How whimsical and troublesome can one be? The sound of the poor lad's bones being crushed under the weight of his boots felt almost satisfying for the therian. He has been hunting this valkyr down after he caused a big stir among two rival gangs in Budapest last month. Fortunately, his search ended up leading him back to the one place he has been trying his best not to return to; Evermore. But when Argent comes calling, what the hell could he do about it aside from putting on a thin-lipped smile and abide like the obedient cat he is? He was already known as her pet leopard anyway, his reputation couldn't go any lower than being proclaimed as someone else's pet. But at least it was Argent's. Of all the Ailward Aspects, she was the best option there is, if he was being honest. "Seriously, you need to stop running away from the inevitable, you prick" he sighed heavily and picked him up.

He was about to question him some more but realized the blond male wasn't responding. Seojun shook him a bit and still received no response, "Did you just pass out on me? I didn't even step on you that hard-" he was halfway rambling about how he barely hit him that hard until his gaze fell on the gash he left on the male's torso, "Oh… yeah that's my bad." He did chase him in his snow leopard form earlier and pretty much taunted him until the corner until giving him a small scratch. He wasn't sure if he should just leave him there for the authorities to come chasing because a part of him still wanted to interrogate him to find out who he was working for since he had to settle quite the mess but another part of him didn't want to bother. "I'll just visit you in prison for some questioning later" he huffed and decided to drop him off near the precinct. His clothes were still clean, aside from the blood from the male's wound that got on him earlier. 

A few minutes later after walking down the street, he realized he had something to do; report back. He promised the Aspect of Light that he would come back in 2 days time and he really did. Now he was left with no choice but to report back because like it or not, Argent is still his boss and that's enough rebelling from him. It wasn't hard to find her, he found out she enrolled herself in the local university and getting the information on which unit she stays at wasn't hard. Before long, he found himself standing in front of the dormitory's entrance, his dark hues staring at the window of her room. It was dark since it was already night, and since it was the weekend, he knew Argent would be home. Seojun may not look like it but he cares deeply for her to know her quirks. He couldn't enter using the usual route since it was suspicious for him to pick the lock to her place so he climbed up. As expected, her window wasn't locked and there was no one at home. Yet. 

The therian didn't pry into her privacy aside from climbing into her room and leaning against the chair while waiting for her to come back. He wasn't that bad of course, he left her a simple message saying he's back in Evermore. When the lights were turned on, he had his legs crossed and waved slightly at the person who entered the room, "We can start by hearing how much you missed me."

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She gave him a pointed look and chuckled softly “You’re expensive in general” she commented and grinned, he was definitely the type to prefer nicer things which is why she was a little surprised he’d be willing to live the broke college life with her. Not that they were actually broke but they would need to keep up appearances “Maybe…but still…I feel like I haven’t been doing enough lately…I feel disconnected from the people we’re trying to protect” she bit her lip softly.

She was always this way, she wanted to be her best self always which wasn’t always possible but then she would get frustrated that she’d lost touch or felt too far away from the person she was trying to be “They scare us all sometimes” she mumbled softly, such a strange collection of people who came together, it was chaos more often than it wasn’t “But I love them all anyway” they’d been through literal hell and back together after all.

“Well, I can be here thinking about how to save the humans and you can be here making sure to save me, that seems like a fair balance right?” he didn’t see the world the way she did and she wouldn’t ask him to. She was the one who signed on to be a guardian for light, not him, though it did make her curious what purpose he found in being a guard.

She raised her brows and smiled “Well…I think you’d make a good one, you’re really good at investigating and you always prioritize the truth” she nodded her head softly, even if he had no connection to the suspect or the victim and was entirely detached, she knew for a fact the mystery would bother him enough to push him to solve the problem. She flopped down on her bed and stared at him when he asked if it was against the rules to stay over “Probably…” she commented and giggled “But when has that ever bothered you before” she commented and patted the spot next to her.

When she pointed out that he was expensive in general, he grinned and shrugged as if to say it is what it is “I mean after you’ve lived for a while, things became inexpensive because you’ve saved up or something. Besides, I got my personal guard allowance too” he winked playfully because they had this inside joke where they talk about how much a guard gets paid and each had different tiers depending on how severe the task is, in which guarding an Aspect personally is the most daunting one.

“You need to be easy on yourself Argent, you can’t save everyone after all… it’s only natural.” Seojun knows the Aspect of Light just wants to be the best version of herself but the therian gets discouraged whenever he sees his Aspect sad. Out of all the Ailward siblings, Argent was definitely the easiest to approach and befriend. There were the elder ones who act like big brothers and sisters that also influenced their personalities. The therian noticed it in them.

“A dysfunctional family is still.. a dysfunctional family at the end of the day, you still love them anyway.” Especially when they joined together at a very crucial time. “I swear people are so afraid to approach Erythreus and Malva… one can be a literal Hades and send you to the Underworld and the other will probably turn you into a lab rat for her to test on…” Just the thought of it made him shudder, he’ll stick with his walking lucky charm.

He rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically when she said he’ll just be there to save her “Can’t we both just focus on taking care of you?” The idea of being in the ECPD was interesting because sometimes while he preferred tracking down the people he needed to track for the Ailward Faction, the additional tasks in ECPD always felt like his little rewards if he finished a mission early.

Seojun was quick to lie down next to her when she patted the spot next to her, leaning to the side while his dark hues scanned the female next to him. He brought one hand to play with her hair and say “I really did miss you a lot…” God knows what he truly felt after centuries with her.

Argent chuckled softly “That’s true…we do get our fair share for the work we do” mostly they were free to spend their money on whatever they wished, which was probably the reason the aspect of light had such an extensive wardrobe, her siblings sometimes teased her for having a shopping addiction but Argent made sure every piece was used and highlighted. “I know” she responded when he told her she should go easier on herself “But I wouldn’t be…what I am today if I didn’t feel this way…didn’t feel responsible” she wouldn’t have died and come back to life, she’d have probably died some ordinary death.

She giggled softly and nodded “I like everyone for different reasons but I guess I’m more tolerant of differences than most” Seojun was far more specific about those he would let in and show interest in and he tended to feel more comfortable by himself than around others. She was the opposite of him in many ways but due to her empathetic nature, she could understand his frame of mind “They’re not so bad…just temperamental…in the end they have good hearts you know” she assured him, though she was sure he wouldn’t take in much of it.

She wrinkled her nose playfully when he told her off for trying to save everyone “Focusing on myself only is not in my nature, I’d rather focus on everyone else” she commented softly as she rolled onto her side “So why don’t we talk about you” she added, her voice gentle as she her eyes traced his features “Why have you been avoiding me?” she was expecting he might deny it but it was evident by now, the reason he had been away was to put space between them and he was only back now because she made him.

She quietened when his hand reached to touch her hair, his touch was gentle and it spoke words he wasn’t saying, she bit gently on her bottom lip “I missed you too” she murmured softly, it felt like losing a part of her whenever someone she was close to strayed for too long.

Seojun didn’t know how the others actually spend their money because he too cane from a well off family in the beginning before he met his tragic end. Everything was well but after that, the therian learned that not everything could be achieved with money and actually invested in a lot of things with cultural value. It was surprising to see something philosophical coming from the therian who often goes off the radar just because he likes to enjoy life.

“You’re too tolerant you mean…” The Aspect of Light was too kind and nice for this world, which was ironically quite on brand for her.“I know being the Aspect of Light meant you have to be the best version of humanity… but I worry people will take advantage of said humanity.” He was always so protective over her and have chased people he thought didn’t deserve her.

Seojun gave her a pointed look that said ‘sure’ and crossed his arms “You would say that…” Argent believes in the best in everyone so it wasn’t surprising. He raised his eyebrow in surprise when the redhead said they should talk about him “There is nothing about me to talk about… unless you mean you want to hear me do an extensive elaboration on how gorgeous I am.”

He swallowed hard and tried not to show it when she asked what he was hiding from her “What makes you think I’m avoiding you? What would I even hide from you?” she knows everything. Well… almost everything. “You know how I am… when I finish a particular mission, I tend to go off the rails for a while because I want to enjoy alone.” He pursed his lips and brushed his thumb against her cheek gently “I’m always here for you Argent. You know that, right? I would never abandon you…”

She rolled her eyes playfully and gave him a pointed look when he said she was too tolerant “Being tolerant isn’t a bad thing, we can’t be fighting over everything we don’t understand” of course she had her own morals she adhered to, but she could put up with the more difficult people to be around just fine, she liked the challenge of getting them to come around to her honestly.

“Perhaps people will, but I’m also not blind nor dumb, as some might mistake me for” she might want to see the best in everyone but she saw the bad in them pretty clearly too and she knew when to be wary. She laughed softly when he said there wasn’t much to say about himself other than his good looks “There’s plenty about you to talk about, being a guard isn’t the be all and end all of your personality Seojun” she chided softly, returning his pointed look from before.

“You’ve been traveling a lot, at least give me the highlights of your trips to sell your story” she commented and pressed her lips together, she knew he was avoiding her, no matter how much he denies it, she caught the flicker in his self when he said that. “It’s not exactly a secret, every other personal guard is glued to their aspect, especially with these uncertain times, you wanted to travel and I granted you that, but you don’t even have stories to tell me?” he pursed her lips softly.

When he reached to touch her cheek, she lifted her gaze to meet his, he almost seemed…nervous, she thought for a moment there “I know you’ll be there when I call for you…but…” she didn’t want to have to ask someone to be beside her, she didn’t say the words but the sentiment was clear.

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