “Whoever sold the idea of immortality being the best thing ever is such a con artist.” No offense, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t grateful for the life he was given, it’s just that he’s not going to grovel on the ground for immortality. He only received his because of his service in the guard and had it not been for Argent, he wouldn’t think to stay longer than he should.

He realized falling for Argent was something that was inescapable but it also meant he had to keep it under wraps since it could potentially ruin their relationship. And he likes the relationship they have right now. “You know my ego is expensive” he narrowed his eyes playfully and shrugged “I like knowing I *am* the best…” When she started talking about how important it was for them to blend in and study about the human world, he chuckled softly “You’re human enough than most of us, Argy… Believe me, I think out of everyone, you’re the one who already got a hang of this.”

She was always so approachable and kind. “No offense, but your brothers and sisters are whack jobs… they scare me sometimes.” You could never know what goes on in their heads because they all control their own domains. “I don’t need to understand the human world, I was part of it once and you were too. It was just a long… long time ago. And I don’t need to understand it to know the extent of my protection. My job is to protect *you* first and foremost. Nothing else matters if that doesn’t.” It was plain and simple for Seojun.

The idea of going back to his roots as an officer was tempting. No matter how much the therian tried to brush it off as something mundane, he did like contributing to society as a civil servant like that. Not because of the validation, but because it keeps him occupied and he feels appreciated. “You want me to be a detective?” He teased, that didn’t sound as bad honestly. “If my aspect wants a detective then she’ll get a detective.” He took his hand into his and dragged her back to her dorms.

It didn’t take them long to get there and he regretted even walking normally instead of taking a minute per step. “Is it against the rules to stay over yours?” He can’t even shift into something small. The only form he’s able to was his snow leopard form which would probably warrant a call to the animal services.

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